Scripture Study 2023-05-04

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00:00:22 D&C 76:98-101 tells us if we follow a prophet, including Yeshua, we will receive the lowest glory
00:03:14 The gospel is about becoming like Yeshua
00:03:44 We are to make the gospel our own
00:04:20 John the baptist stated I must decreased and Yeshua must increase
00:04:39 Good teachers don’t make you dependent upon them
00:05:19 Most are saying testimony when they mean belief
00:05:25 Reincarnation denies Yeshua atonement
00:06:08 Alma 34 states infinite atonement
00:06:36 Alma 34 talks about the Law of Moses
00:08:51 D&C 76 is valid scripture
00:09:11 Parable of the Sower
00:09:15 Chiasmus explaining
00:10:15 First part of Mosiah was on the 116 pages
00:10:48 Chiasmus explaining
00:12:58 Hosea 4:6 is about Knowledge of Torah
00:14:38 Sanctification comes as you keep Torah as stated in the doctrine of the Messiah.
00:15:50 Sanctification is Celestial Glory
00:16:17 Marriage is not a requirement for Celestial Glory
00:16:55 Anciently parents picked their children’s spouces
00:19:48 Parable of the Sower
00:22:15 The Father and the Son are the same entity
00:23:11 Lectures on Faith and personage
00:24:08 Not all of the glory
00:24:42 Ether 3:14, I am the Father and the Son
00:25:35 Celestial Glory is Church of the First Born not of the Father
00:26:38 Definition of Personage
00:27:59 Lectures on Faith does not teach reincarnation / MMP
00:28:17 We are commanded to keep Torah perfectly
00:30:23 We have sinned in the past but because of Yeshua’s sacrafice we can go to heaven
00:31:24 Three different glories in one Heaven, not three different kingdoms
00:31:39 Glories is by works according to Torah
00:32:17 Yeshua has Gloria because he kept the law
00:32:28 The Parable of the Sower is about how well you keep the law
00:32:48 Saved by grace, rewarded by our works
00:33:33 1 Corinthians 15 has three glories without the JST
00:33:44 Glory from our first estate
00:36:17 1 Corinthians 15 has three glories without the JST
00:37:41 Paraphrasing the glories
00:38:29 Telestial descriptions
00:39:37 Parable of the Sower is important
00:39:56 These are people who received forgiveness and go back and sin again
00:40:34 Telestial in the one Kingdom with different brightnesses
00:41:44 Four fleshes and possible meaning
00:43:47 Three Glories, and stars differ from other stars
00:45:26 Three has to do with redemption
00:45:35 The fourth category, Sons of Perdition are stoned
00:45:55 Resurrection of dead
00:46:58 We can see the three glories in 1 Corinthians 15 with the jst and without it
00:47:20 Parable of the talents
00:47:38 The three that accepted Him
00:48:19 More you keep Torah higher in His leadership you will be
00:48:55 D&C 76 on ministering Torah (not a person)
00:52:13 Theory of why 5, 2 and 1 talent
00:53:22 Five principles inside the 10 commandments
00:53:56 Number of talents could be pointing to the principles of Torah
00:56:11 He knows his Master
00:56:37 Great and dreadful day and why that name
00:59:10 Churches don’t give distinct laws you are breaking
00:59:27 Are you striving to learn and keep Torah
01:00:09 Implementations of the 10 commandments
01:00:36 Are you living to the best you know, and try to learn more
01:01:12 Acts 15 go to the synagogue and learn from Moses
01:01:42 Torah is in Genesis
01:02:30 Samuel 15:23
01:05:42 5 Principles, rewarded according to your works
01:06:20 We will have everything the Father has, He will always be our Lord
01:08:05 YHWH hates the sinner
01:08:28 ruler over many things, like minister
01:09:05 Tabernacle has three categories
01:09:53 Gate guarded sentinels
01:10:08 Three categories
01:10:15 Outside the gate are the sons of perditions
01:10:46 All Israelites can go here
01:10:53 In the holy you have to be a minister
01:12:19 Holy of holy is Celestial
01:14:18 Those who work miracles have all their sins forgiven
01:16:50 Wings represent power
01:17:19 Don’t know this Parable then won’t know all parables
01:17:52 Tabernacle patterned after heaven, D&C 76 is about heaven
01:18:09 I believe Adam and Enoch had a Temple
01:18:39 Someone really with Melchizedek priesthood could setup a tabernacle
01:19:05 No alluding to temple
01:19:39 Parable of the Talents
01:20:05 Terrestrial
01:21:14 Two rulers just like D&C 76
01:22:19 YHWH reaps where He directed
01:23:10 Hiding in the earth connects with Parable of the Sower and stones
01:23:57 Does not love his Lord
01:25:21 Most is Telestial, theory about outer darkness
01:29:25 The harvest goes with D&C 76
01:30:06 Barley, unleavened bread, is Celestial
01:30:39 Wheat, Pentecost, is Terrestrial
01:30:49 Grapes, Tabernacles, is Telestial
01:31:16 Burning is Sons of Perdition
01:32:11 Matthew 5:19 has degrees in the kingdom
01:33:23 Not everyone is equal in the kingdom
01:34:35 Yeshua says there are greater and lesser in the kingdom
01:35:58 Parallels from D&C 76
01:36:15 Sons of Perdition
01:36:57 Polygamy is against Torah
01:38:05 This is get people out of being poor
01:39:07 Freed the 7th year
01:39:55 Maidservant is being married
01:40:22 This is about the divorced decree
01:42:15 Maidservant needs to get married
01:42:41 Focused on what the people in front of them needed
01:43:23 Not about polygamy
01:43:45 Taking care of the women
01:44:11 JST is better
01:45:00 No difference between rich and poor
01:46:09 Don’t covet
01:47:15 Telestial understand some law
01:48:03 MMP / reincarnation pushers can’t really answer questions
01:49:48 Yeshua did this for the sanctified, others will benefit
01:51:34 Reincarnation problems
01:51:46 No work after we die
01:52:12 In and Out is a Hebrew idiom
01:52:34 They cannot handle someone really looking at these things
01:54:03 Terrestrial, the word WITHOUT, connection to Parable of the Sower
01:59:26 Celestial, KEEPING THE COMMANDMENTS, Sanctification, Power
02:02:37 Charity is keeping the law aka righteousness
02:03:38 Connection with the Parable Talents
02:04:15 You will recognize Me when you are like Me
02:05:01 Galatians 5 is listing laws
02:05:22 Gifts of the spirit
02:07:00 Harvests connections with D&C 76
02:08:41 One law in Heaven
02:09:06 1 Corinthians 15 parallels D&C 76
02:10:19 Have the spirit more abundantly after being baptized means you can have it abundantly before
02:11:03 Three feasts go with the three glories
02:13:48 Barely was destroyed before the exodus and could not be used to determine the year, which it shouldn’t be anyways
02:14:50 Barley harvest is Celestial
02:21:33 Wheat harvest is Terrestrial
02:24:37 Penecost, wheat / terrestrial, receiving the law aka having to be ministered the law
02:27:41 It’s fustrating to see others not keep the law
02:30:10 Satan goes after those who have a testimony and keep Torah
02:31:06 We are affected by other peoples sins
02:32:08 YHWH calls leaders others are to learn from
02:34:49 Needing someone to rule over them just like in D&C 76
02:36:48 Terrestrial people
02:37:53 40 * 50 = times of the Gentiles, Daniel 9
02:41:02 Terrestrial have others over them
02:42:14 Grape harvest is Telestial
02:42:58 Sons of Perdition
02:43:53 Grape harvest is Telestial
02:45:58 Barley is prepared by the wind / Spirit
02:47:13 Wheat needs some beating
02:47:54 Grapes are trodden under foot
02:48:38 The three harvests match D&C 76
02:48:55 Supposed three levels of fulfilment
02:52:51 Talking about revivals
02:54:56 YHWH has glory from keeping Torah
02:55:30 Looking at the greek behind 1 Corinthians 15:23
03:02:41 Not everyone who says Lord Lord will receive glory
03:03:26 A pattern of more talking on Telestial than other groups
03:04:49 Paul talking of the grape harvest
03:08:00 Good article but not perfect, shows the three harvests and the three resurrections
03:08:55 D&C 76 is bringing out what is in the scriptures already
03:09:46 Alma 40 teaches resurrections at different times
03:10:31 Prophets admit they don’t know everything
03:10:53 D&C 76 is valid, have not figured out every little detail
03:11:09 D&C 76 one kingdom, one law
03:11:22 You minister the law not a person
03:12:44 We need to call repentance



00:00:00 um
00:00:02 so
00:00:04 I
00:00:06 Bob wants to talk about DNC 76 and I
00:00:10 just want to do something that
00:00:12 is oh from dnc76 but it’s
00:00:16 um not quite the subject he wants but
00:00:18 just to bring something out
00:00:22 um
00:00:22 this is a good one because in the church
00:00:26 I grew up in I think all of us are were
00:00:31 there to some degree
00:00:32 um before right they they have this
00:00:35 thing about follow the prophets okay
00:00:40 interestingly enough DMC 76 States if
00:00:44 you follow a prophet you’re going to
00:00:47 receive the lowest
00:00:50 degree of Glory okay oh cool
00:00:55 so here’s my little intro I gave to
00:00:59 people and then we’ll read the verse but
00:01:00 here’s something that DNC 76 teaches
00:01:03 that people don’t like the LDS
00:01:05 brighamine church teaches to follow a
00:01:07 prophet the DNC 76 warns us if we do
00:01:11 you’ll go to the T cholesterol Kingdom
00:01:14 which is the lowest in the you know this
00:01:16 may sound funny but the way I remember
00:01:17 is because apparently tea is bad for you
00:01:20 that’s always the lowest one anyways
00:01:23 yeah news to me
00:01:31 I mean that’s a false interpretation of
00:01:34 water wisdom and that’s a whole other
00:01:36 subject but anyways yeah
00:01:39 maybe we can hit that next week uh if
00:01:42 you want to sure I have a lot of stuff
00:01:44 on the word of wisdom yeah let’s do that
00:01:46 next week yeah let’s do it sure well
00:01:48 remind me because I’ll I won’t remember
00:01:50 anyways
00:01:52 I would have slept since then
00:01:56 anyway
00:01:58 sometimes so hey Bob you want to read
00:02:01 this little chiasm
00:02:03 um out for us
00:02:05 sure
00:02:10 my 50s now so she’s good uh and the
00:02:14 glory of the celestial Was Won even as
00:02:17 the glory the stars is one for as one
00:02:19 starts differs from another star in
00:02:21 glory even so Dippers one from another
00:02:24 and glory in the celestial world for
00:02:26 these are they who are Paul and Apollos
00:02:28 and seedless these are they who say
00:02:30 there are some of one and some of
00:02:32 another some of Christ the Messiah some
00:02:34 of Johnson of Moses some of the last
00:02:36 some of isaists Summers Isaiah and some
00:02:40 of Enoch
00:02:41 but received not of the Gospel
00:02:43 received not the gospel neither the
00:02:45 testimony of Jesus Yeshua neither the
00:02:48 prophets neither the Everlasting
00:02:50 Covenant
00:02:51 so
00:02:53 um
00:02:53 a big portion of this text is saying if
00:02:57 you say you are of this Prophet for that
00:03:00 Prophet which is basically
00:03:02 you’re following that individual person
00:03:04 that profits right
00:03:07 um that’s even if you say you follow
00:03:09 Christ correct even if you say people of
00:03:11 Christ you’re going to the tea Leicester
00:03:13 world
00:03:14 and the reason is
00:03:16 the gospel is about becoming
00:03:22 and yeah if all you’re doing is if all
00:03:25 you’re doing is following you’re not
00:03:27 becoming if all you’re doing is
00:03:29 believing on the words of somebody
00:03:30 you’re not becoming like them
00:03:33 correct without becoming like the most
00:03:35 important person which is there’s only
00:03:37 one God that is supposed to be coming
00:03:38 becoming like not a not a man obviously
00:03:41 right yes right obviously honestly and
00:03:44 then also I think it goes along with
00:03:45 this is that
00:03:48 um 35 11 I’m
00:03:51 [Music]
00:03:53 in some other places I can’t remember
00:03:55 them all but Yeshua brings out how he
00:03:59 got
00:04:00 the teachings the gospel the doctrine
00:04:03 the laws from his father and then made
00:04:07 it his own
00:04:09 [Music]
00:04:10 now if you’re just following some other
00:04:12 prophet
00:04:14 have you made it your own
00:04:16 no you have not
00:04:19 um
00:04:20 John the Baptist so Yeshua in the New
00:04:22 Testament States is the greatest Prophet
00:04:24 one of my favorite phrases from him is
00:04:27 that
00:04:28 I John the Baptist must decreased and he
00:04:32 Yeshua the promised Messiah must
00:04:34 increase
00:04:35 meaning
00:04:37 um
00:04:39 he was a teacher he had disciples under
00:04:42 him in fact in non-conical Works he had
00:04:45 Thirty as direct disciples
00:04:49 um
00:04:50 and some of them actually became a
00:04:52 Disciples of the Messiah right but
00:04:54 anyways
00:04:55 um
00:04:56 it’s fine to be a teacher and it’s good
00:04:59 to be a teacher and we should be
00:05:02 um but you shouldn’t make people
00:05:04 dependent upon you you should make them
00:05:07 so they receive the Gospel themselves
00:05:10 and get a testimony a real testimony in
00:05:15 the Messiah not a Believer what most
00:05:18 people say
00:05:19 they think a testimony is actually just
00:05:22 a belief right
00:05:25 um that reminds me that repeat Doctrine
00:05:27 how it takes how these Mysteries take
00:05:28 away from focus on the Savior you notice
00:05:31 that everybody can do their own
00:05:33 atonements everybody is going to have to
00:05:36 go to the next and become this version
00:05:39 of Jesus rather than focusing on him and
00:05:42 giving all glory to him and and love and
00:05:45 honor and everything right so right
00:05:47 right
00:05:48 um and then he’s actually against the
00:05:50 spirit and tenor of those who survive in
00:05:52 Revelation
00:05:53 yeah
00:05:55 um that is a group of people who think
00:05:58 they have to work out their own
00:05:59 salvation and they’re denying yeshua’s
00:06:03 infinite atonement
00:06:06 because they think they need to do it
00:06:07 themselves
00:06:08 I was just studying that yesterday I
00:06:11 think it’s almost 37 it talks about it I
00:06:13 could be wrong but maybe it’s 32 33.
00:06:16 well it’s wonderful it’s in almost
00:06:18 somewhere it’s in the 30s I know that
00:06:21 that’s right
00:06:23 Alba said a lot of really good stuff
00:06:26 about the atonement it’s all over the
00:06:28 30s wow
00:06:30 that’s a true statement
00:06:36 um the only reason that one comes to
00:06:37 mind on this because it’s an important
00:06:39 one for me on law of Moses but it might
00:06:43 be a different one but I don’t know if
00:06:44 this one Rings about the atonement’s
00:06:46 infinite oh it was 34 you’re right yeah
00:06:50 um but this one’s a key one for me on a
00:06:53 whole nother subject and so that’s just
00:06:54 why I happened to know that one
00:06:57 um and we won’t get sidetracked on that
00:06:59 one because that one’s a big Sidetrack
00:07:01 but anyways
00:07:05 um but I have a recording on that I can
00:07:07 give you okay
00:07:10 that chiasm right there defines the law
00:07:13 of Moses
00:07:14 yes
00:07:15 um
00:07:16 so yeah we so if you look at these bees
00:07:20 and you know what’s going on it’s law of
00:07:22 Moses and especially even a
00:07:25 um where it points to these beasts of
00:07:27 kind of vowels those have to do with the
00:07:30 sacrifices that go with the law of Moses
00:07:32 and
00:07:34 um here’s a the last
00:07:36 great last sacrifice they’re both
00:07:39 talking about the law of Moses not all
00:07:42 sacrifices because even Joseph Smith
00:07:44 states that there are going to be animal
00:07:46 sacrifices
00:07:47 um
00:07:48 so
00:07:50 at some future day yes yes I mean I mean
00:07:54 so here’s the quote we can get more into
00:07:56 it I’ll give a link later because we’re
00:07:58 getting off the subject but we never do
00:08:00 that so
00:08:03 unless you guys want to focus on that
00:08:06 but
00:08:07 um no all right I’ll I’ll give you my
00:08:10 recording that gives you the basics for
00:08:13 that uh and you can watch it later
00:08:17 um all three hours of it
00:08:20 [Laughter]
00:08:33 what are you talking about
00:08:35 okay we were shy of three hours by 19
00:08:39 minutes yeah actually though Ben it was
00:08:41 your fault you had to leave
00:08:43 [Laughter]
00:08:45 I could have kept going
00:08:47 um but anyway
00:08:51 um okay so the the main question here is
00:08:55 DNC 76 scripture invalid inaccurate
00:09:00 yes
00:09:02 it is okay and we can see
00:09:05 this in multiple places in fact probably
00:09:09 one of the first places I saw was the
00:09:11 parable of the sower okay and now you’ll
00:09:15 see I I do my homework and I do my
00:09:18 chiasms okay I love Mike I didn’t know
00:09:20 Titans are but I’m going to figure it
00:09:23 out I’m gonna put uh here I’ll give you
00:09:25 literary advice
00:09:28 Hebrew poetry basically yeah ah
00:09:33 um
00:09:34 and so the smallest
00:09:37 uh one is like a b b a okay
00:09:42 um oh wait I do have that link already
00:09:46 um so just to show you real quick maybe
00:09:50 I I don’t know if I have any simple ones
00:09:52 there we’ll see
00:09:53 [Music]
00:09:54 um so that’s me and my mission and that
00:09:56 right there is from The Book of Mormon
00:09:59 wreath formatting and parallelistic
00:10:01 patterns and that is if I remember
00:10:04 correctly Alma 17 and Beyond in chiastic
00:10:07 form
00:10:09 um
00:10:09 so anyways here’s one that someone
00:10:13 um shared with me from the book of the
00:10:15 whole book of mosiah
00:10:17 and this is interesting here that the
00:10:21 second or the first a is missing and if
00:10:23 you look into this we’re missing the
00:10:26 first chapter
00:10:28 or two of mosiah was on the
00:10:31 um
00:10:33 on the 116 pages that we’ve lost but
00:10:36 anyways you see here it goes a b c d e f
00:10:39 g all wait o and it goes backwards o n m
00:10:42 l okay all the way back to a okay
00:10:48 it’s uh it’s basically
00:10:51 um basically what the
00:10:53 it’s a Hebrew literary structure where
00:10:57 in each element
00:10:59 actually mirrors another element
00:11:03 further down and they build to the
00:11:06 central element here as shown as in o
00:11:11 as the central element yeah
00:11:16 what is the focus of the poll yeah
00:11:19 that’s that’s what the chiasm points to
00:11:23 is that’s really your central the
00:11:25 central the central focal point
00:11:33 now I disagree with I disagree with uh
00:11:37 some of the wording here where it talks
00:11:39 about the Old Law
00:11:41 oh yeah
00:11:42 this right here this yeah this is from a
00:11:46 a typical restoration believer who’s a
00:11:48 Christian Okay so
00:11:50 Yeah so basically basically what the
00:11:53 central portion of most of the book of
00:11:55 mosiah does
00:11:57 is tie the law together with Jesus
00:11:59 Christ
00:12:00 yeah right
00:12:02 um
00:12:03 so but you’ll
00:12:05 one thing to keep in mind when you look
00:12:08 at the same stanzas like the first B and
00:12:10 the second B
00:12:12 um they help you understand a concept
00:12:15 more
00:12:17 um they will either
00:12:19 support each other or contrast each
00:12:22 other to help you better understand
00:12:23 what’s being stated there
00:12:27 and the Book of Mormon is full of them
00:12:29 and in fact if you want
00:12:34 um oops
00:12:38 not that I ever promote my things
00:12:41 not at all no uh this post right here I
00:12:44 did was 101 uh chiasms in it that they
00:12:48 give you a good flavor forms of them are
00:12:50 small and some of them are big
00:12:53 um
00:12:58 Hosea one let’s do Hosea that one’s a
00:13:01 good one
00:13:05 they spell it wrong hold on so this is a
00:13:07 small one this one’s just an ABA but
00:13:11 you’ll see here at each point here it’s
00:13:14 got an A B on each one of these so the
00:13:18 small ones are easy but some of these
00:13:20 get more complex and you’ll
00:13:22 um you have chiasm inside of chiasms
00:13:25 okay
00:13:27 um but here this one’s important for
00:13:30 um knowledge okay
00:13:33 um Josh you want to read it
00:13:35 sure
00:13:37 my people are destroyed for lack of
00:13:39 knowledge
00:13:40 because thou has rejected knowledge I
00:13:43 will also reject you or thee
00:13:47 that thou shalt be no priest to me
00:13:49 seeing thou Hast forgotten the law in
00:13:52 Hebrew that’s Torah literally of thy God
00:13:55 if you go to the Hebrew the literal word
00:13:59 behind wall right there is Torah
00:14:03 of thy God Elohim I will also forget thy
00:14:07 children
00:14:09 which also translates to followers now
00:14:12 look at this if you go a-a
00:14:15 lack of knowledge you pers for God
00:14:17 forgotten forgotten forgotten the law
00:14:20 forgotten the law a b you rejected
00:14:23 knowledge
00:14:24 you
00:14:27 know
00:14:28 that’s very clever that’s very clever
00:14:32 I like it the wolves with the Keen Eye
00:14:35 and ears to hear
00:14:38 the knowledge that
00:14:40 you need to gain is Torah and the reason
00:14:44 why
00:14:45 is a big part of this post
00:14:47 sanctification
00:14:49 okay
00:14:51 um just uh I know I’m side cracking but
00:14:55 I this is
00:14:56 oh but that’s good stuff right there
00:14:58 that’s that’s good so
00:15:00 there’s there’s
00:15:01 three baptisms right so now look at this
00:15:05 is just me my cousin brain I’m putting
00:15:08 the doctor in Christ into chiasm a
00:15:11 repent and return to Torah be baptism of
00:15:14 water
00:15:16 B baptism of fire which is
00:15:20 um justification that it shows that
00:15:22 you’ve been uh accepted judged and found
00:15:27 with a broken heart contrary Spirit
00:15:28 right and you are then cleansed of your
00:15:31 past sins justify
00:15:33 all right B is sanctification because
00:15:36 now you have the baptism of the Holy
00:15:39 Spirit which is the law
00:15:41 right and once you have that it’s
00:15:43 because you you’re keeping it
00:15:46 which goes it’s written on you it’s
00:15:47 written on your heart right and we’ll
00:15:50 see in just a minute if I don’t keep
00:15:51 sidetracking us sorry but the
00:15:54 descriptions that goes with uh DNC 76
00:15:57 and the Celestial Kingdom
00:16:00 is sanctification it’s this one right
00:16:02 here
00:16:04 It’s the final one right yeah
00:16:08 these are yeah these are the
00:16:11 ordinances of the Gospel
00:16:14 yeah so anything else
00:16:17 you don’t get married in the temple to
00:16:19 go to the Celestial Kingdom
00:16:21 uh it’s snoring scriptures you mean my
00:16:24 give me my starvation is only dependent
00:16:25 upon me becoming
00:16:30 no wait a minute wait a minute wait a
00:16:32 minute wait a minute guys no no my
00:16:33 dependent my salvation is dependent on
00:16:36 another person
00:16:41 bring my ceiling power post it shows
00:16:43 that’s not the case
00:16:46 and
00:16:48 the New Testament but anyways
00:16:52 [Laughter]
00:16:55 um so just on that point
00:16:58 so Hebrews
00:17:01 um
00:17:03 they didn’t pick their spouses
00:17:06 their father and mother did
00:17:08 yes yep totally
00:17:12 if what the Elder’s Church teaches is
00:17:15 true that to go to the Celestial Kingdom
00:17:17 you need a wife or a husband to go with
00:17:19 you
00:17:22 or the majority of the Israelites that
00:17:24 was completely out of their control
00:17:27 their parents made that decision not
00:17:29 them yep and that’s Hebrew culture
00:17:32 actually and it is and is and is God the
00:17:37 same today yesterday and forever do his
00:17:40 requirements for salvation change
00:17:42 well don’t forget guys that they were
00:17:44 they had to be in polygamous uh
00:17:47 relationships as well yeah that’s right
00:17:50 that’s right
00:17:54 guys thank you for thank you for sharing
00:17:57 thank you for showing me the light there
00:17:59 I I I actually do try to erase Brigham
00:18:02 Young for my mind no I’m just kidding
00:18:04 um
00:18:07 you did a whole you did a whole post on
00:18:10 them
00:18:11 damnation he says right and it’s right
00:18:14 in now 132. yeah anyway
00:18:17 um but my point is that if that’s a
00:18:20 requirement just the spouse one that’s
00:18:23 something that ancient people didn’t
00:18:26 have control of in fact some people
00:18:27 still don’t In some cultures like India
00:18:30 correct yeah so that I don’t see how
00:18:34 that it it’s not their fault especially
00:18:37 when you look at even at the scriptures
00:18:40 the scriptures state that the father
00:18:43 gives the bride to the son it’s even
00:18:47 that pattern is in the scriptures too
00:18:50 right yep and they’re good
00:18:53 and that’s in reference to the father
00:18:55 giving the church to the son yes it is
00:19:00 um
00:19:01 but anyways
00:19:03 just to go against that idea
00:19:05 [Music]
00:19:07 um it doesn’t work that way
00:19:09 um plus
00:19:11 um the oldest church gets teenagers to
00:19:14 get married and they they can’t know
00:19:17 that right right so but anyways okay
00:19:21 anyway
00:19:23 that’s probably enough of that little
00:19:25 side job I’m coming in 76 yeah actually
00:19:30 but first I think it would be wise to at
00:19:33 least look at some Parables from New
00:19:35 Testaments teach the same thing okay
00:19:38 um and when you look at their
00:19:40 descriptions though they’re exactly the
00:19:42 same okay okay so all right um the first
00:19:45 place I think is a good place to look is
00:19:48 the parable of the sower now I I like
00:19:51 the Matthew
00:19:53 um
00:19:54 version of it the best but one thing to
00:19:57 keep in mind that the mark
00:19:59 one has a statement
00:20:02 to help ingrain how important this
00:20:06 Parable is you want to read that back
00:20:11 he said
00:20:14 and he said unto them no you’re not
00:20:16 this parable
00:20:18 and how then will you know all parables
00:20:22 interesting
00:20:23 so
00:20:25 that’s Yeshua Stadium this parable of
00:20:28 the sower
00:20:30 is key to a lot right
00:20:34 in fact here he says he said all of his
00:20:38 parables are keyed by the parable of the
00:20:41 silver and Ice eaten a lot I I’ll be
00:20:43 honest I don’t see in all of them yet
00:20:46 but I do see it in a lot
00:20:49 um but let’s look here okay parable of
00:20:53 the sower oh and here’s just a couple of
00:20:56 notes the jst
00:20:58 let’s make some things a little better
00:20:59 here okay as I and we can look at them
00:21:02 if you want but just FYI jst makes
00:21:05 things better uh and if I it makes the
00:21:08 Kai’s of orders better even ah okay
00:21:12 which
00:21:15 anyways
00:21:16 unless he was inspired what’s the point
00:21:18 of doing that right but anyways okay so
00:21:21 the main thing in here is the parable
00:21:23 the sower has four distinctions here
00:21:27 okay
00:21:30 um first distinction
00:21:31 are the sons of perditions okay
00:21:35 uh were just the vows came and devoured
00:21:38 them
00:21:39 um
00:21:42 second distinction or the T lessons
00:21:46 were the seed and
00:21:49 um m137 is my favorite example where it
00:21:53 applies seed
00:21:55 as the word there’s other places that do
00:21:57 that also the alma 32 is my favorite one
00:22:03 the third group or the
00:22:06 terrestrial
00:22:07 among the thorns
00:22:10 so among the stones they just have a
00:22:13 real serious sorted interrupt you
00:22:15 Stephen I just have a serious issue I
00:22:17 have to to get out so I just need to
00:22:20 know with the terrestrial removing the
00:22:24 presence of the father are we of the
00:22:27 opinion that the father and the son like
00:22:29 because
00:22:31 in the Book of Mormon it claims that
00:22:33 Jesus is the father you guys are on the
00:22:36 opinion that they’re separate beings or
00:22:38 no I’m a modalist in fact I am I am torn
00:22:45 I uh I’m torn too I’m still I’m foreign
00:22:51 [Music]
00:22:55 Eternal punishment with having the
00:22:56 father’s presence removed from the
00:22:58 terrestrial people in the 76 so I need
00:23:00 to know what before because I only have
00:23:02 nine more minutes I gotta get ready for
00:23:04 work I know it goes so fast when I’m
00:23:06 with you guys probably that’s because
00:23:09 you like what we’re saying
00:23:11 um so well yeah that that is the reason
00:23:13 so um lectures on faith five I have a
00:23:17 definition for personages it’s like
00:23:19 actors and an act one actor can play
00:23:22 multiple Parts yes go ahead Zach
00:23:25 I was just going to bring up the
00:23:27 scripture of ether 3 14.
00:23:31 okay
00:23:34 this is just Jesus talking to oh yeah I
00:23:37 know which one that is okay
00:23:39 um let me
00:23:41 yeah I have that and mine
00:23:43 modalism notes I’m a modalist
00:23:46 okay modal list is one
00:23:49 uh one God right that’s yeah
00:23:56 personage I would use different
00:23:59 um jobs rules roles
00:24:03 um so here’s the one he’s talking about
00:24:04 here
00:24:05 um and this is a big subject and I I can
00:24:08 show it in DNC 76 also if we don’t go
00:24:12 over too long because how how is he
00:24:14 going to remove his own presence and
00:24:16 still be
00:24:17 in the presence of the terrestrial
00:24:19 beings because they’re supposed to be of
00:24:21 some kind of uh missing the presence
00:24:28 the lack of Glory yeah they like the
00:24:31 glory okay
00:24:32 um and I I don’t think all the time
00:24:36 um because we can look at that
00:24:39 um but here’s the verse that
00:24:41 um
00:24:42 Zach’s bringing up ether 314 behold or
00:24:46 you want to read it Zack since
00:24:48 um you brought it up
00:24:50 who was prepared from the foundation of
00:24:53 the world to redeem my people behold I
00:24:56 am Jesus Christ
00:24:57 I am the father and the son
00:25:00 and me shall all mankind have life and
00:25:03 that eternally even they Who Shall
00:25:06 Believe on my name and they shall become
00:25:08 my sons and my daughters
00:25:10 now sons and that’s all through the Book
00:25:12 of Mormon life yes
00:25:14 so here so Isaiah 15 and anyways it’s
00:25:19 everywhere it is the key is the
00:25:22 definition of personage yeah okay so
00:25:25 let’s
00:25:26 the key to understanding this is knowing
00:25:28 the definition of person well
00:25:31 there’s a modalist thing I’m just trying
00:25:33 to figure out how us and you guys are
00:25:35 you already suggested it’s a glory issue
00:25:38 so that’s fine I can deal with that yeah
00:25:40 so one thing that goes along with this
00:25:43 um but we’ll say I’ll say this people
00:25:45 reduce
00:25:46 um the personage and we’ll go back if
00:25:48 you have time it’s interesting
00:25:51 those in the Celestial Kingdom are in
00:25:54 the Church of the first born
00:25:58 not of the Father the Church of the
00:26:02 firstborn you think if it was they were
00:26:04 separate
00:26:05 and it was you know like how the LDS
00:26:07 church teaches it the father Son and
00:26:09 Holy Ghost
00:26:10 why is it goes in Celestial are members
00:26:14 of the Church of the firstborn
00:26:18 it’s modalism
00:26:20 but so the one thing that
00:26:23 um
00:26:25 Ben was getting off the second born
00:26:26 right
00:26:27 [Laughter]
00:26:32 yeah what Bible are you reading got a
00:26:35 question
00:26:36 um
00:26:38 so a key word in lectures on faith five
00:26:42 is personages okay and we can go look at
00:26:45 it in 1828 dictionary
00:26:47 oh look at that I give links I try to
00:26:49 give make it easy for people
00:26:52 um
00:26:53 and so my
00:26:55 best way of putting this is that a
00:26:58 personage is an actor
00:27:01 or
00:27:03 um or someone who’s being active Okay
00:27:06 well let’s just read through or look
00:27:08 here’s they putting better character
00:27:09 assumed
00:27:12 characters
00:27:15 there was one play that I was in where I
00:27:17 was three different characters
00:27:19 I played personally three different
00:27:21 characters
00:27:23 sometimes
00:27:25 and they all had to be separate and
00:27:27 distinct
00:27:28 but they were all in me
00:27:31 yeah
00:27:32 and and other definitions exterior
00:27:35 appearance
00:27:37 that’s what a personage is it’s not a
00:27:40 person
00:27:41 because I’ll tell you when I came to
00:27:43 this
00:27:44 uh it was through Yahweh telling me and
00:27:48 then I started singing The Book of
00:27:49 Mormon the last piece for me was luxor’s
00:27:52 on day five because I believe it’s true
00:27:54 but I didn’t know how to read personages
00:27:57 or personage the reason oh I remember
00:27:59 the MMP thing came from a lot of people
00:28:02 said that they got that from lectures on
00:28:05 faith but then I realized they got
00:28:07 everything from like all sources and
00:28:10 it’s just it’s it’s all confusion but
00:28:12 the elections on faith does not teach
00:28:15 reincarnation
00:28:17 yeah they’re saying that because you
00:28:19 have to be it to fail to become like
00:28:21 Jesus is the fail of Salvation so
00:28:24 they’re claiming that means that we have
00:28:25 to do our own atonements is what they’re
00:28:27 saying so uh yeah but then that’s
00:28:31 denying yeshua’s atonement so exactly at
00:28:35 the same time so it’s kind of yeah
00:28:36 they’re okay so on this there’s some
00:28:40 confusion here so in this sermon at the
00:28:43 temple and Sermon on the Mount
00:28:46 Yeshua does state
00:28:48 that we need to be perfect and it’s
00:28:51 stated here too
00:28:53 um
00:28:54 I I know Ben likes this you want to read
00:28:56 it it’s all right all right yes I
00:28:59 descended in
00:29:00 okay and descended and suffering below
00:29:03 that which man can suffer or in other
00:29:05 words suffered greater sufferings and
00:29:06 was exposed to more powerful
00:29:08 contradictions than any man can be
00:29:12 but
00:29:13 notwithstanding all this he kept the law
00:29:16 of God and remained without sin
00:29:20 there’s perfection
00:29:23 without sin showing thereby that it is
00:29:26 in the power of man to keep the law and
00:29:29 remain also without sin it is in the
00:29:33 power of man to keep the law and remain
00:29:37 also without sin
00:29:41 and also that by him a righteous
00:29:43 judgment might come upon All Flesh and
00:29:46 let all who walk not in the law of God
00:29:49 may justly be condemned by the law and
00:29:53 have no excuse for their sins
00:29:57 he being the only begotten of the father
00:29:59 full of grace and truth and having to
00:30:00 overcome received a fullness of the
00:30:03 glory of the father possessing the same
00:30:06 mind
00:30:07 with the Father which mind is the Holy
00:30:11 Spirit
00:30:12 so in here and that might and that mind
00:30:17 in the Light of Christ that mind is
00:30:19 extended to each of us
00:30:21 yeah
00:30:22 um
00:30:23 so one thing I want to say kind of going
00:30:26 with
00:30:27 um Bob’s statement
00:30:29 we have sinned in the past okay
00:30:32 I know I have so oh yeah
00:30:36 um not that it’s a laugh sure I have but
00:30:38 I I have yeah
00:30:40 I’ve already confessed some of my past
00:30:42 sins on this on this particular meet in
00:30:44 this particular meeting I told you guys
00:30:46 I was in the metal band you know
00:30:50 when I woke up I wandered in some
00:30:52 Springs paths myself also but anyways
00:30:55 all right just retired from the Navy so
00:30:57 you know okay
00:31:03 um
00:31:06 we have sinned in the past okay
00:31:09 yeah but
00:31:11 because
00:31:12 of yeshua’s sacrifice
00:31:16 and accepting him with a broken heart
00:31:18 and contrite spirit we can become
00:31:20 Justified that means that we can go to
00:31:23 heaven
00:31:24 now there are three different glories in
00:31:28 heaven now I said glorious the elite
00:31:31 Church seats teaches that there’s three
00:31:33 different kingdoms there’s not
00:31:35 and we oh we’re gonna have time to do
00:31:37 that but there’s only one we gotta go
00:31:39 but can I just ask you one quick quick
00:31:42 question yeah
00:31:45 so is Glory does glory come by works or
00:31:48 Grace
00:31:50 Your Glory comes by The Works that you
00:31:52 do
00:31:53 but but
00:31:56 from a change from a real changed our
00:31:59 thought the works have to come through
00:32:00 right well right the works that counts
00:32:02 the words get glory is the works
00:32:05 according to Torah
00:32:07 yes those are the fruits the works
00:32:10 because
00:32:12 it’s not about ordinances
00:32:17 um
00:32:17 Yeshua has Gloria because he kept the
00:32:20 law
00:32:21 and so we get Glory according to how
00:32:24 much we keep the law in fact
00:32:28 um The Parables are the Sowers
00:32:30 they I think we only did three
00:32:32 categories but there’s a fourth one the
00:32:35 ones who keep it
00:32:37 um
00:32:37 but it’s all
00:32:41 degrees of how much and how well you
00:32:45 keep the law
00:32:46 of
00:32:48 because they’re we’re saved by grace
00:32:51 okay because of what Yeshua did
00:32:54 but we are also rewarded by our works
00:32:58 and so you know it says judge fireworks
00:33:02 all throughout the scriptures so we
00:33:03 can’t yeah that goes with along with a
00:33:06 parable of the talent yeah so that right
00:33:08 so so saved by grace rewarded according
00:33:11 to our works correct and so here is
00:33:15 uh the celestial and they have fruits
00:33:19 tons of fruits here some 100 fold some
00:33:22 60 fold some 30-fold they did the work
00:33:27 they’re Sanctified so
00:33:30 um and trying to
00:33:31 go fast
00:33:33 First Corinthians you can get the three
00:33:36 degrees of Glory without the jst in it
00:33:39 in in 22 through 30 28. so just goes
00:33:44 with one more quick question though
00:33:46 you know how do you guys think we got
00:33:49 Glory from our first estate before I go
00:33:54 um
00:33:54 I haven’t thought about that I don’t
00:33:57 know because it really is that’s a
00:33:59 really good question actually um I can
00:34:02 see how it does say that uh it’s it’s in
00:34:06 Abraham chapter three it’s it’s in the
00:34:08 first part before it says uh we’ll have
00:34:10 Glory added Upon Our Heads forever and
00:34:12 ever it says
00:34:14 um we will we will be added upon from
00:34:16 our for our first estate and then it
00:34:18 goes it talks about taking away Glory
00:34:22 uh in our first estate and so obviously
00:34:25 the opposite has to be true we had to
00:34:27 but I don’t know if you received that at
00:34:29 the end of your second or at the end of
00:34:31 your first and it followed us into the
00:34:33 second but I I do know
00:34:38 some who kept the first estate will
00:34:40 become sons of perditions and I do tend
00:34:43 to believe
00:34:44 that they’ll be over Satan
00:34:47 and when the final judgment happens
00:34:50 right
00:34:52 um but so maybe you know maybe in a
00:34:55 slightly less hot quarter of bell well
00:34:58 you know it’s still going to be hard but
00:35:00 you know you know how people like that
00:35:02 work
00:35:04 yeah just always ripping on each other
00:35:06 and yeah
00:35:14 to believe that the scriptures State
00:35:17 those who have a body actually
00:35:19 ultimately do have more power than those
00:35:21 who don’t but the problem is what we’re
00:35:25 here uh most of us have forgotten the
00:35:28 law and so most of us most of us are
00:35:32 still most of us are still clutching
00:35:34 tightly to the veil of unbelief which is
00:35:36 the natural manner yeah
00:35:38 that was when my last video was about
00:35:40 this whole issue that’s why I’m bringing
00:35:42 it up so anyway
00:35:44 um it’s called the war if you guys want
00:35:46 to check it out but I gotta go I
00:35:49 anyway I appreciate you guys thanks I
00:35:52 gotta run keep having a great discussion
00:35:55 all right
00:35:57 um I have to leave as well I’ve got an
00:36:00 early start to the day tomorrow
00:36:02 okay so I’m gonna pause yeah
00:36:05 okay well
00:36:07 um
00:36:08 sadly Bob had to leave and
00:36:11 same with Josh
00:36:13 um just kind of the practicalities of
00:36:15 life right but anyways
00:36:17 so uh before the year left I was
00:36:20 starting to say how in First Corinthians
00:36:22 you can see
00:36:24 um three glories
00:36:25 uh in the resurrection
00:36:28 so
00:36:29 [Music]
00:36:29 um
00:36:30 this is one
00:36:33 so this is translator bias that’s going
00:36:36 on
00:36:36 um because right here it starts saying
00:36:39 gives a little Prelude what’s going on
00:36:41 below that every man in his own order
00:36:44 okay yes and so this is the anointed the
00:36:48 ones that go to the Celestial Kingdom
00:36:50 the first fruits which is a barley we
00:36:54 need to talk about the harvests
00:36:57 um which maybe we can get into later
00:37:01 and B afterwards are those who are at
00:37:06 Christ’s that is coming and this has to
00:37:08 do with the turbo people the wheat okay
00:37:15 and then this long one right here
00:37:20 um has to do with the tea cholesterol
00:37:23 people who have to be crushed to keep
00:37:28 the law
00:37:30 and that’s kind of what’s going on here
00:37:33 is the crushing of them or basically
00:37:36 kind of forcing them to keep it because
00:37:41 I would say that I would say that the
00:37:43 anointed are those who choose of their
00:37:45 own free will for the love of God to
00:37:47 obey yeah
00:37:49 um that the wheat those were Christ that
00:37:53 is coming require maybe a little bit of
00:37:55 a little bit of humbling
00:37:57 I I think as we look at it in other
00:37:59 places I think what I would say is that
00:38:03 they get distracted even though they
00:38:04 believe it yeah they get distracted with
00:38:07 the cares of the world and don’t make it
00:38:08 a priority
00:38:09 yeah yeah so it’s not a high priority
00:38:12 until Christ comes the house
00:38:16 and then um and then of course the tea
00:38:19 last Jill it’s uh not much of a it’s not
00:38:23 much of a priority at all no
00:38:26 you have to
00:38:29 they would have to be crushed to encrust
00:38:32 into it humbled that’s this group right
00:38:35 here
00:38:36 yeah
00:38:37 some fell among the stunning Stony
00:38:40 places where they had it’s worth it they
00:38:42 sprung up and then they were scorched
00:38:44 yeah so they liked it when they first
00:38:46 got it
00:38:47 but then they didn’t keep with it right
00:38:50 right and then it’s described down here
00:38:54 also which is pretty much the same thing
00:38:57 yeah
00:38:58 um you want to read that exactly yeah
00:39:00 that received the word into Stony place
00:39:01 is the same to see that you’re at the
00:39:03 word readily with joy perceived it yet
00:39:05 he hath not root in himself but endureth
00:39:07 for but for a while for when tribulation
00:39:10 or persecution arises because of the
00:39:12 word by and by He Is offended so
00:39:16 um to me
00:39:17 they got the baptism of justification
00:39:20 they liked it right they’re eager for it
00:39:23 they wanted it but
00:39:25 then they let go they didn’t go through
00:39:27 the sanctification
00:39:30 they’re like oh I can do what I want
00:39:31 right I I
00:39:34 um I have Grace
00:39:37 so they just keep sitting it reminds me
00:39:40 that reminds me also of Nephi’s Dream
00:39:43 It’s almost like every single thing that
00:39:46 God gives to is true servants
00:39:50 so kind of leads into the parable of the
00:39:53 sower in a way
00:39:56 well the other interesting thing that I
00:39:58 see here
00:39:59 is that these are like those people
00:40:02 who
00:40:04 receive forgiveness
00:40:06 and then they go back and sin again
00:40:10 because
00:40:11 they’ve got the Lord and they can just
00:40:13 be forgiven
00:40:14 yeah that’s they have Grace so they
00:40:17 think they’re fine but really what’s
00:40:19 happening is they’re
00:40:20 rejecting his teachings although they’ve
00:40:24 received him
00:40:26 they’re rejecting his teachings and not
00:40:28 doing it right right
00:40:31 and but
00:40:34 um they will be in the one Kingdom that
00:40:38 there is Indian c76.
00:40:41 um
00:40:42 it’s just they get the worst degree of
00:40:45 Glory
00:40:46 right there is in fact because they did
00:40:49 accept they did accept him right they
00:40:52 did accept him
00:40:54 um but it’s so low that everyone’s gonna
00:40:58 be their own brightness as in the stars
00:41:02 in heaven right right and I think
00:41:08 First Corinthians uh someone here it
00:41:10 says Stars right I forget what verse oh
00:41:13 there he is
00:41:19 the whole description
00:41:21 so on this part I do like the jst more
00:41:24 because it does
00:41:26 um restore some things and guess what oh
00:41:29 I never do this
00:41:36 it’s another it’s another Shameless
00:41:38 kayak sir yeah oh sorry
00:41:41 [Music]
00:41:44 um so all flesh is not the same flesh
00:41:47 but there is one kind of Flesh of men
00:41:51 and another flesh of Beast another a
00:41:54 fish and another of birds now one thing
00:41:57 that’s interesting
00:41:59 that’s four
00:42:04 could it be linking to the four
00:42:09 um categories in the Celestial Kingdom
00:42:11 or I’m not in Social Security in in the
00:42:14 resurrection and judgment I believe it
00:42:18 can
00:42:20 um so
00:42:22 I I mean I could take some guesses here
00:42:25 what these would be
00:42:26 this one could be demons
00:42:28 these ones are fish those who believe
00:42:31 in the Messiah
00:42:34 um the beasts could be those who are
00:42:37 actually trying to keep the law like in
00:42:39 um
00:42:40 Peter’s vision right
00:42:43 because he those were beasts and then he
00:42:46 went to go give the gospel to him and
00:42:48 they started keeping it in fact that’s
00:42:49 part of the reason with the controversy
00:42:51 with acts 15
00:42:53 and Men
00:42:56 Yeshua is the man
00:43:00 the man of Holiness yes
00:43:03 he is the man and I would say that’s why
00:43:06 that is that and that’s what and that’s
00:43:09 what we’re aiming for because that’s
00:43:10 what he told us to aim for right that’s
00:43:13 how we’re when we’re Sanctified we will
00:43:15 be like him we will recognize him
00:43:18 because we will be like him
00:43:20 meaning we have become like him but
00:43:23 anyways so that’s how I some of this I
00:43:27 haven’t quite figured those out quite
00:43:28 completely but that’s kind of how I
00:43:30 would read those into it okay that’s
00:43:33 interesting that’s an interesting
00:43:34 thought
00:43:35 I I’m not so solid on that though but I
00:43:38 do tend to kind of I’m not like like I
00:43:42 said I’m not arguing whether it’s true
00:43:43 or false I’m just saying it’s
00:43:44 interesting interesting yeah anyways so
00:43:47 there are celestial bodies
00:43:51 and bodies
00:43:53 or tea that stroke so those are the
00:43:55 three that go into the actual Kingdom
00:43:58 okay
00:43:59 um
00:44:00 and then there
00:44:02 but the glory of this Celestial is one
00:44:04 meaning they all have the same glory and
00:44:07 one
00:44:08 United with Yahweh because those are
00:44:11 Sanctified keeping his law
00:44:14 Terre Lester is another glory and see
00:44:17 that straw is another
00:44:19 one glory of the sun now here’s
00:44:24 uh I forget where in Malachi uh I’d
00:44:27 probably go find it but in Malachi it
00:44:29 refers to Yeshua as the sun s-u-n of
00:44:34 righteousness yeah uh and that would go
00:44:37 with this right
00:44:39 and another glory of the Moon and
00:44:42 another Glory of Stars plural for one
00:44:47 star different from another star in
00:44:48 glory so I I do
00:44:52 believe that the celestial
00:44:55 all the same
00:44:57 Tila I mean terlestral all the same
00:45:02 whole bunch of different
00:45:04 um
00:45:05 degrees of Glory greater and lesser
00:45:07 greater and lesser glorious yeah
00:45:10 um
00:45:11 so so also is the resurrection of the
00:45:14 dead so not like we just learned since
00:45:16 we just learned
00:45:18 about four and threes right
00:45:22 mm-hmm
00:45:23 um now interestingly enough
00:45:26 three has to do with Redemption
00:45:29 yes
00:45:30 and there’s only three glories that are
00:45:34 going to be redeemed
00:45:35 the fourth category Center perdition
00:45:38 they get stoned yep they get stoned
00:45:41 literally they get stoned
00:45:44 um anyways uh so also will those be flag
00:45:48 stands up in stands sir
00:45:51 how about oh
00:45:55 so also is a resurrection of Dad
00:45:58 shown in corruption and this is talking
00:46:01 about the physical body here because our
00:46:03 physical bodies
00:46:05 corrupt I mean I don’t know about you
00:46:08 but I I’m losing hair because of
00:46:10 Corruption of my body right
00:46:13 um yeah I’m
00:46:15 I’m overweight and I’m overweight
00:46:17 because of corruption yeah I I still
00:46:19 have a scar on my
00:46:21 um elbow from back when I did Scouts
00:46:25 um that’s corruption but it will be
00:46:28 raised in incorruption
00:46:31 it is sown in dishonor meaning uh
00:46:34 breaking the law
00:46:38 it’ll be raised in glory because we’ll
00:46:41 be forgiven
00:46:42 and will be rewarded according to our
00:46:44 works those who go to the kingdom right
00:46:46 it is Zone in Wiki’s reference to Ether
00:46:50 chapter 12. yeah
00:46:54 raised in power
00:46:58 so uh you can see the three
00:47:02 glories in First Corinthians 15.
00:47:06 um
00:47:07 with the jst and without it right
00:47:11 I do believe it’s more obvious with the
00:47:15 GST
00:47:16 but you can get it without it here
00:47:19 um
00:47:20 but there’s also the parable of the
00:47:23 talents that teaches the same thing now
00:47:27 um
00:47:28 I I haven’t finished this Chasm you can
00:47:31 see I’m working on it some some of them
00:47:33 take me a while but
00:47:35 um
00:47:38 so let’s go redo this uh Zach you want
00:47:41 to read it and we’ll just kind of stop
00:47:42 this and
00:47:47 there’s a talk yeah I just started the
00:47:50 top 14.
00:47:52 yeah the Kingdom of Heaven is as a man
00:47:55 traveling into a far country
00:47:57 who called his own servants and
00:47:58 delivered unto them his Goods okay so
00:48:01 his own servants these are the three
00:48:04 that have accepted him
00:48:06 okay
00:48:09 the three glories that have accepted the
00:48:12 Messiah okay okay
00:48:15 go on
00:48:17 that’s one
00:48:19 he gave five tones to another two into
00:48:22 another one
00:48:24 it’s every man according to his several
00:48:26 ability
00:48:27 and straightway took his journey
00:48:33 so
00:48:35 um I
00:48:37 I’ll talk about that more later because
00:48:39 it it more has to do like to me this has
00:48:42 to do with what with what you’re over
00:48:45 the the more you keep Torah the higher
00:48:48 in yeshua’s leadership he will be and
00:48:52 just to show that
00:48:55 uh here it is in DNC 76
00:48:58 those who received not his bonus in the
00:49:01 Eternal world
00:49:02 but of the Holy Spirit
00:49:04 which is Torah through the ministrations
00:49:07 of the tour cholesterol so this part
00:49:09 these who receive not of his fullness
00:49:12 this is talking about the terrestrial
00:49:14 people uh I can show so that’s 86
00:49:20 um and it goes along with all the uh
00:49:24 terrestrial people description in 76.
00:49:30 um anyways but here are the people with
00:49:34 the terrestrial
00:49:36 Glory
00:49:37 ministering to those who wrote who
00:49:40 received the t-restrial glory and you
00:49:44 don’t Minister a person you minister
00:49:48 you Minister Torah the law and teachings
00:49:52 you don’t Minister a person
00:49:55 um so anyways so
00:49:58 um just like just like uh when just like
00:50:02 when Justice on in the laws is
00:50:05 administered you can’t administer a
00:50:07 person you can only administer to a
00:50:10 person the ordinance of the law correct
00:50:15 um I mean to terrestrial through the
00:50:17 administration of the celestial so in
00:50:19 these two verses right there
00:50:21 um these Celestial people are in charge
00:50:24 of the terrestrial and you’ll see that
00:50:26 in just the next verse that may
00:50:28 multitude and also the tea vegetable
00:50:30 receive it of administering of angels
00:50:33 so that’s the lowest who are appointed
00:50:36 to minister for them who are appointed
00:50:38 to be ministering Spirits for them that
00:50:40 they shall be Heirs of Salvation so I
00:50:43 believe this is also talking about the
00:50:44 celestial people because those are the
00:50:47 Angels and when
00:50:51 you go look at
00:50:53 technique by 32 and ronai seven and
00:50:56 other places that I have and my all
00:51:00 things you can do posts
00:51:02 so the terrestrial
00:51:07 okay so it says that the tlist will
00:51:10 receive it from the terrestrial but they
00:51:11 would also receive it from seedless
00:51:12 steel people that’s how I read this yes
00:51:15 okay okay so I’m just I’m just checking
00:51:18 to it I’m just checking to see uh if
00:51:21 we’re if I’m understanding what you’re
00:51:23 putting out right and I do understand
00:51:26 you have to read it into a little bit
00:51:28 that these angels are Celestial people
00:51:32 um and I was trying to give out some
00:51:35 points tomorrow I believe that’s the
00:51:36 case but okay
00:51:38 um
00:51:39 no that’s fine so you’ll see here that
00:51:42 the sea vegetable people who receive the
00:51:44 celestial Glory are ministering to those
00:51:46 who the turtle Leicester glory and the
00:51:48 celestial Glory where the terrestrial
00:51:52 people are ministering to those who
00:51:54 only received the t-restrial glory okay
00:51:58 so these are the leaders right so let’s
00:52:01 go back to the
00:52:02 um parable of the talents and I this is
00:52:06 what this is going to get into okay but
00:52:08 it’s
00:52:10 that’s better seen at the end so anyways
00:52:13 16 Zach
00:52:16 and he he that received the five talents
00:52:20 went and traded with the same
00:52:22 they made their mother by tones
00:52:27 this is obviously not telling us to go
00:52:29 play the ball no
00:52:31 um
00:52:33 the exact wide as five and five I’m not
00:52:36 exactly sure
00:52:38 um my theory is it’s the five
00:52:41 Commandments that deal with
00:52:44 [Music]
00:52:44 um
00:52:46 loving your neighbor
00:52:48 and then also the five that deal with
00:52:51 um loving God Elohim that’s my theory
00:52:55 but I I don’t know for sure so you want
00:52:58 so you go and trade one fight and come
00:53:01 out and come back with two
00:53:04 um possibly I’m just the one which which
00:53:07 is the one in your opinion given that
00:53:10 potential idea
00:53:12 which is the one in your opinion that
00:53:14 we’re most likely to be drawn to loving
00:53:16 your neighbor for loving the Lord
00:53:18 so they’re interconnected with each
00:53:21 other
00:53:22 um yeah as I show here so
00:53:27 um it’s and and actually maybe the five
00:53:31 is more referring to
00:53:34 the five principles that’s inside that
00:53:37 maybe that’s what the fine is this is
00:53:40 where I haven’t I I’m busy on other
00:53:43 things so I’m not for sure but it could
00:53:45 be referring to the five principles that
00:53:47 underline the 10 possibly
00:53:50 yes
00:53:52 um
00:53:56 um because the other one only got two
00:53:59 right that makes right and so that’s
00:54:03 amazing beautiful sense all right I’m
00:54:06 just thinking out here
00:54:10 maybe those other the
00:54:14 terrestrial are only keeping two of
00:54:17 these principles
00:54:19 um themselves
00:54:22 um I
00:54:24 I I wouldn’t know which one it is but
00:54:26 that probably depend on person by person
00:54:28 basis but most of them are not keeping
00:54:32 the Sabbath correctly okay
00:54:35 um
00:54:38 and a lot of them do make excuses for
00:54:41 stealing
00:54:44 um so probably in general I think
00:54:48 possibly it’s
00:54:50 um these two principles
00:54:52 would be my guess
00:54:53 okay yeah that would be my my working
00:54:57 Theory right now okay that’s a that’s
00:55:00 actually a really now that’s actually a
00:55:03 really interesting thought trade those
00:55:04 five principles and come back to ten
00:55:07 obedient 10 laws that you’re obedient to
00:55:10 yeah the Ten Commandments and I I we can
00:55:15 see that with the the two going to four
00:55:18 also but
00:55:19 um and I would say the last one before
00:55:21 we go back he only got one
00:55:24 that’s probably that because most of
00:55:26 those people are selfish
00:55:30 recognize yourself
00:55:33 um that’s just something I I don’t know
00:55:36 that’s a theory right but that’s right
00:55:38 now
00:55:39 it makes some sense but I I we need to
00:55:42 put more thought into it but anyways
00:55:43 okay so let’s go back
00:55:45 yeah
00:55:48 that one
00:55:53 oh did you do 17 I think so right
00:56:00 okay well uh just read 17 and 18 real
00:56:04 quick
00:56:05 the necklace is either had two
00:56:08 he also getting the other two
00:56:11 but he
00:56:12 had received one went and sees it digged
00:56:15 it in the Earth
00:56:17 and hit his towards money
00:56:19 okay so he’s recognizing it’s it’s his
00:56:23 Lord’s money meaning he knows he’s a
00:56:26 servant to someone else and when you
00:56:28 accept Yahweh you become a servant right
00:56:32 um
00:56:33 so anyways Okay so
00:56:37 what’s 319
00:56:40 after a long time the Lord of those
00:56:42 servants
00:56:43 cometh and reckoneth Muslim so that’s
00:56:47 Judgment Day right
00:56:49 a great and Dreadful day
00:56:52 great for something dreadful for others
00:56:55 exactly that’s why it’s the great
00:56:58 enjoyment and probably and probably
00:56:59 great and Dreadful
00:57:01 great and dreadful for most
00:57:04 um yeah I I can definitely see that
00:57:07 because if you receive a lower Glory
00:57:10 um you’re you’re grateful and
00:57:14 Dreadful at the same time right yes
00:57:17 um so but anyways well I mean think
00:57:20 about it this way
00:57:24 the one that had
00:57:26 well no that’s maybe
00:57:29 but never mind okay are you sure you
00:57:32 don’t want to try to you want to try to
00:57:34 share it and
00:57:35 yeah why not so the one that received
00:57:38 two right he’s
00:57:42 he’s probably like the one the one that
00:57:45 received two is kind of like uh
00:57:48 and my thought pattern is this is
00:57:50 probably the person who potentially
00:57:54 might be have it be both great and
00:57:57 dreads
00:58:01 was I supposed to do more
00:58:05 sure I I can see that I I can see how
00:58:07 the terrestrial and tea lestrol will
00:58:11 think it’s both great and Dreadful where
00:58:13 the sense of traditions it’s only
00:58:15 Dreadful
00:58:16 all right yeah
00:58:19 um yeah the vast the vast the vast
00:58:21 majority of people I see it being a kind
00:58:23 of a mixed day
00:58:26 which is why it would be called the
00:58:29 Great Android
00:58:30 right uh in the past I would say you
00:58:34 know because
00:58:35 um
00:58:36 some people thought it was great and
00:58:38 some people thought it was
00:58:40 um horrible but I can definitely see the
00:58:42 in-between ones
00:58:43 um seeing as both
00:58:46 I can definitely see that
00:58:48 well I mean it and it kind of makes
00:58:51 sense to me because
00:58:54 we’re
00:58:55 in ourselves there’s this cons or at
00:58:58 least within me there’s this constant
00:58:59 battle that says what am I really doing
00:59:02 enough
00:59:03 am I doing here
00:59:05 can I be doing more you know what I mean
00:59:08 well
00:59:10 so here’s a question
00:59:12 um I know brighamites have that problem
00:59:15 because the way that they’re taught
00:59:18 um
00:59:19 and the leaders never give distinct
00:59:21 answers right right
00:59:25 it’s always a riddle
00:59:27 Torah is what it is
00:59:31 if you’re keeping Torah
00:59:34 and you’re good if you’re keeping if
00:59:37 you’re keeping Torah Christ’s Grace is
00:59:39 found in you yeah right so now you’re
00:59:43 probably like me where I didn’t grow up
00:59:44 with it right in fact was being taught
00:59:46 it was done away with when actually that
00:59:49 was the law of Moses
00:59:51 um
00:59:54 so the question is are you striving
00:59:57 to learn it and keep it
01:00:01 um and also I would also add
01:00:03 like going back to my little chart I
01:00:05 have here right
01:00:07 when you come across
01:00:09 these various implementations of the law
01:00:14 through the scriptures
01:00:16 can you sit and think about which one of
01:00:18 the tent it is I do now I didn’t used to
01:00:21 but I do now I do try to figure out
01:00:23 where it would fit
01:00:24 well yeah I the way the way that I look
01:00:28 at it
01:00:30 the way that I look at it and mine is a
01:00:33 fairly simplistic I think way of the
01:00:35 look at it
01:00:36 it’s are you living to the best you know
01:00:42 right and uh trying to improve it right
01:00:45 and and trying to learn more the thing
01:00:48 is is if you’re actually living to the
01:00:51 best you know the Lord’s going to reveal
01:00:53 more to you
01:00:55 but you’re not held responsible for what
01:00:58 you don’t know you’re held responsible
01:01:00 for what you do know
01:01:03 um and as you’re obedient and and knock
01:01:07 and ask you will receive more like uh in
01:01:12 Acts 15 go to the synagogue and learn
01:01:15 from Moses exactly
01:01:18 hey
01:01:22 wait a minute you know I’m starting to
01:01:23 see common things all over the place
01:01:25 that that can’t be the case
01:01:28 oh well wait wait wait
01:01:30 it means the gospel is connected
01:01:34 all the way from Adam it’s the same
01:01:37 gospel
01:01:39 yeah yeah
01:01:42 we were reading an exodus we were
01:01:45 reading in Exodus this is confusing I
01:01:48 wasn’t paced with this Stitch
01:01:51 we were reading an exodus we were
01:01:54 reading in Exodus today and it had a
01:01:56 cross-reference back to Genesis chapter
01:01:58 9 about the law the part of the law that
01:02:03 says Thou shalt not kill basically yeah
01:02:07 basically basically tying the fact that
01:02:10 they had Torah back in Genesis he’s just
01:02:15 restoring what they had before Oh if you
01:02:19 know what to look for it’s all through
01:02:21 Genesis in fact the Book of Mormon
01:02:23 actually states that as we have a
01:02:25 recording on right but yeah yeah
01:02:30 um so one thing uh you know this is a
01:02:33 kind of a famous verse right first
01:02:35 Samuel 15 23.
01:02:38 um but I was looking at it the other day
01:02:41 and look for Rebellion is this back here
01:02:44 let me um
01:02:46 show my whole screen
01:02:50 um
01:02:51 where’s that there’s the button
01:02:54 just so you can see her Rebellion is the
01:02:57 Senate witchcraft
01:03:00 um that’s the third one right
01:03:02 [Music]
01:03:03 stubbornness is as iniquity is idolatry
01:03:09 um
01:03:10 because that house rejected the word of
01:03:13 Yahweh
01:03:14 which is rejecting Yahweh because the
01:03:18 first commandment is about how he is
01:03:20 your top judge okay and so if you’re
01:03:22 rejecting his word
01:03:24 you’re rejecting
01:03:25 the first commandment if you reject the
01:03:28 law you reject your judge
01:03:32 yeah and now this he has also rejected
01:03:35 Dave from being King that goes along
01:03:37 with uh Hosea that we just read a little
01:03:40 bit ago right he rejects his law he will
01:03:43 reject you and look here are three
01:03:47 that was just listed that they rejected
01:03:50 or he’d reacted which interestingly
01:03:53 enough
01:03:54 at least two left
01:03:57 um but anyways
01:03:58 um I’m not sure what to make it but we
01:04:01 do know that Saul did keep the Sabbath
01:04:03 day
01:04:04 yeah he did keep the Sabbath
01:04:07 um
01:04:09 so I wonder what other problems I wonder
01:04:12 if he’s still
01:04:15 well he clearly coveted though
01:04:18 um he’s only got one
01:04:20 yeah
01:04:24 like the one but anyways thanks
01:04:30 I don’t know maybe he repented but I
01:04:32 from when I remember that history he he
01:04:35 didn’t though
01:04:36 um but anyway no in the end he would in
01:04:40 the end he dies Consulting a witch
01:04:43 um actually in the end
01:04:46 well yeah after but right before that
01:04:49 final battle he consults a witch to
01:04:51 bring back Samuel right and that’s
01:04:54 um yeah but
01:04:57 um
01:04:58 he murdered himself if I remember it
01:05:00 didn’t he lean into his sword or am I
01:05:02 remembering yeah yeah no yeah no he uh
01:05:05 he actually uh he actually he actually
01:05:08 spilled his own guts out
01:05:10 yeah with the sword okay yeah I think it
01:05:13 was by leaning on it but anyways
01:05:15 um that’s neither here or there that’s a
01:05:17 side track yeah
01:05:21 yeah
01:05:22 um
01:05:23 so
01:05:24 yeah anyways okay so back to this
01:05:29 um
01:05:29 um well he shed man’s blood and Blind
01:05:32 Man’s blood and by man his blood was
01:05:36 uh yeah
01:05:38 um okay so we’re I think we’re on 20 20.
01:05:42 yes you want to read that Zach
01:05:45 and so they and so he the hath received
01:05:49 five tones came brought other five
01:05:51 talents saying Lord thou delivers done
01:05:54 to me
01:05:54 life talents behold I have gained beside
01:05:57 them five taunts more
01:05:59 okay we kind of talked about that
01:06:00 already right and
01:06:02 I think my best working through right
01:06:04 now is the five principles that go
01:06:06 inside the Ten Commandments right
01:06:10 and he was rewarded for that you are
01:06:14 rewarded by your works right
01:06:20 uh 21.
01:06:22 this lord said unto him well done by
01:06:24 good and faithful servant
01:06:26 now has been faithful for over a few
01:06:28 things
01:06:29 I’ll make the ruler of remaining things
01:06:32 and turned out into the joy of thy Lord
01:06:34 yeah I hope to hear that one day
01:06:37 myself
01:06:38 I I one I wonder what it means if I
01:06:43 wonder what it means given that we are
01:06:45 not
01:06:46 on the same level with God
01:06:50 even after the resurrection I wonder
01:06:52 what it means
01:06:54 um well we’ll have the same Glory as he
01:06:57 does and we’ll have everything that he
01:06:59 has to give us
01:07:01 he will still always be our Lord though
01:07:03 oh that well yeah okay I get it I get it
01:07:06 I see what you’re saying I I kind of see
01:07:08 how it goes yeah
01:07:09 um but he gives us everything if you are
01:07:13 Sanctified and you endure to the end you
01:07:15 get everything that he has including his
01:07:16 glory but he still always
01:07:19 which is which makes it really funny
01:07:21 which makes it really well not funny but
01:07:24 sad and a real very painful way as
01:07:28 Lucifer
01:07:30 was trying to get all that but he wasn’t
01:07:33 willing to pay the price
01:07:35 well he was trying to get it get it the
01:07:38 wrong way which actually when you look
01:07:41 at his followers they’re doing the same
01:07:43 thing
01:07:43 right they’re doing it the same way well
01:07:47 then from and for me that’s just as sad
01:07:49 as when he doesn’t
01:07:51 yeah okay
01:07:54 um so but maybe but maybe I’m too
01:07:57 emotional
01:07:59 I don’t know I I don’t have any feelings
01:08:01 over Satan so
01:08:05 just like Yahweh hates the sinner so I’m
01:08:10 anyways I I can show that if you want
01:08:12 but I don’t want to Sidetrack I don’t
01:08:14 know I’m I’m aware that y’all I’m aware
01:08:17 of the verses that says yeah it’s it’s
01:08:21 Psalms are Proverbs I always those two I
01:08:23 get mixed up sometimes but anyways
01:08:26 um 22.
01:08:28 oh one thing I want to say though look
01:08:30 he is then
01:08:33 ruler over many things
01:08:37 personally to me
01:08:40 that’s like minister
01:08:43 that’s being talked about in DNC 70 of
01:08:45 the sticks that’s a okay I can see that
01:08:48 yeah
01:08:49 yeah okay
01:08:51 um yeah so yeah so you’re yeah
01:08:54 once again the here would be Chief and
01:08:57 the Kingdom of Heaven Must Be the
01:08:58 servant of the whole yeah
01:09:01 so
01:09:02 um in case we don’t get here because
01:09:04 it’s
01:09:05 um we always go long
01:09:07 in the Tabernacle slash Temple
01:09:12 there’s also three categories okay
01:09:16 there is uh back instead of me trying to
01:09:20 do an air pitcher
01:09:22 hit a real picture
01:09:26 oh
01:09:28 yeah and this partition and this part
01:09:29 yeah
01:09:31 it worked too well is it
01:09:35 which one am I behind now
01:09:40 which curtain’s about to rise
01:09:46 oh yes the Tabernacle
01:09:49 okay so this is probably so
01:09:52 um
01:09:53 inside the gate
01:09:57 guarded by set to notes
01:10:01 those are Sentinels right there at the
01:10:03 case yes same
01:10:06 then there’s
01:10:08 shelter sacrifice there are three
01:10:11 categories one two
01:10:14 three
01:10:15 outside the gate
01:10:18 is everybody else sons of perditions
01:10:21 you get you get it here too in the
01:10:24 Tabernacle
01:10:25 yeah
01:10:26 but I’m wondering where is the labor
01:10:32 uh well I I don’t want to focus on that
01:10:34 right now anyway sorry sorry I I I was
01:10:37 just reading I’ve spent all day reading
01:10:39 about the Furnishings of the Tabernacles
01:10:41 oh okay no that’s fine so it’s
01:10:44 interesting here
01:10:46 um
01:10:46 Israelites all Israelites can go in this
01:10:49 category right here
01:10:53 but
01:10:55 to go into here into the holy
01:10:59 you have to be a minister AKA a priest
01:11:05 which guess what when we go let’s I’m
01:11:08 gonna
01:11:09 uh oops I gotta hit the right button
01:11:13 button where’s my button
01:11:15 oh stop share there we go
01:11:17 um
01:11:18 we’ll go back here
01:11:21 who’s the first Minister oh yeah there’s
01:11:24 the turn Lester
01:11:26 which goes with the Holy
01:11:30 in order to enter into the holy Place
01:11:32 one had to be one had to uh one had to
01:11:35 have been washed in the labor
01:11:37 baptism right right so it not everything
01:11:42 um
01:11:45 translates translates perfectly okay but
01:11:49 right it is interesting in here they do
01:11:51 have some light oh let me go back to the
01:11:53 other picture
01:11:54 because you can’t see my whole screen
01:11:57 [Music]
01:11:59 um you can see here they have sunlight
01:12:02 right they have the menorah and they get
01:12:05 to eat the bread which represents the
01:12:07 Law
01:12:08 yep and Yeshua Splash which happens to
01:12:12 be the long right and they do say
01:12:13 prayers
01:12:14 there’s the incense which
01:12:17 I would say goes along with the tea
01:12:19 vegetable people right now holy of holy
01:12:24 people Celestial people
01:12:30 yeah and they have
01:12:33 the glory they have the burning bosom
01:12:37 they have the full law
01:12:41 in fact it’s written on their mind
01:12:44 but if you look at this the Tabernacle
01:12:46 is a pattern for the physical body it’s
01:12:49 more obvious in Solomon’s Temple than it
01:12:51 is the Tabernacle
01:12:53 um
01:12:56 oops
01:13:00 um
01:13:05 there’s like the legs
01:13:08 um
01:13:10 there’s the arms the head anyways so
01:13:14 right there’s the head
01:13:18 um and that’s where the law is written
01:13:20 it’s on our mind
01:13:22 yeah on our
01:13:25 forehead as it states in the law the
01:13:29 Torah
01:13:30 um right
01:13:31 [Music]
01:13:32 um
01:13:34 and we have the power the wings wings
01:13:37 represent power
01:13:39 just as
01:13:41 um not that I ever you know this this
01:13:44 cherubim had their wings extended over
01:13:47 what is called The Mercy Seat yeah
01:13:50 yeah
01:13:51 which is where
01:13:53 the power and Glory
01:13:55 of yehovah
01:13:57 would be manifest in the uh in The Mercy
01:14:01 Seat yeah yeah and go along with that
01:14:06 let me show there
01:14:09 those who can do power
01:14:15 like Yeshua
01:14:18 um have all their sins forgiven them
01:14:20 they’re Nephi 8-1 and now it came to
01:14:24 pass that according to our record we
01:14:26 know that our record to be true or
01:14:28 behold it was a just man who kept the
01:14:31 record for he truly did many miracles in
01:14:34 the name of Yeshua therefore was not any
01:14:37 man who could do a miracle on the name
01:14:40 of Yeshua say if we were cleansed
01:14:42 everywhere from his iniquity
01:14:45 no sin
01:14:46 and state that way
01:14:48 to do that and the way that you do that
01:14:51 is constantly living in the best that
01:14:53 you know
01:14:55 well I’m going to disagree with you
01:14:57 right there because there are sins of
01:15:01 omission and no I it would be since that
01:15:05 would be sins of and what I see in the
01:15:08 scriptures are sins of ignorance
01:15:11 sure and we’re still responsible and
01:15:15 knowledgeable and rebellious sin sins of
01:15:18 ignorance I think I believe and there is
01:15:21 there are atonements in the law set for
01:15:24 both correct there are
01:15:27 um
01:15:28 so I I can kind of see what you’re
01:15:29 saying though
01:15:30 um
01:15:31 and looking at a couple things just in
01:15:33 my head maybe that’s more what it is but
01:15:35 okay either way
01:15:37 um
01:15:38 you’re trying not to sin right
01:15:42 um and then uh dnc50 but no man is
01:15:47 professor of all things except he be
01:15:50 purified and cleanse from all sin and if
01:15:53 you’re purified and cleansed from Austin
01:15:55 ye shall ask what’s over you in the name
01:15:57 of Yeshua and it shall be done so and
01:16:01 that’s and that’s the point is that we
01:16:03 can be purified and cleansed from all
01:16:06 sin and the and the way that we I mean
01:16:09 the way that we do that is we have to
01:16:11 live we have to live in the light there
01:16:12 has to be that conscious choice at all
01:16:15 times to live and to live in the truth
01:16:18 to live in Torah
01:16:21 um
01:16:22 and if you do not if the if that is you
01:16:26 know if you if that is not the case then
01:16:28 you’re just making excuses for yourself
01:16:30 and still expecting to receive the
01:16:33 fullness of the power and glory of God
01:16:34 which is not going to work out too well
01:16:37 for you
01:16:39 um I agree
01:16:41 um
01:16:43 and I can see your point about uh
01:16:46 the ignorance part
01:16:48 um and that might resolve some questions
01:16:50 of iPad so anyways the main point is
01:16:53 that these wings represent power and
01:16:56 those who have the power are the ones
01:16:58 who are
01:16:59 striving to stay sinless right yep
01:17:04 um
01:17:05 so
01:17:06 that’s just a quick overview right there
01:17:08 just in case we get don’t have enough
01:17:10 time but it’s there in the Tabernacle
01:17:13 once you know what to look for it’s
01:17:16 there the patterns
01:17:19 in fact just go back to what was it Mark
01:17:24 uh I forget
01:17:27 that’s why I have notes I don’t remember
01:17:29 every single chapter Mark 10 was it Mark
01:17:31 10. no I think it was more were we
01:17:34 talking about parable of the silver yeah
01:17:35 mark four
01:17:36 um
01:17:38 okay
01:17:42 and he Yeshua said unto them
01:17:45 know you not this Parable and how then
01:17:48 will you know all parables
01:17:51 I do believe
01:17:52 the Tabernacle and the temple is a
01:17:55 parable in fact
01:17:58 it’s patterned after what Moses saw in
01:18:01 heaven
01:18:02 DNC 76 talks about what is in heaven
01:18:08 mm-hmm
01:18:09 so it
01:18:11 had a temple in Zion
01:18:14 uh Temple or Tabernacle yeah I actually
01:18:17 do because the and I believe Adam had
01:18:20 one I would occur
01:18:24 that’s my belief it seems to be a
01:18:27 pattern that the Lord
01:18:29 wants his people to build a tabernacle
01:18:33 of some kind yeah
01:18:35 um yeah and I
01:18:39 if
01:18:40 someone was around right now with
01:18:43 Melchizedek priesthood from yahweh’s
01:18:45 voice he could set up one right now in
01:18:47 my personal opinion
01:18:48 but there’s no one that has that so we
01:18:53 don’t
01:18:54 and he could also concentrate ironic
01:18:57 priests as well right yeah and he I mean
01:19:01 God could tell him who they are right
01:19:03 anyways
01:19:05 um
01:19:05 but yes I do believe Enoch had one even
01:19:08 though I don’t think anything in the
01:19:11 account alludes to it from my
01:19:13 recollection
01:19:14 nor Adam but I do believe they both had
01:19:17 it
01:19:18 even if it’s not an account go ahead
01:19:19 Zach
01:19:21 I was wondering if we can take a quick
01:19:23 break uh sure yeah
01:19:28 okay so
01:19:30 um we were just going into yeah let’s go
01:19:34 back to
01:19:36 um I think it was
01:19:39 right yes parable of challenge
01:19:42 um I’d sidetracked this on the
01:19:44 Tabernacle a little bit just because of
01:19:46 the ministering thing and I wanted to
01:19:48 make sure we get it in there some ruler
01:19:51 Minister yeah yeah and then I went over
01:19:54 a few more and if we get time we can go
01:19:57 over more but I I gave a quick general
01:19:59 gist right
01:20:01 um yeah so
01:20:04 um
01:20:05 only verse 22 Maybe
01:20:11 yeah I want to read Zach
01:20:14 he also he also that had received Two
01:20:18 Towns came and asked and said
01:20:21 Lord thou delivers unto me two talents
01:20:23 because I have gained two other tones
01:20:26 beside them
01:20:29 his Lord sent it to him well done good
01:20:31 and faithful servant
01:20:33 that has been Faithful over a few things
01:20:36 I’ll make the ruler over many things
01:20:39 enter thou unto the joy of my Lord
01:20:41 so I see this is the turtle astral
01:20:45 people so see Lester was the ones with
01:20:48 the five the
01:20:50 terrestrial are the ones with the two
01:20:53 and then we’ll see and so this is and
01:20:56 this is why you’ll see that it’s actual
01:20:58 just the actually the justice of God to
01:21:00 take the glory from
01:21:04 to take the talent from the Telus chill
01:21:06 to give it to the Sea list well right
01:21:08 but just as in so
01:21:11 in DNC 76
01:21:14 there’s only two kingdoms or sorry bad
01:21:18 habit two glories
01:21:21 that are
01:21:24 rulers last ministers celestial
01:21:28 and terrestrial and you’ll see here in
01:21:31 the parable of the talents the last man
01:21:36 has everything
01:21:37 that could represent being Aruba over
01:21:40 something taken away just like in DNC 76
01:21:46 key of Astral people are not over
01:21:49 anything
01:21:52 they’re in the Kingdom
01:21:55 but
01:21:57 um and their Glory varies just like in
01:21:59 First Corinthians 15 talks about right
01:22:02 right
01:22:04 um but
01:22:06 um
01:22:07 yeah
01:22:08 they they’re not over anything just like
01:22:11 we’ll see here with this slothful
01:22:15 servant here
01:22:17 um so let’s
01:22:19 I think we’re on 24 right
01:22:22 [Music]
01:22:27 and he and he which had received the one
01:22:30 Talent came and said Lord I knew thee
01:22:33 that thou had art
01:22:37 it’s a hard man beeping where thou has
01:22:40 not sown and Gathering where thou is not
01:22:43 straight straw
01:22:45 yeah
01:22:47 so no to me this I remember one week we
01:22:50 talked about how I said finger is the
01:22:53 directing
01:22:55 mm-hmm
01:22:57 this slothful servant knows that
01:23:01 the Lord directs and he reaps where he
01:23:04 directed
01:23:07 anyways
01:23:10 so 25
01:23:12 and I was afraid and I was afraid
01:23:15 and went and had thy talent in the Earth
01:23:18 low there
01:23:20 thou Hast that is dying
01:23:24 so and one thing it’s interesting
01:23:28 he hit the talent in the Earth
01:23:32 um go over here to parable of this sower
01:23:34 that’s this one
01:23:38 um Stony place
01:23:40 the Earth is Stone
01:23:44 right
01:23:45 I see personally I see a connection but
01:23:49 anyways that’s interesting go back here
01:23:52 okay sorry about that
01:23:57 was the Lord answered and sentenced him
01:23:59 that awakened thoughtful servant
01:24:01 thou knows that I weep where I sold not
01:24:04 gather where I have not strugged
01:24:09 the artist
01:24:12 go ahead
01:24:14 the artist therefore to put
01:24:17 my money to the exchangers
01:24:19 and that at my company
01:24:21 I should have precede my own with usury
01:24:24 usury
01:24:27 there’s something that I see in all this
01:24:29 okay
01:24:30 this last servant
01:24:33 does not love his Lord
01:24:36 yeah
01:24:38 um he does not love him at all
01:24:41 um
01:24:43 to me
01:24:45 along those lines also I see it with the
01:24:48 parable of the sower right he liked him
01:24:51 at first because he says Lord
01:24:54 but then he just kind of no deepness I
01:24:57 fell away he didn’t lead to it no
01:24:59 deepness no root got scorched right
01:25:03 um in fact even the stuff with the Stony
01:25:06 Place being hid under the Earth
01:25:11 um I think uh has connections but
01:25:12 anyways
01:25:14 um
01:25:15 and so here’s where in DNC the
01:25:18 connection that I have with PNC 76 uh
01:25:21 you want to read 28 Zach
01:25:24 therefore to tell it from him and give
01:25:27 it
01:25:28 give it on Tim which have 10 tones
01:25:36 [Music]
01:25:38 run to everyone that has shall be given
01:25:43 and he shall have abundance but for him
01:25:45 that that have not shall be taken away
01:25:48 even at which he has
01:25:52 so three
01:25:54 guesty the um
01:25:57 unprofitable servant into other Darkness
01:26:01 it should be weeping and gnashing of
01:26:03 teeth
01:26:03 so this part could make it go along with
01:26:08 um Sims of predictions so
01:26:10 there’s a little confusion in myself
01:26:14 because most of this
01:26:16 sounds like
01:26:18 tea lestrol right because he’s calling
01:26:20 the Lord he’s accepted him as his leader
01:26:23 but he doesn’t do what he’s being told
01:26:26 uh but then he goes to outer darkness
01:26:29 which is the fourth place in my opinion
01:26:31 so there’s a little confusion on my
01:26:34 point here
01:26:36 um I could go
01:26:38 uh let’s go see if there’s anything in
01:26:41 jst
01:26:43 on this or
01:26:46 I don’t think there is but let me look
01:26:48 real quick I’m gonna
01:26:50 pause
01:26:53 so let me change there are some little
01:26:57 gsts but it doesn’t do anything to
01:26:59 clarify my confusion on this point
01:27:03 um as in verse 30
01:27:08 and his Lords shall say unto his
01:27:11 servants cast the unprofitable servant
01:27:13 into outer darkness and there shall be
01:27:15 weeping in the air of Tears so
01:27:19 um
01:27:20 I I’m not sure what to say on that part
01:27:22 other than
01:27:25 possibly
01:27:26 um
01:27:27 those
01:27:30 who are in the third category can more
01:27:33 easily turn into the fourth right sons
01:27:35 of petitions or but given the fact that
01:27:39 these are all servants
01:27:43 it’s the servants that become the fourth
01:27:45 cat it’s the unprofitable servants that
01:27:47 become the fourth category
01:27:51 right I think that’s what I just said
01:27:52 the the third can come from the fourth
01:27:55 or
01:27:56 it could be just thinking out loud here
01:27:58 the the
01:28:02 Kingdom
01:28:03 is kind of dark right because their
01:28:06 Glory worries and so maybe that’s what
01:28:09 it is
01:28:10 and as you perceive the heavens there’s
01:28:13 vast amounts of Darkness
01:28:15 around those Stars yeah and so maybe
01:28:18 that’s what it is because when you look
01:28:20 at the Moon you see light
01:28:22 um I mean look at the sun well you
01:28:24 shouldn’t look at the sun all right so
01:28:25 don’t do that if you look at the sun you
01:28:28 won’t see it all yeah so don’t do that
01:28:30 because of its brightness but
01:28:32 just just thinking out loud here how to
01:28:35 make this part fit because I’m not sure
01:28:38 and I’ve been busy on other things is
01:28:41 when you go look at the stars it’s
01:28:42 mostly Darkness so maybe that’s what the
01:28:45 outer Darkness portion here is right
01:28:49 um
01:28:51 a lot of times outer darkness is used
01:28:54 for something else generally so that’s
01:28:56 where I think it’s a little confusing
01:28:57 but maybe in this case it’s just you
01:29:00 know there’s lots of Darkness around the
01:29:02 Stars maybe that’s what it is I I’m not
01:29:04 sure
01:29:06 that’s an interesting thought I’m I’m
01:29:08 just trying to make it I’m not quite I I
01:29:11 don’t know I don’t know quite what I
01:29:14 don’t know quite what to make of it
01:29:16 right
01:29:18 I don’t either
01:29:19 um but that’s where I I gave two ideas
01:29:23 right now
01:29:25 um so another thing that goes with DNC
01:29:27 76 are the harvests okay
01:29:32 um and I’m gonna get an unfinished post
01:29:35 for this one
01:29:38 um to make it easier I mean I have notes
01:29:41 in my OneNote but it’s not as well
01:29:43 organized as the post I’m working on
01:29:47 um
01:29:48 hmm let’s see if I can
01:29:51 find it but
01:29:54 um
01:29:55 maybe stop sharing while I find it but
01:29:58 real quick
01:30:00 um
01:30:02 there’s three harvests wheat which is
01:30:06 actually oh sorry barley barley which is
01:30:10 the easiest to harvest
01:30:12 which would go with the Celestial
01:30:14 Kingdom in fact
01:30:17 although you have to thrash it which is
01:30:20 hitting it
01:30:21 on the ground right to separate do the
01:30:23 separation
01:30:24 it’s not so much as you do have to do
01:30:27 for wheat wheat to harvest it you have
01:30:30 to do a lot more work than you do for
01:30:34 barley which is
01:30:36 um
01:30:37 uh unleavened bread
01:30:39 and then we is for chaviot
01:30:43 right giving of the law
01:30:46 and
01:30:49 Tabernacles has to do with grapes okay
01:30:52 the grape Harvest and grapes have to be
01:30:56 crushed they have to basically Force The
01:31:00 Book of Revelation is all about pressure
01:31:03 yeah
01:31:04 um I have some stuff on that
01:31:07 um
01:31:08 and then so those are the three glories
01:31:12 within the kingdom
01:31:16 and then there’s a fourth
01:31:18 the burning
01:31:20 after all the harvests
01:31:24 the reason that they burn is in
01:31:27 preparation for replanting
01:31:31 um well I think that’s a little far an
01:31:33 analogy in here because the punishment
01:31:36 is eternal
01:31:38 um
01:31:39 but
01:31:40 with regards to
01:31:44 um the four categories
01:31:47 it’s the burning is the sums of
01:31:49 traditions yeah they’re the ones that
01:31:52 are cast out of the kingdom and are now
01:31:55 in the lake of fire and brimstone right
01:31:58 they’re burned
01:32:00 um
01:32:01 so
01:32:03 uh let me pause while I get to a good
01:32:05 point in my post on this just so that
01:32:08 way it’s not dead time okay
01:32:11 oh so I found the spot I want but and it
01:32:15 reminded me of something because it’s
01:32:17 right here
01:32:18 but on some random out okay
01:32:22 um it actually shows that there’s
01:32:25 different degrees in the Kingdom okay uh
01:32:28 you want to read this one then
01:32:30 whosoever therefore shall break one of
01:32:33 the least
01:32:34 amendments and she’ll teach men so
01:32:37 he shall be called the least in the
01:32:39 Kingdom of Heaven
01:32:41 but whosoever shall do and teach them
01:32:44 the same Shall be Called great in the
01:32:47 Kingdom of Heaven
01:32:48 so
01:32:49 um we’re going to be greater people in
01:32:52 the kingdom and lesser people in the
01:32:55 Easter
01:32:58 what I I’m not sure I just made I just
01:33:02 made up a word based on or at least
01:33:05 okay I get you now
01:33:10 um
01:33:11 there’s people that are going to be
01:33:12 greater and people who are going to be
01:33:14 less in the Kingdom but wait a minute
01:33:17 that sounds like the different glories
01:33:19 [Music]
01:33:23 no wait a minute Stephen everybody’s
01:33:25 equal in the Kingdom of Heaven
01:33:27 everybody’s vehicle uh not according to
01:33:31 Yeshua so I know I think you’re reading
01:33:35 the wrong Bible
01:33:36 [Music]
01:33:42 no actually I’m I’m just that’s this is
01:33:46 one of those things that a lot of people
01:33:47 will say about uh the kingdom of heaven
01:33:51 and Zion is that everybody’s equal there
01:33:54 and it’s just not true
01:33:58 that’s why I said it that’s why I said
01:34:01 it in my door I’m a voice
01:34:03 you know
01:34:05 I I know it’s because it’s it’s not true
01:34:09 um yeah I I mean each of us has had and
01:34:12 each of us has had an equal opportunity
01:34:14 to keep the law teach other people to
01:34:17 keep the law or break the law and teach
01:34:19 other people to break the law
01:34:21 every one of us had an equal opportunity
01:34:23 on that
01:34:25 um and and if you fail and if you failed
01:34:29 your test
01:34:30 well that’s on you buddy
01:34:34 right
01:34:35 um and most people who are Christians
01:34:40 will say that Sermon on the Mount is
01:34:43 Pinnacle teaching from Yeshua right
01:34:47 so
01:34:49 according to Yeshua there are those who
01:34:53 are greater which I would say from the
01:34:55 things that we’re looking at earlier yep
01:34:57 more Glory
01:34:59 and those who are lesser
01:35:02 the least her least her should be lesser
01:35:05 right
01:35:08 I make up words too
01:35:10 um but the Lesser are those with
01:35:15 um
01:35:15 less amount of Glory
01:35:18 right so right here
01:35:21 Sermon on the Mount lorries
01:35:24 in the Kingdom
01:35:26 for those
01:35:27 to see
01:35:30 and those are years to hear a little
01:35:32 here what the Lord has said to the
01:35:35 people
01:35:37 yeah
01:35:39 um so
01:35:44 that’s where I start
01:35:46 [Music]
01:35:46 um
01:35:49 okay uh this is
01:35:51 um part of all the tones so we went over
01:35:56 um okay so this is where I start showing
01:35:58 some parallels from DNC 76 okay and we
01:36:02 can go to this section later but
01:36:05 um or my favorite place my window of the
01:36:08 verses right because I got them
01:36:10 categorized better but anyways just to
01:36:12 go off the teasing you were doing
01:36:15 um these sons of perditions are those
01:36:18 who are liars Sorcerers adulterers and
01:36:21 boredoms and whosoever lovers can make a
01:36:23 lie
01:36:25 and so those are the ones that are going
01:36:26 to be burned okay and that goes along so
01:36:30 in other words the sources of the LIE
01:36:33 uh yes
01:36:35 [Music]
01:36:37 so like and also apparently and also
01:36:40 apparently those who will not and also
01:36:43 apparently those who won’t keep it
01:36:44 zipped
01:36:46 I’m not sure what you’re saying
01:36:48 adulterers adulterers
01:36:50 oh okay right right that’s it yeah
01:36:53 they’re patent zipped
01:36:57 um so along with that to be
01:36:59 controversial
01:37:01 polygamy okay look at me is adultery in
01:37:04 a whoredom period okay and I’m sure I’ll
01:37:09 put a link into in the notes
01:37:13 I actually read uh one of those verses
01:37:16 today that uh people say the Torah
01:37:19 supports polygamy and it doesn’t at all
01:37:22 no
01:37:24 um it simply acknowledges that some
01:37:27 people do that and it says
01:37:30 that it and it tells them
01:37:35 we go into 21 in uh jst
01:37:39 uh Exodus Exodus 21. all right we can
01:37:42 Sidetrack real quick but on that I I
01:37:45 think I know what verse it is
01:37:46 um but let’s look at it this is talking
01:37:49 about this is talking about female
01:37:51 servants
01:37:53 [Music]
01:37:57 21 if you remember the verse number
01:38:00 but let’s see uh Bert starting in verse
01:38:05 seven
01:38:06 and if a man sell his daughter to be a
01:38:09 maid servant she shall not go out as the
01:38:11 man serve as the men servants do so real
01:38:14 quick I want to make a note here
01:38:17 um
01:38:18 this is not like into slavery
01:38:21 this is actually a practice to get
01:38:24 people out of slavery in fact uh I don’t
01:38:28 know if it states it here but at least
01:38:30 in other places in the Torah when you do
01:38:33 this the one who
01:38:35 uh buys the service I think it’s a
01:38:38 better way of putting it in today’s
01:38:39 language has to make sure that he
01:38:42 marries the daughter to someone who is
01:38:45 well off like he is that’s not slavery
01:38:48 that’s bringing someone out of
01:38:52 being poor is what it is yes yes this is
01:38:56 this was a part of how we how the Lord
01:38:59 wanted people to be brought out of uh
01:39:03 Eternal
01:39:04 um eternally being poor yeah
01:39:07 she pleased not her master who hath not
01:39:10 betrothed her to himself
01:39:14 then shall he let her be redeemed
01:39:17 so
01:39:18 there the thing is is that men servants
01:39:21 were to be freed after the seventh year
01:39:24 the major on the seventh year on the
01:39:28 seventh on the seventh sorry just like
01:39:30 the creation prophecy and the summer
01:39:32 sorry
01:39:33 you’re correct I misspoke uh on the
01:39:37 seventh year then whereas female
01:39:41 servants made servants had to be
01:39:43 redeemed the Redemption Christ was paid
01:39:47 not to sell her to not to sell her to a
01:39:50 strange Nation he shall have no power to
01:39:53 do this seeing he have felt deceitfully
01:39:55 with her and if he have betrothed her to
01:39:58 his son
01:40:00 you named this maidservant
01:40:03 is now marrying the master’s son
01:40:08 that’s not slavery right
01:40:10 that’s right
01:40:12 that would not be possible if she were
01:40:14 in action if she were a slit yeah it and
01:40:17 if he had betrothed her unto his son he
01:40:19 shall deal with her after the manner of
01:40:21 daughters
01:40:22 and if he he is the man’s son
01:40:28 take him another wife
01:40:30 her food her raiment and her duty of
01:40:33 marriage shall he not diminish
01:40:37 so this is not actually supporting
01:40:39 polygamy here
01:40:43 but if and if you do not these three
01:40:45 unto her then she shall go out free
01:40:46 without money
01:40:48 um
01:40:49 what I see here is if he divorced her in
01:40:52 fact
01:40:53 um yeah in in the Jewish
01:40:58 Hebrew tradition when you get married
01:41:00 you actually part of the marriage
01:41:02 contract has a divorce decree inside of
01:41:05 it contrary to what we do here in the
01:41:07 west okay okay and that would be her
01:41:10 Duty that would be her duty of marriage
01:41:13 is the divorce decree yes
01:41:17 um in fact there’s a problem with this
01:41:18 in the New Testament and that’s what’s
01:41:20 going on with when
01:41:22 some of the things that Yeshua addresses
01:41:24 that people weren’t getting divorced
01:41:27 such that they didn’t have to take care
01:41:31 of the divorce decree that goes along
01:41:34 with it and so here he’s saying if you
01:41:37 divorce her you need to make sure you
01:41:39 need to give her food or her housing and
01:41:43 um the other things that you agreed in
01:41:45 when you got married because the Hebrews
01:41:48 in their marriage decree actually has in
01:41:51 it in case you get divorced this is what
01:41:54 the husband will do or give the wife
01:41:58 oh and that’s right and if you do not
01:42:00 these and if you do not these three
01:42:02 under her then she shall go out free
01:42:04 without money
01:42:06 in other words
01:42:07 she will not have to be redeemed
01:42:10 um
01:42:15 so I I mean it’s not here but the
01:42:18 servant
01:42:19 it must be somewhere else or I’m just
01:42:21 I’m going off a rough memory here that
01:42:25 the servant doesn’t have to marry the
01:42:27 maidservant to his son he can find her
01:42:31 someone else to marry along the basic
01:42:34 similarly
01:42:36 um economic lines as he’s in
01:42:39 yeah
01:42:41 um yeah and that’s probably not here and
01:42:44 it’s probably somewhere else because
01:42:46 um you get pieces here and there on on
01:42:48 these laws right which has to do with
01:42:51 the
01:42:53 um
01:42:56 which is why they’re actually repeated
01:42:58 many of them several times and so you
01:43:02 have to read the repetitions in order to
01:43:04 actually understand everything about the
01:43:07 whole yeah and a lot of times in the
01:43:09 repetitions
01:43:10 um they focus on the part that’s needed
01:43:12 right there right and instead of doing
01:43:15 every single piece just like they do
01:43:17 when you’re a parent with your kids you
01:43:19 don’t iterate everything every time you
01:43:21 focus on the part that they need
01:43:23 um but yeah this is not about
01:43:26 um polygamy
01:43:27 uh and this part right here that a lot
01:43:29 of I think it’s first 10 if I remember
01:43:31 correctly that they use a lot for
01:43:33 polygamy it’s not it’s just talking
01:43:35 about the divorce degree portion of the
01:43:38 marriage
01:43:39 and that is part of the marriage
01:43:42 covenant is the divorce decree
01:43:45 which is kind of silly and and weird
01:43:48 compared to what we Westerner but it’s
01:43:51 but it’s actually but that is what they
01:43:54 Hebrews actually a way it’s actually a
01:43:56 more Equitable way of making sure that
01:43:58 the woman is taken care of yes um
01:44:02 while being able to maintain her role as
01:44:04 the mother
01:44:06 correct
01:44:08 yeah
01:44:10 um
01:44:11 and that’s just and so I I find I I
01:44:17 found a whole lot of really cool things
01:44:19 reading in Exodus
01:44:21 really it’s really a joy to it’s really
01:44:24 a joy to read in the uh to read in the
01:44:27 inspired version
01:44:28 uh
01:44:30 and the way that we’ve been doing it a
01:44:34 study side by side comparison between
01:44:37 the KJV and the uh well like right just
01:44:40 right here the bolds are jsts and it
01:44:44 just makes this verse make a lot more
01:44:45 sense
01:44:47 right right but anyways yeah oh yeah
01:44:50 makes that make a ton more sense
01:44:53 well there’s a lot of there’s a lot of
01:44:56 changes that make
01:44:57 um a lot of things uh make more sense
01:45:00 like in verse chapter 22 go to chapter
01:45:02 22.
01:45:08 there’s not much 22 or 23 or 22 or 23
01:45:13 it’s basically in KJV it says oh yeah no
01:45:17 it was 22. maybe 23. wait where was 23.
01:45:22 is this 23 that we’re on right now
01:45:24 that’s 20. here we go 23 verse 3. in the
01:45:28 King James version neither shalt thou
01:45:29 countenance a poor man in his cause
01:45:31 neither shout out countenance awaken it
01:45:33 a wicked man yeah because
01:45:36 um and Torah because otherwise what you
01:45:39 have here is a massive contradiction
01:45:40 between verse 3 and verse 6.
01:45:42 uh
01:45:43 yeah yeah
01:45:48 because Torah states that you can’t
01:45:51 um take into account someone who’s rich
01:45:54 or poor when you’re judging them so yeah
01:45:58 it does definitely clears up that
01:46:01 otherwise is a contradiction right yeah
01:46:04 um so anyways well the thing is there is
01:46:09 a section in Dr and Doctrine Covenant
01:46:11 section 56 verses 9 through 12. it does
01:46:14 talk about the wicked poor those who are
01:46:16 not satisfied
01:46:18 they’ve got to have everybody else’s
01:46:20 stuff yada yada but
01:46:23 poor does not equal Wicked no there’s
01:46:27 you can be Wicked and poor but poorer is
01:46:29 not necessarily
01:46:32 um rich
01:46:33 or poor is not necessarily Wicked that’s
01:46:36 what I’m the wicked poor are those who
01:46:39 covet
01:46:41 sure right right but um you can be
01:46:45 richer
01:46:46 the Socialists the Socialists yeah uh
01:46:50 they’re not the only ones that covet but
01:46:52 they yeah they take it to an extreme
01:46:55 right but anyways
01:46:57 and I’ll probably get killed for that
01:46:59 but that’s okay yeah okay so I think
01:47:02 that’s good with that side track
01:47:04 um yeah we’re done real fast sorry about
01:47:06 that no that’s fine that’s fine
01:47:09 um
01:47:11 so I think uh we just read this one
01:47:15 so DMC 70s 6 82-84 these T Lester are
01:47:21 those who receive not the gospel of the
01:47:24 Messiah neither the testimony of Yeshua
01:47:27 these two of us are those who did not
01:47:30 deny the holy spirit so they they
01:47:33 understand there is some law
01:47:36 right but they don’t really
01:47:40 um
01:47:40 embrace it
01:47:42 they kind of keep it and they kind of
01:47:44 don’t right and well that just reminds
01:47:47 me that just reminds me of most the
01:47:49 people who I’ve been spending in my life
01:47:51 and spending this last little bit
01:47:52 hanging out with
01:47:55 um was that before you came with us
01:47:58 yeah the doctrine of Price Books oh okay
01:48:03 um yeah well and they they have not
01:48:06 really received the gospel either right
01:48:09 which is
01:48:11 um
01:48:12 that Yeshua paid the price because
01:48:14 speaking of the doctrine of Christ
01:48:15 people they push reincarnation which
01:48:18 means you think you need to work out
01:48:21 your own salvation AKA denying yeshua’s
01:48:24 or don’t mind right
01:48:25 yeah
01:48:27 but to make things
01:48:29 the thing that I cannot the thing that I
01:48:33 cannot fathom about
01:48:35 but many people who teach multiple
01:48:37 mortal probations actually say is that
01:48:41 without it
01:48:43 God fails
01:48:47 yeah I I don’t know how they get that
01:48:49 other than they twist a ton of stuff I
01:48:53 that makes no sense to me
01:48:55 yeah
01:48:57 um well and the thing is is that when
01:49:00 you if you ask them about it I’ve never
01:49:03 seen any of that yet prove to me that
01:49:05 God fails
01:49:07 um have they even tried to explain it at
01:49:09 all
01:49:10 no basically the idea is that unless we
01:49:15 become as God is unless practically All
01:49:18 Souls become as God is God is fair
01:49:22 that sounds like the devil sorry okay
01:49:25 that’s made marks of the devil all over
01:49:29 because that’s what the devil’s plan is
01:49:32 is to make all the children return
01:49:36 yeah not one’s Soul shall be lost
01:49:42 yeah
01:49:44 um
01:49:45 yeah that’s
01:49:48 so look but I yeah going off what what
01:49:53 just Matt just said Yeshua
01:49:56 did this for
01:49:58 those who would be sanctified
01:50:01 yes
01:50:02 yes that’s who he really did it for
01:50:04 yeah others are benefiting from it also
01:50:07 but the ones he really did it for are
01:50:10 those who are gonna who really
01:50:12 the whole thing is the ones that are
01:50:15 gonna write it upon their art which is
01:50:18 what he wants everybody to do
01:50:20 right and then this is the thing the
01:50:23 glory of God is intelligence
01:50:26 and intelligence doesn’t exist
01:50:30 in a state where it is not free to act
01:50:34 right yeah and free to reveal itself the
01:50:39 degree of its intelligence
01:50:41 yeah
01:50:43 um that’s in the DNC section I forget
01:50:46 which one but yeah
01:50:48 that’s not going to covenants uh
01:50:50 Doctrine and Covenant section 93.
01:50:53 okay the word of God is intelligence
01:50:57 right no I am does it go to did that
01:51:01 section go to the point where you know
01:51:04 um
01:51:06 when you’re bringing out I think that’s
01:51:08 another Institute but
01:51:10 um
01:51:12 that’s no different section but um but
01:51:16 the whole thing is is that this is
01:51:19 the glory of God is shown as we choose
01:51:23 it’s not as he chooses for us
01:51:29 I think that’s the massive confusion
01:51:32 but they have
01:51:34 well they think they need to do it
01:51:36 themselves that’s why they need
01:51:37 reincarnation but that’s denying the
01:51:40 infinite atonement because
01:51:43 that is what satisfies it
01:51:46 yeah yep because
01:51:48 we can’t do it and we don’t get another
01:51:50 try really I mean the Book of Mormon all
01:51:53 over the place in multiple United States
01:51:55 that after this life
01:51:58 there is no work curious and it’s not
01:52:02 just the Book of Mormon that says these
01:52:03 things how many times does Paul say that
01:52:06 we go nowhere else yeah yeah
01:52:08 um it’s oh and they twist that scripture
01:52:11 like
01:52:12 yeah and then there’s that whole thing
01:52:15 that whole thing that that guy said that
01:52:17 somebody tried to bring out the whole in
01:52:19 and out thing oh yeah but that’s when we
01:52:21 we looked it up and the idiom and it’s
01:52:24 not saying what he’s been implying right
01:52:28 these and he left right after like went
01:52:33 up and looked up the idiom right
01:52:34 remember but anyways they they
01:52:37 cannot handle
01:52:39 someone really looking at these things
01:52:43 right they get mad and just give a
01:52:45 so-called testimony I’m like whatever I
01:52:49 mean everybody gives a testimony of
01:52:50 something that they believe like I mean
01:52:52 go to the LDS church and watch it
01:52:54 yeah and watch how many watch how many
01:52:58 people cry over that testimony
01:53:00 yeah emotions I mean Joseph Smith said
01:53:03 the holy spirit is nothing but pure how
01:53:05 is intelligence not emotional okay hey
01:53:09 don’t ever underplay the value of the
01:53:14 gift of excessive emotion
01:53:16 That’s what Satan uses
01:53:18 followers so I will
01:53:22 this is a spiritual experience that’s
01:53:25 what the church does I mean the heart
01:53:28 yeah they make like parts and I have
01:53:32 that in the post where they they
01:53:34 manipulate people by their emotions and
01:53:36 they admit it and they’re making money
01:53:38 off of it
01:53:39 yep in fact I’ll tell you one place
01:53:42 they’re making money off of it right now
01:53:43 the chosen
01:53:46 oh heck yeah that’s why they invested in
01:53:49 it yeah anyways
01:53:52 um so we’re sidetracking a lot yeah and
01:53:56 some of these some of these aren’t even
01:53:57 more some of these aren’t even worth the
01:53:59 time
01:54:00 okay so the next one
01:54:03 uh DNC 76 these t-restrial are those oh
01:54:08 wait I’ve we did that one uh 76 72 74.
01:54:12 oh did we I I guess I forget where we’re
01:54:14 at so we did 82 but we didn’t do 72
01:54:18 after seven oh okay okay we’re on tour
01:54:21 last year so one thing I want to bring
01:54:22 out
01:54:24 um because the without word can be
01:54:27 a little tricky
01:54:28 but
01:54:29 um I think when you go look at the
01:54:31 definition so I want to Sidetrack us on
01:54:33 that a little bit you can read those
01:54:36 um bin real quick okay uh one not with
01:54:41 uh two in the state of destitution or
01:54:44 absence from for Beyond or not within
01:54:50 supposing five supposing the negation or
01:54:53 omission of
01:54:56 six independent of not by the use of
01:55:00 actually that’s a really good one too
01:55:03 yeah that one actually might be better
01:55:04 now that you mention it
01:55:06 yeah because I used outside but
01:55:09 um not use of uh might actually
01:55:13 be better
01:55:15 on the outside of as without the gate
01:55:18 with Outdoors yeah not on the inside not
01:55:21 within
01:55:27 and so externally not in the mind not in
01:55:31 the mind oh my word those who do not
01:55:33 have the law written on their hearts
01:55:35 yeah like doesn’t that kind of sound
01:55:37 like lectures on day five maybe oh my
01:55:42 word that is that is that’s quite
01:55:44 possibly the best one of the bunch
01:55:47 uh I I see with the reference of
01:55:50 lectures on faith I agree but
01:55:52 um just in general I actually wonder if
01:55:54 I might change it to this one but
01:55:56 anyways yeah not by the use of yeah but
01:55:58 but with the mind of lectures of faith
01:56:01 that one’s great right but anyways yeah
01:56:04 into in a more and if if you’re
01:56:08 appealing to a more believing audience
01:56:09 that will
01:56:10 for sure but there’s I I would say
01:56:14 depending on what you’re doing and the
01:56:16 extra context
01:56:19 um not use of or not in the mind are
01:56:22 going to be the two good ones right so
01:56:24 let me change this but anyways behold
01:56:27 these Turtle Esters are those who died
01:56:31 and then one second
01:56:36 we have these terrestrial are those who
01:56:39 died
01:56:41 not using or not
01:56:45 or Not by the not using the law
01:56:49 or outside the law as outside the cake
01:56:52 you’re not in the mind of Yahweh
01:56:56 ooh terrestrial received not the
01:56:58 testimony of
01:57:01 Yeshua
01:57:02 in the flesh that afterwards received it
01:57:06 so
01:57:07 um you know after the resurrection
01:57:09 because to get the full testimony which
01:57:12 is to know yes yes you have to speak to
01:57:16 Christ you have to see him right
01:57:19 he’s terrestrial are those who are and
01:57:22 that is only going to happen when you’re
01:57:25 saying goodbye
01:57:27 anyway and the idea is to become
01:57:29 Sanctified in this life right and so
01:57:35 and we’ll read that in a little bit are
01:57:37 those who have been sanctified
01:57:39 but afterwards received it these
01:57:42 terrestrial articles who are Honorable
01:57:44 Men of the earth who were blinded by the
01:57:47 craftiness of man oh wait a minute so
01:57:50 I’m going to Sidetrack this a little bit
01:57:53 um that sounds
01:57:54 like exactly like the parallel
01:57:59 of the sword
01:58:01 right that’s a that’s almost an exact
01:58:04 paraphrase
01:58:05 [Music]
01:58:09 this one
01:58:11 we received the scenes along the farms
01:58:13 and we heard the word and it carries the
01:58:16 world in the suitless of the richest
01:58:18 choke the word and they came on
01:58:22 food before
01:58:24 that’s pretty much the same thing
01:58:26 yeah
01:58:28 all right
01:58:31 go back that one
01:58:36 it is
01:58:37 who are not Valiant in the testimony of
01:58:41 eduation wherefore they obtain not the
01:58:44 crown over the kingdom of our Elohim
01:58:49 um that also you know sounds like the
01:58:51 parable of the talents right
01:58:54 we were some Valiant we got two not five
01:58:58 right but anyways
01:59:01 um I just
01:59:03 I see tons of parallels and I’m trying
01:59:05 to bring it out with some here and this
01:59:06 is why I think I’m going to pull this
01:59:09 out of this post because
01:59:11 I think it’d be better to do more in
01:59:14 another one
01:59:16 um plus this other one is already long
01:59:18 enough as it is
01:59:19 [Music]
01:59:22 um but I never have long quotes
01:59:25 um
01:59:26 so here is celestial okay let’s see what
01:59:31 it says
01:59:32 they are who received the testimony of
01:59:34 Yeshua and believed in his name
01:59:37 or character right
01:59:41 I mean and we’re baptized after the
01:59:45 manner of his burial being buried in the
01:59:48 water in his name and according to the
01:59:51 Commandment which he has given that by
01:59:54 keeping the women
01:59:57 repeat that
01:59:59 speaking
02:00:00 the Commandments
02:00:05 on updating my on published post life
02:00:08 that they might be washed and cleansed
02:00:11 from all their sins
02:00:13 oh wait a minute remember when we read
02:00:15 about those who had power that goes with
02:00:18 wings that’s in the holy holies there’s
02:00:21 a saying that we can sanctify ourselves
02:00:26 like like the Lord commanded us too I
02:00:29 thought
02:00:31 I thought suffering
02:00:33 mad Fitz
02:00:35 of cognitive dissonance right
02:00:37 okay mad Fitz
02:00:47 um
02:00:49 well
02:00:52 um should we pause for a little bit to
02:00:54 give you some time there Matt or a week
02:00:59 I’ll work through it
02:01:04 but I mean come on I mean these are
02:01:07 those who according to Pokemon are the
02:01:09 ones that have power to do yep and wait
02:01:13 a minute the only place in the
02:01:15 Tabernacle that had like wings other
02:01:18 than the Sentinels protecting was in the
02:01:21 holy of holies yeah because the other
02:01:24 wings were the Sentinels protecting to
02:01:26 make sure you didn’t go somewhere you’re
02:01:28 not supposed to go
02:01:29 really
02:01:30 um
02:01:31 anyways and we see the Holy Spirit or
02:01:35 the holy law by the rain on our hands
02:01:39 okay and there’s a lot of things that
02:01:42 you can read in this but hands have to
02:01:44 do with doing right
02:01:48 of him who is ordained sealed unto this
02:01:52 power
02:01:53 and who overcame by faith endured to the
02:01:57 end
02:01:58 and are sealed by the Holy Spirit of
02:02:01 Promise which is the visitation of the
02:02:04 Lord Jesus Christ himself
02:02:06 well it’s also
02:02:08 um
02:02:09 sanctification that is the third baptism
02:02:14 yep
02:02:16 which the father sheds forth upon all
02:02:19 those who are just Justified and true
02:02:23 also has to do what is just
02:02:27 meaning keeping the law the only way
02:02:29 you’re just is if you’re doing things
02:02:31 correctly which means you’re keeping the
02:02:34 wall sore
02:02:37 and this is actually Justin true
02:02:40 actually goes back
02:02:42 to sedeka
02:02:45 the Hebrew word for charity yeah
02:02:49 which Cherry actually means in Hebrew
02:02:51 keeping the law this means the love
02:02:55 means just action
02:02:57 oh keeping the law
02:03:01 what is just that’s keeping the law the
02:03:03 laws right and wrong akhs well yeah I
02:03:07 mean and the thing that a lot of people
02:03:08 just won’t accept when I told him this
02:03:11 is that Jesus Christ defined charity for
02:03:15 us
02:03:16 when he said
02:03:18 if you love me
02:03:20 keep my Commandments yeah that’s charity
02:03:25 [Music]
02:03:27 we’re just a pure love of Christ if you
02:03:30 if you love somebody purely you’ll do as
02:03:33 they ask of you
02:03:36 yeah
02:03:38 so let’s go back to Parable talents he
02:03:41 who and so the same category
02:03:44 um as the one that we just read from DNC
02:03:46 76 who receives the seed which is the
02:03:50 word in the good ground
02:03:52 and here is the word and understand it
02:03:56 and and dirt understand it I mean he
02:03:59 knows what it says right and this is
02:04:02 what Christ says in the New Testament if
02:04:04 we want to know if this is for me or
02:04:06 from somebody else
02:04:10 that’s how you understand where it’s
02:04:12 coming from and also
02:04:15 uh yeah so if you you will recognize me
02:04:19 when you are like which means
02:04:23 and Yeshua did everything according to
02:04:27 the law the law teaches us about him
02:04:31 which Bears first and the fruit is
02:04:33 keeping the law
02:04:35 it brings for some 100 fold 60 fold and
02:04:38 34 so
02:04:41 um well I I haven’t understood I think
02:04:45 I think that beerus fruit is also
02:04:49 bringeth forth the fruits of keeping the
02:04:52 law
02:04:53 that’s what I was meaning yeah it it
02:04:56 brings they’re bringing forth the fruits
02:04:58 that keeping the law which are the
02:04:59 fruits of the spirit
02:05:01 right and everything Galatians 5 the
02:05:04 fruits of the spirit are actually laws
02:05:07 in Torah yeah but but also
02:05:13 that very veryth fruit is also about the
02:05:17 signs that follow those that believe
02:05:22 then the gifts of the spirit
02:05:26 we don’t if you read the Doctrine and
02:05:30 Covenants section that talks about the
02:05:32 gifts of the Spirit you realize that
02:05:34 they are in sequence and the first two
02:05:37 are both words
02:05:41 the word of wisdom the word of knowledge
02:05:45 those are the first two gifts listed
02:05:48 here
02:05:49 and they are a sequence
02:05:52 healing comes when we have exercised
02:05:56 when we have exercised faith in the
02:05:58 words of wisdom and received the words
02:06:00 of knowledge
02:06:02 and act upon them
02:06:04 then we receive further gifts from the
02:06:07 spirit as we act upon the law which is
02:06:12 the mind and will of God
02:06:15 yes that that power grows in us that
02:06:19 light within us grows and consumes us
02:06:22 eventually
02:06:28 shredding the veil of unbelief which we
02:06:32 cling to desperately for no reason for
02:06:35 no good reason that I can figure out
02:06:38 I
02:06:42 I guess liking liking your sins thinking
02:06:48 you know better I I know
02:06:51 some people only trust the scriptures in
02:06:54 his bar as it agrees with what their
02:06:57 current thinking is
02:07:00 um
02:07:01 so anyways so
02:07:05 um oh I don’t have a whole bunch on the
02:07:07 Harvest I have a whole bunch of links
02:07:08 though
02:07:09 um I thought I had more maybe anyways
02:07:11 but
02:07:13 um would just preview a little bit
02:07:16 there’s The Barley with the first fruits
02:07:19 which is celestial
02:07:22 um there’s wheat because it’s harder to
02:07:25 gather and prepare
02:07:28 or
02:07:30 um use is the terrestrial
02:07:33 and the grapes that have to be crushed
02:07:35 or the tea industrial and well what is
02:07:39 it that Christ says
02:07:41 in the great and Dreadful day at the
02:07:43 great and Dreadful day I’ve trodden the
02:07:45 line press alone
02:07:48 I mean that’s just a little thing that
02:07:51 came into my head you know um I think
02:07:53 that one’s a little different
02:07:56 um because that’s I was talking about
02:07:57 doing the atonement alone no right but
02:08:01 at the same time though grapes he’s
02:08:06 The Wine Press is grapes right but I’m
02:08:10 not saying right but I’m just there’s
02:08:13 something about that that just keeps on
02:08:17 keeps me going back to that idea of
02:08:23 he’s crushing
02:08:26 you know he’s crushing The Grapes you
02:08:28 know he’s right he’s um
02:08:31 and that’s probably what I’m trying to
02:08:33 bring out with the tea lestrol and
02:08:34 grapes they’re crushed and their
02:08:37 scriptures that bring that out that
02:08:39 they’re basically
02:08:41 someone forced to keep the law because
02:08:44 although they accepted the Messiah
02:08:48 um to be in the Kingdom they have to
02:08:50 keep the law because there’s only one
02:08:52 law in the Kingdom
02:08:54 um so they’re kind of
02:08:57 crushed forced to keep it
02:09:00 right
02:09:01 and and now it looks like in in my notes
02:09:04 Here
02:09:05 um
02:09:06 I didn’t
02:09:09 um give specific quotes for these
02:09:12 articles we can go look at some
02:09:14 um because I haven’t I have them but it
02:09:17 brings out the correlations of these
02:09:19 different harvests with the First
02:09:22 Corinthians 15 actually yeah which also
02:09:26 parallels DNC 76 as we’ve gone over
02:09:30 um yeah like in these three categories
02:09:32 like so
02:09:34 um if you guys want to spend some more
02:09:36 time we can maybe go look at some of
02:09:38 those
02:09:39 and yeah I’m I’m guessing since I have
02:09:44 this one the first that’s probably my
02:09:46 favorite one so we can go open that one
02:09:49 nice okay yeah it’s been a little while
02:09:53 since I’ve worked on it but I am
02:09:57 let’s let’s go look at that one real
02:10:00 quick
02:10:03 articles are not from restorationists
02:10:07 these are just people who love their
02:10:10 Bible and specifically
02:10:12 Torah and my holidays and they’re making
02:10:15 connections themselves and so
02:10:19 um do you mean people other than members
02:10:20 of the church can do that
02:10:22 what yeah
02:10:24 you mean the Holy Spirit one more
02:10:27 you mean the Holy Spirit strives with
02:10:29 all the strives of all men all the
02:10:32 Gentiles uh yeah in fact um mosiah 18
02:10:35 actually states that once you’re
02:10:37 baptized you get the spirit and more
02:10:40 abundantly exactly you can’t have it
02:10:43 abundantly beforehand
02:10:45 um
02:10:46 I I’m I’m just I’m a Believer in the
02:10:50 Book of Mormon
02:10:51 tell me about it
02:10:54 let’s see I’m going to try to skim this
02:10:57 the word uh
02:11:01 see this is kind of what I bring up
02:11:03 about the three feasts go with the three
02:11:06 in the kingdom and then the burning or
02:11:09 is the sons of perditions which brings
02:11:13 along the four categories in the parable
02:11:17 of the sower and DNC 76 right we have it
02:11:21 in the Harvest also it’s just one’s not
02:11:23 harvesting the point is burning
02:11:27 um
02:11:28 let’s see this anyways uh you want to
02:11:32 read this part here and we’ll just maybe
02:11:34 read it’s been a while since I’ve looked
02:11:35 at this
02:11:37 okay
02:11:43 regular Harvest is associated with each
02:11:45 of these three feast days Passover is
02:11:47 associated with the Harvest of Harley
02:11:49 Pentecost is associated with the Harvest
02:11:52 of wheat
02:11:53 and Tabernacles is associated
02:11:55 specifically with the great artist
02:11:57 now because this is so little known most
02:11:59 do not understand Paul’s teaching on the
02:12:01 three harvests
02:12:03 coin with uh First Corinthians 15 to
02:12:06 follow that right
02:12:07 you’re right
02:12:12 um
02:12:13 in the land of Palestine
02:12:15 barley was the first to ripen in the
02:12:17 spring of the year when the people came
02:12:19 to Jerusalem for the Passover each
02:12:20 brought a handful of ripe barley to give
02:12:22 God his first fruits the Harvest on the
02:12:25 Sunday after Passover the priest took
02:12:27 some of the barley and waved it up and
02:12:29 down before God In The New American
02:12:31 Standard Version uh The Standard Bible
02:12:33 has a footnote In this passage which
02:12:35 reads he’s the first fruits in about
02:12:37 presenting to the Lord a sheep
02:12:39 literally an Omer of The Barley Harvest
02:12:42 first fruits uh symbolized the
02:12:45 consecration of the entire Harvest God
02:12:47 and was an Earnest or Pledge of the full
02:12:49 Harvest yet to be gathered
02:12:53 only barley could have been used because
02:12:55 the wheat had not yet ripened to pass
02:12:57 over in that part of the world
02:13:04 there’s an Old Testament story that
02:13:06 shows this as well recall that in the
02:13:08 days of all of us God put 10 plagues
02:13:11 upon Egypt people of pharaoh hello
02:13:13 allowed Israel to leave Israel final
02:13:17 left the day after the tenth plague and
02:13:20 this came to be celebrated as the Feast
02:13:22 of Passover
02:13:23 the seventh plague Came Upon Egypt
02:13:26 shortly before Passover was hail the
02:13:29 Bible tells us that the hell destroyed
02:13:31 the barley because it had already
02:13:34 eared out ripened but the wheat was not
02:13:38 destroyed because it has not ripened yet
02:13:40 so this is the main point here is that
02:13:45 wheat is later okay and there’s also
02:13:48 just on calendar issues
02:13:51 um this is one where barley was not used
02:13:55 to determine the start of the year
02:13:57 because look it was destroyed in the
02:13:59 plague
02:14:01 then we use the Sun and removed okay but
02:14:04 anyways now the thwax and The Barley
02:14:07 were ruined her barley was in the ear
02:14:11 and the black splints in bud but the
02:14:14 wheat and the collect were not ruined or
02:14:18 they ripen late I mean they come later
02:14:20 right
02:14:23 the footnote in the na has been comments
02:14:26 on this a Wheaton spelled an inferior
02:14:28 kind of wheat were not harmed at this
02:14:30 time because
02:14:33 uh is definitely a inferior wheat
02:14:38 yeah okay I didn’t know that but okay
02:14:43 um mixing ripen celebrate let’s see uh
02:14:47 here we go I think that’s when it’s more
02:14:48 what we want to do so significance of
02:14:50 barley in the Bible I’m skipping the
02:14:53 line here but
02:14:54 it’s not really
02:14:56 but it’s a lot of that stuff’s not
02:14:57 necessarily yeah okay
02:15:01 the significance of barley in the Bible
02:15:04 if we were studying the passages in the
02:15:06 Bible where buyer barley is mentioned we
02:15:09 would find much valuable information
02:15:11 about the first resurrection oh wait a
02:15:14 minute
02:15:15 what sounds like
02:15:18 the degrees of Glory
02:15:20 that sounds like Paul yeah and uh it
02:15:24 sounds like DMC 76 and the character and
02:15:27 calling of those who qualify for all of
02:15:31 them works
02:15:34 the fact that borrowing the church early
02:15:37 tells us that barley
02:15:39 bursters are the first people the mature
02:15:43 spiritually to bring forth the proofs of
02:15:46 the Kingdom that
02:15:47 Elohim requires barley also can survive
02:15:52 throughout heat cold much more easily
02:15:56 than we oh that’s interesting isn’t it
02:15:59 it’s actually a more it’s actually a
02:16:01 more hearty plant
02:16:03 right
02:16:05 um but it’s really interesting that
02:16:07 sounds like the difference between
02:16:09 Celestial and team orter cholesterol
02:16:13 right stay Industrial
02:16:16 hold on to the truth endure they endured
02:16:20 and the story of Elijah for instance
02:16:23 during a trial a man brought him the
02:16:25 first troops of barley this occurred
02:16:28 about the same time Elisha overcame
02:16:31 death in the part of student which
02:16:34 signifies Resurrection
02:16:36 that profit then multiplied with barley
02:16:38 and a few hundred men oh wait a minute
02:16:41 just multiplying that sounds like what
02:16:45 we saw in the parable of the sower
02:16:50 and also the description of the
02:16:53 celestial Glory
02:16:55 how The Barley needs to be multiplied
02:17:00 um and Zach you want to read some for a
02:17:01 little bit now
02:17:06 Testament example is found in John 6 in
02:17:10 which is a specific five thousand it
02:17:12 occurred at the time of Passover
02:17:14 and the lab brought by barley Loaves and
02:17:17 two fish
02:17:19 multiplying them bread
02:17:22 Jesus told his disciples to gather up
02:17:24 the fragments that remain
02:17:25 that nothing be lost
02:17:28 later in the same chapter
02:17:30 Jesus gave us
02:17:32 the lesson in this story three times
02:17:34 saying
02:17:35 or is or raise them up at the last day
02:17:39 in other words even as 12 baskets of
02:17:41 barley
02:17:43 fragments were gathered
02:17:45 so that nothing would be lost so also
02:17:48 The Barley come
02:17:50 company which was broken to feed
02:17:53 the people will be raised up at the last
02:17:55 day of this present age
02:17:57 covers the biblical number of divine
02:17:59 government
02:18:03 well it’s the article’s not perfect
02:18:07 yeah well I’m just saying the oral
02:18:10 prayer the Lord
02:18:12 increases the barley
02:18:15 right there needs to be more all right
02:18:18 well the main thing in here is showing
02:18:20 him barley uh has uh attributes like
02:18:24 this Celestial Glory right yeah
02:18:26 absolutely less sense there The Barley
02:18:30 people are called To Rule and reign with
02:18:32 Christ
02:18:33 which is what unc76 actually states to
02:18:36 those who receive the celestial Glory
02:18:38 right they become they become Gods even
02:18:42 the sons of God
02:18:43 yeah
02:18:45 so let me read this one back
02:18:49 that’s where the code the calling of the
02:18:52 early people I’m a company
02:18:55 we read that Gideon and his army are
02:18:58 called a loaf of barley bread
02:19:00 or white Joseph barley
02:19:04 wait a minute wait that’s that’s crazy
02:19:07 just that sounds like a people who
02:19:10 received a celestial
02:19:13 Resurrection Glory right anyway
02:19:17 God is raising an army of Overcomers ah
02:19:21 look at this
02:19:23 anyway
02:19:24 we’re in a war right now right
02:19:28 yes a spiritual war like the thing uh
02:19:31 how did Paul put it
02:19:34 principalities and
02:19:36 we are not with the not with the forces
02:19:39 and not the forces of this world but
02:19:41 with principalities and Powers
02:19:44 of Darkness yeah that’s exactly what’s
02:19:47 going on right anyways thanks go ahead
02:19:50 Zach Overcomers who will rule with
02:19:52 Christ to subdue All Nations under his
02:19:55 feet
02:19:56 the weapons are a trumpet and a clay
02:20:00 pitcher with a torch hidden inside
02:20:02 Trump has to do with calling repentance
02:20:07 Gideon gave his army instructions
02:20:10 that they were to remain quiet until the
02:20:12 trumpet sounded
02:20:14 then they were to smash the
02:20:16 prison charged and reveal the Torches
02:20:18 inside
02:20:19 yeah I’m not gonna Sidetrack as much on
02:20:22 this but I will just say this this has a
02:20:24 lot of parallels with the second coming
02:20:27 mm-hmm
02:20:29 okay you want to read this last
02:20:30 paragraph
02:20:32 the trumpets the trumpet signifies
02:20:35 Resurrection
02:20:36 for Paul to tells us that the dead will
02:20:39 be raised at the last Trump
02:20:42 that is the seventh Trump that’s where
02:20:44 the clay pitcher the torchman’s side
02:20:48 Paul says that the glory of God is
02:20:50 sitting within us for a Time
02:20:52 in that we have this treasure treasure
02:20:55 in Rhythm bezel vessels
02:20:58 the time is coming when the last trumpet
02:21:00 will sound
02:21:02 and his bodies of death the Earthen
02:21:04 vessels
02:21:05 will be broken to reveal the light of
02:21:07 the glory god
02:21:09 this will occur at the first
02:21:10 resurrection
02:21:12 so uh AMC 76 uh
02:21:16 or maybe it doesn’t but the first
02:21:17 resurrection is the celestial
02:21:19 Resurrection
02:21:21 I don’t remember PNC
02:21:23 76 specifies that are not off of my head
02:21:26 right now
02:21:27 um
02:21:28 these are those were caught up with the
02:21:30 Trump right
02:21:32 um
02:21:33 so Matt are you willing to read a little
02:21:35 bit
02:21:37 foreign
02:21:41 right
02:21:44 yes yes
02:21:46 okay here we go a study of wheat in the
02:21:49 Bible teaches us about the church in
02:21:51 general the manner in which the church
02:21:52 is raised and judged briefly in the
02:21:54 second Resurrection
02:21:56 the first fruits of Pentecost the second
02:21:58 Resurrection is tea cholesterol right I
02:22:02 mean terrestrial I get those two
02:22:04 you’re good you’re good yep
02:22:08 uh the first route to Pentecost you can
02:22:10 find the second Resurrection will win
02:22:12 the church is raised up to stand before
02:22:14 the face of God as I said earlier weeds
02:22:17 ripened by Pentecost on that day the
02:22:20 high priest was to offer to God two
02:22:22 loaves of wheat bread baked with eleven
02:22:25 once God had received his portion then
02:22:27 the people were allowed to harvest eat
02:22:29 of that Year’s crop of wheat
02:22:32 Feast of Pentecost focuses upon people
02:22:35 who are leavened Israel received the law
02:22:38 on Sinai on the day of Pentecost on this
02:22:42 day they were formed into a kingdom as
02:22:44 God spoke the word to them the people
02:22:46 were afraid of the fire and ran from the
02:22:49 voice of God the people who were
02:22:51 leavened and did not want to step into
02:22:54 the fire of God to stop the lemons so
02:22:56 Pentecost was not fulfilled in the days
02:22:58 of Moses in the second chapter of Acts
02:23:01 Pentecost was finally fulfilled because
02:23:04 the disciples did not run from God but
02:23:07 embraced the fire yet a basic problem
02:23:09 Remain the Pentecostal age was still
02:23:12 leavened and the church in general has
02:23:15 followed Israel’s example under Moses by
02:23:18 refusing to hear God’s voice and by
02:23:20 running from his fire Pentecost was not
02:23:23 designed to bring Perfection I.E an
02:23:26 unleavened condition
02:23:27 Pentecost gave us only an Earnest only
02:23:31 an Earnest of the spirit a down payment
02:23:33 rather than the fullness the NS nasv
02:23:38 calls it a pledge Ephesians 1 13 and 14
02:23:43 says in him you also after listening to
02:23:46 the message of Truth The Gospel of your
02:23:48 salvation having also believed you were
02:23:51 sealed in him with the Holy Spirit of
02:23:53 Promise who is given as a pledge of our
02:23:57 inheritance with the view to the
02:23:59 Redemption of God’s Own possession to
02:24:01 the praise of his glory
02:24:03 so
02:24:04 um I I don’t think this article is
02:24:06 perfect because this right there
02:24:10 um I would say would be more connected
02:24:12 with Miss celestro Right which is the
02:24:15 barley and we’ve looked at earlier but
02:24:19 um
02:24:20 I I do think though overall just the
02:24:23 general characteristics that it’s giving
02:24:24 of the the different harvests are
02:24:27 correct but I don’t think it’s well
02:24:30 we being leavened and therefore mixed
02:24:34 right and um
02:24:36 so
02:24:37 part of the feast part of Passover uh
02:24:41 which still or unleavened bread and
02:24:43 those two kind of go together right with
02:24:45 the barley
02:24:47 um it has to be about unleavened meaning
02:24:50 it’s letting go of the false traditions
02:24:55 um where um Pentecost
02:24:58 that it’s the giving of the law where
02:25:01 they
02:25:03 are having to be ministered the law too
02:25:06 just as
02:25:08 um
02:25:09 the verse that we looked at about GNC 76
02:25:12 ministering
02:25:14 um that
02:25:16 those in the cholesterol will be
02:25:19 ministered
02:25:20 what will receive ministering from those
02:25:23 in the celestial right they’ll be be
02:25:26 given the law right we can go look at
02:25:29 that again real quick
02:25:32 um just to kind of drill that in a
02:25:34 little bit more
02:25:35 [Music]
02:25:37 um repetition right
02:25:39 well I guess I guess it’s a good thing
02:25:42 well I know that my boys need it all the
02:25:45 time sure sure but God is dead into you
02:25:50 Urology
02:25:52 and the terrestrial through the
02:25:55 administration of the celestial and so
02:25:57 it’s saying they’re ministering the Holy
02:25:59 Spirit slash Torah
02:26:03 so this Celestial glories or Celestial
02:26:07 people are ministering
02:26:09 the Holy Spirit slash Torah to those who
02:26:13 received the Terre cholesterol Glory all
02:26:16 right
02:26:17 which is yes
02:26:19 they just got the law right here at
02:26:21 Pentecost
02:26:22 instead of
02:26:24 receiving it beforehand
02:26:27 um in in a connection I would somewhat
02:26:29 make is that they didn’t make it their
02:26:31 own
02:26:32 well yeah it has to be given to them
02:26:36 just because it goes into Celestial
02:26:38 they’ve made it their own
02:26:40 but in terrestrial
02:26:43 you know because they get
02:26:47 perceived and
02:26:49 [Music]
02:26:52 uh I’m trying to think of the word I
02:26:54 want but they get carried away by the
02:26:56 cares the world right
02:26:59 yes
02:27:05 so but anyways let’s go back to the
02:27:07 article I I like this article but it I
02:27:11 also don’t think it’s
02:27:17 um
02:27:19 no I think it’s I think it’s honest
02:27:21 genuine I just don’t think it’s
02:27:26 right right well um the person who wrote
02:27:29 this doesn’t believe in restoration
02:27:33 so we have a little more to help us
02:27:37 there
02:27:41 um shall I continue yeah I think we’re
02:27:44 right here right yes we are this is
02:27:47 affirmed in second Corinthians uh
02:27:49 chapter 1 and verse 22 and chapter 5
02:27:52 verse 5. as a consequence we presently
02:27:55 live in an age of 11 an age of imperfect
02:27:59 Kingdom of an imperfect Kingdom of
02:28:01 priests who lack the fullness by which
02:28:03 they may bring the kingdom of to
02:28:05 Perfection if there is one thing we have
02:28:08 learned in the Pentecostal age it is
02:28:11 that we cannot inherit the perfected
02:28:13 Kingdom on the basis of a mere Earnest
02:28:16 of the spirit only those with the
02:28:18 fullness of his Spirit can fully inherit
02:28:21 the promise this is frustrating to The
02:28:23 Barley company of course uh barley
02:28:26 company of course who live in a
02:28:30 Pentecostal age that desire the fullness
02:28:33 of the spirit but all must await the
02:28:35 appointed time it is a corporate
02:28:37 blessing that God will give to the
02:28:39 entire barley company at the same time
02:28:42 and this must await the time when all
02:28:46 those of The Barley company have been
02:28:48 born and have come to full maturity I do
02:28:51 think that this is expressing a little
02:28:53 bit of a belief in predestination
02:28:59 possibly well one thing that comes to my
02:29:02 mind is uh Alma wishing that he was a an
02:29:06 angel yeah
02:29:09 and and also what I think we also was
02:29:12 the one that was wishing we could have
02:29:13 been
02:29:14 or maybe this was somebody else later
02:29:17 maybe it was with anybody but uh in the
02:29:19 times of his father’s I think that was
02:29:21 probably me that was Nephi so that was
02:29:24 someone later but I think it’s along the
02:29:26 same ideas other things this right here
02:29:28 but there’s someone bringing me out and
02:29:30 in fact Nephi says that while he’s
02:29:32 praying on the tower right okay
02:29:36 um well he’s becoming a subject of a man
02:29:42 those who are trying to keep the law it
02:29:45 is frustrating that you get all this
02:29:48 other people
02:29:49 not keeping it well for me the for me
02:29:52 the hard part
02:29:53 for me the hard part is the uh
02:29:58 for me I mean I don’t know it’s not that
02:30:02 it’s hard but nor does it influence my
02:30:06 ability and my desire to keep the law
02:30:07 but it’s
02:30:10 it’s crazy the amount of gaslighting
02:30:12 going on right now
02:30:18 I am going I am damned because I believe
02:30:22 in the law
02:30:24 right and that’s why in Revelations the
02:30:27 dragons going after those who have a
02:30:29 testimony and keep the law
02:30:31 yeah
02:30:33 like I said it’s an astounding the level
02:30:37 of
02:30:39 uh wow
02:30:41 I’ve got it for quite a while myself so
02:30:44 I I know where you’re coming from I I
02:30:46 just
02:30:48 uh it doesn’t bother me anymore
02:30:50 [Music]
02:30:54 sadly I have gotten used to it and
02:30:57 that’s not a good thing to say it’s just
02:30:59 me right
02:31:01 it’s just it’s just probably just the
02:31:05 truth so
02:31:06 shall I continue sure I think we’re
02:31:09 right here right yes we are yeah uh this
02:31:13 okay yes uh the situation is typified by
02:31:16 Caleb and Joshua in the days of Israel
02:31:18 and Wilderness these two men were like
02:31:20 The Barley company in the midst of the
02:31:22 wheat company the church in the
02:31:24 wilderness acts 738 they wanted to cross
02:31:27 the Jordan and enter their inheritance
02:31:29 early but because the majority of the
02:31:32 Israelites had refused to enter Caleb
02:31:34 and Joshua had to wander in the
02:31:36 wilderness as well this hardly seems
02:31:39 fair but God works on both an individual
02:31:42 and a corporate level
02:31:44 individuals may certainly manifest
02:31:47 barley character in their hearts but
02:31:50 they cannot enter the promised land
02:31:52 until the appointed time so
02:31:56 um I I just want to at least say one
02:31:58 thing here
02:32:00 Nephi said this in the book Mormon I
02:32:03 don’t remember where but other people’s
02:32:05 sins affect others yes what’s going on
02:32:08 right there well it’s interesting in the
02:32:12 time leading up to the flood
02:32:14 people who were repenting
02:32:17 we’re being caught up to the city of
02:32:19 Enoch
02:32:20 yeah
02:32:22 but that’s because they had a corporate
02:32:24 already established yeah yeah there was
02:32:27 a course there was corporate it was a
02:32:29 group right
02:32:31 you know just one
02:32:34 and that was
02:32:35 a large part due to
02:32:38 um
02:32:39 Enix preaching right
02:32:42 a leader that those people listened to
02:32:46 yeah but there were individuals who were
02:32:49 being caught up to the city of Enoch is
02:32:51 what it says right they would repent
02:32:54 when they would repent of their sins
02:32:57 that’s still but they were still being
02:33:00 caught up to a corporate body that’s
02:33:02 mine right
02:33:04 yeah
02:33:05 you see Israel there is no other
02:33:10 uh well although I mean you’ve got
02:33:12 Jethro and his people
02:33:15 no midianites for the most part had
02:33:18 rejected the gospel
02:33:20 God said I will
02:33:23 Israel pretty much for the most part
02:33:25 rejected it right
02:33:28 um yeah there was a remnant
02:33:30 which is just the minority but anyways
02:33:34 yeah so it that’s not even really
02:33:36 important yes there was no corporate
02:33:39 good Society in that area when the
02:33:42 Israelites came
02:33:45 you know I mean they they like they
02:33:49 started
02:33:50 doing evil practices and copying the
02:33:53 Canaanites and what they shouldn’t have
02:33:55 been doing right right
02:33:59 because they were stupid
02:34:01 wow
02:34:05 as long as you were to say that when we
02:34:08 sin we’re stupid it’s not just them
02:34:10 because we do it I say the same thing
02:34:12 about myself all the time okay all right
02:34:14 that was stupid
02:34:15 sure all right well as long as you’re
02:34:17 applying it equally
02:34:19 [Music]
02:34:21 yeah I will I will call myself out as a
02:34:24 stupid
02:34:26 Ness
02:34:28 and oftentimes I was like yeah I was
02:34:30 like well the logic behind that decision
02:34:32 was there was no logic
02:34:35 and so I think let’s skip this one
02:34:38 um that one’s just again weird yeah
02:34:41 that’s kind of weird
02:34:42 [Music]
02:34:43 um
02:34:44 they have some stuff wrong but anyways
02:34:47 let’s do this one
02:34:49 uh perhaps the most significant Old
02:34:51 Testament passage dealing with the wheat
02:34:53 Harvest is found in the story of Saul’s
02:34:56 coronation as the first king of Israel
02:34:58 first Samuel 9 through 12. the people
02:35:02 had demanded a king before David was
02:35:04 born so God gave them Saul to Reign Over
02:35:07 them the kingdom was thus renewed first
02:35:09 Samuel chapter 11 14 but it was a
02:35:12 kingdom mixed with leaven Saul was
02:35:14 crowned on the day of Pentecost for in
02:35:17 Samuel’s coronation speech he says in
02:35:19 first Samuel 12 17 is not the wheat
02:35:24 Harvest today that is it was the day the
02:35:28 two loaves of wheat bread where uh were
02:35:32 being offered to God signaling the
02:35:34 beginning of the wheat Harvest so also
02:35:38 one thing I can see is that they’re
02:35:40 needing someone to roll over them which
02:35:43 actually we see in DMC 76 right with the
02:35:48 ministry
02:35:49 and then
02:35:51 so that’s interesting
02:35:53 um because the week
02:35:56 it’s a sign of not having taken
02:35:57 ownership
02:35:58 right
02:36:00 um and in fact
02:36:02 uh at that event at the cost by just
02:36:05 before they told Moses who was celestial
02:36:10 you go to God
02:36:13 and you come back and you tell us what
02:36:15 his law is which is what’s happening in
02:36:17 the NC 76 with the sea vegetable and
02:36:20 terrorist or people right and
02:36:23 anti-austral
02:36:26 is to see that show people let me think
02:36:28 of it to the other people but just
02:36:30 mainly putting it back to Pentecost and
02:36:32 Elite right yeah
02:36:37 okay so
02:36:39 um I can take over for a little bit
02:36:41 it’ll work or actually exactly you want
02:36:44 to turn
02:36:47 right here
02:36:48 so what’s to Israel what the church was
02:36:51 in the New Testament era
02:36:53 so started out doing what was right
02:36:56 but in the second year of his reign he
02:36:59 disobeyed God and as a result became
02:37:02 disqualified to rule Israel
02:37:05 nonetheless God allowed him to continue
02:37:07 grilling Israel for another
02:37:09 38 and a half years so that also
02:37:14 um
02:37:15 sounds like the terrestrial people right
02:37:18 yep
02:37:21 right
02:37:25 just follow the pattern of Israel under
02:37:26 Moses precisely
02:37:29 we call it under Moses the people who
02:37:31 refused to cross the Jordan
02:37:33 in their second year as well as a
02:37:36 consequence God made the niche to wonder
02:37:39 and then an Wilderness for another 38
02:37:42 and a half years
02:37:47 yeah I don’t know but anyways
02:37:51 [Music]
02:37:53 in the in the New Testament the Saint
02:37:56 Patrick once again
02:37:58 at Pentecostal church had a fine start
02:38:01 about the people
02:38:03 as represented by the ruler rulers in
02:38:06 the San Andreas
02:38:08 refused to go back on the focal point
02:38:11 came into stoning of Stephen
02:38:15 Caleb and Joshua and urging the people
02:38:19 to cross the Jordan
02:38:20 until the Promised Land
02:38:22 even as the people nearly stoned Caleb
02:38:25 and Joshua so also did they actually
02:38:28 Stone Stephen
02:38:30 this was the New Testament era’s refusal
02:38:33 to cross the Jordan
02:38:34 and it resulted in a four-year Jubilee
02:38:39 wondering in the wilderness again so uh
02:38:43 40 times 50 is 2 000.
02:38:53 um
02:38:54 right now the main thing that I see in
02:38:56 here one of the main problems I see in
02:38:58 here is that they’re
02:39:02 equating is that they’re equating
02:39:06 the Jews
02:39:07 they’re still equating the they’re still
02:39:10 equating the Jews with people well I
02:39:11 guess at the time of Steve and I still
02:39:13 were but the rejection came shortly
02:39:15 thereafter uh I think
02:39:18 um
02:39:19 I think the story of Stephen
02:39:21 uh
02:39:23 uh Peter’s vision of you know go give
02:39:26 the gospel to the Gentiles and Paul no
02:39:30 it was not an invitation to a feast to
02:39:31 be no it was not it was to to give to
02:39:36 get rid of the false tradition and start
02:39:38 giving it to the Gentiles
02:39:40 and
02:39:41 Paul’s conversion or at least seeing it
02:39:45 seeing Yeshua because then he Paul
02:39:48 disappeared for
02:39:49 a while after that right anyways those
02:39:53 three events all happened around the
02:39:56 same time at the end of the 70th year so
02:40:02 three and a half years after Yeshua was
02:40:05 of death and Resurrection
02:40:08 right along
02:40:10 with I mean
02:40:13 Daniel 9’s prophecy
02:40:15 because
02:40:16 after the middle of the week he still
02:40:19 confirmed the Covenant for another three
02:40:21 and a half
02:40:23 years which is exactly what happened and
02:40:26 it ended with Stephen
02:40:29 Peter’s vision and Paul’s conversion
02:40:34 um those three happen right about the
02:40:36 same time
02:40:37 yep I don’t know the exact timing but
02:40:39 they’re all right there at the end of
02:40:41 this 70th week anyways
02:40:45 um
02:40:46 so I I’m not sure why he’s trying to
02:40:48 make this part of I think he’s a little
02:40:51 stretching here
02:40:53 um personally
02:40:54 but I I guess the main thing was right
02:40:57 here
02:40:58 um let’s scroll down and see if we can
02:41:00 find grapes
02:41:02 um in ancient Harvest and uh
02:41:07 this one might be interesting when Saul
02:41:09 was crowned on Pentecost Samuel
02:41:11 prophesied thunder and rain that Day
02:41:15 ring on Pentecost was usually
02:41:23 unusual as snow in summer and
02:41:26 and honor in
02:41:29 in a pool thus rain and thunder on
02:41:32 Pentecost would have been regarded by
02:41:34 the people as judgment even as Samuel
02:41:37 obviously I mean
02:41:39 ended
02:41:40 it is not the wheat Harvest today I will
02:41:45 call to Yahweh that he may send the
02:41:48 thunder and rain and you will know and
02:41:50 see that your wickedness is great which
02:41:53 you have done in the sight of Yahweh by
02:41:55 asking yourselves for a tune in that
02:41:59 uh they need someone to rule them going
02:42:01 along with the ministry about sending
02:42:04 676 right
02:42:07 um trying to skip ahead a little bit
02:42:09 because we’re getting a little late
02:42:14 uh let’s let’s scroll down to grapes
02:42:19 um so I’ll take a turn reading
02:42:22 finally a biblical
02:42:25 study of the Great Harvest with the
02:42:27 treading of the grapes in the wine press
02:42:30 tells us the fate of unbelievers the
02:42:32 wine crust depicts so
02:42:35 this is the
02:42:37 um
02:42:38 tea lestrol I I don’t know if I would
02:42:40 actually just come out and say
02:42:42 unbelievers but definitely Unfaithful
02:42:45 Believers for sure right
02:42:48 um because they’re still well I think I
02:42:50 think you have to do
02:42:52 I think that um I think that there’s
02:42:55 going to be a lot more Celestial people
02:42:56 than
02:42:58 sons of Perdition I tend to believe that
02:43:02 um but I’m just saying maybe there’s a
02:43:04 certain level of knowledge that has to
02:43:06 be there in order to based on tradition
02:43:07 in my opinion this is a
02:43:12 um
02:43:15 I I can see that that’s not something I
02:43:17 have figured out there’s it could be
02:43:19 they’re just so wicked but at the same
02:43:21 time they’re getting so liquid they they
02:43:23 actually know they’re their servant of
02:43:25 Satan and thus they know so they know
02:43:28 there is a God even though there is not
02:43:31 um falling but anyways that’s something
02:43:33 I haven’t completely figured out but I
02:43:36 don’t think I don’t think you want to
02:43:38 figure it out because I don’t
02:43:40 [Music]
02:43:45 the true knowledge about sons of
02:43:48 Perdition is not something that any
02:43:49 others wants to figure out no no I I
02:43:52 don’t
02:43:53 um but anyways I I wonder if this might
02:43:56 not be the best term maybe more of what
02:43:58 I kind of mainly yeah
02:44:01 the wine press detects depicts elohim’s
02:44:05 wrath judgment and the Lake of Fire
02:44:08 um
02:44:09 so
02:44:11 um I I can see how possibly
02:44:15 um First Corinthians 15 where I’m just
02:44:18 talking about
02:44:20 where right now I just currently only
02:44:22 have it as the tea vegetable
02:44:24 it there there might be some included in
02:44:27 between sons of Perdition again but
02:44:30 um
02:44:31 but in general I do think grapes goes
02:44:34 along with the
02:44:35 Key Restaurant people okay
02:44:38 um because of the Wrath you’ll see that
02:44:41 what it has to do
02:44:43 um with the
02:44:44 resurrection and what they have to go
02:44:46 through as we look through First
02:44:48 Corinthians 15 earlier right dealing
02:44:51 with their section
02:44:53 the purpose of the grain Harvest uh
02:44:56 provide bread
02:44:57 oh look at this the purpose of the grain
02:45:00 Harvest of spring Barling wheat is to
02:45:02 provide bread for God’s Great communion
02:45:05 table and it’s interesting and we looked
02:45:08 at team c76 who are the two ministers
02:45:12 celestial
02:45:15 terrestrial
02:45:16 all right
02:45:18 the purpose of the Feast of Tabernacles
02:45:21 is celebration of the wine presses to
02:45:24 provide the wine for elohim’s table
02:45:26 without this wine his communion table
02:45:29 would have only bread and would be in
02:45:32 complete Elohim would have his wine but
02:45:35 it must come by means of the wine crust
02:45:38 which speaks of Judgment of Elohim
02:45:42 and
02:45:43 they do get some judgment in fact they
02:45:47 [Music]
02:45:47 um
02:45:49 their Resurrection if I remember I
02:45:50 thought my head is
02:45:52 at the end
02:45:54 I remember correctly
02:45:56 I’d have to go double check but anyways
02:45:58 God Harvest his barley wheat and grapes
02:46:02 at different
02:46:03 manners even as nature teaches us the
02:46:06 chat from barley Falls away oh I was
02:46:09 saying this earlier the ciao from The
02:46:11 Barley falls off the very easily
02:46:14 you still got to do stuff but it’s easy
02:46:17 just like the celestial believers
02:46:20 it’s easier right so barley said it
02:46:23 could be
02:46:24 winnowed
02:46:27 um I’m not familiar with that but this
02:46:29 is the action of the wind itself
02:46:32 which wind is representative of the Holy
02:46:35 Spirit by means of fans are sufficient
02:46:39 to get rid of the chat so going to the
02:46:41 law all right
02:46:44 this speaks of The Barley company who
02:46:47 quickly responded to the wind of the
02:46:49 spirit
02:46:50 which was seen when we look at DNC 76
02:46:53 there are the ones that are sanctified
02:46:56 by
02:46:57 the law and I mean we can call we don’t
02:47:00 have enough time but
02:47:02 um my all things you should do Post
02:47:04 brings out how
02:47:06 um that’s important in DNC 88 or 84
02:47:09 right
02:47:11 um
02:47:13 to remove the chest from the wheat
02:47:15 requires brushing which is hitting it so
02:47:19 I used the wrong term earlier sorry
02:47:21 about that
02:47:22 um this is more severe action
02:47:25 but it does the job it depicts the fact
02:47:27 that the church will be Harvest by means
02:47:30 of judgment or tribulation in the Latin
02:47:32 word tribunum is rushing instrument so
02:47:37 there is some judgment there which would
02:47:38 go along with what you were bringing up
02:47:40 earlier
02:47:41 um about those who go to the tourists
02:47:45 will have some gladness and some
02:47:48 not gladness integrating Dreadful day
02:47:52 right
02:47:53 yep
02:47:54 finally to attain the Jews The Grapes
02:47:57 must be trodden underfoot which goes
02:48:00 along with uh First Corinthians 15 and
02:48:03 other places right Revelation Revelation
02:48:08 right and also
02:48:11 um their timing of Resurrection
02:48:14 grapes do not have chap but they do have
02:48:17 flesh
02:48:18 that must be pressed severely in order
02:48:22 to obtain the wine this represents the
02:48:25 most severe form of judgment upon the it
02:48:28 says unbelievers but I would actually
02:48:30 say Believers yet the result is that
02:48:33 elements blind for his communion
02:48:36 anyone
02:48:38 so those are quick qualifications of the
02:48:42 Harvest of those three different
02:48:45 fruits and to me
02:48:48 that matches
02:48:50 DNC 76
02:48:53 .
02:48:55 um
02:48:56 it might be interesting to read this
02:48:58 right here
02:48:59 if you guys want you can read some then
02:49:02 oh good the feast days of Israel
02:49:05 prophesy on three levels
02:49:07 level one is the individual personal
02:49:09 level on this level the Feast of
02:49:11 Passover is fulfilled in Us by our
02:49:13 justification by faith in the blood of
02:49:16 the Lamb
02:49:17 Passover was the feast where the people
02:49:19 killed a lamb and put its Blood on the
02:49:21 doorposts
02:49:24 as Christians we know that Jesus is the
02:49:26 true Lamb of God who fulfilled the type
02:49:28 and Shadow of his crucifixion of
02:49:29 Passover
02:49:30 when we put our faith in his shed blood
02:49:32 we are justified by faith
02:49:35 the Feast of Pentecost is the next step
02:49:37 in our walk with God this is the feast
02:49:40 where God begins to write his law Upon
02:49:42 Our Hearts for it was on this day that
02:49:45 he first spoke The Ten Commandments to
02:49:46 Israel in Exodus 20. Acts 2 gives us the
02:49:49 manner of its fulfillment as the spirit
02:49:51 Came Upon the disciples in the upper
02:49:54 room and they all heard the voice of God
02:49:55 speaking in their own language Pentecost
02:49:58 does not deal with our justification but
02:50:00 with our sanctification
02:50:01 it is the feast wherein we learn we
02:50:04 begin to learn obedience and how learn
02:50:06 how to be led by the spirit during our
02:50:08 sojour and wilderness
02:50:10 the Feast of Tabernacles is the final
02:50:12 step in our walk with God this Feast
02:50:15 gives us the fullness of the spirit
02:50:16 brings us fully into the promise of
02:50:19 perfection in our relationship with him
02:50:21 these are the three main steps in our
02:50:24 spiritual growth and maturity as we grow
02:50:27 up into the folds of the stature of
02:50:29 Christ
02:50:31 Zach you and remember two
02:50:36 level two level twos to corporate
02:50:39 fulfillments from the church
02:50:41 or the kingdom of God
02:50:43 on this level we see God stealing
02:50:46 dealings with three churches or the
02:50:48 three stages of the Kingdom
02:50:50 on Earth
02:50:52 the Passover Level Church your kingdom
02:50:55 began with Moses at that first Passover
02:50:59 initial Israel came out of Egypt
02:51:02 his first church is called an acts 7 38.
02:51:06 a church in the wilderness
02:51:08 this Passover age Church ended with
02:51:11 Jesus’s death on the cross
02:51:14 at Passover about
02:51:16 1500 years ago I mean yeah years later
02:51:21 it was an error when where this Holy
02:51:25 Spirit was with the people
02:51:27 they’re not in them not true
02:51:30 yeah moving on yeah this article is not
02:51:33 perfect right it has some good points to
02:51:36 it all
02:51:39 the second church is the Pentecostal age
02:51:41 Church
02:51:42 which began seven weeks after Jesus’s
02:51:45 resurrect Resurrection
02:51:47 when the spirit of God was sent on the
02:51:49 day of Pentecost
02:51:51 on this day God renewed The Kingdom
02:51:54 by giving it greater power blessing the
02:51:56 Holy Spirit within the people
02:51:58 no longer was the temple an external
02:52:00 house made of wood and Stone
02:52:03 now that people represent other people
02:52:04 themselves were the temple of God Ah
02:52:07 that’s not true either
02:52:09 um
02:52:09 so let’s let’s get down or we’re getting
02:52:13 a lot of untrue things there
02:52:16 um I’ll read level three
02:52:18 the church is the Tabernacles age Church
02:52:22 in the beginning of this age God will
02:52:24 pour out the fullness of his Spirit upon
02:52:26 the Overcomers
02:52:28 they will rule in power in their in the
02:52:31 earth and bring all things under the
02:52:33 feet of Yeshua the Messiah their
02:52:36 ministry will bring righteousness and
02:52:37 all the fullness of Truth into the Earth
02:52:39 it will signal the greatest Revival the
02:52:42 world has ever seen as the prophets were
02:52:45 told so often
02:52:47 yeah nothing wrong with that word
02:52:51 uh nothing wrong with the word Revival
02:52:53 no but uh what a lot of people call
02:52:57 Revival it’s not necessarily good well
02:53:00 the whole thing about Revival is
02:53:04 you can tell a real Revival
02:53:07 because the person who has been revived
02:53:11 cannot cease to teach the word of God
02:53:15 um okay so I would add to that because I
02:53:18 do believe that is part of it but they
02:53:20 also have repented and start keeping the
02:53:22 law
02:53:23 most revivals that get talked about and
02:53:26 especially pushed and mainstream
02:53:27 anything are those who
02:53:30 um are ones that don’t teach repentance
02:53:35 right
02:53:36 and there’s things
02:53:39 but people will point to them and say
02:53:41 well this person was healed of their
02:53:44 drug addiction on this day at this point
02:53:46 at this place at this Rhode Island
02:53:49 and that could be the case
02:53:52 that that that doesn’t mean that it was
02:53:54 a true Revival right because there’s
02:53:57 justification and sanctification and we
02:54:00 can get you know when we start
02:54:03 but
02:54:04 um the problem these revivals they don’t
02:54:06 teach you the law and so then it by the
02:54:09 way which they just kind of like I’m
02:54:12 sorry
02:54:14 yeah
02:54:15 [Music]
02:54:16 um
02:54:17 many times they will tell you to repent
02:54:20 but they won’t tell you how right or
02:54:23 it could be these
02:54:26 um actors
02:54:27 or healing actors like I mean in another
02:54:31 area there’s disaster actors but there’s
02:54:33 also healing actors where they’re not
02:54:35 really getting healed
02:54:37 yeah to
02:54:38 [Music]
02:54:40 get people to give money to the
02:54:42 ministers generally what it’s for right
02:54:44 but anyways yeah so Revival is fine the
02:54:48 word but you know most revivals nowadays
02:54:51 aren’t real ones or proper ones
02:54:56 so the Earth will be filled with the
02:54:58 knowledge which when we go look at Hosea
02:55:00 right that’s Torah
02:55:02 which keeping Torah is why Yahweh has
02:55:06 Glory as Waters cover the sea
02:55:10 uh Waters cover 100 of the sea so will
02:55:14 the knowledge of elohim’s Glory cover
02:55:17 the Earth this is the restoration of all
02:55:19 things this is the ultimate plan of Ln
02:55:23 [Music]
02:55:24 um
02:55:25 okay so I’m not too impressed with that
02:55:30 Paul’s teaching on the three harvests
02:55:34 um
02:55:35 that might be good let’s
02:55:40 um barley and Wheaton artists
02:55:43 Paul with his discussion with the
02:55:45 resurrections by general statement that
02:55:47 lets us know that Paul is
02:55:50 taking us he says in First Corinthians
02:55:53 15 24 as Adam would all die so also
02:55:58 and Messiah shall all be made alive
02:56:01 again this plane tells us that we are
02:56:03 going to be raised in the Messiah even
02:56:06 as all died in Adam he actually tells us
02:56:09 how this is be accomplished and we will
02:56:11 see that there
02:56:13 that not all are going to be raised at
02:56:16 the same time all multiple resurrections
02:56:18 just like we’ve seen I think the NC 76
02:56:21 or other places in the DNC right and in
02:56:24 Revelations in multiple places through
02:56:26 the scriptures
02:56:28 but each in his own order right this
02:56:31 reminds me
02:56:32 um Alma 40 if I remember correctly right
02:56:35 now right
02:56:39 um Christ the first fruits
02:56:41 or anointed
02:56:44 and those who are anointed those are the
02:56:47 celestial
02:56:48 as we looked at a little bit earlier
02:56:50 right maybe the first fruits The Barley
02:56:54 and after those who are the Christ at
02:56:56 his tummy
02:56:59 um so that has to do with to see the
02:57:01 story or the wheat in fact right here
02:57:04 he’s stating the barley in the wheat
02:57:07 which is Sea restaurant and
02:57:11 most people agree that Paul are talking
02:57:13 about two different resurrections
02:57:15 however most also assume that the first
02:57:18 Rosario correction is that of
02:57:21 Yeshua who is Christ the anointed one
02:57:24 that is why we see it usually translated
02:57:29 Christ is the first curse the second
02:57:31 Resurrection is also taken to refer to
02:57:34 all believers and no distinction is made
02:57:36 between Overcomers and in church in
02:57:39 general
02:57:40 and I see that in Christianity in
02:57:42 general
02:57:44 um
02:57:46 the LDS church I do think does this one
02:57:49 correctly but I mean they do a lot of
02:57:51 other things wrong all right
02:57:54 [Music]
02:57:55 um
02:57:56 remember Paul had concluded his section
02:57:58 dealing with the resurrection in reverse
02:58:01 in Jesus
02:58:02 in verse 22 he turned his attention to
02:58:05 our own resurrections
02:58:08 which I kind of showed
02:58:10 um when we looked at First Corinthians
02:58:12 you know out in our in our order
02:58:16 saying that all of us will be made alive
02:58:19 but each in his own order that’s kind of
02:58:22 like I kind of pointed out
02:58:24 the Greek word translated order in the
02:58:27 King James is
02:58:29 tagma which is
02:58:32 it’s which is actually a military term
02:58:36 referring to a body of soldiers
02:58:38 Paul is saying that we will be raised in
02:58:41 three squadrons oh look the three below
02:58:44 rays
02:58:46 um
02:58:47 you want to take a turn with Ben
02:58:49 okay
02:58:51 the first Squadron is not Christ the
02:58:54 first fruits as most translators have
02:58:56 mistakenly assume there are three
02:58:58 squadrons and Jesus is not a squadron
02:59:00 but an individual
02:59:02 It should read the anointed first words
02:59:05 the word Christos means anointed
02:59:09 Jesus is of course the Christ that is
02:59:12 the anointed one but the word Christos
02:59:15 does not always refer to Christ to Jesus
02:59:17 in fact the word can be applied to
02:59:20 anyone or anything that has been
02:59:21 anointed when the word Christos is
02:59:25 preceded by the definite article uh it
02:59:28 usually refers to but the Christ that is
02:59:31 to Jesus who is the anointed one however
02:59:33 when Christos is used without the
02:59:36 definite article it is indefinite and
02:59:38 could refer to the people or things that
02:59:40 have been anointed or set apart for
02:59:41 God’s use prophets priests and Kings
02:59:44 throughout the Bible were all anointed
02:59:45 or christened the vessels of the temple
02:59:48 and even Jacob’s pillow were anointed in
02:59:51 First Corinthians 15 22 the definite
02:59:54 article is used in the original Greek
02:59:56 where Paul is talking about Jesus the
02:59:58 Christ in whom we shall all be made
03:00:00 alive then in verse 23
03:00:02 and these you the is used in the latter
03:00:05 part of the verse not in the first part
03:00:06 this implies the verse should have been
03:00:08 understood as follows but every man in
03:00:10 his own Squadron he anointed first
03:00:12 fruits
03:00:13 two afterward they that are the christs
03:00:16 and his presence
03:00:17 which goes along with what I brought out
03:00:20 and how I have First Corinthians 15
03:00:22 right
03:00:24 in other words I I actually really kind
03:00:28 of like that because it talks about
03:00:31 they don’t really get in line until they
03:00:35 see it right
03:00:39 that because they are Christ at his
03:00:41 presence
03:00:43 no
03:00:45 yep
03:00:53 once realized that Paul was using the
03:00:55 theme of Israel’s three Harvest
03:00:57 festivals as we use clear all this year
03:00:59 referring to Passover and Pentecost the
03:01:00 Harvest of the barley and the wheat per
03:01:03 Squadron and to be raised from the dead
03:01:05 are the barley Overcomers the second is
03:01:07 the church in general the week Harvest
03:01:13 it is important to know that the first
03:01:14 fruits of the barley Harvest were to be
03:01:16 Anointed with oil
03:01:17 Paul is referring to this fact when he
03:01:21 says anointed first fruits we read of
03:01:24 this in Leviticus 23 13 speaking of
03:01:26 barley first fruits as distinct from the
03:01:28 first fruits wheat Harvest Moses says it
03:01:31 is it’s a grain offering then be
03:01:34 two-tenths of an IFA a fine flower mixed
03:01:37 with oil and offering a little by fire
03:01:40 to the Lord for a soothing Aroma with
03:01:42 its libation a fourth of a hint of wine
03:01:46 and so when Paul lists the first
03:01:48 Squadron of people who will be raised
03:01:50 from the dead he calls them the anointed
03:01:51 first fruits he had in mind the first
03:01:54 fruits of the barley Harvest these will
03:01:55 rule and reign with Christ on the Earth
03:01:58 those who belong to Christ the church in
03:02:00 general will inherit the second
03:02:02 Resurrection these are portrayed in
03:02:04 Temple ceremony where the two loaves
03:02:07 offered to God were first baked with
03:02:09 leaven
03:02:10 while oil signifies the Holy Spirit
03:02:12 leaven signifies sin this is the main
03:02:15 difference between the barley and the
03:02:16 wheat there’s obvious the fall picks up
03:02:18 on that difference in his discussion of
03:02:21 the first two resurrections the first is
03:02:23 the United versions the second is love
03:02:25 and Company the church in general
03:02:28 so I kind of pointed out the bread a
03:02:30 little bit looks like they they’re using
03:02:32 the bread and talking about it a little
03:02:34 differently than I did but
03:02:36 um
03:02:37 did you want to say something again
03:02:40 well
03:02:41 I’m just going to say this
03:02:49 not everybody who says Lord Lord is even
03:02:52 going to get the terrestrial love
03:02:54 uh that’s all I’m gonna say yeah I agree
03:02:57 with that I I don’t think this article
03:02:59 is perfect but I do think it has some
03:03:01 good points there
03:03:03 um
03:03:04 and the other thing the part of the
03:03:06 reason I link it in a post that’s
03:03:08 unfinished it’s coming from someone
03:03:09 who’s does not believe in the
03:03:12 restoration
03:03:13 right when they’re teaching us and so
03:03:15 like and they’re teaching about
03:03:18 free resurrections here
03:03:20 yep exactly you take a turn
03:03:26 Paul does not stop with the second
03:03:28 discussion the people race to life
03:03:30 he goes on to the third Squadron and in
03:03:33 fact he spends more time on this
03:03:35 Squadron than the other two combined
03:03:37 it is discussion signified by the Great
03:03:39 Harvest
03:03:41 at the end of the growing season
03:03:43 which was the focal point of the Feast
03:03:45 of Tabernacles
03:03:47 so one thing I find interesting just
03:03:49 about on Paul focusing the most on the
03:03:52 third Squadron I see that in the parable
03:03:55 of
03:03:57 talents also and also the parable of the
03:04:01 sower
03:04:04 and so I that’s for whatever reason it
03:04:08 seems to be a common
03:04:10 in fact
03:04:12 okay
03:04:16 [Music]
03:04:17 perhaps it means that the most people
03:04:20 are going to be in Celestial it could be
03:04:24 um but it’s just interesting it seems to
03:04:26 be the case in multiple places
03:04:29 um that they spend more time on those
03:04:32 who receive that Glory than the others
03:04:34 but anyways I’ll go ahead and Zach
03:04:40 uh you don’t need to read the verse
03:04:42 because we’ve read it before already so
03:04:45 good let me just skip down down to here
03:04:49 note how often Paul says
03:04:52 these people are to be put under his
03:04:55 speed
03:04:56 or subjugated
03:04:58 sort of suggestions I just wanted he’s
03:05:00 probably gonna say it but that reminds
03:05:01 us of the great part of it right being
03:05:04 put under his feet
03:05:06 we’re subjected
03:05:09 said the different words there can be no
03:05:12 doubt that Paul had the Great Harvest in
03:05:14 mind we’re trading the treading the
03:05:17 grapes murder foot was universally known
03:05:20 to indicate indicate judgment
03:05:23 this is absolutely consistent with the
03:05:26 rest of Paul’s writings
03:05:27 where he reveals how all things
03:05:32 will be reconciled to available
03:05:35 to reconciliation is a term
03:05:38 sensory reconciliation is a term
03:05:41 indicating peace between enemies
03:05:44 paulus obviously referring to the
03:05:46 rebellious nations of the earth who are
03:05:49 enemies disability
03:05:51 in this present age
03:05:52 [Music]
03:05:53 Paul says that the progressive creation
03:05:56 is for all these nations to be subdued
03:05:58 onto
03:05:59 Yeshua
03:06:03 well I agree a little bit at the great
03:06:05 white Thrones yeah itself say that you
03:06:08 can cast in the Lake of Fire
03:06:11 from Revelations 2014 this indicates
03:06:14 that all those who are judged according
03:06:16 to live
03:06:18 fiery law at the time will remain alive
03:06:21 and cover Jubilee at the end of times
03:06:24 they will remain under authority of
03:06:27 those who receive
03:06:28 immortality in either the first or
03:06:31 second harvest which we saw that in DMC
03:06:34 76 right the ministry all right those
03:06:38 being judged it seems will have
03:06:40 bodies that will still have the
03:06:44 potential to die but yet will not die
03:06:46 and that doesn’t make sense to me all
03:06:49 right so I think I don’t know that’s a
03:06:52 that’s a stretch that’s a stretch yeah I
03:06:55 I don’t know how they get that but
03:06:56 anyways
03:06:58 it’s just
03:07:00 um
03:07:01 with the New Testament teaches you shall
03:07:03 only die once right
03:07:06 um and same with the Book of Mormon but
03:07:09 our physical bodies were created to live
03:07:12 indefinitely with the proper nutrition
03:07:14 and in the absence of genetic
03:07:17 deterioration the cells of our body will
03:07:20 continue to replace themselves as they
03:07:22 die
03:07:23 and in the renewed heaven and remember
03:07:27 that’ll be
03:07:29 um
03:07:30 happening a lot easier and quicker
03:07:33 because of the electrical environment
03:07:35 that’s kind of doing anyways
03:07:38 um
03:07:39 [Music]
03:07:41 if it were not for the terminal effects
03:07:44 of sin it would it appears that in the
03:07:46 final
03:07:48 age of judgment those
03:07:49 unbelievers will be filled of their
03:07:52 genetic deterioration yeah this one’s a
03:07:55 little stretch mark I’m gonna skip it
03:08:00 um
03:08:00 okay well
03:08:03 I think that’s pretty good I don’t think
03:08:06 the article is perfect but it brings out
03:08:07 some very good points there’s some
03:08:10 there’s some things in there that are
03:08:11 good and there’s things in there that
03:08:13 are like well that’s nice right well the
03:08:17 the big thing that I like from it is it
03:08:19 shows up the characteristics
03:08:21 of the three harvests and those
03:08:24 heuristics
03:08:25 match The Three Degrees Of Glory in DNC
03:08:29 76 yeah
03:08:31 um it also itself ties it to First
03:08:34 Corinthians 15 which
03:08:37 um
03:08:37 goes along with the three degrees of
03:08:40 Glory also on the multiple resurrections
03:08:44 so
03:08:46 um
03:08:48 sorry go ahead Zach and they tell you to
03:08:51 some of the the piece
03:08:54 yeah
03:08:55 oh yeah and it ties it to the piece yes
03:08:59 um so we didn’t spend a whole bunch of
03:09:02 time in DNC 76 but we did spend some
03:09:05 time in
03:09:06 um quoting parts of it but a lot of it
03:09:08 was just kind of paralleling
03:09:10 power
03:09:12 what DNC 76 States is actually in other
03:09:16 places
03:09:18 in some degree Sermon on the Mount
03:09:22 the parable of the sower parable of the
03:09:26 talents
03:09:28 um in the Tabernacle
03:09:31 and the
03:09:33 beasts of Yahweh and the burning and the
03:09:37 Harvest which just kind of goes along
03:09:39 with the beasts and
03:09:42 um and I’m going to and I’m just going
03:09:44 to go out there on a limb and say this
03:09:46 that if you believe that the Book of
03:09:48 Mormon preaches and against this then
03:09:50 you need to re-read right
03:09:55 um in fact almost 40 talks about how
03:09:58 there’s
03:09:59 multiple
03:10:01 times that resurrections can happen that
03:10:03 goes along with what was just being
03:10:05 stated there
03:10:06 um I do understand the book of moment
03:10:09 mainly focuses on the kingdom and
03:10:12 outside the kingdom
03:10:14 but it doesn’t have anything in nothing
03:10:16 in the Book of Mormon states that there
03:10:19 aren’t multiple glories in the Kingdom
03:10:22 in fact I think amla 40
03:10:24 alludes to it when you understand these
03:10:27 other scriptures in fact if anything
03:10:31 um is Alma there speaking
03:10:34 it shows that
03:10:36 not everybody knows everything Emma
03:10:38 didn’t know and he was saying this is
03:10:41 something I see from Torah but I haven’t
03:10:44 figured out yet just like here I share
03:10:47 some things here that I haven’t
03:10:48 completely figured out myself yeah but
03:10:51 I’m trying to just help give the idea
03:10:53 that Dean c76 is actually valid I see it
03:10:58 I haven’t figured out every single
03:10:59 little nitty-gritty detail
03:11:02 but the general gist of it is there
03:11:06 yeah I yeah
03:11:09 Doctrine and Covenants section 76 is
03:11:12 quora
03:11:14 yes I
03:11:16 and it
03:11:18 it’s one law
03:11:20 one Kingdom
03:11:22 and Celestial Glory people will be
03:11:27 teaching Torah to durolesto and
03:11:29 teletusto people because you can’t
03:11:31 minister
03:11:32 a person to people
03:11:34 you do Minister law and teachings to
03:11:38 people the Holy Spirit
03:11:40 it’s not a person
03:11:44 it is Torah
03:11:46 and this is the cholesterol will be
03:11:49 ministering the Holy Spirit to
03:11:53 communicable people awesome things what
03:11:56 you’re saying and it’s uh I mean and
03:11:59 this is all
03:12:01 this is all in the perfect order of the
03:12:05 mind and will of God for those with
03:12:07 greater understanding must minister to
03:12:11 those whose understanding is less
03:12:13 correct
03:12:15 uh and we see that in Abraham 3 also if
03:12:19 I remember correct yeah correctly
03:12:23 she does see some in the noble and great
03:12:28 and that’s even if the people whose
03:12:30 understanding is less
03:12:36 um
03:12:36 make us
03:12:38 want to
03:12:40 well make us Shake our heads sure and
03:12:44 what and lift our hands the heavens of
03:12:48 like Jeremiah say why these people Lord
03:12:54 and you know what you know what the Lord
03:12:56 said to Jeremiah when he did that uh
03:12:59 here is the here is the word here is my
03:13:02 word to these people
03:13:06 so he’ll Minister this word to them all
03:13:09 right yeah
03:13:14 Jeremiah’s like okay
03:13:16 yeah so I won’t like it I’ll do it
03:13:20 here’s the verse I share a lot that goes
03:13:23 along with that
03:13:24 um
03:13:26 [Music]
03:13:31 and now my beloved Son notwithstanding
03:13:35 their hardness
03:13:36 of Hearts let us labor diligently were
03:13:40 we
03:13:41 if we would cease to labor we should be
03:13:44 brought under condemnation for we have a
03:13:47 labor to perform with in this Tabernacle
03:13:50 of clay that we may conquer the enemy of
03:13:53 all righteousness and
03:13:55 and uh rest ourselves in the Kingdom of
03:13:57 elements and that goes along
03:14:00 with
03:14:01 [Music]
03:14:04 um
03:14:06 levers
03:14:08 diverse mentioned Tabernacle of clay
03:14:12 and the article was
03:14:14 was spinning like a
03:14:17 do you think it was the judges
03:14:20 the reference there’s scripture and
03:14:22 judges where they had like
03:14:24 clay pots or something right
03:14:27 yes the Tabernacle of player in which
03:14:30 the Torches kept the media the people
03:14:35 the uh the uh Gideon with his army of
03:14:39 300. yeah the clay has to refer to our
03:14:43 mortal lives
03:14:45 um in fact there was a band George with
03:14:47 Clay right
03:14:49 s are referring to us
03:14:51 [Music]
03:14:52 and um if I remember right there’s I
03:14:55 forget where it’s at but the
03:14:58 the Potter and the claim right and
03:15:00 understands
03:15:04 but just doesn’t meaning to call
03:15:06 repentance there’s just Ezekiel uh
03:15:09 verses that we’ve shared before all
03:15:11 right when I say under the wicked or
03:15:13 look in the announce shall they die if
03:15:15 that does not speak to one the wicked
03:15:18 from his ways the wicked man shall die
03:15:21 in his iniquity but his blood will I
03:15:23 acquire that fine and
03:15:27 yep we need to call repentance
03:15:30 um yep even even with even when we’re
03:15:35 wondering and questioning
03:15:38 why these people
03:15:41 that’s true
03:15:44 to some degree it’s not going to stop as
03:15:47 we see they’re still going to be
03:15:48 ministering and the kingdom after we
03:15:51 resurrect
03:15:53 it’ll probably be different though
03:15:56 I hope so
03:16:00 probably easier uh I might I would tend
03:16:04 to go but
03:16:06 um yeah they know they need to keep it
03:16:08 now so I think it will be easier but
03:16:10 anyways
03:16:11 that same Spirit which you will love
03:16:14 possess your body at the time of death
03:16:16 will be the same spirit that possesses
03:16:18 you
03:16:20 in the afterlife
03:16:22 that’s a good point
03:16:24 um so maybe it won’t be easier I don’t
03:16:27 know
03:16:28 I’m not sure what to say about that
03:16:30 right now and plus it’s passed my
03:16:32 allotted time so I mean
03:16:35 stop so I’m gonna pause
03:16:38 all right