The Bow and the Harp

I’ve always wondered why the Bow was on the right of the Polar Configuration and the Harp was on the left side. I now believe that the Bow is on the right because it is when we arise in the morning to rely upon help from our Lord God for our nourishment. And the Harp is on the left side because it is at the night that we put our children down to bed and sing them lullabies of the Polar Configuration to put our children to sleep.

This follows the counter clockwise path of the crescent starting on the right in the morning going up to the top and then down on the left for the night.

Anthony put the evening first in the above picture because he was following the flow starting with the evening because the majority of the current Jews believe the scriptural day starts in the evening. I believe the Book of Mormon and the Bible both teach that the scriptural day starts in the morning. On The Morrow / Morning is a post I did that focuses how the Book of Mormon shows us that the morning is the start of the scriptural day and gives resources that shows that the Bible teaches the same thing.

The screen shots are from Anthony E Larson‘s lesson Ancient Skies and the Restored Gospel – Class 6 – The Crescent Pillar, I highly recommend taking this an all the lessons.

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