Moroni (LDS 8:23-28) (RLDS 8:27-33) Chiasmus

Moroni (LDS 8:23-28) (RLDS 8:27-33)
A 23 But it is mockery before GOD, DENYING the mercies of Christ, and the power of his HOLY SPIRIT, and putting trust in dead works.
-B 24 Behold, my son, this thing ought not to be; for REPENTANCE is unto them that are under CONDEMNATION and under the curse of a broken law.
–C 25 And the first FRUITS of repentance is BAPTISM; and BAPTISM cometh by faith unto the fulfilling the commandments; and the fulfilling the commandments bringeth REMISSION OF SINS;
–C 26 And the REMISSION OF SINS bringeth MEEKNESS, and LOWLINESS OF HEART; and because of MEEKNESS and LOWLINESS OF HEART cometh the visitation of the HOLY GHOST, which COMFORTER filleth with HOPE and PERFECT LOVE, which love endureth by diligence unto prayer, until the end shall come, when all the saints shall DWELL WITH GOD.
-B 27 Behold, my son, I will write unto you again if I go not out soon against the Lamanites. Behold, the pride of this nation, or the people of the Nephites, hath proven their DESTRUCTION except they should REPENT.
A 28 Pray for them, my son, that repentance may come unto them. But behold, I fear lest the SPIRIT hath ceased striving with them; and in this part of the land they are also seeking to put down all power and authority which cometh from GOD; and they are DENYING the HOLY GHOST.

This chiasmus was found with the help of LDSGospelSearch

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