Here is a quick quote I put in Encouragement for a Missionary

I’ll give you one insight into this, chewing is symbolic of thinking over the word of God. This is one thing that is symbolic with Kosher animals in chewing their cod, they are going over the word of God over and over again.
Encouragement for a Missionary

This quote relates as cows, which are kosher, has four stomaches, there are four layers of meaning is the scriptures know as PaRDeS.

Here is a quote from Bishops are JUDGEs of Israel about PaRDeS.

You might be thinking I’m taking that statement to literally. I would have to disagree, as I do agree there is much symbolism in it, I have to say it is to be read literal also. One thing we learn when studying about PaRDeS, see THE RULES OF PARDES; Pardes (Jewish exegesis); and Beholding the Tree of Life: A Rabbinic Approach to the Book of Mormon, is that the deeper levels of meaning, or symbolic, and understanding do not contradict or negate the more surface levels, or literal, of understanding.
Bishops are JUDGEs of Israel