I believe that Jesus is our Savior. That He called Joseph Smith to translate the Book of Mormon from an ancient record written by ancient prophets. I grew up in the LDS / Brighamite church but after I found out that the LDS / Brighamite church changes doctrines despite the fact they say they don’t, God told me to remove my name from their records.

If you are interested you can read my LDS Resignation Letter.

I am now a Nazarene Mormon. Nazarene is a sect of Jews that believes Yeshua/Jesus is the promised Messiah and kept the wiriten law, and rejected the oral law, around the time of Yeshua’s mortal ministry. To learn more about them please visit Nazarene.

I explain why my base is the Book of Mormon and bring out how it’s base is Torah.
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I host Fellowship and Scripture Study every New Moon and Lunar Sabbath.