Scripture Study 2023-03-20

00:00:22 We are talking about the pictures not those who share them or using them because we don’t know if they understand them.
00:03:15 The gospel of Yeshua is about becoming not having a secret knowledge.
00:04:20 Learning for the sake of learning is more condemning us that saving us.
00:05:40 Wishing upon a falling star is wishing upon Satan.
00:07:37 The bull in china shop is breaking the covenant bonds we have with YHWH. The sacrament is part of renewing or covenant with YHWH to keep all His commandments.
00:11:44 Talked about the Red Heffer some, and how I believe it points to Yeshua bleeding in the garden.
00:13:46 Back to the bull and the china shop. The Bull is connected to Sun worship.
00:17:37 Yeshua resurrected in the night not the morning.
00:18:25 Talking about the goat a little.
00:21:41 Talk about the cat in the basement meme.
00:32:20 Showing what is in The Lost Doctrine Logo.
00:44:20 We should worry about YHWH’s judgement more than anyone elses.
00:45:30 The point is not to vilify anyone but to warn.
00:49:45 When I first woke up to the problems in the church I went into New Age some. New Age is soft Occult. I used to do Yoga, until I found out the posses are imitating positions of false gods.
00:53:33 Theater is full of people following Satan. Actors admit they are possed by demons. The Oscar award is patterned after an Egyptian god. Most movies are Gnostic.
01:00:03 Lord of the Rings is Gnostic.
01:03:15 Saruman the White is the Gentiles.
01:04:06 In the Gnostic view of things good is evil, and evil is good.
01:04:34 Sauron is Elohim the Father.
01:04:44 Smeagol is the Son.
01:05:00 The Ring is the law.
01:05:41 In the Gonstic world, evil is good and good is evil, see Moroni 7.
01:06:30 Smeagol is the Son, majestic plural.
01:07:30 Not sure what Frodo represents yet.
01:12:40 Bilbo is an ancient father, and had the ring for 60 years or 120 * Jubilees = 6,000 years.
01:14:25 Ringwraiths are the prophets or angels.
01:14:57 Luciferians believe that the law binds us.
01:16:43 More details how Saruman is the Gentiles.
01:17:31 7 Drawfs are the 7 of the 10 kingdoms from Revelation.
01:18:26 The Roman Eagle is what saves Gandalof.
01:18:50 Gandalof is the system of the Beast.
01:24:53 Discussing the writing on the One Ring.
01:36:00 Three Elven leaders is the Trion pagan false gods.
01:40:18 7 Drawfs are the 7 of the 10 kingdoms.
01:41:10 9 deals with Satan and fallen men.
01:42:15 The Dark Lord is the Father.
01:43:09 Land of Mordor is Heaven.
01:44:14 Treebeard could be representing Kabbalah.
01:46:45 The firey pit represents where the trees / humans are being burned is hell.
01:48:03 Most symbols have good and bad applications. In the Garden of Eden there was the Tree of Life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
01:53:01 Trees can symbolize humans.
02:05:17 Babbit vs The Hobbit.
02:12:04 What type of knowledge saves us.
02:36:50 King Theoden is the Protestants.
02:39:25 Wormtongue is the Prophets.
02:40:18 Talking about Lord of the Rings.
02:42:30 Aragorn is Satan.
02:43:35 Boromir is Constantine.
02:47:30 We need to test out these ideas.
02:48:28 Holy Spirit of promise is sanctification. Yeshua can not always abide with us but the Torah can.
02:59:23 We receive our glorified bodies after the resurrection.
03:02:30 Three types of people during the Millenium.
03:03:47 Earth receiving paradisiacal glory.
03:07:40 Book of Mormon teaches Modalism.
03:12:30 Testing The Books of the Natsarim.
03:18:03 Discussing a false idea that the Lunar Sabbath is done away.
03:27:30 Not knowing Torah will get you deceived and always learning and never coming to the truth.
03:28:40 Yeshua had to fully mortal.
03:30:10 The wicked hate the Torah.
03:31:12 Most church mingle New Age with their teachings.
03:32:26 Knowing YHWH’s ways you will be able to discern false teachings without knowing all the details.
03:33:04 Ben believes in the Messiah and His atonement.
03:35:17 Book of Mormon teaches something different about repentance than the LDS church.
03:37:09 Ben will preach the truth.
03:37:38 YHWH will show us our weakness.
03:38:20 When we repent our pains are turned into joy.
03:40:10 The wicked will mock.
03:41:53 The atonement is real. When we are YHWH’s servants He is obligated to take care of us when we do our part.
03:45:20 There is a difference between the baptism of fire and baptism of the Holy Spirit.
03:47:04 There is no higher law than what Yeshua lived.
03:48:00 Faithful followers of Yeshua help others to the truth.
03:51:15 The idea that you can raise yourself or others from the dead comes from the Occult.
03:54:23 We can keep the Torah perfectly going forward.
03:56:00 Talking about two aspects of The Lost Doctrine logo that denies the Messiah.
03:56:45 We all need the Messiah.
03:59:22 If we follow a prophet we will receive the lowest glory.
04:02:25 We need to be careful with signs and make sure that they are not omens.


2 thoughts on “Scripture Study 2023-03-20

  1. This may be the song you refer to. It doesn’t say “falling star”.

    When you wish upon a star
    Makes no difference who you are
    Anything your heart desires
    Will come to you
    If your heart is in your dream
    No request is too extreme
    When you wish upon a star
    As dreamers do
    Like a bolt out of the blue
    Fate steps in and sees you through
    When you wish upon a star
    Your dreams come true


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