Another Piece of Til The Light Goes Out

A year ago I published commentary showing how Lindsey Stirlings’s music Til The Light Goes Out is gnostic and about the five evil kindoms from prophecy. Even though I published the commentary there was still one piece I wanted to figure out more.

I was not satified with calling the “bird” with a circle around it a demon, but I didn’t have anything more accurate to call it at the time. Last night during the fellowship portion of Scripture Study, we were talking about gnostic subjects, so I asked if anyone had any insights of what that ghostly figure was. My brothers in the Messiah, Ben and Matt, thought about it and was able to enlighten me on how it is Isis the Queen of heaven, which I will add is Satan himself. Ben even brought out context of what is going on in the video that points it being Isis the Queen of Heaven, how it’s in cave which the occult considers a womb inside of mother Earth.

Comparing this ghostly bird side by side with a picture of Isis, it becomes obvious that it is indeed Isis the Queen of heaven who is no other than Satan himself. The painted image of Isis in Til The Light Goes Out even has a goldish tint to it which is a common theme for Isis. The painted image is not a perfect fit, as it is some stylized to look like cave art and to obscure the meaning from the uninitiated. But I assure you, it is her. Take a look at the uplifted wings forming a circle with a point in the center of it, which is an occult teaching in of it’s self. The last obvious one I see is the configurations of the legs, with one knee sticking out.

If you are intrigued by this perhaps you will want to check out the commentary I did of the whole music video.

In the post Lindsey Stirling – Til The Light Goes Out I bring out she put together this video herself and give sources for that, and how she encouraging people to pray to demons.