Book of Mormon Geography

Sharing map with Rian Nelson permission from Works of Joseph. Additional maps at Maps.

Here is a post I have done that deals with geography of the Book of Mormon.

Mormon Stories – Dr Michael Coe – An Outsider’s View of Book of Mormon Archaeology

Here are posts from BofM blog that I enjoy about Book of Mormon Geography.

Joseph Smith Knew BofM Geography
Horses in North America
Parallels of the Hopewell & Nephite Culture
Why “Saints” Censors Key History
The Hopewell & Nephites- Parallel Histories
What is Letter VII?
“America”means- The United States of America
Essential Items Required to Practice the Law of Moses
The Smoking Gun of Book of Mormon Geography
Ancient Hebrew in the United States
Why Edit Joseph Smith’s Words?
Hebrews in Prehistoric America?
Elephants, Cureloms, & Cumoms in North America
Snow & Climate in the Book of Mormon
North American Copper-2450 B.C.
Law of Moses in Mesoamerican Terms
Where Does The Book Of Mormon Really Take Place and Does It Matter?
Book of Mormon and the American Indian
DNA scientists claim that Cherokees are from the Middle East
Book of Mormon Amazing Historicity
Cherokee/Phoenician DNA Connection
Reply: Meso vs Heartland Models: Only One Right?
Where is the East Wilderness that Moroni Conquers?
Trail of the Nephites
The “Origin” of the Mesoamerican Model
What’s Wrong with the Mesoamerican Theory? Seasons, Migrating & Domesticated Animals, & the Law of Moses.
Flax & Linen in North America’s Heartland
The Grand Repository: The Stone Box
Hebrew Feasts – Yuchi North American Indians
Metal, Coins, Swords, Scabbards, Furnaces, Soldering, Hebrew, Helmets, Iron, Steel, Copper, & Nails. In the LAND of NEPHI
Nephites & Lamanites Worshipped Jehovah or Yo-He-Wah
Iowa Artifact Connects to Zarahemla’s Timeline 225 BC +/- 30
Face of a Nephite?
Response to Anti-Mormon Attack on Haplogroup X and Kennewick Man
Hopewell Culture: Mormonism & Double Burial Mica
Ancient DNA from Hopewell Ohio

Here are some posts from Book of Mormon Evidence that I enjoy about Book of Mormon Geography.

More Mounds Skeletons & Artifacts near Cumorah
Arrowheads, The Cave, and “Actual Stone” at Cumorah
First Publication of the Smithsonian

Podcast about Lehi’s travel to the new word along with the Mulekites and how some Book of Mormon words are derived from the Phoenician language.
05 P3: 1 Nephi 16-22: Book of Mormon Evidence – Come Follow Me – Boyd Tuttle

Here are some videos from Wayne May:

Evening Fireside with Wayne May
Latter-Day Media Live – Wayne May – NEW RESEARCH!
Wayne May – Quick Start to Cumorah – April 11th, 2019
Book of Mormon Archaeology in North America
Book of Mormon Archaeology in North America (Feb. 2017)
The Jaredites – Wayne May

Here are some books

Annotated Book of Mormon

Moroni’s America: The North American setting for the Book of Mormon

Exploring the Book of Mormon in America’s Heartland

Old World Roots of the Cherokee: How DNA, Ancient Alphabets and Religion Explain the Origins of America’s Largest Indian Nation

Here are some resources that others have done that I really enjoy. (I’ll add more as time permits.)

Good point about the two different cultures. And how science of pre 1900s was using what they knew at the time, of one culture to discredit a book that describes two cultures. But now science of post 1900s shows two cultures just as the BoM describes.
Would love to see pictures from the museum in Vancouver of the clam boats. Interesting point about the 300 days it took garbage from Japan to cross the see, much like the Jaredites.
Heartlanders, Who Killed Joseph Smith? , Dehlin, Vogel, Murphy, and Seariac w/Jonathan Neville

DNA Evidence Supports the Book of Mormon – David Read – 2021-03-01

Native Americans with HEBREW Ancestry | Book of Mormon Evidence Pt.7

600 B.C. Phoenician Ship SAILS to AMERICA | Book of Mormon Evidence Pt.8

The Survival of Horses in Pre-Columbian America

The Book of Mormon’s Elephants & Horses

10 Commandments were in Ancient AMERICA | Travelogue 1

How Can Anyone Defend Mesoamerica as the Land of Promise? – Part III

Amberli Nelson — Jehovah’s Holy Days In the Heartland

Amberli Nelson — 5 Scriptures that Validate the Heartland Model (Buy DVD)

Evidences of the Book of Mormon: Old World Geography

Alma 22 Deciphered: Book of Mormon Map and Geography

Chief Joseph RiverWind/ A Prophecy Fulfilled! (Not written by a Mormon)

The Lost Civilizations of North America

Evidences of the Book of Mormon – Latter-day Saint Missionaries

Here are some websites

LDS Archealogy

Book of Mormon Evidence

Moroni’s America


Nephite Explorer

From the Vineyard, a Torah website:

A Prophecy Fulfilled

Here are some news articles.

Yes world, there were horses in Native culture before the settlers came

Ohio’s Hopewell Ceremonial Earthworks poised to become state’s first UNESCO World Heritage site

Big Chief Rabbi: Why Cherokees could be Jewish

Are Native Americans Part of the Ten Lost Tribes?

Here are some scientic articles:

Ancient DNA Links Native Americans With Europe

“Great Surprise”—Native Americans Have West Eurasian Origins

Here are some other resources:

Mystery Stone Trailer