James Scott Trimm and The Stick of Joseph

A while back ago someone warned me about Michael Jones/James Scott Trimm and the Stick of Joseph, a Hebrew edition of the Book of Mormon, from the Snufferites. I took the warning seriously and looked into it. I found support online for what I was being told. I also checked with people who were involved.

After my research I asked that all my comments on The Stick of Joseph website to removed, which after a while they were. But not until after Michael Jones/James Scott Trimm chatted with me on Facebook. He was very deceptive, cunning and showed a mastery of manipulating words, to be short, he was not honest nor direct. And I caught him in the lies he was spinning in the conversation.

If anyone is interested Rob Kay from The Mormon Yeshiva before the Snufferites decided to do one. And interesting enouh for the most parts the Snufferites thought nothing of it then. And only thought it was important after Snufferites leaders did one themselves. Makes you wonder if they are seeking YHWH glory or their own pride? Are they following the Holy Spirit or the arm of flesh?

Voices From the Dust: Volume 1: The Record of Nephiy
Voices From the Dust: Volume 2: The Record of Nephiy
Voices From the Dust: Volume3: The Record of Nephiy

Recently multiple people have asked me about The Stick of Joseph, including during this Scripture Study, so I have decided to publish the post I shared in my Facebook groups.

Adrian Larsen, a top leader/blogger in the Snufferites movement, has publicly stated it is not for him. One has to ask why he would say that? Does the Book of Mormon teach something different when translated into another language? No it does not. The Book of Mormon teaches the same precepts no matter what language it is in. And Joseph Smith taught we should abide [adhere to, maintain defend 1828 Webster’s Dictionary], just like how the scriptures teach we are to guard the Torah/YHWH’s instructions.

I told the brethren that the Book of Mormon was the most correct of any book on earth, and the keystone of our religion, and a man would get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts, than by any other book.
Joseph Smith, History of the Church, volume 4, page 461

Why is it that the Snufferites will not tell us everyone who worked on this translation?

Below is the post I shared in Nazarene Mormon (2020-03-2 post) and Remnant High Holidays (2020-03-02 post) Facebook groups:

I have removed Michael Jones and his posts, I have left his comments on other peoples posts.

Please steer clear of James Scott Trimm and things he does. He has posted 6 steps in online forums to deconvert people from believing in the BoM, all caps are his. 1 HEBRAIC ROOTS 2 GENTILIZATION 3 RESTORATION 4 FREEDOM IN TORAH 5 REVEALING THE TORAHLESS ONE 6 WEANING THEM OFF THE BOOK OF MORMON

It is true he may have repented, but considering he has not made a public statement about repenting, in that he wronged the public at large by public posts he needs to repent to the public, just as Alma the younger went city to city repenting of his wrongs he did, I don’t believe he has repented.

He has sought a buyer for his BoM in the past, and he has found one recently.

A quote from Outline of Unrighteousness :

James Trimm writes numerous articles, forum posts, books and such. The net is littered with his work. In all of his writings, a common pattern soon becomes quite obvious to anyone checking his quotes and references, on the small amount of writings even bearing references. The pattern is that James Trimm constantly misquotes. He picks and chooses parts of verses, peoples quotes, and authors quotes ( yes authors are people too). He does this because if he were to quote an entire sentence or passage, the context would obviously be different than what he is trying to promote. James is banking on the fact that no one will check him out. Many of those following him,do not even realize how deceptive and manipulative he is. They accept him at face value, taking him to be a Jew, who has a doctorate, is a rabbi, leader of a Beit Din and yeshiva, who is an Aramaic and Hebrew expert. Research has proven otherwise, as well as the fact that the only thing he might be a master of is word manipulation. Truth is a foreign language to Trimm. Responsibility in writing is obviously not a concern of his because it does not evidence itself in his writings. He must not take the warning in James 3:1 too seriously, becausehe teaches deception on a regular basis, without fear of YHWH.

If you read through this post about his BoM activities, he has been busy for a long time figuring out how to work with Mormons by post at various places claiming it is research. James Trimm’s relationship with the Book of Mormon

YHWH does not work through deceptive means as James Scott Trimm has been with the BoM and other things he has plagiarized. Plagiarisms

James Trimm is part of the deceptive plan behind The Stick of Joseph. This is not everything I know, but enough to suffice for my purposes to warn others. Please be careful.

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