Mormon 8:33 Transfigured

I was reading Mormon 8 again a few days ago, and verse 33 had two sentences that really stuck out to me this time.

Mormon 8:33 Why have ye TRANSFIGURED the holy word of God, that ye might bring damnation upon your souls?
Mormon 8:33 Behold, look ye unto the REVELATIONS OF GOD;

For a while now I have been working on letting go of false traditions of men and trying to see what the scriptures have to say about something. Which I feel these two verse talk about.

Webster’s Dictionary in 1828 defined transfigure to mean verb transitive [Latin trans and figura.] To transform; to change the outward form or appearance.

What would to change the outward form or appearance mean when it comes to scriptures? I believe it means making it appear as if the scriptures mean something different than what they plainly state. Focusing more on someone’s opinion of what the scriptures mean rather than looking at the scripture and context for yourself. Don’t get me wrong I like discussing the gospel with other and learning from others, as I grown in my understanding because of this, but I always check it with the scriptures.

The next sentence gives us the answer to this problem and others, look to the revelations of God. Search the scriptures for answers yourself, do not rely on what others say about it. Study it out for yourself and get a confirmation from God what it means.

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