Scripture Study 2023-03-29

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00:00:00 We are going to focus on Passover today
00:00:33 Last Supper was not a Passover meal
00:04:17 Selecting the lamb on the 10 day points to Yeshua was prepared before the foundation of the world
00:09:40 When John the Baptist stated Yeshua was the Lamb of Elohim he was talking about the Law of Moses Lamb
00:11:16 One Lamb for the people of Elohim
00:12:25 The lamb for Passover was slain by the head of the house hold. The lambs for Law of Moses was slain by priests
00:13:35 House of Elohim are Elohim’s people
00:15:47 Share with neighbors if you can’t eat it all
00:16:17 Can use a sheep or goat
00:19:56 Head of households are to kill the Passover lamb not priests, priest killed the Law of Moses lambs
00:23:15 When to kill the lamb
00:26:05 10th day of the 1st moon proves Lunar Sabbath
00:27:30 Blood on the door is eternal, if you can’t do that use red paper
00:29:37 Bitter herbs
00:31:02 You have till sunrise to eat the lamb, roasting with fire deals with the baptism of fire, unleaven bread deals with letting go of the ways of the world
00:33:02 Cook the lamb with it’s innards, which represents how we are to have YHWH’s law written on our inward parts
00:37:27 Passover does not need to be complicated, seders started after the second temple was destroyed
00:40:02 When we symbolicly partake of Yeshua’s flesh we are partaking of His Torah
00:40:54 leaven bread can represent the ways of the world
00:41:12 We are not to immerse the lamb in water showing we are to already be believers and baptized
00:44:34 The head represents Yeshua, the legs represents our walk
00:46:17 The lamb needs to be fully consumed before the end of the day just as this is the life to perform our labors, burn what is left is symbolic of what happens to those who reject the Messiah
00:48:41 Seders contradict fast
00:53:17 Staff is symbolic of authority and people
00:55:22 Eat fast, be ready to leave
00:56:05 Midnight ties to the 10 Vigins and the Theif in the night parables
00:57:41 Destruction happens at night, a mixed multitude left with Moses, Israel is supposed to teach Torah to others
01:01:54 the plagues deal with Egypt’s false gods
01:02:20 Crocodiles not snakes
01:03:59 Talking about Egypts false gods
01:04:59 YHWH executes judgement
01:05:50 YHWH is the angel of death, the blood of the Lamb is what saves us, talk about LDS D&C 76
01:08:53 Remember the exodus from Egypt, keep Passover forever
01:09:46 Translation issues
01:10:53 Forever
01:12:40 Memorial on Biblehub
01:15:29 All feasts are relevant to the Second Coming
01:16:15 eat unleaven bread, Passover and unleaven bread are two different Holidays
01:18:19 the day after the unleaven bread is a sabbath which fits perfectly with the Lunar Sabbath
01:20:00 The Passover lamb is to be killed by the head of the household
01:21:44 Law of Moses lamb was killed by priests
01:22:19 Putting blood on the door represents Yeshua on the cross. Old Jewish commentaries talk about a Saviour like Yeshua.
01:24:50 End of the day points to the end of our life
01:25:07 The last supper was not the Passover because Judas left before sunrise
01:26:14 Putting the blood of the lamb upon your house is what saves you. YHWH is the one doing the destroying.
01:27:43 Showing a connection in the Word of Wisdom with Exodus 12:13
01:29:45 We are to pray for the promises and keep His Torah to receive
01:31:13 Gentiles inherited lies
01:33:26 I believe we will be keeping Passover in Heaven. Joseph Smith taught what is from YHWH is eternal.
01:36:29 Teach others why we keep Passover
01:37:27 Passover is when YHWH will do His sacrafice
01:39:57 Three types of Sabbaths
01:40:30 YHWH pass over those who take upon themselves YHWH’s righteousness
01:41:30 When we pray in His name we are praying in alignment with His character
01:42:49 we worship Yeshua because of what He did for us
01:43:29 Israel DID what YHWH told them to do
01:44:00 Looking at the word unbelief in Hebrews 3 & 4 and can be translated as disobedience
01:50:50 The commandment came through the prophet Moses
01:53:09 Only believers are to do Passover
01:53:49 YHWH bought us and we are His servants, I believe circumcism is of the heart
02:01:16 non-believer shall not partake
02:01:50 You have to accept the sacrafice yourself just as the 5 wise virgins could not sell their oil and have your own baptism of fire
02:03:07 No broken bone points to Yeshua on the cross
02:03:45 Circumcism
02:06:44 One Torah for everyone
02:07:40 Commandment given through Moses
02:07:53 Roaring of lions and Egypt giving Israel riches
02:09:15 Lev 23
02:10:25 Commanded through a leader
02:11:19 According to YHWH’s appointed times
02:12:30 Pointing back to Exodus 12
02:14:16 Kept Passover
02:14:45 Through leader Moses, while in the wilderness applies to us now
02:16:16 The group who touched a dead body represents those who will receive the Terrestrial glory
02:21:19 Connection to the 10 Virgins, held back because of sin, they knew the law but broke it anyways
02:22:55 Through the leaders
02:23:17 Terrestrial
02:23:32 Did it later, second resurrection
02:23:52 leave none till the morning
02:24:01 Sons of perdition completely reject YHWH and His Torah
02:24:33 Same Passover for all believers, if you hate what YHWH says can your really love YHWH
02:26:45 Num 28
02:27:12 Deu 16 has a mix of Passover part of Torah and Law of Moses
02:27:05 Abib means young, before the exodus with Moses YHWH destroyed the barley
02:29:37 Deu 16:2 deals with what needs to be done for Law of Moses during Passover, Jews proof text this verse to say Passover lambs are done at the temple
02:40:19 we are afflicted because of our sins, some false traditions will cause us to sin, fast, remember leaving Egypt
02:42:00 feast of unleaven bread, lamb needs to be fully consumed
02:43:13 Passover lamb is sacraficed outside the gates as Yeshua was sacraficed outside the city, Yeshua’s sacrafice had to happen on Passover
02:45:05 Due 16 is a mixture of Passover from Torah and the portion of the Law of Moses for Passover together
02:45:39 Law of Moses portion for Passover had to happen at the temple
02:48:10 Roast = fire = baptism of fire, you are going to leave in the morning
02:49:04 the day after unleaven bread is the 22 which is a Lunar Sabbath
02:49:40 Review
02:50:47 What is the leaven we are to get rid of and how
02:58:47 First fruits offering points to the Law of Moses showing who is the First Fruits which is Yeshua



00:00:02 So today we’re going to go off of a
00:00:05 great idea that Zach actually presented
00:00:08 in that we’re going to
00:00:11 focus on Passover today
00:00:13 in that it’s in a week
00:00:16 um actually less than a week right
00:00:17 because it’s the day before the Sabbath
00:00:20 um but it’s good to review it beforehand
00:00:23 in fact just FYI there’s a tradition
00:00:26 with the rabbis
00:00:28 that
00:00:30 um
00:00:31 in fact this actually goes with the Last
00:00:33 Supper so I’m just going to bring it up
00:00:34 now sorry guys
00:00:36 um but
00:00:38 um there’s a tradition with the rabbis
00:00:40 that the day before Passover which is
00:00:43 the Last Supper that rabbis will go over
00:00:46 with their closest disciples
00:00:49 of Passover the things to talk about and
00:00:52 to deal with
00:00:54 um I believe that’s partly what’s going
00:00:56 on with the Last Supper now we’re not
00:00:59 doing the day before some of that is
00:01:01 just Logistics of our
00:01:03 if anything else my life it’s not your
00:01:06 guys’s life right
00:01:09 um because I have a family and I can’t
00:01:12 do this every single night as much as I
00:01:14 would love to but
00:01:17 um just since I brought up that a little
00:01:19 bit
00:01:20 uh oh no I if I could
00:01:23 find oh this isn’t what I want
00:01:25 um
00:01:26 the last supper I’m just going to do
00:01:29 this little highlight
00:01:30 um right now it had more to do with the
00:01:33 tradition that rabbis met with their
00:01:36 closest disciples the night before to
00:01:38 help them prepare their own Passover
00:01:42 um Gathering but the reasons why it
00:01:46 can’t be the last I mean the Last Supper
00:01:49 cannot be Passover or here’s some
00:01:51 highlights okay and if we get time at
00:01:54 the end of the meeting we can go into
00:01:55 the details but here’s the highlights
00:01:58 preparation day was after the last
00:02:01 supper and scriptures show that Judas in
00:02:05 the Last Supper the
00:02:08 when he left the other disciples
00:02:11 apostles
00:02:13 thought he was buying things for the
00:02:15 last supper now if they were having the
00:02:17 Last Supper why would he buying things
00:02:19 for the Passover if that was Passover
00:02:22 that just doesn’t make any sense right
00:02:24 you need to get the stuff prepared
00:02:26 before the Last Supper in addition
00:02:29 during Passover you’re not supposed to
00:02:32 leave until the morning Judas left
00:02:34 before the morning right because he went
00:02:36 to yep to portray for one but the others
00:02:40 thought he went to go buy things
00:02:42 now if
00:02:45 it was Passover everybody knows you
00:02:48 can’t leave until morning in fact I I
00:02:51 just uh
00:02:53 uh I have lots of here’s multiple verses
00:02:55 about the morning you can’t leave before
00:02:57 the morning you have to eat it before
00:02:59 the morning all that just okay
00:03:02 that’s just another Point okay
00:03:05 he left if that was Passover he couldn’t
00:03:08 have left
00:03:09 um
00:03:10 so there’s a mistranslation where they
00:03:13 did first where when you go look at the
00:03:16 Greek it’s actually before
00:03:18 the Passover uses unleavened bread but
00:03:21 when you go look at the Greek and the
00:03:23 Aramaic for the Last Supper it uses used
00:03:28 leaven bread and in Greek and Aramaic
00:03:31 they have two different words for
00:03:33 unleavened bread and leavened bread and
00:03:35 both the Greek and Aramaic now I didn’t
00:03:39 go try to go study this in the Hebrew
00:03:42 um gospels that there’s we have a
00:03:44 website for that
00:03:47 um
00:03:47 and plus they don’t have an Interlinear
00:03:50 for that though they have been
00:03:52 graciously answered me on that on
00:03:54 another subject on the Holy Ghost but
00:03:56 that’s a whole other subject
00:03:58 um but anyways the last supper was not
00:04:00 Passover and there’s some highlights for
00:04:02 you on that if we get time we can go
00:04:04 over that more
00:04:05 um but initially I think we want a focus
00:04:09 of it from Torah which actually talks
00:04:12 about what uh how it needs to be okay
00:04:16 so
00:04:19 um
00:04:20 I don’t know what to do with this
00:04:22 because I I do want to interrupt on
00:04:24 these readings to bring out some
00:04:26 symbolism that I see in them
00:04:29 um you want to read some Ben and we yeah
00:04:33 sure and I just think Exodus because
00:04:35 it’s you know just going the order of
00:04:37 the books that’s the only reason the
00:04:40 other the other reason why Exodus is a
00:04:43 good place to start with this is because
00:04:46 uh it’s um
00:04:49 there’s the least controversy
00:04:51 surrounding this account regarding the
00:04:53 episode
00:04:54 that’s true I mean I I we
00:04:57 uh I didn’t prepare for this I didn’t
00:05:00 have as much time to prepare as much as
00:05:01 I wanted to but it’s in multiple cases
00:05:04 in Exodus I mean not exits and Genesis
00:05:07 also if we get time maybe we can look at
00:05:09 those
00:05:10 um yeah but anyways
00:05:13 um
00:05:16 okay go ahead I will I’ll start reading
00:05:20 and you interrupt me whenever you have
00:05:22 something
00:05:23 okay
00:05:25 speak ye unto all the congregation of
00:05:28 Israel saying in the 10th day of this
00:05:30 month they shall take to them every man
00:05:33 a lamb okay according to the house okay
00:05:36 okay the tenth day I I think the tenth
00:05:39 day is important and I know some of
00:05:42 people have already heard me saying this
00:05:44 but but since we’re specifically talking
00:05:46 about Passover I’m gonna bring it out
00:05:47 again
00:05:49 so this goes back to the creation
00:05:51 prophecy
00:05:54 um
00:05:54 and
00:05:57 in fact maybe let me get that up a
00:06:00 little bit oh give me one second
00:06:04 um
00:06:06 but the creation prophecy
00:06:09 um it’s the creation history and
00:06:12 prophecy right and in
00:06:19 that
00:06:21 if I can find the one that I just want
00:06:24 to get up before I show my wow
00:06:27 let’s see stop sugar
00:06:31 free share
00:06:34 um
00:06:42 on this one
00:06:44 um
00:06:46 that’s a so the reasons in this post
00:06:49 that I haven’t finished is because the
00:06:52 temple ceremony has the creation history
00:06:56 wrong but anyways
00:06:58 um when you go look at this the creation
00:07:00 prophecy uh day one goes along with
00:07:04 Millennium one day two goes Millennium
00:07:06 two day three goes with Millennium three
00:07:08 day four goes with Millennium four now
00:07:11 it continues on through all through
00:07:14 Millennium seven okay
00:07:17 um but the reason I want to stop with
00:07:19 four is because the fourth Millennium is
00:07:23 when yahshua comes okay a fourth
00:07:26 millennium
00:07:27 14th day
00:07:30 third millennium third day
00:07:33 the 13th
00:07:35 the
00:07:37 second Millennium second day is the 12th
00:07:40 the first Millennium and the first day
00:07:44 is the 11th day the tenth day is before
00:07:50 the foundation of the world Yeshua
00:07:54 was selected to be the lamb before the
00:07:57 foundation of the world
00:08:00 we and he knew he would be slain and
00:08:04 that is one what in the pre-existence
00:08:08 and that is why we select the Lamb on
00:08:11 the tenth day because that is symbolic
00:08:15 of selecting him before the foundation
00:08:18 of the world
00:08:21 um
00:08:23 so hopefully that makes sense and I
00:08:25 think that’s pretty clear
00:08:27 um
00:08:28 it’s actually something that I believe
00:08:30 Yahweh gave me uh did you want to say
00:08:33 something that’s actually something
00:08:34 that’s actually something that’s uh it’s
00:08:36 actually something that’s really cool
00:08:38 that I’ve been able to talk to some
00:08:39 other people about and they’ve they’ve
00:08:41 noticed
00:08:43 and they’ve noticed that it’s pretty
00:08:45 cool too
00:08:48 that’s pretty cool I I am glad other
00:08:51 people like that because I
00:08:54 that something that Yahweh gave to me
00:08:55 and it’s not something I’ve read or
00:08:58 heard anybody else talk about
00:09:00 there’s that right uh in fact I I used
00:09:03 to ask people why they tend because for
00:09:05 a while I I actually most of my life
00:09:08 even in this waking up process I didn’t
00:09:11 know and nobody knew and then Yahweh
00:09:13 gave it to me and it completely makes
00:09:15 sense to me
00:09:17 um in fact along those lines
00:09:20 um Day Zero
00:09:23 um actually is in Genesis 1 and it’s a
00:09:27 new moon Day and New Moon days when you
00:09:29 go read about them in the scriptures are
00:09:32 symbolic of the pre-existence and so it
00:09:34 completely fits imagery everywhere in
00:09:37 the scriptures but anyways okay
00:09:43 so I want to say a little bit more on
00:09:45 this lamb here John stated that Yeshua
00:09:51 was the Lamb of God to take away the
00:09:53 sins of the world now
00:09:59 I don’t want to get a whole bunch in
00:10:00 this because this is a whole other
00:10:01 subject okay but I do will want to say a
00:10:04 little bit
00:10:05 it was not the Passover Lamb that who’s
00:10:07 talking about it was the lamb for the
00:10:11 law of Moses which has been done away
00:10:13 with there’s a difference between law
00:10:15 Moses and Satora and I’ve talked about
00:10:17 that before and that’s not today’s Focus
00:10:19 is the Lamb of Moses I mean the lamb
00:10:24 from the law of Moses that John was
00:10:27 talking about now the lamb during the
00:10:30 Passover also represents the Messiah in
00:10:34 different ways in different aspects
00:10:36 but the one the part that takes away the
00:10:38 sins of the world has more to do with
00:10:42 the law of Moses lamb but the
00:10:44 Deliverance
00:10:46 portion of it is definitely in Passover
00:10:49 okay absolutely
00:10:52 delivered delivered their children from
00:10:54 Death delivered them from the Egyptians
00:10:57 yes
00:10:59 delivers us from the world
00:11:01 correct
00:11:03 delivered us from the Dust
00:11:06 so here’s the next little part here
00:11:09 according to the house of their fathers
00:11:11 okay let me stop you here because I’m
00:11:13 full of hot air but
00:11:16 um
00:11:18 there was a lamb selected for the
00:11:20 household uh and if the household was
00:11:23 too small you could combine households
00:11:25 but it was basically for all those who
00:11:28 were gathered together
00:11:31 um just like there was one ultimate lamb
00:11:34 in the household of Yahweh Elohim that
00:11:38 was slain
00:11:42 so is it true that families would often
00:11:45 gather together for this
00:11:47 yes this is like a father a father with
00:11:51 his sons and their families would all
00:11:54 come together into a single school yes
00:11:57 um yeah
00:11:59 and I mean on mosiah 2 through 5 is
00:12:04 actually Tabernacles and not Passover
00:12:06 that’s another subject but you’ll see in
00:12:08 there they actually gathered together as
00:12:10 families also the same thing with
00:12:13 Passover in all these holidays that it
00:12:15 was a family
00:12:17 Affair
00:12:19 um especially uh Passover as we’ll get
00:12:22 more into more details later
00:12:24 the Passover was selected in slain by
00:12:28 the head of the household not by the
00:12:30 levitical priests
00:12:33 um it’s the law of Moses lamb that was
00:12:36 done by levitical priest which in in the
00:12:40 messiah’s case and his it was done by
00:12:43 the
00:12:44 by a Melchizedek priest as
00:12:47 Hebrews brings out right but it’s just
00:12:52 the law of Moses was done actually done
00:12:54 by an actual priest where Passover Lamb
00:12:58 was done by head of a household who was
00:13:01 not a priest he was just the head of the
00:13:03 household
00:13:05 yeah
00:13:06 it was just somebody who happened to
00:13:07 have a really sharp knife
00:13:11 preferably right that made it nicer but
00:13:14 yeah that’s not in the law but anyways
00:13:19 that’s just me being a little silly yeah
00:13:22 yeah but it would definitely make it
00:13:23 easier right
00:13:25 yep oh and then here’s uh the part that
00:13:29 I I guess we should have read a little
00:13:30 more a lamb for a house and the house of
00:13:33 Elohim is a people it’s not a temple and
00:13:37 there’s actually
00:13:39 a jst that shows that
00:13:42 um let’s see if I can find it real quick
00:13:46 um oh that’s not the one I want
00:13:51 that’s this one
00:13:54 uh no
00:13:59 okay
00:14:03 I’ll move this one
00:14:05 uh
00:14:07 yeah I have too many notes I need to
00:14:10 merge some together
00:14:11 uh
00:14:14 stitches
00:14:28 oh there we go house jst first Timothy
00:14:33 315 but if any carried long
00:14:36 that thou Minds know that thou how thou
00:14:40 ought us to behave thyself in the house
00:14:43 of Elohim which is
00:14:46 the church slash assembly of the living
00:14:49 Elohim the house of Elohim are the
00:14:52 people
00:14:53 not a building
00:14:55 okay that’s a jst well uh that’s that’s
00:15:00 actually something that’s part of the
00:15:02 that’s actually something that’s part of
00:15:06 the house of God is the people of God
00:15:08 that’s part of regular Hebrew thought I
00:15:11 agree and we can get that from Torah I I
00:15:15 more brought it out from the jst for
00:15:17 those in our faith tradition
00:15:20 um you know have a harder time rejecting
00:15:22 it right with the GST
00:15:26 but I agree that’s true Hebrew thought
00:15:29 completely I just did the jst so that
00:15:32 way it’s harder to reject it because
00:15:34 without that jst it says it a little
00:15:36 differently it makes it so it’s not so
00:15:38 obvious anyways
00:15:42 so we’re on four okay and if the
00:15:45 household be too little for the lamb let
00:15:48 him and his neighbor next in onto his
00:15:50 house take it according to the number of
00:15:52 the souls every man according to his
00:15:54 eating shall make your count for the
00:15:56 lamb now I’m just going to say something
00:15:59 real quick as we’ll find out later
00:16:01 this is because if you can’t eat the
00:16:04 whole thing you have to burn it before
00:16:06 the morning and we’ll talk about that
00:16:09 when we get to that passage but that’s
00:16:11 why that’s there okay
00:16:13 mm-hmm
00:16:16 you’re a lamb shall be without blemish a
00:16:19 male of first year you shall take it out
00:16:21 from the sheep or from the goats
00:16:24 so even so does that mean that you’re
00:16:26 supposed to burn the bones
00:16:29 uh uh I would say no personally
00:16:35 um but that’s a good question I don’t
00:16:36 have an exact
00:16:39 I I I
00:16:40 [Music]
00:16:42 think the heat that’s required to burn
00:16:45 the bones is more than
00:16:50 um it’s typical with a typical fire okay
00:16:54 um
00:16:55 but that’s not covered in this verse so
00:16:57 that’ll be covered later but okay
00:17:00 um other than my inclination I don’t
00:17:04 have a scriptural verse for that but my
00:17:07 inclination is the heat required to burn
00:17:09 a bone
00:17:10 is hot enough that it’s I I would say no
00:17:15 um but I I would say it’s of the Flesh
00:17:19 and the organs not the bones personally
00:17:21 okay okay
00:17:23 um but that’s my personal understanding
00:17:26 okay
00:17:28 okay thanks for sharing yeah just just a
00:17:32 question that I figured some people
00:17:33 might have
00:17:34 sure on and we can get into that
00:17:38 symbolism how I could go either way on
00:17:41 that when we get to that verse
00:17:43 um it’s just I’d rather focus on when
00:17:45 that verse so one thing here though it
00:17:47 also
00:17:49 sorry say that again
00:17:50 yeah when we get there yeah but here it
00:17:54 says it could be a sheep or a goat now
00:17:56 this part can be a little confusing
00:17:59 because you could pick a sheep that’s
00:18:01 among the goats is one way to interpret
00:18:03 that I don’t believe that’s the case I I
00:18:06 believe you could actually specifically
00:18:08 have a goat
00:18:10 um instead of a lamb but it’s preferred
00:18:12 to have the lamb I if you can’t afford
00:18:16 to have a sheep you can have a goat it’s
00:18:18 the way that I read that
00:18:20 mm-hmm
00:18:22 I guess goats are more common than sheep
00:18:26 um I I don’t I don’t know why they’re
00:18:28 cheaper to be honest maybe they’re they
00:18:30 take less food I know in that I know in
00:18:33 that region
00:18:36 and maybe that’s what it is I on the
00:18:38 symbolism though
00:18:40 um I I would connect it to day of
00:18:43 atonement which is goats
00:18:46 um which is
00:18:47 symbolizing the same event in a
00:18:49 different form and focusing on different
00:18:51 aspects of it and that’s why I would say
00:18:54 it could could be a goat I do think
00:18:57 historically
00:18:59 um
00:19:00 commentaries have stated it can be a
00:19:02 sheep or a goat and it’s sheep is the
00:19:06 highly preferred but if you can’t afford
00:19:08 it it can be a goat and there’s other
00:19:10 presidents for that in tour in other
00:19:13 places for example
00:19:15 um when Yeshua was born they his
00:19:19 his physical father and his physical
00:19:21 mother
00:19:22 um
00:19:23 it gave
00:19:25 um
00:19:26 oh no my mind just went a dove right a
00:19:29 turtle dove because they couldn’t afford
00:19:31 the more expensive sacrifices right so
00:19:34 there is presence for having cheaper
00:19:37 things for sacrifices okay and I believe
00:19:40 that’s what’s going on right there
00:19:43 okay
00:19:45 I can see that making sense
00:19:49 you shall keep it okay I think we’ve
00:19:53 covered five right yeah yeah we did five
00:19:56 and you shall keep it until the 14th day
00:19:58 of the same month and the whole assembly
00:20:00 and the congregation of Israel saw kill
00:20:02 it in the evening so one thing I just
00:20:04 remembered I’m going to backtrack a
00:20:06 little bit on five that he was take um
00:20:10 take a sheet from among the other sheep
00:20:11 or take a goat among the other goats so
00:20:14 in that uh there’s other symbolism
00:20:17 another
00:20:18 examples in the scriptures how
00:20:21 the Messiah was going to be among the
00:20:24 people and I believe that is why it’s
00:20:26 bringing out that it’s among the Sheep
00:20:29 or among the goats because he was among
00:20:32 his people right
00:20:34 right it’s not just one that was just
00:20:37 raised on its own in fact even anyway
00:20:40 I’ll just do that it was not one that
00:20:42 was raised on his own it was one that
00:20:44 was among the people just as Yeshua was
00:20:46 among his people during his mortal
00:20:48 Ministry and his whole physical life
00:20:50 right his moral life the circle the
00:20:53 whole assembly of economy
00:20:55 conference
00:20:57 is that saying that everybody’s going to
00:20:59 kill it at the same time that all the
00:21:01 individual people who have their lambs
00:21:03 will kill it at the same time uh
00:21:05 approximately the same time I I think it
00:21:08 might be a little difficult to do the
00:21:09 exact same time but I do believe that is
00:21:12 saying the approximate
00:21:13 um same time now it is interesting
00:21:16 here’s the 14th day we talked about why
00:21:18 I believe the 14th day of the first moon
00:21:21 already and the whole assembly meaning
00:21:25 they are as we’ll look at other places
00:21:28 in fact I’ll just give a little
00:21:32 I can find in my notes
00:21:36 uh
00:21:37 all here here’s a couple verses and
00:21:40 there’s more that basically talks us the
00:21:42 head of the household that slays the
00:21:46 lamb okay and you can see I have other
00:21:48 commentaries on it but
00:21:50 it’s the head of the household and this
00:21:52 is why there’s a difference between the
00:21:55 lamb for the law of Moses and the lamb
00:21:58 for Passover
00:22:00 lamb for the law of Moses had to have a
00:22:03 priest do a levitical or in yeshua’s
00:22:06 case Melchizedek and and the melchizer
00:22:09 can do things that levitical does too so
00:22:12 um as we know in the restoration
00:22:14 but anyways uh this is why another
00:22:19 Point why it was the
00:22:23 law of Moses lamb that John was talking
00:22:26 about especially when you tie it to
00:22:27 Hebrews
00:22:29 um the book of Hebrews right it talks
00:22:31 about how a Melchizedek priest was
00:22:33 needed for that sacrifice right yeah
00:22:37 um
00:22:39 but uh here the whole congregation
00:22:43 shall kill a lamb in the evening so
00:22:48 meaning just the Common People the whole
00:22:51 congregation includes the common people
00:22:55 it doesn’t say the priests right it
00:22:57 doesn’t say priest here it says the
00:22:59 congregation of Israel and that is the
00:23:01 head of the households as we look in
00:23:03 other verses that clarify that it never
00:23:05 says the priests
00:23:07 so is there a particular time is there a
00:23:10 particular time then that does this
00:23:12 actually stay at a particular time
00:23:14 because it says in the evening but
00:23:17 that’s a watch
00:23:18 yeah so this is where it gets a little
00:23:22 tricky
00:23:23 um if I would do it I would do it
00:23:26 between the evenings because there’s
00:23:28 other places especially when you look in
00:23:31 the New Testament Yeshua was killed
00:23:34 between the evenings okay which is
00:23:37 basically three o’clock and the
00:23:41 modern clock give or take right it’s not
00:23:44 exactly because right it’s off of the
00:23:47 Sundial not a mechanical clock
00:23:49 um correct and so if you’re going to
00:23:53 actually go to the part where you’re
00:23:55 going to kill a lamb if you’re able to
00:23:56 go to that extent
00:23:59 um
00:24:00 I would kill it as close to between the
00:24:03 evenings which is technically between uh
00:24:07 high noon and sunset which is give or
00:24:11 take around three o’clock okay if you
00:24:13 could do it around that time I would say
00:24:15 that’s the best time in fact when Yeshua
00:24:17 died
00:24:18 was then and then it was dark for three
00:24:22 hours right and then it was evening
00:24:27 um
00:24:27 but
00:24:30 um
00:24:31 rabbinic tradition which has its
00:24:35 problems
00:24:36 but it kind of stays between the
00:24:40 evenings till the evening is when they
00:24:43 would sacrifice it but at the same time
00:24:46 that tradition is partly because they
00:24:49 say it was the levitical priests that
00:24:51 were killing them and I don’t believe
00:24:53 scripture supports the vitical priest
00:24:55 doing this killing okay that during this
00:24:59 Exodus here the levitical priests
00:25:02 weren’t even chosen yet right
00:25:05 that came later
00:25:07 that came out Mount Sinai so I mean it’s
00:25:11 the whole congregation
00:25:14 meaning the heads of the household it’s
00:25:16 the head of the family yeah
00:25:19 that did this and I I do lean towards
00:25:22 between the evenings
00:25:24 on on this evening portion right here
00:25:26 because technically in Hebrew thought
00:25:29 evening starts After High Noon because
00:25:32 it’s the sunset is starting to go down
00:25:34 and that’s what evening means and
00:25:36 there’s two of them two main evenings
00:25:40 high noon or just a second after right
00:25:43 because that’s been starting to go down
00:25:44 and sunset right
00:25:48 um
00:25:49 but I I I’m inclined to do in between
00:25:52 the evenings if that’s when you’re gonna
00:25:54 do the actual killing of it
00:25:58 um if you go that far right on that
00:25:59 point it’s not here yet but since we’re
00:26:02 talking about this a little bit
00:26:05 um
00:26:05 if you can buy your lamb even if it’s
00:26:08 not a live one I would do it on the 31st
00:26:12 this year which is the 10th day of
00:26:15 the first moon
00:26:17 and because that’s the day you’re
00:26:19 supposed to select it okay which Heinz
00:26:22 are another side subject
00:26:24 to me that proves the lunar Sabbath and
00:26:27 the lunar solar calendar because in fact
00:26:30 the reason one of the reasons why rabbis
00:26:33 in their modern calendar have
00:26:36 um postponement days is because they
00:26:39 know the tenth day of the first moon
00:26:40 cannot be a Sabbath
00:26:43 and it’s not biblical to have
00:26:45 postponement days
00:26:47 that started when the Catholic Church
00:26:50 forced them to follow a continuous seven
00:26:52 day week that’s when proposterment day
00:26:54 started with the hello second calendar
00:26:58 um but anyways I I have an unfinished
00:27:02 post that gets into details multiple
00:27:04 details how the Passover with Yeshua
00:27:07 proves the lunar Sabbath
00:27:09 calendar
00:27:11 and Sabbath along with the day starting
00:27:14 at the morning there’s just so many
00:27:16 details there but anyways I’m
00:27:19 hopefully I’m out sidetracking a little
00:27:21 bit but let’s get back to the fashion so
00:27:24 let’s go back to seven I think one verse
00:27:26 seven now
00:27:27 yes we are in verse seven and they shall
00:27:29 take of the blood
00:27:30 and strike it on the two side posts on
00:27:33 and on the upper door post of the houses
00:27:35 wherein they shall eat it
00:27:38 so um so yeah so there it’s that’s
00:27:41 actually talking about striking it
00:27:44 that we’re talking about broad brush
00:27:46 stroke correct yeah
00:27:49 um
00:27:50 so
00:27:52 uh if for some reason you don’t feel
00:27:55 comfortable with the blood because I do
00:27:57 believe the blood is eternal portion to
00:27:59 do and it should be done with
00:28:02 um
00:28:02 Lamb’s blood or goat’s blood as a
00:28:05 substitute as we talked about a little
00:28:06 bit ago but if you can’t do that for
00:28:09 some reason I think
00:28:12 one thing you could do
00:28:14 is to put we’re gonna we’re gonna do
00:28:16 we’re gonna do red streamers yeah all
00:28:18 rich streamers are good I was gonna
00:28:20 suggest uh red paper but red streamers I
00:28:24 could see that definitely being good as
00:28:26 in going to close to this as you can
00:28:31 because some people are living in
00:28:33 apartments for example and they
00:28:36 I I think the owners would frown upon
00:28:39 the actual real blood but they I mean
00:28:43 that’s decoration right that’s like the
00:28:46 pagan holidays with their wreaths it’s
00:28:48 just a decoration to do a red streamer
00:28:50 or red paper right
00:28:53 yeah
00:28:54 um and so that could be
00:28:56 do as close to what you can to the text
00:28:59 right
00:29:00 um
00:29:02 so it’s the upper and then the two sides
00:29:06 right uh and there’s connections to that
00:29:10 that I believe goes along with the cross
00:29:12 because those are the
00:29:14 uh those are actually wood posts those
00:29:18 are tree
00:29:19 even when the houses were made out of
00:29:22 bricks
00:29:23 the the door posts or trees right yeah
00:29:29 yeah right so
00:29:32 okay so on the two side okay so I think
00:29:35 we’re now reverse it
00:29:37 and they shall eat the Flesh in that
00:29:39 night
00:29:40 roast with fire and unleavened bread and
00:29:43 with bitter herbs they shall eat it
00:29:47 herbs stuff like parsley
00:29:51 um
00:29:52 the the the the the the
00:29:54 garlic can be considered uh bitter
00:29:59 uh
00:30:02 I wouldn’t personally but I
00:30:05 I I I I don’t know specifically I I
00:30:09 wouldn’t call it I don’t like garlic but
00:30:12 when we’re talking about bitter herbs
00:30:13 we’re talking about Green herbs okay
00:30:16 green herbs that are
00:30:19 um that are not necessarily terribly
00:30:22 Pleasant to The Taste Rosemary probably
00:30:25 the positive by themselves are not
00:30:28 terribly Pleasant to the taste right
00:30:29 Rosemary is not garlic
00:30:32 I mean I like garlic but it’s
00:30:36 we’re talking about we’re talking about
00:30:38 Green herbs garlic is more of a bowl oh
00:30:41 that’s true it is herbs and not and
00:30:44 garlic is more about you’re correct on
00:30:45 that that’s it it’s more of a scene
00:30:50 I’m thinking more along the lines of
00:30:52 parsley cilantro uh yeah
00:30:57 right and um a couple thing here and
00:31:01 we’ll get into this in a little bit more
00:31:02 in some other passages but you have till
00:31:05 sunrise to eat it because
00:31:07 from sunset
00:31:10 to Sunrise is the night right and you
00:31:14 only have until the night to eat it
00:31:16 and the other thing you roast it with
00:31:19 fire and so I think the fire is symbolic
00:31:22 and there’s some other verses that I
00:31:23 think bringing out more but I’ll talk a
00:31:25 little bit of it right now I do believe
00:31:28 it’ll become more obvious later that
00:31:31 this deals with
00:31:33 um
00:31:34 baptism of Fire or the just baptism of
00:31:37 justification
00:31:38 yes that’s why it’s for the fire
00:31:41 yep
00:31:45 this is a symbol for justification this
00:31:48 is a symbol for justification correct uh
00:31:51 and then especially uh unleavened bread
00:31:54 so unleavened bread
00:31:58 in most people’s minds only has a
00:32:00 negative connotation to it but they tend
00:32:03 to forget that in the New Testament
00:32:05 Yeshua likened
00:32:08 uh the Kingdom of Heaven to three
00:32:11 measures of meal of unleavened
00:32:14 bread or leavened bread sorry leavened
00:32:18 sorry go ahead
00:32:21 would that be like cornbread or would
00:32:23 that be like what
00:32:26 um
00:32:27 so I I think it’s uh specifically more
00:32:30 wheat or maybe even barley bread would
00:32:34 be my inclination on that so basically
00:32:37 it’s no yeast
00:32:39 correct so I look let me pause for one
00:32:44 Zoom recording
00:32:46 okay so we’re back now
00:32:50 um so I think we’re on verse
00:32:54 uh nine no oh yeah we roasted first with
00:32:59 fire we roasted with fire already and we
00:33:02 talked about that herbs okay so yes
00:33:07 eat not of it raw nor sudden at all with
00:33:10 water but roast with fire his head with
00:33:13 his legs and with the pertinence thereof
00:33:16 ordinances your innards you’re supposed
00:33:19 to so apparently you’re supposed to cook
00:33:21 them but but if you’re cooked but if you
00:33:25 cook them and don’t eat them that’s you
00:33:27 still have leftovers
00:33:30 um
00:33:33 actually that I let’s go to the eight I
00:33:36 actually I do want to go 1828 dictionary
00:33:39 on that work because I didn’t know that
00:33:41 one so where’d it go
00:33:46 earlier today and it’s talking about
00:33:48 innards that’s from the Greek
00:33:52 uh I’ll take your word for it uh I want
00:33:55 to do dictionary and maybe we’ll look at
00:33:57 Bible Hub just so that way it’s all
00:34:00 clear right
00:34:02 yep
00:34:04 appendage
00:34:07 I have no idea what that word is
00:34:12 what
00:34:13 Let’s uh let’s go to Appleton
00:34:16 where you have you have a link on it you
00:34:19 have a link to the word yeah I mean you
00:34:21 don’t know that word I think that’s the
00:34:24 first word that I’ve come across you
00:34:25 didn’t know what it was
00:34:29 g-e-n-a-n-c-e right no he no they it’s
00:34:33 referring us to another word
00:34:35 thank you yeah let’s click on that and
00:34:38 see what they do with it I did it’s a
00:34:40 pendants but applied to the pluck of an
00:34:43 animal I don’t know what the pluck of an
00:34:44 animal is yeah so let’s go to Bible Hub
00:34:47 yeah because here it’s referencing the
00:34:49 the verse actually so I think the best
00:34:51 place is Bible Hub
00:34:53 I think you’re right
00:34:57 you could also check out the word puck
00:35:01 well but how many times do you want me
00:35:03 to go in the dictionary where it was not
00:35:05 very clear
00:35:06 I I’m prone at this point yeah how many
00:35:08 times how many times do we what could be
00:35:12 but let’s
00:35:18 let’s go okay so actually the brilliant
00:35:20 Standard Bible actually puts at the
00:35:23 inner parts but let’s let’s
00:35:26 uh let’s do the Interlinear and
00:35:31 so here
00:35:32 inward Parts it says inward inward part
00:35:35 mids yeah that’s that’s going to be the
00:35:38 organs right yeah
00:35:40 so let’s just see it in the Interlinear
00:35:43 oh look actually here’s a word that they
00:35:45 don’t translate that’s interesting
00:35:48 because but the word
00:35:51 okay but we’re looking trailers it’s
00:35:53 entrails
00:35:56 right here
00:35:58 it’s in Trails yeah inner parts the
00:36:01 middle parts yeah that’s going to be the
00:36:03 organs
00:36:04 um
00:36:05 okay so if you can’t cook the whole lamb
00:36:08 which is the preferred uh if you can go
00:36:11 that far uh cook it with the innards
00:36:15 yep all right because that’s 71.30
00:36:18 71.30 yep that’s the same one and let’s
00:36:22 see here
00:36:23 at intros that sounds like the same
00:36:26 thing but let’s go see
00:36:31 yep it’s inwards yeah so it’s the organs
00:36:34 I I guess you just don’t eat the organ
00:36:36 parts
00:36:43 specified but I I do tend to believe
00:36:47 that the organs aren’t kosher and that’s
00:36:51 kind of a controversial subject though
00:36:53 it’s anyways
00:36:56 um that’s an interesting thing so that’s
00:36:58 an interesting thing if the if the um if
00:37:02 the organs aren’t kosher wise you’re
00:37:04 telling them to cook it with the orders
00:37:05 I guess he’s I guess the Lamb’s supposed
00:37:07 to be cooked on a spit and then the
00:37:09 order
00:37:10 um actually most pitchers do show it on
00:37:12 a spit I know I’ve used that For My Good
00:37:14 Friday post
00:37:16 um all right maybe I’ll just show that
00:37:19 real quick just so you can see the
00:37:21 picture
00:37:22 foreign
00:37:28 so
00:37:31 um one symbolism that I can see from
00:37:33 that is how you’re supposed to have the
00:37:34 law written on your inward parts and if
00:37:39 this is symbolic the Fire part symbolic
00:37:41 of uh baptism of fire slash
00:37:45 justification I can see that because
00:37:47 that’s when you’re starting to get it on
00:37:49 on your inward parts right I can see
00:37:51 that right that would be my inclination
00:37:54 on what that is teaching us but here’s
00:37:57 this little picture that a kid drew that
00:37:59 I kind of like right
00:38:01 um yeah and I kind of like this one
00:38:03 because it doesn’t have to be something
00:38:05 a lot of people make Passover
00:38:07 complicated since we have this picture
00:38:09 up it doesn’t have to be okay
00:38:12 um singers were something that the
00:38:15 Orthodox slash Pharisees Jews started
00:38:18 when the temple was destroyed
00:38:20 at 70 A.D it’s not in the scriptures
00:38:25 that is something that they’ve added
00:38:27 later yeah you won’t find you won’t find
00:38:30 a single you won’t find a single seder
00:38:32 thing
00:38:33 in the scripture No and the Last Supper
00:38:36 as we already went over a little bit we
00:38:38 if we have time we’ll go more over later
00:38:41 um in fact I should give the link
00:38:45 to that uh video that I think is pretty
00:38:48 good it goes over it just so it’s in the
00:38:53 um
00:38:55 oops I hit the wrong button but I can
00:38:57 still get it
00:38:59 um so we don’t get to go over it uh
00:39:02 there’s the details they did a very good
00:39:04 job
00:39:05 um but my main thing is here I like this
00:39:08 picture because it just shows it doesn’t
00:39:09 have to be something complicated as
00:39:11 people make it
00:39:13 yeah
00:39:14 um because here’s a little kid’s drawing
00:39:16 of it on this picket right
00:39:19 um so I I mean here it doesn’t show the
00:39:22 head yeah perfect picture but I do in
00:39:26 general like this picture
00:39:28 and outside roasting the lamb on a spit
00:39:31 yeah and it’s frosting it on the fire
00:39:33 um so
00:39:35 but here we saw uh inward parts and I I
00:39:40 was not aware of that part so it’s a
00:39:42 good thing that we brought that out
00:39:45 um but I my inclination of my
00:39:48 interpretation is that is we’re supposed
00:39:50 to have the law written Upon Our Hearts
00:39:52 which starts to happen
00:39:54 at the baptism of fire slash
00:39:57 justification right that’s how I would
00:40:00 read that
00:40:03 um also taking if you think about it
00:40:05 though from another perspective what did
00:40:08 Christ say in the implementation of the
00:40:11 last supper right he said take this eat
00:40:15 in remembrance of my body if we are
00:40:19 actually taking in the law which is of
00:40:24 Christ which is and we wish to become of
00:40:28 the body of Christ then we will say it’s
00:40:32 further to go along with what you’re
00:40:35 saying you are what you eat right
00:40:39 yeah
00:40:41 yeah pretty much you are what you eat
00:40:44 and and bread represents the Law right
00:40:48 yes which is yeah sure is flesh right or
00:40:51 symbolically anyways not not literally
00:40:53 symbolic the reason why the the reason
00:40:56 why
00:40:58 unleavened bread
00:41:00 and while you’re supposed to take your
00:41:02 bread starter and get rid of your bread
00:41:04 starters with your yeast with with its
00:41:07 lump of yeast
00:41:10 it’s just it’s symbolically removing the
00:41:13 leaven of the world from the from your
00:41:17 Doctrine
00:41:18 correct which is the the timing is
00:41:21 completely perfect because this is the
00:41:23 time that you’re starting to really
00:41:24 accept the Messiah so this is one you
00:41:27 should really start letting go of the
00:41:30 doctrine’s teachings of the world
00:41:32 or Pharisees in addition to which are
00:41:36 actually the Orthodox now literally the
00:41:38 Orthodox
00:41:40 are the Pharisees the
00:41:42 Orthodox Jews and the Orthodox Jewish
00:41:45 rabbis take great pride in being able to
00:41:48 trace their ordination all the way back
00:41:50 to the Pharisees of the first century
00:41:52 correct
00:41:53 um and I I don’t want to spend time on
00:41:55 that right now because we’re because
00:41:56 that’s a little side note but yeah
00:41:59 Pharisees are the same thing
00:42:03 um but yes you shall let nothing yeah
00:42:06 I’m sorry a little bit more on nine okay
00:42:10 um so one thing I think that helps us
00:42:13 see that this is more the baptism of
00:42:15 fire and see how you’re not supposed to
00:42:18 cook it with water now
00:42:20 we can go look at that word sodden real
00:42:23 quick
00:42:24 so let me go
00:42:27 because I mean that’s I don’t know about
00:42:28 you but I don’t use in common language
00:42:34 um
00:42:35 [Music]
00:42:43 sun with Waters actually it’s more
00:42:48 um boiled seed yeah it’s not supposed to
00:42:52 be boiled right and that’s that’s
00:42:55 um just from what I know that’s what my
00:42:56 inclination is boiled but I wanted to
00:42:58 make sure
00:43:00 um
00:43:01 now if you
00:43:03 boiling means you’re submersed in water
00:43:06 right
00:43:08 and submersion and water baptism
00:43:10 actually literally means immersed in
00:43:13 water which is how you would boil
00:43:14 something which is why I would say
00:43:17 another reason why this Passover and
00:43:21 with it being fire represents
00:43:25 baptism of fire AKA baptism of
00:43:28 justification
00:43:30 yeah because you’re not supposed to boil
00:43:33 it you’re not supposed to immerse this
00:43:35 lamb in water
00:43:37 yeah
00:43:38 all right
00:43:40 um in fact which is also symbolic
00:43:43 which is also symbolic of the fact and
00:43:46 the fact that it was only supposed to be
00:43:47 Israel that participates in the uh in
00:43:50 the Passover
00:43:51 is the
00:43:52 um is symbolic of the fact that you have
00:43:55 to have entered into the Covenant in
00:43:57 order to receive actual justification
00:44:00 which of back then and even now it’s
00:44:04 more obvious in modern times that to
00:44:06 enter the church slash Israel you are
00:44:08 baptized
00:44:09 and you have of
00:44:11 have to have already have done that to
00:44:15 partake of this meal right so which is
00:44:19 which is the which is a double witness
00:44:22 to this idea that that uh roasting the
00:44:25 lamb and fire is reference to baptism uh
00:44:29 baptism of fire justification right and
00:44:32 so the reason that I am inclined to
00:44:34 think the head has to be included
00:44:37 is because
00:44:39 Yeshua is our head and we can’t take him
00:44:42 off in this process we we without him
00:44:47 we’re damned right and he is the head of
00:44:51 the church or the head of the body of
00:44:53 the church he is the head
00:44:55 and the reason I would say that we need
00:44:57 the legs is because the legs represent
00:45:02 um our walk with the Messiah
00:45:06 right
00:45:08 and then and you can’t eat the Hooves
00:45:10 and so the legs are the closest that you
00:45:12 get to that symbolism but either way the
00:45:15 legs are the ones that make the feet
00:45:16 work right it has to do with the walk
00:45:21 um and
00:45:23 yeah anyways and then the innards
00:45:26 um I believe it has to have we’re
00:45:28 supposed to have the law written Upon
00:45:29 Our inner parts as
00:45:33 uh I brought out in all things you can
00:45:36 do and we can go look at that but I I
00:45:38 mean it’s all over the place right yeah
00:45:41 there’s not supposed to be a bit of that
00:45:43 lamb that is left right uh and there’s
00:45:47 some symbolism with there and I’ll get
00:45:50 into that when we get there I think
00:45:52 we’re on verse 10 now
00:45:55 yes yes
00:45:59 you want to keep reading Ben or do you
00:46:02 want someone else I would love to I
00:46:04 would love to but I’m stuck on the
00:46:06 dictionary oh oh uh silly me
00:46:11 thank you
00:46:16 I’m sorry my bad okay first ten
00:46:22 and ye shall let nothing of it remain
00:46:24 until the morning and that which
00:46:26 remaineth of it until the morning he
00:46:29 shall burn with fire
00:46:31 okay so I see two things with this
00:46:35 um so the two things I see is that
00:46:40 uh we have until our death
00:46:44 to either follow Yeshua or not to do our
00:46:49 works
00:46:51 um
00:46:53 and if and that’s why it’s till the
00:46:55 morning because the morning is the end
00:46:57 of the day which is symbolic in this
00:47:00 case at the end of our life
00:47:04 and and the reason I see that we have to
00:47:08 burn what was not eaten I think goes
00:47:12 along with hell actually because those
00:47:16 who don’t partake of the Lamb are going
00:47:19 to burn
00:47:21 that’s what I see that pointing to
00:47:25 right
00:47:27 that makes sense
00:47:29 um it’s not that Yasha wants the born
00:47:31 wants them to burn so he wants them to
00:47:33 accept him it’s that their ignition and
00:47:37 their gnashing of teeth and them
00:47:41 thinking that they were right when they
00:47:43 were wrong is what’s going to make them
00:47:44 burn
00:47:46 so it’s a juxtapositional so it’s kind
00:47:49 of a juxtapositional relationship and so
00:47:52 that which you do not consume that’s
00:47:54 that which you do not consume is burned
00:47:57 whereas when it comes to the Savior
00:47:59 those who do not consume of the Savior
00:48:02 completely yeah those who do not consume
00:48:06 the Savior completely are
00:48:09 are burned
00:48:12 in their in their mind in their heart
00:48:14 and
00:48:15 and hell right
00:48:19 and so I I just as we’ll keep going I
00:48:22 just see a lot of parallels in symbolism
00:48:25 in the actual actual ordinance not the
00:48:28 Seder because and we’ll probably talk
00:48:30 about a little bit a few things from the
00:48:32 state or later if we have time they
00:48:34 actually kind of curved scriptures to
00:48:36 some degree
00:48:38 um anyways so versus they said they
00:48:41 definitely set up some conversations
00:48:43 in fact maybe we’ll show you one real
00:48:45 quick in this first since we brought it
00:48:47 up
00:48:48 yes yes this is this is the primary
00:48:51 contradiction between seders and uh
00:48:54 between seder Passover and uh what the
00:48:57 way it’s supposed to be done yeah
00:49:02 you eat it
00:49:04 with your loins girded okay I know my
00:49:08 internet connection is unstable if you
00:49:09 could please go away so that I can read
00:49:11 and thus shall ye eat it with your loins
00:49:13 girded your shoes on your feet and your
00:49:16 staff in your hand and ye shall eat it
00:49:18 in haste
00:49:20 fast
00:49:23 it is the Lord’s Passover so I I think
00:49:28 we’ll just start at the at the first
00:49:30 your loins girded that is a Hebrew idiom
00:49:33 saying that you’re ready to go
00:49:40 um to war right they’re actually what
00:49:43 there actually was a way of girding your
00:49:45 loins so that you’d be ready to move
00:49:48 even if
00:49:51 while you’re speaking I’ll go get a
00:49:53 picture of it
00:49:55 with so you with the uh long
00:50:00 um even with the long shirt that they
00:50:02 wore gurd your loins such that you could
00:50:05 be able to run and move quickly uh
00:50:08 and be able to do yes this is it right
00:50:13 here yeah
00:50:16 so hopefully that’ll that’s what girding
00:50:18 your loins is and it’s so that you could
00:50:20 run and be fast
00:50:22 and there’s
00:50:23 uh there could be multiple reasons for
00:50:26 that
00:50:27 um right but
00:50:29 mainly be prepared to leave or to move
00:50:33 fast which that’s what haste actually
00:50:36 means is fast right because it’s harder
00:50:38 to run with dresses I mean Kesley could
00:50:41 probably tell us better
00:50:43 than I could just because she’s a female
00:50:46 and and guys don’t wear this type of
00:50:50 um clothing for the most part I mean
00:50:52 there’s a few cultures that do but not
00:50:54 the culture I grew up in in the United
00:50:56 States
00:50:58 um but I’m sure Kessler could speak to
00:51:00 this more than
00:51:01 um can you run fast in a dress is it
00:51:03 easy
00:51:05 no and every time you do run or have to
00:51:09 go up the stairs or whatever you do hold
00:51:10 it up like that
00:51:13 okay well I’ve never seen a girl gird up
00:51:16 their dress
00:51:18 yeah if I were to run in a dress I would
00:51:21 definitely hold it up
00:51:23 um
00:51:24 I I mean I I think sister missionaries
00:51:26 might do something along those lines
00:51:28 when they were only allowed when they’re
00:51:30 riding their bikes riding their bikes
00:51:33 only wear dresses now they can wear
00:51:36 pants but
00:51:38 um so even when they wear a dress they
00:51:40 may do something close to some degree
00:51:42 like this while writing a bike yeah they
00:51:45 they yeah the sister missionaries the
00:51:47 assistant missionaries on my mission
00:51:49 that had to ride bikes they would do
00:51:52 something similar to that they would tie
00:51:54 they would kind of tie their dresses
00:51:55 around their legs like pants
00:51:57 yeah because you just like casually said
00:52:00 you can’t really run in a dress
00:52:02 um
00:52:04 so but that goes along let’s go back
00:52:07 I’ll make sure I share the screen this
00:52:10 time not like last time
00:52:14 uh right here that goes along with fast
00:52:17 right being ready to leave and
00:52:20 with taste
00:52:22 is same thing I think whereas in the
00:52:24 Shader go ahead yeah whereas whereas in
00:52:28 the Seder mule with the Seder Passover
00:52:31 you are reclined on couches
00:52:33 like you’re relaxed which uh is
00:52:37 completely opposite practically lying
00:52:39 down as you need them yeah I I the ones
00:52:43 that I’ve seen they’ll say reclined not
00:52:46 laid down or at least um yeah you know
00:52:49 going back kind of I mean you can’t see
00:52:52 me too well because it’s but you know
00:52:54 leaning backwards relax yes which is not
00:52:58 girding your loins and not in haste for
00:53:01 sure I mean I guess you could do that
00:53:04 with your shoes on your feet but the
00:53:06 point for having your shoes on your feet
00:53:07 is that you’re ready to go
00:53:10 the same with stuff in your hand right
00:53:13 and staff in your hand can mean go along
00:53:16 with multiple things in my mind
00:53:19 um the staff has to do with authority
00:53:21 and Yeshua is our Authority and we’re
00:53:23 supposed to go with him and hand has to
00:53:26 do with our works which means
00:53:29 um to follow the law and the things that
00:53:32 we’re doing in addition staff has to do
00:53:35 with the stick and a stick can be
00:53:37 symbolic of a tribe and this would go
00:53:40 along with one of my favorite quotes
00:53:42 that I think is actually authentic from
00:53:44 Joseph Smith is to take other people by
00:53:46 the hand and bring them to heaven with
00:53:48 you as in helping other people your
00:53:51 tribe
00:53:53 to do what’s correct to know what’s
00:53:55 correct and do what is correct so that
00:53:57 they can
00:53:59 um people live with Yahweh also a couple
00:54:03 things
00:54:04 if only the tribe understood
00:54:09 well our little tribe does right that we
00:54:12 have right here yeah
00:54:14 I want this driver understood yeah uh
00:54:17 and we talked in haste it’s you know
00:54:19 prepared to go fast it’s not being lazy
00:54:22 like
00:54:23 um
00:54:23 pretty much every seder that I’ve looked
00:54:26 at
00:54:27 um states to do right relax no big deal
00:54:32 um
00:54:33 it is yeah
00:54:36 you are the lord of the universe’s
00:54:39 people you don’t have to worry about
00:54:40 effect
00:54:44 yeah well I anyways that’s false
00:54:48 traditions and
00:54:50 uh Yeshua talks about he could
00:54:53 um make people out of these stones or
00:54:56 follower I think it was followers out of
00:54:58 this these Stones
00:55:01 like uh John the Baptist is talking he
00:55:06 says do not say unto yourselves we have
00:55:09 Abraham to Our Father for I say unto you
00:55:12 the Lord can raise up from these Stones
00:55:15 children unto Abraham okay
00:55:18 did you want to say something Zach
00:55:22 but for the sweet and be sitting down
00:55:25 just not like declining oh yeah you can
00:55:27 sit down I would just say don’t recline
00:55:29 because declining I think is
00:55:32 um
00:55:33 too comfortable and you’re not ready to
00:55:35 leave which is a lot of the big point up
00:55:39 here
00:55:39 also I think it goes against a haste as
00:55:43 in fast I think the reason why the
00:55:45 Passover is meant to be eaten this way
00:55:48 is because the Lord’s judgments will
00:55:51 begin on Passover at midnight you must
00:55:55 be prepared and we must be prepared to
00:55:59 leave
00:55:59 correct
00:56:01 um and it’s at midnight right that those
00:56:03 things happen which I would say as I’ve
00:56:06 talked about other times uh connects to
00:56:10 uh
00:56:12 the ten virgins and it also connects to
00:56:16 [Music]
00:56:17 um
00:56:18 uh I’m forgetting the the thief in the
00:56:22 night because that’s at midnight
00:56:24 um so I I believe both of those I mean
00:56:27 not not saying that necessarily the Lord
00:56:30 comes on Passover but his judgments
00:56:32 begin yeah that’s the judgments and I
00:56:38 so on that point I I do
00:56:42 there’s some things how he may come to
00:56:45 some people beforehand
00:56:49 um but when he comes to the world I do
00:56:51 believe that is
00:56:53 um
00:56:54 Tabernacles which goes along with even
00:56:56 the theme of that one which is not
00:56:58 today’s theme
00:56:59 but right but along those lines he he
00:57:04 went to Moses
00:57:06 which told Moses to do these things
00:57:09 um so but anyways that’s a another deep
00:57:12 subject I haven’t
00:57:13 I don’t have completely figured out
00:57:15 myself
00:57:17 um but anyways
00:57:19 I think that’s pretty good for verse 11.
00:57:22 yeah that’s I think we’ve covered that
00:57:24 pretty well and we’ve also covered why
00:57:26 seder is not necessarily the best way to
00:57:28 be doing your bathroom yeah uh Zach are
00:57:32 you
00:57:33 yeah if you want to read some Zach I’m
00:57:36 my I’m getting my parts
00:57:38 sir
00:57:40 okay so let’s go 12.
00:57:42 bro for I will pass over
00:57:44 oh sorry no pass through
00:57:47 I’m sorry I don’t know why I said
00:57:49 oh I saw
00:57:51 that’s fine over
00:57:53 passed through
00:57:55 the land of Egypt this night now Smite
00:57:58 all the firstborn in the land of Egypt
00:58:01 both man and Beast and against all the
00:58:03 gods of Egypt I will execute judgment
00:58:06 I am I am Yahweh
00:58:09 so I I can see a couple things
00:58:13 um here it says night I I actually I
00:58:16 didn’t look at the Hebrew behind this we
00:58:19 could do that but I would wonder if it’s
00:58:21 more midnight than just night
00:58:25 um just as I I think everybody knows it
00:58:27 happens at midnight right
00:58:30 um sometimes there’s
00:58:32 there’s definitely English translation
00:58:33 issues in the King James it’s the one I
00:58:36 grew up with and it’s generally what I
00:58:37 use most of the time but
00:58:40 it has its problems okay
00:58:43 um but
00:58:45 this is where judgments happen and in
00:58:48 this case it’s the firstborns of the
00:58:52 those who have not
00:58:55 left Egypt behind or their gods and I
00:58:59 part of it I would say is because
00:59:03 that it was the firstborn sons that
00:59:05 Egypt killed
00:59:10 yeah the thing is that um
00:59:15 interesting thing is is that this is
00:59:19 people who have kids were not just
00:59:22 Israelites
00:59:25 um it was a mixed multitude that left
00:59:27 Egypt so my question is were there other
00:59:30 people who were not Israelites who
00:59:32 participated in the Passover
00:59:34 all the people who were not Israelites
00:59:37 lose a first-born child
00:59:40 so the account doesn’t actually State
00:59:43 one way that I’m aware of
00:59:45 um but I do have a tendency to believe
00:59:48 that some did
00:59:51 uh participate in Passover but I think
00:59:53 also more joined after because they saw
00:59:57 the power of Yahweh and they were
01:00:00 convinced because of that
01:00:03 um that is a personal opinion text
01:00:06 doesn’t actually state that but I do
01:00:08 think it is Justified it’s something
01:00:10 that would make it’s something that
01:00:12 would make sense
01:00:13 but for sure it was a mixed multitude
01:00:16 that left Egypt and we get that even
01:00:18 when talking about the Sinai event it’s
01:00:21 a mixed multitude where a lot of people
01:00:23 who
01:00:25 don’t want to follow the law will want
01:00:27 to focus on how it was just Israel but
01:00:30 that’s not the case it was a mixed
01:00:32 multitude
01:00:33 he always been for everybody from the
01:00:36 beginning
01:00:37 it’s just Israel was supposed to take it
01:00:40 to others which most of the time they
01:00:43 didn’t do right most of the time they
01:00:46 were pretty good at failing
01:00:48 yeah in fact acts 15 is basic or not
01:00:52 15×10 is about Peter letting go of that
01:00:56 false traditions of the Jews of not
01:00:59 talking to the Gentiles because the law
01:01:02 actually talks how you’re supposed to
01:01:04 give it to everybody but anyways that’s
01:01:06 a that’s a Time subject
01:01:09 um
01:01:12 for like five minutes okay uh I’m in a
01:01:16 meeting right now I’ll need to talk
01:01:18 later okay
01:01:22 [Music]
01:01:30 and gods of Egypt he’s mentioning
01:01:33 I heard that all the plagues were
01:01:36 had something
01:01:37 to do with
01:01:40 with um yeah the the domain of the false
01:01:45 gods come across that also
01:01:52 yeah because the frogs the frogs is a
01:01:55 false god
01:01:56 um
01:01:58 um is the cows
01:02:02 basically what he was doing is he is
01:02:04 Vape machine their gods one by one well
01:02:06 I think it was more showing that they’re
01:02:09 supposed Gods actually have no power
01:02:14 um yeah and they’re not real the only
01:02:16 the only one that they could the only
01:02:19 one that they could actually the only
01:02:21 one of his Pharaoh’s priests could
01:02:22 actually come close to emulating was the
01:02:24 snakes
01:02:26 so on that that’s an interesting
01:02:29 um subject I actually went and you’re
01:02:32 referring to when Moses first came to
01:02:34 pharaoh and threw down this errands
01:02:36 through down the stick
01:02:38 I believe that’s actually a bad
01:02:40 translation I believe it’s actually
01:02:42 alligators
01:02:44 snakes
01:02:46 um in fact that’s actually
01:02:48 um why I believe Peter Pan is with
01:02:51 alligators is because of what it
01:02:54 actually should be
01:02:56 and there are some good sources for that
01:02:59 I mean that’s a side subject but I
01:03:01 actually do believe it was alligators
01:03:03 although most translations do show
01:03:06 snakes because alligator was one of the
01:03:08 false gods
01:03:10 and yep I I don’t know Egypt’s cards
01:03:14 very well but I don’t think one of them
01:03:16 was a snake to be honest but an
01:03:18 alligator
01:03:19 there is a kind there is a laid serpent
01:03:24 God in Egypt oh yeah that’s right so I
01:03:27 guess
01:03:28 I’m not sure why I was an alligator then
01:03:30 but I do believe it was an alligator
01:03:33 um but anyways you mean a crocodile a
01:03:37 crocodile okay alligator crocodile I I
01:03:39 don’t know really know the difference
01:03:41 between those two I’ll be honest
01:03:45 one’s longer one’s once longer one’s
01:03:48 fatter
01:03:49 really yeah anyways I I I’ve looked it
01:03:52 up before I don’t ever remember but I
01:03:54 think Zach had a comments
01:03:56 oh that’s yeah I don’t remember all of
01:03:58 them just remember like four of them
01:04:01 yeah like I was like Anubis set
01:04:05 Isis and
01:04:08 amunrath uh an Anubis is I think more of
01:04:13 a
01:04:15 dog one if I remember correctly the face
01:04:18 of a Jekyll yeah well well that’s that’s
01:04:22 a
01:04:23 dog if I remember right
01:04:26 um or that family
01:04:28 it’s an african wolf yes yeah which is a
01:04:31 dog
01:04:32 um but that’s also what uh Batman is
01:04:34 based off of primarily
01:04:36 too
01:04:37 um
01:04:39 although they’ve kind of Twisted the
01:04:41 imagery with bats but that’s what Batman
01:04:44 is him but anyways that’s the side
01:04:46 subjects
01:04:49 we’re getting out we’re getting out of
01:04:51 here yeah yeah but look here where
01:04:54 I
01:04:56 uh I’m gonna put in here
01:04:58 we’ll execute judgment
01:05:01 and so judgment as in because if they
01:05:05 were committing gross sins right and
01:05:09 uh that’s why they were put to death is
01:05:12 because of breaking of the law
01:05:15 but also I think another reason for it
01:05:19 being the firstborn is because the
01:05:21 firstborns are yahwehs right in the law
01:05:24 they’re yahwehs
01:05:28 and that’s why we have a redeeming prize
01:05:30 so that way anyways that gets into
01:05:32 another side subject I don’t want to get
01:05:34 in there another side subject within the
01:05:36 law yeah yeah but that is within the law
01:05:39 um so all right so I think that’s pretty
01:05:41 good with uh first 12. that’s anybody
01:05:44 else wants to add anything
01:05:47 so let’s go to verse 13.
01:05:49 be willing to keep reading Zach sure
01:05:54 and the blood shall be
01:05:56 to you for a token upon houses Where You
01:05:59 Are
01:06:00 and when I
01:06:02 see the blood
01:06:03 I will pass over you
01:06:05 and the plague shall not be upon you
01:06:07 upon you
01:06:09 to destroy you when I submit the land of
01:06:12 Egypt
01:06:13 so
01:06:15 um I think a big thing for me and this
01:06:18 verse shows that Yahweh is the Angel of
01:06:21 Death
01:06:21 he is the one
01:06:25 um that did The Killing and another
01:06:28 thing is the blood
01:06:31 is the token as in the blood of the Lamb
01:06:34 or the blood of the Messiah is what
01:06:36 saves us those under the blood of the
01:06:40 Lamb are those who have been destroyed
01:06:42 by the final by the tenth plague
01:06:47 um and it’s those who are in his house
01:06:48 like the token upon the house the token
01:06:51 of yahweh’s house is the blood of the
01:06:53 Lamb
01:06:55 right and fully accepting it
01:06:59 um
01:07:00 and this is I think is why it’s called
01:07:02 Passover because he passed over those
01:07:05 who had that token
01:07:08 because the others they had a curse
01:07:11 and those who accept the blood
01:07:15 as their token
01:07:18 the curse
01:07:19 passed over them hence Passover at least
01:07:23 in English right
01:07:26 and they weren’t destroyed
01:07:28 as in or in this case especially when
01:07:31 you go to Dean c76 even the teeth Astro
01:07:34 people except Yahweh is those who go to
01:07:38 the outer Darkness who don’t even
01:07:41 um
01:07:44 uh
01:07:46 uh we don’t
01:07:48 aren’t overcome the second death or the
01:07:50 spiritual death are destroyed and I see
01:07:53 that here also right
01:07:55 yeah because there’s there’s one Kingdom
01:07:59 three glories contrary to what
01:08:02 um churches teach on that we actually go
01:08:04 look at DNC 76
01:08:06 and so there’s there’s two main
01:08:10 separations right
01:08:12 except Yahweh or you don’t if you accept
01:08:15 them
01:08:16 you get passed over if you don’t
01:08:18 you get the curse
01:08:20 you don’t
01:08:22 yeah
01:08:24 it’s it’s the two ways right which is
01:08:28 big in second Nephi two
01:08:30 um and actually also Deuteronomy 13 and
01:08:33 18 for you know staying with the law but
01:08:35 anyways it’s all over the place
01:08:39 it’s even in the Ohio Mounds it’s the
01:08:42 two ways but anyways that’s a side
01:08:44 subject
01:08:46 that’s another subject yeah yeah all
01:08:48 right so
01:08:50 um you want to read 14 Zach
01:08:53 and this day shall be unto you for for a
01:08:56 memorial
01:08:57 and he shall keep it at least to the
01:09:00 Lord
01:09:01 throughout your Generations
01:09:03 shall keep it a feast by an ordinance
01:09:06 forever
01:09:07 so wherever I I I don’t know what does
01:09:11 Forever mean
01:09:13 the
01:09:15 forever means
01:09:20 okay
01:09:23 it’s not together it’s not connected
01:09:25 there’s a space that must be why people
01:09:29 think you don’t do it during during the
01:09:31 times of the Gentiles is because of that
01:09:32 space right there right yeah
01:09:34 yeah that’s it that’s yeah you got it
01:09:38 Stephen
01:09:39 you understand
01:09:41 yeah I know that that space there is
01:09:44 translation
01:09:46 um but anyways but well and it’s one of
01:09:49 many translational errors in the King
01:09:51 James version which is what and because
01:09:53 the church uses the King James version
01:09:55 of the Bible that’s why there’s so much
01:09:57 fighting between so much of fighting in
01:10:00 the law fighting against the law in the
01:10:02 church from members of the church sure
01:10:04 sure and I I mean I I generally stick to
01:10:08 it but um like I do like the Korean
01:10:12 Study Bible I have uh using Bible Hub
01:10:15 I’ve learned to enjoy that one but I I
01:10:18 do read the keys my understanding
01:10:21 from my understanding King The King
01:10:23 James version of the Bible is the is
01:10:26 short of some of the more modern
01:10:28 translations it is the most Lawless
01:10:32 translation I have ever laid eyes on
01:10:36 um of the ancient ones I would agree
01:10:38 with that
01:10:39 um but it it’s the most common one
01:10:43 um even with the modern day world or at
01:10:47 least the King James version anyways but
01:10:51 throughout your Generations there is no
01:10:53 space included into that one well I mean
01:10:56 I guess there’s two spaces right through
01:10:58 the three words but you can’t take
01:11:00 anyways so there is but still throughout
01:11:05 your Generations forever how
01:11:09 how can you mistake that how can you say
01:11:12 that this is irrelevant how can you ever
01:11:13 how can anyone ever say that this is
01:11:15 irrelevant
01:11:17 right I don’t either forever I honestly
01:11:20 throughout your Generations the reason
01:11:22 and the reason why I take a mocking tone
01:11:24 when I talk about this kind
01:11:26 is because I can’t understand how
01:11:28 rational people
01:11:32 can say that this is irrelevant
01:11:35 well I agree and and I mean we’re not
01:11:38 going to spend a lot of time on this one
01:11:39 but
01:11:40 um the stuff that deals with the law of
01:11:42 Moses which is separate from this this
01:11:45 is included in Torah doesn’t say forever
01:11:48 or throughout your Generations right
01:11:52 um so but anyways that’s a another
01:11:54 subject but just so people aware because
01:11:57 I know people say otherwise
01:11:59 about this on me
01:12:01 I don’t push law of Moses in fact I say
01:12:04 the law Moses is done away with at
01:12:06 yeshua’s death it was nailed at the
01:12:08 cross but Torah is still valid and
01:12:10 they’re different and the Book of Mormon
01:12:12 teaches that but that’s another
01:12:13 discussion
01:12:15 um now for a memorial
01:12:17 I I do believe and there’s some other
01:12:20 verses later that hopefully we have time
01:12:21 to look at that brings out how we should
01:12:24 remember this event as a memorial right
01:12:28 when we look back at this because
01:12:29 there’s well the word translated into
01:12:31 Memorial is often also can mean uh it
01:12:35 can also mean mention
01:12:38 which means you bring up this uh event
01:12:40 right so
01:12:43 since you bring that up let’s go to
01:12:46 Bible Hub and let’s let’s go show that
01:12:48 right I guess I should have kept it open
01:12:50 even though I closed it
01:12:52 uh
01:12:54 I don’t always think everything through
01:12:57 anyways
01:12:59 um
01:13:01 so that’s 14.
01:13:12 uh here they this is
01:13:15 I think that’s the memorials are putting
01:13:18 celebrate
01:13:19 um oh no there’s a memorial right there
01:13:21 so let’s go look at that remember
01:13:24 Memorial remembrance so when we part of
01:13:29 Passover is remembering okay yeah this
01:13:33 is actually a different word and so it
01:13:34 would be a different thing zika alone is
01:13:36 not the same thing as zehora so zek
01:13:40 horror when they use the word zechor
01:13:42 it’s also a memorial or mentioned so
01:13:45 okay and that’s actually that’s actually
01:13:48 the word zehor is actually the word used
01:13:51 when he talks about
01:13:53 I am your way
01:13:55 it’s his secret
01:13:57 that’s what it’s what we’re supposed to
01:13:59 call him
01:14:01 to all people so it’s a name to be here
01:14:05 Memorial I think looking more
01:14:08 uh in the Hebrew it means that we’re
01:14:10 supposed to remember this event and
01:14:12 that’s
01:14:13 why yeah yeah
01:14:17 sir go ahead
01:14:19 and that was my point is that this word
01:14:22 is slightly different from the one that
01:14:24 I was thinking it’s so yeah both of
01:14:27 those are Hebrew words but they’re both
01:14:29 it’s different words and this one is for
01:14:32 this one definitely is about Memorial
01:14:34 sure uh they have some overlap with each
01:14:37 other but yeah or the root but uh here I
01:14:42 do believe we should
01:14:44 remember uh the event in Egypt
01:14:48 specifically because of all the
01:14:50 symbolism that’s going along with it and
01:14:52 that
01:14:53 um all the things that we can learn from
01:14:55 it as I mean here we just talked about
01:14:58 there’s a lot more verses we can go over
01:14:59 but
01:15:01 uh oh actually I need to share the right
01:15:03 window again sorry about that all right
01:15:08 but even as we just looked at these 14
01:15:11 or no
01:15:12 [Music]
01:15:12 um
01:15:13 12 verses here uh there was quite about
01:15:16 of imagery in there that actually points
01:15:18 us to Yahweh right and what he did for
01:15:21 us and how we come to him and what he
01:15:24 does for us for the fact and the facts
01:15:27 of the matter are all of these feasts
01:15:28 are relevant when it comes through the
01:15:30 second coming
01:15:32 all of these things yes I I do believe
01:15:34 the second coming is going to start with
01:15:37 Passover
01:15:39 um
01:15:39 so you just don’t know which we just
01:15:42 don’t know which one here yeah we don’t
01:15:45 know which year it will be but I do
01:15:49 believe it’s going to start with
01:15:50 Passover and I do believe the Book of
01:15:52 Mormon Mormon shows that
01:15:55 um with
01:15:56 uh it was it 35 8 if I remember
01:16:00 correctly but anyways that’s
01:16:01 sidetracking so I don’t want to go too
01:16:03 much but anyway Exodus 12 18. so Kesley
01:16:07 are you willing to read some
01:16:11 yes okay
01:16:14 um actually let’s maybe Zach can read
01:16:16 this one and then you can read the next
01:16:17 little group
01:16:19 okay so this this one Skips a little bit
01:16:21 but uh Zach will you read 18 real quick
01:16:25 and the first in the first month on the
01:16:29 14th day of the month at even
01:16:32 show you
01:16:35 until 1 20th day of the month evening
01:16:39 this is Feast of unleavened bread so
01:16:41 this it kind of deals with uh multiple
01:16:44 holidays uh obviously the 14th is the
01:16:49 Passover and it says that
01:16:52 um while we’re eating the lamb that was
01:16:55 just killed and roasted that we’re
01:16:57 supposed to have unleavened bread with
01:16:58 it okay
01:17:00 uh and then it brings up a little bit
01:17:03 more I think it’s more because the
01:17:05 continuation of the unleavened bread it
01:17:07 brings out how you’re supposed to have
01:17:08 unleavened bread until the 21st day of
01:17:12 the Moon which is that is the 21st
01:17:17 day is the last day of unleavened bread
01:17:20 so it’s just saying continue up to the
01:17:23 evening right
01:17:25 so after evening on the 21st you can
01:17:28 start having leaven bread again
01:17:31 um but anyways
01:17:32 don’t just try to do it early just
01:17:34 because you want to but yeah okay
01:17:37 but uh this is I I think this is
01:17:41 also add somewhat to the confusion that
01:17:44 some Jews say that Passover is part of
01:17:48 unleavened bread and it’s not they’re
01:17:49 two separate things but they do both
01:17:52 share of eating unleavened bread with
01:17:55 each other right
01:17:57 which is symbolic of letting go of the
01:18:00 teachings of the world
01:18:01 which when we accept the Messiah we’re
01:18:03 supposed to start doing that right to
01:18:06 let go of the traditions of the world
01:18:07 and the teachings
01:18:10 [Music]
01:18:12 um
01:18:16 that one last thing I’ll say on this
01:18:18 uh there are traditions and there are
01:18:21 some scriptures on this too but I don’t
01:18:23 have them handy that the 22nd or the day
01:18:26 after unleavened bread is also a Sabbath
01:18:29 and on the lunar
01:18:31 solar calendar which is used by lunar
01:18:34 sabitarians the 22nd is literally a
01:18:38 Sabbath
01:18:39 and also the first day of unleavened
01:18:42 bread is a
01:18:44 holy communication or a high holiday
01:18:50 um
01:18:55 um which
01:18:57 is a weekly Sabbath also because that’s
01:18:59 the 15th
01:19:00 which is always a Sabbath
01:19:04 on the Move in the lunar solar calendar
01:19:06 so I’ll just tell you the lunar solar
01:19:10 calendar really makes the high holidays
01:19:13 especially these weekly ones
01:19:15 um unleavened bread and mixed
01:19:19 it just makes more sense and it gets rid
01:19:21 of the arguments that the different
01:19:24 sex have
01:19:25 it’s but because they’re the different
01:19:28 sexual focus on different aspects but
01:19:30 with the lunar solar calendar
01:19:32 it unifies them not to you can satisfy
01:19:35 it can satisfy all aspects
01:19:38 that’s a better way of saying it because
01:19:39 the the the UniFi can have a other
01:19:42 connotation with it that just can be
01:19:45 somewhat bad but anyways
01:19:47 um next to the next section maybe let’s
01:19:50 have Kesley read these ones let’s start
01:19:52 with 21. so this is still in Exodus 12.
01:19:56 um
01:19:57 so let’s go with that
01:20:00 and Moses called for all the Elders of
01:20:02 Israel and said unto them draw out and
01:20:05 take you a lamb according to your
01:20:07 families and kill the Passover
01:20:10 so here
01:20:12 um there’s a false tradition with the
01:20:15 Orthodox and slash Pharisee Jews that
01:20:19 had to be killed by the Levites
01:20:23 but look at here
01:20:24 the elders that doesn’t say levite
01:20:28 the elders there weren’t Levites
01:20:31 well yeah there weren’t Levites at this
01:20:33 time but even later on here’s just
01:20:35 saying the head of the households go
01:20:38 take your lamb and kill it
01:20:40 this is Passover Lamb was killed by the
01:20:45 head of the household
01:20:46 I’m the head of the household was and
01:20:50 the head of the household was the oldest
01:20:52 man in that household correct
01:20:55 um as in it could be the father and his
01:20:57 sons right
01:20:59 and their families
01:21:01 the the daughters would go into the
01:21:04 families of the family that they were
01:21:07 buried into
01:21:11 uh give me one second
01:21:15 okay sorry about that Interruption that
01:21:17 was just my sweet wife reminding me to
01:21:19 do something
01:21:21 um but anyways so this this is yeah what
01:21:24 I see here draw out take you a lamb
01:21:26 according to your family’s killer
01:21:27 Passover it seems like this was
01:21:29 something where they all kind of got
01:21:30 together and selected their land the
01:21:32 heads of households selected their lives
01:21:34 correct from a like a communal herd or
01:21:37 something
01:21:38 yes yeah this was not priests doing this
01:21:42 was head of households killing the lamb
01:21:44 which
01:21:45 to me is another evidence that the law
01:21:47 Moses
01:21:48 that the lamb that John the Baptist was
01:21:51 talking about is the law of Moses lamb
01:21:54 not the Passover Lamb because when you
01:21:56 add that to Hebrews
01:21:58 it was a priest that had to do that and
01:22:01 specifically in yahweh’s case was the
01:22:03 Melchizedek priest right but anyways
01:22:07 um
01:22:07 yes yes I can see that so uh Kesley I I
01:22:12 think that’s pretty good on that verse
01:22:14 there right
01:22:15 so maybe we can have Kesley read verse
01:22:18 22.
01:22:20 okay
01:22:21 and you shall take a bunch of is it high
01:22:24 stop I think it’s yes
01:22:29 you can dip it in the blood
01:22:32 dip it in the blood that is in the Basin
01:22:35 and strike the lintel and the two side
01:22:39 posts with the blood that is in the
01:22:41 Basin and none of you shall go out at
01:22:45 the door of his house until the morning
01:22:49 so
01:22:51 um I mean this is like Yeshua on the
01:22:53 cross is how I take it
01:22:55 um
01:22:56 this is really interesting this is
01:22:59 really interesting because that really
01:23:02 reminds me of that passage in Psalms
01:23:04 where David says Purge me with and I
01:23:07 shall be placed yeah it’s referring to
01:23:10 this
01:23:11 because it’s what happens on this day
01:23:15 and it’s so Immortal thing of Yeshua
01:23:19 it’s this right
01:23:21 when people say that the Hebrews had no
01:23:26 conception of redemption through the
01:23:29 blood
01:23:33 they are liars yeah they are
01:23:36 um on top of that
01:23:38 their old commentaries actually bring
01:23:40 out how Isaiah 53
01:23:45 was the Messiah
01:23:47 as in
01:23:49 the Yeshua they knew it pointed to a
01:23:52 person back then and they were waiting
01:23:55 for that person it’s only after that and
01:23:59 that they hated him that they tried to
01:24:01 turn it into a nation all the old
01:24:04 commentaries
01:24:05 talk about how they knew there was going
01:24:08 to be a messiah like Yeshua who was
01:24:11 going to come
01:24:14 the problem is
01:24:16 they told them that their false
01:24:17 Traditions were wrong and that he called
01:24:19 out their wickedness and they hated him
01:24:21 for it instead of listening to him and
01:24:24 that’s why they have
01:24:27 contradicted their new commentaries
01:24:29 contradict their old commentaries on
01:24:32 this point
01:24:36 and here’s another and here’s another
01:24:39 really cool Point here right at the very
01:24:41 end so and none of you shall go out of
01:24:43 the door and go out at the door of this
01:24:45 house until the morning we wish to be
01:24:48 under the blood of the Lamb we need to
01:24:50 stay in the house until we die
01:24:52 correct
01:24:54 um because the morning is the end of the
01:24:56 day and which this points to enduring to
01:25:00 the end
01:25:02 also this is a specific verse that
01:25:04 brings out how the last supper was not
01:25:09 Passover because Judas left
01:25:12 before the morning
01:25:14 right which is sunrise this is talking
01:25:18 morning is
01:25:21 the
01:25:22 the morning to be interpreted multiple
01:25:24 ways but I’m just going to leave it at
01:25:25 this because this is a Sidetrack it’s
01:25:28 sunrise
01:25:30 right and actually Yeshua left Before
01:25:33 Sunrise also right because he went to
01:25:34 the garden
01:25:37 so and if you have broken and if he had
01:25:40 uh if this if that had happened on
01:25:42 Passover he would have been breaking
01:25:44 along right because right here it says
01:25:45 you you can’t leave the door of the
01:25:47 house until the morning right which
01:25:50 means he would not have been fit which
01:25:51 means he would not have invented a
01:25:53 jackpot
01:25:54 right because he would have broken the
01:25:55 law which means he would have broken a
01:25:58 bone but anyways
01:26:00 um he wouldn’t have been fit because he
01:26:02 was he had committed a sin then you have
01:26:04 to be sinless
01:26:07 um so I think that’s pretty good out of
01:26:09 that verse right there
01:26:11 um
01:26:12 will you read 23 Kesley
01:26:16 or Yahweh will pass through to Smite the
01:26:20 Egyptians and when he seeth the blood
01:26:24 upon the lintel and on the two side
01:26:26 posts Yahweh will pass over the door and
01:26:30 will not suffer the Destroyer to come in
01:26:34 unto your houses to Smite you
01:26:37 so uh one thing I want to bring out it
01:26:40 was the the fact that you had blood or
01:26:44 yeshua’s blood upon your house is what
01:26:46 made it so
01:26:48 the
01:26:50 Yahweh or in this case the angel of
01:26:52 Destruction the angel of death
01:26:55 would pass over you now I I looked at
01:26:58 this word and I have a little note here
01:26:59 Destroyer
01:27:01 well I think
01:27:02 making it Destroyer I think is a bad
01:27:05 translation
01:27:07 and purposely to make it look like it’s
01:27:09 Yahweh who’s not the angel of death
01:27:11 because when you go look at the word up
01:27:13 here
01:27:14 it’s actually
01:27:16 um translates to ruin it doesn’t
01:27:19 actually point to a person like er makes
01:27:24 it and I think a better way to translate
01:27:26 it will not suffer the destruction to
01:27:30 come into your houses to Smite you
01:27:31 instead of this actual Destroyer
01:27:34 but there’s an interesting thing there’s
01:27:37 an interesting thing that occurs here
01:27:39 when you look at this verse in
01:27:41 comparison with Doctrine and Covenant
01:27:42 section 89.
01:27:44 all right but let’s go get that up 18
01:27:47 c89
01:27:49 right at the very end promises to those
01:27:52 who keep to those who obey this word of
01:27:54 wisdom
01:27:57 oh yeah yeah I know what you’re
01:27:58 referring to now
01:28:00 um so let’s go look at that
01:28:06 I forgot about that one
01:28:08 but yeah
01:28:10 and I the Lord give unto them a promise
01:28:12 okay okay well let I’m gonna start up
01:28:16 here
01:28:16 all the saints who remember to keep and
01:28:19 do these Saints walking in obedience to
01:28:21 the Commandments
01:28:22 shall receive Health in their navel and
01:28:24 Marrow to their bones and shall find
01:28:26 wisdom and great Treasures of knowledge
01:28:28 and hidden treasures and shall run and
01:28:30 not be weary and shall walk and faint
01:28:34 this is reference to Isaiah here
01:28:38 that run and not be faint that’s being
01:28:42 um haste getting ready to go yep just
01:28:45 like a crossover this is reference to
01:28:47 Passover and Isaiah this is a reference
01:28:50 to our deliverance all over it by
01:28:53 obedience to the Commandments and taking
01:28:58 care of ourselves
01:29:01 and I the Lord take on give unto them a
01:29:03 promise that the destroying Angels shall
01:29:05 pass by them as the children of Israel
01:29:08 and not slay them
01:29:10 yeah that’s completely passive in fact
01:29:12 even in obedience to the Commandments I
01:29:14 think uh that’s probably why we have
01:29:17 unleavened bread to let go of the false
01:29:19 tradition so that we can then start
01:29:20 accepting the true way right the true
01:29:25 11. yeah the pure 11. because the
01:29:29 Kingdom of Heaven is likened under three
01:29:30 measures of eleven
01:29:32 um
01:29:33 so anyways yeah very good connection
01:29:35 there yes I
01:29:38 forgot about that so thank you for
01:29:40 reminding me it’s hard to remember
01:29:42 everything
01:29:43 um
01:29:45 well I I tend to make connections when
01:29:49 they’re
01:29:50 blessings and promises
01:29:52 for sure who doesn’t want those
01:29:54 connections which means that my prayers
01:29:56 connect my prayers can actually get
01:29:58 pretty long because I remember a lot of
01:29:59 the words
01:30:01 remember that you promised this
01:30:04 well actually you’re supposed to pray
01:30:07 for the promises
01:30:09 you’re not supposed to wish for what you
01:30:12 want you’re supposed to pray for the
01:30:14 promises that he gives us and that’s it
01:30:16 and that’s it you pray you pray to
01:30:19 receive that which is promised to those
01:30:22 uh who are obedient right which means
01:30:26 you live in obedience also which uh
01:30:30 so let’s just do one small slide track
01:30:33 on that
01:30:35 uh what’s this one
01:30:42 I’ll do this one this one’s the shortest
01:30:44 one Proverbs 28 9 he that turneth away
01:30:47 his ear from hearing Torah even his
01:30:51 prayer shall be in Abomination so that’s
01:30:53 enough on that one
01:30:55 [Music]
01:30:59 um Okay so
01:31:01 what is it
01:31:03 I forget what verse we just read sorry
01:31:08 23. okay
01:31:11 oh yeah yeah okay yeah you’re right we
01:31:13 just started trying to do okay let’s do
01:31:14 24. guess today
01:31:16 and you shall observe this thing for an
01:31:19 ordinance to thee and to thy Sons
01:31:21 forever
01:31:22 there it is again oh forever that’s so
01:31:25 awesome that has that space there though
01:31:27 I mean that space is the time of the
01:31:29 gender okay
01:31:32 okay
01:31:36 God Steve no
01:31:39 no in the space can’t you see it I I I
01:31:42 can’t oh wait a minute I just oh I I’m
01:31:46 gonna be
01:31:48 Jeremiah 16 19. just because I’m being
01:31:51 adored oh Yahweh my strength of my
01:31:54 Fortress and my refuge in the day of
01:31:56 Affliction the Gentiles shall come unto
01:31:58 thee from the ends of the Earth and
01:32:00 shall say surely our fathers and air
01:32:02 inherited lies vanity and things we’re
01:32:06 in there is no prophet
01:32:08 anyways
01:32:10 I’m being funny but you know don’t do
01:32:14 the ways of the Gentiles that’s all
01:32:16 throughout the law
01:32:17 okay well and yeah and yet we want to
01:32:21 have gentiles-based salvation
01:32:24 well that’s because they’re not saved
01:32:27 um anyways but they want to be yeah but
01:32:31 at least at least the at least at least
01:32:34 the desire to be saved
01:32:36 just not enough desire to actually do
01:32:38 anything
01:32:40 you’ve got to start somewhere right
01:32:43 um I mean we both
01:32:45 have grown in Yahweh and have both done
01:32:48 things incorrectly I know I have and so
01:32:51 oh I’ve done
01:32:53 Terrible Things yeah yeah so I’ve done
01:32:56 terrible this is where we need to be
01:32:59 missionaries and help others come learn
01:33:01 the right way because a lot of people
01:33:04 don’t know any better and if it wasn’t
01:33:06 for people speaking out
01:33:09 a lot of people just wouldn’t know any
01:33:11 better right that’s
01:33:13 that’s what prophets do prophets don’t
01:33:15 go tell you everything’s okay they
01:33:16 actually preach repentance as taught in
01:33:19 Alma 13 but I don’t want to Sidetrack on
01:33:21 that right now yeah but let’s get on to
01:33:23 25. okay definitely will you read 25.
01:33:27 and 18 to pass when he become to the
01:33:32 land which the Yahweh
01:33:36 according as Yahweh has promised that ye
01:33:39 shall keep this service
01:33:42 so basically keep doing this ordinance
01:33:45 keep doing Passover is what that’s
01:33:46 saying yeah
01:33:48 um so I do believe now this specifically
01:33:52 on the surface is talking about when
01:33:54 they inherited Canaan right which is now
01:33:56 Jerusalem East Israel
01:33:59 I also believe this tells us that we’re
01:34:02 going to keep Passover in heaven
01:34:05 personally
01:34:07 you know what I definitely see in this
01:34:09 is that they will keep Passover
01:34:12 yes yes uh
01:34:16 uh yes in the Millennium in fact there’s
01:34:18 verses about that like
01:34:20 keeping the high holidays
01:34:22 um during the Millennium specifically
01:34:26 Tabernacles but anyways uh we’re focused
01:34:28 on Passover right now but I I yeah the
01:34:31 land very often is symbolic of Heaven
01:34:36 and
01:34:40 if we get into heaven and we
01:34:42 shall keep this in fact Joseph Smith has
01:34:46 a quote
01:34:48 um let me get it really quick that I
01:34:50 think applies to this
01:34:52 let me get the picture form I or the
01:34:54 little mean I have I mean this world
01:34:58 today loves me that’s right
01:35:02 um get it up
01:35:12 this is another reason why I think we’ll
01:35:14 be keeping it in heaven
01:35:17 I can
01:35:19 make it a little bigger
01:35:22 if every principle proceeding from
01:35:24 Elohim is eternal and any principle
01:35:27 which is not Eternal is is of the devil
01:35:31 so oh yes but principle doesn’t mean
01:35:35 truth anyway
01:35:39 I think you’re playing Devil’s Advocate
01:35:41 right now no actually I’m I I’m
01:35:44 remembering an argument that the
01:35:46 dipstick was having with you uh uh well
01:35:49 I’ve had a lot of arguments so I’m not
01:35:50 sure which one for sure but I don’t want
01:35:53 to Sidetrack I’m not I I can’t I can’t
01:35:56 so I can’t help but I remember the
01:35:59 argument that I was like
01:36:01 this is like the most this is like the
01:36:04 craziest thing to be arguing and
01:36:06 splitting hairs over uh well I I’ve had
01:36:09 a lot of arguments and a lot of people I
01:36:12 I’m generally pretty good at bringing
01:36:15 out quotes and scriptures for things for
01:36:17 other people just want to argue their
01:36:19 own logic but anyways I I that’s a
01:36:22 Sidetrack I don’t want to go there
01:36:27 I think we’re on 26 now Kesley will you
01:36:30 read that one yeah
01:36:33 and it shall come to pass when your
01:36:35 children shall say unto you what mean ye
01:36:38 by this service
01:36:40 so why are we doing Passover and this is
01:36:43 another occurrence where this is where
01:36:46 we talk about it right and the meaning
01:36:49 behind it
01:36:51 um not just the history but look what
01:36:55 mean means by this what what did it
01:36:58 happen what does it represent what are
01:36:59 we supposed to learn from it right
01:37:03 uh which hopefully we’re kind of
01:37:05 bringing out here what we’re supposed to
01:37:07 learn from Passover and what it points
01:37:09 to and it points
01:37:11 to the Deliverance
01:37:13 that the Messiah provides physical and
01:37:17 spiritual
01:37:18 and in some cases temporal right
01:37:24 um anyways okay verse 27
01:37:28 but you shall say it is the sacrifice of
01:37:31 yahweh’s Passover who Yahweh passed over
01:37:34 the houses of the children of Israel in
01:37:37 Egypt when he smote the Egyptians and
01:37:40 delivered Passover
01:37:42 or delivered our houses and the people
01:37:45 bowed the head and worshiped
01:37:49 so I to me
01:37:53 it is the sacrifice of Yahweh
01:37:57 Passover it is because of what he did on
01:38:01 Passover
01:38:03 much later at the end of his mortal
01:38:06 Ministry that made this possible
01:38:09 including this one because if it was not
01:38:12 the power that he gained from actually
01:38:15 keeping the law he wouldn’t have been
01:38:17 able to do it back then but it is it is
01:38:22 the sacrifice of yahweh’s Passover
01:38:26 and well this is what this is why in the
01:38:30 Scriptures it references
01:38:32 and just a connection to that
01:38:36 there is a reference
01:38:40 and there is when Satan asks for God’s
01:38:44 power he says wherefore give me thine
01:38:47 honor
01:38:50 God’s power is in his honor
01:38:53 right
01:38:54 and the honor comes from keeping the law
01:38:58 mm-hmm
01:39:00 um for why would you honor someone who
01:39:03 just randomly does something you don’t
01:39:06 give honor to people like that you give
01:39:07 honor to people who are consistent are
01:39:09 and are reliable and do things according
01:39:12 to their word
01:39:14 in which I you always word is the law
01:39:18 right he’s the one that gave it to us in
01:39:21 fact he wrote it with his finger even
01:39:24 right
01:39:27 there’s and there are there’s beautiful
01:39:30 imagery throughout the scriptures such
01:39:32 as
01:39:33 delicious milk the idea of milk flowing
01:39:36 from the always breast milk is
01:39:38 Commandments the law comes from the
01:39:40 bosom of yelping correct exactly
01:39:44 um
01:39:45 and just on on the Ten Commandments
01:39:48 um
01:39:49 the the high holiday Passover this one
01:39:52 that we’re talking about is
01:39:54 an expounding
01:39:56 of the Sabbath
01:39:58 because there’s three types of sabbaths
01:40:00 there’s the weekly Sabbath
01:40:03 the moonly Sabbath and the annual
01:40:05 Sabbath which Passover is part of the
01:40:09 annual Sabbath yearly Sabbath right
01:40:13 song anyways
01:40:16 this is all possible because of yahweh’s
01:40:19 personal sacrifice
01:40:22 and because of that he was able to
01:40:26 pass over the children of Israel because
01:40:31 Yahweh passes over those who take upon
01:40:33 yahweh’s righteousness
01:40:36 right because our own righteousness are
01:40:39 as menstrual racks as in
01:40:43 they’re worth nothing
01:40:45 right
01:40:47 um
01:40:48 it’s the period rags to make it more
01:40:53 blunt of a woman
01:40:55 and nobody wants that right I even the
01:40:59 woman doesn’t I don’t know because lady
01:41:00 you like to keep those
01:41:02 nope
01:41:04 throw those away
01:41:06 yeah
01:41:07 yeah
01:41:09 um anyways it’s because of his
01:41:11 righteousness that we are passed over
01:41:13 when we accept him his authority and his
01:41:17 character and start to imitate
01:41:19 flop follow him
01:41:27 and we are found in his house
01:41:30 uh one thought I just had today
01:41:33 um it goes along with character when we
01:41:36 pray in his name
01:41:38 that’s also saying when we pray in his
01:41:42 character as in when we pray for
01:41:45 something that is in accordance to his
01:41:47 character he’ll give it to us
01:41:50 as in according to his promises
01:41:53 right
01:41:54 it’s not just we have this wish and we
01:41:57 want it that’s we don’t get those it’s
01:42:00 according to his character which is a
01:42:03 meaning behind name even in the 1820
01:42:06 English dictionary but that is even true
01:42:08 even with Hebrew idioms it’s about his
01:42:11 character and those prayers but anyways
01:42:14 now you just bar up since it went along
01:42:16 with what
01:42:17 been said
01:42:18 and here he smote the Egyptians
01:42:21 so uh just like
01:42:25 um those sons of perditions will be
01:42:27 submitting right
01:42:31 um and those who are in the tilashal
01:42:33 Kingdom will be crushed
01:42:35 right or not Kingdom but tea Lester
01:42:39 Glory sorry that’s still a bad habit I’m
01:42:41 still I try to break but it comes
01:42:43 through occasionally it takes a while to
01:42:46 get rid of that completely but anyways
01:42:49 but those who accept him are delivered
01:42:52 or passed over
01:42:54 it’s Passover right and the people bowed
01:42:58 their hand and worshiped so because of
01:43:01 this great work
01:43:03 that’s why we worship
01:43:06 Yahweh Yeshua is because he saved us
01:43:10 that is why we worship Him
01:43:13 because of this great work of his
01:43:15 personal sacrifice that will happen on
01:43:19 Passover
01:43:22 anyways I don’t know if anybody wants to
01:43:25 add anything
01:43:27 nope let’s move on okay Kesley you’ll
01:43:31 read 28.
01:43:32 well as children of Israel went away and
01:43:35 did as Yahweh had commanded Moses and
01:43:37 Aaron so did they
01:43:40 so the big thing that I would say
01:43:45 did
01:43:47 not just believed
01:43:51 well the the interesting thing is is as
01:43:54 I was looking through uh Strong’s
01:43:58 uh Hebrews chapter 3.
01:44:01 I’m four every time the word
01:44:05 every time the word unbelief is
01:44:07 mentioned the word that is there can be
01:44:11 yeah go ahead and pull it up but um
01:44:15 the word
01:44:16 um every time the word unbelief is
01:44:18 mentioned
01:44:19 the word that the Greek word is
01:44:21 translated to us is unbelief couldn’t
01:44:23 also mean disobedience
01:44:25 huh that’s that’s insightful all right
01:44:29 and that completely makes sense
01:44:32 and obedience
01:44:34 true belief is always coupled with
01:44:37 obedience
01:44:39 yeah
01:44:41 because you don’t even have
01:44:43 we don’t even have enough to have faith
01:44:46 on without acting on the belief
01:44:48 well I think a problem is in the
01:44:51 Hellenistic World they
01:44:53 belief is different in Hellenistic
01:44:56 thought than it is in Hebrew thought
01:44:58 I think that’s where that kind of comes
01:45:00 into play there
01:45:02 um
01:45:04 wherefore Harden not your hearts is in
01:45:06 the provocation in the days of
01:45:07 Temptation of the Wilderness okay hey
01:45:09 keep Brethren unless there be any of you
01:45:11 in any of you an evil heart of unbelief
01:45:14 this word we can you can click on that
01:45:17 and you can see that the Greek word
01:45:19 behind it
01:45:29 it’s also unbelief
01:45:35 um if you feel it’s important enough we
01:45:37 can go to the Hebrew real quick let’s go
01:45:39 to the story
01:45:40 let’s go to strongs because I’m pretty
01:45:43 sure because
01:45:44 I do believe that it might have been in
01:45:47 Hebrews 4 that they actually had that
01:45:49 that word the degree means Disobedience
01:45:52 as well but it was but this is we can
01:45:56 Sidetrack on this because this doing is
01:45:58 an important part right
01:46:00 um Hebrews
01:46:01 yeah I’m trying to talk and find at the
01:46:04 same time where the gospel is the gospel
01:46:07 of becoming not a gospel of just
01:46:18 Forever Learning and never coming to the
01:46:20 truth
01:46:21 right
01:46:24 uh it’s being a little slow
01:46:28 so we’ll start with
01:46:31 12.
01:46:35 well this is the Interlinear but anyways
01:46:38 that’s fine
01:46:39 unbelief
01:46:42 of unbelief apistias yes
01:46:47 unfaithfulness distrust
01:46:50 faith unfaithfulness faithlessness that
01:46:53 that’s not doing which is another word
01:46:55 for uh Unfaithful because faithful has
01:46:58 to be like an Unfaithful wife is one
01:47:00 that it
01:47:02 goes cheating on you or an Unfaithful
01:47:05 husband is when it goes cheating it
01:47:06 breaks the Covenant and the Covenant is
01:47:07 the law right uh yep exactly so the same
01:47:12 thing right so yeah
01:47:16 um we can go 19.
01:47:19 yeah let’s go to 19.
01:47:25 um I believe this looks like the exact
01:47:27 same unbelievable
01:47:29 yep
01:47:31 a very different variation on the same
01:47:33 word and let’s go to uh chapter four
01:47:38 okay because there’s a lot of stuff in
01:47:40 there about a lot of stuff in chapter
01:47:42 four about unbelief as they’re setting
01:47:45 up why it is that we observe the Sabbath
01:47:49 yeah
01:47:51 so seeing that
01:47:53 okay I’ve seen there for the remaineth
01:47:56 that some must enter therein and they to
01:47:58 whom it was first preach into God in
01:47:59 because of undelete
01:48:02 what is that
01:48:04 okay so uh 6 and 11 of the street 11
01:48:07 o’clock let us labor therefore to enter
01:48:09 into that rest
01:48:11 meaning uh heaven right lest any man
01:48:14 fall after the same example of unbelief
01:48:17 so let’s go look at the Greeks now
01:48:21 um
01:48:26 unbelief is disobedience
01:48:30 or at least it is evidenced in our
01:48:32 discipline
01:48:33 yes I I would call it more evidence of
01:48:35 the disbelief
01:48:39 six those who look for reasons not to
01:48:43 believe and those who look for reasons
01:48:45 not to obey are showing their unbelief
01:48:49 well here
01:48:51 um Disobedience straight up the pantheon
01:48:55 the word for unbelief unbelief
01:48:59 Disobedience disobedient so here uh
01:49:02 Hebrews 4 6 is completely
01:49:05 unbelief is breaking the law so let’s
01:49:07 let’s um
01:49:09 disobedience is unbelief let’s go look
01:49:12 at 11. see that’s the thing is you have
01:49:14 to look at the you have to look at the
01:49:16 New Testament you have to let the Old
01:49:18 Testament to show you how you should
01:49:20 look at the New Testament completely uh
01:49:25 yes of disobedience
01:49:28 so 11 it’s also Disobedience
01:49:32 um
01:49:34 yeah
01:49:35 unbelief and Disobedience are synonymous
01:49:41 yes in a lot of cases right I wouldn’t
01:49:44 say every single one but
01:49:47 um this is where
01:49:49 as far as it’s translated correctly
01:49:51 definitely uh plays into it right
01:49:54 and definitely and definitely what I
01:49:58 will and definitely what I can
01:50:00 what I can say and stand behind
01:50:05 is that if you are looking for a reason
01:50:08 not to obey a law
01:50:10 it is because you are it is because you
01:50:14 are taking shelter Underneath the Veil
01:50:16 of unbelief rather than renting it
01:50:19 yeah and Isaiah 8 says it’s because
01:50:22 there’s no light in here
01:50:27 um by the way
01:50:29 just
01:50:32 just the veil of unbelief in the natural
01:50:34 man
01:50:37 are also synonymous
01:50:40 yeah I I can definitely see that
01:50:43 there are also synonyms
01:50:46 so one other thing I want to bring out
01:50:48 from verse 28
01:50:50 this commandment came through a prophet
01:50:54 and in fact in this case the mighty one
01:50:57 Moses is a mighty and strong one you
01:51:00 mean they went and did as the you mean
01:51:03 they didn’t they didn’t wait for the
01:51:05 Lord himself to tell them that Moses was
01:51:08 his servant
01:51:09 well they already knew
01:51:11 um yeah um no I’m just I’m just I’m just
01:51:15 addressing this whole thing I only
01:51:16 follow the lord men suck hey yeah well
01:51:20 this is why I’m bringing this out it was
01:51:21 commanded through Moses
01:51:24 and guess what if you
01:51:26 didn’t believe what Moses said because
01:51:28 you said you can go to Yahweh yourself
01:51:32 um guess what
01:51:34 your household would have gotten the
01:51:36 angel of Destruction upon it
01:51:40 um Yahweh uses leadership and Prophets
01:51:44 to tell us what to do and here’s Moses
01:51:46 the mighty and strong one
01:51:48 uh in his day and his and his assistant
01:51:52 and his assistant his mouth Aaron right
01:51:55 anyways that’s that’s getting another
01:51:57 subject but
01:51:59 this was given to us through a Prophet
01:52:02 this is not something that Yahweh went
01:52:04 and told himself
01:52:06 to each individual household or even the
01:52:11 whole congregation this came through a
01:52:14 prophet through a leader that Yahweh
01:52:17 designated
01:52:19 leaders
01:52:23 and gay priesthood too so priest is a
01:52:25 thing yes yeah I mean
01:52:29 um
01:52:31 anyways I’m not gonna go there right now
01:52:33 we’re sidetracking but we’re
01:52:35 sidetracking so uh no meet me with a
01:52:38 stick no no I I do it too I’m just
01:52:40 trying to say a little more focused
01:52:41 because we still actually have a uh more
01:52:45 stuff to go over
01:52:47 um in fact maybe we might skip some of
01:52:49 the others and go to Deuteronomy 8 16.
01:52:53 there’s some stuff in that when I do oh
01:52:54 I even want the biggest 23 or yeah let’s
01:52:58 stir Leviticus
01:53:00 let’s let’s finish 12. I’ll I’ll just
01:53:03 I’ll just go through and read this here
01:53:05 well I don’t want to go because I think
01:53:07 we should still talk about it
01:53:09 okay and the Lord you always said unto
01:53:12 Moses Aaron this is ordinance of the
01:53:14 Passover there shall be no there shall
01:53:15 No Stranger eat thereof No Stranger eat
01:53:18 thereof absolutely Israel well not just
01:53:21 Israel it’s those who have accepted
01:53:23 Yahweh
01:53:24 yeah those who those who’ve entered into
01:53:27 the Covenant right the The Strangers
01:53:30 that entered the Covenant which I think
01:53:32 goes along with the baptism of fire
01:53:35 you’ve been accepted into his church
01:53:38 right those are the ones who are um to
01:53:43 go take partake of this
01:53:44 okay as we talked about some earlier and
01:53:48 so I think that’s enough on that one
01:53:50 but every man’s servant that is bought
01:53:52 for money we now have circumcised him
01:53:54 then shall he eat thereof
01:53:57 so it looks like there’s something
01:54:00 yeah I do have some notes down here
01:54:02 um
01:54:03 so
01:54:05 on this
01:54:06 because I I have it here just so we can
01:54:08 look into it more because this one can
01:54:10 be a little more tricky one but there’s
01:54:12 a verse in the Book of Mormon which it
01:54:14 gets from Isaiah if I remember correctly
01:54:16 come by salvation without money and
01:54:18 without price okay I do believe
01:54:22 this wording references that because a
01:54:26 servant bought for money I do believe
01:54:30 references that and in a servant anybody
01:54:33 who accepts Yahweh
01:54:38 um becomes yahweh’s servant
01:54:40 now some are in more fully of that role
01:54:44 than others but the fact even
01:54:48 uh how the whole congregation including
01:54:50 the women are supposed to wear to zits
01:54:53 the tassels shows that they are priests
01:54:56 under Yahweh and in a certain aspect not
01:55:01 I mean there are priests that have
01:55:03 special duties for them especially
01:55:05 Levites and Melchizedek okay but the
01:55:08 whole household of Israel and those who
01:55:12 um come into yahweh’s house except him
01:55:16 do become priests to a certain degree of
01:55:20 some sort and that’s a servant
01:55:23 is a symbol of authority
01:55:25 yeah it’s a symbol that you have
01:55:27 priesthood and that you’re a servant
01:55:30 um
01:55:31 and Torah gets into that some but
01:55:33 anyways
01:55:35 um but that’s what yahweh’s servants are
01:55:39 and guess what he bought us
01:55:43 with his blood yes with his blood not
01:55:46 with money right come by salvation
01:55:49 without money without price salvation is
01:55:52 bought with yesh accepting yeshua’s
01:55:55 blood that he
01:55:56 spilled for us right
01:55:59 um so I I believe that’s what that’s
01:56:01 referring to because that one’s going to
01:56:04 be a little and then we can also
01:56:06 reference back to Paul for the
01:56:08 circumcision our circumcision is within
01:56:10 the circumcision of the spirit yes and
01:56:14 so this one gets tricky and I haven’t
01:56:17 fully worked this out but
01:56:21 to circumcise and we can I don’t want to
01:56:24 spend too much time with this and I can
01:56:25 put the link in but when you go look at
01:56:27 here
01:56:29 the actual Hebrew word behind it
01:56:34 and we can maybe just peruse it real
01:56:37 quickly
01:56:41 um it doesn’t always only apply to men
01:56:45 um
01:56:48 Michelle Shirley look at that
01:56:50 um
01:56:53 circumcised
01:56:55 not circumcised
01:56:59 sometimes it’s to the flash when it’s of
01:57:01 the flesh that’s definitely going to be
01:57:03 men but also it has to be circumcisions
01:57:06 of of heart
01:57:09 um and not just the foreskin
01:57:12 um and so my theory here that I haven’t
01:57:15 fully worked out
01:57:17 here and I have a few notes on this is
01:57:19 that I
01:57:22 wonder if the circumcision that it’s
01:57:24 talking about here is of the heart and
01:57:27 not of the foreskin
01:57:29 okay
01:57:31 um
01:57:33 but this is something I have not fully
01:57:36 completely
01:57:37 um
01:57:40 uh cut everything out on it
01:57:43 um but
01:57:45 it is
01:57:47 like three
01:57:50 three seven six
01:57:52 [Music]
01:57:52 um
01:57:55 more
01:57:57 of man
01:57:59 uh when you go look at the Hebrew behind
01:58:02 that sometimes it is applied to women
01:58:06 um
01:58:09 and so this is where translator bias we
01:58:12 have to really be
01:58:15 Christmas
01:58:17 well yeah the thing is
01:58:20 is that when the hebraic form for man
01:58:24 can almost can can always include women
01:58:29 but the hebraic form for women the
01:58:32 hebraic word for women never includes
01:58:34 that
01:58:35 directly because women can include well
01:58:38 can be a church
01:58:41 so symbolically it can include man but
01:58:44 okay but in in pretty much in every
01:58:47 language I’m aware of
01:58:49 uh when it’s inclusive of male and
01:58:53 female they use the male term right it’s
01:58:56 they never use female to include both
01:59:00 unless it’s symbolically with the church
01:59:02 that’s both right but anyways
01:59:06 um
01:59:07 so some of the times that that
01:59:09 um word is used it refers to women and
01:59:13 this is where you just
01:59:15 you got to be careful with translator
01:59:17 bias because
01:59:18 um
01:59:19 I think some translator biases are
01:59:23 are honest mistakes and some are
01:59:26 done on purpose
01:59:28 the other thing that’s important to
01:59:31 remember here is circumcision
01:59:34 is no war but we still but the holiday
01:59:38 is so what circumcision Are We Now
01:59:40 referring to since correct there is no
01:59:43 more physical circumcision right
01:59:45 another reason why I would I tend to
01:59:49 lean to circumcision of the heart
01:59:52 because for this to still be valid it’d
01:59:55 have to be of the heart and not
01:59:57 it is and that’s exactly what it is
02:00:00 um and that’s exactly what it is
02:00:03 but I the reason I I’ve tried to fill
02:00:05 this out a little bit I I still need to
02:00:07 be more on is because in the Hebrew root
02:00:09 movement they think you actually have to
02:00:11 get the foreskin which
02:00:14 I a careful read of the New Testament
02:00:17 actually shows that that’s been done in
02:00:19 a way with but with the Book of Mormon
02:00:21 Moroni
02:00:23 eight and in the DNC
02:00:29 um
02:00:30 I forget the section in the DNC that
02:00:32 tells us this uh DNC 74 tells us it’s
02:00:35 done away and
02:00:37 jst Genesis
02:00:41 17 tells us it’s done away with also and
02:00:45 it also tells us it’s the point to being
02:00:47 baptized when you’re eight
02:00:49 um
02:00:50 Genesis 17.
02:00:52 um but anyways I mean we’re side
02:00:54 tracking so we’re sidetracking in a
02:00:57 major way yeah yeah well where was the
02:01:00 where was the narrative
02:01:02 but that one it did relate right and I’m
02:01:05 I’m trying to bring out why I believe
02:01:07 it’s
02:01:08 a heart and not foreskin so but okay so
02:01:13 when was the tricky so at this point
02:01:15 yeah a foreigner and a hired servant
02:01:18 shall not eat thereof so basically
02:01:20 somebody who’s a non somebody who is a
02:01:24 non-believer who does not have a
02:01:26 circumcised heart
02:01:28 yeah who has not purchased
02:01:31 right because up here this is basically
02:01:34 depending how you want to read it that’s
02:01:36 a hired servant right because he’s
02:01:37 bought for money that’s hired this one
02:01:41 is a non-believer
02:01:43 okay
02:01:45 in one house
02:01:47 in one house shall it be eaten
02:01:49 Thou shalt not carry forth out of the
02:01:51 flesh abroad out of the house neither
02:01:53 shall ye break a bone thereof
02:01:56 so this is uh goes along with how you
02:02:00 you can’t leave the house
02:02:02 until morning
02:02:04 you cannot leave you always tell us yeah
02:02:07 you have to endure to the end for this
02:02:09 spiritual aesthetic aspect because we
02:02:12 know everything is spiritual before it
02:02:14 is temporal right
02:02:17 um and we can look at verses but I don’t
02:02:19 want to Sidetrack on that but
02:02:22 um part of the reason you can’t take it
02:02:24 out from one house to another is you
02:02:27 have to accept it yourself and do it
02:02:29 yourself just like the 10 versions
02:02:33 um five foolish ones we’re trying to get
02:02:36 the oil from the five wise ones you
02:02:38 can’t do that
02:02:39 you have to partake of Yeshua yourself
02:02:42 and and do the roasting AKA have your
02:02:46 own baptism of Fire
02:02:48 right
02:02:49 yep um all the congregation
02:02:53 absolutely
02:02:54 all the congregation of Israel shall
02:02:56 keep it this is who keeps it those of
02:03:00 the Covenant
02:03:02 Zach has a comment
02:03:05 also about the not breaking a bone
02:03:09 it’s like also has to do with Yeshua on
02:03:11 the cross yes it does you didn’t you
02:03:14 didn’t have his bronze broken correct uh
02:03:17 it also has to do with not breaking the
02:03:19 law but uh especially in the physical
02:03:21 fulfillment with uh yeshua’s mortal
02:03:23 Ministry he did not have a bone broken
02:03:25 so yes I meant to bring that out but we
02:03:29 started going a little too fast and
02:03:30 forgot so it’s good that you bought this
02:03:32 you know I yeah I’m I’m just trying to
02:03:35 figure out how to make sure that we get
02:03:37 Leviticus and Deuteronomy yeah we’re
02:03:39 just gonna have to keep going but
02:03:41 anyways let’s just
02:03:43 okay so thank you for that Zach 48.
02:03:48 and when a stranger shall so adjourn
02:03:50 with me and we’ll keep the Passover of
02:03:52 the Lord let all of his males be
02:03:54 circumcised and then let him come near
02:03:56 and keep it and he shall be as one that
02:03:59 is born in the lamb for non-circumcised
02:04:01 person shall eat their oven the
02:04:03 circumcision is one of the heart yeah
02:04:05 and so I I have notes for verse 48 on
02:04:08 this also the same type of deal going on
02:04:12 um like where it says mail it can be
02:04:14 females
02:04:16 um you know come near I mean that’s not
02:04:19 a big deal now the his actually
02:04:25 um in let’s see
02:04:27 um
02:04:31 where’d it go
02:04:33 one of these here’s where they translate
02:04:35 it is
02:04:37 it actually
02:04:39 they they don’t have anything for it
02:04:41 that is completely translator bias
02:04:43 because they have no source for
02:04:46 um translating it that way
02:04:49 um
02:04:51 now I’m having a hard time seeing it
02:04:54 right there
02:04:56 there’s absolutely there’s nothing and
02:05:00 when I actually click on this one
02:05:02 um it goes nowhere
02:05:03 and they don’t have that one up there it
02:05:06 that’s completely completely translated
02:05:08 by us
02:05:10 um 191 is the Fallout
02:05:13 so
02:05:14 um
02:05:15 the one that they have circumcised they
02:05:17 have two different definitions one being
02:05:20 uncircumcised and one having to do with
02:05:22 actual foreskin two separate definitions
02:05:25 for the same word giving support that it
02:05:27 can be circumcision of the heart
02:05:31 okay
02:05:33 um oh also here this is interesting that
02:05:35 same word is translated as unskilled
02:05:41 uncircumcised of the heart
02:05:43 or translates as forbidden also so that
02:05:47 same word different contexts translated
02:05:50 differently so this is where we need to
02:05:53 look deeper into things and also take uh
02:05:56 correct thought theology into account
02:05:58 because
02:06:01 um translators put their theology
02:06:04 theological biases into their
02:06:07 translations for good or bad right
02:06:10 yep
02:06:12 so 48 but still 48 the whole thing is
02:06:15 anybody
02:06:17 can partake of the Passover of the Lord
02:06:19 as long as they be circumcised apart and
02:06:21 have entered into the Covenant
02:06:23 correct that is how I read that also and
02:06:26 I I just gave showed some research that
02:06:29 I’ve done actually to help support that
02:06:31 from the actual
02:06:32 actual Hebrew behind it right yep
02:06:35 exactly which I still want to fill out
02:06:37 some more but I I didn’t have time to
02:06:40 to everything I wanted anyways
02:06:44 um here is the kicker right here one law
02:06:47 shall be to him that is home born and
02:06:49 unto the stranger that sojourneth among
02:06:51 you unlaw for Israel one law for the
02:06:54 Gentiles Gentiles get rounded
02:06:58 well I mean even the Jews need to get on
02:07:01 board with the law because most Jews
02:07:03 follow the oral law more than the
02:07:04 written law but so it’s not just the
02:07:07 point of the problem well it is most of
02:07:09 the people most of the people want to
02:07:11 bust my balls on it or Gentiles Gentiles
02:07:14 get rounded uh correct Jews will
02:07:17 Approach at a different route on that
02:07:19 issue
02:07:22 but the Gentiles just complete all-out
02:07:25 deny it where Jews will
02:07:28 at it which makes it null and void right
02:07:31 but anyways right
02:07:33 like we talked about one even just with
02:07:35 their seders right
02:07:37 exactly exactly thus did all the
02:07:40 children of Israel as the Lord command
02:07:42 upon Moses hey oh wait a minute look it
02:07:45 was through the prophets right anyways
02:07:48 we already went over that this is
02:07:51 that one already we gave the best the
02:07:54 self same day of the Lord
02:07:57 did bring the children
02:08:00 however you want to say it to bring the
02:08:02 children of Israel out of the land of
02:08:04 Egypt
02:08:07 yeah in fact
02:08:09 um it’s not stated here but I mean
02:08:14 um this has to do with the Roaring the
02:08:15 lines and um for Nephi was it 21 22-ish
02:08:20 area how they’ll take things from the
02:08:25 Gentiles same thing happened I mean it’s
02:08:29 not in this verse and it’s a different
02:08:30 one but this reminds me of it how uh
02:08:33 when the Israelites left
02:08:36 the Israelites gave them riches for
02:08:40 their services
02:08:43 um yep which is somewhat related to this
02:08:46 but it’s a little different but
02:08:48 um I think the main thing to bring out
02:08:50 of here is when we
02:08:52 accept Yahweh
02:08:54 and his lamb
02:08:57 which is Yeshua
02:08:59 um
02:09:00 he’ll take us out of Egypt
02:09:03 out of the world
02:09:06 and save us right redeem us anyways so
02:09:10 that’s everything in Exodus 12. uh so
02:09:15 Leviticus 23 is short that I have
02:09:18 backed it to one liner I’ll read this
02:09:21 one in the 14th okay first move is the
02:09:26 at Eve so this is you know this is when
02:09:28 it starts in the evening is yahweh’s
02:09:31 Passover that’s all it really states
02:09:33 that in that chapter that says so does
02:09:36 that mean that you hold the dinner
02:09:37 starting at like six or something like
02:09:39 that yeah uh Sunset
02:09:42 um is what I would take that as
02:09:53 yeah well anyways I I I would do Sunset
02:09:56 and you killed the lamb before that but
02:09:59 anyways we went over that already so
02:10:00 numbers for numbers nine also goes over
02:10:03 it and it has a little more
02:10:06 um is Matt there and would he like to
02:10:09 read something yeah
02:10:10 I would love for Matt to read some I’m
02:10:13 gonna
02:10:15 stand up take a little
02:10:17 step off all right
02:10:21 uh which one first one yeah let’s start
02:10:24 with one that one okay
02:10:27 and the Lord you always become deposits
02:10:30 in the wilderness of Sinai in the first
02:10:31 month of the second year after they were
02:10:33 come out of the land of Egypt saying
02:10:35 okay stop right there so a couple things
02:10:38 so
02:10:40 they they did it again right this is
02:10:42 after they actually left Egypt and guess
02:10:46 who uh Yahweh used to tell them to do it
02:10:50 it was the leadership and in this
02:10:53 specific case it was a prophet Moses
02:10:57 right
02:10:58 and guess what look it happened at the
02:11:01 exact same time
02:11:13 yeah it’s the second year
02:11:14 um but anyways
02:11:17 second cycle it let the children of
02:11:20 Israel also keep the Passover at his
02:11:22 appointed season okay so the Believers
02:11:26 according to his MOA deem which is done
02:11:29 by the Sun and the Moon which goes back
02:11:31 to Genesis 1 14 right uh the appointed
02:11:35 Seasons the same word behind it which
02:11:38 talks about the Sun and the Moon it
02:11:39 looks like Zach has something he wants
02:11:41 to say so um
02:11:43 in this version of
02:11:46 the Bible I have it’s just the new
02:11:49 revised Standard Version okay it says in
02:11:53 the verse two
02:11:54 it says appointed time
02:11:57 it’s more what uh yeah I think that’s a
02:12:01 better translation of moadim than season
02:12:03 but
02:12:05 um because a lot of times especially
02:12:07 with our Western mind we think uh season
02:12:09 as in spring summer fall and winter but
02:12:13 I think a point in time is a better
02:12:15 translation
02:12:16 but the Hebrew behind it is the same
02:12:18 it’s just translator bias
02:12:21 or whatever but anyways but that that’s
02:12:25 a good thing to bring out a point of
02:12:26 time uh and I think that’s a better
02:12:28 translation
02:12:30 yeah
02:12:32 okay
02:12:34 yeah in the 14th day of this month that
02:12:37 even you shall keep it in his appointed
02:12:41 season according to all the rights of it
02:12:44 and according to all the ceremonies
02:12:47 thereof shall ye keep it
02:12:49 which uh that’s referring to a lot to
02:12:52 what we just read out of Exodus 12.
02:12:54 um there’s some parts that we’ll get in
02:12:56 other places like numbers
02:12:59 28 in Deuteronomy 16. in a bit but
02:13:03 there’s bits and pieces sprinkled around
02:13:05 but I think the majority of it is in
02:13:07 Exodus 12. when it first time happened
02:13:10 yeah go ahead Zach and
02:13:14 um
02:13:15 oh no not on that verse it says instead
02:13:18 of evening or even that even says that
02:13:21 Twilight
02:13:23 yeah
02:13:25 um there even in the King James I’ll
02:13:28 translate that same word twilight
02:13:31 sometimes but I mean Twilight’s set
02:13:34 Sunset so I I don’t see there’s a big
02:13:37 deal but it is some people will read
02:13:41 into that as slightly different times
02:13:43 and I’ve run across people on that
02:13:46 actually
02:13:48 but um even the King James will
02:13:50 translate Twilight sometimes and
02:13:53 on that word these words but anyways
02:13:59 huh
02:14:01 bad joke oh okay this is for I these
02:14:05 Hebrew two
02:14:07 tools make it help us to better
02:14:09 understand things and then translator
02:14:12 biases right anyways
02:14:16 okay ready yeah then Moses speak unto
02:14:19 the children of Israel that they should
02:14:21 keep the Passover and they kept the
02:14:24 Passover
02:14:25 it’s a commandment
02:14:28 that’s a lot of what that says right
02:14:30 that’s a commandment
02:14:32 yes and it’s finishing the idea it’s
02:14:35 basically finishing the idea of the
02:14:36 first three verses sure sure it’s a
02:14:39 command
02:14:39 and it’s the first five the seventh it’s
02:14:42 the annual Sabbath
02:14:45 and they kept the Passover on the 14th
02:14:48 day of the first month that even in the
02:14:50 wilderness of Sinai according to all of
02:14:53 the Lord Yahweh commanded Moses so did
02:14:56 the children of Israel
02:14:58 so a lot of while they’re in the
02:15:00 wilderness and they through their
02:15:03 Prophet leader Moses right which we’ve
02:15:06 gone over those points already
02:15:08 well and also we can actually apply this
02:15:11 to us because right now we’re in the
02:15:13 wilderness
02:15:15 ah very good point yeah we’re in the
02:15:17 wilderness right now we are very much
02:15:27 seeds from the mouth of our profit as of
02:15:31 right now that would be Yeshua
02:15:35 well he’s always been the problem the
02:15:38 prophet but we’ve had other ones like
02:15:39 Joseph Smith right but uh Joseph yeah
02:15:45 right now Yeshua is the one that
02:15:49 sure
02:15:50 um but even Joe Smith didn’t restore
02:15:52 everything as stated uh first Nephi 13
02:15:56 or 14 I always forget okay
02:16:02 I have a post on that
02:16:04 Shameless plug anyways yes that was good
02:16:07 to bring out thank you I’m excited that
02:16:10 one and thousands events
02:16:14 uh six yes and there were certain men
02:16:19 who were defiled by the dead body of a
02:16:21 man that they could not keep the
02:16:23 Passover on that day and they came
02:16:25 before Moses before Aaron on that day
02:16:28 okay so
02:16:30 um I I have an idea what this could
02:16:32 represent
02:16:34 um I I don’t know if it completely is
02:16:37 but it’s basically and we’ll keep
02:16:39 reading a little bit it’s that they can
02:16:41 then do it a moon later okay now the one
02:16:45 thing that I wonder about when we go
02:16:48 look at DNC 76 okay
02:16:52 hmm
02:16:54 and the
02:16:56 terrestrial people there are is a
02:16:59 statement in there that I think somewhat
02:17:01 relates to that and I’ll tell you why
02:17:02 because a dead body did you want to see
02:17:04 that shoulder to terrestrial I might
02:17:07 have said the wrong thing I wanted tour
02:17:08 restaurants
02:17:09 has a thing about how they didn’t have a
02:17:13 testimony
02:17:14 of Yeshua while in the flesh but
02:17:17 afterwards they received it
02:17:19 and they didn’t because they were dead
02:17:22 spiritually they were that they were
02:17:25 dead I mean the teacher of people who
02:17:27 are you know kind of keep the lawn kind
02:17:30 of don’t they do what’s convenience
02:17:31 rather than doing it completely
02:17:34 um and that’s kind of what I see in that
02:17:36 group that just happened they they
02:17:39 kind of did things so that they couldn’t
02:17:40 keep the law completely but they later
02:17:42 did keep it
02:17:45 and I
02:17:47 this is my wondering this group of
02:17:49 people where they kept the Passover in
02:17:51 the second moon
02:17:53 I wonder if it’s the terrestrial people
02:17:56 and those who keep it when it’s supposed
02:17:58 to is the celestial people
02:18:01 is my inclination of a deeper meaning
02:18:05 behind
02:18:06 uh these verses and just the wording of
02:18:09 it I think matches and the general
02:18:13 intent of their descriptions right
02:18:16 because they didn’t have a testament
02:18:16 yeah sure in the flesh but afterwards
02:18:18 received it they were Honorable Men of
02:18:20 the earth who were blinded by the
02:18:22 craftiness of men so
02:18:24 they tried to be good but they didn’t do
02:18:26 everything correct
02:18:28 right which sounds like
02:18:31 um to some degree this group of men who
02:18:34 touched dead bodies and dead bodies
02:18:36 represents sin
02:18:40 um
02:18:41 that’s my
02:18:45 my inclination what this represents
02:18:47 behind the scenes is what’s going on
02:18:49 but I the Deep the deeper meaning behind
02:18:52 the obvious uh behind the obvious
02:18:54 historical narrative yes yeah
02:18:58 um and there it might be something else
02:19:00 but to me there’s multiple connections
02:19:02 to DNC 76 and the terrestrial
02:19:05 connections I mean we could even
02:19:11 yeah
02:19:13 we could even do it with
02:19:15 um
02:19:17 the parable of the sower
02:19:19 uh that one’s going to be number three
02:19:22 right
02:19:23 and yeah this one’s not so fold out but
02:19:26 it fell among the thorns and the Thorns
02:19:29 sprung out and choked them so that they
02:19:31 liked it it started growing but they
02:19:33 didn’t really completely do it uh again
02:19:35 it’s going to be the threes
02:19:38 he also received the seed among the
02:19:40 Thorns he is the here’s the word
02:19:44 and the cares of the world and
02:19:46 deceitfulness of riches choked the word
02:19:49 and they became unfruitful
02:19:52 to me it sounds the same type of group
02:19:55 yeah so
02:19:58 um we could go look about it in
02:20:02 about the resurrections in First
02:20:04 Corinthians
02:20:06 um
02:20:08 this one
02:20:11 I don’t have them numbers
02:20:15 uh no so this is Celeste oh here’s the
02:20:19 truth but afterwards they that are
02:20:22 Christ at his coming so this is
02:20:25 afterwards like the second time
02:20:29 afterwards later
02:20:31 that also fits the terrestrial right and
02:20:35 this is in First Corinthians 15.
02:20:38 um so anyways that’s probably enough
02:20:40 matching unless we’re going to do a
02:20:42 little more yeah
02:20:47 yeah okay he can take
02:20:50 okay
02:20:58 I think that’s the one we just read so
02:21:00 now we’re on seven so hopefully as we
02:21:03 read through this we can hopefully I’ve
02:21:06 short enough to help other other people
02:21:08 make connections that I I made on it but
02:21:12 it’s these are the tourist of people
02:21:15 that’s being talked about this little
02:21:16 side subject in the history
02:21:19 and those men said unto him we are
02:21:21 defiled by the dead body of a man
02:21:23 wherefore we kept back that we may not
02:21:25 offer an offering of the
02:21:28 of yelling and season among the children
02:21:30 of Israel
02:21:31 uh and this could even even go back to
02:21:35 um
02:21:36 this five wise versions and the five
02:21:39 unwise right because I the five unwise
02:21:43 weren’t
02:21:44 keeping the ones that have to do with
02:21:46 the service
02:21:48 which included the annual ones because
02:21:50 the five have to do with our
02:21:52 relationship the wise
02:21:54 five have to do with keeping with our
02:21:57 neighbors but in addition to those with
02:22:00 Yahweh
02:22:01 and that’s here they didn’t do that
02:22:03 right for whatever reason they didn’t do
02:22:05 it at their appointed time
02:22:08 well what he’s saying and what he
02:22:10 they’re asking why are we held back just
02:22:13 because because we because we touched it
02:22:17 we touched the body of a dead man why
02:22:19 are we being held back because of this
02:22:21 right but um but I think the symbolic
02:22:23 I’m going more with the symbolic nature
02:22:25 or the spiritual nature behind it is
02:22:28 that death has to do with sin and they
02:22:30 touch something it was sinful
02:22:32 and right which made him so they
02:22:35 couldn’t have it at the first time right
02:22:37 and so they they weren’t keeping and
02:22:39 they knew
02:22:41 they knew the law
02:22:42 but they did it anyways
02:22:44 just like the terrestrial people they
02:22:47 knew the law but they just weren’t
02:22:49 diligent in keeping it yeah which is
02:22:52 okay exactly what happened here
02:22:55 and Moses said unto them stand still
02:22:58 and I will hear what you know wave will
02:23:00 command concerning you
02:23:02 so here’s another example through the
02:23:05 prophets leaders
02:23:07 mm-hmm right and the Lord spake unto
02:23:10 Moses and the Lord spake unto Moses
02:23:17 even the children of Israel saying any
02:23:19 man of your your or of your posterity
02:23:22 shall be unclean by reason of a dead
02:23:23 body or be in a journey afar off yet he
02:23:26 shall keep the Passover on and yet he
02:23:28 shall keep the Passover unto your way
02:23:30 14th is the second month that even they
02:23:33 shall keep it and eat it with unleavened
02:23:36 bread and bitter herbs
02:23:44 yeah second month second Resurrection
02:23:47 second yeah
02:23:51 okay they used to leave none of it until
02:23:53 the morning nor break any bone of it
02:23:55 according to all the ordinances of the
02:23:58 Passover they shall keep it
02:24:00 but the man that is clean and is not in
02:24:04 a journey and forbeareth to keep the
02:24:06 Passover even the same Soul self they
02:24:08 cut off from among these people and
02:24:09 because he brought not the offering of
02:24:11 the way in his appointed season that man
02:24:14 shall bear his sin so this would be
02:24:18 talking about the sons of perditions
02:24:20 right
02:24:21 they just
02:24:23 they completely rejected it just like
02:24:25 completely rejecting Yahweh which is
02:24:27 where the and the law right this is
02:24:30 where this is the partitions go
02:24:34 and if a stranger shall sojourn among
02:24:37 you and will keep the Passover unto the
02:24:39 left way according to the ordinance of
02:24:42 the Passover and according to the men of
02:24:43 their own social who ye shall have one
02:24:46 ordinance both for the stranger one
02:24:48 ordinance both for the stranger one
02:24:51 ordinance both for the stranger and for
02:24:55 him that was born in the land
02:24:57 The Stranger is someone who was not of
02:25:00 Israel but then uh joined Israel right
02:25:03 who’s now who was not a Believer and who
02:25:07 is now a Believer right yes exactly okay
02:25:12 so I think that’s something but so the
02:25:13 point is the point is that if we want to
02:25:15 be considered Believers but we have to
02:25:17 start looking at this stuff
02:25:18 what
02:25:22 yeah we have to start looking at this
02:25:24 stuff with an eye to keeping it because
02:25:26 if we don’t we’re not Believers you
02:25:28 don’t really believe in Yeshua you don’t
02:25:29 really because you don’t believe in you
02:25:31 well you don’t believe in Yahweh you
02:25:33 don’t believe in Yeshua
02:25:34 so on on that point if you hate what
02:25:40 comes out of yahweh’s mouth can you
02:25:43 really love Yahweh
02:25:46 no not at all
02:25:49 because
02:25:51 if you don’t like who someone is and
02:25:54 what they teach you really don’t like
02:25:56 that person
02:25:58 because that’s who they are
02:26:00 is what they’re teaching and what’s
02:26:01 coming out of their mouth right and what
02:26:04 they’re doing right yeah
02:26:08 yep that’s right and if it’s good enough
02:26:12 for yesterday probably
02:26:14 what’s that well I didn’t hear Matt I
02:26:17 said look at the Pharisees they’re a
02:26:19 perfect example but what but all that
02:26:22 but all I’m saying is that this law
02:26:26 was good enough for Yeshua
02:26:28 yeah it’s good enough for you
02:26:31 no you’re kidding nah that’s nah oh no I
02:26:35 see because we’re holier than Yeshua
02:26:42 this one’s pretty short numbers 28 16.
02:26:46 and this this is intermingled with the
02:26:48 law Moses but this is the only one
02:26:49 that’s like real specific to the
02:26:52 Passover
02:26:53 per se I mean there’s a few more but
02:26:55 this is the one I brought up and in the
02:26:57 14th day of the first month is the
02:27:00 Passover of Yahweh okay so that one’s
02:27:02 there’s really not much to say there so
02:27:05 Deuteronomy 16 is
02:27:08 I I
02:27:10 there’s more in here and we can look at
02:27:11 later but I I this is the one I think is
02:27:14 a little more confusing and I think also
02:27:16 this is one that gets twisted why
02:27:18 they’ll say the Levites need to do it at
02:27:21 the temple
02:27:23 um and this is because it has a
02:27:27 so part of the law of Moses is doing
02:27:29 extra sacrifices for the law of Moses on
02:27:32 specific days including
02:27:35 um Passover which this one leads into
02:27:38 but I didn’t copy everything over but
02:27:40 anyways
02:27:41 um but as we read through this it’ll
02:27:43 hopefully it’ll become more obvious
02:27:45 um and
02:27:48 um
02:27:48 Zach you want to take another term
02:27:50 reading
02:27:57 so verse one
02:28:02 observe the month of Abid
02:28:12 yeah this is where they’re doing most
02:28:15 Hebrews will do a hard B which is more
02:28:18 like a v i mean this happens in Spanish
02:28:20 too but anyways
02:28:22 I’ve said the month of Habib
02:28:25 and keeps the Passover into into Yahweh
02:28:28 by Elohim
02:28:30 for in the month of abib Yahweh Thai
02:28:33 Elohim brought thee out of Egypt by by
02:28:36 night
02:28:37 so
02:28:38 um on this point a bib means fresh or
02:28:42 young
02:28:43 um I it’s not dealing with the
02:28:48 um
02:28:50 the ripeness of barley okay for example
02:28:54 even here it’s bringing out when Yahweh
02:28:56 brought them out
02:28:58 just before Yahweh brought them out
02:29:01 barley was destroyed
02:29:03 okay and we can go get the verse if you
02:29:05 want but I’m
02:29:08 um I’d rather not Sidetrack because
02:29:10 we’re taking longer than I actually
02:29:11 should be but I’m gonna keep going yeah
02:29:14 let’s keep going let’s keep plugging on
02:29:16 but anyways this does not have to do
02:29:18 with barley which which a lot of people
02:29:20 will claim has to do with the fresh
02:29:23 month or the young month
02:29:25 uh and you can see that here in fact
02:29:29 sometimes
02:29:30 translated ear but refresh but anyways
02:29:33 okay
02:29:35 um
02:29:36 two
02:29:39 I show up there for a sacrifice the
02:29:42 Passover into Yahweh they Elohim
02:29:45 of the flag
02:29:46 and the herd
02:29:48 in the place which she always shall
02:29:51 choose to put to place his name there
02:29:53 okay so this is where I believe and I
02:29:56 think as we if we talk it through some
02:29:58 it says where it’s intermedially the
02:30:01 portions of the law of Moses that are
02:30:03 supposed to happen on Passover okay so
02:30:06 flunk and we can look at this in in the
02:30:09 dictionary in fact maybe we should go to
02:30:11 Bible Hub here to even
02:30:13 get to that I think that’ll be it I
02:30:16 think the Bible Hub is one of my
02:30:18 favorite resources yeah yeah well I
02:30:20 think this one’s an important one to do
02:30:22 it on
02:30:23 um or some are more important than
02:30:25 others right
02:30:26 um
02:30:27 especially since
02:30:29 uh I’m bringing something out I’ve never
02:30:31 heard anybody
02:30:33 stayed okay
02:30:35 um but from
02:30:37 my own studies and I would say
02:30:39 inspiration from Yahweh this makes sense
02:30:41 okay
02:30:42 verse 2.
02:30:45 in fact it’s I’ll bring this out later
02:30:47 but here it’s interesting the Bremen
02:30:50 Breen
02:30:52 Study Bible that reverses the order of
02:30:55 heard and flock I mean that’s not a big
02:30:57 deal
02:30:58 right whatever and I think this should
02:31:00 be and and not or and we’ll get into
02:31:02 that as we go through this but heard
02:31:06 okay
02:31:09 that’s cattle or an ox
02:31:12 so right speaking when people think of
02:31:15 Passover they think lamb obviously right
02:31:19 but when
02:31:21 um you start looking at what the extra
02:31:24 sacrifices that the law most of law
02:31:26 Moses required
02:31:29 um for that day in fact let’s
02:31:31 hopefully
02:31:33 numbers 28 is the right one for this but
02:31:36 because there’s there’s three main
02:31:38 chapters in Torah for the law of Moses
02:31:42 hopefully numbers 28 is a good one
02:31:46 if not I we can get look at the other
02:31:48 ones I’m just trying to help redo this
02:31:50 part but 28 but numbers 28 is
02:31:54 uh yeah it’s one of them there’s a
02:31:57 couple of them right
02:31:59 um yeah let’s see 16.
02:32:02 so 16. I think I think there’s even one
02:32:04 in Exodus
02:32:06 yes there is and there’s one
02:32:10 okay
02:32:12 uh Passover
02:32:15 codes
02:32:18 15th day of this month you should be the
02:32:20 holidays
02:32:23 thank you
02:32:26 so this one’s talking about the 15th but
02:32:29 here like here’s an example okay this is
02:32:31 probably not the best one but just to
02:32:33 bring out the example here here on the
02:32:36 15th they’re supposed to do for this is
02:32:38 La Moses right here
02:32:40 um
02:32:41 two young Bullocks and a ram and seven
02:32:45 lambs of the first year they shall be
02:32:47 unto you without blemish their meat
02:32:49 offering okay
02:32:52 um so this one’s not a good one for for
02:32:55 password one let me see oh I should
02:32:58 probably should have not live
02:33:00 I’ve done that
02:33:02 um let me move this over
02:33:05 just so I can see my other notes for the
02:33:07 other chapters hold on
02:33:11 um
02:33:14 so Exodus 29 let’s go look there that’s
02:33:17 another law of Moses one
02:33:23 so the main point I’m trying to bring
02:33:25 out is this herd
02:33:27 is La Moses stuff
02:33:30 um I’m not the most prepared but I’m
02:33:33 trying to see if we can actually find it
02:33:35 so it’s going to be F probably after 42.
02:33:40 um
02:33:41 burnt offering there should meet with
02:33:43 children
02:33:46 no okay so let’s call it Leviticus
02:33:51 this is where I wish I had more time to
02:33:53 prepare
02:33:56 um yeah it happens
02:33:58 uh well
02:34:00 I there’s a lot of General stuff I have
02:34:03 in mind sometimes in the specifics I
02:34:05 have to go find it right
02:34:08 you might have to do a certain offering
02:34:11 flower
02:34:17 you know
02:34:23 thank you
02:34:28 [Music]
02:34:32 okay hold on
02:34:36 I have some other
02:34:39 maybe I can find it faster
02:34:43 because they’re
02:34:45 first
02:34:56 [Music]
02:35:08 well here when we’re oh I’m in the wrong
02:35:11 spot that’s why I’m not seeing what I
02:35:13 wanted oh I’m sorry guys
02:35:17 [Music]
02:35:23 uh okay
02:35:25 here we go
02:35:27 so here’s here they kept the Passover
02:35:30 right here’s the lab but and Joshua gave
02:35:33 to the people of flocks
02:35:37 for the Passover offering so look here’s
02:35:40 they’re adding additional things that to
02:35:43 the
02:35:44 um
02:35:45 law of Moses it’s for the for Passover
02:35:48 that’s specified in the law that I’m
02:35:50 having a hard time finding but here’s an
02:35:51 example that I I’m finding quicker okay
02:35:54 and that we’re prepared to the number of
02:35:57 30
02:35:59 000 and 3 000 Bullocks that’s a herd
02:36:02 right there that’s law Moses stuff
02:36:05 because we’re of the king’s substance
02:36:07 and the princess gave willing unto the
02:36:09 people to the priests and to the Levites
02:36:12 uh
02:36:14 offerings of 2 600 small cattle that’s a
02:36:17 herd and three
02:36:19 hundred oxen that’s another herd right
02:36:22 so this is La Moses stuff right there
02:36:24 which is done away
02:36:27 um
02:36:29 5 000 small cattle
02:36:32 500 auction anyways you get the picture
02:36:35 right that’s probably they killed the
02:36:37 Passover and the priests sprinkled blood
02:36:39 with their hands and you guys played
02:36:41 them
02:36:42 you know the rest of the Passover well
02:36:46 the main thing is that this seems like a
02:36:48 little this seems a little bit like
02:36:50 excessive piety to me
02:36:52 uh they may have
02:36:55 Solomon when they uh dedicated
02:36:58 this is this is Josiah realizing that
02:37:02 they haven’t kept the law this whole
02:37:04 time and so he decides to yeah he must
02:37:07 be trying to make it all up in one year
02:37:09 yeah that could be what’s going on I
02:37:12 don’t know
02:37:13 um
02:37:16 which sounds like the mistake of a young
02:37:19 mind
02:37:20 uh yeah which he was
02:37:25 um
02:37:27 but make it up to you but I’m gonna make
02:37:29 an update
02:37:30 but the main point I was trying to bring
02:37:32 out is how um law Moses which I I didn’t
02:37:36 do the best at finding because I was
02:37:37 trying to do it quick but we saw it for
02:37:39 some other holidays it does State the
02:37:42 extra things are done for the law of
02:37:44 Moses for
02:37:45 different High holidays right I think
02:37:49 that the I I think that a lot of
02:37:52 Josiah’s reforms are largely responsible
02:37:55 for the fact for why the Jews
02:37:58 and why even the Jews tie the logos
02:38:03 I don’t have an opinion on that at this
02:38:06 point and I don’t want to focus on it
02:38:09 right now
02:38:10 um because we’re almost done with just
02:38:11 reading the scriptures and then I might
02:38:14 have to
02:38:15 call it a night
02:38:17 um because I’m actually going longer
02:38:18 than I’m supposed to if I want to finish
02:38:20 this okay
02:38:22 um so what we’re oh okay so the small
02:38:25 animals
02:38:26 um and the large herd so those
02:38:31 goes along with the law of Moses stuff
02:38:32 which I did not do the best in
02:38:34 demonstrating it
02:38:36 um because I’m not the most prepared I
02:38:37 was trying to get prepared with this
02:38:39 stuff
02:38:40 but obviously you can see I was not
02:38:43 completely but in the place where Yahweh
02:38:45 shall choose his place name to be there
02:38:48 okay so that is
02:38:50 somewhere that Yahweh states that should
02:38:52 happen okay now later In this passage
02:38:55 we’re going to see that he says without
02:38:57 the gates that’s different
02:39:00 Passover Lamb is done without the gates
02:39:04 the extra animals for law Moses is done
02:39:08 at the temple and this is where
02:39:11 um I believe that the Jews twist this
02:39:15 passage
02:39:16 to say that all the Lambs for Passover
02:39:19 had to be done at the temple
02:39:21 which is why they say it’s the levite
02:39:24 priest doing it which we went over
02:39:25 before that’s not the case right in fact
02:39:28 just summer
02:39:31 messages that show that
02:39:35 and so the whole but the whole thing is
02:39:38 the reason that exists is because
02:39:41 Hezekiah made a law stating that all
02:39:45 sacrifices were to be done at the temple
02:39:47 and that’s in the Bible
02:39:50 okay uh I don’t doubt you I don’t know
02:39:52 that verse
02:39:54 um but um he made some mistakes for sure
02:39:58 um probably in his Zeal instead of his
02:40:01 correct knowledge right which goes along
02:40:05 with Zeal still without knowledge right
02:40:07 but anyways
02:40:09 um
02:40:11 uh okay so I think that’s enough on that
02:40:14 [Music]
02:40:15 um
02:40:17 so here
02:40:19 uh thou shall eat no love and bread with
02:40:22 it so unleavened bread
02:40:24 seven days thou shall eat leaven bread
02:40:27 there with even the bread of Affliction
02:40:30 I’m just reminding them how they were
02:40:32 reflected because
02:40:34 of their sins the reason we get
02:40:36 Afflicted is because of your sins and
02:40:38 here’s the unleavened bread trying to
02:40:40 remind them to let the their sins go
02:40:42 right or the false teachings which is
02:40:44 causes and
02:40:46 because
02:40:47 false belief in themselves are not a sin
02:40:50 and Joe Smith has a good quote on that I
02:40:52 don’t want to go get it but the problem
02:40:55 with faults at least some false police
02:40:57 they will cause you to sin and there are
02:41:01 a lot of those especially in the New
02:41:03 Testament Yeshua stated that a lot of
02:41:05 those false Traditions make Torah null
02:41:07 and void
02:41:08 AKA they make you sin right
02:41:13 some false Traditions don’t do that and
02:41:16 some do
02:41:18 um
02:41:19 for thou came forth out of the land of
02:41:22 Egypt
02:41:23 and haste so there’s that fast again and
02:41:26 leaving the World Behind right
02:41:30 and do it fast don’t do it slow
02:41:34 no that thou mayest remember the day so
02:41:37 this is where we’re supposed to remember
02:41:39 when this happened that thou came as
02:41:41 fourth out of the land of Egypt all the
02:41:43 days of thy life always remember
02:41:47 why we left Egypt right
02:41:51 always always
02:41:54 um not just for a while but always
02:41:57 yeah I’ll think about it for a minute
02:42:01 well then you should only be alive for a
02:42:04 minute then uh
02:42:05 [Laughter]
02:42:08 unless you want to break the law
02:42:14 okay
02:42:17 there shall be no loving breads seen
02:42:21 with thee and all thy Coast seven days
02:42:25 so this is talking about unleavened
02:42:27 bread with it because the unleavened
02:42:28 bread and Passover go together okay
02:42:30 neither shall there anything of the
02:42:33 flesh
02:42:34 which thou Sanctified in the first day
02:42:39 at either sacrifice yeah so as remain
02:42:42 until the morning so this is talking
02:42:45 about the lamb that was sacrificed okay
02:42:48 so this is the Passover Lamb
02:42:53 um which there’s other verses about you
02:42:55 know making sure you eat it before the
02:42:58 the day is over just right there so
02:43:01 that’s just repeating that same
02:43:03 commandment again
02:43:05 and we’ve already gone over some
02:43:06 symbolism on that so I’m not going to do
02:43:08 that again
02:43:10 five thou mayest not sacrifice the
02:43:13 Passover within and in fact I’m just
02:43:16 gonna put the lamb
02:43:19 within any of thy Gates which Yahweh thy
02:43:23 Elohim giveth thee so
02:43:25 the actual Passover Lamb
02:43:28 this landed up it has to be slain
02:43:30 outside the city which guess what Yeshua
02:43:33 was slain outside the city Gates
02:43:37 according to the law right yep
02:43:42 um
02:43:42 and at the place
02:43:45 which Yahweh thy Elohim so this is why
02:43:47 so this
02:43:49 um before I forget this is what this is
02:43:51 why this is the other reason why the
02:43:54 last supper was not on Passover
02:43:58 well this is the
02:44:00 sacrifice had to happen on Passover
02:44:04 correct yes yes on that point yes the
02:44:07 sacrifice happened on Passover
02:44:10 um the sacrifice had to happen on the
02:44:12 past so right so anybody who says the
02:44:15 Last Supper is on Passover is an idiot
02:44:18 uh I wouldn’t say an idiot I would say
02:44:21 they’ve clinged to false Traditions but
02:44:24 hopefully after listening to this
02:44:26 they’ll become wise with the knowledge
02:44:30 of Torah to show that that’s a false
02:44:32 tradition because
02:44:34 we all have
02:44:36 um second Nephi 28 brings out how the
02:44:39 sincere and heart will be taught false
02:44:41 Traditions from false teachers hopefully
02:44:43 that’s what they are and now that
02:44:45 they’re learning from the actual law
02:44:46 that they’ll correct their incorrect
02:44:48 belief right
02:44:50 but yeah that’s true
02:44:53 uh I do sometimes too and so we we got
02:44:57 to keep each other in check as we do
02:44:58 right
02:44:59 because you’ve you’ve kept me to check
02:45:02 at times
02:45:03 um so but here here’s without the gates
02:45:07 in verse 5 and verse 2 with the place
02:45:09 with his name there and that’s the
02:45:12 temple this is where I say
02:45:15 this is mixing La Moses
02:45:19 an actual Passover together because law
02:45:22 of Moses has a component for Passover in
02:45:26 it and that’s what’s going on here which
02:45:28 I was not the most prepared into showing
02:45:30 but it’s there I’m just
02:45:33 I’m running late as it is
02:45:36 um
02:45:37 first six
02:45:39 but at the place which Yahweh Thai illum
02:45:41 shall choose to place his name in there
02:45:44 shall sacrifice the Passover at evening
02:45:46 so this is the law of Moses Passover and
02:45:50 extracy extra sacrifices at the going
02:45:53 down of the Sun at the season that thou
02:45:56 Camus forth out of Egypt so at this
02:46:00 evening I I think a better translation
02:46:02 would be between the evenings because of
02:46:06 when the lamb from the law of Moses or
02:46:09 the second lamb per day on the law of
02:46:12 Moses is sacrificed and that is between
02:46:13 the evenings when we go look at the
02:46:17 more specific law of Moses versus which
02:46:21 um I’d rather not do right now because
02:46:23 I’m past my budget on time as it is
02:46:27 already so
02:46:30 um
02:46:32 in fact maybe I will just because that’s
02:46:34 important let’s see if I can find it
02:46:36 quickly
02:46:38 um just to make that point
02:46:46 no not this one
02:46:53 so
02:46:59 am I spelling it wrong
02:47:02 off our evening evening
02:47:04 [Music]
02:47:10 are you trying to spell the word evening
02:47:13 am I spelling it wrong
02:47:17 e-v-e-n-i-n-g
02:47:21 well make sure you spell the whole world
02:47:23 well no but eve even so that’s uh yes
02:47:28 the other name I saw that often offer it
02:47:30 even uh this one do it showing between
02:47:33 the evening so I I I I’m not going to
02:47:36 spend any more time on that
02:47:38 um it’s there as I told you I’ve already
02:47:41 gone past what I was totally
02:47:43 was allowed to do one time
02:47:47 um
02:47:47 [Music]
02:47:50 uh okay so between the evenings I think
02:47:53 is a better translation of that at the
02:47:55 going down of the Sun at the season or
02:47:58 the appointed time which that out came
02:48:00 forth out of Egypt right so that’s
02:48:03 referencing back to uh Exodus 12.
02:48:08 um seven
02:48:11 thou shot roast fire as we talked about
02:48:14 with uh baptismal fire and eat it in the
02:48:18 place which Yahweh thy element shall
02:48:20 choose which is thy house and thou shalt
02:48:24 turn in the morning and go
02:48:27 up go on to thy tent so you’re gonna
02:48:30 leave in the morning which is what
02:48:33 happened because the tents you’re not
02:48:35 going to go take your tents and leave
02:48:37 um in Tabernacle in the wilderness which
02:48:41 is what we’re going through right now
02:48:44 did you want to add something
02:48:47 oh no I’m just saying the tents or
02:48:49 sucrose I think yeah
02:48:52 yes yeah
02:48:55 the circus
02:48:56 yeah yes all right
02:49:01 so and then eight
02:49:05 um
02:49:06 goes along with leading into unleavened
02:49:09 bread six days thou shall eat unleavened
02:49:11 bread and on the seventh day shall be a
02:49:13 solemn assembly to the Yahweh thy
02:49:16 element shall do no work there and so
02:49:18 that would make it the 22nd which on the
02:49:22 lunar Sabbath is actually a Sabbath
02:49:26 it fits right in
02:49:28 um
02:49:29 so with that I do think we read all the
02:49:34 main verses in Torah on Passover
02:49:38 and I think it brings out multiple
02:49:40 aspects like Deuteronomy 9 Deuteronomy
02:49:43 16 I do believe it’s a mixture of
02:49:47 law of Moses portion of what’s supposed
02:49:51 to be done on Passover and although I
02:49:52 made that clear
02:49:55 um and just Passover itself is kind of
02:49:58 mixed together
02:50:00 um
02:50:01 numbers nine some of the symbolism that
02:50:04 I think
02:50:05 points to people with who receive the
02:50:09 terrestrial glory and the resurrection
02:50:13 Leviticus 23 doesn’t really say much and
02:50:16 then we did a lot on Exodus 12 and
02:50:19 bringing out symbolism in that one
02:50:23 um
02:50:24 I I know Zach had something that he
02:50:27 wanted to share but I think we’ll have
02:50:29 to
02:50:30 put a link into it in the comments but I
02:50:33 I personally don’t have time tonight I’m
02:50:36 sorry I have a good question sure
02:50:41 I heard that
02:50:42 [Music]
02:50:42 um
02:50:44 you’re supposed to like
02:50:45 burn stuff that makes living
02:50:48 right
02:50:50 uh so on on 11 you
02:50:54 um you’re supposed to get rid of 11 out
02:50:58 of your house and it’s out of your house
02:51:00 yeah well you don’t have to burn it you
02:51:03 just get rid of it and
02:51:05 um it’s not all leavened it’s
02:51:08 uh in fact Paul talks about as a lump
02:51:10 because it’s in oh I forget where hold
02:51:15 on
02:51:16 I have no in fact I might do a little
02:51:19 bit more where I shouldn’t but unless we
02:51:22 were going over Exodus 12 it was I
02:51:25 wonder if if it wasn’t there but I did
02:51:27 too uh
02:51:32 the Bernie the burning of Levitt the
02:51:35 burning of all 11 products is a uh it is
02:51:39 a is a product of pharisaical
02:51:43 um and paracetical tradition yeah
02:51:46 um
02:51:47 you just have to get rid of your bread
02:51:50 starter that’s what it’s being talked
02:51:52 about in actual is it like stuff like
02:51:56 like um
02:51:58 baker’s yeast
02:52:00 it’s it’s not even the yeast that you
02:52:02 need to get up so uh
02:52:05 yeast is in the air
02:52:07 literally it’s in the air
02:52:09 and in fact when you go by grace
02:52:17 yeah
02:52:19 well right but like but okay we have but
02:52:23 okay wait okay red starter okay I’m
02:52:27 thinking baking baker’s yeast a specific
02:52:31 type of yeast no the stuff that makes
02:52:34 your bread rise
02:52:36 but that’s not what it’s all yeast makes
02:52:38 things rise it’s the bread starter
02:52:41 because the the so there’s yeast in the
02:52:44 air and the white stuff that’s on your
02:52:46 grapes when you buy them from the
02:52:47 grocery store that’s yeast and it’s
02:52:49 actually enough yeast to make a weak
02:52:53 wine
02:52:54 and that is done by leavening and so you
02:52:58 can’t get rid of all of it and and
02:53:02 um
02:53:03 you’re missing what I’m saying oh okay
02:53:05 so there’s a different type there are
02:53:09 different types of bread starter there’s
02:53:12 a bread starter that’s called baker’s
02:53:14 yeast that is the stuff that makes your
02:53:17 bread rise that’s is that one of the
02:53:21 things that I’ve got to get rid of well
02:53:23 no but I’m saying it’s not that I’m
02:53:24 saying it’s actually your
02:53:26 so the bread starter is a lump that’s
02:53:29 actually is bread that they keep around
02:53:32 for the whole year
02:53:35 so every year they get rid of that dough
02:53:39 the breads the actual physical dough
02:53:43 and get rid of it
02:53:45 because well I don’t have any actual
02:53:48 physical though well then you don’t have
02:53:50 to get rid of it
02:53:53 correct how about stuff like that
02:53:56 baking soda
02:53:58 oh no it’s not baking soda I I don’t
02:54:02 know who would be teaching you to get
02:54:04 rid of baking soda I don’t know
02:54:07 um since I’m having a hard time putting
02:54:09 it in my notes
02:54:10 um I thought it was it I thought it was
02:54:12 like a
02:54:14 thing that could help prize the bread
02:54:19 So it’s talking about
02:54:22 old
02:54:24 yeah
02:54:28 the way that they did break back ends
02:54:30 they started it from from a starter yeah
02:54:36 yeah there you go okay I got you
02:54:42 um
02:54:44 get rid of the old leaven that you may
02:54:47 be new living batch so in the King James
02:54:50 that says a lump in fact I think
02:54:53 that’s a better translation in this case
02:54:56 so I I mean James isn’t complete garbage
02:55:00 anyways so in other words I can still
02:55:04 make unleavened bread with baking yeast
02:55:08 so no is that what because that no
02:55:11 because that’s you’re then making a
02:55:14 breadstick
02:55:15 I just don’t have to get rid of my
02:55:17 Baker’s you because that would make my
02:55:20 life can’t go put it in the dough
02:55:22 because then you’re making a new bread
02:55:23 starter before you’re allowed to oh yeah
02:55:27 gotcha okay okay so so basically my
02:55:30 bread though what I have in it right now
02:55:33 salt baker’s yeast
02:55:36 uh nutritional yeast
02:55:38 sugar flour well actually some salt can
02:55:42 be 11. so if you have dough assault in
02:55:44 it I would say get rid of it
02:55:46 um but get rid of the salt we’ll get rid
02:55:49 of the dough that has no but I’m making
02:55:52 my listen to me so when I’m making my
02:55:56 dough
02:55:57 I need to not add salt or baker’s yeast
02:56:00 or nutritional yeast that’s what you’re
02:56:02 saying correct that is what I’m saying
02:56:05 so sugar and flour basically I’m making
02:56:09 pancakes
02:56:11 I I don’t know if you would add sugar
02:56:15 but anyways you don’t add anything
02:56:17 that’s what I add to my bread that’s
02:56:19 what I put in my bread
02:56:22 if you take out the bread if you take up
02:56:25 the salt on the and the and all the
02:56:29 yeasts what he’s left with is flour and
02:56:31 sugar and do that I I I’m not a cooking
02:56:35 expert yeah but here here’s the Versa
02:56:39 no I I think the King James translates
02:56:41 this a little better Purge out there for
02:56:44 the old leaven that you may be a new
02:56:46 lump that lump is that dough starter
02:56:50 okay it’s not the yeast that’s in that’s
02:56:54 everywhere it’s that breadstarter and
02:56:57 that’s why Paul here is saying lump it’s
02:57:00 that dough that you keep pulling from to
02:57:04 get the starter
02:57:06 because we are unleavened for even
02:57:09 Christ Our Passover is sacrifice for us
02:57:14 we get rid of the old teaching so that
02:57:17 way we’re going to start accepting the
02:57:19 new teachings uh would you want to say
02:57:20 Zach
02:57:22 I think I got that
02:57:23 idea from
02:57:26 the RiverWinds in their video
02:57:28 about how they do Passover uh I’m I I
02:57:32 know some of their stuff I’m not real
02:57:34 familiar with theirs but I
02:57:36 baking soda makes I I makes no logical
02:57:40 sense to me I getting rid of
02:57:44 like yeast in the house makes a little
02:57:46 more sense to me as in as a you know a
02:57:50 Passover reading of it but not
02:57:52 understanding everything that’s the
02:57:54 culture and the context and and also
02:57:56 leaving out
02:57:57 um Paul as we bring out here right
02:58:00 but I just I don’t know how you get
02:58:03 baking soda I can understand how some
02:58:05 people get
02:58:06 um yeast I do believe it’s incorrect as
02:58:09 I demonstrated here but
02:58:12 um
02:58:13 yeah baking soda I have no idea sorry I
02:58:17 just have no idea they might be
02:58:19 listening to
02:58:21 the you know rabbis uh it could be I I
02:58:25 don’t know a tradition on that one but I
02:58:27 don’t study the rabbis much so one thing
02:58:32 uh
02:58:34 [Music]
02:58:37 one other thing real quick
02:58:39 um just as it’s
02:58:44 this one so one thing that’s interesting
02:58:48 um yeah I want to end with this
02:58:50 first fruits
02:58:52 uh which is you know near the beginning
02:58:55 of unleavened bread right it’s about the
02:58:59 resurrection now one thing I find
02:59:01 interesting that the things that you’re
02:59:04 supposed to do in first fruits actually
02:59:08 points us to the law of Moses that has
02:59:11 to happen with the daily two Lambs
02:59:15 and in my opinion
02:59:17 that’s to tell us who is the first fruit
02:59:21 it is that lamb
02:59:24 that was sacrificed
02:59:26 yeah that makes sense and then
02:59:29 resurrected as the first fruits of those
02:59:31 who as the first fruits those who slept
02:59:34 but and I don’t want to do a whole bunch
02:59:36 of this but those who know what the law
02:59:37 of Moses says those connects and I’ll
02:59:40 just show it one more the other one so
02:59:42 people can read it and pause it because
02:59:44 I am way past my time
02:59:47 um a quick question it connects so go
02:59:50 ahead Zach
02:59:52 um
02:59:54 the first fruits like a lot of it
02:59:57 a lot of it it’s um
03:00:00 observance is like
03:00:03 is like through the temple right
03:00:06 yeah that’s at the temple
03:00:08 yeah like most of how would you how do
03:00:11 we observe it now
03:00:13 like first fruits do as close as it you
03:00:16 can if you can get some barley go wave
03:00:20 it up
03:00:22 um also there
03:00:26 [Music]
03:00:26 um
03:00:29 you can go do some of this you can
03:00:32 do some of that but the most common
03:00:34 thing that I’ve seen is people have a
03:00:36 meal and then wave some wheat or barley
03:00:39 I I would say barley because that’s the
03:00:41 one that’s going to be at that time is
03:00:42 that some people get the wheat and The
03:00:43 Barley mixed up on their Seasons it
03:00:45 should be barley
03:00:47 maybe maybe we can
03:00:49 address some of that like next time
03:00:52 uh sure sure we can I just I I’m
03:00:56 will this will that be after the fact
03:00:58 will that be after the fact
03:01:01 uh no it’ll it’ll be the day before
03:01:07 oh first fruits is after the Sabbath
03:01:10 right
03:01:12 that’s right
03:01:14 it’s a dream it’s what the Yeah Yeah so
03:01:18 three days and three nights it’s the day
03:01:20 after anyways okay it’s the day after
03:01:23 the Sabbath right
03:01:25 you’re 16. yeah it’s getting too late
03:01:26 it’s getting too late
03:01:28 yeah okay well um my brain is not
03:01:32 tracking much right now
03:01:34 do you do you have a question or a
03:01:37 closing statement Kesley that you want
03:01:38 to do
03:01:40 oh no I don’t okay
03:01:44 um all right well I think it’s good to
03:01:46 call it a night
03:01:48 um Shalom
03:01:51 um