Scriptures about the sealed portion in Ether

I made a list of scriptures that are about the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon for a friend of mine. These scriptures talk about what is in the sealed portion or about the conditions before they come forth.

Ether 1:2 And I take mine account from the twenty and four plates which were found by the people of Limhi, which is called the book of Ether.

Ether 1:4 and whoso findeth them, the same will have power that he may get the full account.

Ether 1:5 But behold, I give not the full account, but a part of the account I give, from the tower down until they were destroyed.

Ether 3:17 And now, as I, Moroni, said I could not make a full account of these things which are wirtten, therefore it sufficeth me to say that Jesus showed himself unto this man in the spirit, even after the manner and in the likeness of the same body even as he showed himself unto the Nephites.

Ether 3:21 And it came to pass that the Lord said unto the brother of Jared: Behold, thou shalt not suffer these things which ye have seen and heard to go forth unto the world until the time cometh that I shall glorify my name in the flesh. Wherefore ye shall treasure up the things which ye have seen and heard and shew it to no man.

Ether 3:22 And behold, when ye shall come unto me, ye shall write them and shall seal them up, that no one can interpret them; for ye shall write them in a language that they cannot be read.

Ether 3:24 For behold, the language which ye shall write I have confounded. Wherefore I will cause in mine own due time that theses stones shall magnify to the eyes of men these things which ye shall write.

Ether 3:25 And when the Lord had said these words, the Lord shewed unto the brother of Jared all the inhabitants of the earth which had been also all the would be. And the Lord withheld them not from his sight, even unto the ends of the earth.

Ether 3:27 And the Lord said unto him: Write these things and seal them up, and I will shew them in mine own due time unto the children of men.

Ether 3:28 And it came to pass that the Lord commanded him that he should seal up the two stones which he had received and shew them not until the Lord should shew them unto the children of men.

Ether 4:1 And the Lord commanded the brother of Jared to go down out of the mount from the presence of the Lord and write the things which he had seen. And they were forbidden to come unto the children of men until after that he should be lifted up upon the cross. And for this cause did king Benjamin keep them, that they should not come unto the world until after Christ should shew himself unto his people.

Ether 4:2 And after that Christ truly had shewed himself unto his people, he commanded that they should be made manifest.

Ether 4:5 Wherefore the Lord hath commanded me to write them and I have wrote them. And he commanded me that I should seal them up. And he also hath commanded that I should seal up the interpretation thereof; wherefore I have sealed up the interpreters according to the commandment of the Lord.

Ether 4:6 For the Lord saith unto me: They shall not go forth unto the Gentiles until the day that they shall repent of their iniquity and become clean before the Lord.

Ether 5:1 And now I Moroni have written the words which was commanded me, according to my memory. And I have told you the things which I have sealed up. Therefore touch them not, in order that ye may translate; for that thing is forbidden you except by and by it shall be wisdom in God.

Ether 6:1 And now I, Moroni, proceed to give the record of Jared and his brother.

Ether 9:1 And now I, Moroni, proceed with my record. Therefore, behold, it came to pass that because of the secret combinations of Akish and his friends, behold, they did overthrow the kingdom of Omer.

Ether 12:5 And it came to pass that Ether did prophesy great and marvelous things unto the people, which they did not believe, because the saw them not.

Ether 12:24 And thou hast made us that we could write but little, because of the awkwardness of our hands. Behold, thou hast not made us mighty in writing like unto the brother of Jared, for thou madest him that he things which he wrote were mighty even as thou art, unto the overpowering of man to read them.

Ether 12:30 For the brother of Jared said unto the mountain Zerin, Remove – and it was removed. And if he had not had faith it would not have moved; wherefore thou workest after man have faith.

Ether 13:1 And now I, Moroni, proceed to finish my record concerning the destruction of the people of whom I have been writing.

Ether 13:2 For behold, they rejected all the words of Ether; for he truly told them of all things, from the beginning of man; and that after the waters had receded from off the face of this land it became a choice land above all other lands, a chosen land of the Lord; wherefore the Lord would have that all men should serve him who dwell upon the face thereof;

Ether 13:4 Behold, Ether saw the days of Chirst, and he spake concerning a New Jerusalem upon this land.

Ether 13:5 And he spake also concerning the house of Israel, and the Jerusalem from whence Lehi should come – after it should be destroyed it should be built up again, a holy city unto the Lord; wherefore, it could not be a new Jerusalem for it had been in a time of old; but it should be built up again, and become a holy city of the Lord; and it should be built unto the house of Israel –

Ether 13:13 And I was about to write more, but I am forbidden; but great and marvelous were the prophecies of Ether; but they esteemed his as naught, and cast him out; and he hid himself in the cavity of a rock by day, and by night he went forth viewing the things which should come upon the people.

Ether 15:33 And the Lord spake unto Ether, and said unto him: Go forth. And went forth, and beheld that the words of the Lord had all been fulfilled; and he finished his record; (and the hundredth part I have not written) and he bid them in a manner that the people of Limhi did find them.

Ether 15:34 Now the last words which are written by Ether are these: Whether the Lord wil that I be translated, or that I suffer the will of the Lord in the flesh, it mattereth not, if it so be that I am saved in the kingdom of God. Amen

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