Red Carpets

About a month ago Anthony E Larson from Mormon Prophecy died. When I saw that Anthony had passed away, my first thought I had was literally, I wonder if he had asked to die on a Polar Configuration day? Depending on various specifics he on died on or around what I have called the Day of the Sound of the Planets, or more commonly know as Feast of the Trumpets or Rosh Hashanah. For those who don’t know what the Polar Configuration is and how it relates to the gospel of Jesus the Messiah please check out the list of resources I have made. The Polar Configuration is a concept that is backed by science (The Thunderbolts Project), Mythology (Symbols of Ancient Sky), Archeology, Egypt, Greece, ancient and modern scriptures, to name a few, and yes even Joseph Smith taught it also. It could very well be the most forgotten part of the gospel. And Anothony worked endlessly to bring it to people’s attention.

I have been putting this post of for a while for various reasons, but in light of Anthony’s passing I have decided to make it a focus. I’ll also do some others in the future that have to do with the imagery that comes from it that I see almost everywhere. I honestly even see the Polar Configuration imagery in the statement “turn your frawn upside down”. Let me explain a little, the crescent on the Polar Configuration would turn counter clockwise, and when it was at the top it was a frawn and when turned all the way to the bottom it was a smile. There are many expressions like this that I see have their origins in the Polar Configuration.

I have always wondered why the red carpet was red and not purple. After all “purple is the color most often associated with royalty” Purple – Wikipedia not red.

When I saw on the news that Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae-in walking on the red carpet together. Everything just clicked for me.

Perhaps it was the added context of two countries coming together that helped me see the connection, just like when Mars condescended down red plasma towards planet Earth. Please watch the video below to see what I am refering to starting at 43 seconds.

I believe the Red Carpet treatment is patterned after the revered planet Mars going up and down the red plasma amongst the hosts of heaven.

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