Scripture Study 2023-03-13

00:00:00 Talked about problems in LDS D&C 127.
00:00:50 LDS D&C 127 & 128 teach things that contradict other scriptures.
00:01:26 Parable of the wheat and the tares shows it’s the angels doing the gathering not men writing on some paper.
00:01:56 In Moroni 6:4 the leaders took the names of the people so that they would be nurished by the good word of Elohim, not so they would go into heaven.
00:03:07 Acts 15 shows 4 things the converts were to do, one being go to church and keep learning.
00:04:45 Back to Moroni 6:4.
00:07:39 Verse 1 doesn’t sound like Joseph Smith.
00:09:19 Verse 2 we are not called to bad things of life but called to keep YHWH’s Torah. YHWH protects us when we are keeping His Torah. We should want to make the world a better place.
00:29:49 Verse 3 Restoration is going back to how it was before.
00:32:29 Gentiles should be adopted into Israel. Book of Mormon is lastly given to the Gentiles. The church is under for not keeping YHWH’s Torah. Book of Mormon teaches to keep Torah after Yeshua’s death and resurrection. YHWH wrote the 10 commandments with His own finger. All commandments are based upon the 10 commandments.
00:44:16 Verse 4 confirmed revelations from YHWH don’t use the word temple but use house instead. What was to be built was patterned after a court house not a temple. Read a quote from Joseph Smith on how animal sacrafices are coming back. YHWH doesn’t tell us to redouble, He tells us to do it as He originally stated it.
01:05:18 Verse 5 Baptism for the dead contradicts the Book of Mormon and New Testament. All nations were taught the gospel. Discuss little children. YHWH gives all adults His law. FLDS members knew it was wrong despite their leaders never teaching it was. Talked about 1 Corinthians 15:29. Talked about Mosiah 15:24. There is only one Kingdom in D&C 76. Use clear verses to help us understand unclear verses. Talked about people who receive the Terrestrial glory. Looked at the definitions of without.
02:23:26 Verse 6 vicarious baptism of the dead is not in the New Testament. Hebrew parents will consider their children who sin grievously as dead.
02:26:10 Verse 7 writing something down is not the sealing power. Looking at Nephi example of sealing power in the book of Helaman. Sealing power is sealing a curse that was already decreeded in heaven on earth. Looking at the Greek in Matthew 16:18-19. Peter enacting the sealing power in Acts 5 because they lied.
02:39:01 Verse 8 vicarious batism of the dead is not restoring a true principle.
02:40:29 Verse 9 the word temple is not used in the revelations to Joseph Smith. Where are the records from before such that they can remembered from generation to generation.
02:44:18 Verse 10 1 Nephi 3:7 tells us YHWH will provide a way to do the things He commands us. Abinadi in Mosiah 13 is my favorite example of YHWH providing a way.
02:49:23 Verse 11 116 pages shows that YHWH provided a way. The fact that the non-believers didn’t produce the 116 pages after the Book of Mormon published shows that nothing of the 145 pages of the LDS edition contradicted what was on the book of Lehi. Satan is not smarter than YHWH.
02:54:35 Verse 12 LDS D&C 50 tells us that there were deceivers inside the church. When this letter was supposedly written Joseph Smith was signing documents differently.
02:56:54 1844 D&C was published after Joseph Smith was murdered. 1844 D&C 111 was added after Joseph Smith murder. LDS D&C 127 was 1844 D&C 105 one of the last ones added, and I believe after Joseph Smith murder. William W Phelps was incharge of the printing and he has strong connections to Brigham Young.
03:00:45 timing of this and the other baptism for the dead letter shows Joseph Smith had about two more years to teach on the subject, but didn’t.
03:02:11 Talking about the title Lord of Host used in LDS D&C 127.
03:04:10 Turning to the promises of the fathers is returning to Torah. Stoning is still valid. If the church doesn’t excommunicate sinners the church will start getting curses.
03:07:10 To late to go over LDS D&C 128. LDS D&C 128 contradicts a JST.
03:07:58 1 Nephi 17:2 is a prophecy of the church enjoying getting into the mysteries. Milk is the commandments, meat is the mysteries. Showing how the Leverite law points to the Messiah. The Book of Mormon is prophecy. Hebrews use history for prophecy. Men represents prophets. Nephi knew the mysteries before he engraved the small plates. Learning / thinking of the Jews / Hebrews is important to keep in mind.
03:16:57 The history of the floating axe is about the restoration.
03:18:50 Deeper meanings do not contradict the surface meanings. We need to make our base the simple statements. YHWH’s way don’t contradict each other. Most misunderstand Paul. Peace makers are those who teach YHWH’s ways. Talked about the Newark Ohio Mound some.



  • Verse 1) some words don’t seem like they are from JS
  • Verse 2) are we called to perils or called to keep YHWH’s law, Mosiah 2-5 brings out we are called to keep YHWH’s law. Job brings out perils happen because of the wicked.
  • Verse 2) who is JS supposedly writing to in the letter, the church or other believers, if so why is JS staying if you believe I’m called for good or evil?
  • Verse 2) deep water is symbolic of chaos and the world, and YHWH does not call us to swim in it, He calls us to part it as Moses, or to walk on it as with Peter, and one of JS last dreams JS walked on water.
  • Verse 4) other scriptures don’t call the building they are working on a temple, it calls it a house of YHWH, and yes there is a difference.
  • Verse 4) double your efforts and work, to me that is not how YHWH talks but He would say do what is required not just do some more.
  • Verse 5) BoM teaches against LDS / Brighamite baptisms of the dead.
  • Verse 6) baptized for your dead, this is different what baptism of the dead in the NT, in Hebrew thought when we sin we have died because the wages of sin is death
  • Verse 7) contradicts what the sealing power is
  • Verse 8) how is doing the false baptisms for the dead correctly connected to restoring more?
  • Verse 9) the word temple is not used in previous sections for the building being built.
  • Verse 9) from generation to generation, so where are all the records of past generations and their work done? If we can’t find them, does that mean heaven doesn’t acknowledge that happened?
  • Verse 10) YHWH wants JS to address the world about baptisms for the dead, but can’t make it happen, contrary to 1 Nephi 3:7, Abinadi teaching king Noah and the wicked priests is one of many examples that YHWH has the power to have his messengers preach even when the world tries to prevent it.
  • Verse 11) Satan has been alert for a long time, for one lets look at the 116 pages.
  • Verse 12) JS knew at this time that there were deceivers amongst the church, D&C 50 is one of many examples.

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