Quick Thought on Cinderella’s Shoe

I like doing thought experiments with myself and I happened to start thinking about Cinderella. If I had to pick one theme from the story that the rest revolves around, it would be Cinderella losing her shoe, and then later when the prince returns it back to her.

I asked myself what could the shoe represent? I thought to myself, well in the scriptures feet represent where you are going because it is the feet that walk on the path you are following. And shoes cover our feet, so it’s not a stretch to think that shoes can also represent our path and where we are going. Then Cinderella losing her shoe would be symbolic of Cinderella losing her way. And the prince returning her shoe would represent the prince helping Cinderella return to the way she had lost. (If anyone is interested I talk about one aspect of Yeshua / Jesus washing the feet of the disciples in Bishops are JUDGEs of Israel.)

I find it no coincidence that in The Two Popes, Pope Francis said the Catholic church has lost it’s way, and he wishes he could do something about it, but felt powerless to do anything about it, so much so he went to the Vatican to resign.

Just as in the various versions of Snow White, the prince, aka the anti-Christ, just as in Cinderella, helps Cinderella, aka the whore, get her purpose / power / authority / luster back. (Very much like how the beast received a deadly wound and lost power.)

I believe the fact that Cinderella loses her way just before midnight is no accident, and is loosely following and alluding to prophecy. In that before the second coming of Yeshua / Jesus, the whore with the help of the anti-Christ will embrace her pagan roots unabashedly. Sadly most will not recognize what is happening because they have accepted the perverted / Hellenized / Greek version of the gospel for so long, and have defend it to the death (physically and spiritually).

Another interesting point to the over all parable of Cinderella, is how the chariot, the vehicle that drives Cinderella and will help with the change, is from a pumpkin. I’m all for eating pumpkin pie, but to be honest I believe the tie to the pumpkin in the tell is much more sinister. The tie to pumpkins to pagan religions including witch craft, and how it came from the earth is no accident. (Not to mention it’s use during Halloween.) There are Blue Laws, laws prohibiting activities on the pagan / Catholic Calendar Sunday, already on the books around the world. And one aspect that will be used to enforce it upon the world is take care of the earth. (For those who are interested I have researched Calendar Changes a lot because of my belief in the Lunar Sabbath and how it’s part of YHWH’s Seal in opposition to Satan’s mark.)

I’m not going to take the time to fill in all the nuances of the Cinderella story and how it’s gnostic / anti-Messiah. Because if I did, it would never get done, as I have other posts I’m working on doing just that and haven’t had the time to finish them. But it does have many similar characters and plots as many other gnostic / anti-Messiah stories. Such as an evil step-mother (Elohim / God) and a missing father (government / kingdom / nation). These are explained in my Snow White commentary. Snow White and Cinderella do have a lot of overlap. One thing that is unique in Cinderella is how there are two evil step-sisters, one is fat and one is skinny. It is very typical for Satan two have two assistants in these gnostic / anti-Messiah stories. The fat one represents the government and is typically fat and stupid. The skinny one represents the church leaders and is the wise one. Just as Jezebel [church] has Naboth murdered, using the kings authority, after king Ahab [government] whines how he didn’t get what he wanted in 1 Kings 21. Or in Ether (8:7-12) (RLDS 3:77-85) the king’s [government] daughter [church] devises a plan to give her father what he wanted. In a like manner YHWH has had kingdoms/nations with a government, and followers [church], and the “evil” step-mother’s daughters serve the same purpose.

This is a great video about the Whore and prophecy, well worth the time.

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