Joseph Smith’s Murder

The Dibble death mask of Joseph Smith

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The Carthage Conspiracy

A quote from The Holy Spirit and The Holy Ghost are the Same on the subject:

When an idea is drilled into your head over and over again, it can linger inside of you without you even knowing it, while affecting what you do and think. I have believed that Brigham Young was a tyrant and horn dog for a very long time, some things I bring out in King Brigham will show that. But for whatever reason the dichotomy between that and what the LDS / Brighamite church taught me about Joseph Smith trusting Brigham Young with LDS Temple ceremonies had not yet surfaced, probably becasue of the fond memories I had of my temple experiences. (Please keep in mind I love symbolism, I find it very meaningful, and I saw lots of it in the temple, and next to none at church.) If you ask me Joseph Smith was in the process of gathering evidence against Brigham Young to excommunicate him for his sins and crimes, which is why Brigham Young helped plan Joseph Smith’s murder, which is talked about in The Exoneration of Emma, Joseph & Hyrum: Part One along with “The Carthage Conspiracy” and Joseph Smith Was Murdered By Freemasons. (Knowing this I find verse Helaman (LDS 6:19) (RLDS 2:128) very telling, especially considering what is being described before and after it, not to mention Helaman (LDS 6:21) (RLDS 2:145).) When that was rooted out of me many other things started to make sense.

Helaman (LDS 6:19) (RLDS 2:128) And it was they [those with secret signs and words] who did murder the chief judge Cezoram [Joseph and Hyrum Smith], and his son [successor, Samuel Smith], while in the judgment-seat; and behold, they were not found.

The Holy Spirit and The Holy Ghost are the Same

When criminal A shoots the victim and the victim does not die instantly but receives a deadly wound and is barely hanging on, then criminal B shoots the victim and finishes the job instantly, yes criminal B did murder the victim, but so did criminal A.
Responding to Who Killed Joseph Smith Movie Refuted? What Midnight Mormons Didn’t Get To w/Brian Stutzman

This day the Lord has shown to me that which was never shown to me before, that I have thousands of friends that never pretended friendship, while others have sought to crawl into my bosom because of my good feelings towards them, and now are the vipers and do seek my life; and if they shall take it they will pursue you; they will do it any how
Joseph Smith, Comprehensive History of the Church, Vol.1, Ch.26, p.318 – p.319, 1844-06-23

My life is more in danger from some little dough-head of a fool in this city than from all my numerous and inveterate enemies abroad. I am exposed to far greater danger from traitors among ourselves than from enemies without, although my life has been sought for many years by the civil and military authorities, priests, and people of Missouri; and if I can escape from the ungrateful treachery of assassins, I can live as Caesar might have lived, were it not for a right-hand Brutus. I have had pretended friends betray me. All the enemies upon the face of the earth may roar and exert all their power to bring about my death, but they can accomplish nothing, unless some who are among us and enjoy our society, have been with us in our councils, participated in our confidence, taken us by the hand, called us brother, saluted us with a kiss, join with our enemies, turn our virtues into faults, and, by falsehood and deceit, stir up their wrath and indignation against us, and bring their united vengeance upon our heads. All the hue-and-cry of the chief priests and elders against the Savior, could not bring down the wrath of the Jewish nation upon His head, and thereby cause the crucifixion of the Son of God, until Judas said unto them, “Whomsoever I shall kiss, he is the man; hold him fast.” Judas was one of the Twelve Apostles, even their treasurer, and dipt with their Master in the dish, and through his treachery, the crucifixion was brought about; and we have a Judas in our midst.
Joseph Smith, 1843-12-29, History of the Church, Volume 6, page 152

The Real LDS Church Carthage Conspiracy!!!

Emma is naturally a very smart woman; she is subtle and ingenious, and she has made all her children believe that myself, brother Kimball, and the other members of the Twelve laid the plot which terminated in the death of the Prophet. This charge is especially laid to myself.
Manuscript Addresses of Brigham Young, 7 October 1866

Katherine Smith Salisbury (Joseph & Hyrum’s sister) stated that Joseph indicated that members of the Twelve would be responsible for his death, according to Joseph’s June 23, 1844 address. Katherine retold the events 50 years later: “I was in Nauvoo a few days before my brothers were brought to Carthage, where they met their death. I shall never forget that Saturday, June 23, 1844, when I last saw my brothers alive. I heard Brother Joseph’s last sermon, delivered to a great audience in Nauvoo — the largest crowd I have ever seen — in the open air, for no house would hold the people. I might say that it was more in the nature of a prophecy than a sermon, or rather its conclusion was, for as he finished he turned [and] stood facing some of the high priests and Elders sitting there — church dignitaries who were seated on the platform behind him and told them that there was seated on the speaker’s stand beside him those who were conspiring to deliver him up to the enemy… to take his life, and who would be responsible for his death. [He said] ‘There are those among you who will betray me soon; in fact, you have plotted to deliver me up to the enemy to be slain.’ The truth of this prophecy is of history. He was betrayed, and by his own alleged best friends. These same fellows attempted to assume the reigns of the church at his death.” (Katherine Smith Salisbury, I. G. Davidson interview, May, 1894; published in Carthage Republican, Quincy Whig & Salt Lake Tribune)

Mark Curtis has brought out the following:

Brigham Young's Journal Entries on Joseph & Hyrum's Death
Does anything about this sound a little weird to you?
Thursday, June 27, 1844
	“...I felt a heavy depression of spirit, and so melancholy I could not converse with any degree of pleasure. Not knowing anything concerning the tragedy enacting at this time in Carthage jail, I could not assign my reasons for my peculiar feelings.”
Then, 12 days later...
Tuesday, July 9, 1844
	“I heard to-day, for the first time, the rumors concerning the death of Joseph and Hyrum.”
Some questions worth asking:
	1. How did Brigham Young feel sad on June 27th, considering he supposedly didn't know about the assassination until 12 days later?
	2. Why is the June 27th entry written in past tense?
	3. Is Brigham Young admitting to editing his journal hind-sight? Or admitting to knowing about Joseph's assassination this day? Take your pick. 
	4. Why write a journal entry 2 weeks prior, instead of summarizing his feelings (even recollecting them) in the July 9th entry?
What do you think?

Once published, Smith’s Biographical Sketches was suppressed by Brigham Young, who condemned it as inaccurate, ordered it’s destruction, and instructed church historians to begin working on a corrected version. Young’s concern centered on Smith’s favorable portrayal of her son William, whom Young disliked (see Bushman 1984, 194, n. 4; Shipps 1985, 91-107). Pratt issued a statement in 1855 claiming that he believed Lucy’s manuscript ‘was written under the inspection of the Prophet [Joseph Smith]; but from evidences since received, it is believed that the greater part of the manuscripts did not pass under his review, as there are items which are ascertained to be incorrect’ (Deseret News 5 [21 March 1855])

Hyrum & Joseph was Murdered in Carthage Jail in Hancock Co[,] Illinois. Samuel Smith died in Nauvoo, supposed to have been the Subject of Conspiricy by Brigham Young.
Joseph Smith Family Testimony, William Smith Notes Circa 1875, Vogel, Early Mormon Documents, p. 488

Poisoning of Samuel H. Smith – Joseph Smith’s Brother

I have good reason for believing that my brother Samuel H. Smith, died of poison at Nauvoo, administered by order of Brigham Young and Willard Richards, only a few weeks subsequent to the unlawful murder of my other brothers, Joseph and Hiram Smith, while incarcerated in Carthage jail.

Several other persons who were presumed to stand between Brigham Young and the accomplishment of his ambitions and wicked designs, mysteriously disappeared from Nauvoo about the same time, and have never been heard from since."

William Smith, "Mormonism," letter to the “New York Tribune,” 28 May 1857

Non-LDS Carthage Researcher Clark Aboud’s own theory about Who Killed Joseph Smith?

Carthage Conspiracy Books on Amazon

Holes in the ceiling from the shot that killed Hyrum Smith:

LDS / Brighamite church admits that John Taylor’s account does not make sense:

Considering the minimal damage to the watch, however, some have wondered whether it was actually hit by a bullet. In comparison, a bullet passing through Hyrum Smith’s body destroyed the watch that was in his vest pocket:
Historian Glen M. Leonard presents an alternate explanation for how John Taylor’s watch was damaged after he was shot in the thigh:
While this explanation clears up how the watch was damaged, it does not explain how John Taylor avoided falling out the window. As he related in the passage quoted above, “I felt myself falling outside of the window, but immediately I fell inside.”6 If the bullet did not push Brother Taylor back into the room, what miraculous occurrence did? Also, the extent of his injuries was relatively minor. To be shot at from all sides and receive only flesh wounds is a miracle in itself.
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