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Recordings of Scripture Studies I have host on New Moons and Lunar Sabbaths. I show what days these are on my Sabbaths resource page going by the Independence location.

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We are talking about the pictures not those who share them or using them because we don’t know if they understand them. The gospel of Yeshua is about becoming not having a secret knowledge. Learning for the sake of learning is more condemning us that saving us. Wishing upon a falling star is wishing upon Satan. The bull in china shop is breaking the covenant bonds we have with YHWH. The sacrament is part of renewing or covenant with YHWH to keep all His commandments. Talked about the Red Heffer some, and how I believe it points to Yeshua bleeding in the garden. Back to the bull and the china shop. The Bull is connected to Sun worship. Yeshua resurrected in the night not the morning. Talking about the goat a little. Talk about the cat in the basement meme. Showing what is in The Lost Doctrine Logo. We should worry about YHWH’s judgement more than anyone elses. The point is not to vilify anyone but to warn. When I first woke up to the problems in the church I went into New Age some. New Age is soft Occult. I used to do Yoga, until I found out the posses are imitating positions of false gods. Theater is full of people following Satan. Actors admit they are possed by demons. The Oscar award is patterned after an Egyptian god. Most movies are Gnostic. Lord of the Rings is Gnostic. Saruman the White is the Gentiles. In the Gnostic view of things good is evil, and evil is good. Sauron is Elohim the Father. Smeagol is the Son. The Ring is the law. In the Gonstic world, evil is good and good is evil, see Moroni 7. Smeagol is the Son, majestic plural. Not sure what Frodo represents yet. Bilbo is an ancient father, and had the ring for 60 years or 120 * Jubilees = 6,000 years. Ringwraiths are the prophets or angels. Luciferians believe that the law binds us. More details how Saruman is the Gentiles. 7 Drawfs are the 7 of the 10 kingdoms from Revelation. The Roman Eagle is what saves Gandalof. Gandalof is the system of the Beast. Discussing the writing on the One Ring. Three Elven leaders is the Trion pagan false gods. 7 Drawfs are the 7 of the 10 kingdoms. 9 deals with Satan and fallen men. The Dark Lord is the Father. Land of Mordor is Heaven. Treebeard could be representing Kabbalah. The firey pit represents where the trees / humans are being burned is hell. Most symbols have good and bad applications. In the Garden of Eden there was the Tree of Life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Trees can symbolize humans. Babbit vs The Hobbit. What type of knowledge saves us. King Theoden is the Protestants. Wormtongue is the Prophets. Talking about Lord of the Rings. Aragorn is Satan. Boromir is Constantine. We need to test out these ideas. Holy Spirit of promise is sanctification. Yeshua can not always abide with us but the Torah can. We receive our glorified bodies after the resurrection. Three types of people during the Millenium. Earth receiving paradisiacal glory. Book of Mormon teaches Modalism. Testing The Books of the Natsarim. Discussing a false idea that the Lunar Sabbath is done away. Not knowing Torah will get you deceived and always learning and never coming to the truth. Yeshua had to fully mortal. The wicked hate the Torah. Most church mingle New Age with their teachings. Knowing YHWH’s ways you will be able to discern false teachings without knowing all the details. Ben believes in the Messiah and His atonement. Book of Mormon teaches something different about repentance than the LDS church. Ben will preach the truth. YHWH will show us our weakness. When we repent our pains are turned into joy. The wicked will mock. The atonement is real. When we are YHWH’s servants He is obligated to take care of us when we do our part. There is a difference between the baptism of fire and baptism of the Holy Spirit. There is no higher law than what Yeshua lived. Faithful followers of Yeshua help others to the truth. The idea that you can raise yourself or others from the dead comes from the Occult. We can keep the Torah perfectly going forward. Talking about two aspects of The Lost Doctrine logo that denies the Messiah. We all need the Messiah. If we follow a prophet we will receive the lowest glory. We need to be careful with signs and make sure that they are not omens.
Scripture Study 2023-03-20 YouTube SeekingYHWH

Talked about problems in LDS D&C 127. LDS D&C 127 & 128 teach things that contradict other scriptures. Parable of the wheat and the tares shows it’s the angels doing the gathering not men writing on some paper. In Moroni 6:4 the leaders took the names of the people so that they would be nurished by the good word of Elohim, not so they would go into heaven. Acts 15 shows 4 things the converts were to do, one being go to church and keep learning. Verse 1 doesn’t sound like Joseph Smith. Verse 2 we are not called to bad things of life but called to keep YHWH’s Torah. YHWH protects us when we are keeping His Torah. We should want to make the world a better place. Verse 3 Restoration is going back to how it was before. Gentiles should be adopted into Israel. Book of Mormon is lastly given to the Gentiles. The church is under for not keeping YHWH’s Torah. Book of Mormon teaches to keep Torah after Yeshua’s death and resurrection. YHWH wrote the 10 commandments with His own finger. All commandments are based upon the 10 commandments. Verse 4 confirmed revelations from YHWH don’t use the word temple but use house instead. What was to be built was patterned after a court house not a temple. Read a quote from Joseph Smith on how animal sacrafices are coming back. YHWH doesn’t tell us to redouble, He tells us to do it as He originally stated it. Verse 5 Baptism for the dead contradicts the Book of Mormon and New Testament. All nations were taught the gospel. Discuss little children. YHWH gives all adults His law. FLDS members knew it was wrong despite their leaders never teaching it was. Talked about 1 Corinthians 15:29. Talked about Mosiah 15:24. There is only one Kingdom in D&C 76. Use clear verses to help us understand unclear verses. Talked about people who receive the Terrestrial glory. Looked at the definitions of without. Verse 6 vicarious baptism of the dead is not in the New Testament. Hebrew parents will consider their children who sin grievously as dead. Verse 7 writing something down is not the sealing power. Looking at Nephi example of sealing power in the book of Helaman. Sealing power is sealing a curse that was already decreeded in heaven on earth. Looking at the Greek in Matthew 16:18-19. Peter enacting the sealing power in Acts 5 because they lied. Verse 8 vicarious batism of the dead is not restoring a true principle. Verse 9 the word temple is not used in the revelations to Joseph Smith. Where are the records from before such that they can remembered from generation to generation. Verse 10 1 Nephi 3:7 tells us YHWH will provide a way to do the things He commands us. Abinadi in Mosiah 13 is my favorite example of YHWH providing a way. Verse 11 116 pages shows that YHWH provided a way. The fact that the non-believers didn’t produce the 116 pages after the Book of Mormon published shows that nothing of the 145 pages of the LDS edition contradicted what was on the book of Lehi. Satan is not smarter than YHWH. Verse 12 LDS D&C 50 tells us that there were deceivers inside the church. When this letter was supposedly written Joseph Smith was signing documents differently. 1844 D&C was published after Joseph Smith was murdered. 1844 D&C 111 was added after Joseph Smith murder. LDS D&C 127 was 1844 D&C 105 one of the last ones added, and I believe after Joseph Smith murder. William W Phelps was incharge of the printing and he has strong connections to Brigham Young. Timing of this and the other baptism for the dead letter shows Joseph Smith had about two more years to teach on the subject, but didn’t. Talking about the title Lord of Host used in LDS D&C 127. Turning to the promises of the fathers is returning to Torah. Stoning is still valid. If the church doesn’t excommunicate sinners the church will start getting curses. To late to go over LDS D&C 128. LDS D&C 128 contradicts a JST. 1 Nephi 17:2 is a prophecy of the church enjoying getting into the mysteries. Milk is the commandments, meat is the mysteries. Showing how the Leverite law points to the Messiah. The Book of Mormon is prophecy. Hebrews use history for prophecy. Men represents prophets. Nephi knew the mysteries before he engraved the small plates. Learning / thinking of the Jews / Hebrews is important to keep in mind. The history of the floating axe is about the restoration. Deeper meanings do not contradict the surface meanings. We need to make our base the simple statements. YHWH’s way don’t contradict each other. Most misunderstand Paul. Peace makers are those who teach YHWH’s ways. Talked about the Newark Ohio Mound some.
Scripture Study 2023-03-13 YouTube SeekingYHWH

Talked about the Hebrew Gospels some. The woman caught in adulty was in the Hebrew manuscripts before it was in the Greek manuscripts. Read some of the Sermon on the Mount / Torah from a Hebrew Matthew along with KJV and JST at the same time. Peace makers teach YHWH’s ways so they can get peace from Him. The law / Torah tells us what is right and wrong. Yeshua / Jesus taught the law / Torah. The law is a double edge sword it will condemn you or save you. Mentioned the fraud Nemenhah Records. If you are not keeping the law / Torah the mysteries you are getting are not from YHWH but from Satan. If you want answers to your prayers, have a desire to keep the law, you don’t need to pray for hours. YHWH sets up authority. Gleaning on the sabbath. Law of Moses points to Yeshua’s / Jesus’ great sacrafice. Melchizedek given by YHWH’s voice, Aaronic is given by laying on of hands. Talked about priestcraft. Talked about various not well known portions of tithing. The traveling twelve are to go to non-believers. Symbolism helps us know the truth. Talked about the LuniSolar calendar a little. How to answer a Nazi. Knowing the culture of the scriptures helps you understand it. Translation issues.
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Talk about body language of prayer some. Torah and Law of Moses are different. Law of Moses points to Yeshua’s / Jesus’ atonement. Sin, transgretion, iniquity are the same thing. Yeshua / Jesus could break the bands of death because He never sinned and did not deserve death. 2 Nephi (LDS 2:22) (RLDS 1:111-112) defeats evolution. Alma (LDS 12:28-37) (RLDS 9:47-61) shows us that Adam kept Torah. A CARNAL commandment, Law of Moses, was added for a period of time. The Law of Moses is primarily the daily killing of the two lambs by the Aaronic priests. The types of sacrafices in the law of Moses shows there are three types of days that never overlap. Jacob 5 is prophecy and shows the Mighty and Strong One will teach Torah. There is not 613 laws, thats a false tradition of the Rabbis. The additional laws are helping us understand the 10 commandments. Alma (LDS 37:1-20) (RLDS 17:31-51) is a prophecy of the Brass Plates which teaches Torah will bring people to repentance. Malachi 4, D&C (LDS 2), 3 Nephi (LDS 25) (RLD 11:22-27) teaches we need to return to Torah before the Second Coming or be burned. We are to use the scriptures to help know how to keep YHWH’s law / Torah. Talked about gleaning on the Sabbath.
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Start off by talking about spiritual discernment. Snake is a Hebrew idiom for enemy. Seeing how the OT / Tanak defines Torah as the light and how Moroni 7 tells us we are to know right from wrong by using the light / Torah shows us Torah is still valid. Bishops are to judge by the LAW. Witnesses are someone who saw it happen. John the Baptist was the mighty one before Yesuha’s / Jesus mortal ministry. A physical symbol of YHWH’s salvation is when YHWH had Moses take Israel through the deep sea / chaos of the world. Yeshua / Jesus said if you don’t believe Moses’ words, you won’t believe My words. Torah tells us what type of person the Messiah is. YHWH uses the Sun and the Moon to determine His appointed times. A disagreement about the Godhead. Torah is teaching us how YHWH wants us to love Him and others. Talk about the creation prophecy a little. Talk the lunar cycle change. The Sun and Moon are for SIGNS, signs are signals of something NOW needs to happen. Joseph Smith received the gold plates on the feast of trumpets. A theory why New Moon day is not mentioned in Lev 23. New Moon day is a non-work day and a worship day. The day of the moon starts at sunrise not sunset. Rome’s calendar during Yeshua’s / Jesus’ mortal ministry had 8 days, A – H. The scriptures have three types of days. It’s very important to come to know how to keep YHWH’s law / Torah.
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Lectures On Faith 5 tells us everyone can keep the law / Torah from now on. It would be unjust for YHWH to punish us for something we could not do. Bones are symbolic of laws. Modalism in that the Father IS the Son, makes Yeshua’s sacrifice from merciful Elohim and not a vengful one because He Himself came down. We gain understanding as we keep the law / Torah. Talk about Islam some. Bring out some imagery from Kung Fu Panda. Something I thought about from air planes. Talking about why judgement at Passover. Spirit can and does mean behaviour. The Holy Spirit is the law / Torah. The Holy Spirit / Ghost is always an IT in the Book of Mormon. If there is no law / Torah why do you need a Saviour? We are justified and sanctified by the law / Torah. All the kingdoms are given the same law. The sections of the High Holidays is just like the three kingdoms in heaven. During the millennium if you don’t keep Tabernacles you won’t get rain. Joseph Smith did not restore everything, Mighty and Strong One will be restoring more. The Spirit in Nephi’s vision is the angel of YHWH. Crickets is what YHWH put on my heart to start writing my king Brigham post. YHWH does not turn curses into blessings. 1828 Webster’s Dictionary helps us understand the scriptures better. Bring out some symbolic meaning of the 16 stones with the brother of Jared. Discuss the brother of Jared seeing YHWH. YHWH does things on His appointed times. Alma the younger was very wicked when he was in the comma and received forgiveness while in the comma. Commandments 1 and 5 are related to each other. We need to warn people or YHWH will hold us accountable. False prophets don’t teach repentance, they teach pretended mysteries. As we study from other sources we need to be careful. Modern science hides things they don’t like. Be a Berean, check teachings against the established word of YHWH. Show a lot of verses from the book of Mormon on priestcraft. We can see depth because we have two eyes, in like manor we need to study one subject from multiple accounts to help us get the depth. Phil’s story about the angel visiting him contradicts Moroni 7. Bring out some gnostic themes in the Lord of the Rings. Helping someone with the LuniSolar calendar some. Gentiles have inherited lies. Talk about a possible prophecy of the buring of the wood and what it represents.
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Some patterns of the Mighty Ones. As taught in Alma 40 Moses couldn’t have died to be at the mount of transfiguration with Yeshua / Jesus. The history in scriptures are written in a way to point us to Yeshua / Jesus. It’s sad that bishops are not able to help people with their questions. Nephi did not feel good when the Spirit told Nephi to execute the judgement of brokens laws upon Laban. Nephi executing judgement is according to Torah, including the sanctuary city. Paul kept the ceremonial, but did not keep the law of Moses. Talked abut circumcision some. In the LDS / Brighamite temple wives gave their husband additional women, which is done in the occult and with the elites. Talk about the Brighamite temple some. It’s against Torah to have relations with your mother, and a curse for breaking Torah is someone will lay with your wife. Expounding some prophecy hiden in aspects of the history of Abraham. Talked about wine and how we should use it for the sacrament, and how it points to Yeshua’s / Jesus atonement. I believe mushrooms are not Kosher. Lees shows that wine is alcoholic. Bread is alcoholic. I started drinking wine and beer because of the promise in verse 19. The symbolism of the sacrafices shows Yeshua / Jesus does the cleaning. Drinking to much water will kill you. LDS / Brighamite church used to have a wine mission for the sacrament. Looked into tithing some, and how it should be off of SURPLUS not GROSS or NET. The day starts at sunrise not sunset. Red wine is red because of the browsed skin just as Yeshua / Jesus skin was browsed for us. Looked at verses regarding the queen of heaven and King of heaven. The occult have you dedicate all your belongings to their cult, which is the same thing you do in the LDS / Brighamite temple. Tithing is consecration. Purim is pagan. The series The Choosen is pushing occult ideas. Baptism is in Torah. YHWH does things at His appointed times aka the High Holidays. I speculate that the day that the Mighty One will be married will be Passover. The Mighty One calling will change to an appostle to teach the whole world just as Nephi’s calling changed. The silver scroll defeats the Deuteronomist theory. The 4 horses in the book of Revelation is related to the 4 horses in Zechariah, which chapter 1 seems to indicates is related to Daniel 9. Look into the imagery of brass. While working to understand the book of Revelation it’s important to understand where it’s drawing it’s imagery from and the context from where it is from. Talk about Lord of the Rings some. Star of David is not from YHWH.
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Polygamy shows that YHWH will teach adults what is right despite the fact their leaders only teach them what is wrong. The FLDS is an example is why polygamy should not be a crime with a punishment as Torah and Jacob 2 shows. Not calling repentance is a sin. Love your neighbor is a renewed law from Torah. Desire from LDS D&C 132 is lust. Torah states the head of your house has the right to know of the covenants you have made, contrary to LDS / Brighamite teachings on such. Talk about the flat earth some. It is better to understand the scriptures than to simply quote them. Lying in any degree is not good. Abraham did not lie. Eve coming out of Adam’s side is symbolic of the church coming out of Yeshua’s side. Punishments don’t have to be eternal. Talked about an idea regarding reincarnation. Jacob gave an offering unto his elder brother that points to Yeshua’s righteousness. Expounding some verses from the Book of Mormon that shows the importance of Torah. Book of Mormon teaches against work for the dead. Law of Moses points to Yeshua’s death. According to Joseph Smith daily repentance is not a good thing. The law of Zion is Torah. The Mighty and Strong one will bring people to Torah. Isaiah 66 tells us to observe New Moon days. Modern day apostasy. Fasting and prayer connects us to YHWH. The theif in the night confirms that the 10 virgins is the 10 commandments. The laws of the indigent servant represents how our relationship can be with Yeshua after we sin. Knowing the Tanak / Old Testament will help us understand the book of Revelation. We learn of Yeshua because of the testimony of others. Prophets are to decrease the reliance we have of them. Bringing out imagery of Elisha cursing the youth.
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Expound the story Pirate Patch. C S Lewis is bad. Seeing Brigham Young in 1 Samuel 8. Having less than a week to spend per wife is not a marriage. Two phrases in D&C (LDS 22) (RLDS 20) (1833 23) (1835 47) (1844 47) confirms RENEWED COVENANT. 1828 Webster’s Dictionary definition of NEW includes 6) Renovated; repaired so as to recover the first state. 1828 Webster’s Dictionary definition of RESTORATION. Joseph Smith last dream prophecies of modern day apostasy. What DID Yeshua do and WHY did He do it. Explaining the women caught in adultry some. It’s about the heart not the knowledge. Discussing Jeremiah 31 and the RENEWED COVENANT. How Jacob trying to be like Esau teaches that we need to be like Yeshua. Lying is very bad, and includes hiding information. The floating axe in 2 Kings 6:1-7 is a prophecy of the Lehites and the Mighty and Strong One.
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Chess has occult ideas in it. Ruth is a wonderful book. Talk about symbolic meanings of mountains. Bring out some imagery with Nephi building the ship. Second Coming of Yeshua proves stoning is still valid. I believe the Second Coming will start with Passover. Parable of the 10 virgins also points to Passover. More we know Yeshua, the more we will see Him in the scriptures. Scriptures shows blessings and cursings from Torah. Talk about Ruth, Boaz and Niomi some. Burning in the Bosom. Baptism of Fire. Torah is part of what is next. My first rebaptism there was a significant change. Limihites delayed Baptism. Take people by the hand and bring them to heaven with you. Looked at part of my Daniel 9 chiasmus which bringing out how Yeshua took away the effects of sin along with John 4:18. Yeshua atonement is what the law of Moses points to. Most twist Daniel 9 into something that it is not. Bring out a chiasmus in JST John 1:1-19 together. Bringing out chiasmi helps us understand the scriptures more. JST John 1:1-19 chiasmu would not be possible without the JST. Law of Moses and Torah are two different things. The Father IS the Son. Mental gymnastics are fun to watch. Talk about palm reading a little. YHWH is teaching me His symbolic language. Talked about slavery some. All things are spiritual. Learn truth / Torah over conspiracies. The purpose of life is to keep YHWH’s Torah and help others to do the same.
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Teachers and priests were prepared before the foundation of the world just as Yeshua was. Many get prophecies wrong because they don’t believe Daniel 9, which is about Yeshua doing the atonement, has happened. Yeshua called the writings Torah. Paul called the prophets, specifically Isaiah Torah. Torah specifically states you can remarry after being divorced. If there is no law why do you need a Saviour? Grace is for the past not the future. A new creator does new things not the old things with a new excuse. Looked at the word like. A person’s pronoun is not this. Paul is misunderstood. Started reading and expounding Helaman (LDS 6) together and bring out a connection to Torah in it. Standing means constant not changing. Follow means imitate. How is entice used in the Bible. A kiss means trust. Women caught in adultry is in the Hebrew gospels. Lehi was not a polygamist and could not use the levirate law to be one. The pronouns Nephi uses at times also does not prove Lehi was a polygamist when you look at all such verses. Some people will seek wickedness while they are in Zion. Secret combinations are controlled by a church. The wicked leaders do some good so the followers have some justification to follow them. Russel M Nelson is a member of Skull and Bones. The meaning of YHWH is in 3 Nephi (LDS 11). It’s good to spend some time trying to understand prophecies, but don’t get hung up on it, but we should be focusing on knowing and keeping the law / Torah.
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Mysteries are not going to save you. What will help you get saved is BECOMING like Yeshua. Looked into scriptures on the mustard seed. Talked about Faith. Baptism is nessary only when an authorized servant of YHWH can do perform it. Unit under YHWH’s ancient and eternal ways. Looked into symbolic meanings of mountain. Bringing out a spiritual meaning of Matthew 17:20. The gospel is about BECOMING. Justification is like engagement, Sanctification is like the marriage. When you look at the scriptures the wrong way there are lots of contradictions, but when you look at them the right way they support each other. Limhites lost authority to baptize in one generation. The High Priesthood is given by the voice of YHWH. If going to YHWH’s alter had steps, which it doesn’t, our nakedness would be uncovered, as happens with the new age / occult. Ammon in Mosiah (LDS 21) (RLDS 9) represents the RLDS / CoC church while Noah represents the LDS / Brighamite church. Baptism is a WITNESS of a covenant to keep all of YHWH’s commandment that has already been made. YHWH’s system has a court for the church and one for the state. When churches are actually from YHWH they join together as one, instead of creating a court of churches. Zion will have leaders and teachers. Animal sacrifices are coming back. Mosiah (LDS 18:13) is using imagery from Torah and Moses having authority. Since we are justified by the law / Torah and sanctified by the law / Torah, so without the law / Torah those two things can not happen. Talk about what is a broken heart and contrite spirit and how it relates to Tzitzit.
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Started talking about the 13th moon that happens about every 3 years along with the Lunar Cycle change and YHWH’s LuniSolar Calendar. The 10th day of the 1st moon can’t be on a weekly sabbath. Jews changed the genealogies to try to prove Yeshua is not the promised Messiah. Transition day, 30th of the moon, is a non-work and worship day. Scriptures say work 6 days, and then rest, but don’t say how many days that rest is, because it varies because of new moon days. Talked about inclusive time and the 3 days and 3 nights prophecy. Talked about the spring feasts and how they related to Yeshua’s first coming. The 8th day is a Hebrew tradition that points to the weekly Sabbath. The 10th day of the 1st moon points to Yeshua being slain before the foundation of the world. Give some deeper meanings of Jonah and the sea beast. Talk about “your name is like honey” from a song. Baptism is symbolic of immersing ourselves in YHWH’s revelations. Talked about Acts 10 a little and how people are talked of as animals in the scriptures. Leaven represents teachings. We are to remove the bread starter not all leaven for feast of unleavened bread. Partake of your mysteries sparingly. LDS / Brighamite church has changed LDS D&C 89 some that changes it’s meaning. Imagery I see in movies. Satan is the fallen star that will grant your desires if he believes he can use you for his evil purposes. We are to pray for the promises YHWH gives us in the scriptures. Looked into scriptures on the first born son. I believe Joseph is Yeshua’s physical father. Thou shalt not commit adultery to protect the family. If how you justify polygamy doesn’t also work for murder, it’s bad logic. David is a man after YHWH’s heart because he repented. The event of king David and Bathsheba points us to Yeshua and His death to save us. Ruth is an example that people knew polygamy was wrong. Songs of Solomon is porn. Talked about agency. YHWH is always giving us chances to go to Him. Bible translators at times put in their own theology. Talk about the complementary chiasmus I see in Jacob (LDS 2:23-35) (RLDS 2:31-47). YHWH’s seed are those who believe YHWH’s prophets. Satan’s church is his seed. Torah teaches against polygamy, the problem is a Hebrew idiom that gets translated incorrectly only regarding polygamy. YHWH’s commandments do not change, including regarding polygamy. 1 Nephi 3:7, commands are accomplished by doing them not having them removed or changed. We are justified and sanctified by the law / Torah. The occult / elites / Satanists have their wives give them women as the LDS / Brighamites have their first wife give them other women. Polygamy is adultery period.
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Sacrament means oat / covenant. LDS D&C 59, which is about the sabbath, was given on lunar sabbath. Explaining YHWH’s Lunisolar calendar. Talk about changes the Julian / Georgian that man has done, showing it’s not YHWH’s calendar. In the scriptures there are three types of days, on the Julian / Georgian there are only two types of days. Show my SeekingYHWH LuniSolar Calendar app which I am updating to make faster. The only people who take New Moon Day completely seriously is Lunarsabitorians because it is an non-work day and a worship day. The scriptures, and history, tell us of the lunar cycle change which happened in the fourth millennium right in line with the creation prophecy. The Book of Mormon and Bible tells us the day of the moon starts at sunrise. The SEAL of YHWH vs the Mark of the Beast. Joseph Smith did not restore everything. Joseph Smith is NOT the Mighty and Strong one. Additional revelation can not contradict a previous revelation. If you think God needs man to fix the calendar, then you have the wrong God. Discuss a belief I have regarding Abraham offering Issac.
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The Father is the Son. A better translation of Elohim is Judge. Renewing of covenants. We covenant to morn with those who are morning. What is a Nazarene Mormon. All the laws in the New Testament are helping us understand the laws of the Old Testament more. The five wise virgins worship YHWH how He wants to be worshipped. Motivations for keeping the law. D&C 19 is saying I didn’t say it this way, but I did say it this way to prick peoples hearts more. The Holy Spirit / Ghost is the law / Torah. Talked about YHWH’s calendar. YHWH says the same thing to all people through all time. Modalism is what the scriptures teach about the Godhead. We must be sinless to perform miracles. We can be perfect as Yeshua commanded us to be. Name can and does mean character. Church government in Acts 15. Passages about staying with an unbelieving spouse. Looked at a quote from Brigham Young. There are two parts to divorce. Love and Respect is a good book on marriage based on the Bible. What is the baptism of Fire?
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Talk about baptism including how it is teaching the commandments. Every point of the doctrine of the Messiah relates to Torah. We should not be sinning dail, and thus needing to repent daily. Bring out some doctrine that is embedded in the High Holidays. Torah means instructions or hitting the mark and teaches us how to be like Yeshua. Hugh Nibley was an apologist of the occult. Yeshua will remind you of what you need in the moment. Moroni 8 tells us why Yeshua had to be baptized. We must study something out before we take it to YHWH in prayer. Be a Berean. The Mighty and Strong one will be teaching us from the Bible and BoM. Mormon 8 is about when the BoM came forth just as 2 Nephi 28. Scriptures regarding fools. Self-help is new age.
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Meditation in the Hebrew scriptures is to think about YHWH’s law / Torah. Meditation in eastern tradition is to empty ones mind which makes you defensless against doctrine of demons. What is the Spirit not always striving with men mean? 120 jubalees is 6000 years. 40 jubalees is 2000 years. Satan says did YHWH say that? YHWH uses whole range of language when He talks to us. In the parable of the talents the servant hid his talent in the domain of Satan. A thought regarding the sacrament with regards to not getting drunk and how it applies spiritually. Start reading and expounding 2 Nephi (LDS 2). Bring out the gospel from YHWH’s holidays. Lehi likened to Moses, Nephi likened to Joshua. Charity is keeping the law / Torah. Love is keeping a promise not feelings. Talk about the pure love of the Messiah. All adults are given the Spirit of Christ aka law / Torah. All YHWH’s laws / Torah is both spiritual and temporal. Talked about the David Whitmer’s letter An Address to All Believers. Talked about Book of Mormon translation. Talked about Broken Heart and Contrite Spirit. Yeshua was born during Tabernacles. Talked about endless punishment. Talked about Wool and Linen. Talked about the Kosher laws. Word of Wisdom and how it is not to be constrained. LDS / Brighamite church used to say that Word of Wisdom included hot chocolate and hot soup. LDS / Brighamite leaders used to teach we are to keep the kosher laws. Joseph Smith drank beer and coffee. We should eat meat sparingly all the time.
Scripture Study 2022-12-01 YouTube

Looking at the word shed from the sacramental prayers. The two goats from day of atonement both represent different aspects of Yeshua. Bring out how 1 Corinthians 7 last half is about marriage while being a missionary and looked at the JST on these verses. Virgin is a women of child bearing age. Many people are addicted to learning new ideas instead of BECOMING like Yeshua and thus always learning and never coming to the truth. The Father and the Son are the same person. Joseph the husband of Mary is Yeshua’s physical father. Isaiah 53. With the Father and the Son being the same, it shows how He is merciful and loving and not a vengeful God. To condemn for something that can’t be done is unjust. The Holy Spirit / Ghost is a IT not a HE. In the Narnia series its the witch that puts her hand through the veil to grasp hands. Many Christian beliefs come from tower of Babel. Mosiah (LDS 15:1-5) (RLDS 8:28-32) Chiasmus. Abraham 3:27 is talking about Adam not the Messiah. Talked about some imagery in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Book of Mormon only defines the Eternal Father as Yeshua. The whole law is about love, so yes when you break one part you are breaking the whole which is love. A little about prayers. Satan delights in abominations.
Scripture Study 2022-11-23 YouTube

An insight on don’t take YHWH’s name in vain. Talked about Mosiah (LDS 5:9-15) (RLDS 3:12-21) showing some alternate definitions of words that gives a deeper insight of what is being said such as name means character. Aphrodite false sex goddes is in LDS / Brighamite Temples. What is the church office building patterned after? A prophecy in Torah in the history of Dinah. A theory I have about Circumcision. I speculate the commandment about a man not wearing women’s clothing is more about how the pagans did ceremonies to teach about their false gods. Creation history is also prophecy. Some calendar history. Jonah went into the sea beast and then repented and was thrown out. Look at Daniel 9 a little. Look at Daniel 11 together. Looked at instances of daughter of women in scriptures. Look at I, Pet Goat II in relation to Daniel 11.
Scripture Study 2022-11-16 YouTube

Talk about unrighteous dominion some. The words of Yeshua, the law, are the Holy Spirit. Torah is still valid today, the Law of Moses is not. Going over the law of witnesses from Torah in Matthew 18. When we judge the way heaven does, the punishments heaven declares will happen on earth. Bones have to deal with laws. Anciently believers knew the two sticks are two records. Some Israelites had the Melchizedek as shown by the miracles that they performed. JST confirms Torah after the death and resurrection in the NT. David stopped practicing polygamy. Daniel’s prophecy imagery of a stone cut out without hands is imagery from scrafices from Torah. Joseph Smith and scriptures teach animal sacrifices are coming back. Nephi slaying Laban is according to Torah. Scriptures have patterns. Law of Moses is the daily performances and ordiances the Levites did, and was a done way with after Yeshua’s death. The carnal commandments from JST Exodus 34:1-2 and D&C (LDS 84:27) is the law of Moses. Expounding scriptures showing reincarnation is not of YHWH, including showing eternal round means from the scriptures. Talk about what is faith. Demons made their choice and are damned. Book of Mormon teaches against baptism for the dead. In Hebrew thought when you sin you die. Worship YHWH not us. Lectures on Faith is the Doctrine of the D&C.
Scripture Study 2022-11-09 YouTube

Talk some about priestcraft. A little about church government. Alma 13 tells us those with the High Priesthood are to call repentance. How converts learn about the Torah. We are to continue to study the word of YHWH. Paul is hard to understand and kept Torah. Read and expounded many scriptures in the Book of Mormon after Yeshua’s visit after His death and resurrection showing Torah is still valid. Show a quote from Joseph Smith and from Lectures on Faith that states we can keep the law. Talked about the different stages of tithing and types. Talk about all things common. The way things are stated in the scriptures is to point us back to Yeshua and His plan. Dead relatives do not come visit use. Talk about LDS / Brighamite temple / Masonic curses. Enforcing Torah would solve many problems in society today. Galatians 5 is listing Torah commandments. What Moroni 7 lists as Charity are commandments found in Torah.
Scripture Study 2022-11-02 YouTube

Talk about priestcraft. YHWH uses the planets as His armies. Paul is hard to understand, and was a teacher of teachers. Simon Magus is the first pope not Simon Peter. Explaining broken heart and contrite spirit. Talk about snakes. Don’t tempt YHWH. Scriptures are both tempural and spiritual. Forcing visions is witchcraft and not of YHWH. Some thoughts about the Book of Revelation. YHWH commands us to be perfect aka keep completely keep His law / Torah. There was no one who could baptize the Noahites / Limhites after only one generation of wickedness. The High Priesthood comes by YHWH’s own voice, not the laying on of hands. Don’t trust what Brigham Young modified. We don’t have all the books that the Bible mentions as scripture. Differences between New Moon Day and the Weekly Sabbath. Better translation of created from Genesis 1:1 is choosen. Talked about the other side of miracles. Talked about the Kosher / food laws. YHWH’s ways are simple and easy to judge for those who know the law / Torah. The falling star people wish upon is Satan. When the Israelites broke the commandments, YHWH expanded what they already had to help them better understand them. YHWH does not turn to the left or the right.
Scripture Study 2020-10-26 YoutTube

Talked about Calendar Changes and the LuniSolar Year. How the Gregorian calendar is harder to follow if you get stranded on an island.
Scripture Study 2022-10-10 YouTube

Nephi had power to baptize before Yeshua’s visit. ReBaptisms in scriptures and church history. Healings. Baptism of fire is justification, Baptism of Holy Ghost is sanctification. Call out bishops on them claiming you need them to know when you are forgiven. Paul teaches Torah. Cain enacting slitting of his throat to covenant with Satan. Baptism is a WITNESS of a COVENANT already made. What is needed to have prayers answered. Expounding John 3 some. Torah is how YHWH wants us to act. Lawlessness. Yeshua was born during tabernacles. Show my app. Precepts and Lines.
Scripture Study 2022-10-03 YouTube

If you believe when Joseph Smith received the gold plates was during Feast of Trumpets, starting the day at sunset and using the first visible crescent of the moon does not work with the calendar. Yeshua’s whipping in the temple during His mortal ministry is according to Torah.
Scripture Study 2022-09-26 YouTube

The Second Coming of Yeshua proves stoning is still in the law / Torah. Insights regarding the three kingdoms of glory.
Scripture Study 2022-09-24 YouTube

Discuss how precepts actually means commandments. If we do not warn against wickedness we are sinning. Jacob 2 and Marriage. Talk about the Holy Spirit/Ghost. What can people who have died do? Talked about YHWH’s Calendar. How the correct calendar removes controversies of days with the High Holidays. Explain why the passover lamb is selected on the 10th day. Talk about the beasts from the book of Revelation. Mild means alcoholic, and the Word of Wisdom. Debunk the idea people drank alcohol in the past because YHWH didn’t tell the people how to treat it. LDS D&C 87 is going to happen around the second coming. Talked about Daniel 9. Talk about Chiasmus. Torah and Law of Moses are different. Gabriel is YHWH Elohim. The Law is part of our salvation. BoM teaches Torah after the resurrection of Yeshua.
Scripture Study 2022-09-10 YouTube

Talked about daily performances and ordinances some, and Daniel 9 is key for reading the NT on this. Talk about Tzitzit and symbolism associated with them. The history around Moses coming down from the mount is prophecy of the first and second comings. Talked about King Brigham some. Some symbolism of wine and aging. New can mean renew. Symbolic language. Talk about what the Holy Spirit. How Yeshua was conceived by the Holy Spirit. I expound Joseph Smith last dream. Talk about the Nazarite vow. Share how buying and selling from the Book of Revelation is related to the parable of the 10 virgins. Talk about the abomination some.
Scripture Study 2022-09-03 YouTube

Mostly read and discussed LDS D&C 103, 101, 105, 85.
Scripture Study 2022-08-27 YouTube

Mostly talked about how the Law of Moses [daily performances and ordinances] is pointing to Yeshua’s atonement.
Scripture Study 2022-08-26 YouTube

Talked about when Joseph Smith got the gold plates because it gives us insights about YHWH’s Calendar. Talked about what is the new moon and how Jews changed it. Lehites knew and tracked the 18.6 year lunar cycle as shown with the Newark Earthworks in Ohio. Using the wrong calcualtions for the moon can make your calendar off by a day.
Scripture Study 2022-03-17 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

Look at the Greek word behind fulfil and how it means teach. Talk when the day starts and sundials. Talk about the flat earth some. Talked some about the difference between Torah and the Law of Moses. Talk about walking on the Sabbath.
Scripture Study 2022-03-10 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

Showed and talked about the High Holiday Calendar I did by hand. Also talked about various calendar issues such as why plants should not be used to determine the start of the year. Talked about sunrise vs dawn, along with sundials. Went over examples in the Book of Mormon showing the start of the day is sunrise. Also expanded manna in the wilderness shows the same thing.
Scripture Study 2022-03-03 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

Talked some about the Polar Configuration. One thing the number nine represents is Satan. Posed the question if we were alive during Yehsua/Jesus mortal ministry would we have accepted him. Talked about Gnostic gospel some. Talked the symbolism of scorpions and eggs along reading Jack and the Beanstalk.
Scripture Study 2021-08-98 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

Talk about the Constellations and how they testify of Yeshua and His Mission. How the Stars have the name Yeshua in them. Saw some quotes from Brigham Young how he stated he started polygamy not Joseph Smith. Reworded Alma (LDS 30:44) (RLDS 16:53-55). Talked about the Polar Configuration some.
Scripture Study 2021-07-31 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

Talking about Polygamy and last half of Jacob 2 and the two complementary chiasmus from YHWH.
Scripture Study 2021-07-02 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

Start off by expounding The Three Little Pigs. Then talk about the Law of Moses, Torah and sacrifices.
Scripture Study 2021-05-12 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

Talk some about the Polar Configuration. Some ideas of Robert about being born again, fruit and repentance. Greek vs Hebrew goals. How names in Hebrew deal with attributes we have.
Scripture Study 2021-02-19 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

Talk about the sacrament. Deep waters is symbolic of chaos. Church gov. Sermon on the Mount/at the Temple is how to keep Torah. Talk about the words end and fulfil.
Scripture Study 2021-01-13 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

Talk about Word of Wisdom, 10 commandments 5 principles, 2 Nephi 32:3,5 Holy Spirit/Ghost is the word of God (wherefore), and Kosher laws, trees of knowledge of good and evil.
Scripture Study 2020-12-15 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

Talk about Joseph Smith’s statement “color of his hair”. The 10 Virgins are the 10 Commandments. Shared a theory I have about Tithing.
Scriptures Study 2020-12-13 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

Talk some on how the Holy Spirit/Ghost is the word of YHWH. Talk about my free program to search standard works. Get into some details of how Zeniff is a type of Joseph Smith as I bring up in my King Brigham post. Moroni 7 and Deuteronomy 28/Torah. Talk about the rock and the sand from the Sermon on the Mount/at the Temple.
Scripture Study 2020-11-29 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

Talk about some of what I see in the movie Beauty and the Beast. Some on the Word of Wisdom, how mild means liquor, how bread is alcoholic, how LDS leaders used to teach no hot soup. Talk about buying and selling in the Book of Revelation. Talked about the women caught in adultery.
Scripture Study 2020-11-22 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

Talk about lots of various subjects including some of what I believe about Torah, Law of Moses and the Performances and Performances and Ordinances. Torah teaches we need to defend our neighbors.
Scripture Study 2020-10-02 Evening YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

Mostly talked about the LDS / Brighamite church
Scripture Study 2020-10-02 Afternon YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

Talk a little about head coverings, how Torah says men should not look like women and vise versa, some about Polygamy in the last half of Jacob 2 and the Reed Smoot case.
Scriptures Study 2020-09-16 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

We talk about the LDS Temple, Torah, the daily Performances and Ordinances and the Law of Moses, The Godhead specifically the Holy Spirit/Ghost, Fulfil, history repeats, flaming sword is the baptism of fire and of the Holy Spirit.
Nehemia Gordon brings out in Hebrew Gospel Pearls Plus that Yeshua nam is in the Tanak/OT, which is important because people criticize the Book of Mormon for the prophets knowing Yeshua’s/Jesus’ name before His birth.
Scripture Study 2020-08-19 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

We talk about how ordinances should not change, Day of Atonement a High Holiday, Polygamy, Alma the younger’s conversion, Rock Waterman, Control vs Teaching, analogy of diaper changing and humanity, King Brigham, Part of the Masons oath contradictions to the scriptures, Torah, sacrament, Polar Configuration.
Scripture Study 2020-07-21 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

Talk about the Tabernacle, Polar Configuration, PaRDeS (levers of meaning in the scriptures), Tithing, wearing masks, 2012 Lodon opening, Word of Wisdom, Pagan Holidays, Inspiration vs Revelation, Torah, Sabbath laws.
Scripture Study 2020-07-19 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

Talk some of false prophets, how what is on the small plates which is in the BoM is considered most sacred.
Scripture Study 2020-06-06 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

Fulfil can and does mean teach. Explained what a Peace Maker is and how they publish peace.
Scripture Study 2020-05-30 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

LDS supposed D&C 132:1 contradicts that we need to have real intent to receive answers in pray when remembering the supposed story of Joseph Smith being told by an angel with a flaming sword to practice it or die, beceause Joseph Smith was not going to.
Bring out how 2 Nephi 31:5-10 showing FULFIL can and does mean teaching.
Scripture Study 2020-05-23 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

Scripture Study 2020-05-21 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

We talk about the Word of Wisdom, which Anne gave some very good insights including explaining in season. And the Book of Revelation 9.
Scripture Study 2020-05-14 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)