13th Moon

(see Sabbath, Sabbaths, New Moon, New Year, High Holidays, Polar Configuration, Calendar Changes, Lunar Cycle Change)

In YHWH Elohim’s calendar we are to use the sun and the moon to determine when our appoints with Him are.

Genesis 1:14 And God [Elohim] said, Let there be LIGHTS [SUN and MOON] in the firmament of the heaven to DIVIDE the DAY FROM the NIGHT; and let them be for signs, and for SEASONS [MOED: appointed times/meetings], and for DAYS, and YEARS:
Genesis 1:16 And God [Elohim] made TWO GREAT LIGHTS; the GREATER LIGHT [SUN] to rule [dominate] the day, and the LESSER LIGHT [MOON] to rule [dominate] the night: He made the stars also [stars rule nothing, but they do teach the Gospel see Mazzaroth].

As can be seen with Noah and the Ark originally the year had 12 moons of 30 days each, giving the year a total of 360 days.

The flood started on the 17th day of the 2nd moon, which is also when Noah and his family entered the ark. After 150 days the ark rested on the 17th day of the 7th moon, this is one reason we know the tropical year used to be 360 days see Lunar Cycle Change and Calendar Changes. Even though the ark had landed, there was still too much water for Noah and his family to leave the ark as the waters continued to decrease until the 10th day of the 10th moon. And continued to dry from 1st day of the 1st moon till the 27th day of the 2nd moon. With the land still wet it was not possible to plant barley to be used to determine when the start of the year should be.
New Year

Around 700 BC because of the Lunar Cycle Change the tropical year stopped being 360 days and changed to around 365.24219 days. The different cultures in the world have adapted their calendars different was to handle this change. Even the Roman / Pagan / Catholic calendar has changed more than most know in trying to adapt to this calendar change. Currently most of the modern world adds an extra day about every 4 years. In the past multiple cultures would add 5 and sometimes 6 non-count days at the end of their year to fix their tropical year. Some cultures would add an extra week occasionally to sync their year with the seasons. YHWH’s people add a 13th moonth around once every three years to keep their year in sync with the tropical seasons. The reason we do this is because in Genesis 1:14,16 YHWH Elohim states we are to use the Sun and the Moon for our calendar to determine when we are to go to our appointments with Him.

There is an example of 13 moonths in the writings from the prophet Ezekiel. Below I’ve listed resources that shows this.