Ezekiel saw more than just a wheel in the sky

Below is a copy of a Troy Miller’s Ezekiel saw more than just a wheel in the sky (backup). I have copied the article below because it is easier for people to view a webpage than an word document. I am grateful for Try Miller’s work on the Lunar Sabbath. The following videos from him converted me to the Lunar Sabbath. I have sought to stay true to the formatting in the word document. I used tables to month / moonth over the number of days, and put the resulting equation underneath. The red 13th moonth along with it’s 29 days I made bold in the last table because I don’t know how to only make them red in wordpress.

Update: While putting together my 13th Moon resource page together, I came across the pdf Ezekiel saw more than just a wheel in the sky on Worlds Last Chance website. I find it concerning that it’s the same document up to the paragraph before the equations. Hopefully Troy Miller is the author of both, and added the equations at the bottom at a later date to make it more potent.

Ezekiel saw more than just a wheel in the sky.
He also saw and understood the Creator’s Calendar.

A “thirteenth month” is located in Scripture.

Today, a calendar based on the moon and the sun requires a 13th month approximately every 3 years. Originally it was not so, the lunar and solar cycles were both 360 days. Presently, the lunar year is 11 days shorter than the solar year meaning that after three years, the lunar cycle would be 33 days off, necessitating an additional month. This month was called Veadar (meaning “second Adar”).

A 13th month is proven from scripture in the inspired book of the prophet Ezekiel. In Ezekiel 1:1-2 we are told that Ezekiel received a vision from YHVH on the 5th day of the fourth month, in the fifth year of king Jehoiachin’s captivity. In Ezekiel 2:7 YHVH again speaks unto Ezekiel telling him to warn Israel concerning their treachery against YHVH. Then in Ezekiel 3:15 we find that Ezekiel dwelt by the river Chebar for seven days bringing us to the 11th day of the fourth month, in the fifth year of king Jehoiachin’s captivity.

Now, in Ezekiel 4:1-11 he is given instructions by YHVH to lay on his left side 390 days and when he accomplishes this he is to then lay on his right side 40 days; equaling a total of 430 days. The next time reference in Ezekiel is found in chapter 8:1 where we see that Ezekiel was sitting in his house in the sixth year (of king Jehoiachin’s captivity) on the 5th day of the sixth month. This shows that Ezekiel had finished his instructions given in chapter 4 because he was sitting in his house not lying on either his left or right side. If Ezekiel was using a strictly solar calendar he could not have possibly obeyed YHVH’s instructions by the time reference given in Ezekiel 8:1.

From the 11th day of the fourth month, in the fifth year of Jehoiachin (Ezekiel 1:1-2; 2:7; 3:15) to the 5th day of the sixth month in the sixth year of Jehoiachin (Ezekiel 8:1) is only 421 days on a strictly solar calendar, (9 days short). Using 12 lunar months, this accounts for only 407 days—23 days short. If Ezekiel used a solar-only calendar he disobeyed YHVH. However, had this particular year consisted of 13 months (lunar-solar year) Ezekiel obeyed the instructions from YHVH to the letter as a 13th month was 29 days long, giving him plenty of time to lay on his side for the remaining days.

Keep in mind that Ezekiel 4:9-10 shows that Ezekiel was told to make enough bread to last him the entire 430 days. I have given the solar only people the best possible scenario available, taking for granted that Ezekiel made all this bread in one day, i.e. the 11th day of the fourth month. If we factor in the making of twenty shekels of bread (Ezekiel 4:9-10) for each day on his side, this even further destroys the notion of the strictly solar calendar, because the time span would decrease for the solar only people if it took him longer than one day to make the bread.

Furthermore, when you recognize the obvious fact that the scriptural months are lunar, and that the new year is determined by the spring equinox it is a necessity that a 13th month be added approximately every two to three years (7 times in 19 years). If this is not done the festivals will be 11 days shorter every “strictly-solar year” that goes by, placing the festivals out of their seasons in short order. This is exactly what happens with the Muslim calendar which ignores the 13th month. Their festivals travel throughout all seasons of the year.

There you have it friends, a thirteenth month located in Scripture. Neither Scripture, nor the math lies. Do the math, read the evidence. The cloud is moving. We need either to follow or be left in the wilderness. See the evidence for yourself…

Lunar calendar count, starting with the days left over from the 4th month:

18 + 30 + 29 + 30 + 29 + 30 + 29 + 30 + 29 + 30 + 29 + 30 + 29 + 30 + 5 = 407

Modern Gregorian calendar count:

19 + 31 + 30 + 31 + 31 + 30 + 31 + 30 + 31 + 31 + 29 + 31 + 30 + 31 + 5 = 421

I realize that the Hebrew numbered months do not line up with the Gregorian months, however, if you take the time to line up the Gregorian months more or less with the Hebrew calendar, this will change the 421 days not more than 1-2 days in either direction, STILL well short of the commanded 430 days.

Original calendar count (the one established at Creation):

19 + 30 + 30 + 30 + 30 + 30 + 30 + 30 + 30 + 30 + 30 + 30 + 30 + 30 + 5 = 414

Do you see the problem? Ezekiel has to be lying on his side for 430 days total, yet UNLESS you factor in a 29 day 13th month, you come up short regardless of which calendar you use.

If you insist that this count begins on the 12th day of the 4th month or that these visions took place over weeks or months rather than the 7 days, all this does is paint yourself into an even deeper corner adding days that Ezekiel had to be on his side WELL beyond the 5th day of the 6th month of the 6th year of king Jehoiachin, a date by which Ezekiel is up and about (off his right side). The only way for him to be up at this date is if the 390 + 40 days are over. Starting the count on the 12th, delaying the beginning of his assignment, as well as not including a 13th month forces Ezekiel to disobey Yah.

Perhaps a 13th month is not named or spelled out, but there nonetheless. Looks like this…

18 + 30 + 29 + 30 + 29 + 30 + 29 + 30 + 29 + 29 + 30 + 29 + 30 + 29 + 30 + 5 = 436

Meaning Ezekiel was sitting in his gate nearly a week after he got up off his right side.

Respectfully submitted,

Troy Miller

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