Scripture Study 2023-05-11

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00:00:36 Israel found the water bitter just as they found YHWH’s revelation bitter
00:03:26 D&C 76 and Parable of the Talents and outer darkness
00:06:38 Torah is all over the BoM
00:07:25 Outer darkness in Alma 40 goes along with D&C 76
00:09:27 Sons of Perdiction will be stoned
00:09:56 Misapplication of outer darkness
00:12:02 Blasphemous for who
00:12:55 We are to tithe of our wine by consuming it
00:17:55 We are to drink wine for First Fruits
00:19:34 Wine is a natural antidepressant
00:20:07 Joseph Smith drank wine
00:20:38 Psalms 104:15
00:20:58 Wine symbolic of the atonement and joy
00:22:01 Talked about anointing
00:23:47 We can have kings just not ones like the pagans
00:28:18 Alcohol is a natural anti-depressant
00:28:37 Distilled alcohol is not natural
00:30:04 Nephites used wine for the sacrament
00:32:35 Limhites were saved by wine symbolic of the atonement
00:33:50 Wine on it’s own will get you drunk just like atonement without the commandments will condemn you
00:35:53 Different types of wines
00:36:22 Limhites gave wine that was for them to the Lamanites
00:36:55 Sacrament prayer states wine
00:37:23 No revelation to change the word wine to water
00:37:34 Yeshua turning water to wine is like Moses turing water to blood
00:38:28 Don’t believe the wedding was Yeshua’s and why
00:40:47 Yeshua will drink wine on the lees, the stronger alcohol
00:45:37 LDS interpretation is wrong
00:45:57 Scriptures state wine for the sacrament
00:46:53 You can’t make your own water for the sacrament
00:49:24 D&C 89, after D&C 27, states use wine for the sacrament
00:52:41 LDS church hides that Joseph drank beer
00:53:55 D&C 89 states beer is good for man
00:55:01 Mild means alcoholic
00:55:47 Joseph Smith drank beer 11 years after D&C 89 was given
00:56:43 D&C 89:6 says wine for the sacrament
00:57:26 Three types of alcohol in Word of Wisdom
00:58:09 Joseph Smith used whiskey for baptisms
00:59:17 Don’t smoke tobacco
00:59:53 Don’t drink something that is to hot
01:00:46 LDS church used to teach hot chocolate and hot soups were against the word of wisdom
01:04:17 Not by commandment nor constraint, which is what the LDS church does
01:05:08 LDS church added a comma which changes when you can eat meat
01:07:22 Not eating of meat is a doctrine of demons
01:08:43 We are commanded to eat lamb during Passover
01:09:22 Torah has laws about slaughtering animals
01:09:42 D&C 49 says animals are for food
01:11:06 Torah is in the D&C
01:11:48 Don’t kill animals for fun
01:12:44 JST Genesis 9
01:14:20 Eat meat sparingly
01:14:35 Elohim is reiterating Torah everywhere
01:16:33 YHWH’s ways stay the same
01:17:54 Wilford Woodruff would drink coffee and alcohol to fall asleep in 1897
01:18:53 Different laws for leaders and members is a sign of a cult
01:20:00 James E Talmage experimented with marijuana
01:24:44 Brigham Young says coffee is good and don’t get rid of it in 1867
01:25:26 Pioneers took coffee, tea and alcohol on the treck
01:26:09 1934 Eating white bread was a cause to be disfellowshipped
01:26:52 LDS admits Joseph ran a bar
01:27:20 Joseph said he’ll keep the law even if no one else is, but then the LDS church except this and except that
01:28:01 Cola used to be against the Word of Wisdom
01:30:02 Bread is alcoholic
01:30:52 The promise at the end of D&C 89 is tied to drinking
01:32:19 Don’t over drink and become a drunkard
01:33:38 I didn’t like the taste of beer
01:34:05 Beer drinking is not a commandment



00:00:00 okay
00:00:02 so
00:00:03 Josh would like to go over word of
00:00:05 wisdom but before that I want to say two
00:00:09 things real quick
00:00:10 um
00:00:12 so I just as I’ve been working on
00:00:14 finishing my post which it’s almost done
00:00:18 really I think anyways I said that
00:00:21 before though but
00:00:23 um I really do think it’s close but uh
00:00:26 while doing that was you know studying
00:00:28 The Exodus song because it kind of goes
00:00:31 along with it but anyways but one thing
00:00:34 I find interesting let’s talk about the
00:00:36 Exodus just real briefly
00:00:38 when the Israelites left Egypt they were
00:00:42 happy
00:00:43 they’re getting away from their task
00:00:45 Masters they’re you know the honeymoon
00:00:47 effect right right but then they go
00:00:52 to the Red Sea they get nervous they
00:00:55 forgot about all the Miracles that God
00:00:57 gave them
00:00:58 um and they’re freaking out again God
00:01:01 sees them again right
00:01:03 and then after that three days later
00:01:06 they’re complaining
00:01:08 they didn’t have water
00:01:11 instead of going to Yahweh they went to
00:01:14 Moses
00:01:16 um which is a shadow of the mining
00:01:19 strong one but anyways but
00:01:23 we got water
00:01:27 oh first let me say this water
00:01:30 that they received was bitter
00:01:33 and there’s multiple meanings that go on
00:01:35 that I’m not going to get into it but
00:01:36 I’m just going to say pretty surface on
00:01:38 this part but water
00:01:40 is symbolic of Revelation bitter can
00:01:43 mean that you don’t like it
00:01:46 what did Moses do to make it so they
00:01:48 liked it
00:01:49 you put a stick
00:01:52 into it
00:01:53 Ezekiel 37.
00:01:56 the two sticks come in together you get
00:01:58 people to like the Revelation no
00:02:05 and I I wrote this in a post of mine
00:02:08 Bishops or just Israel’s but the way
00:02:12 the God’s Commandments and Revelations
00:02:14 are presented in these history
00:02:16 scriptures
00:02:18 there’s presented a way to help us
00:02:20 understand
00:02:21 why that Revelation commandment is there
00:02:25 to make it easier to accept
00:02:28 and like manner it was a stick it was
00:02:32 put in the water to make it so people
00:02:34 now thought it was sweet
00:02:38 yeah that is very interesting it kind of
00:02:42 follows what happens people wake up they
00:02:44 want the truth right right until they
00:02:47 find out maybe but yeah but until maybe
00:02:50 they find out what the truth entails and
00:02:53 then they’re a little reticent then you
00:02:55 got to put the stick on the water so
00:02:57 it’s like oh that’s not that bad well
00:03:00 and then they move a little bit further
00:03:02 well I’m more getting that the the
00:03:04 Revelation is bitter
00:03:07 but it was one that that given to them
00:03:10 in the sticks which is teaching the
00:03:12 exact same thing but
00:03:13 in a context to help them understand why
00:03:16 it’s important right that helps them
00:03:18 accept it but anyways that was something
00:03:20 I saw I thought I’d share so pretty cool
00:03:23 that was the one quick thought I want to
00:03:25 share now the other thing I want to
00:03:26 share so last week we did something on
00:03:28 DNC 76
00:03:30 and which actually went up today because
00:03:33 it takes time to work on the summaries
00:03:34 but
00:03:36 um in there from the parable of the
00:03:39 talons I wasn’t sure what the outer
00:03:41 Darkness was
00:03:44 um I I in fact what I put in there was
00:03:46 close right because of the darkness and
00:03:48 the little stars right right I
00:03:52 remembered after the recording that
00:03:54 section that represents the um
00:03:57 t-restrial glory is called the outer
00:04:00 Court
00:04:03 going along with the outer Darkness
00:04:07 out of court yeah to me not in the place
00:04:11 of light the holy the holy and the holy
00:04:13 of holies
00:04:15 which would make uh explain the outer
00:04:18 Darkness part
00:04:20 interesting so uh I wish I would have
00:04:24 thought of it then but um
00:04:26 anyways I admitted on that that was
00:04:29 something
00:04:29 oh yeah I I think it if anybody watches
00:04:35 the recording they can see I’ve put some
00:04:37 bit of thought into it but I haven’t
00:04:38 figured everything out and I admitted it
00:04:40 there right
00:04:42 um anyways no that’s very interesting
00:04:45 that’s um
00:04:47 but that was something I thought about
00:04:48 afterwards I think supports the outer
00:04:51 darkness of the outer court and the
00:04:54 light is inside the Tabernacle
00:04:59 the menorah is in the Holy Place yeah so
00:05:02 uh which I think gives support for the
00:05:07 outer Darkness term which growing up LDS
00:05:10 I mean we tend to apply it to something
00:05:12 uh where the sons of perditions go which
00:05:15 actually is Paul’s tradition because
00:05:18 m4a uses that term too and it’s not for
00:05:21 the sons of traditions I don’t think
00:05:23 that Doctrine and Covenant section 76
00:05:26 necessarily calls that place out of
00:05:28 Darkness I don’t think it does but let’s
00:05:30 just let’s double check real quick since
00:05:32 we’re on that subject
00:05:35 um
00:05:43 but I
00:05:47 I don’t think it does I know for sure
00:05:52 let’s go search well no I am serious no
00:05:58 Darkness
00:06:00 no it doesn’t have either one
00:06:03 interesting
00:06:05 um
00:06:07 that makes me wonder where the church
00:06:10 came up where that came from yeah well
00:06:12 it’s a misapplication it’s a
00:06:14 misapplication of a principle in the
00:06:16 Book of Mormon well yeah so I know it’s
00:06:18 an alma 40 but it’s not being referred
00:06:21 to
00:06:22 what the LDC but that’s it for but I I
00:06:25 can see how they’re right I was going to
00:06:27 say that’s a different context though
00:06:29 right but you know uh these people who
00:06:33 clean Book of Mormon don’t really know
00:06:34 what it’s saying and they wish that well
00:06:38 that is made and that is made evident
00:06:41 when they say that there is no that
00:06:43 there is no Torah in the Book of Mormon
00:06:45 uh yeah it’s all over it and people who
00:06:48 say that
00:06:49 um they don’t see it because they don’t
00:06:50 study Torah it’s that simple if you knew
00:06:54 if you’re new Torah you know Tori you’ll
00:06:58 be you will recognize Torah when you’re
00:06:59 seen it yeah and you also know Hebrews
00:07:03 don’t just come say I’m I’m quoting in
00:07:05 Psalms too no they don’t no they just
00:07:09 quoted they don’t they go right into it
00:07:11 yeah they’re just like and blah blah
00:07:13 blah blah yeah yeah we’re gonna take
00:07:15 this we’re going to take this whole
00:07:17 thing out of uh out of context and uh
00:07:22 say that it means something that it
00:07:23 don’t mean because well you’re smart
00:07:25 like that so here’s outer darkness and
00:07:27 Alma 40 that’s being applied to to what
00:07:31 is generally called prism right yeah but
00:07:33 that’s referring to Spirit but that’s
00:07:36 actually referring to Spirits
00:07:39 well yeah this is people who
00:07:42 um are
00:07:43 not righteous that are you know now in
00:07:46 their waiting State till the rest of
00:07:48 them right now
00:07:51 this actually backs up this definition
00:07:54 of outer darkness that you have come
00:07:57 across because these are the people who
00:07:59 are shut out from the light they are not
00:08:01 in the whole their Spirits are not in
00:08:03 the Holy place oh you know what yeah I
00:08:05 see what you’re saying because
00:08:08 um these people in outer Darkness are
00:08:11 the third Resurrection at the end of the
00:08:14 Millennium which is what the terrestrial
00:08:16 people in which goes with right parable
00:08:19 of the time right oh you guys made a
00:08:21 better connection there but there is a
00:08:22 misapplication here oh yeah the LDS
00:08:25 church they they they
00:08:27 purposefully gloss over the word spirits
00:08:31 in the verse this is a verse about this
00:08:34 is the first about what happens prior to
00:08:36 the resurrection so there’s
00:08:38 on that point though there’s part that
00:08:42 are only spirits that go where the LDS
00:08:44 call that and there’s a part that
00:08:48 actually has physical bodies too because
00:08:50 the sons of perditions are those who
00:08:52 came to Earth and get resurrected and
00:08:54 get sent there so but some of it most of
00:08:57 I don’t know what percentage but the
00:08:59 ones that does it actually does it
00:09:00 actually call the place the sons of
00:09:02 Perdition go outer Darkness
00:09:04 that’s why
00:09:06 I checked it out in 76. right that’s
00:09:09 what I thought I didn’t think that there
00:09:11 was any particular place where they say
00:09:14 that outer darkness is where the sun’s
00:09:17 Perdition will be sent no I I don’t know
00:09:20 anywhere that actually specifically
00:09:22 states that yeah
00:09:27 yeah sons of petitions will be stolen so
00:09:30 right in the Bible hell yeah well I mean
00:09:36 that is the punishment that’s prescribed
00:09:38 yes right that’s that’s what Torah
00:09:40 States and I’m recording on that
00:09:42 um but that I never say that
00:09:46 um famous plugs
00:09:48 um but anyways
00:09:50 gonna have to I have to believe
00:09:54 yeah I I just
00:09:56 that’s a horrible misapplication of of
00:09:59 oh I agree I completely agree so maybe
00:10:02 this is where they got it from I don’t
00:10:04 know I’m sure that’s where they got it
00:10:05 from because they because this verse
00:10:08 right here is most often quoted during
00:10:11 the missionaries lessons or at least
00:10:13 when I was on my mission that was one
00:10:15 that was used a lot to support that but
00:10:18 I’m just going to tell you there’s
00:10:19 nobody like our boys in the church for
00:10:22 misapplying scripture
00:10:24 they love it I’ll say that cheers
00:10:32 oh Christians in general yeah yeah yeah
00:10:35 yeah
00:10:36 okay
00:10:38 yeah yeah they uh they take uh they take
00:10:43 uh rabbinic they take the rabbinical
00:10:46 midrashic interpretation to a whole new
00:10:48 level
00:10:49 right right
00:10:51 yeah but I I do like how you brought out
00:10:53 Ben I didn’t catch that before
00:10:56 um but this really supports the uh
00:10:59 variable of the talents in that sort of
00:11:02 category okay that’s who’s going right
00:11:03 there right it’s called it’s cold
00:11:06 unification
00:11:09 the unification of the Gospel principle
00:11:11 oh yeah I know what you’re saying but I
00:11:14 don’t like that label
00:11:15 um
00:11:17 okay well find a better one and I’ll go
00:11:19 with that well it’s the same gospel I
00:11:22 would say it is
00:11:24 unification sounds more Universal and
00:11:27 that that’s a problem I mean but anyways
00:11:29 yeah well I mean like I said find a
00:11:32 better word and I’ll go with it yeah
00:11:33 it’s the same gospel
00:11:35 exactly it’s the same thing that’s more
00:11:38 than one word
00:11:42 Joshua about to be destroyed
00:11:45 okay all right so
00:11:48 okay so anyways I think that’s a pretty
00:11:51 good ending for the DMC 76 spot there so
00:11:54 yeah yeah let’s go on let’s go on to the
00:11:56 word yeah
00:11:59 before before I say something that’s
00:12:02 even more Blasphemous yeah please
00:12:06 eyes
00:12:09 well because Yeshua said he was God
00:12:12 which he was telling the truth and you
00:12:15 said that with blossoms but it was
00:12:16 actually the truth
00:12:20 blasphemy it seems as often in the eye
00:12:22 of the beholder
00:12:24 yeah
00:12:25 um
00:12:26 okay so
00:12:30 I’m gonna
00:12:36 so I’m just going to share this one
00:12:37 first okay
00:12:39 um
00:12:40 oh
00:12:42 that’s another one that I got
00:12:44 problems with oh yeah yeah we can uh but
00:12:48 I’m more
00:12:53 you’re looking for something
00:12:55 yeah it’s something to do with tithing
00:12:58 of wine yeah
00:13:05 calm down
00:13:10 Word of Wisdom right this one’s just
00:13:13 more to be funny and more to be serious
00:13:15 okay okay
00:13:19 um and I guess maybe next time we can
00:13:20 talk about Pilots but
00:13:23 um we are to pay
00:13:25 a tithe of our wine
00:13:29 partly by consuming it
00:13:32 ah there you go
00:13:35 there he goes away
00:13:39 [Music]
00:13:40 um
00:13:40 so do you run 14 23
00:13:44 so in specific this is talking about one
00:13:46 of the high holidays okay right right I
00:13:49 do think the general principle does
00:13:52 apply because part of typing and let me
00:13:55 talk more about this other time is to
00:13:57 make sure that you have things that you
00:13:58 want there
00:14:00 most churches nowadays say tithing to
00:14:03 one thing no it’s not there’s multiple
00:14:06 applications so we’ll just leave it with
00:14:09 that for now okay right in fact part of
00:14:11 your tithing goal of this is to pay for
00:14:14 your high holidays
00:14:15 festivals right right which makes
00:14:19 which makes sense yeah but anyways
00:14:21 Deuteronomy 14 23 and thou shall eat
00:14:24 before Yahweh thy element in the place
00:14:26 where she has chosen to place his name
00:14:29 there now some people will say there’s
00:14:32 only one place but you’ll never see
00:14:34 anyone in the scriptures that says only
00:14:36 one place that he’ll place his name
00:14:38 that is interpretation which which that
00:14:41 actually that statement there from
00:14:42 Deuteronomy supports in the place which
00:14:44 he shall choose to place his name yeah
00:14:47 Denver never says it’s only so that
00:14:49 automatically tells me it’s not in any
00:14:51 particular place well it could be any
00:14:54 place it could be in the way that has
00:14:55 the way that Hezekiah interpreted that
00:14:58 was the temple in Jerusalem
00:15:01 uh yeah a lot of people
00:15:05 um so anciently there were actually
00:15:06 multiple valid temples in Jerusalem it
00:15:10 wasn’t just the one big one
00:15:13 um but a lot of people don’t want to
00:15:15 talk about that history they just want
00:15:17 to say one place and that’s the
00:15:19 scriptures never say that they just say
00:15:20 a place which is placed his name yeah
00:15:22 that place which is dedicated to the
00:15:24 Lord basically right yeah
00:15:26 um anyways well and it and it’s it’s
00:15:28 interesting that it it specifies here a
00:15:30 place which he shall choose to place his
00:15:33 name there not a person a place which he
00:15:37 shall choose to place his name there
00:15:39 right right and in the coming days I
00:15:42 know at least two and there probably
00:15:44 will be more but anyway that’s another
00:15:46 subject right
00:15:47 um but just I just wanted to put that
00:15:49 out there
00:15:50 the tide of their corn and of thy wine
00:15:55 the Thai wine and also oil and first
00:15:59 things have thy birds and they’re
00:16:00 blocked that they’ll May learn to Revere
00:16:04 Yahweh by Elohim always your honor me in
00:16:07 1426 which is kind of continues and now
00:16:11 bestow that money for whatsoever though
00:16:13 so lust is after
00:16:16 for oxen for sheep or for wine so this
00:16:20 has to this partly goes a little context
00:16:22 here
00:16:24 um travel back then wasn’t so easy so if
00:16:27 you had to travel
00:16:29 um to go to the high holiday at one of
00:16:33 those designated places you could sell
00:16:35 your stuff that you’re going to take for
00:16:38 it for money and then when you get there
00:16:40 you go and buy
00:16:43 with your money the stuff that you want
00:16:46 to now have to celebrate with and that
00:16:49 is the provision because traveling was
00:16:51 much harder back then okay I mean you
00:16:54 can still do it now it’s just with
00:16:56 modern technology it’s easier to take
00:16:57 whatever you want right right right
00:16:59 right right but once you get at the
00:17:03 place that’s designated with modern
00:17:04 technology and currency being what it is
00:17:06 it’s easy oh yeah yeah but once you get
00:17:11 there you can then use them what you
00:17:13 sold for the money now you can use the
00:17:15 money to go buy whatever your soul wants
00:17:17 auction sheep your wine
00:17:21 even strong drink
00:17:23 which is liquor
00:17:24 right that’s distilled and
00:17:27 um
00:17:28 anyways but whatsoever thy soul desireth
00:17:32 and thou shalt eat we can consumed
00:17:36 before Yahweh thy Elohim and now it
00:17:38 shall rejoice and
00:17:40 thou and nine times so part of tithing
00:17:44 is to consume wine
00:17:46 right here from Torah
00:17:50 okay so interesting huh so on a Torah
00:17:55 one here’s another Torah one that’s
00:17:56 space one
00:17:58 um now that was not a commandment to
00:18:00 drink wine right because if not wine you
00:18:03 don’t have to do it because no they just
00:18:06 said you can you can do it right you can
00:18:08 do it now I’ll show you a place in
00:18:10 regard to Word of Wisdom type of
00:18:12 applications where
00:18:15 were actually commanded to have wine for
00:18:18 one of the high holidays
00:18:21 um
00:18:23 and it is
00:18:26 first fruits
00:18:29 now hopefully I can find it now that
00:18:31 I’ve stated it right first fruits
00:18:34 [Music]
00:18:34 um
00:18:36 there we go okay
00:18:38 uh
00:18:40 so Leviticus 23
00:18:43 you want to read at 12 13.
00:18:46 sure
00:18:49 and you shall offer that day when you
00:18:52 wave the Sheaf and heal him without
00:18:55 blemish of the first year for a burnt
00:18:58 offering unto the Lord
00:19:01 and the meat offering thereof shall be
00:19:04 two tenths deals of fine flower mingled
00:19:08 with oil
00:19:09 an offering made by fire unto the Lord
00:19:12 for a sweet saver and the drink offering
00:19:15 thereof shall be of
00:19:18 wine
00:19:20 the fourth part of an hen
00:19:22 see I knew there was a reason why I
00:19:24 liked wine anyways so
00:19:27 um
00:19:29 well I yeah so Joseph there’s let’s see
00:19:32 if I can find it since you bring that up
00:19:34 um yeah let me see oh you brought up
00:19:36 earlier how
00:19:38 um the wine was in that was actually a
00:19:41 natural uh antidepressant or something
00:19:43 like this yes where is that
00:19:47 science I can see if I can find it in
00:19:50 notes but hold on let me find the one
00:19:51 from Joseph Smith that you reminded me
00:19:53 of
00:19:54 um
00:19:56 [Music]
00:19:59 if someone sees Julius nuclear let me
00:20:02 know
00:20:03 because sometimes
00:20:05 oh there we go okay so here are some
00:20:07 quotes from Joseph Smith
00:20:10 when we partook is some of the
00:20:12 refreshments and our hearts were made
00:20:14 glad with the fruit of the vine that is
00:20:18 why okay root of the volume is one yes
00:20:22 EMC 59 there for all things which come
00:20:25 of the earth and the season thereof and
00:20:27 made of the benefit and the use of man
00:20:29 both to completing the eye and the
00:20:31 gladdening of the cards now
00:20:35 so Joseph Smith got the uh wine gliding
00:20:38 the heart from from the Psalms let’s see
00:20:41 if I can find it in my notes
00:20:44 should be in there
00:20:45 [Music]
00:20:47 oh here we go songs
00:20:51 maketh glad the heart of man and oil to
00:20:53 make his face to shine and bread which
00:20:55 strengtheneth man’s heart
00:20:58 why is so what makes the heart of man
00:21:01 glad
00:21:02 it’s symbolic of the atonement and joy
00:21:05 yeah and the wine is symbolic for the
00:21:09 blood
00:21:10 by Christ during the atonement yeah
00:21:15 yeah and
00:21:18 blood of the vine is the juice slash
00:21:22 blood from the grapes
00:21:26 just another thing along that same type
00:21:29 of imagery sap is the blood of the tree
00:21:31 which is also a healthy okay
00:21:35 um
00:21:36 so
00:21:37 when Moses came down the mount his face
00:21:40 shined
00:21:42 oil symbolic of the law
00:21:45 yes
00:21:48 and bread to strengthen man’s heart
00:21:51 because we’re then consuming so bread
00:21:54 has to represent the word and that
00:21:56 you’re consuming and making it part of
00:21:59 you inside your innards
00:22:01 anyways so basically in the Old
00:22:05 Testament when they’re anointing these
00:22:07 guys with oil
00:22:09 that is symbolic of their place within
00:22:13 the law
00:22:14 and stem coming to understand the law
00:22:17 and to know the law to have the law now
00:22:20 part of them that they’ve been okay but
00:22:22 they’re but they’re being but they’re
00:22:24 being assigned a specific task a lot of
00:22:27 these guys were Anointed with oil to
00:22:29 perform a specific task so it’s not it’s
00:22:33 my way of thinking that says that it’s
00:22:35 not just coming to an understanding of
00:22:38 Torah but that that is a specific
00:22:41 anointing within Torah or a specific
00:22:45 responsibility that they’re given within
00:22:47 Torah so let’s go look at those look at
00:22:50 some examples okay like David being
00:22:53 Anointed The King to be a king you need
00:22:56 to know Torah
00:22:57 yes yes I I agree
00:23:01 I’ll be quiet
00:23:03 also
00:23:05 also the priest was anointed with oil
00:23:08 right and obviously to be a priest you
00:23:11 need to at least have a loose
00:23:13 affiliation with Torah right
00:23:16 you have to know and the law of Moses
00:23:20 right you had to know both right back
00:23:23 then you don’t need laws yes no no
00:23:25 that’s what I’m saying fine
00:23:27 um so and that’s what I was referring to
00:23:30 was like the king is the top
00:23:32 governmental judge
00:23:33 correct to be a judge guess what you
00:23:36 have no Torah yeah
00:23:39 all right also you have to you know
00:23:41 toward you know how to direct your
00:23:43 kingdom in the way that Yahweh wants it
00:23:45 directed
00:23:47 but that was another reason why Yahweh
00:23:49 didn’t want them to have Kings because
00:23:51 kings are headstrong so
00:23:54 um I I’ve I actually currently have
00:23:56 mixed feelings on that like the the
00:23:58 actual verse says Kings like the pagans
00:24:03 yes
00:24:04 yes
00:24:05 but because because okay but Yeshua is
00:24:09 the king and if if the law actually
00:24:12 States we can’t have a king he couldn’t
00:24:14 be the king
00:24:16 agree with that but the reason that he
00:24:19 didn’t want them to have kings in the
00:24:22 traditional sense is because it was easy
00:24:25 for the children of Israel to fall into
00:24:30 Pagan ways and they did it time and time
00:24:32 again oh yeah yeah so now the kings that
00:24:35 they selected
00:24:36 they they put them in a pagan way so
00:24:40 um
00:24:41 I see what you’re saying but the actual
00:24:43 Torah attacks as king like them or the
00:24:46 pagans I don’t remember the exact word
00:24:48 but it’s not just that they don’t have a
00:24:50 king there actually is a provision
00:24:54 there actually are rules governing Kings
00:24:57 important
00:24:59 yeah there are so right right
00:25:02 you can have a king which I think
00:25:05 supports
00:25:18 no you’re not it’s just the thing is
00:25:23 saying the same thing we’re just saying
00:25:25 it differently
00:25:27 I think
00:25:29 I think I’m being more specific and
00:25:31 making sure we say what the text
00:25:33 actually States
00:25:35 in the Book of Mormon there was a
00:25:37 righteous Branch raised up
00:25:40 and they had Kings
00:25:43 yeah um King mosiah was a writer yeah
00:25:46 Nephi was a righteous King King Benjamin
00:25:49 righteous King okay yeah
00:25:54 um so I I don’t believe currently that
00:25:57 or
00:25:58 is against a king
00:26:01 it’s because but then if it was Yeshua
00:26:04 could be our King
00:26:05 and that’s definitely not the case it’s
00:26:07 against Kings like the heathens right
00:26:12 right and I because I think I stated
00:26:14 that poorly I think I may have stated
00:26:16 that poorly but he learns what I was
00:26:19 getting at yeah the Heathen often raised
00:26:22 their kings to the level of gods yes
00:26:26 correct and right right
00:26:29 and that’s what he wanted that’s what he
00:26:33 was wanting to avoid
00:26:34 was the elevation of one man to that
00:26:37 status
00:26:38 because
00:26:40 right and
00:26:42 um to go along with that
00:26:45 um in
00:26:46 during the Millennium Yeshua will be our
00:26:49 King and there is talk in Prophecy that
00:26:53 will have a prince
00:26:55 also
00:26:57 yes
00:26:58 and the prince is associated with the
00:27:01 king so if
00:27:03 you’re not supposed to have a king you
00:27:05 wouldn’t have a prince but well how can
00:27:07 you have a prince if you don’t have a
00:27:08 king right that’s what I’m saying yeah
00:27:11 four doesn’t actually say you can’t have
00:27:13 a king it just it’s talking more against
00:27:16 the type of a king right and that’s what
00:27:19 and that’s what I was getting at but I I
00:27:21 stated it poorly but that’s what I’m
00:27:23 getting at that’s fine that’s fine
00:27:26 um and and Ben uh right we brought out
00:27:29 there’s
00:27:30 um laws that govern Kings which to me
00:27:33 States
00:27:34 you can have a king if there’s laws
00:27:36 around it you can have it right you just
00:27:38 have to meet the parameters you have to
00:27:39 meet those specific parameters as set
00:27:42 forth and Torah right and the king the
00:27:44 king cannot use his kingship to um for
00:27:48 his own betterment
00:27:50 uh right like his own advertisement
00:27:53 because now he’s making himself nigh
00:27:55 onto a God yes
00:27:58 right okay anyways so
00:28:00 interesting uh nice Side Track though I
00:28:03 like it I like it that was that was a
00:28:06 pretty lovely squirrel yeah well and
00:28:08 somehow it got off of this I don’t know
00:28:10 yeah so amazing where wine takes you huh
00:28:14 no anyway yeah it must be affecting me
00:28:18 um but anyways all right anyways Word of
00:28:21 Wisdom here but here in Psalm it states
00:28:24 that wine makes the heart quack
00:28:27 yes it relaxes you and yes it is
00:28:31 um a natural
00:28:33 um
00:28:34 anti-depressant so is beer
00:28:37 um yep so the distilled stuff
00:28:41 um
00:28:42 I wouldn’t say that’s the case so
00:28:45 alcohol naturally only gets to about 20
00:28:49 percent give or take okay
00:28:52 to get it beyond that man has to step in
00:28:55 you have to chemically manipulate it
00:28:57 well it doesn’t it doesn’t have to be
00:28:59 chemical I mean you can actually
00:29:01 freezing can do it too that’s the
00:29:02 simplest way yeah
00:29:06 still technically that’s still a
00:29:09 chemical manipulation but
00:29:11 okay yeah I’ll give you that I would
00:29:15 call it more physical but anyways I I
00:29:17 see what you’re getting at because it is
00:29:18 changing states right yeah exactly so
00:29:21 it’s still to me that’s still a chemical
00:29:23 manipulation so here’s a side question
00:29:25 how many states are there is it is there
00:29:28 three or more States one two three or
00:29:30 four
00:29:32 for what just just anything
00:29:41 it’s foreign
00:30:04 oh did you see something you wanted to
00:30:06 look at
00:30:07 yeah I did actually it said the one that
00:30:10 you got out of
00:30:12 look at this third Nephi and when they
00:30:14 had given under the multitude he also
00:30:16 gave them wine to drink oh yeah and he
00:30:18 commanded them that they should give
00:30:20 unto the multitude
00:30:23 yeah um
00:30:25 yeah uh so I’m a 55 the righteous uh or
00:30:31 drinking wine too here look and many
00:30:33 times did they attempt to minister of
00:30:36 the wine to the Nephites that they might
00:30:37 destroy them poison or with drunkenness
00:30:40 but behold the Nephites were not slow to
00:30:43 remember Yahweh their Elohim meaning you
00:30:45 know they kept his Commandments
00:30:47 in their time of Affliction they could
00:30:50 not be taken by the snares they would
00:30:52 not partake of their wine
00:30:54 except
00:30:56 save the first given sum to the lamanite
00:30:59 prisoners
00:31:00 meaning
00:31:02 the lamanite prisoners were the testers
00:31:05 the food testers yeah and they were
00:31:08 cautious that no poison
00:31:10 should be administered unto them AKA
00:31:13 lamanite food testers for if there were
00:31:16 wine would poison a lamanite it would
00:31:20 poison a nephite it’s fair cop yeah and
00:31:23 thus they did try all their Liquors
00:31:26 oh but they called it liquor but they
00:31:28 called it liquor
00:31:30 um yeah liquor alcohol it’s the same
00:31:33 thing right yeah specify that’s weird
00:31:36 that they specify wine in the top and
00:31:38 then Liquors at the bottom though so
00:31:40 even in differentiation uh I disagree so
00:31:43 in English if we say the same word
00:31:45 multiple times within a paragraph it
00:31:47 sounds funny
00:31:50 yeah it does
00:31:54 one of the definitions is Liquors wines
00:31:57 included in that right
00:31:59 um it is yeah
00:32:01 so here’s another one that I have handy
00:32:04 just right here
00:32:05 um 55 8 and when it was evening Layman
00:32:08 went to the carts who were over the
00:32:10 lamanites and behold they saw him coming
00:32:13 and they hailed him but he he saith unto
00:32:16 them fear not behold I am a lamanite
00:32:18 behold we have escaped from the Nephites
00:32:22 and they sleep and behold we have taken
00:32:24 their wine and brought it with us so if
00:32:27 the Nephites didn’t drink wine that
00:32:30 wouldn’t pass right right it wouldn’t
00:32:33 pass the muster right right
00:32:35 um also limpi this is an important one
00:32:38 so this from King Brigham right what
00:32:42 saved what what saved the Brigham mites
00:32:45 the highlights
00:32:47 wine wine which is symbolic of the
00:32:50 atonement yeah well I mean that was
00:32:53 capable of getting people drunk right
00:32:58 um
00:33:00 like you bring out that it’s symbolic of
00:33:03 the atonement because really think think
00:33:05 about it they were in bondage which is
00:33:08 symbolic of the bondage of not living
00:33:11 Torah of not being obedient of sinning
00:33:14 right
00:33:15 [Music]
00:33:18 by the power of the atonement or the
00:33:21 power of the wine that they administered
00:33:23 to their captive
00:33:25 right or their capped doors I should say
00:33:29 they were freed right because so this
00:33:32 shows a double-edged of wine there’s
00:33:35 positive aspects to it and they’re
00:33:37 negative aspects yes and so the limb
00:33:40 heights were using in a positive way but
00:33:43 then the
00:33:45 um laymanites used it in a negative way
00:33:47 and then they got drunken so right we
00:33:50 just part took of the sacrament okay
00:33:52 if you just drink wine straight
00:33:59 the bread
00:34:01 then the wine
00:34:02 you don’t get drunk unless you drink too
00:34:05 much wine then you’ll still get drunk
00:34:06 right it takes a lot more yeah but well
00:34:10 because you have something you have
00:34:11 something to absorb
00:34:13 exactly yeah
00:34:16 [Music]
00:34:18 go ahead Where’d I found when I’m gonna
00:34:20 do it when I found when I was going to
00:34:21 do it all night binge party
00:34:24 eat a lot
00:34:27 eat a lot while you’re drinking sure
00:34:30 sure and one thing I’ve noticed just
00:34:31 myself
00:34:33 um
00:34:34 bread does much better at keeping the
00:34:37 directiveness away than anything else
00:34:39 yep yes it does
00:34:41 yes I I’ve actually kind of tested it on
00:34:45 purpose just out of curiosity but I
00:34:46 guess what bread symbolizes the
00:34:49 Commandments yeah
00:34:51 the limb Heights
00:34:53 were somewhat keeping the Commandments
00:34:56 right there anyways that’s another story
00:34:57 but they were attempting to at this they
00:34:59 were in process they were in process of
00:35:01 waking awaking and arising yes correct
00:35:05 um
00:35:06 and they actually did after you know I
00:35:09 would I would say after this they did
00:35:11 arise okay yes but anyways which means
00:35:14 they kept the commandments so they had
00:35:16 the bread which keeps you from being
00:35:17 drunkard
00:35:19 where if you’re not doing the
00:35:20 Commandments and you just
00:35:22 unwind the joyous stuff
00:35:27 right hey
00:35:33 um anyway or you could be or you could
00:35:35 be a drunkard of Judah
00:35:36 oh jeez
00:35:39 um I I mean there there’s these verses I
00:35:42 don’t think we need to read through it
00:35:43 because I think we kind of know the
00:35:45 story but they didn’t just make wine to
00:35:47 give
00:35:48 drink
00:35:53 yeah you can so I would say that’s more
00:35:55 up to twenty percent personally but
00:35:58 anyway yeah there’s several there’s
00:35:59 several different methods for making
00:36:01 wine some make sweet wine some make uh
00:36:03 strong
00:36:05 right
00:36:06 um well some make sweet wines too
00:36:09 that’s what I’m saying that’s what I’m
00:36:10 saying so I make strong so I make sweet
00:36:12 right
00:36:14 um I actually I have grown to preferred
00:36:16 better but there’s yeah
00:36:18 okay but they
00:36:22 so instead of keeping some of the wine
00:36:24 that they were originally for themselves
00:36:27 they gave extra little lamanites
00:36:30 to get their drunkard so that they could
00:36:32 Escape
00:36:33 yep right so it’s not that they
00:36:37 weren’t drinking themselves they were
00:36:39 planning to drink what they gave them
00:36:40 nites but then they came up with this
00:36:42 plan and these were in general the limb
00:36:45 Heights at this point were in general
00:36:46 righteous right yeah
00:36:50 um that’s another interesting Word of
00:36:52 Wisdom oh actually here’s another one
00:36:55 ronai five which sacraments since we
00:36:58 just talked about that ministering of
00:37:00 the
00:37:01 wine did I stutter wine you did just now
00:37:06 yeah actually I think you’re I think
00:37:08 your tongue caught on the wine
00:37:11 oh wait no but no but it’s yeah you’re
00:37:15 not seeing things there it does say why
00:37:17 yes and then in the actual blessing it’s
00:37:20 wine so it’s interesting to me that the
00:37:23 LDS church is so worried about these
00:37:25 aaronic boosted blessings being word for
00:37:28 word
00:37:28 but there’s no Revelation to change Wine
00:37:32 to Water which is what they say every
00:37:34 week however there was a miracle that
00:37:37 changed water to wine
00:37:39 uh yeah there was I was in the New
00:37:41 Testament yes it was in fact it was
00:37:45 technically the first recorded miracle
00:37:49 right and I think there’s a couple
00:37:52 reasons that goes into that uh I think
00:37:54 one reason why it was the first is
00:37:56 because Moses’s first miracle was
00:37:58 turning water into blood which wine is
00:38:01 blood of the Vine
00:38:07 um right but that makes sense another
00:38:09 thing on that uh miracle that Ben
00:38:11 brought up it was at a wedding
00:38:15 yes yes weddings the second coming so
00:38:18 let’s go look at Lee’s to lead into that
00:38:21 one subject a little bit
00:38:23 um there are people who intimate and
00:38:26 there there are people who animate that
00:38:28 the wedding was his
00:38:29 uh I don’t believe it was
00:38:31 um because his mother wouldn’t have come
00:38:33 to him to
00:38:35 he would have just gone I think I think
00:38:37 he was I think he was there to help
00:38:39 celebrate okay the happy occasion I
00:38:43 don’t necessarily I’m with Stephen I
00:38:45 don’t necessarily think it was his
00:38:46 wedding I think it was a friend
00:38:48 I think it was a close family friend
00:38:52 I’m more along those lines but
00:38:55 um either way there was just throwing
00:38:57 out we’re just throwing out those false
00:39:00 uh those false dichotomies
00:39:03 oh well okay let’s just say it if it was
00:39:06 Yeshua was
00:39:08 um
00:39:09 wedding it was bad timing because he was
00:39:12 starting his mortal Ministry but no I I
00:39:15 just that’s not fair to the wife to do
00:39:18 it start your mortal ministry right
00:39:20 after you have a wedding so by the way
00:39:22 honey um I’m gonna have to be gone all
00:39:24 the time and um preaching and then I’m
00:39:26 gonna be horribly murdered or destroyed
00:39:28 yeah
00:39:32 preaching is a war and there’s a law
00:39:34 into our Estates after your marriage you
00:39:37 can’t go to war or a year
00:39:39 yep and so I think taking everything
00:39:42 into context and things at Torah State
00:39:44 we can know that it wasn’t yeshua’s
00:39:46 wedding but right that’s some people say
00:39:49 I’m reading into it I’m I don’t think so
00:39:52 but power to them but anyways
00:39:56 um well actually once again it’s that
00:39:59 idea of projection they’re saying that
00:40:02 you’re reading into it but nowhere does
00:40:04 it say it’s Christ’s wedding right uh
00:40:06 right nowhere says uh um I think and if
00:40:09 it was Christ’s wedding he’s the laziest
00:40:11 groom ever
00:40:13 they didn’t make enough wine for the
00:40:17 celebration or he didn’t have enough to
00:40:20 plan for it so it shows that he was bad
00:40:23 at planning which that’s not Yeshua we
00:40:25 know that right
00:40:26 so I I think there’s enough you mean
00:40:29 just in the text without knowing Dora
00:40:31 you could see that it’s not his but it
00:40:33 just doesn’t it doesn’t make sense yeah
00:40:35 no yeah just uh you’re right it doesn’t
00:40:38 make sense so but my reason bringing it
00:40:40 to wedding let’s and and the second
00:40:43 coming is a wedding okay right yeah
00:40:45 [Music]
00:40:47 uh Kesley you willing to read a little
00:40:48 bit
00:40:50 very important
00:40:52 okay will you read this one
00:40:55 uh-huh
00:41:00 and also that a feast of fat things
00:41:03 might be prepared for the poor yay a
00:41:06 feast of fat things of wine on the
00:41:09 leaves well well refined
00:41:12 that the Earth may know that the mouths
00:41:14 of the prophets shall not fail
00:41:17 so this is definitely wine on the leaves
00:41:20 well refined this is alcoholic wine now
00:41:24 let’s go look at definition Elise the
00:41:26 grosser part of any liquor
00:41:29 which have settled on the bottom of the
00:41:31 vessel drugs sediment
00:41:34 the leaves of wine this is wine and this
00:41:37 is talking about a high holiday here
00:41:41 um and as we read some of these other
00:41:43 ones it’ll become more obvious Zach
00:41:45 you’re willing to read the next one
00:41:46 [Music]
00:41:48 um
00:41:58 bill this is wisdom and me they’re from
00:42:01 wherefore Bible not
00:42:03 for the hour cometh
00:42:06 that I will drink of the fruit of the of
00:42:08 the Vine with you which is wine right
00:42:11 right
00:42:14 and with Moroni
00:42:16 am I sent them to you to reveal the Book
00:42:18 of Mormon
00:42:19 intending the fullness of my Everlasting
00:42:22 gospel
00:42:23 two might have come and accused of the
00:42:25 record of the stupid people
00:42:27 so on Yeshua comes back he’s gonna drink
00:42:30 wine on the lease oh wait a minute he
00:42:33 comes back it’s Tabernacles
00:42:35 yeah
00:42:36 that’s a wedding
00:42:38 yeah
00:42:40 yeah
00:42:42 one Joshua sure and in this mountain
00:42:46 shall the Lord of hosts make on to all
00:42:49 people a feast of fat things
00:42:52 a feast of lines on the leaves a fat
00:42:55 things full of marrow
00:42:57 of wines on the leaves will refined hey
00:43:00 you said it twice yes
00:43:02 but that’s but this is this is the verse
00:43:06 which doctored in covenants 58 8 is
00:43:09 citing right without without stating it
00:43:11 right because that’s just wait a minute
00:43:14 oh it didn’t cite it because it didn’t
00:43:17 include a citation oh it’s just um
00:43:20 you’re inferring too much
00:43:29 I have no intention of saying that
00:43:32 something is not stupid when it is well
00:43:36 it’s Greeks that have to reference
00:43:40 Hebrews yes they have to do their study
00:43:43 and they know where it’s at
00:43:44 um all right we’ve got another one here
00:43:46 Luke 22 verse 18. you want to read it
00:43:49 I’ll read it
00:43:51 for I say unto you I will not drink of
00:43:54 the fruit of the vine until the kingdom
00:43:58 of God shall come
00:43:59 that was just before his
00:44:01 um
00:44:02 death right right yeah so but but just
00:44:06 remember according to every Seventh Day
00:44:08 Adventist ever made
00:44:10 ever converted that fruit of the vine is
00:44:13 grape juice
00:44:14 uh yeah we can look at that in a minute
00:44:16 if you want
00:44:21 considering the 22 18 goes on 25 6.
00:44:26 um and Isaiah actually staged leaves
00:44:29 they don’t know what they’re talking
00:44:30 about in addition
00:44:32 um
00:44:37 but there was a process for preserving
00:44:40 one for preserving grape juice and it
00:44:42 involved
00:44:43 um
00:44:44 alcohol fermentation
00:44:47 no it wasn’t just fermentation
00:44:50 it was you basically situation you you
00:44:55 boiled it into a syrup
00:44:58 yes and then you would then you would
00:45:01 mix water with that syrup it’s
00:45:03 fermentation and distillation yes yeah
00:45:06 okay so that sounds like so
00:45:08 pasteurization didn’t happen until mid
00:45:10 1800s
00:45:12 um and what you’re describing I don’t
00:45:15 believe Hebrews did
00:45:17 okay fair enough uh I’m just I
00:45:20 I’ve read what I’ve read
00:45:22 it’d be interesting to see maybe they’re
00:45:24 right maybe they’re wrong
00:45:27 I think I shared that I think I think I
00:45:30 shared the source with you on that a
00:45:32 while ago okay well anyways
00:45:35 um it’s not worth arguing so anyway so
00:45:37 anyway just from reading
00:45:39 [Music]
00:45:40 the few verses that we’ve read so far
00:45:42 even in the Doctrine and Covenants right
00:45:45 it’s it’s stating that the LDS current
00:45:48 interpretation of the word of wisdom is
00:45:50 bunk
00:45:57 since let’s just kind of stick with
00:45:59 Sacrament I’ll go back to Sacrament a
00:46:01 little bit hold on
00:46:09 [Music]
00:46:16 um
00:46:23 where is it
00:46:25 mind I’m trying to find let me find the
00:46:27 one I’m looking for
00:46:31 [Music]
00:46:36 here we go uh okay so
00:46:43 so dnc20 which is like Moroni five also
00:46:48 says wine okay now some people will try
00:46:53 to use dnc27 to say oh not wine okay
00:46:57 so you want to read let’s read it all
00:47:00 the verses that deal with this context
00:47:02 instead of just one and taking it out of
00:47:04 context no right nearest concept
00:47:08 you know where you’ve been sure where
00:47:11 for a commandment I give unto you that
00:47:13 ye shall purchase wine neither strong
00:47:15 hold on okay I’m gonna interrupt
00:47:16 purchase wine right right that’s not you
00:47:20 it’s not use wine it’s not purchase wine
00:47:24 yeah but the next verse goes into that
00:47:26 yeah well actually it’s the very next
00:47:28 section neither strong drink of your
00:47:31 enemies yeah that’s another point
00:47:34 and then it says wherefore you shall not
00:47:37 partake that you shall partake none
00:47:40 except it is made new among you and and
00:47:45 so this made so people will use this new
00:47:48 to be grape juice but oh wait a minute
00:47:50 what what is he just talking about it’s
00:47:52 talking about wine right wine mate that
00:47:57 you made yourself yeah so they basically
00:48:00 did and they basically would have done
00:48:02 Sacrament with sweet wine then
00:48:05 um yeah because the new stuff is sweet
00:48:07 yeah
00:48:09 yeah in this my father’s Kingdom which
00:48:11 shall be built upon the Earth behold
00:48:13 this is wisdom in me wherefore Marvel
00:48:15 not for the hour cometh that I will
00:48:17 drink of the fruit of the Vine with you
00:48:20 on the earth and with Moroni whom I have
00:48:23 sent unto you to reveal the Book of
00:48:25 Mormon containing the fullness of my
00:48:27 Everlasting gospel to whom I have
00:48:29 committed the keys of the record of the
00:48:30 Stick of Ephraim and you take a look at
00:48:32 that and now that ties back into that’s
00:48:35 part of the Lee’s verse that we looked
00:48:38 at a little bit ago
00:48:39 um actually
00:48:40 but here so people
00:48:43 will just you know read a little bit of
00:48:45 27 and say look not wine but they’re not
00:48:49 reading it and then they don’t well they
00:48:51 don’t even read the entire verse yeah
00:48:53 but they don’t they they see uh shall
00:48:58 not whine and then they take over the
00:49:01 rest
00:49:03 guess what I I don’t know about you but
00:49:06 we don’t make our own water
00:49:10 yeah I know we sure don’t know I
00:49:13 wouldn’t want to drink any I wouldn’t
00:49:15 want to drink any water that I made
00:49:21 this is just an example how they take it
00:49:24 out of context and on top of that DNC 89
00:49:28 was given after DNC 27 historically
00:49:31 right and what does this one say you
00:49:34 want to read this one Josh sure that in
00:49:37 as much as any man drinketh wine or
00:49:40 strong drink among you
00:49:42 behold it is not good neither meet in
00:49:46 the sight of your father only
00:49:48 in assembling yourselves together to go
00:49:51 to offer up your sacraments before him
00:49:53 okay so first of all let’s just say
00:49:55 there’s a couple things here but the
00:49:57 main first thing wine for the sacrament
00:50:03 right
00:50:04 right yep now the other thing that’s
00:50:06 going on here
00:50:08 so in in the New Testament I forget
00:50:11 where and I don’t have it handing the
00:50:14 notes right here I need to add that but
00:50:16 it’s all chewed out a group of new
00:50:19 Believers where they were coming
00:50:21 together and drinking their wine and
00:50:23 feasting before everybody got together
00:50:26 to have the sacrament so all the wine
00:50:28 was gone
00:50:30 and they couldn’t use it for the
00:50:31 sacrament
00:50:33 this is the same thing here yeah they
00:50:34 didn’t have the emblems of the sacrament
00:50:36 right that’s the same thing here it’s
00:50:38 saying they weren’t you’re wasting your
00:50:41 wine and just drinking it
00:50:43 don’t do that use the wine for the
00:50:45 sacrament right because
00:50:49 Wine’s fine to drink if
00:50:51 Joseph Smith took wine and said was glad
00:50:54 for the heart to weddings
00:50:56 this can’t be saying that Wine’s not
00:50:59 good for you what it’s saying is it’s
00:51:02 not good for you to drink all the wine
00:51:03 before you have sacrament
00:51:06 which is the same situation that was
00:51:08 going on with Paul
00:51:09 or Paul was condemning now we can’t even
00:51:13 do the sacrament because we don’t have
00:51:14 for the animals
00:51:16 right that’s what’s going on
00:51:18 in that person and it’s saying use wine
00:51:21 for it
00:51:23 which came after DNC 27 people try to
00:51:26 use to say just use water
00:51:29 well actually no yeah
00:51:33 um
00:51:34 just read just read uh yeah just read
00:51:36 all those verses right there three
00:51:38 through five yeah you’ll get a better
00:51:39 understanding
00:51:41 actually and actually read them
00:51:58 interpretation Thou shalt not whine they
00:52:01 do it they whine incessantly
00:52:05 sorry oh geez
00:52:08 I I think I think Matt I’m gonna have to
00:52:11 shoot you for that
00:52:13 okay
00:52:16 clever yes
00:52:20 I liked it I thought it was funny it was
00:52:23 quite clever yeah
00:52:25 okay so which is why you must be shot
00:52:28 he’s he’s too smart for me so let’s on
00:52:33 on Whirlwind so
00:52:35 there’s lots of points to the board of
00:52:37 wisdom let’s just kind of focus on the
00:52:38 wine but here’s a an interesting quote
00:52:41 now you’ll notice
00:52:44 um the stuff in yellow
00:52:46 the LDS church makes it look like it’s
00:52:49 not there when they actually put it in
00:52:52 their manuals okay
00:52:54 so
00:52:55 um Zach you want to read it
00:53:04 then when then went to John P Green’s
00:53:07 and paid him
00:53:10 and another brother two hundred dollars
00:53:13 and drank a glass of beer at
00:53:15 acers yeah call that explains
00:53:20 now Eco I’ll read the part how the
00:53:22 elders Church likes to uh claim it was
00:53:25 then went to John P Green’s and paid him
00:53:29 another brother 200 called at William
00:53:32 Clayton’s oh look at that
00:53:34 totally chop out that sentence and they
00:53:38 didn’t put the Ellipsis to show that
00:53:39 something’s missing
00:53:41 they completely
00:53:44 are hiding things and they know it
00:53:46 Joseph Smith drink beer now
00:53:49 interestingly enough on
00:53:52 on that
00:53:55 uh let’s look at verse 17 here you want
00:53:57 to read it real quick Josh sure
00:54:00 nevertheless wheat for man and corn for
00:54:04 the ox
00:54:05 and oats for the horse and ride for the
00:54:08 fouls and for swine and for all Beasts
00:54:11 of the field and barley for all useful
00:54:13 animals and for mild drinks as also
00:54:17 other grains so that’s your Meads your
00:54:19 ales your beers right your lagers
00:54:23 and we can go look but well yeah yeah
00:54:27 meats are actually
00:54:29 a combination of barley and honey
00:54:33 um yeah
00:54:38 I’m I’m not saying I’m not saying it’s
00:54:40 not I’m not saying that leads are
00:54:43 actually a combination of the
00:54:45 fermentation of honey
00:54:47 well and it does specifically name
00:54:49 barley in the verse too but anyway
00:54:50 that’s what that’s why Mead is such an
00:54:52 intoxicating drink well I think
00:54:55 specifically beer especially among beer
00:54:58 makers it’s mild barley
00:55:01 yeah one of the definition we can go
00:55:04 let’s actually go to the dictionary
00:55:06 instead of looking at my notes
00:55:09 um mild
00:55:11 soft that’s number two
00:55:15 not listen yeah oh go ahead not acrid
00:55:19 pungent corrosive or drastic operating
00:55:23 gently
00:55:24 not acrimonious
00:55:26 demolishment mollifying lenative
00:55:29 persuasive as a mild liquor a mild
00:55:35 cataplasm and a mild cathartic arimetic
00:55:39 so the big point is mild liquor
00:55:44 oh no that’s beer yeah yeah that’s beer
00:55:47 and look Joseph Smith drink it
00:55:50 and yeah um
00:55:53 let’s go check when Word of Wisdom was
00:55:54 given but that he drank beer June 1844
00:55:59 I’m pretty sure that’s long after Word
00:56:01 of Wisdom was given
00:56:03 I’m pretty sure that that was only that
00:56:06 was just over a month before he was shot
00:56:11 yeah but
00:56:13 um 1833
00:56:15 oh are you you’re a lot faster Porter
00:56:18 wisdom was given in 1833. so that’s um
00:56:24 11 years after right yeah that’s that’s
00:56:28 plenty of time to get used to it and
00:56:30 start following it right yeah because
00:56:33 because it was a commandment right oh
00:56:37 wait in the section it states
00:56:38 specifically that it’s not given by way
00:56:40 of commandment
00:56:43 and verse five is not complete without
00:56:46 verse six oh okay let me go back to that
00:56:49 since you want to talk about that hold
00:56:50 on yeah because I was gonna show you so
00:56:52 I’m thinking about wine for the
00:56:54 sacraments okay it is absolutely
00:56:56 incomplete without verse six and it is
00:56:59 my that is as much as any man drinketh
00:57:01 wine or strong drink among new behold it
00:57:02 is not good neither meat in the sight of
00:57:04 your father only in assembling
00:57:06 yourselves together to offer up your
00:57:07 sacraments and behold this should be
00:57:10 wine yea pure wine of the grape or of
00:57:14 the vine of your own Meg oh yeah I
00:57:17 should add that to someone else but yes
00:57:19 that does definitely clear up that five
00:57:21 is saying wine for the second part of
00:57:24 the same it’s all part of the same
00:57:25 statement
00:57:26 right oh so in here
00:57:29 so just so far we’re only talking about
00:57:32 alcohol right there’s more to Word of
00:57:33 Wisdom than alcohol oh absolutely
00:57:35 there’s a lot more to the word of wisdom
00:57:37 but we’ve been kind of focusing on that
00:57:39 but guess what there’s three types of
00:57:41 alcohol
00:57:42 in the word of wisdom there’s wine yeah
00:57:45 strong drink which is distilled over 20
00:57:48 and beer yep now the only one that’s not
00:57:52 for consuming is strong drinks which is
00:57:56 the distilled
00:57:58 and it actually States that’s for
00:58:00 washing of the body
00:58:01 yeah that’s liquor that’s actually or
00:58:03 for in other words for clean for
00:58:05 cleansing cuts and wounds correct and um
00:58:09 actually Joseph Smith uh used whiskey
00:58:12 before
00:58:13 doing re-baptisms also
00:58:15 yeah yeah
00:58:16 so it has um ordinance purposes also
00:58:20 um so anyways interesting I’ve done that
00:58:25 actually I mean you don’t do a little
00:58:27 dabble of olive oil on the top of
00:58:30 somebody’s crown
00:58:34 um um yeah I your commentary is funny
00:58:38 I I always wonder if you’re what Bible
00:58:41 you’re reading
00:58:43 [Laughter]
00:58:47 no I’m literally making fun of every
00:58:50 single tradition that I used to hold I I
00:58:53 know and I’m just heckling you for it
00:58:58 you’re in true oh I defended that crap
00:59:03 this is a part of my way of repenting I
00:59:06 guess that’s for sure you’re teaching
00:59:08 people and you’re trying to make it
00:59:09 obvious that’s that’s fine
00:59:11 um I’m not stopping you I’m just
00:59:13 heckling you back
00:59:17 um so here we go and again tobacco is
00:59:19 not for the body neither for the belly
00:59:21 and it’s not good for man but as an herb
00:59:23 for bruises
00:59:25 in other words it’s meant to be a
00:59:26 poultice yeah so this one does I mean
00:59:30 this does the word of wisdom
00:59:32 specifically yes don’t smoke
00:59:34 well and don’t and don’t shoot too yeah
00:59:39 for your belly yeah tobacco is actually
00:59:42 meant to be fed to sick cattle and to be
00:59:44 turned into poultices yeah it’s not for
00:59:47 chewing or smoking
00:59:49 um but on that Central sidetracking I
00:59:51 guess on other things
00:59:53 you won’t
00:59:54 find coffee or tea in here
00:59:57 nope all we have is the next verse which
01:00:01 says hot drinks are not for the body or
01:00:03 belly so what does that mean a little
01:00:06 temperature hot
01:00:08 right yeah like so if you so so if you
01:00:12 want to do cold so if you want to do
01:00:13 cold brew
01:00:15 go for it oh yeah you can do warm just
01:00:18 not hot
01:00:20 not boiling hot yeah yeah McDonald’s hot
01:00:24 so like yeah because you’re going to
01:00:26 burn your you’re going to burn your
01:00:28 throat anyways guys let me tell you
01:00:31 something do not I repeat do not drink
01:00:35 bottled water that’s been sitting in a
01:00:37 hot car for more than two hours
01:00:40 bad things happen so
01:00:44 let me show you something
01:00:46 so if the LDS church used to think it
01:00:50 was temperature then I’ll show you
01:00:53 hold on
01:00:55 um
01:00:59 really they used to think it was
01:01:00 temperature
01:01:01 yeah that’s interesting
01:01:05 so I’m kind of wondering how they
01:01:07 graduated to Coffee and Tea
01:01:10 or was that just another Power grab it’s
01:01:12 an out it’s it’s an outward first off
01:01:15 it’s an outward sign and it’s an outward
01:01:18 sign be lying a lack of inward
01:01:19 commitment
01:01:21 ah here we go it’s this one okay so uh
01:01:26 um you want to read this one Zach
01:01:32 we are told very and very plainly too
01:01:35 for hot drinks tea coffee chocolate oh
01:01:38 wait a minute look at this sorry I’m a
01:01:41 dork I’m interrupting hot chocolate was
01:01:44 used to be against their interpretation
01:01:46 and it gets better keep reading
01:01:49 oh girl and all drinks of this kind are
01:01:52 not good for men
01:01:54 they’re also told that alcoholic drinks
01:01:56 are not good now tobacco were neither
01:01:59 smoked or two doesn’t evil
01:02:02 we are told that science flesh is not
01:02:05 good kosher okay but that’s not the big
01:02:07 one I want to get to but yeah they used
01:02:09 to teach kosher
01:02:11 and then we shoot suspense with it
01:02:13 we were told that flesh of any kind is
01:02:15 not suitable to man in the summer time
01:02:17 not to be in sparingly into when in the
01:02:20 winter yeah that’s wrong and we can get
01:02:22 to that later but anyways they changed
01:02:25 the comma that makes it say that but
01:02:27 keep going
01:02:28 you must feed our children properly we
01:02:31 must not promote them permit them to
01:02:33 drink and liquor or hot drinks
01:02:36 okay stop there
01:02:39 awesome
01:02:41 it’s the interpretation
01:02:46 it’s temperature it really is simply
01:02:50 temperature
01:02:51 oh yeah it’s temperature all right will
01:02:54 cause your throat to have cancer I mean
01:02:55 I’m making fun of them right now but
01:02:57 it’s if it’s too hot
01:03:00 well if it’s too hot it’s bad I mean
01:03:02 it’s you’re gonna get burned yeah if
01:03:04 it’s too hot it’s going to cause damage
01:03:06 to your body like physical damage to
01:03:08 your body you’re gonna burn you’re gonna
01:03:10 burn and Scar your esophagus all the way
01:03:12 down oh yeah yeah I completely agreed it
01:03:14 and it’s this is just kind of a fun
01:03:16 quote to bring that out it’s all yeah
01:03:18 but you used to not drink hot chocolate
01:03:21 or hot soups and go to the temple
01:03:24 yeah
01:03:25 or today if he told someone that you
01:03:27 they call you a liar let me think let me
01:03:30 think about whether or not I care about
01:03:32 going to the temple
01:03:34 uh I don’t know yeah
01:03:39 that’s uh somewhat facetious on my part
01:03:43 if I if I have to think about whether I
01:03:46 care about something I don’t care about
01:03:48 it period
01:03:49 yeah
01:03:51 let’s go to the part about the um meat
01:03:55 sparingly hold on one minute okay
01:04:01 don’t eat like meat because otherwise
01:04:03 you get fat like me that’s not eating
01:04:06 sparingly foreign
01:04:10 [Music]
01:04:13 before I do that let’s let’s do
01:04:16 um so
01:04:17 dnc2 not by commandment nor constraint
01:04:20 now the oldest church constraints you
01:04:23 know constraint means
01:04:25 you force or you let’s see you compel or
01:04:31 bear action take away things if they
01:04:34 don’t do it you take things away right
01:04:38 that’s exactly what the LDS church does
01:04:40 they constrain
01:04:43 members to follow their faults interpret
01:04:46 false and changing interpretation
01:04:48 because you know Coke used to be against
01:04:51 it too and I have history on that
01:04:54 yep anyways Coke also used to have
01:04:57 cocaine in it well I know but this was
01:04:59 after that
01:05:03 um but here so it only makes you mildly
01:05:06 insane
01:05:08 no just making my own anyways
01:05:19 they added a comma that changes the
01:05:21 meaning of when you can eat meat okay it
01:05:25 changed it from you can eat meat all the
01:05:26 time sparingly versus you only can have
01:05:30 it sparingly in winter
01:05:34 or famine or famine
01:05:36 um and you can see that here because
01:05:40 yeah they made they put a cup they
01:05:42 insert a comma right after used yeah and
01:05:45 it changes the meaning
01:05:46 changes the whole meaning yeah okay and
01:05:49 to do this to or to support that I did a
01:05:52 post to try to help because there’s a
01:05:55 lot of
01:05:56 hmm
01:05:59 there’s a lot of brighamites that try to
01:06:02 say don’t eat meat because their false
01:06:04 prophets have taught that in the past
01:06:05 and so I did this post I just shared
01:06:08 with you to try to help them see the
01:06:11 Book of Mormon shows that you each meets
01:06:13 sparingly all the time and
01:06:17 um
01:06:17 as in my like fashion I have quite a few
01:06:21 verses that shows that they ate meat
01:06:24 when it was not winter or famine they
01:06:27 were eating Meats apparently all the
01:06:29 time
01:06:30 yeah well I I think that the I think the
01:06:33 point is is that meat isn’t supposed to
01:06:35 be the staple of your diet but it’s
01:06:38 supposed to be something that is there
01:06:41 are certain nutrients that if you don’t
01:06:42 eat meat you’re not going to get them
01:06:45 oh correct yeah it should I think the
01:06:48 United States and Argentina in general
01:06:50 both eat meat too much
01:06:53 um also they’re that’s that’s pretty
01:06:57 much any country in the world nowadays
01:06:58 Steve and it’s not just Argentina in the
01:07:00 United States
01:07:02 has become a staple
01:07:04 of most diets throughout the world most
01:07:08 I’m not gonna say all but most diets
01:07:10 throughout the world I mean it has
01:07:12 become a staple okay it’s caused so many
01:07:14 people to staple throughout the world
01:07:17 yeah sure and some of it’s because
01:07:18 they’re eating on kosher but anyways yes
01:07:22 so here a verse in the New Testament
01:07:26 um you want to read this one because
01:07:34 you’re you’re muted
01:07:37 um
01:07:38 now the spirits speak of expressly that
01:07:42 in the latter times some shall depart
01:07:44 from the faith giving heed to seducing
01:07:46 spirits and doctrines of devils speaking
01:07:49 lies in hypocrisy having their
01:07:52 conscience seared with a hot iron
01:07:54 forbidding to marry and commanding to
01:07:57 abstain from Meats which God hath
01:07:59 created to be received with Thanksgiving
01:08:02 of them which believe and know the truth
01:08:06 so not eating a meat is a doctrine of
01:08:09 demons
01:08:10 and I believe my question my question is
01:08:15 just because of the way this is all set
01:08:16 up is is this a list of all the things
01:08:19 that are wrong with them including
01:08:22 or or are these okay wait a minute
01:08:25 there’s that semicolon which actually
01:08:27 ties it to the neck to the last which
01:08:29 ties it to the first okay I see it now
01:08:32 okay so I think you answered your own
01:08:34 question all right yep pretty much okay
01:08:35 just by reading just by reading that’s
01:08:38 fine that’s what we’re here but
01:08:43 um one reason I believe not eating Meats
01:08:46 is a doctrine of demons is because
01:08:49 we are part commanded to partake of the
01:08:52 Lamb during Passover
01:08:54 right and that is flesh
01:08:58 which is symbolic of the sacrifice that
01:09:02 Yeshua did for us that already is that
01:09:06 already is alluded to at the tail end of
01:09:08 this verse which says which God hath
01:09:11 created to be received with Thanksgiving
01:09:13 of them which believe and know the truth
01:09:18 I can see that yeah
01:09:21 um
01:09:22 I mean also in Deuteronomy it has laws
01:09:26 about slaughtering animals sure if if
01:09:29 something was not to be done they
01:09:33 wouldn’t have laws governing it right
01:09:35 they would just saying don’t do it
01:09:38 uh also here’s uh another
01:09:42 um a verse in the DNC 49 that’s not as
01:09:46 commonly known but as also says the same
01:09:48 thing
01:09:49 don’t abstain from me sorry this one uh
01:09:53 uh okay and whosoever forbidth too
01:09:57 you know this is where I um have the
01:09:59 definition of two to help give some more
01:10:01 emphasis on
01:10:04 um to include or end effect abstain
01:10:10 from meats that men should not eat the
01:10:13 same is not ordained of LM for behold
01:10:16 the beasts of the fields and the vowels
01:10:18 of the air and that which cometh of
01:10:21 Earth is ordained for the use of man for
01:10:23 food arraignment that he may have in
01:10:27 abundance
01:10:29 God gave these animals to us for
01:10:32 abundance
01:10:34 well and it says right here quite
01:10:36 clearly that’s whosoever forbids man to
01:10:39 eat is not ordained of God
01:10:42 exactly especially well this is this is
01:10:46 another 10 this is basically another
01:10:49 it’s basically a similar test of
01:10:51 discernment to what’s recorded in um in
01:10:54 Deuteronomy where he’s talking about if
01:10:57 a man teaches you to worship after other
01:10:59 gods follow other things
01:11:02 follow other laws right yeah Deuteronomy
01:11:06 13. he’s not ordained of God right yeah
01:11:08 yeah it’s just going along if he tells
01:11:10 you not to obey Torah he’s not of God
01:11:13 yeah I I think that’s a good point uh
01:11:16 that been just brought out is how this
01:11:18 is applying it back yeah that’s pretty
01:11:22 that’s that’s a good thing oh yeah yeah
01:11:25 if you and so for those who do not
01:11:27 believe that the the Torah is over the
01:11:30 Torah is in the Doctrine and Covenants
01:11:31 it’s because you are you either do not
01:11:34 know Torah or you have or you have no
01:11:36 eyes to see with no ears to hear with
01:11:38 and no heart that one is willing to
01:11:40 understand or you’re hilarious
01:11:43 yeah yeah
01:11:46 nefarious I like that word that’s good
01:11:48 yeah go ahead Zach you want to say
01:11:49 something
01:11:50 well in the same section of what was it
01:11:53 49 uh-huh
01:11:55 like you were saying that uh what was it
01:11:57 called
01:12:02 oh
01:12:03 eating Meats all the time sparingly
01:12:06 right and um you know verse 21
01:12:09 oh here let me go switch
01:12:13 hold on
01:12:29 21 you said yeah
01:12:32 okay
01:12:33 we’ll be unto the man that shelf blood
01:12:36 or that wasted flesh and have no need
01:12:39 you shouldn’t just kill animals to kill
01:12:41 them for finance right this is actually
01:12:44 a reiteration of what God said to Noah
01:12:48 yeah in Genesis
01:12:51 jst Genesis chapter 9. okay hold on
01:12:59 let me get that up
01:13:02 sorry I didn’t have a Kindle prepared so
01:13:05 we have a load that time
01:13:08 but I
01:13:09 [Music]
01:13:09 um
01:13:13 we we don’t plan these things it just
01:13:15 happens naturally
01:13:19 [Music]
01:13:21 sometimes we have a little plan but
01:13:22 still it happens naturally in the
01:13:24 discussion right right about nine verse
01:13:29 what oh sorry uh I guess that’s
01:13:32 okay
01:13:34 S9 maybe that nine oh yep here we go
01:13:38 this is starting in verse 11.
01:13:44 and surely blood shall not be shed only
01:13:46 for meat to save lives on the blood of
01:13:49 every Beast will I require it will I
01:13:52 require your hand of your hat yeah yeah
01:13:55 and require at your hands and whoso
01:13:58 shedeth man’s blood by man shall his
01:14:00 blood be shed for man shall not shed the
01:14:03 blood of man
01:14:05 well
01:14:07 yeah so um again tying it back to Torah
01:14:10 yeah
01:14:12 exactly nice
01:14:15 yeah
01:14:18 um
01:14:20 yeah I don’t know what more to say on
01:14:22 that I think it’s pretty anybody really
01:14:25 there’s really nothing else to say it’s
01:14:27 yes we can eat meat sparingly but we
01:14:31 shouldn’t well
01:14:32 the point that I that’s what I’m saying
01:14:35 means sparingly but the point that I’m
01:14:38 making here is that all of this stuff in
01:14:40 modern Revelation is in Torah right and
01:14:44 I mean
01:14:45 because uh well I talk while I talk a
01:14:49 good line about some of these things not
01:14:51 you know that some of these things not
01:14:53 bothering me when people say that the
01:14:55 spirit of God tells them that there is
01:14:58 no Torah in the Book of Mormon or
01:15:00 Doctrine and Covenants
01:15:02 that pisses me off because they are not
01:15:05 listening to the spirit of God and they
01:15:07 say that they are they’re listening to a
01:15:09 lying Spirit yeah I I think you know
01:15:12 this could depend on the people right I
01:15:14 think sometimes
01:15:16 they don’t know any better they haven’t
01:15:18 studied tour so they don’t know it’s
01:15:20 there but I do agree that some are just
01:15:24 nefarious and are Liars
01:15:26 are received and some are deceivers
01:15:31 so I I just want to be careful that we
01:15:34 don’t put everybody in the same box on
01:15:35 that that’s true there are deceivers and
01:15:37 there are deceived right and and some
01:15:40 that just don’t know any better yet yeah
01:15:42 my goodness my goodness we’ve all been
01:15:45 in the position of the deceived at one
01:15:47 point or another in our lives
01:15:49 every single one of us here in this
01:15:51 group has been there
01:15:52 oh yeah I I didn’t keep Torah most of my
01:15:56 life at this point so
01:15:59 um
01:16:01 the record of my the record of my
01:16:04 misdege is fairly public uh sure and
01:16:06 I’ve stated some publicly and I’ve told
01:16:09 others privately on when it’s
01:16:11 appropriate
01:16:12 is just something that I that I choose
01:16:16 not to focus on that’s that was
01:16:18 that was a different person all together
01:16:21 yeah but but it but the point is is that
01:16:25 all of these things are reiterations of
01:16:28 what God
01:16:29 has already stated it’s re-explanations
01:16:32 of what God has already stated because
01:16:33 and the reason for this is because his
01:16:36 mind will do not change this is how we
01:16:39 can have faith in him this is how we can
01:16:41 develop that kind of
01:16:43 faith that moves mountains yes but
01:16:47 because we know that the requirements do
01:16:50 not change no they don’t change but
01:16:54 thank goodness that he keeps reiterating
01:16:56 it because that also shows his mercy and
01:16:59 his love to us because he knows
01:17:02 we are forgetful in nature yeah so
01:17:05 lectures on faith teaches things don’t
01:17:07 change morona 8 18 DNC thank goodness
01:17:11 Joseph Fielding Smith
01:17:13 um which I don’t really care about but
01:17:14 anyways it’s there
01:17:16 uh here’s random stuff that things don’t
01:17:19 filter
01:17:21 uh to who and for who uh anyways well I
01:17:24 was being very sarcastic uh
01:17:27 Joseph Smith and other scriptures
01:17:31 definitely I have a lot of book more
01:17:32 ones there you know the horror even
01:17:34 stays up anyways it’s all over the place
01:17:36 it doesn’t change right so
01:17:39 um
01:17:42 back on Word of Wisdom this one
01:17:46 um
01:17:49 let me find one eye oh here this one’s
01:17:54 interesting so Wilford Woodruff and this
01:17:58 is long after they voted to enforce
01:18:01 their false interpretation right yeah
01:18:03 1897. long time after yeah wife Restless
01:18:07 all night felt chilly look a little
01:18:11 Brandy oh wait that’s strong drink
01:18:16 of coffee
01:18:19 which I wonder why he wasn’t sleeping
01:18:23 like so alcohol continues coffee will
01:18:27 wake you up so you just anyways he has
01:18:31 lots of understanding here this is the
01:18:32 cut this is a cocktail of Destruction
01:18:34 right here
01:18:36 [Laughter]
01:18:39 and put some before daylight until 9 00
01:18:42 a.m so this is long after they this is
01:18:46 after they’ve made alcohol a part of
01:18:49 going to the campaign right but but he’s
01:18:53 immune to the laws
01:18:56 of the church because he had he’s had
01:19:00 his second anointing and therefore he
01:19:03 can do whatever he wants yeah because
01:19:07 he’s had a second and second anointing
01:19:09 as long as he doesn’t kill kids
01:19:14 that doesn’t necessarily just refer to
01:19:16 kids but yeah anyways as long as he
01:19:19 doesn’t shed innocent blood as long as
01:19:21 he doesn’t shed it isn’t blood he’s okay
01:19:24 A-Okay sin doesn’t exist outside
01:19:27 so when part of a cult is that your
01:19:31 leaders have different
01:19:33 rules and regulations they have to abide
01:19:36 by here’s willful rudra showing signs of
01:19:39 a cult
01:19:41 voice where do you know for me
01:19:45 sorry say that again Zach rules for you
01:19:47 none for me oh yeah that’s a cult very
01:19:50 well put
01:19:51 um
01:19:52 and uh anyways so let’s see what else
01:19:58 oh here’s a funny one
01:20:00 so this one’s funny because of
01:20:05 um you know how the elders Church fought
01:20:07 against medical marijuana right yeah
01:20:10 here’s James C Talmadge taking
01:20:14 experimenting on himself with marijuana
01:20:18 not not medically just experimenting for
01:20:20 the heck of it
01:20:23 um you want to read this Josh this is
01:20:24 some history from his journal number
01:20:26 Yeah March 17th 1884. future Apostle
01:20:31 James E Tallmadge Johns Hopkins
01:20:33 University that’s in Maryland uh writes
01:20:36 in his journal March 17th I have been
01:20:38 engaged sometime in the study of the
01:20:40 effects of Narcotics spun system I.E
01:20:42 studying the same
01:20:44 theoretically only
01:20:46 today I found a gentleman who works in
01:20:48 the same laboratory as I and who has for
01:20:50 two years been addicted to the habit of
01:20:52 eating hashish oh gosh or extract of
01:20:56 cannabis indica
01:20:58 pot uh he was very willing to give me
01:21:01 any data from his own experience and
01:21:03 gave me such five days later he includes
01:21:06 himself as a subject by taking cannabis
01:21:08 Indica himself
01:21:10 March 22 1884 James E Thomas begins
01:21:14 using hashish at Johns Hopkins
01:21:17 University who’s using it again I I
01:21:20 didn’t understand yeah that guy yeah
01:21:21 it’s Jamesy Talmadge yeah
01:21:24 as my physiology aren’t you so glad that
01:21:28 Jesus is the Christ
01:21:31 yeah anyways
01:21:33 um at Johns Hopkins University as my
01:21:37 physiological experiment of its effects
01:21:39 he takes three doses of five grains each
01:21:42 at each every hour solid extract
01:21:44 cannabis indica
01:21:46 oh solid it’s not smoked right by April
01:21:50 6th he is using 20 grains and the effect
01:21:52 was felt in a not very agreeable way
01:21:55 nevertheless he intends to vary the
01:21:58 trial in the future so he likes it and
01:22:01 he doesn’t want it to stop in other
01:22:03 words he’s hooked uh this is last
01:22:06 reference in Thomas’s diary using
01:22:08 narcotics four months later he becomes
01:22:10 member of stake eye Council that’s
01:22:12 awesome
01:22:14 um
01:22:17 this being Saturday was the day I
01:22:19 selected to study practically the
01:22:21 effects of hashish this evening after
01:22:24 work and all was over I took I took at
01:22:27 three doses each hour after the
01:22:29 proceeding five grain solid extract
01:22:33 cannabis indica
01:22:35 at this writing uh whatever that is
01:22:38 midnight at circumen
01:22:42 yeah five hours since last dose I have
01:22:45 experienced no effect whatever
01:22:47 the effect is said to be widely
01:22:49 different in different people
01:22:51 March 23 1884
01:22:53 the day after he took three doses five
01:22:55 grains each of hashish cannabis Indica
01:22:57 James E Thomas writes in his journal
01:22:59 Sunday spent quietly have had no result
01:23:02 to be noted of my physiological
01:23:04 experiment yesterday I do not feel
01:23:07 inclined to try again until the end of
01:23:08 next week it’s a realization of the
01:23:10 effects of the drug are not desirable on
01:23:12 working days oh imagine that
01:23:16 April 5th 1884.
01:23:19 the evening uh blank blank first
01:23:22 opportunity which is presented itself I
01:23:24 attempted my experiment on the effects
01:23:25 of hashish as referred to March 22nd
01:23:28 took all 15 grains no effect well I mean
01:23:32 man you’re hooked obviously there’s not
01:23:34 going to be a fight you guys to take so
01:23:36 much he had to take 50
01:23:39 . well do you see how he he’s been
01:23:42 increasing it right right he said he had
01:23:45 to get up to 20 grains to fill anything
01:23:48 and then it was disagreeable
01:23:51 anyways so I I just find that
01:23:54 interesting considering how they were
01:23:56 going against medical marijuana right
01:24:02 I mean
01:24:04 yeah that sucks that that’s just
01:24:07 um
01:24:08 that annoys me
01:24:10 uh well there it is full of
01:24:12 contradictions and cultists I can do do
01:24:15 what I say not what I do right
01:24:19 yeah
01:24:24 this has some interesting stuff in it um
01:24:28 there’s a lot there and because I don’t
01:24:31 know how much longer you want to stay so
01:24:32 I’m trying to find some maybe quick
01:24:33 stuff I’m actually gonna have to get off
01:24:35 here in about the next couple of minutes
01:24:37 because I gotta
01:24:39 even though it’s Friday I got a lot to
01:24:41 get through tomorrow at work so oh so
01:24:43 here’s one thing
01:24:44 um on coffee I just remembered that here
01:24:48 we
01:24:48 okay okay so this is not what I’m
01:24:51 thinking of but
01:24:57 so Joseph Smith had coffee
01:25:00 um but anyways so here’s one from
01:25:02 Brigham Young if a person is wary Worn
01:25:04 Out cast down fainting or dying a brandy
01:25:07 sling
01:25:08 a little wind or a cup of tea is good to
01:25:11 revive them do not throw these things
01:25:13 away and say they must never be used
01:25:16 they are good to be used with judgment
01:25:18 and prudence and discretion president
01:25:20 Brigham Young
01:25:23 um but that’s not the one I was thinking
01:25:24 of
01:25:26 on coffee there’s what about the good
01:25:28 evidence it’s a good example of how the
01:25:30 doctrine does change oh yeah and here
01:25:34 and the Pioneers they took one pound of
01:25:37 tea and coffee and one gallon of alcohol
01:25:39 per person
01:25:42 um on the Pioneer Trek
01:25:45 um I’m trying to find the one with ormus
01:25:48 because this is oh this this uh I have a
01:25:52 picture of it yeah
01:25:55 uh
01:25:58 um
01:25:59 sorry
01:26:01 oh no
01:26:03 let’s see where is it okay this one’s
01:26:07 funny
01:26:09 1934 Joseph because he ate white bread
01:26:17 this is crazy anyways put baby in a
01:26:21 corner yeah
01:26:27 I don’t know that I’d want to put baby
01:26:29 in a corner baby might find something
01:26:31 terrible to do
01:26:33 yeah so I mean
01:26:36 this man that’s when they put the that’s
01:26:38 when they put the baby in a corn
01:26:44 I’m not finding one that I’m trying to
01:26:46 find but anyways
01:26:48 alcohol drinking habit
01:26:52 well I don’t necessarily like the way
01:26:54 they put that because then it makes them
01:26:55 sound like an alcoholic well he wasn’t
01:26:57 but um I mean it’s in LDS admits that he
01:27:02 had a bar right right for a period of
01:27:05 time this is
01:27:08 bring a Twist on things to correlate
01:27:12 with what they’re being taught to do now
01:27:13 is what’s going on but they’re admitting
01:27:16 Joseph Smith drink and this is
01:27:18 after Word of Wisdom was given yeah they
01:27:20 they love to say that jodo Smith will
01:27:22 keep
01:27:23 what after this 116 plates were taken
01:27:27 away and he got the
01:27:29 you know the the gold plates and the
01:27:31 senior stones
01:27:33 your room and thumb and back
01:27:35 um that Joseph Smith has a quote says
01:27:37 I’ll do
01:27:38 what is right no matter how many people
01:27:40 follow me except in this and that and
01:27:42 this and that and that and we can go on
01:27:44 and on right right right this is just a
01:27:48 one of many more examples of the
01:27:50 contradictions
01:27:52 um
01:27:53 but
01:27:56 um
01:27:57 anyways
01:27:59 I’m trying to find the one where
01:28:01 uh here’s where they used to say Cola
01:28:04 drinks was against the word of wisdom
01:28:06 and that actually got started and I
01:28:09 think it it states that in the Mormon
01:28:10 think one that
01:28:12 um you know these false prophets get
01:28:15 these crazy ideas in their heads and
01:28:16 they think it’s
01:28:18 and they claim it’s from Yahweh and and
01:28:21 I think it was I don’t remember who but
01:28:23 one of the false prophets said you know
01:28:25 it’s against the word of wisdom to drink
01:28:27 Cola but then as yeah I talked about and
01:28:30 I can’t remember I I know what you’re
01:28:33 talking about but I can’t remember
01:28:34 exactly who it was either yeah I know
01:28:38 one of them made a statement to that
01:28:39 effect
01:28:49 I’m not finding it right now but I have
01:28:51 somewhere on one of my knobs that talks
01:28:53 about how then then Coke company came
01:28:57 and talked to the prophet at the time
01:28:59 and showed him it was not bad so then he
01:29:03 um took away that statement but a lot of
01:29:05 people still hang on to it right right
01:29:09 um but BYU in the last couple years is
01:29:11 actually starting to sell Coke and Pepsi
01:29:13 now so
01:29:15 um but that’s against the word of wisdom
01:29:18 why are they doing this well the way
01:29:21 they support gay marriage now anyway so
01:29:24 it’s uh
01:29:27 that one’s not fully yet it’s getting
01:29:31 there well just just give them another
01:29:32 year or two don’t worry it’ll be there
01:29:34 yeah yeah I I don’t get there fully at
01:29:37 some point but it’s not fully yet
01:29:40 um it shouldn’t be it shouldn’t even be
01:29:42 partially
01:29:44 I agree with you there but I’m just
01:29:46 saying that they do little at a time
01:29:48 right
01:29:51 um anyways so if you need to go this is
01:29:55 probably good topping point for Word of
01:29:57 Wisdom stuff yes
01:30:02 one more in Word of Wisdom thing I I do
01:30:05 want to consider this and I’ll share
01:30:07 where I have it but we don’t necessarily
01:30:09 have to go find it
01:30:11 but if you think Word of Wisdom Fates
01:30:14 you can’t drink wine or have alcohol in
01:30:17 any form
01:30:18 you can’t eat bread
01:30:21 oh yes that’s true bread is alcoholic
01:30:26 and I have some stuff here that shows
01:30:29 that from science
01:30:32 sort of explains why it helps with the
01:30:37 not getting drunk part
01:30:39 yeah
01:30:41 um oh oh I do want to share one other
01:30:43 thing
01:30:44 um
01:30:46 here so 17
01:30:50 okay
01:30:52 now that was oh no it’s 19. so let me go
01:30:55 I don’t have that here so let’s go again
01:31:01 so I’ll the reason I started
01:31:04 drinking
01:31:06 was because I wanted this promise
01:31:09 so
01:31:13 and I believe it’s come through come
01:31:15 true
01:31:18 so we’ll start with 18. All Saints who
01:31:21 remember and keep these things make wine
01:31:23 for the sacrament
01:31:24 and
01:31:25 beer is good for man
01:31:28 right walking obedience to these
01:31:30 Commandments shall receive Health in the
01:31:31 navel mirror on the bones and shall find
01:31:34 wisdom and great Treasures of knowledge
01:31:36 even hidden treasures and shall run and
01:31:39 not beware and shall walk and not faint
01:31:42 I believe
01:31:43 part of the reason some of the things
01:31:45 that you always given me
01:31:47 is because I drink wine for the
01:31:50 sacrament then I drink a beer
01:31:53 I literally do believe that
01:31:55 well let me look right here it’s I just
01:31:58 read it out of dnc89 where do I stumbled
01:32:01 yeah
01:32:04 and so yeah if you eat the way that
01:32:08 you’re supposed to and you drink the way
01:32:10 you’re supposed to do and if you rest
01:32:12 the way that you’re supposed to that
01:32:14 opens your that opens your soul mm-hmm
01:32:18 [Music]
01:32:19 yep uh now don’t overdo it don’t become
01:32:23 because alcohol is good and bad to it
01:32:26 and
01:32:28 um some people overdo it become
01:32:30 continuous drunkards no right it’s okay
01:32:34 to get drunk occasionally okay
01:32:36 um no one got drunk celebrations
01:32:39 celebrations whatever right yeah the
01:32:42 problem is when you become a drunkard
01:32:43 that’s when you’re like it’s just
01:32:46 basically addicted yes alcoholism being
01:32:48 addicted to it and eating it all the
01:32:51 time and that’s not good
01:32:53 um
01:32:54 so
01:32:56 that’s a problem and and and I’ve I’ve
01:32:58 felt the same way for a very for a very
01:33:00 long time I mean I I drink I’m you know
01:33:04 I I drink wine with a Sacrament I have a
01:33:07 beer every now and then I mean it’s not
01:33:10 every day but you know I do
01:33:13 um I I right now I have about on on
01:33:15 average one wine a week for Sacrament
01:33:19 primarily and
01:33:21 um
01:33:21 one beer on occasion a week yeah and
01:33:25 that and that’s exactly that’s exactly
01:33:27 what I do I mean I I drink wine with the
01:33:30 sacrament and
01:33:31 I might have
01:33:34 a beer a week it’s like
01:33:38 yeah yeah when I first started I hated
01:33:41 the taste of both actually I did it
01:33:44 because of that promise I kept doing it
01:33:46 because of the promise that when I first
01:33:47 started drinking beer
01:33:49 I would uh in Utah when I started there
01:33:52 was uh pop beers what I would call
01:33:53 flavored beers right oh yeah yeah yeah
01:33:55 we get used to it
01:33:57 um I had those for a while now I can
01:33:59 just drink beer straight
01:34:01 um yeah I think honestly
01:34:05 I think honestly with regards to beer
01:34:08 drinking beer how often you should do it
01:34:10 whether you should do it
01:34:12 that’s something that you can gain
01:34:13 personal revelation
01:34:16 um yeah yeah
01:34:18 the only one I would kind of push more
01:34:20 on is wine for Sacramento yeah blind for
01:34:23 Sacramento
01:34:25 if anything it could just be a little
01:34:27 bit right
01:34:31 that does seem pretty settled but the uh
01:34:34 but I think that the beer
01:34:38 what have you he says that it’s good for
01:34:40 you but he also says that he also he
01:34:43 also
01:34:45 wisdom it’s not a commandment right
01:34:49 it’s not a commandment and the word of
01:34:51 wisdom is meant for us to gain wisdom
01:34:53 from by seeking Revelation on it yes I
01:34:57 agree sure this is kind of like Psalms
01:34:59 and Proverbs right
01:35:00 [Music]
01:35:02 yeah
01:35:03 um all right well I guys I’m gonna have
01:35:06 to I’m gonna have to go to bed
01:35:08 um
01:35:09 but this is a fascinating conversation
01:35:12 and uh I’ve had a really great time I’ve
01:35:16 actually stayed later than I normally do
01:35:17 because
01:35:18 you’re
01:35:19 fascinating and I I think we could do
01:35:22 some more but I think we’ve hit some
01:35:24 good high points for you to start
01:35:26 thinking about right yes absolutely
01:35:29 uh so um I appreciate it and um I shall
01:35:34 see you all and on
01:35:36 okay uh I’m just gonna pause for a
01:35:38 minute