Taxes and Tribute

Taxes is a modern day form of forced tribute.

2 thoughts on “Taxes and Tribute

  1. Rent is also a modern form of forced tribute. Recall the story of Zeniff and King Laman as recorded in the book of Mosiah. Zeniff, zealous to resettle the land of Nephi, made a treaty with King Laman. The treaty allowed Zeniff and his fellow settlers to live on a portion of the land tribute, i.e. rent, free. However it was all part of a scheme to trick Zeniff and place him and his people in bondage (i.e. serfdom, wage slavery) to the Lamanites who “owned” the land. After 12 years, King Laman forced Zeniff to pay tribute of 50% of all they had in order to continue to live in the land of Nephi; the land given by God to Lehi and his family and thus belonging to BOTH Nephites and Lamanites. It is similiar to how the land today is divided up, the idle rich “owner” forcing the landless to pay rent (i.e. tribute) in order to live on this earth which was given freely by God to all.


    • I see some of what you are getting at but I disagree, for starters the Lamanites did not own that land, so this is a bad analogy for rent.


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