Scripture Study

Recordings of Scripture Studies I have host on New Moons and Lunar Sabbaths. I show what days these are on my Sabbaths resource page going by the Independence location.

Scripture Study YouTube Playlist (mp3(s) on OneDrive)

Talked about when Joseph Smith got the gold plates because it gives us insights about YHWH’s Calendar. Talked about what is the new moon and how Jews changed it. Lehites knew and tracked the 18.6 year lunar cycle as shown with the Newark Earthworks in Ohio. Using the wrong calcualtions for the moon can make your calendar off by a day.
Scripture Study 2022-03-17 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

Look at the Greek word behind fulfil and how it means teach. Talk when the day starts and sundials. Talk about the flat earth some. Talked some about the difference between Torah and the Law of Moses. Talk about walking on the Sabbath.
Scripture Study 2022-03-10 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

Showed and talked about the High Holiday Calendar I did by hand. Also talked about various calendar issues such as why plants should not be used to determine the start of the year. Talked about sunrise vs dawn, along with sundials. Went over examples in the Book of Mormon showing the start of the day is sunrise. Also expanded manna in the wilderness shows the same thing.
Scripture Study 2022-03-03 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

Talked some about the Polar Configuration. One thing the number nine represents is Satan. Posed the question if we were alive during Yehsua/Jesus mortal ministry would we have accepted him. Talked about Gnostic gospel some. Talked the symbolism of scorpions and eggs along reading Jack and the Beanstalk.
Scripture Study 2021-08-98 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

Talk about the Constellations and how they testify of Yeshua and His Mission. How the Stars have the name Yeshua in them. Saw some quotes from Brigham Young how he stated he started polygamy not Joseph Smith. Reworded Alma (LDS 30:44) (RLDS 16:53-55). Talked about the Polar Configuration some.
Scripture Study 2021-07-31 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

Talking about Polygamy and last half of Jacob 2 and the two complementary chiasmus from YHWH.
Scripture Study 2021-07-02 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

Start off by expounding The Three Little Pigs. Then talk about the Law of Moses, Torah and sacrifices.
Scripture Study 2021-05-12 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

Talk some about the Polar Configuration. Some ideas of Robert about being born again, fruit and repentance. Greek vs Hebrew goals. How names in Hebrew deal with attributes we have.
Scripture Study 2021-02-19 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

Talk about the sacrament. Deep waters is symbolic of chaos. Church gov. Sermon on the Mount/at the Temple is how to keep Torah. Talk about the words end and fulfil.
Scripture Study 2021-01-13 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

Talk about Word of Wisdom, 10 commandments 5 principles, 2 Nephi 32:3,5 Holy Spirit/Ghost is the word of God (wherefore), and Kosher laws, trees of knowledge of good and evil.
Scripture Study 2020-12-15 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

Talk about Joseph Smith’s statement “color of his hair”. The 10 Virgins are the 10 Commandments. Shared a theory I have about Tithing.
Scriptures Study 2020-12-13 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

Talk some on how the Holy Spirit/Ghost is the word of YHWH. Talk about my free program to search standard works. Get into some details of how Zeniff is a type of Joseph Smith as I bring up in my King Brigham post. Moroni 7 and Deuteronomy 28/Torah. Talk about the rock and the sand from the Sermon on the Mount/at the Temple.
Scripture Study 2020-11-29 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

Talk about some of what I see in the movie Beauty and the Beast. Some on the Word of Wisdom, how mild means liquor, how bread is alcoholic, how LDS leaders used to teach no hot soup. Talk about buying and selling in the Book of Revelation. Talked about the women caught in adultery.
Scripture Study 2020-11-22 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

Talk about lots of various subjects including some of what I believe about Torah, Law of Moses and the Performances and Performances and Ordinances. Torah teaches we need to defend our neighbors.
Scripture Study 2020-10-02 Evening YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

Mostly talked about the LDS / Brighamite church
Scripture Study 2020-10-02 Afternon YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

Talk a little about head coverings, how Torah says men should not look like women and vise versa, some about Polygamy in the last half of Jacob 2 and the Reed Smoot case.
Scriptures Study 2020-09-16 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

We talk about the LDS Temple, Torah, the daily Performances and Ordinances and the Law of Moses, The Godhead specifically the Holy Spirit/Ghost, Fulfil, history repeats, flaming sword is the baptism of fire and of the Holy Spirit.
Nehemia Gordon brings out in Hebrew Gospel Pearls Plus that Yeshua nam is in the Tanak/OT, which is important because people criticize the Book of Mormon for the prophets knowing Yeshua’s/Jesus’ name before His birth.
Scripture Study 2020-08-19 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

We talk about how ordinances should not change, Day of Atonement a High Holiday, Polygamy, Alma the younger’s conversion, Rock Waterman, Control vs Teaching, analogy of diaper changing and humanity, King Brigham, Part of the Masons oath contradictions to the scriptures, Torah, sacrament, Polar Configuration.
Scripture Study 2020-07-21 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

Talk about the Tabernacle, Polar Configuration, PaRDeS (levers of meaning in the scriptures), Tithing, wearing masks, 2012 Lodon opening, Word of Wisdom, Pagan Holidays, Inspiration vs Revelation, Torah, Sabbath laws.
Scripture Study 2020-07-19 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

Talk some of false prophets, how what is on the small plates which is in the BoM is considered most sacred.
Scripture Study 2020-06-06 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

Fulfil can and does mean teach. Explained what a Peace Maker is and how they publish peace.
Scripture Study 2020-05-30 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

LDS supposed D&C 132:1 contradicts that we need to have real intent to receive answers in pray when remembering the supposed story of Joseph Smith being told by an angel with a flaming sword to practice it or die, beceause Joseph Smith was not going to.
Bring out how 2 Nephi 31:5-10 showing FULFIL can and does mean teaching.
Scripture Study 2020-05-23 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

Scripture Study 2020-05-21 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

We talk about the Word of Wisdom, which Anne gave some very good insights including explaining in season. And the Book of Revelation 9.
Scripture Study 2020-05-14 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)