Holy Spirit

Some posts I have written that deal with the Holy Spirit:

The Holy Spirit / Ghost is the law / Torah
ALL Things You Should DO Chiasmi

This is my Shavuot/Pentecost post. I primarily talk about the HOLY SPIRIT/HOLY GHOST. I also bring up the temple and the Lectures on Faith. The post ends with an index of sixteen concepts that are used with both phrases of HOLY SPIRIT and HOLY GHOST.
The Holy Spirit and The Holy Ghost are the Same

Moroni (LDS 8:23-28) (RLDS 8:27-33) Chiasmus

Alma (LDS 13) (RLDS 10) Chiasmus

I talk about Anthony E Larson, the Word of Wisdom, and the Holy Ghost/Holy Spirit, and end with Joseph Smith’s last dream.
Anthony E Larson

BoM verses with Holy Spirit

BoM verses with Holy Ghost

Below are some helpful resources I have come across:

It talks about the Greek behind the Holy Spirit and the Holy Ghost are the same word. And how the two scribes for LDS D&C 130 don’t agree regarding what was said on the Holy Ghost. The podcast also ties the Holy Ghost and the Holy Spirit to be the same using some verses in the BoM and D&C. They bring up an issue with the birth of Jesus if the HS is a personage.
Iron Rod 018 – The Holy Ghost

The video The Words of Joseph Smith? brings out that LDS / Brighamite Doctrine and Covenants 130:22 are not original words but words that have been modified multiple times using the Joseph Smith Papers.

Here is a video series Understanding the Ruach/Spirit from MTOI, on YouTube, I feel at home with what I have watch from them so far.

This is a good video that shows people in all religions have emotional experiences they claim is the Holy Spirit telling them they are correct.
My LDS Journey – 8.0 – Follow the Spirit

This post brings out how Joseph Smith and others only saw two personages in their vision, not three. And how the Lectures on Faith 5 states the Holy Spirit is the mind of God, and also states there are only two personages in the Godhead.
I Saw Two Personages