Scripture Study 2023-04-27

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00:00:22 What to do when a Nazi asks if you know were any Jews are?
00:14:10 Killing of only the males shows that the Israelites were not practicing polygamy.
00:16:50 A higher law is a sign of a cult.
00:18:42 People use the word testimony incorrectly.
00:19:30 Focus on the scriptures.
00:20:31 Yeshua quotes Psalms and states it’s Torah.
00:23:22 Father is an idiom for leader, and son is an idiom for follower.
00:24:37 Paul states the prophets is Torah.
00:25:32 NT, BoM, most of D&C is Torah.
00:26:01 Isaiah 28:11-12 might be talking about the Sabbath.
00:27:11 We are to live by every word of YHWH.
00:28:52 JS said to abide the BoM, he did not say abide what people claim I say.
00:29:10 Church history has been modified.
00:30:30 Brigham Young was evil.
00:32:15 We are to look to who we are praying to.
00:35:52 This is an example how all adults have the law but come up with excuses.
00:36:54 Sacrament used to only blessed by adults with the hands up while saying the sacrament.
00:39:52 Bible and JS teach we are to pray with our hands up.
00:41:18 Brigham Young changing history.
00:42:25 Symbolism of trees and axes. Cricket is symbolic of the Holy Spirit / Torah.
00:48:48 YHWH denies no one who repents salvation.
00:50:31 You don’t have to say His name correctly, if you did it would exclude those who can’t speak.
00:51:14 Name is a Hebrew idiom for characteristics.
00:52:15 Adults make to many excuses. Smart people can trick themselves.
00:53:48 Elohim was judging Egypt.
00:55:09 YHWH made Moses a judge / prophet over Pharaoh.
00:57:03 Moses had the sealing power in that YHWH had Moses pronounce the cursings that were already decreed in heaven.
00:58:11 There’s a lot of apologetics for YHWH hardening Pharaoh’s heart.
00:59:19 JST Exodus 4:21.
01:00:39 Biblehub shows translator bias for Exodus 4:21.
01:04:11 Translation issues, including with KJV.
01:06:33 YHWH’s purpose is the immortality and eternal life of man.
01:08:15 Talking about my What was it post.
01:08:28 Proof of the exodus from Egypt.
01:09:42 Immanuel Velikovsky, and a planet helped with the exodus. My post will bring out how it’s going to happen again.
01:11:03 Luke originally said there was an eclipse at Yeshua’s death, which I believe just not from the moon.
01:16:09 Blood moon with the second coming.
01:18:22 Blood moons happen on the High Holidays because they are when the moon is full.
01:19:40 New moon is not the full moon.
01:20:54 Someone doesn’t know what the word grace means.
01:22:09 YHWH has stoned in the past and will do it again in the future.
01:23:14 Darkness was around the world.
01:24:14 Electrical Universe Model vs the Standard Model, and the Polar Configuration.
01:27:08 I believe the destruction will happen during Passover.
01:27:56 After Second Coming the Mighty and Strong One will be a missionary.
01:28:57 Should study the word of YHWH before you preach it.



00:00:02 let me click on my there we go
00:00:06 okay so I came across this as I was
00:00:09 reading in the law today
00:00:12 um it made the Sabbath day
00:00:14 and I uh
00:00:17 this was uh I found it to be really
00:00:20 interesting and
00:00:22 pertinent to the question that I asked a
00:00:25 couple of a few weeks back about what
00:00:29 you should do if you were in a place
00:00:31 like Nazi Germany and people came to ask
00:00:34 you about whether or not you were hiding
00:00:35 Jews you were hype Jews
00:00:38 and so this is what I this is and this
00:00:41 is what I read it’s in Exodus chapter
00:00:43 one starting in verse 15 and going to
00:00:47 21. okay uh you want me to read and then
00:00:50 you can interrupt me when you want okay
00:00:53 and the king of Egypt sorry excuse me
00:00:56 speak to the Hebrew midwives of which
00:00:58 the name of one was
00:01:04 okay that’s that’s how you say it and
00:01:07 the name of the other is Paw
00:01:11 that one I can do and he said when you
00:01:15 do the office of Midwife to the Hebrew
00:01:18 women and see them upon the stools if it
00:01:21 be a son then ye shall kill him but if
00:01:24 it be a daughter then she shall live but
00:01:28 the midwives
00:01:30 the exact same kind of situation we’re
00:01:33 killing
00:01:35 the the option is to kill yeah we’re
00:01:39 setting up the situation here the
00:01:41 options ill and to leave alive men kill
00:01:45 daughters leave a life moving forward
00:01:48 so I I’m just remind me when you’re done
00:01:50 I want to say something about this verse
00:01:52 right here okay okay
00:01:55 but the midwives feared Elohim and did
00:01:57 not as the king of Egypt commanded them
00:02:00 but saved the men children also
00:02:04 okay so the they are obviously
00:02:07 delivering these babies and not doing
00:02:09 what the king of Egypt commanded and not
00:02:11 doing what the Pharaoh commands him to
00:02:13 do okay and the king of Egypt calls for
00:02:18 the midwives and said unto them why have
00:02:19 you done this thing and have saved the
00:02:23 men children alive
00:02:25 and The Midwives said unto Pharaoh but
00:02:28 the Hebrew women are not as the Egyptian
00:02:31 woman for they are
00:02:33 Lively and are delivered heir to the
00:02:36 midwives come in unto them so that’s
00:02:39 basically saying they’re delivering
00:02:40 their own children right yes which is
00:02:44 actually not necessarily the truth per
00:02:47 se probably was true in one situation
00:02:50 perhaps
00:02:52 uh I I will say something here because I
00:02:55 know a lot of people will use this first
00:02:58 to justify lying now these are Egyptians
00:03:02 who are not keeping or sought to cop
00:03:04 keep the law they just know that this
00:03:07 order from Pharaoh murder is wrong
00:03:11 does it state it says they were Hebrew
00:03:14 midwives but I guess that could mean
00:03:16 that they were midwives of Hebrews uh
00:03:19 yeah the way I read this and a lot of
00:03:21 other people do
00:03:22 is that these are why midwives to the
00:03:25 Hebrews I mean we can go to Bible Hub in
00:03:27 fact let’s Sidetrack a little bit do
00:03:29 that we never go to Bible Hub let’s go
00:03:32 see what it says maybe it might give us
00:03:33 a little more insight
00:03:35 um
00:03:36 because
00:03:37 uh I I know people
00:03:40 use this stuff right here to justify
00:03:43 lying I I don’t believe that’s what it’s
00:03:46 saying and I can talk about why after
00:03:48 Ben’s done
00:03:50 um yeah well the point is can I just
00:03:52 make a quick comment before my first
00:03:54 surprise sure sure go ahead I I was the
00:03:57 worst that I caught on there that I
00:03:59 really really appreciated was that they
00:04:03 feared God
00:04:05 yeah yes and the beginning
00:04:09 the new Heavenly Father
00:04:12 no
00:04:14 um well yeah what stage were they in so
00:04:17 because when we first start arising
00:04:21 um we don’t know keeping them we don’t
00:04:25 know everything yet but we’re starting
00:04:26 we’re keeping and this gets into
00:04:28 justification versus sanctification
00:04:32 um but
00:04:34 um in Proverbs or Psalms has the
00:04:37 statement that
00:04:39 the beginning of wisdom is the fear of
00:04:41 Elohim or another better translation is
00:04:44 reverence of Elohim
00:04:47 and in other places it talks about how
00:04:49 reverence or fear of Elohim starts with
00:04:53 keeping his Commandments those elements
00:04:57 connected to keeping his Commandments
00:04:59 but let’s go that’s an interesting thing
00:05:01 why the other interesting thing here is
00:05:04 why would uh
00:05:06 if they were Hebrews themselves why
00:05:08 would they be calling them when you help
00:05:10 the Hebrew women get birth that’s right
00:05:11 why would if these were actually Hebrews
00:05:15 why is the Pharaoh why are they working
00:05:17 for the Pharaoh in the first place
00:05:21 um the task Masters over the Hebrews
00:05:24 were Egyptians so right
00:05:27 um
00:05:28 let’s take a look Hebrew that’s gonna
00:05:32 mean wise so let’s go look at the inner
00:05:34 leadinger
00:05:36 um
00:05:39 so of whom is egresses to
00:05:46 uh okay
00:05:48 so I I I would almost say this midwives
00:05:52 to the Hebrews
00:05:54 okay that’s how I’m taking it that does
00:05:57 seem to be what it’s very inverting here
00:06:00 that they were midwives too behaviors
00:06:01 right okay
00:06:04 um no I I do understand
00:06:06 um this is confusing but so you’ll see
00:06:11 here if we go look at the uh Hebrew 3205
00:06:17 uh two bear bring forth the gut
00:06:21 uh to bring but
00:06:25 and you’ll see all the different ways
00:06:28 has been uh translated gives birth so I
00:06:31 I mean I I’m happy with the general
00:06:33 translation of midwives but look at this
00:06:38 translators add that
00:06:41 right there to the
00:06:44 that’s a translator bias right there
00:06:48 because there’s three words coming from
00:06:51 this one word that only deals with
00:06:54 giving birth
00:06:57 um what and then we can go look at this
00:06:59 one
00:07:03 uh
00:07:06 perhaps okay
00:07:08 so it could Eber was Eber was the
00:07:12 ancestor of more than just Abraham
00:07:18 all right anyways it’s the Hebrews so
00:07:21 there’s one word there but anyway I
00:07:23 think the big Point here that I see
00:07:26 um here in the Interlinear they’re
00:07:28 applying
00:07:31 to the
00:07:32 with a word that’s only midwives when we
00:07:35 go look at the actual definition and so
00:07:37 in my opinion there’s translator bias
00:07:40 going on here
00:07:42 I mean the for the most part the Hebrews
00:07:46 hated the Pharaoh why would they work
00:07:47 for him they were
00:07:49 slaves and they’re not going to help
00:07:51 kill their own people no they’re not
00:07:54 you’re you’ve got a point and then in
00:07:56 addition just going back to the text
00:07:58 just uh doing a little textual analysis
00:08:03 um
00:08:04 where was the yes
00:08:06 yeah hold on let me just
00:08:10 the Min wise but the midwives fear go
00:08:13 feared Elohim and did not as the king
00:08:15 commanded but saved the mission and the
00:08:17 King they have done this thing and have
00:08:20 saved them in children so here here are
00:08:23 these midwives
00:08:25 using language that states that they’re
00:08:27 not the Hebrews saying these Hebrews are
00:08:31 delivering themselves
00:08:33 yeah
00:08:34 they’re separating themselves from the
00:08:36 Hebrews in this statement here at least
00:08:39 it’s actually in verse 19. oh is it okay
00:08:42 that’s their statement if they will
00:08:43 because the Hebrew woman look it’s not
00:08:46 because we
00:08:47 or the others but my my but my point is
00:08:51 that it actually illustrates kind of
00:08:53 what you were talking about because one
00:08:55 of them might have and then they could
00:08:57 just have applied it to the whole thing
00:08:58 right right so where my answer was weeks
00:09:02 ago uh and I kind of repeat it here if
00:09:04 if I was in Germany I was helping uh and
00:09:08 I was hiding some and an officer came to
00:09:10 me and said have you seen any uh Hebrews
00:09:14 or Jews recently and I said yeah I saw
00:09:17 one walk down that way
00:09:20 I don’t have to say when they’re going
00:09:21 to take that they’re going to interpret
00:09:23 that soon and I could even say soon
00:09:25 because soon has multiple meetings here
00:09:27 so I’m not lying
00:09:31 um I’m just not giving them the exact
00:09:33 answer that they want which when you
00:09:35 read through the scriptures sometimes
00:09:37 prophets and just people in general ask
00:09:40 Yahweh a question
00:09:42 and Yahweh doesn’t give them a direct
00:09:44 answer they’ll give them something but
00:09:47 not a direct answer
00:09:49 um and so it’s kind of an avoidance
00:09:51 tactic so the reason I say that you
00:09:55 should not lie
00:09:57 uh because Book of Mormon and Torah I
00:10:00 speak directly against Mike
00:10:03 I know some people think Abraham lied he
00:10:06 didn’t
00:10:07 back then they didn’t have a word for
00:10:10 nice
00:10:11 and back then like was it last week we
00:10:14 did a recording in the jst
00:10:17 uh Genesis I think this one was in 19
00:10:21 where Yahweh was speaking to Abraham and
00:10:25 called law his brother which in today’s
00:10:28 language we would call him a nephew
00:10:31 they didn’t have those words back then
00:10:33 they weren’t so worried about it
00:10:35 then as we are now and that’s why they
00:10:37 say fathers instead of your grandpa
00:10:42 because all theirs was your could
00:10:45 include your grandpa but anyways
00:10:48 um yeah so that was the point that I
00:10:51 wanted to bring out is that they took
00:10:53 one instance
00:10:55 what they did is they took one instance
00:10:56 where that happened and they applied it
00:10:58 to the whole to the to the whole thing
00:11:01 yeah I can see that I know a lot of
00:11:04 commentarians I will say that they lied
00:11:07 uh again but if they feared God if they
00:11:11 feared God they would not be engaging in
00:11:13 complete and total false but uh that’s
00:11:16 true so they’re probably doing what I
00:11:18 was suggesting then so that’s a good I I
00:11:20 like that interpretation more than
00:11:21 people saying they’re lying
00:11:23 um yeah and because they feared God
00:11:26 these are um Egyptians so they’re
00:11:28 probably not fully converted or they
00:11:31 don’t know how to best respond to it
00:11:33 themselves no I wonder if they were I
00:11:36 wonder if perhaps I wonder if perhaps
00:11:38 their descendants were among the mixed
00:11:39 multitude
00:11:41 uh I would
00:11:44 say because it says if they weren’t
00:11:46 there themselves because
00:11:49 it was 40 years later but
00:11:52 um yeah and it came to pass because the
00:11:54 midwives feared God that he made them
00:11:56 houses
00:11:58 yeah
00:12:00 so
00:12:01 um yeah
00:12:05 that’s a significant verse yes
00:12:08 and that would lead more to that they
00:12:12 were converts
00:12:13 not that they were Hebrews because if
00:12:15 they were already Hebrews why would he
00:12:17 make him a house
00:12:18 example
00:12:20 yeah so I think that goes to my my bias
00:12:24 against a translator bias
00:12:27 um where I I think those midwives were
00:12:30 Egyptian
00:12:31 I just think the context including that
00:12:33 one makes more sense if they were
00:12:35 actually Egyptians yeah
00:12:37 and then technically yeah and it is
00:12:41 possible that
00:12:43 you know as I see it Hebrew doesn’t
00:12:46 Hebrew doesn’t necessarily mean
00:12:51 yeah that’s true Hebrew means he crossed
00:12:55 over he crossed over from Gentile Pagan
00:12:58 ways into God’s ways well that and also
00:13:01 in even historically
00:13:04 Hebrew is used to designate a descendant
00:13:06 of Eber who had more children
00:13:10 than just the fathers of Abraham sure
00:13:13 right which we just saw there when we
00:13:15 looked at the Interlinear right
00:13:17 um
00:13:18 okay so are you done with your your
00:13:21 point yeah that’s that’s basically what
00:13:23 basically what I wanted to go over is
00:13:26 that is that because
00:13:29 God has said this about lying
00:13:32 these these things that the Lord hate or
00:13:36 at least this is something that’s said
00:13:38 by the uh
00:13:40 these things that the Lord hates and the
00:13:43 death the Lord hates a lying tongue and
00:13:46 one of those is a lion
00:13:49 if anybody thinks that commandment is
00:13:52 done away with uh they haven’t read the
00:13:54 book of Revelations so I’ll just leave
00:13:57 it at that because I want to go on to
00:13:59 another Point unless you really want us
00:14:00 to go look at that verse well uh yeah
00:14:04 no I think we’re good we’re good okay so
00:14:09 um where’s
00:14:10 what verse did I want was it 16
00:14:16 oh okay okay this one right here
00:14:19 uh so
00:14:21 there is archaeological evidence that
00:14:25 there were tons of male babies killed in
00:14:28 Egypt okay
00:14:31 now the purpose for doing that was to
00:14:34 make it so they wouldn’t
00:14:36 um grow right as in to have more
00:14:39 children because you need a male and a
00:14:41 female those who don’t know you can’t
00:14:42 have two males or two females to create
00:14:45 Prosperity you need a male and a female
00:14:47 okay it doesn’t really work out well no
00:14:50 guess what this teaches against polygamy
00:14:56 and I’ll tell you why
00:14:58 if they practice polygamy how would be
00:15:02 killing the males
00:15:04 keep them from multiplying
00:15:08 because they just would have had
00:15:09 multiple wives
00:15:12 this is saying that the Hebrews did not
00:15:14 practice polygamy yes that is it’s it
00:15:17 doesn’t come out and say it but when you
00:15:19 look at every single point of this and
00:15:21 everything it implies
00:15:22 here’s another spot in Torah that
00:15:25 teaches against polygamy
00:15:29 because this was done to get it so they
00:15:31 don’t multiply if they practice polygamy
00:15:34 they wouldn’t be killing the men
00:15:37 because they just one man can marry as
00:15:40 many women as they want so it wouldn’t
00:15:41 have done anything they would be killing
00:15:43 the women
00:15:44 but they killed the men
00:15:47 this is against polygamy when you
00:15:49 actually sit down and think about it
00:15:51 now the other one I was talking about in
00:15:53 Torah is actually
00:15:55 more direct and it just comes out and
00:15:57 says it but here it is implied
00:16:00 it’s the only way that this makes sense
00:16:02 yeah that’s actually that’s actually a
00:16:04 pretty cool fight thank you
00:16:07 um it’s one that Elohim gave me himself
00:16:09 but anyways
00:16:11 um I don’t think we’re gonna
00:16:14 actually uh convince any polygamists
00:16:18 that I don’t know first means that but I
00:16:22 know I know what you mean it’s like hey
00:16:24 that’s a great Insight I just wish that
00:16:26 you know we could use that on Facebook
00:16:29 in some way
00:16:31 go ahead and use it the polygamous
00:16:33 ignore uh Jacob too
00:16:36 the ignore was it Dean c42 the uh they
00:16:42 ignore uh 1835 DNC 101. I mean I could
00:16:46 go on and on and on they ignore the
00:16:50 people who love their
00:16:52 the people who love their higher laws
00:16:56 will ignore any Scripture that speaks
00:16:59 against them right so I’m going to say
00:17:01 something
00:17:02 Mysteries
00:17:04 higher law is a sign of a cult
00:17:08 okay so one thing about Colts is they
00:17:12 tell their membership you need to keep
00:17:15 this law because you have the lower law
00:17:17 you’re not ready for the higher law
00:17:20 and when you get into leadership you can
00:17:22 now break the lower law because you’re
00:17:24 keeping the higher law that’s a cult
00:17:28 that is straight out a cult
00:17:32 and they make excuses
00:17:34 well
00:17:36 I don’t know how do they not make the
00:17:39 connection the MMP Doctrine is very
00:17:43 similar it’s a mystery that only the
00:17:46 elect can understand you know just like
00:17:48 polygamy oh it’s only the you know the
00:17:52 higher law like you’re saying people
00:17:53 that can understand this deep mystery
00:17:58 as because they can’t show up from the
00:18:01 scriptures they can’t just simply
00:18:03 expound them but they’ll say it’s all
00:18:07 over the scriptures Bob yes
00:18:09 how have you not seen it oh I I’ve had
00:18:13 an unrecorded portion where someone has
00:18:16 come and done that
00:18:18 and and then I started looking at the
00:18:21 verse trying to do it with him and he
00:18:23 just get all frustrated and he’s like
00:18:25 blah blah blah blah I have all these
00:18:27 verses but you know what he couldn’t
00:18:29 yeah and expound one completely with me
00:18:33 and let me look at it look at
00:18:35 commentaries and sit down and think
00:18:37 about it all he could say is he has a
00:18:39 testimony like everybody else does and
00:18:42 testimony is used improperly he has a
00:18:45 belief most people in Fast and testimony
00:18:48 use it incorrectly testimony is a legal
00:18:52 term I have a post on this
00:18:54 sorry you’ll hear me say that
00:18:55 occasionally but is it a legal term
00:18:57 meaning you can build a witness of
00:19:00 something you have seen it’s not
00:19:02 something that you believe
00:19:06 the only thing he references more often
00:19:09 than his finished posts are his
00:19:11 unfinished posts well hopefully
00:19:14 hopefully there’s one other thing that I
00:19:15 actually reference more in that
00:19:16 scriptures
00:19:17 um but I think he’s teaching no that’s
00:19:19 true that’s true
00:19:23 that was that was just a good that was
00:19:26 just a good natured middle right yeah
00:19:27 yeah I know you were uh
00:19:30 um but hopefully you would agree that
00:19:32 actually reference scriptures the most
00:19:33 but yes no absolutely absolutely I do
00:19:36 Shameless plug my blog a bit here maybe
00:19:40 too much I don’t know but anyways maybe
00:19:42 that’s why I’m drawn to you to uh to
00:19:44 this group is because I my whole
00:19:46 tendency lately is from the Lord is he’s
00:19:49 driving me to the foundational doctrines
00:19:52 in the Book of Mormon he’s saying that
00:19:56 is the only way to the gift of the Holy
00:19:58 Ghost and these people who are getting
00:20:01 these
00:20:02 higher Mysteries or whatever that is
00:20:06 going to keep you and keep them or
00:20:10 anybody from that uh that gifting of the
00:20:13 spiritual power and so maybe this whole
00:20:15 foundational bringing us to Torah Torah
00:20:20 Pauline just means uh the law of God
00:20:22 right yeah yeah or another way to say is
00:20:25 every word that comes out of the mouth
00:20:27 of Elohim Yahweh
00:20:31 um Torah has multiple definitions and we
00:20:34 can get into it it’s more the most
00:20:36 depending who you’re talking to the most
00:20:38 common if you go talk to the Jews and
00:20:40 Christians are the first five books of
00:20:42 Moses
00:20:43 uh yes I agree that’s Torah but that’s
00:20:46 not the only Torah because that’s not
00:20:48 let’s not limit Torah well no but Jesus
00:20:51 right right actually on top of that and
00:20:55 just expounding he included more uh if
00:21:00 here let’s
00:21:01 um let me go get
00:21:04 um some notes or I’ll quote scriptures
00:21:06 so actually probably the second the
00:21:10 first thing I quote the most are the
00:21:11 scriptures in my OneNote
00:21:13 [Laughter]
00:21:17 anyways but
00:21:19 um
00:21:21 I love this one well uh
00:21:25 no I’m trying to find the one
00:21:29 oh it’s this one this one okay so Yeshua
00:21:33 so today there’s three parts to the Old
00:21:37 Testament in most people’s minds and and
00:21:40 Joseph’s or I mean in Nephi’s time
00:21:42 there’s only two but we won’t get
00:21:44 sidetracked on that but today in most
00:21:46 Jews Minds there was three okay and
00:21:50 that’s where the Tanakh comes from
00:21:52 t-n-k stands for Torah
00:21:55 uh the prophets and the writings so
00:21:57 those are the three sections that most
00:21:59 people think of today
00:22:01 in yeshua’s time and Nephi’s time there
00:22:03 was only two the law AKA Torah and the
00:22:07 prophets
00:22:08 okay but we want the writings and the
00:22:11 writings were a part of the prophets yes
00:22:14 um and I have documentation on that on
00:22:16 one of my favorite things to say on an
00:22:18 unfinished post so if you really want it
00:22:20 we can go to that and I can give it to
00:22:21 you anyways but yeah so here is Yeshua
00:22:25 quoting the writings in John 10 34.
00:22:29 Yeshua answer them is it not written in
00:22:31 your law
00:22:36 say you are elohims which is judges okay
00:22:40 this is not
00:22:42 a lot of small G right uh yep
00:22:47 um translate it
00:22:49 um is it this is it’s also not how a lot
00:22:51 of new agers translate yeah
00:22:54 um anyways
00:22:55 my my main point here is
00:22:58 and you’ll go see that in Psalms 82 6. I
00:23:01 have said you are elohims Judges and you
00:23:04 are of the children of the most high
00:23:06 children means followers
00:23:08 um or it’s a Hebrew idiom for followers
00:23:10 and when you follow Elohim
00:23:13 you become an Elohim when you follow the
00:23:16 judge you become like the judge and you
00:23:19 judge and there’s tons of scriptures
00:23:20 everywhere that we should judge but on
00:23:22 the side track this and actually this
00:23:24 whole thing about children on this whole
00:23:26 thing of children again there’s actually
00:23:29 um a uh one of the Customs uh after a
00:23:34 young lad has had his butt has had his
00:23:37 spot uh he uses a profession
00:23:41 back in Jesus’s time they would choose a
00:23:44 profession and they would they would
00:23:46 Apprentice themselves to somebody in
00:23:48 that profession or they would be
00:23:49 Apprentice to somebody in that
00:23:51 profession and they would live in their
00:23:52 house and be as their child therefore
00:23:55 they were learning from the master right
00:23:59 and they would actually call their
00:24:01 teacher father and that teacher will
00:24:04 call him son because father is an idiom
00:24:07 or a leader and son is an idiom for
00:24:11 follower okay so anyways here is yes
00:24:14 interesting just an interesting side
00:24:16 note from Hebrew culture of the um
00:24:25 I that just goes with the point with
00:24:28 that issue as bringing up here but
00:24:30 anyways
00:24:31 um so here’s Yeshua stating that a
00:24:34 subsection of the prophets of today of
00:24:37 the writings is Torah okay here’s Paul
00:24:41 First Corinthians 14 21 you read that
00:24:44 one Ben
00:24:46 in the law it is written with men of
00:24:48 other tongues and other lips for life
00:24:50 speak unto this people and yet for all
00:24:53 that they will not hear me saith the
00:24:55 Lord
00:24:57 and it’s actually where it’s written is
00:24:59 in the prophets which the Lord is now
00:25:02 including which which Paul is including
00:25:05 in Torah with or with stammering lips
00:25:08 and another tongue will he speak to his
00:25:10 people Isaiah 28 11-12
00:25:13 to whom he said to whom he said this is
00:25:16 the rest wherewith ye may pause the
00:25:18 weary to rest and this is the refreshing
00:25:20 yet they would not fear
00:25:23 so here’s Paul
00:25:26 and Yeshua stating the two other parts
00:25:28 or the two subsections of the prophets
00:25:32 arctura now I will add to that new
00:25:35 testament is Torah Book of Mormon is
00:25:37 Torah
00:25:39 most of the DNC is Torah there’s some
00:25:42 sections I think
00:25:44 there are some sections that are
00:25:46 probably good for
00:25:48 Maybe
00:25:50 target practice for darts
00:25:54 starting campfires
00:25:56 um
00:26:01 is Isaiah
00:26:03 let’s see referencing Sabbath kind of
00:26:06 but not personally what the the rest
00:26:11 yeah rest yeah
00:26:15 there we’d have to take that back I’d
00:26:17 have to go back we’d have to take that
00:26:19 back into contacts with the rest yeah
00:26:22 we can do that if you wanted but
00:26:25 um I I don’t know off top my head it’s a
00:26:27 possibility the work keyword rest there
00:26:30 could definitely uh point to that so
00:26:32 that’s a good possibility
00:26:34 all talks about the rest in uh it talks
00:26:39 about the rest in Hebrews chapter
00:26:44 he’s talking about
00:26:46 arrest can points to a lot of things one
00:26:49 is the millennial Reign also it’s the
00:26:52 peace that we get so we we need a little
00:26:54 more context yeah we need more context
00:26:57 to know what that was specifically and
00:26:59 about that
00:27:01 keyword there definitely makes it a
00:27:03 possibility for sure absolutely
00:27:07 um so and then also I don’t know where
00:27:09 the statement is but I already stated it
00:27:11 I can’t do an exact quote but
00:27:14 we are to live by every word that comes
00:27:18 forth out of mouth of Yahweh Elohim not
00:27:21 just actually from that’s actually in
00:27:23 Deuteronomy I can’t remember exactly
00:27:26 okay all right well and I know Jesus
00:27:28 said that I know that Jesus said that
00:27:31 yeah he was probably sure
00:27:36 um so yeah just a little tidbit here I I
00:27:38 mean I don’t know for sure but I I have
00:27:42 seen things and in my own studies that I
00:27:44 do tend to believe it that uh the
00:27:48 Joshua’s favorite book in the first five
00:27:52 or the five books of Moses was
00:27:53 Deuteronomy
00:27:58 says okay oh yeah yeah
00:28:01 no really you want to read that for us
00:28:03 Bob
00:28:05 yep it is says um
00:28:10 wherefore by the ministry of Angels by
00:28:12 every word which proceedeth forth out of
00:28:14 the mouth of God men began to exercise
00:28:15 faith in Christ and thus by faith it did
00:28:18 lay hold upon every good thing and thus
00:28:20 it was until the coming of Christ
00:28:24 um
00:28:25 and after he came men also were saved by
00:28:28 faith on his name
00:28:30 so it’s still so 26 is really key here
00:28:33 too because it continues ties the
00:28:36 continuing thing down
00:28:38 that uh the continuation
00:28:42 yeah the continuation of the work of
00:28:45 living off of every word
00:28:47 yeah I’m going to remember that one now
00:28:50 um but yeah
00:28:52 uh and Joseph Smith said to abide what
00:28:56 is taught in the Book of Mormon Joseph
00:28:58 Smith did not say
00:29:00 abide what everybody claims I’ve said
00:29:06 he said abide The Book of Mormon
00:29:10 and church
00:29:13 false history
00:29:16 yeah oh my word if you’re trying to find
00:29:19 church if you’re fine trying to find the
00:29:21 truth in church history you are lost
00:29:23 yeah Brigham Young modified a ton
00:29:27 and he admits that he modified it so
00:29:34 reading modified documents are not going
00:29:37 to bring you to truth
00:29:43 I do think there’s some good there but I
00:29:46 think some people stay stay or spend too
00:29:50 much time there instead of I think that
00:29:53 we do have to put a caveat on that
00:29:55 because practically every document
00:29:58 including the revelations that we have
00:30:02 have been modified by the hand of man in
00:30:06 one way or another yeah and therefore
00:30:08 there has to be a caveat put on that
00:30:11 right this is a place for it
00:30:14 um but I do think some people go too far
00:30:17 and they’re trying to for truth and like
00:30:19 when I study the DNC I use multiple
00:30:22 resources but one is this compare DNC
00:30:26 and because you go see what the
00:30:28 different editions say
00:30:30 we we should say that Brigham and his uh
00:30:33 secret chamber were a special kind of uh
00:30:36 Wicked priest Wicked priesthood uh to go
00:30:40 through the hands of so you know it
00:30:43 reminds me of there’s probably some Bad
00:30:44 Dudes but oh yeah it reminds me of a
00:30:47 boat so here’s a little summary put to a
00:30:50 post of mine king Brigham was a tyrant
00:30:53 and a horn dog the worst thing that
00:30:54 happened to the restoration most of not
00:30:57 all what people hate about
00:30:59 what they think they know about the
00:31:01 restoration Came From a Stone Cold
00:31:03 lustful heart
00:31:05 okay well I thought you guys were great
00:31:07 but now this is a new level of
00:31:10 Awesomeness I’m
00:31:11 [Laughter]
00:31:13 sure there you go I’m appreciating this
00:31:16 and so I go through
00:31:20 12 chapters of mosiah and show how
00:31:25 ing Brigham or Brigham Young
00:31:28 Noah
00:31:32 [Laughter]
00:31:35 verse five verse
00:31:38 um anyways yeah everyone
00:31:41 and he actually and Stephen actually has
00:31:44 drawn a usable comparison between Zenith
00:31:48 and Joseph Smith uh yeah so I have that
00:31:50 in another spot
00:31:52 which is in support of this one
00:31:55 um actually but yes and I go verse by
00:31:59 verse until somebody had to leave
00:32:02 just so you know I got to leave at nine
00:32:04 I gotta go get ready for work but uh
00:32:06 yeah okay
00:32:09 yeah let’s let’s pause
00:32:13 the
00:32:15 so
00:32:17 I had an interesting experience as we
00:32:19 just had sack on it
00:32:21 and
00:32:24 I’ve had a bit of a journey on how to
00:32:28 comport myself when I’m addressing my
00:32:31 Father in Heaven uh through prayer
00:32:34 uh at first you know every Latter-Day
00:32:37 Saints taught to Bow your head and fold
00:32:40 your arms and do all sorts of
00:32:42 contortionist things with your body
00:32:45 um
00:32:49 yes get yourself as close as possible so
00:32:52 that you can’t really receive anything
00:32:54 but that’s but when you do all those
00:32:56 contortionist things you are receiving a
00:32:58 parent anyway well but that’s another
00:33:00 different Source
00:33:02 exactly exactly
00:33:05 but uh so my journey has been us so from
00:33:10 the folding your arms and bowing your
00:33:12 head it’s been
00:33:13 putting both hands out in front of you
00:33:16 around uh gut level in uh in uh with
00:33:20 your arms at a 90 degree angle with the
00:33:22 floor
00:33:23 in your hands in cupping shape this is
00:33:26 certainly a lot more open
00:33:28 to receiving revelation
00:33:32 when you’re communicating with your
00:33:33 father in Heaven now
00:33:38 when you mean something in your human
00:33:41 interactions you maintain eye contact
00:33:46 and you are and when you are imploring
00:33:49 somebody to do something for you you
00:33:53 maintain eye contact
00:33:56 therefore so
00:33:59 today as we were blessing the sacrament
00:34:02 and having sacrament
00:34:05 I had my arms in the yolt position which
00:34:08 is basically with both arms like the one
00:34:11 arm that I have showing right here but
00:34:13 the other arms going up right
00:34:17 right
00:34:18 and you’re in the old position you are
00:34:22 at the most open yeah you’re at your
00:34:24 most open you are imploring your father
00:34:27 in Heaven
00:34:30 to be covered by the sacrifice of Christ
00:34:34 and I when I went to do the Yoke I
00:34:37 forgot I looked I bowed my head because
00:34:40 old habits die really really hard and so
00:34:44 when I when I
00:34:46 bowed my head the Lord the voice of the
00:34:50 Lord came to me and said
00:34:53 you’re imploring me
00:34:56 to cover you
00:34:59 with the blood of yahshua
00:35:01 please look at me
00:35:06 look at me do you really mean it
00:35:10 to address
00:35:13 people in to apply it to real world
00:35:16 standards to address people and implore
00:35:19 them to do something is the same thing
00:35:22 when we address Our Father in Heaven it
00:35:26 is okay to look to heaven and address
00:35:29 Our Father
00:35:32 just like when we implore somebody to do
00:35:35 something for us here it is right and
00:35:38 proper and they know that we mean what
00:35:40 we say when we implore for that to
00:35:42 happen when we look in the eyes
00:35:46 so I’m going to say a couple things I’ll
00:35:48 get to the picture in just a minute but
00:35:50 when
00:35:52 when we talk to people we know we should
00:35:55 look at each other right in fact most
00:35:57 people when you don’t look at them when
00:35:59 you’re talking to them they find it
00:36:00 disrespectful right yes
00:36:04 um where to me this is an example
00:36:09 the law is within us
00:36:12 we know it
00:36:14 but we find excuses why we don’t keep it
00:36:19 in various circumstances
00:36:22 because of false traditions of men
00:36:24 partly and partly because of our sins
00:36:26 and all a bunch of other excuses but
00:36:29 anyways
00:36:30 um because we’ve gone over Book of
00:36:32 Mormon DNC and other verses that show
00:36:36 that the law is in all adults okay
00:36:41 this is an example of that we all know
00:36:44 we should look at each other when we
00:36:45 talk to each other we should do the same
00:36:47 thing when we’re talking
00:36:49 Heavenly Father we should look at him
00:36:52 um
00:36:53 so
00:36:54 um now Sidetrack on the picture
00:36:57 this is how the LDS church used to bless
00:37:01 the sacrament
00:37:02 look Elders because
00:37:05 um
00:37:06 teenage boys weren’t given the aaronic
00:37:09 priesthood until 1920 because that’s why
00:37:11 this is an adult blessing here because
00:37:13 they couldn’t do it and this is 1894.
00:37:17 and they blessed it like this as Joseph
00:37:20 Smith taught and I believe he’s kneeling
00:37:23 but we can’t really tell that from the
00:37:25 pitcher but I mean we can go to the DNC
00:37:27 20 and Moroni
00:37:30 four to show that they’re supposed to be
00:37:32 new link and we can go look at those in
00:37:33 a minute but look how he’s blessing the
00:37:36 sacrament with the hands up
00:37:39 they stopped doing that
00:37:42 because they were embarrassed but the
00:37:44 world thought
00:37:45 um I please
00:37:49 see if I have a coat handy for that
00:37:51 actually
00:37:53 um there’s Joseph F Smith that did that
00:37:57 change
00:37:59 yeah in which case I doubt it was for a
00:38:01 good cause oh no they were just
00:38:04 embarrassed
00:38:05 [Music]
00:38:06 um
00:38:19 I’m not seeing it here Wicked
00:38:23 that we should probably Sidetrack a
00:38:25 little bit since I brought it up
00:38:29 uh
00:38:50 yes
00:38:52 I have to scroll down past the Church of
00:38:57 yeah they’re it’s correlated history
00:39:03 um
00:39:05 a Sacrament method Maybe This Is It
00:39:09 [Music]
00:39:13 no
00:39:17 maybe it would be in his Wikipedia page
00:39:20 no I don’t think so I then I’ll send the
00:39:23 quote and it’s probably not worth it
00:39:26 um spending a whole bunch of time on
00:39:28 that
00:39:29 um I
00:39:31 let me look through my notes one last
00:39:32 time
00:39:34 yeah I find a lot of stuff with Joseph F
00:39:38 Smith when
00:39:40 um he was embarrassed but other people
00:39:43 thought because they were doing it with
00:39:45 their hands raised up did you want to
00:39:47 say something Zach
00:39:48 oh this is stretching okay
00:39:52 um but I do have verses from the Bible
00:39:55 that states we should pray with our
00:39:57 hands up
00:39:58 yeah
00:40:00 um
00:40:01 let’s see if I can find it because I try
00:40:04 to have good notes on things but
00:40:07 there we go
00:40:09 Psalms 44 22 if we have forgotten the
00:40:12 name of our Elohim our stretched our
00:40:14 hands to a strange God
00:40:18 yep stretch the hands
00:40:20 pray with your arms up uh Joseph Smith
00:40:23 taught us
00:40:24 the school of the prophets that you
00:40:26 should have uh pray with your hands up
00:40:35 having given instructions and while
00:40:37 engaged in silent parent kneeling with
00:40:40 our hands lifted
00:40:42 each one praying in silence we were
00:40:45 praying
00:40:46 with the hands up
00:40:50 it’s reaching towards
00:40:52 who you’re talking to
00:40:54 um it’s also anciently going around like
00:40:58 this means I’m coming in peace
00:41:01 and that’s how we go to God or Elohim we
00:41:04 go in peace yep
00:41:10 um well you’ll go to him in peace or
00:41:12 he’ll go to an indecent one way or
00:41:14 another
00:41:16 yeah
00:41:18 hey I have a little I have a little
00:41:20 snippet about uh Brigham Young’s
00:41:23 revisionist history and his revision as
00:41:25 friends it’s a book of Mormon version
00:41:27 you hear it sir when it came to pass
00:41:29 that Brigham Young and his revisionist
00:41:31 friends worked feverishly with ends
00:41:33 marking out all the central truths from
00:41:36 history of church
00:41:38 and after many days
00:41:41 we’re satisfied that their work was done
00:41:43 and from The Book of John Matthew
00:41:46 uh
00:41:49 send me the copy of that I actually like
00:41:52 that um
00:41:55 but it sounds I I’m sure that’s in uh
00:42:00 uh edus chapter two right yes yes
00:42:06 exactly but was that one Omni chapter
00:42:09 two I forgot
00:42:12 can you get him on Amazon
00:42:15 [Laughter]
00:42:18 all right so let’s pause I mean I want
00:42:22 to
00:42:25 so uh we’re just gonna so that here’s a
00:42:29 song that we actually did for part of
00:42:31 our Sacrament is a second we like to do
00:42:33 one before and went after but Ben just
00:42:35 noticed something uh and so we’re gonna
00:42:38 kind of talk about it in the recording
00:42:40 but before he gets to his part I do want
00:42:42 to give a little background that will
00:42:45 help maybe people
00:42:47 uh with what we’re bringing out here so
00:42:49 this is a lumberjack a lumberjack is
00:42:52 someone who cuts trees
00:42:56 um now the reason this matters
00:42:59 in the New Testament
00:43:01 after Yeshua
00:43:04 healed a blind man Yeshua asked him what
00:43:07 do you see he said I see trees
00:43:10 as in people are trees and that’s a a
00:43:15 very big part of the Pinocchio story in
00:43:20 fact actually uh on the outside trust
00:43:22 just a little bit I know why there’s the
00:43:24 cricket
00:43:26 the cricket represents the curses of the
00:43:30 law that’s why it’s the cricket that’s
00:43:32 the conscience because it’s the law that
00:43:34 is the conscience and the cricket
00:43:37 is telling him of the consequences slash
00:43:40 curses of breaking the law
00:43:43 right the Crickets always tell me don’t
00:43:46 do that don’t do that it’s going to
00:43:48 cause a problem that’s the curses
00:43:51 anyways
00:43:52 um sorry but Pinocchio
00:43:55 the whole I think
00:43:58 every version of it brings out how trees
00:44:01 are people and uh I have it my favorite
00:44:05 edition is the 2019 Edition but anyways
00:44:08 um but
00:44:10 Lumberjacks cut down trees just like
00:44:13 Satan and his followers cut us down
00:44:16 as in trying to get us to sin and get
00:44:19 down to their level they’re always
00:44:20 trying to cut us down so there’s my
00:44:22 little Prelude and I’ll let Ben bring
00:44:25 out what he wanted
00:44:27 okay
00:44:29 so what we have here is somebody cutting
00:44:31 down a tree
00:44:33 um
00:44:34 I used to think this was an ax but then
00:44:36 I started looking at this very closely
00:44:38 now I used to when I cut wood for the
00:44:41 fireplace I used to use uh I used there
00:44:45 was an accident I used and there was a
00:44:46 mole that I used the ax and the molar
00:44:48 made in two very different ways
00:44:51 see the mall has a
00:44:56 um
00:44:59 well let’s just try to get some
00:45:01 yeah
00:45:03 sorry this here is our good wood cutting
00:45:06 this air is good wood cutting ax this
00:45:09 one probably this one probably closest
00:45:11 to the one that I used
00:45:13 uh
00:45:14 the one the one down on the bottom left
00:45:18 my bottom left
00:45:20 say this one yeah that one right there
00:45:22 that one’s probably closest to the one
00:45:24 that I used
00:45:25 okay
00:45:26 um
00:45:28 it’s a little it’s
00:45:30 it’s got a it’s got a wider Edge out of
00:45:33 the front than the mall does and it’s a
00:45:36 narrower uh it’s a narrower head
00:45:40 okay and you said the other one was a
00:45:42 mole
00:45:43 a mall m-a-u-l
00:45:51 like that this is what’s being used in
00:45:54 the video
00:45:56 uh
00:45:56 [Music]
00:45:58 uh like this one maybe
00:46:00 yeah
00:46:01 that’s what’s being used in the video
00:46:03 and you see the difference
00:46:08 heavier and sturdier and wider right
00:46:12 yeah and it’s got and it’s like a spike
00:46:15 but you could swing it like an ax it’s
00:46:18 like a spike wedge you can swing like an
00:46:20 ax yeah another difference I can see
00:46:22 this one looks like it has a more
00:46:24 definite point where you take a
00:46:26 sledgehammer to the top to help it keep
00:46:28 going yep and that’s that’s why I say
00:46:30 it’s a spike wedge you can swing like an
00:46:33 ax
00:46:34 okay
00:46:35 um
00:46:36 and these
00:46:39 are what you use to break up big stumps
00:46:44 so
00:46:46 you swing that down into the center of
00:46:49 it
00:46:50 and
00:46:52 that looks kind of big there
00:46:54 yeah
00:46:55 which is what this guy’s doing he’s
00:46:57 swing it you swing it down swing it down
00:47:00 into the center of the stump and you can
00:47:01 either if it doesn’t sep if it doesn’t
00:47:04 separate on the first swing you can
00:47:05 either pick up this because the mall
00:47:08 will be stuck enough in the stuff and
00:47:10 you can pick it up again
00:47:11 and bring it down again
00:47:14 um you can either do that or you can
00:47:16 bring a sledgehammer down on the back of
00:47:18 the mall
00:47:19 to drive it in deeper and uh
00:47:22 and those who are those who are really
00:47:24 strong with that mall they can cut it
00:47:27 they can’t they can’t separate that
00:47:29 stump into three or four pieces with one
00:47:32 swing
00:47:33 for the mall whoa
00:47:36 I’ve done that before I’ve done that
00:47:38 before
00:47:39 so my inclination of why they would be
00:47:42 putting a mall instead of an ax is to
00:47:46 show
00:47:47 how hard Satan Works to to try to
00:47:51 deceive us well and and also
00:47:57 that a narrow point
00:48:01 can create a a narrow point
00:48:04 can destroy our righteousness
00:48:07 right uh or like how Nephi put it that
00:48:11 flux and cord
00:48:12 right it starts with something really
00:48:15 small and easy to break
00:48:19 uh the problem is
00:48:21 most people like their flexing cords
00:48:24 right well you know it’s like we were
00:48:27 talking about earlier um
00:48:29 in the evening about false doctrines and
00:48:32 what have you yeah
00:48:37 is that uh
00:48:39 people love
00:48:41 their doctrines that place them above
00:48:43 other people
00:48:44 yeah
00:48:45 um so just a little background on this
00:48:48 music video I actually like it it’s one
00:48:50 of my favorites but
00:48:52 um oh I love it this is uh the main
00:48:56 theme of it is repenting and returning
00:48:59 to the gardens slash heaven and getting
00:49:02 baptized and here’s a guy that after
00:49:05 seeing someone else doing that he then
00:49:08 let’s go of this ax
00:49:11 and then starts going to the river to
00:49:14 get baptized
00:49:16 that
00:49:20 that to me is that to me is a really
00:49:23 awesome thing
00:49:26 yes when you think about it when you
00:49:28 laid even somebody who’s had their root
00:49:31 and had their acts at the root of the
00:49:33 tree for a long time
00:49:35 you could lay that down
00:49:39 you can lay that down and uh
00:49:42 move forward no it hasn’t been long
00:49:45 enough
00:49:46 I don’t know go because
00:49:55 yeah so no matter how long you’ve been
00:49:59 at how long no matter how long
00:50:02 you’ve had that ax the root of the tree
00:50:07 you can lay down the ax
00:50:09 yeah and you can go to the Garden you
00:50:11 can repent and return to the garden
00:50:14 Yahweh is always calling to
00:50:17 the righteous and the wicked he turned
00:50:20 to me he denies no one he denies no one
00:50:27 salvation is free for everyone
00:50:31 and you don’t have to be able to say his
00:50:33 name correctly
00:50:34 no uh because that that would exclude
00:50:38 those who are dumb or can’t speak right
00:50:43 because that’s the old term for it I
00:50:46 don’t know what they I don’t know what
00:50:47 that political correct the PC term for
00:50:51 it is yeah I don’t care about
00:50:53 politically correct but
00:50:55 um basically if you can’t speak that
00:50:57 would mean that you could be saved
00:50:59 because you can’t say his name
00:51:02 and that’s just ridiculous
00:51:05 um but that’s what Saker neighbors will
00:51:08 teach right because they say you have to
00:51:11 say his name right to be saved which is
00:51:14 ironic the name is important but name
00:51:18 is a Hebrew idiom for characteristics we
00:51:21 are to take on his characteristics in
00:51:25 our cells
00:51:28 write the law Upon Our innards and our
00:51:32 heart just as Torah well States and
00:51:35 here’s the thing all that real what that
00:51:37 really requires is a rock solid
00:51:40 commitment
00:51:42 to what to living in the best that you
00:51:45 know
00:51:46 yeah and that can be acceptable to learn
00:51:51 more not not being satisfied where
00:51:53 you’re at
00:51:54 right seeking to learn more
00:51:57 and keeping it right well yeah because
00:52:01 what you because what you know if you
00:52:02 don’t live it it’s going to damn you
00:52:04 it’s going you’re going to be judged for
00:52:06 it you’ll be condemned for what you know
00:52:09 um
00:52:10 just like we kind of talked about prayer
00:52:12 there are
00:52:14 um we
00:52:15 humans adults know a lot more than what
00:52:19 we like to admit
00:52:21 and we’ll come up with these
00:52:24 excuses
00:52:25 or why we don’t did it do it in this or
00:52:27 that circumstance in fact
00:52:30 sometimes it’s harder for the smart
00:52:33 people to accept the truth because
00:52:36 they’ll come up with
00:52:39 explanations why what they think is true
00:52:41 that sound pretty clever and correct to
00:52:44 them even though it’s not
00:52:46 well and
00:52:49 the other thing is is a pretty smart
00:52:51 people are also pretty good at um
00:52:57 they’re pretty good at fooling
00:52:59 themselves
00:53:00 yeah I know because I’m a pretty smart
00:53:03 guy
00:53:05 are you saying you fooled yourself one
00:53:07 time
00:53:08 more than one time okay well I’ve I’ve
00:53:11 done it too
00:53:12 um but yeah so so yeah we’re pretty good
00:53:16 at fooling ourselves
00:53:18 yes we are
00:53:19 um
00:53:21 we just have to
00:53:23 listen to this still small voice but
00:53:26 anyways
00:53:27 um
00:53:28 I was probably enough on that little
00:53:30 segment one day actually I think so I
00:53:33 think it’d be fun to expound that whole
00:53:35 video
00:53:36 um just not today I I don’t know if I’d
00:53:39 be able to upload it on YouTube if I do
00:53:41 that because some artists don’t allow
00:53:43 that
00:53:44 but
00:53:48 um maybe to start off unless somebody
00:53:49 else has something I I was working on my
00:53:52 my post uh what was it and some of that
00:53:56 had to deal with the Exodus and so I had
00:53:58 a couple thoughts I thought I would
00:54:00 share okay if that’s okay
00:54:05 oh sure sounds great
00:54:07 um so
00:54:09 uh at the beginning of the Exodus I
00:54:12 don’t know the verse because I I was
00:54:14 just thinking about it and things in
00:54:16 general
00:54:17 but Elohim
00:54:19 was judging Egypt
00:54:23 so there’s
00:54:26 Elohim Yahweh Elohim was showing forth
00:54:30 his power but he wasn’t doing it to
00:54:33 boast okay
00:54:36 he’s not a boaster he doesn’t do things
00:54:38 just to both to just show that he can do
00:54:40 it
00:54:41 he was judging them he judged them
00:54:44 and they were found wanting meaning they
00:54:48 were Sinners right going to Daniel
00:54:50 anyways
00:54:55 the the writing actually
00:54:57 um on that one but anyway
00:54:59 um
00:55:03 so
00:55:05 Yahweh Elohim
00:55:07 judged them
00:55:09 and he used Moses to do that because
00:55:14 elhim told Moses that you are an Elohim
00:55:19 judge to pharaoh and I would say also
00:55:23 his people because they got judged
00:55:25 that’s an interesting that’s an
00:55:26 interesting thing because I was also I
00:55:28 also read that part today uh yeah in in
00:55:32 the jst it says messenger
00:55:35 um
00:55:39 um
00:55:40 does it say Prophet maybe I remember
00:55:42 wrong I thought it was messenger yeah
00:55:45 let’s take a quick look see there and I
00:55:49 I’m okay with that especially with what
00:55:51 I’m going to say next yeah chapter seven
00:55:52 Exodus chapter seven verse one the Lord
00:55:55 said I suppose to see I have made me a
00:55:57 prophet to pharaoh and Aaron thy brother
00:55:59 shall be thus folks okay so I’m fine
00:56:02 with that
00:56:03 um excuse me so we’ll learn
00:56:05 from amla 13 what does the prophet has
00:56:09 the Melchizedek Christian okay and what
00:56:12 does the book has a priest would do he
00:56:14 calls repentance and that’s what the
00:56:16 judges anyway and technically repentance
00:56:19 and technically repentance
00:56:21 the call the call to repentance in and
00:56:23 of itself is judgment
00:56:25 yes it is and so he judged so I I
00:56:29 I’m fine with Joseph Smith I think that
00:56:32 I think that they’re both I think
00:56:33 they’re complimentary
00:56:35 um I I would actually
00:56:37 this would be an interesting study if
00:56:41 Joseph Smith
00:56:43 translated Elohim in in these various
00:56:46 cases
00:56:48 as Prophet instead of Judge I I’d be
00:56:51 interested I’m not going to spend time
00:56:52 on it but I I don’t see any issue
00:56:55 because prophets touch so
00:56:58 um
00:56:58 but this also goes along with the next
00:57:01 point
00:57:03 Moses had the ceiling power
00:57:08 Yahweh Elohim
00:57:10 had Moses pronounce the cursings which
00:57:15 is this for a judgment
00:57:17 that heaven had already decreed should
00:57:20 happen
00:57:22 AKA this ceiling power
00:57:27 no it’s it’s interesting the uh inspired
00:57:31 version really makes it clear that the
00:57:33 Lord just has a fore knowledge of what
00:57:35 Pharaoh is going to do both
00:57:38 um I don’t think you need the JSC to do
00:57:40 that but
00:57:41 um I it would make it more clear but you
00:57:45 can just well the key Games version
00:57:46 makes it seem like the Lord was doing it
00:57:49 the language it uses talks so often
00:57:52 about the Lord Arden Barrow’s art
00:58:02 The jst Inspired uh clears that one up
00:58:06 uh quite well right yes it does
00:58:10 so
00:58:11 but anyways I don’t think that anybody
00:58:15 I don’t think that any Christian in
00:58:17 their right mind actually believes that
00:58:19 the Lord actually hardens people’s
00:58:21 hearts uh uh
00:58:24 I know there’s a lot of apologetics on
00:58:26 that verse that makes them at least they
00:58:30 say they think he does
00:58:33 um but
00:58:36 um there are some that bring out how
00:58:38 that’s a possible Hebrew idiom
00:58:41 uh and when you look at the context it’s
00:58:43 just that uh Pharaoh had already
00:58:45 hardened his heart and he gave him
00:58:47 strength to do what Pharaoh was already
00:58:49 doing is one explanation I’ve heard from
00:58:53 Hebrew rooters
00:58:55 um but I I think the jst slash inspired
00:58:58 version is much more clear on that word
00:59:01 I I don’t remember exactly what it
00:59:03 states but it was something to the
00:59:04 effect that priorities hardened his
00:59:06 heart I don’t know yeah
00:59:08 it’s just like it’s just like God before
00:59:11 he ever sends Moses into Pharaoh every
00:59:13 time he’s gonna Harden his heart he’s
00:59:15 gonna not he’s not gonna do what you
00:59:17 want to do so let’s just look at it in
00:59:19 the jst real quick since we brought it
00:59:21 up just uh do you know the the verse off
00:59:24 top of your head
00:59:25 uh
00:59:28 I mean
00:59:29 I mean it’s easy to find but if you
00:59:31 don’t know like we can do it I don’t
00:59:33 know it off the top of my head
00:59:35 I was I’ve been reading I’ve been
00:59:37 reading in Exodus today and I’ve read
00:59:40 all the way up to the that’s fine I read
00:59:43 all the way up to 20. that’s fine uh I
00:59:46 think there’s an example of it
00:59:48 Exodus 8 through 10. well there’s
00:59:51 several examples of it Nexus 8 through
00:59:53 10. uh so doing a quick search it’s
00:59:55 Exodus 4 21. so let’s go to the jst
01:00:02 21 oh yeah okay all right and Yahweh
01:00:07 said unto Moses when outgo us to return
01:00:10 into Egypt see that thou do all those
01:00:14 wonders before Pharaoh which I have put
01:00:16 into thy hand and I will prosper thee
01:00:19 but Pharaoh will harden his heart look
01:00:23 at that I was crossed out that he will
01:00:27 not let the people go
01:00:31 foreign
01:00:33 T gets rid of the eye
01:00:37 which
01:00:39 um
01:00:40 just out of curiosity
01:00:45 I don’t want to go to Bible
01:00:51 I haven’t done that on this one but
01:00:52 let’s go
01:00:54 Exodus
01:00:58 or
01:01:05 21. so I gotta
01:01:08 sorry I haven’t already noticed today
01:01:14 I will harden his heart that whole
01:01:17 section there
01:01:18 but ah look at that
01:01:21 but I
01:01:30 got a singular common so
01:01:34 alone myself
01:01:37 so
01:01:39 this is where I
01:01:42 I don’t know enough here so I’m I’m just
01:01:45 I might be a little biased here
01:01:50 and actually let’s look at in the
01:01:52 Interlinear
01:01:53 um that might make it a little more
01:01:55 let’s see here and it might make what
01:01:57 I’m saying because
01:02:00 uh where’s feral
01:02:05 uh so sometimes but anyways uh but that
01:02:10 myself could be referring to pharaoh
01:02:13 so Pharaoh himself
01:02:16 will harden yes
01:02:18 yes
01:02:19 it’s a it’s translator bias yeah that’s
01:02:22 that’s what I see right now
01:02:25 um live
01:02:28 pharaoh
01:02:30 myself
01:02:31 or himself uh hardened his own heart
01:02:35 because that’s uh translator bias in in
01:02:40 my opinion yeah is we just look at the
01:02:43 word there is no but they’re getting
01:02:45 they’re adding but here they’re getting
01:02:47 it nowhere
01:02:49 so I
01:02:51 to me that supports the jst
01:02:55 yep getting rid of a translator bias
01:02:58 wait what is this uh what is uh five
01:03:03 eight
01:03:04 what show me the 589 thing
01:03:07 this one right here
01:03:09 oh okay
01:03:11 that’s where it’s uh pronoun
01:03:14 alone myself
01:03:16 they’re putting this is two different
01:03:18 translations capital M and Laura M
01:03:20 that’s silly anyways sorry I know that’s
01:03:23 ridiculous
01:03:25 uh because that one’s gonna be the
01:03:27 beginning of a sentence
01:03:29 right well unless they’re referring to
01:03:32 to Elohim Yahweh but most levels don’t
01:03:36 do uh
01:03:37 uh
01:03:39 what I do with the the capital
01:03:42 um pronouns for for
01:03:45 eign
01:03:51 [Laughter]
01:03:56 but I’m glad we looked at that to me
01:03:58 that looks like translator bias
01:04:01 yep
01:04:03 um where they’re trying to rectify what
01:04:06 they see as a sentence that they can’t
01:04:07 make sense of uh sure sure
01:04:10 um
01:04:11 let’s put a lot of translator well I I
01:04:15 guess not all translator bias is that
01:04:17 because some of them is an actual bias
01:04:18 and some are just trying to do the best
01:04:20 that they can come up with
01:04:24 and and some are just following old
01:04:27 traditions because
01:04:30 if you
01:04:32 people are so wary of English
01:04:35 translation Bibles
01:04:38 if anything changes even if it makes it
01:04:40 better they’ll they’ll buy foul Mandela
01:04:45 effect well yeah well you know
01:04:49 some people think that the only inspired
01:04:51 translation is the key James right so oh
01:04:55 yes the inner what is it that I’ve seen
01:04:58 so many times from Bryce rupay the
01:05:01 ineffable infallible
01:05:03 anyway the King James translation yeah
01:05:07 King James translation has many problems
01:05:10 with it
01:05:11 um and if you go use tools like Bible
01:05:13 Hub you can see that and we’ve done that
01:05:16 a few times here well the thing the
01:05:18 thing is is that even just reading it
01:05:20 side by side with the inspired version
01:05:22 you’re just like
01:05:24 well whoever made this was really
01:05:27 obfuscating
01:05:29 uh yeah well
01:05:31 I I those here we know that uh not
01:05:35 everybody on the key James translation
01:05:37 tea were completely good guys
01:05:40 um there were Masons
01:05:43 um which who are controlled by the
01:05:44 Jesuits I don’t know if they were
01:05:46 actually direct Jesuits on it or not but
01:05:49 um I know King James uh had them
01:05:52 translate things wrong specifically
01:05:54 himself anyways to to protect him in his
01:05:58 sense yes so it
01:06:01 I will be it’s the one I read the most
01:06:04 because it’s the one I grew up with but
01:06:06 I
01:06:06 I like you can see here I go to Bible
01:06:08 Hub quite often when I want to trig dig
01:06:12 into something because I know it has
01:06:15 problems
01:06:16 and you’ll see here a lot of times I
01:06:19 like to breed standard bio but it looks
01:06:22 like they kept that tradition
01:06:24 Yeah but I
01:06:25 instead of you know apparel himself
01:06:28 which is what I I kind of see here
01:06:30 Barrel himself but anyways
01:06:33 yeah well I mean it’s what makes sense
01:06:36 why is you know if a
01:06:40 given the god
01:06:43 God created all of this
01:06:46 for a purpose that is stated
01:06:50 in uh
01:06:52 inspired version Exodus in the inspired
01:06:56 version
01:06:56 [Music]
01:06:58 Revelation to the Prophet Joseph Smith
01:07:01 preface to Exodus one the purpose for
01:07:04 his creation was the immortality and
01:07:08 eternal life of man right
01:07:10 why is he going to purposefully Harden
01:07:15 somebody’s heart why is he going to take
01:07:17 from them their agency in fact just to
01:07:20 kind of support what I’m saying now look
01:07:22 it’s at the beginning of a sentence
01:07:23 which yes but does not belong at the
01:07:26 beginning it sounds well no I’m not
01:07:28 sorry about that I I mean that’s
01:07:30 probably not over English but I’m just
01:07:32 saying what’s the pronoun referring to
01:07:36 mm-hmm it’s the beginning of a sentence
01:07:38 and so it could
01:07:40 and and I see it going uh to Pharaoh in
01:07:44 fact when you look at it in the
01:07:45 Interlinear
01:07:46 it’s right next to Pharaoh where you go
01:07:48 look at the English translation they’re
01:07:51 quite a bit of part right so yeah
01:07:54 um this is where
01:07:57 translation issues cause problems
01:08:01 um so anyways
01:08:05 so enough of that one
01:08:07 um
01:08:08 so anyways uh that was pretty cool
01:08:11 pretty cool I I actually I think I got
01:08:14 enough
01:08:15 I’ve done enough research for my post
01:08:18 and so now I just need to finish putting
01:08:20 it together
01:08:22 um so well there we go
01:08:24 the last thing I mean I got a little
01:08:26 sidetracked but I’ll show you uh the
01:08:28 last little thing that I got
01:08:30 a little proof of The Exodus
01:08:35 on the little part that I bring out
01:08:38 um
01:08:39 I can’t remember where I put it
01:08:42 uh
01:08:46 you can put it here
01:08:50 um
01:08:54 oh no no I put it here
01:08:59 um
01:09:03 who’s that right there
01:09:05 so in the impetus pyrus from Egypt I I
01:09:11 mean we don’t have to go over all of it
01:09:12 it that is really cool all the
01:09:16 highlights of the Exodus is in this uh
01:09:19 lamentation and it’s uh the Egyptian
01:09:21 Papyrus we can look at it if you want
01:09:24 but that is really cool I brought out
01:09:27 this one about the dark three days of
01:09:28 darkness
01:09:30 I I was aware of this I was looking for
01:09:32 that quote right there which I mean it’s
01:09:34 pretty small right and so I spent a lot
01:09:35 of time on finding that but anyways
01:09:38 that’s true
01:09:40 start going Jack
01:09:42 billikovsky like referenced him a lot
01:09:45 the the book right in there oh yeah
01:09:49 how do you say that name
01:09:59 give me one minute
01:10:03 okay
01:10:05 yeah I also like the I also like the
01:10:07 work of David rollington
01:10:09 lots of lots of good stuff with him yeah
01:10:13 well but back what Zach was saying
01:10:16 um this is
01:10:18 like a
01:10:20 pivotal pivot I haven’t hard time saying
01:10:24 it pivotal scroll for valesky where it
01:10:28 really got him
01:10:30 going down the line of really studying
01:10:32 these these things out
01:10:35 um and I agree with him that it was a
01:10:41 planet during The Exodus
01:10:43 this is my post I’m bringing out it’s
01:10:46 going to be playing it in the second
01:10:47 coming just as Joseph Smith stated in
01:10:50 the Book of Revelation States it’s in
01:10:52 it’s actually in the Bible
01:10:54 if you know how to connect the dots and
01:10:56 that’s what I’m trying to do with the
01:10:57 post uh it happened at the first coming
01:11:00 right like I I’ve mentioned with you too
01:11:03 and Luke Luke since I just stated up let
01:11:07 me get my post up and I’ll show her that
01:11:10 part Luke actually originally used to
01:11:13 stay this
01:11:15 um
01:11:16 and uh it alludes to it maybe that’s a
01:11:19 better word for it alluding is probably
01:11:22 a better better way to go with it
01:11:25 um
01:11:28 all right is it showing the right screen
01:11:31 now
01:11:33 uh this is your post right yeah this is
01:11:36 the one I’m working on okay and that’s
01:11:39 what we see yeah on Facebook cube
01:11:42 on Facebook you put a video
01:11:44 about that because that was related to
01:11:47 my research today but yeah
01:11:49 um that was really cool well it was it’s
01:11:52 actually related to this
01:11:54 um I I may put at the bottom of this but
01:11:57 um I do believe that’s from descendants
01:11:59 of uh lee Heights also
01:12:02 which is kind of goes along with this
01:12:04 because I’m
01:12:05 uh if I can
01:12:09 I think it’s
01:12:12 curious it appears that Luke may have
01:12:15 originally explained the event as a
01:12:17 miraculous solar eclipse
01:12:20 but the majority of the
01:12:22 manuscripts of Luke have the Greek I
01:12:26 can’t say that sun was darken is
01:12:31 okay
01:12:33 but the earliest measures they
01:12:37 Helio Eclipse okay so anyways it didn’t
01:12:41 give like same thing right
01:12:44 um in fact it says the sun was eclipsed
01:12:46 the sun was darkened
01:12:49 um so the earlier one said the sun was
01:12:52 in an eclipse
01:12:53 I feel these versions may have amended
01:12:55 by later scribes to congrat what they
01:12:58 assumed was an heir oh wait a minute
01:13:01 there’s no errors in the Bible According
01:13:03 to some people
01:13:04 oh this tells me oh yeah the the
01:13:06 ineffable infallible yeah
01:13:09 yeah anyways
01:13:11 but these are Scholars who think they
01:13:13 know better
01:13:15 corrected the word just like we kind of
01:13:17 went over with one just now right
01:13:19 anyways
01:13:21 oh you mean kind of like Brigham Young
01:13:23 knew better than Joseph Smith what
01:13:24 happened in Joseph Smith’s life yeah and
01:13:26 modifying the records yeah yeah
01:13:30 you know prideful people have this
01:13:32 pattern of changing things in their own
01:13:34 image
01:13:35 it’s interesting oh I wonder if they’re
01:13:38 trying to make a god of themselves
01:13:39 anyways
01:13:43 furthermore our total eclipse provides
01:13:45 total darkness
01:13:47 at one location during the totally a max
01:13:49 city of seven and a half minutes whereas
01:13:52 the text says it was covered the land
01:13:54 for three hours so anyways it just goes
01:13:57 on by Scholars say it doesn’t make sense
01:14:00 no
01:14:01 I do believe it was a solar eclipse
01:14:05 not by the moon
01:14:07 because the moon was on the other end of
01:14:10 the Earth
01:14:11 because it was the 14th it was a planet
01:14:15 I don’t know what planet
01:14:17 that would explain the three hours that
01:14:19 would explain earthquakes what planet
01:14:21 would be big enough to completely black
01:14:23 out the Sun for three hours
01:14:26 well it’s not size that the hours
01:14:30 portion is how far fast it’s traveling
01:14:35 because the moon’s not that big it’s
01:14:38 just yeah to block it out you have to
01:14:40 get the right distance with according to
01:14:42 the size of the object and where you’re
01:14:45 at to block it it’s not about size
01:14:48 um because the move’s not that big and
01:14:50 it it does solar eclipses right what
01:14:53 makes that work
01:14:55 and so it’s a yeah but for free yeah so
01:14:57 for three if it’s for three hours that
01:15:00 would mean that the trajectory more
01:15:03 closely that the trajectory and speed
01:15:05 more closely matches that of your sun
01:15:08 correct and the reason why with the Moon
01:15:10 is like at Max seven minutes and a half
01:15:14 I think it said
01:15:16 um where when I went to was three and a
01:15:18 half minutes but I guess the max is
01:15:21 7.5
01:15:23 is because of the speed of the moon it’s
01:15:27 not because of the size it’s the
01:15:29 trajectory of the path and
01:15:33 so you can have one even longer than
01:15:35 three hours if it’s slower
01:15:38 right
01:15:41 um
01:15:43 if it’s smooth and if it’s movement and
01:15:47 uh and if it’s movement and uh
01:15:52 path
01:15:55 keep it in this roughly the same place
01:15:57 correct correct yes yeah congratulations
01:16:01 to the to the Sun and Earth right so
01:16:04 yeah
01:16:05 um anyways I do believe it was an
01:16:07 eclipse just not on the moon
01:16:09 and it’s going to happen again in the
01:16:11 second coming because it talks about the
01:16:14 same event
01:16:15 or a similar event there are things that
01:16:18 are different like the one of the second
01:16:20 coming will have a blood moon
01:16:22 uh a difference so
01:16:27 all blood moons
01:16:30 are full moons or give or take but not
01:16:33 all full moods give or take are not
01:16:35 blood moons
01:16:37 um and so
01:16:40 so this is this is bad here’s the earth
01:16:45 and the head’s going to be the sun
01:16:47 because I’m full of myself right
01:16:50 so if the mood’s down here it’s not very
01:16:54 likely to be red but if it’s
01:16:56 more right here it is more going to be
01:16:59 red and the red comes from the
01:17:03 atmosphere of the Earth
01:17:05 bending the light and that’s what makes
01:17:08 it red
01:17:10 yeah and the fact that the red light the
01:17:14 red light beam is the longest being yeah
01:17:17 and uh depending because the moon
01:17:20 doesn’t always go in the same spot right
01:17:23 it kind of
01:17:25 it goes up and down this is a bad
01:17:27 explanation but I’m just trying to do it
01:17:29 quick but within
01:17:31 the the full moon
01:17:34 plus or minus range it can be from here
01:17:36 to here and if when it’s on the edges of
01:17:39 that range it’s not likely to be red
01:17:42 it’s red when it’s more in the middle
01:17:45 and so during Christ’s time it wasn’t in
01:17:49 the middle
01:17:50 but at the second coming it will
01:17:55 that’s why you’ll get the red moon the
01:17:56 blood moon
01:18:01 which is and I and I think we’ve covered
01:18:05 that you believe that everything that a
01:18:07 lot of those references or a lot of
01:18:10 those reference multiple references to
01:18:12 the Moon turning the blood and the sun
01:18:14 being darkened are do the same effect
01:18:17 uh yeah in fact the scriptures only talk
01:18:20 about one blood moon
01:18:22 yeah multiple the the the the the
01:18:25 tetrad Blood Moons was just a fad of
01:18:29 false preachers making money off of
01:18:31 people yeah I well I I think
01:18:34 yeah it’s a Well the the interesting
01:18:38 thing is is these things are going to
01:18:41 happen
01:18:42 these Blood Moons aren’t likely to
01:18:44 happen at the holidays
01:18:47 at the high holidays
01:18:50 um because
01:18:52 of the mood right
01:18:55 [Laughter]
01:19:00 someone who wants to make money hasn’t
01:19:03 really studied because I mean come on I
01:19:07 mean the two weekly
01:19:10 um
01:19:11 holidays a Passover unleavened bread and
01:19:15 Tabernacles uh guess what they’re
01:19:18 they’re both on the 15th
01:19:23 oh wait that’s when blood moons can
01:19:24 happen dang it
01:19:26 anyways sorry but
01:19:29 um enough of that making fun of people
01:19:31 or calling out their air which is more
01:19:34 what I was doing you’re just kind of
01:19:36 making a joke out of it what you mean
01:19:38 you don’t want me to name a name
01:19:40 uh um but look here’s historical quotes
01:19:44 more of it was quite clear that neither
01:19:46 the mood nor the cloud stood in the way
01:19:48 of the light of the Sun
01:19:50 because they yeah there was talk it was
01:19:53 an eclipse oh wait here’s another one
01:19:55 uh
01:19:58 the darkness could not have been caused
01:20:01 by a solar eclipse because they’re
01:20:03 saying that because people are saying it
01:20:04 was a solar eclipse the Feast of
01:20:06 Passover is always observed on the 14th
01:20:09 during the full moon
01:20:12 I mean I could go over these are outside
01:20:15 the Bible and I have found a lot
01:20:21 it could not have been a lunar uh
01:20:24 a solar eclipse of the moon correct
01:20:28 um and this has a this post has multiple
01:20:31 purposes to it one also is to disprove
01:20:34 full moon as the new moon
01:20:37 because there’s something I believe that
01:20:39 and and these quotes show that’s not
01:20:41 possible and also
01:20:44 um
01:20:45 uh when I get about the second coming
01:20:46 portion too that I’ll show that also
01:20:49 because it’s going to happen again
01:20:54 I’ve had I’ve had people tell me that I
01:20:57 uh that my point of view is without
01:20:59 Grace because I it’s simply because I
01:21:02 told them to Stoney was still a thing
01:21:08 uh uh okay so they’re using the word
01:21:10 incorrectly
01:21:12 um to start off with
01:21:14 you’ll know you’ll notice that I was
01:21:17 you’ll notice I was half smiling yeah
01:21:20 um
01:21:21 so yeah I I just I don’t want to go
01:21:23 there
01:21:25 it’s unless you really want to but
01:21:27 first of all they’re just using the word
01:21:29 incorrectly
01:21:31 um yeah well I mean yeah everybody
01:21:34 everybody loves Grace if it gets them
01:21:37 out of something
01:21:38 whoa okay so why couldn’t it get you out
01:21:41 of having a false belief on that
01:21:45 exactly I I mean I’ve heard anyways
01:21:52 my whole point to them was perhaps we
01:21:55 should try to understand why God does
01:21:57 these things instead of Simply writing
01:22:00 off
01:22:02 the thing is being ungodly
01:22:05 yeah I just
01:22:09 anyways so because God ha because God
01:22:12 has Stone
01:22:14 he stoned the Egyptians yeah
01:22:18 um guess what he’s gonna be stoning at
01:22:21 the second coming and
01:22:25 hell right now
01:22:28 is in the center of the Earth
01:22:30 and guess what
01:22:31 that’s stoning
01:22:34 yeah and I do believe
01:22:37 that at Judgment Day if your son of
01:22:40 perdition you’re going to the Center of
01:22:41 the Earth which is being stoned
01:22:45 that’s where hell is
01:22:47 and that’s biblical
01:22:49 biblical says it’s in the center
01:22:52 AKA heart of the earth which is
01:22:56 Yeshua got stoned for us
01:22:59 because he took upon us our iniquities
01:23:02 yep he went to the Center of the Earth
01:23:04 the heart of the earth is thinner that’s
01:23:06 where hell is anyways
01:23:08 um
01:23:10 he took our punishment
01:23:14 anyways so I have a lot of stuff here uh
01:23:17 also I so you can see here the darkness
01:23:20 was around the world
01:23:22 wasn’t just in Jerusalem so
01:23:26 to me so most solar eclipse are just
01:23:29 local right with the Moon
01:23:34 to me
01:23:36 this means that whatever the planet was
01:23:39 it was
01:23:41 bigger than just barely covering
01:23:44 so that we would cover all
01:23:47 right
01:23:48 and and anyways
01:23:51 yep
01:23:54 um anyways that’s probably enough of
01:23:56 that I
01:23:58 but that’s why I was I was working on
01:24:01 that post so here’s ones I haven’t
01:24:02 finished
01:24:06 I’m bad
01:24:14 my offer of help still valid
01:24:17 oh well
01:24:19 um I I’ve
01:24:21 done the research now I just have to put
01:24:22 things together so
01:24:25 um
01:24:25 because I
01:24:27 I know I I said you could help
01:24:30 find the one about the verse in the book
01:24:32 of Abraham
01:24:34 um
01:24:36 so I I can just show it
01:24:40 but I I it’s not related to the subject
01:24:43 but directly but indirectly it is and so
01:24:47 that’s why I wanted it because of the
01:24:49 electrical nature of things and it it
01:24:51 shows
01:24:52 that the book of Abraham knew things
01:24:56 that more accurate modern science
01:25:00 uh demonstrates where mainstream demise
01:25:03 actually still sadly
01:25:06 um because it goes against their
01:25:07 Paradigm but
01:25:10 um Thunderbolts project
01:25:12 teaches the electronic universe
01:25:15 model
01:25:16 and they have good science
01:25:22 than the standard model but yeah because
01:25:26 they go against the grain of mainstream
01:25:30 um it doesn’t get any notice
01:25:33 yeah
01:25:35 I have a playlist of them
01:25:37 all right named it science math and
01:25:40 Engineering oh yeah I’ve been putting a
01:25:42 lot of their videos on that uh yeah
01:25:46 um I I first learned of them because of
01:25:49 my belief in the polar configuration
01:25:51 um
01:25:52 and it’s interesting the uh that
01:25:57 that Hopi prophecy I think it was yes
01:26:01 um
01:26:03 when you read it
01:26:05 there’s parts that really Point Polar
01:26:08 configuration coming back
01:26:10 in it
01:26:13 um and well that’s the sign of the
01:26:15 coming of the song
01:26:16 yeah
01:26:18 um they even bring out how there’s some
01:26:20 of the north and some in the South
01:26:21 because most people don’t know there
01:26:23 were some on both poles
01:26:25 these guys did
01:26:28 uh inside
01:26:30 that’s a sign of the coming of the son
01:26:32 of man
01:26:33 yeah all right yeah Joseph Smith right
01:26:37 um people say it’s a comet or a planet
01:26:40 um
01:26:41 anyways
01:26:43 um
01:26:44 I’m excited to hopefully finish it this
01:26:47 week
01:26:48 [Laughter]
01:26:50 we’ll see what time so to be released on
01:26:53 second Passover
01:26:55 uh that’s my goal we’ll see if it
01:26:57 actually happens
01:26:59 because my original goal was on first
01:27:02 Passover because that’s when it actually
01:27:04 happened
01:27:05 right the first one anyways
01:27:08 um I I do believe the second coming
01:27:13 has multiple events to it
01:27:16 um
01:27:18 but part of it is I think this
01:27:21 the blood moon I do believe will happen
01:27:25 at Passover portion personally
01:27:29 um because that just like Egypt and
01:27:33 Sodom Gomorrah judgment
01:27:35 they’re Nephi nine it follows the
01:27:38 pattern
01:27:39 the major judgment were the sons of
01:27:41 perditions
01:27:44 are judged
01:27:48 um their time and their time is rendered
01:27:50 up yeah that’s when their time’s up and
01:27:53 that’s what’s going to be happening
01:27:56 um at the second coming because for one
01:27:59 after the second coming Isaiah 52 talks
01:28:02 about the mining strong one going out
01:28:04 and teaching
01:28:06 people
01:28:07 you know if they were all
01:28:10 uh
01:28:12 uh terrestrial or Celestial that
01:28:15 wouldn’t be needed right but it’s not I
01:28:19 mean even the Kingdom of Heaven has all
01:28:21 three in it
01:28:22 Millennium will have all three also
01:28:26 um the only ones who will not inherit
01:28:28 any Quarry or the sons of perdition
01:28:31 correct and
01:28:33 they’re they’ll be taken out
01:28:36 just like Satan will be bound they also
01:28:40 will be
01:28:41 bound to the same place I’m sorry I mean
01:28:47 Hebrews as the Hebrews call it
01:28:51 yeah uh
01:28:54 so but anyways I’m excited I I think
01:28:57 I’ve done enough research now I just
01:28:59 need to go put all the pieces together
01:29:02 um if anything I probably did too much
01:29:04 research but I have a habit of that so
01:29:12 well you know
01:29:14 maybe maybe it takes you a while to get
01:29:16 stuff out but let me let me get stuff
01:29:18 out it’s actually it can actually hit it
01:29:20 can actually touch people if they’ll
01:29:22 actually be
01:29:24 and that is my goal I
01:29:27 you know to
01:29:31 preach the word of God you first have to
01:29:33 study it and know it
01:29:36 and so I
01:29:39 I probably double check myself maybe too
01:29:41 much but at the same time I I do try
01:29:45 hard to make those posts pretty
01:29:48 good and well thought out and accurate
01:29:52 um
01:29:54 I I know some of them get kind of long
01:29:56 and so that makes it so some people
01:29:57 don’t want to read them but there is
01:29:59 reasons
01:30:01 people
01:30:05 went over themselves
01:30:08 uh
01:30:10 we have this tendency that
01:30:13 especially today it’s like if you can’t
01:30:16 if I can’t get the hit in five minutes
01:30:18 I’m moving on to something where I care
01:30:21 yeah
01:30:22 um well uh New Testament prophesied that
01:30:25 people will be lovers of themselves in
01:30:27 the last days
01:30:29 um and not seeking wisdom of this stuff
01:30:32 like that right
01:30:33 nothing to me the rest of it but
01:30:36 um yeah
01:30:38 people want to focus more on looking at
01:30:41 um
01:30:42 selfies and their dinner plates well you
01:30:46 know I mean it’s it’s really interesting
01:30:48 that people it’s really interesting that
01:30:51 people
01:30:52 a lot of people don’t understand
01:30:55 I’m not that big on pictures
01:30:58 is there a reason for that
01:31:00 no
01:31:07 I was an actor I I don’t mind that at
01:31:10 all oh it’s just
01:31:12 but it’s just that um
01:31:20 I’m not that hung up on myself anymore I
01:31:22 don’t need to have a pictorial history
01:31:24 of my life yeah that’s fine
01:31:27 um as a parent I like having a picture
01:31:29 of my kids but that’s a whole other
01:31:30 subject and
01:31:32 so let’s let me pause for a minute
01:31:38 did it