Who Killed Joseph Smith? Draft Thoughts

Justin Griffin was gracious enough to allow me to see a prerelease of his documentary Who Killed JOSEPH SMITH? on 2021-10-17. Below are my thoughts while watching draft 1.2. I should have put timestamps with the thoughts, but with the draft I saw being a different length than what was released they’d different anyways. As I get more information on this subject I add it to Joseph Smith’s Murder.

Good to bring out how many of the accused ran.

While watching and seeing John Taylor go under the bed it sure made me think he was a coward. (Lectures on Faith 6 brings out how followers of YHWH are not cowards but have courage.)

John Taylor was a liar. Good demonstration of shooting replicas of watch.

Like how you bring out a probable source for Jeffery R Holland‘s talk, a movie.

Good point about the angels.

Visual demonstrations are very good, especially with the red.

Like how you bring out the official stories don’t add up.

Wow, postmortem. That is mostly done by those who have emotional ties not a mob …

Good questions about Hyrum’s body.

Good to show the exports and how they have put a lot of thought into this.

Good point about the splintering from the door and the head mask.

Personally I don’t buy that the mob checked his vitals and then shot to make sure Hyrum was dead.

My theory, John Taylor did it, and William Richards was there to help if needed. I can’t prove it, and not something I am worried about researching. My passion is studying BoM and Torah. YHWH told me years ago that Brigham Young helped plan it.

Very thorough getting actors to act out the theories.

I agree about spending time on things. Happens for me for the scriptures and work.

Glad you brought out what church the three accounts are members of, and possible motives.

I want truth also, Truth will set you free (multiple layers to that statement).

If I’m following your enactment correctly, it seems you agree with me that John Taylor did it, and you even brought in how his knee was shot.

I like how you show Joseph Smith was not vengeful, but took care of the problem and then went to take care of his brother as soon as he felt it was safe.

This will get you excommunicated. You are brave, may YHWH give you His peace to you now and as time passes. If you want I host fellowship and scripture studies on new moons and lunar sabbaths. It’s been hard for me at times, I’ve put myself out there, and stood up for what is true. I’ve lost friends and family won’t really do anything with me anymore. I’ve worked through it, but I made a conscious choice as I believe you have also. But it helps to have friends and fellow believers to fellowship with.

I had not thought about the William Richards shooting Joseph Smith, but that makes sense over John Taylor with how you portrayed it.

You will want to read my expounding of Joseph Smith‘s last dream, if you want I’ll get you a current update, not much different than what I already gave you.

It still doesn’t make sense that the mob shot Hyrum and then turned him over, as I believe at least the leader of the mob, good chance the lower of the mob not so, were in it with the John Taylor, Willian Richards and Brigham Young. If that is true as I think it is, they would have not shot first then turned over.

Good idea to talk about Dan’s account.

Interesting point about the 3 misfires, did not even know that point.

I liked how you showed Joseph Smith going out to defend his brother and “friends”.

I have Joseph Smith‘s sister’s quote on Joseph Smith’s Murder, do you know of any others like it?

I hear what you are saying about the blood on the vest and turning the head to the other side, don’t know about that. But I love what you have done here. Thank you so much for trusting me to share what you have so far with me.

This was great, thank you for your courage and dedication to this subject, and sharing a draft with me.

From Joseph Smith‘s gun, that makes sense with the 3 so called blanks, you mentioned earlier, I imagine that is what you are going to say or something very close to that.

Didn’t know John Taylor still had a ball, and if he wasn’t in the room when the mob came, Joseph Smith would have been the one who did it, as you show.

Good point about the size, and the type of gun that would have that, regarding the hand.

Good point about John Taylor‘s knee.

Ballistics tests are great and how you are bringing that out.

John Taylor‘s honesty is biting him here, 4 shots.

Very good, thank you so much. It’s a very important piece to the puzzle. I’m glad someone who wants truth over tradition and acceptance is getting this out.

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