MUCH vs ALL in LDS D&C 132:40

There are many articles that bring out the various problems of the LDS / Brighamite supposed Doctrine and Covenants section 132. My Marriage resource page lists some of my favorite ones. Not to mention 2 Nephi 28:8 vs LDS D&C 132:26 which I wrote to bring out how 2 Nephi (LDS 28:8) (RLDS 12:10-11) states that one thing is wrong and the supposed LDS D&C 132:26 says it is good, and actually a blessing for entering into polygamy.

Just a quick reminder the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, and the Bible all teach that YHWH’s ways don’t change.

Alma (LDS 7:20) (RLDS 5:34-35) I perceive that it has been made known unto you, by the testimony of his word, that he cannot walk in crooked paths; NEITHER DOTH HE VARY FROM THAT WHICH HE HATH SAID; neither hath he a shadow of turning from the right to the left, or from that which is right to that which is wrong; therefore, his course is one eternal round.

If any man preaches to you, doctrines contrary to the Bible, the Book of Mormon, or the Book of Doctrine & Covenants, set him down as an imposter … Try them by the principles contained in the acknowledged word of God; if they preach, or teach, or practice contrary to that, disfellowship them; cut them off from among you as useless and dangerous branches.
Joseph Smith, Times & Seasons

I want to make a quick note about the Doctrine and Covenants in the Joseph Smith quote. The last Doctrine and Covenants that was printed while Joseph Smith was alive was the 1835 edition. 1835 D&C 101 is the most famous in my mind regarding marriage which you can view at my Marriage resource page, or better yet go to Amazon to get a 1835 D&C replica, because you can’t get one at Desert Book. Other sections that are still in the LDS D&C speak out aganist polygamy such as these.

D&C (LDS 42:22-23) (RLDS 42) (1833 44,47) (1835 13) (1844 13) 22 Thou shalt love thy wife with all thy heart, and SHALT CLEAVE UNTO HER [SINGULAR] AND NONE ELSE [NO ONE ELSE]. 23 And he that LOOKETH upon a woman to LUST after her shall DENY THE FAITH, and shall NOT HAVE THE SPIRIT; and if he repents not he shall be cast out.

D&C (LDS 49:16) (RLDS 49) (1833 52) (1835 65) (1844 65) Wherefore, it is lawful that he should have one wife, and they twain shall be one flesh, and all this that the earth might answer the end of its creation;

D&C (LDS 42:22-23) (RLDS 42) (1833 44,47) (1835 13) (1844 13) reminds me of a verse in the Sermon on the Mount Matthew 5:28 and Sermon at the Temple 3 Nephi (LDS 12:28) (RLDS 5:77).

3 Nephi (LDS 12:28) (RLDS 5:77) But I say unto you, that whosoever LOOKETH on a woman, to LUST after her, hath COMMITTED ADULTRY already in his heart.

I don’t want to focus on this much, but this reminds me of yet another contradiction in LDS supposed D&C 132. Verse 61 to be specific.

D&C (LDS 132:61) And again, as pertaining to the law of the priesthood—if any man espouse a virgin, and DESIRE to espouse ANOTHER, and the first give her consent, and if he espouse the second, and they are VIRGINS, and have VOWED TO NO OTHER MAN, then is he justified; he cannot commit adultery for they are given unto him; for he cannot commit adultery with that that belongeth unto him and to no one else.

You might be asking how does LDS supposed D&C 132:61 contradict NOT LUSTING, as it never says the word. It is true it never says the word LUST, but it does contradict the precept of NOT LUSTING by stating we can DESIRE ANOTHER WOMEN. When we look at the definitions of these two words in the 1828 Webster’s Dictionary we will see how interconnected they are, to the point of using the other word to help define the word, not to mention that they are describing the same concept.

1828 Webster’s Dictionary, LUST:
1. Longing DESIRE; eagerness to possess or enjoy; as the lust of gain.
2. Concupiscence; CARNAL APPETITE; unlawful DESIRE of CARNAL PLEASURE. Romans 1:27. 2 Peter 2:10.
3. Evil propensity; depraved affections and DESIRES. James 1:14. Psalms 81:12.
verb intransitive
1. To DESIRE eagerly; to long; with after.
3. To have irregular or inordinate DESIRES.

1828 Webster’s Dictionary, DESIRE:
1. An emotion or excitement of the MIND, directed to the ATTAINMENT or POSSESSION of an object from which PLEASURE, SENSUAL, intellectual or spiritual, is expected; a PASSION excited by the love of an object, or uneasiness at the WANT of it, and directed to its attainment or possession. desire is a WISH to POSSESS some GRATIFICATION or source of happiness which is supposed to be obtainable. A wish may exist for something that is or is not attainable. desire when directed solely to SENSUAL enjoyment, differs little from APPETITE. In other languages, desire is expressed by longing or reaching toward, and when it is ardent or intense, it approaches to longing, but the word in English usually expresses less than longing.
Desire: is that INTERNAL ACT, which, by influencing the will, makes us proceed to action.
2. A prayer or request TO OBTAIN:
3. The OBJECT of desire; that which is desired.
5. Appetite; LUST. Fulfilling the DESIRES of the FLESH. Ephesians 2:3.
verb transitive
1. To wish for the possession or enjoyment of, with a greater or less degree of earnestness; TO COVET. It expresses less strength of affection than longing.
2. To express a wish TO OBTAIN; to ask; to request; to petition.

A person with an unrestrained heart will argue that there is no contradiction here, but a child of YHWH who has written YHWH’s laws upon their heart will know of the contradiction. Before I continue on, I want to leave you with some verses that the definition of DESIRE from the 1828 Webster’s Dictionary makes me think of:

Mosiah (LDS 13:24) (RLDS 7:124) THOU SHALT NOT COVET thy neighbor’s house, THOU SHALT NOT COVET thy neighbor’s WIFE, nor his man-servant, nor his maid-servant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor anything that is thy neighbor’s.

Alma (LDS 38:12) (RLDS 18:14-15) Use boldness, but not overbearance; and also see that ye BRIDLE ALL YOUR PASSIONS, that ye may be filled with love; see that ye refrain from idleness.

When discussing marriage with LDS / Brighamite members online, the LDS supposed D&C 132 is very likely to get brought up. And it has a ton problems with it regarding the doctrine in it and how it came about, and even it’s writing style has problems as talked about here LDS D&C 132 Writing Style Analysis by Enid DeBarthe (backup).

Not long ago I was sharing how I believe Joseph Smith only fought aganist polygam and how my favorite book on the subject is The Exoneration of Emma, Joseph & Hyrum: Part One. And a LDS / Brighamite member quoted some verses from the LDS supposed D&C 132 which included verse 40. I reread the verses he had shared, which didn’t change my belief regarding it. But I got a new insight from YHWH while doing so.

Before I share the insight I received, that is an additional witness of it not being from YHWH through Joseph Smith, I want us to read what verse 40 says.

LDS supposed D&C 132:40 I am the Lord thy God, and I gave unto thee, my servant Joseph, an appointment, and RESTORE ALL THINGS. Ask what ye will, and it shall be given unto you according to my word.

The insight I got while reading that verse this time was that “RESTORE ALL THINGS” contradicts what the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants states what Joseph Smith would do and even the Mighty One, who ever you might think he will be.

Since YHWH started waking me up, and I decided to act and arise, I have studied the Hebrew roots of my faith including the Hebrew roots of the Book of Mormon, as I talk about some in My Base. One thing I have learned is how the Sabbath starts in the morning and this truth is in the Book of Mormon as I bring out in On The Morrow / Morning. Here are two articles that focus on this from the Bible: Highlights from Sunrise or Sunset, The Undiscovered Sabbath Secret You Should Know. The reason I bring this out is because I know no statements from Joseph Smith on this subject. But I do know of people claiming to succeed Joseph Smith that claim revelations that teach the Sabbath starts in the evening, contrary to what is brought out in those three articles. Mainly what I am trying to bring out is that Joseph Smith did not restore everything. And the first scripture that I came across that teaches this after I awoke and arose is 1 Nephi (LDS 13:34) (RLDS 3:181-183).

1 Nephi (LDS 13:34) (RLDS 3:181-183) And it came to pass that the angel of the Lord spake unto me, saying: Behold, saith the Lamb of God, after I have visited the remnant of the house of Israel—and this remnant of whom I speak is the SEED OF THY FATHER—wherefore, after I have VISITED them in JUDGMENT, and smitten them by the HAND OF THE GENTILES, and after the GENTILES do STUMBLE EXCEEDINGLY, because of the MOST PLAIN and PRECIOUS PARTS of the GOSPEL of the Lamb which have been KEPT BACK by that abominable church, which is the mother of harlots, saith the Lamb—I will be merciful unto the Gentiles in that day, insomuch that I will bring forth unto them, in mine own power, MUCH OF MY GOSPEL, which shall be plain and precious, saith the Lamb.

The context of this verse is the apostacy and the restoration through Joseph Smith which the next verse helps shows. There is much before this verse that reminds me of prophecies from the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation. Especiailly the part about the many nations and kingdoms and a formation of a church. I also want to mention D&C (LDS 86:3) (1835 6) (1844 6) as it relates to a passage I share later. FROM BABYLON TO AMERICA: THE PROPHECY MOVIE is a top-notch video based on scriptures from the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation.

D&C (LDS 86:3) (1835 6) (1844 6) And after they [apostles] have fallen ASLEEP the great persecutor of the church, the apostate, the whore, even Babylon, that maketh all nations to drink of her cup, in whose hearts the enemy, even Satan, sitteth to reign—behold he soweth the tares; wherefore, the tares choke the wheat and drive the church into the wilderness.

I want to focus on a phrase near the end of 1 Nephi (LDS 13:34) (RLDS 3:181-183) “MUCH OF MY GOSPEL”. Much is less than ALL, as is claimed in the LDS supposed D&C 132:40 “… RESTORE ALL THINGS …” . Lets look at the definitions of MUCH and ALL in the 1828 Webster’s Dictionary to make sure I’m not just having a confirmation bias. Below are summaries of the definitions along with links where they are taken from.

1828 Webster’s Dictionary, MUCH:
1. Great in quantity or amount
2. Long in duration
3. Many in number
adverb: In a great degree
1. To a great degree or extent; qualifying verbs and participles.
2. Often or long
3. Nearly.
noun: A great quantity; a great deal.
1. More than enough;

1828 Webster’s Dictionary, ALL:
1. Every one, or the whole number of particulars.
2. The whole quantity, extent, duration, amount, quality, or degree;
adverb: Wholly; completely; entirely;
1. The whole number;
2. The whole; the entire thing; the aggregate amount;

I hope it is clear from reviewing the defitions of MUCH and ALL that these two words are different, and that MUCH is less than ALL.

With all of this in mind the LDS supposed D&C 132:40 contradicts 1 Nephi (LDS 13:34) (RLDS 3:181-183) and fails the test that Joseph Smith teaches us in this quote from him:

Many true things were spoken by this personage and many things that were false.—How it may be asked was this known to be a bad angel? … by his contradicting a former revelation.
Joseph Smith, Times and Seasons 3, April 1, 1842, 747

YHWH gave us the law of two or three witnesses for establishing a broken law and for establishing His word and His doctrine. It is to prevent the innoocent from receiving a punishment for an unbroken law, and to help us understand YHWH true teachings and ways that we may abide in His Spirit, see The Holy Spirit and The Holy Ghost are the Same.

2 Corinthians 13:1 This is the THIRD time I am coming to you. In the mouth of TWO OR THREE witnesses shall EVERY WORD BE ESTABLISHED.

D&C (LDS 6:28-29) (RLDS 6) (1833 5) (1835 8) (1844 8) And now, behold, I give unto you, and also unto my servant Joseph, the keys of this gift, which shall bring to light this ministry; and in the MOUTH OF TWO OR THREE WITNESSES SHALL EVERY WORD BE ESTABLISHED. 29 Verily, verily, I say unto you, if they reject my WORDS, and this PART of my gospel and ministry, blessed are ye, for they can do no more unto you than unto me.

Ether (LDS 5:4) (RLDS 2:3) And in the MOUTH OF THREE WITNESSES shall these things be ESTABLISHED; and the TESTIMONY of THREE, and this work, in the which shall be shown forth the power of God and also his WORD, of which the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost bear record—and all this shall stand as a TESTIMONY against the world at the last day.

Although Ether (LDS 5:4) (RLDS 2:3) is specifically about the three witnesses of the Book of Mormon, Oliver Cowdery; David Whitmer and Martin Harris, it is an example of the precept.

To follow this law of two or three witnesses that YHWH gave us I want us to look at some additional scriptures regarding how not everything was restored through Joseph Smith. The next passage I want to look at for this is 2 Nephi (LDS 3:24) (RLDS 2:46-47). But first some back ground, 2 Nephi (LDS 3:1-25) (RLDS 2:1-50) is about the Mighty One. I know that there are lots of contradicting theories out there about this chapter/passage. But I got a lot of clarity on this chapter/passage when I brought out a thirteen stanza chiasmus which I published at Mighty One Chiasmus. I don’t believe that Joseph Smith is the Mighty One spoken of in this chapter/passage for many reasons including linage. But even if you do believe that Joseph Smith is the Might One spoken of in this chapter/passage it doesn’t contradict the premise of this article.

2 Nephi (LDS 3:24) (RLDS 2:46-47) And there shall rise up one mighty among them, who shall do much good, both in word and in deed, being an instrument in the hands of God, with exceeding faith, to work mighty wonders, and do that thing which is great in the sight of God, unto the bringing to pass MUCH RESTORATION unto the house of Israel, and unto the seed of thy brethren.

Who ever the Mighty One is, he will be doing more than just putting things in order, see D&C (LDS 85:7), he will also be RESTORING MUCH. If you believe that Joseph Smith is not the Mighty One, like I do, what would he be restoring if Joseph Smith restored everything? Or if you believe Joseph Smith is the Might One, which I don’t, why is it that the record states that he will do “MUCH RESTORATION” and not “will cause ALL to be RESTORED” or something else along those lines?

D&C (LDS 85:7) And it shall come to pass that I, the Lord God, will send one mighty and strong, holding the scepter of power in his hand, clothed with light for a covering, whose mouth shall utter words, eternal words; while his bowels shall be a fountain of truth, TO SET IN ORDER THE HOUSE OF GOD, and to arrange by lot the inheritances of the saints whose names are found, and the names of their fathers, and of their children, enrolled in the book of the law of God;

Since the next passage I want to look at, D&C (LDS 86:1,8-10) (RLDS 85) (1835 7) (1844 7), talks about linage, before we move on lets looks a little more at 2 Nephi (LDS 3:24) (RLDS 2:46-47) and the verse before it 2 Nephi (LDS 3:23) (RLDS 2:45).

2 Nephi (LDS 3:23-24) (RLDS 2:45-47)
23 Wherefore, because of this covenant thou [Joseph bar Lehi] art blessed; for thy seed [Joseph bar Lehi seed] shall not be destroyed, for they shall hearken unto the words of the book. 24 And there shall RISE UP ONE MIGHTY AMONG them [Joseph bar Lehi seed], who shall do much good, both in word and in deed, being an instrument in the hands of God, with exceeding faith, to work mighty wonders, and do that thing which is great in the sight of God, unto the bringing to pass MUCH RESTORATION unto the house of Israel, and unto the seed of thy brethren.

This time I want to focus on the concept “RISE UP AMONG” in 2 Nephi (LDS 3:24) (RLDS 2:46-47). This idea is also used in 1 Nephi (LDS 10:4) (RLDS 3:4) regarding Yeshua/Jesus the promised Messiah.  And we all know that Yeshua/Jesus is a Jew because He is of the tribe of Judah and because of where He lived. A quote to help show this, “[Jew] originally the term for a member of the tribe of Judah or the people of the kingdom of Judah. According to the Hebrew Bible, the name of both the tribe and kingdom derive from Judah, the fourth son of Jacob.” – Jews, Wikipedia.

1 Nephi (LDS 10:4) (RLDS 3:4) Yea, even six hundred years from the time that my father left Jerusalem, a prophet would the Lord God RAISE UP AMONG the Jews—even a Messiah, or, in other words, a Savior of the world.

Lehi was a descendant of Manasseh, and thus so is his son Joseph and his seed, which includes the Mighty One.

Alma (LDS 10:3) (RLDS 8:3) And Aminadi was a descendant of Nephi, who was the son of LEHI, who came out of the land of Jerusalem, who was a DESCENDANT of MANASSEH, who was the son of Joseph who was sold into Egypt by the hands of his brethren.

Lineage is by the father not by the mother. I know this is a highly debated subject but Karaite Jews, Jews who only go by the Torah and Tanak aka scriptures, say lineage is by the father vs Orthodox / Rabbinic Jews who treasure their Oral Law aka false traditions of men over the written law say it is by the mother now, but admit that it was by the father in the scriptures. The begots in the scriptures are tied to the fathers not the mothers. The promises we are hoping to receive were given to the FATHERS not the mothers. Households were by the fathers, and so was inheritance. Moses’ children were Israelites even though their mother was not. The Messiah came to us from the SEED/SPERM of David not from an egg from David’s line. The Messiah did not come to us from a Moabite line, Ruth, but from the line of Judah through the fathers. And, yes I believe all that entails, and Ben Daveed is a FaceBook group dedicated to that. Below are articles that bring out how lineage in Torah and Tanak are throuh the father in the Torah and the Tanak and how Orthodox / Rabbinic Jews changed it later and why.

A Natural Born Jew: Patrilineal and Matrilineal Decent
Why is Judaism matrilineal?
Should Orthodox Judaism accept patrilineal descent in recognizing Jews?
Isaac Kight – Jewish Identity – Matrilineal Vs Patrilineal Descent
Born Jew
Karaite FAQ

If we are to believe Joseph Smith Patriarchal Blesing given him from his father, Joseph Smith is of Ephraim, not of Manasseh.

thou shalt stand on mount Zion when the tribes of Jacob come shouting from the north, and with thy brethren, the sons of EPHRAIM
Joseph Smith Sr, Patriarchal Blesing to Joseph Smith Jr, 1834 Dec 09, page 4, Joseph Smith Papers, Blessing from Joseph Smith Sr, 9 December 1834

Now onto D&C (LDS 86:1-2,4,8-10) (RLDS 85) (1835 7) (1844 7), which is also about linage and restoration.

D&C (LDS 86:1-2,4,8-10) (RLDS 85) (1835 7) (1844 7)
1 Verily, thus saith the Lord unto you my SERVANTS, concerning the parable of the wheat and of the tares: 2 Behold, verily I say, the field was the world, and the APOSTLES were the sowers of the seed;
4 But behold, in the last days, even now while the Lord is BEGINNING to bring forth the WORD, and the blade is SPRINGING up and is yet TENDER—
8 Therefore, thus saith the Lord unto YOU [plural], with whom the PRIESTHOOD hath continued through the LINEAGE OF YOUR FATHERS— 9 For ye are lawful HEIRS, according to the FLESH, and have been hid from the world with Christ in God— 10 Therefore your life and the priesthood have remained, and MUST NEEDS REMAIN through YOU [plural] and YOUR LINEAGE UNTIL THE RESTORATION OF ALL THINGS spoken by the mouths of all the holy prophets since the world began.

This revelation, D&C (LDS 86) (RLDS 85) (1835 7) (1844 7), from YHWH starts off by addressing multiple SERVANTS/people not just one. In verse 4 YHWH states that He has STARTED to bring forth His word. LINEAGE is tied to the FATHERS in verse 8 aka Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, which all the SERVANTS this revelation is talking to are descendants of. The next verse makes this clear by using the phrases “HEIRS” and “according to the FLESH”, see 1828 Webster’s Dictionary, HEIR below. Verse 10 is key for the truth that Joseph Smith did not restore everything nor will he, in that the SERVANTS LINEAGE “MUST NEEDS REMAIN” “UNTIL THE RESTORATION OF ALL THINGS”, meaning that someone or others in this LINEAGE will FINISH the RESTORATION later, not Joseph Smith. To state it again, that verse is saying that it will be someone or others, part of the same LINEAGE generation(s) later, that will FINISH the RESTORATION, not Joseph Smith. If Joseph Smith restored everything as LDS supposed D&C 132:40 wrongfully claims, why would the LINEAGE still need to REMAIN? It does not say that Joseph Smith will FINISH the RESTORATION later, but someone or others in the LINEAGE will FINISH it in the FUTURE. I would argue that it’s not the modern day SERVANTS [multiple] LINEAGE that is being talked about in verse 10 but the “LINEAGE OF [THE] FATHERS”, for the revelation is talking to multiple SERVANTS, and these promises that are coming to pass were given to the FATHERS such as Abraham, Isaac and Jacob long before Joseph Smith was born. To help us understand that the “YOU” in verse 10 is referring to the “SERVANTS” from verse 1 we need to remember that the word “you” can be plural, see 1828 Webster’s Dictionary, You below.

1828 Webster’s Dictionary, HEIR:
1. inheritance by the death of the ancestor
2. takes from an ancestor
presumptive: one who, if the ancestor should die immediately, would be heir but whose right of inheritance may be defeated by any contingency, as by the birth of a nearer relative.
verb: to take possession of an estate of inheritance, after the death of the ancestor.

1828 Webster’s Dictionary, You:
pronoun: You has been considered as in the plural only, and is so treated in the Saxon grammar. But from the Belgic dialect, it appears to be in the singular as well as the plural, and our universal popular usage, in applying it to a single person with a verb in the singular number, is correct. Yourself is in the singular number.
1. … In the plural, it is used in the solemn style in the objective case.

Helaman (LDS 14:2) (RLDS 5:55) is my favorite example of how “YOU” can be plural. In the beginning of the verse the abridger brings out how Samuel the Lamanite is talking to multiple people by using the word “THEM”. Not to mention that Samuel the Lamanite was “[crying] with a loud voice” Helaman (LDS 13:4) (RLDS 5:5) from on top of a “WALL” see Helaman (LDS 13:4) (RLDS 5:5), Helaman (LDS 14:11) (RLDS 5:65), Helaman (LDS 16:2) (RLDS 5:111-112), Helaman (LDS 16:7) (RLDS 5:119). And Samuel the Lamanite was speakly loudly such that many would hear him, and many did.

Helaman (LDS 14:2) (RLDS 5:55) And behold, he said unto THEM: Behold, I give unto YOU a sign; for five years more cometh, and behold, then cometh the Son of God to redeem all those who shall believe on his name.

Helaman (LDS 16:2) (RLDS 5:111-112) But as MANY as there were who did not believe in the words of Samuel were angry with him; and THEY cast stones at him upon the WALL, and also MANY shot arrows at him as he stood upon the wall; but the Spirit of the Lord was with him, insomuch that THEY could not hit him with THEIR stones neither with THEIR arrows.

I hope that this example of Samuel the Lamanite removes all doubt that the word “YOU” can be plural.

Next I want to look at D&C (LDS 113:3-8) which also deals with the restoration, lineage and the priesthood as did D&C (LDS 86) (RLDS 85) (1835 7) (1844 7). But before we do I want to bring up a few points I’d like you to think about while reading it. The lineages from verses 3-4 is slightly different than the lineage found in verses 5-6. In addition to the different lineages these two servants have different rights and responsibilities. Notice how YHWH did not say that either of these servants was Joseph Smith. YHWH was not shy in stating the Joseph Smith was/is a seer in D&C (LDS 21:1) (RLDS 19) (1833 22) (1835 46) (1844 46). Which is the greatest gift a man can have, see Mosiah (LDS 8:16) (RLDS 5:77).

D&C (LDS 21:1) (RLDS 19) (1833 22) (1835 46) (1844 46) Behold, there shall be a record kept among you; and in it thou [Joseph Smith] shalt be called a SEER, a translator, a prophet, an apostle of Jesus Christ, an elder of the church through the will of God the Father, and the grace of your Lord Jesus Christ,

Mosiah (LDS 8:16) (RLDS 5:77) And Ammon said that a SEER is a revelator and a prophet also; and A GIFT WHICH IS GREATER CAN NO MAN HAVE, except he should possess the power of God, which no man can; yet a man may have great power given him from God.

Verses 7-8 bring out how Zion will be restored to it’s power that it had in the past, which has not happened, and it will be done my multiple servants not just one.

D&C (LDS 113:3-8)
3 What is the rod spoken of in the first verse of the 11th chapter of Isaiah, that should come of the Stem of Jesse? 4 Behold, thus saith the Lord: It is a servant in the hands of Christ, who is PARTLY a DESCENDANT of JESSE [Judah] as well as of EPHRAIM, or of the HOUSE of JOSEPH, on whom there is LAID MUCH POWER.
5 What is the root of Jesse spoken of in the 10th verse of the 11th chapter? 6 Behold, thus saith the Lord, it is a DESCENDANT of JESSE [Judah], as well as of JOSEPH, unto whom rightly belongs the PRIESTHOOD, and the KEYS OF THE KINGDOM, for an ensign, and for the GATHERING OF MY PEOPLE in the LAST DAYS.
7 Questions by Elias Higbee: What is meant by the command in Isaiah, 52d chapter, 1st verse, which saith: Put on thy strength, O Zion—and what people had Isaiah reference to? 8 He had reference to THOSE [plural] whom God should call in the last days, who should hold the power of PRIESTHOOD to BRING AGAIN ZION, and the REDEMPTION OF ISRAEL; and to put on her strength is to put on the authority of the PRIESTHOOD, which she, Zion, HAS A RIGHT TO BY LINEAGE; also to RETURN TO THAT POWER WHICH SHE [ZION] HAD LOST.

As I mention in King Brigham I see Zeniff from Mosiah (LDS 9-10) (RLDS 6) as a type for Joseph Smith on many points. One being that both Joseph Smith and Zeniff sought the land of the fathers before it was time to do so. Although they both tried to bring about a Zion community neither did in their life times.

Mosiah (LDS 9:3) (RLDS 6:6) And yet, I [Zeniff] being OVER-ZEALOUS to INHERIT the LAND of our FATHERS, collected as many as were desirous to go up to possess the land, and started again on our journey into the wilderness to go up to the land; but we were smitten with famine and sore afflictions; for we were slow to remember the Lord our God.

For a while now Bree Arrington has blessed me greatly with fellowship, doing sacrament with me, and scripture study as laid out in Moroni (LDS 6:5-6,9) (RLDS 6:6,9).

Moroni (LDS 6:5-6,9) (RLDS 6:6,9)
5 And the church did meet together OFT, to FAST and to PRAY, and to speak one with another CONCERNING the WELFARE of their SOULS. 6 And they did meet together OFT to PARTAKE of BREAD and WINE, in REMEMBRANCE of the LORD JESUS.
9 And their MEETINGS were CONDUCTED by the church after the manner of the WORKINGS of the SPIRIT, and by the power of the HOLY GHOST; for as the POWER of the HOLY GHOST LED them whether to PREACH, or to EXHORT, or to PRAY, or to SUPPLICATE, or to SING, even so it was done.

Even thought when I was a teenager I asked permission from my bishop to bless the sacrament when I went camping, there are actually no scriptures that state we need a bishop’s permission to do so, none, that is a false tradition. In fact what the scriptures teach that bishop’s should be doing is quite different than what is going on right now as I bring out in Bishops are JUDGEs of Israel, in addition to bringing out how bishops should be paid as taught in the Doctrine and Covenants. Not to mention that the revelations in the D&C state about who should be passing it is not being followed. Sacrament is a whole other subject that one day I should write about, but I’ll just say this please heed to what the scriptures say about it.

D&C (LDS 20:58) (RLDS 17) (1833 24) (1835 2) (1844 2) But neither teachers nor deacons have authority to baptize, ADMINISTER the SACRAMENT, or lay on hands;

D&C (LDS 20:76) (RLDS 17) (1833 24) (1835 2) (1844 2) … And the elder or priest shall ADMINISTER it [SACRAMENT]; and after this manner shall he ADMINISTER IT—he shall KNEEL WITH [not before/alone] the church and call upon the Father in solemn prayer, saying: O God, the Eternal…

1828 Websters Dictionary, Administer:
2. To dispense, as to administer justice or the sacrament.

Bree also worships with me online during the new moon. Which leads leads into the Lunar Sabbath which I believe and keep. And for those who are interested in that subject here is a YouTube playlist I made on the subject.

Isaiah 66:23 And it shall come to pass, that from one NEW MOON to another, and from one SABBATH to another, shall all flesh come to WORSHIP before ME, saith the LORD.

The reason I bring this up is because I talked to Bree about this insight I recieved regarding LDS supposed D&C 132:40 during one of these online fellowship sessions we have, and she shared another passage from the Book of Mormon with me that teaches the same she found years ago, 3 Nephi (LDS 26:6-12) (RLDS 12:1-6). I find it interesting that this passage is a start of a chapter on the gold plates demonstrated in The Book of Mormon: the Earliest Text even though the LDS verses puts it 6 verses into the chapter.

3 Nephi (LDS 26:6-12) (RLDS 12:1-6)
6 And now there cannot be written in this BOOK [Book of Mormon] even a hundredth part of the things which JESUS DID TRULY TEACH UNTO THE PEOPLE; 7 But behold the plates of Nephi [large plates] do contain the MORE PART [not everything] of the things which HE TAUGHT THE PEOPLE. 8 And these things have I written, which are a LESSER PART of the THINGS WHICH HE TAUGHT THE PEOPLE; and I have written them to the intent that they may be brought again unto this people [Lehites], from the Gentiles [Joseph Smith a Gentile translated Book of Mormon], according to the words which Jesus hath spoken. 9 And when they shall have received this [Book of Mormon], WHICH IS EXPEDIENT THAT THEY SHOULD HAVE FIRST, to try their faith, and IF it shall so be that they shall BELIEVE THESE THINGS [teachings in the Book of Mormon] THEN shall the GREATER THINGS BE MADE MANIFEST unto them. 10 And IF it so be that they will NOT BELIEVE THESE THINGS [teachings in the Book of Mormon], then shall the GREATER THINGS BE WITHHELD from them, unto their CONDEMNATION. 11 Behold, I WAS ABOUT TO WRITE THEM, all which were engraven upon the plates of Nephi [large plates], BUT THE LORD FORBADE IT, saying: I will try the faith of my people. 12 Therefore I, Mormon, do write the things which have been commanded me of the Lord. And now I, Mormon, make an end of my sayings, and proceed to write the things which have been commanded me.

I’m very greatful for the Book of Mormon. It brought me to Yeshua/Jesus, He is my YHWH/LORD Elohim/God. It also brought me to Torah, as I talk about in My Base, with some help from Rob Kay who writes The Mormon Yeshiva (Yeshiva is a Hebrew word that means school). Rob grew up an Orthodox Jew, who came to believe believe in Yeshua/Jesus as the promised Messiah, and later came across the Book of Mormon and saw the Hebrew nature of it, which he brings out in his posts at The Mormon Yeshiva.

There was a time I used to post lots of Book of Mormon verses in lots of LDS / Brighamite Facebook groups and on my wall. Don’t get me wrong lots of people liked some of the verses I shared. But some LDS / Brighamite members would argue with me about these verses saying in effect that those scriptures don’t apply to us or that is not how it is anymore because a prophet today said it changed. I don’t know how many times I have shared Alma (LDS 7:20) (RLDS 5:34-35) or 2 Nephi (LDS 29:8 – 9) (RLDS 12:58-63) or Alma (LDS 29:4) (RLDS 15:55). Along with various quotes from Joseph Smith that state it doesn’t change, along with bring up Deuteronomy 13 and 18 (which by the way Alma (LDS 30) (RLDS 16:1-77) is an example of Deuteronomy 13 and 18 point by point, which I need to finish my post on that which I started to bringing that out).

2 Nephi (LDS 29:8-9) (RLDS 12:58-63)
8 Wherefore murmur ye, because that ye shall receive more of my word? Know ye not that the testimony of two nations is a witness unto you that I am God, that I remember one nation like unto another? Wherefore, I SPEAK THE SAME WORDS UNTO ONE NATION LIKE UNTO ANOTHER. And when the two nations shall run together the testimony of the two nations shall run together also. 9 And I DO THIS THAT I MAY PROVE unto many that I AM THE SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY, AND FOREVER; and that I speak forth my words according to mine own pleasure. And because that I have spoken one word ye need not suppose that I cannot speak another; for my work is not yet finished; neither shall it be until the end of man, neither from that time henceforth and forever.

Alma (LDS 29:4) (RLDS 15:55) I ought not to harrow up in my desires the firm decree of a just God, for I know that he granteth unto men according to their desire, whether it be unto death or unto life; yea, I know that he allotteth unto men, yea, decreeth unto them decrees which are UNALTERABLE, according to their wills, whether they be unto salvation or unto destruction.

Now taking it for granted that the scriptures say what they mean, and mean what they say, we have sufficient grounds to go on and prove from the Bible that the gospel has always been the same, and the officers to officiate, the same; and the signs and fruits resulting from the promises, the same …
Joseph Smith, Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, page 264

I wrote Except this and Except that based on hundreds if not thousands of interations I’ve had with people who claim to believe in the Book of Mormon. Yes I said claim. I have a hard time with people who say they believe in a book, but then don’t believe what it teaches so clearly in it is not for them nor this time. Except this and Except that opens up with a quote from Joseph Smith about getting nearer to God if we abide by what is taught in the Book of Mormon and than a typical response from people. The post goes back and forth like this for five quotes from Joseph Smith and general responses I’ve received.

I told the brethren that the Book of Mormon was the most correct of any book on earth, and the keystone of our religion, and a man would get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts, than by any other book.
Joseph Smith, History of the Church, 4:461

Part of 3 Nephi (LDS 26:6-12) (RLDS 12:1-6) that Bree shared with me is bring out how people will reject what is in the Book of Mormon. When these verses talk about the Book of Mormon it uses “THESE THINGS”, which is plural statement. Which tells me the focus is on the teachings, principles and precepts as there are multiple of those in the Book of Mormon, and only one Book of Mormon. Not to mention another focus in that passage is that there are teachings of Yeshua/Jesus that “THESE THINGS”/Book of Mormon would NOT contain. My Except this and Except that post is showing one way that is happening today, in the here and now.

This is not the frist time people has rejected what is taught in the Book of Mormon nor of it being written about. In September 22 and 23, 1832 YHWH revealed D&C (LDS 84:57) (RLDS 83) (1835 88) (1844 89) through the prophet Joseph Smith which states that we are under “CONDEMNATION until [we] REPENT and REMEMBER the new [renewed] covenant, even the BOOK OF MORMON and the FORMER COMMANDMENTS”. Which YHWH said only two and a half years after the Book of Mormon was publish in March of 1830 after Joseph Smith finished translating the ancient record.

D&C (LDS 84:57) (RLDS 83) (1835 88) (1844 89) And they shall remain under this CONDEMNATION until they REPENT and REMEMBER the new [renewed] covenant, even the BOOK OF MORMON and the FORMER COMMANDMENTS [Torah] which I [God] have given them, not only to say, BUT TO DO ACCORDING to that which I [God] HAVE WRITTEN [God wrote the ten commandments with His Finger].

The fact that new can mean renew is something that is generally not thought about or acknowledged in general thought now adays. But there are phrases that are still used today that show this, such as new moon. Anyone who thought about this statement knows it means the renewing or restarting the phases that the moon goes through, not that there is a different moon in the heavens now. Lets look at the 1828 Webster’s Dictionary definition of NEW to make sure I’m not just making this up.

1828 Webster’s Dictionary, NEW:
2. Lately introduced to our knowledge; not before known; recently discovered; as a new metal; a new species of animals or plants found in foreign countries; the new continent.
5. Not habituated; not familiar; unaccustomed.
6. Renovated; repaired so as to recover the first state.
7. Fresh after any event.
11. Having passed the change or conjunction with the sun; as the new moon.
12. Not cleared and cultivated, or lately cleared; as new land.
13. That has lately appeared for the first time; as a new star.
verb transitive: To make new

All the definitions I shared goes along with the word RENEW from the 1828 Webster’s Dictionary.

1828 Webster’s Dictionary, RENEW:
1. To renovate; to restore to a former state, or to a good state, after decay or depravation; to rebuild; to repair.
2. To re-establish; to confirm.
3. To make again; as, to renew a treaty or covenant.
4. To repeat; as, to renew expressions of friendship; to renew a promise; to renew an attempt.
5. To revive; as, to renew the glories of an ancestor or of a former age.
6. To begin again.
7. To make new; to make fresh or vigorous; as, to renew youth; to renew strength; to renew the face of the earth.
8. In theology, to make new; to renovate; to transform; to change from natural enmity to the love of God and his law; to implant holy affections in the heart; to regenerate.

Notice how all these definitions I shared of NEW and RENEW from the 1828 Webster’s Dictionary goes along with RESTORATION. Restoration is to bring back what was before, not to start something brand new. And YHWH has STARTED a RESTORATION in which Joseph Smith has been an instrument in restoring “MUCH OF [HIS] GOSPEL” 1 Nephi (LDS 13:34) (RLDS 3:181-183), but not all of it. I don’t believe Joseph Smith was the first restorer. I believe Moses was a restorer. I also believe that Yeshua/Jesus was restoring people to truth during His mortal ministry also. D&C (LDS 1:15) (RLDS 1) (1833 1) (1835 1) (1844) from YHWH’s revealed preface to Doctrine and Covenants brings out what is being restored is an EVERLASTING COVENANT. Unless you think people from verse 14 only listened to find out what the ordinances are to just stray from them. Personally I believe the correct understanding is that people had STRAYED from the EVERLASTRING COVENANT before YHWH STARTED to restore it.

D&C (LDS 1:14-15) (RLDS 1) (1833 1) (1835 1) (1844)
14 And the arm of the Lord shall be revealed; and the day cometh that they who will not hear the voice of the Lord, neither the voice of his servants, neither give heed to the words of the prophets and apostles, shall be cut off from among the people;
15 For they [those who will not hear YHWH] have STRAYED from mine ordinances, and have broken mine EVERLASTING COVENANT;

1 Chronicles 16:15 from the Tanak/Old Testament brings out how the covenant will be around for a thousand generations. I was never into genealogy when I was LDS / Brighamite. And since I have left I have learned that the Book of Mormon teaches against the reasons that the LDS / Brighamite church does genealogy, to seal families together, heck the Doctrine and Covenants and quotes from Moroni to Joseph Smith does so also as I bring out in Sealing Power. Back to my point, just as 40 is symbolic of test in the scriptures, 1000 is symbolic of “Divine completeness and Father’s glory” as stated at Biblical Meaning of Numbers and the book “The Living Word in 3D” by C J Lovki on page 21 which you can get from Living Word in 3D (even if you don’t want to buy the book they have some insightful free videos on the site). Which is another way of saying FOREVER. Even if you don’t believe that 1000 has symbolic meanings to it, the two genealogies of Yeshua/Jesus in the New Testament shows there is no way that there will be a thousand generations. Matthew 1:1-17 gives us forty generations from Abraham to Yeshua/Jesus, which covers around two thousand years, so about fifty years per generation. And in Luke 3:23-38 we are given seventy-five generations from Adam to Yeshua/Jesus which spans about four thousand years, which is also about fifty years per generation. So no matter how you look at it a thousand generations will cover the whole human race.

1 Chronicles 16:15 Be ye mindful always of his covenant; the word which he commanded to a thousand generations;

Since we discussed Samuel the Lamanite earlier, I want to briefly talk about how Helaman (LDS 14:5) (RLDS 5:59) usage of NEW goes along with RENEW.

Helaman (LDS 14:5) (RLDS 5:59) And behold, there shall a new [renewed] star arise, such an one as ye [not those of the past] never have beheld; and this also shall be a sign unto you.

The key phrase that makes me believe that RENEW can replace NEW is “such an one as ye never have beheld”. If the Samuel the Lamanite was trying to say that no one had ever seen the star, why didn’t he say “such THAT NO ONE HAS EVER have beheld”. But instead he said “one as ye” which is saying those present listening to him had not seen the star, and implying that some before had. This leads into the subject of the Polar Configuration which I believe Joseph Smith taught. I will say this one last thing about this prophecy, from my experience those who believe in the restoration and the Book of Mormon don’t take the prophecy of “one day and a night and a day, as if it were one day and there were no night” Helaman (LDS 14:3-4) (RLDS 5:56-58), 3 Nephi (LDS 1:8-20) (RLDS 1:8-23) seriously enough as the theories that most cling regarding the star at Yeshua’s/Jesus’ birth don’t take it into account.

I know of no revelation, or even a supposed revelation for that matter, from YHWH that has lifted that curse, none. But I do know of a talk that states that curse is still in effect from Ezra Taft Benson while he was 13th president of the LDS / Brighamite church. And the said church claims he was a Prophet, Seer and Revelator while he was the president of the said church. But I know of no such fruits for any of those titles from anyone since Joseph Smith, which I talk about in In honor of today and yesterday. Please take 6 minutes and 46 seconds to watch Ezra Taft Benson talk.

Sadly the more I study the Book of Mormon and then ponder and pray about the warnings contained within it’s sacred words, I see the LDS / Brighamite church imitating the examples of those who we should not be following. Just the other day my oldest son wanted to pick a random chapter from the Book of Mormon for me to read. I’m glad I let him do that, as Alma (LDS 47:17) (RLDS 21:98) really struck out to me.

Alma (LDS 47:17) (RLDS 21:98) Now it was the custom among the Lamanites, if their chief leader was killed [died], to appoint the second leader to be their chief leader.

Despite that LDS / Brighamite members say that the quorum of the twelve vote on who should be the next president, what really happens is quite different as history shows along with statements from top LDS / Brighamite leaders. Which also contradicts YHWH’s directions given to us in revelations recorded in the Doctrine and Covenants through the prophet Joseph Smith. You don’t believe me, that is fine, below is a quote from D Todd Christofferson from the quorum of the twelve and another one from Russell M Nelson president of the LDS / Brighamite church that say just that from the live broadcast on 2018-01-16 to announce that Russell M Nelson is now president of the LDS / Brighamite church, even though the Doctrine and Covenants states the members are to VOTE (not sustain) who all officers in the church will be and that had not happened yet, see D&C (LDS 20:63-66) (RLDS 17) (1833 24) (1835 2) (1844 2), D&C (LDS 102) (RLDS 99) (1835 5) (1844 5), D&C (LDS 107) (RLDS 104) (1835 3) (1844 3), D&C (LDS 124:144) (RLDS 107) (1844 103) along with quotes from Joseph Smith and Brigham Young.

New First Presidency Speaks to Members Worldwide, 2018-01-16:

At 01M20S D Todd Christofferson states “throughout our history the senior apostle has always become the successive president of the church”. Later he even talks about how important seniority is for the president of the quorum of the twelve is.

At 08M30S Russell M Nelson also said the same thing with the following quote “when a president of the church passes away there is no mystery about who is next called to serve in that capacity”. Nelson also put additional focus on seniority in his remarks.

This is not a new development, this is how it has been since Brigham Young, and yes Brigham Young changed who was in charge of the LDS / Brighamite church as king Noah did in Mosiah (LDS 11:5) (RLDS 7:8) as I bring out in my King Brigham post. Here are a few quotes from others that bring this out.

By this time, there was apparently a near-consensus that the most senior member of the quorum was automatically quorum president and thus was at leastde facto leader of the Church. During the approximate four-hour deliberation in October 1880 that considered Taylor’s effort to reorganize the First Presidency, Orson Pratt polled each apostle on the subject, then further complicated the situation by taking the position that the Church president should be younger than the seventy-one-year-old Taylor.
Succession by Seniority: The Development of Procedural Precedents in the LDS Church, Edward Leo Lyman, Journal of Mormon History, Volume 40, No 2, Spring 2014, pages 92-158 (backup)

He [Kimball] privately believed that “no man will live long enough to become President of this church who is not the proper one to give it leadership.
Succession by Seniority: The Development of Procedural Precedents in the LDS Church, Edward Leo Lyman, Journal of Mormon History, Volume 40, No 2, Spring 2014, pages 92-158, page 151 (backup)

Former Church president Joseph Fielding Smith was one of the preeminent doctrinal scholars in the Church during the 20th century, and judging from the anemic crop being passed off as “scholars” today, one of the last of his kind. Surely he will be able to point to the scripture that shows the Lord designed a system whereby the senior apostle is automatically called to be president of the Church. In volume 3 of Doctrines of Salvation, President Smith wrote,
“There is no mystery about the choosing of the successor to the President of the Church. The Lord settled this a long time ago.”
Well, now we’re getting somewhere! I can’t wait for President Smith to tell us how the Lord settled the question. You’ve got the floor, Joseph Fielding Smith:
“The senior apostle automatically becomes the presiding officer of the church, and he is so sustained by the Council of the Twelve which becomes the presiding body of the Church when there is no First Presidency”

Alan Rock Waterman, Who Died and Made Him President

Throughout the history of the church, the longest-serving apostle has always become the president of the church when the First Presidency has been reorganized.
LDS Church PR Department

Not to mention what is stated in the Articles of Incorporation for the LDS / Brighamite church, which you read all about at the following links.

Chapter JESUS CHRIST, INCORPORATED: YEA, ZION PROSPERETH, There Are Save Two Churches Only Volume II, pages 317-347 Specifically page 340 (backup)
Articles of Incorporation Archive
The Corporation © we call a “Church”

All of this explicitly contradicts how YHWH has set forth the officers in His church should be called and set apart.

Perhaps it may make some of you stumble, were I to ask you a question—Does a man’s being a Prophet in this Church prove that he shall be the President of it? I answer, no! A man may be a Prophet, Seer, and Revelator, and it may have nothing to do with his being the president of the Church. Suffice it to say, that Joseph was the president of the Church, as long as he lived: THE PEOPLE [NOT THE TWELVE] CHOSE TO HAVE IT SO. He always filled that responsible station BY THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE [NOT THE TWELVE]. Can you find any revelation appointing him the President of the Church? The keys of the Priesthood were committed to Joseph, to build up the Kingdom of God on the earth, and were not to be taken from him in time or in eternity; but WHEN HE WAS CALLED TO PRESIDE OVER THE CHURCH, IT WAS BY THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE [NOT THE TWELVE]; though he held the keys of the Priesthood, independent of their voice.
Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses, Volume 1, page 133

D&C (LDS 20:63-66) (RLDS 17) (1833 24) (1835 2) (1844 2)
63 The elders are to receive their licenses from other elders, by VOTE of the church [members] to which they belong, or from the conferences.
64 Each priest, teacher, or deacon, who is ordained by a priest, may take a certificate [proof] from him at the time, which certificate [proof], when presented to an elder, shall entitle him to a license [permission], which shall authorize him to perform the duties of his calling, or he may receive it from a conference.
65 NO PERSON is to be ORDAINED to ANY OFFICE in this church, where there is a regularly organized branch of the same, WITHOUT the VOTE of that church [members];
66 But the presiding elders, traveling bishops, high councilors, high priests, and elders, may have the privilege of ordaining, where there is no branch of the church [members] that a VOTE may be called.

D&C (LDS 107:22) (RLDS 104) (1835 3) (1844 3) Of the Melchizedek Priesthood, three Presiding High Priests, CHOSEN BY THE BODY [the members just as the members are body of Yeshua], appointed and ordained to that office, and upheld by the confidence, faith, and prayer of the church, form a quorum of the Presidency of the Church.

D&C (LDS 124:144) (RLDS 107) (1844 103) And a commandment I give unto you, that you should fill all these offices and APPROVE of those NAMES which I [YHWH] have MENTIONED, or else DISAPPROVE of them AT my GENERAL CONFERENCE;

Church officers are selected by the spirit of revelation in those appointed to choose them, but before the officers may serve in their positions, they must receive a formal sustaining vote of the people over whom they are to preside. (D. & C. 20:60–67; 26:2; 28; 38:34–35; 41:9–11; 42:11; 102:9; 124:124–145.)
Bruce R McConkie, Mormon Doctrine, pages 149–150

Whereas it is the business of the First Presidency, more particularly to govern the church at Zion, and the members abroad have a right to that quorum from the decisions of the Twelve. Now as the Twelve have no power with regard to the government of the Church in the Stakes of Zion, but the High Council have all the power, so it follows that on removal of the first President, the office would devolve upon the President of the High Council in Zion, as the first President always resides there, and that is the proper place for the quorum of which he is head; thus there would be no schism or jarring. But the Twelve would attend to their duties in the world and not meddle with the government of the church at home, and the High Council in Zion and the First Presidency would attend to their business in the same place…
Mr. Rigdon is not the proper successor of President Smith, being only his counselor, but Elder Marks should be the individual as he was not only his councilor at the time of his death, but also President of the High Council. Emma Smith to James M. Monroe, quoted in Newell and Avery, Mormon Enigma: Emma Hale Smith, pages 206-207; see also Quinn, Supra, pg 160.

In my Bishops are JUDGEs of Israel I also bring out how the leaders and judges are to be voted on by the voice of the people, aka by common consent, not by a select few.

D&C (LDS 26:2) (RLDS 25) (1833 27) (1835 49) (1844 49) And all things shall be done by common consent in the church, by much prayer and faith, for all things you shall receive by faith. Amen.

D&C (LDS 28:13) (RLDS 27) (1833 30) (1835 51) (1844 51) For all things must be done in order, and by common consent in the church, by the prayer of faith.

D&C (LDS 104:71) (RLDS 101) (1835 98) (1844 99) And there shall not any part of it be used, or taken out of the treasury, only by the voice and common consent of the order.

Not to mention that the quorum of the traveling twelve apostles are not to have anything to do with the stakes of Zion.

Way back when Joseph Smith was president of the church, he reminded the Twelve that they were  specifically prohibited from having anything to do with governing or administrating in the Church. As the founding prophet cautioned a group of newly called apostles prior to sending them on their first mission:
“The Twelve shall have no right to go into Zion or any of its stakes and there undertake to regulate the affairs thereof where there is a standing high council. But it is their duty to go abroad and regulate all matters relative to the different branches of the church.” (Joseph Smith, Kirtland Council Minute Book, pg 112.)
Conversely, the prophet cautioned the high council that they were to stay off the apostles’ turf:
“No standing high council has authority to go into the churches abroad and regulate the matters thereof, for this belongs to the Twelve.” (ibid.)
This echoes D&C 107, a revelation where the Lord actually does lay out the duties of the leading quorums of the Church, and in that revelation the Lord tells the Council of the Twelve Apostles that they are given responsibilities “differing from other officers in the church in the duties of their calling.” (D&C 107:23)
Alan Rock Waterman, Who Died and Made Him President

To many this will sound so foreign as it so different and contradictory to what we were taught while growing up in the LDS / Brighamite church. I encourage all to study this issue more with these additional links.

King Brigham
Did The Lord Choose Not To Anoint “The Lord’s Anointed”?
Have You Voted For The New Church President Yet?
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Radio Free Mormon: Apostolic Coup-D- Etat
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Radio Free Mormon: Apostolic Coup-D- Etat pt 2
Brigham Young’s Hostile Takeover

This is one of my favorite quotes from Joseph Smith.

I told the brethren that the Book of Mormon was the most correct of any book on earth, and the keystone of our religion, and a man would get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts, than by any other book.
Joseph Smith, History of the Church, volume 4, page 461

Not long ago while working on this post I was impressed to get a better understanding of what the word ABIDE means. And if you can’t tell by now, my favorite place for that is the 1828 Webster’s Dictionary, because I want to know what the words meant when Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon and when he recorded the revelations he received from YHWH. It’s also helpful to see the definitions that is not in common usage or have been forgotten.

1828 Webster’s Dictionary, ABIDE:
verb intransitive:
abada, to be, or exist, to continue; W. bod, to be; to dwell, rest, continue, stand firm, or be stationary for anytime indefinitely.
3. To continue permanently or in the same state; to be firm and immovable. Psalms 119:90.
4. To remain, to continue. Acts 27:31. Ecclesiastes 8:15.
verb transitive:
2. To endure or sustain.
3. To bear or endure; to bear patiently.
In general, abide by signifies to adhere to, maintain defend, or stand to, as to abide by a promise, or by a friend; or to suffer the consequences, as to abide by the event, that is, to be fixed or permanent in a particular condition.

The last part of the definition of ABIDE from the 1828 Webster’s Dictionary, really sticks out to me, “to adhere to, maintain defend, or stand to, as to abide by a promise”. The first part “adhere to, maintain defend, or stand to” reminds me how the scriptures teach we are to guard the Torah/YHWH’s instructions. If you want to continue this line of thought you should look up what how 1828 Webster’s Dictionary defines stand, which relates to tithing. The last part reminds me of D&C (LDS 84:57) (RLDS 83) (1835 88) (1844 89) in that a covenant is a promise.

D&C (LDS 84:57) (RLDS 83) (1835 88) (1844 89) And they shall remain under this CONDEMNATION until they REPENT and REMEMBER the new [renewed] covenant, even the BOOK OF MORMON and the FORMER COMMANDMENTS [Torah] which I [God] have given them, not only to say, BUT TO DO ACCORDING to that which I [God] HAVE WRITTEN [God wrote the ten commandments with His Finger].

We are not ABIDING by the precepts that are in the Book of Mormon if we are doing things contrary to what it is teaching us to do, or by imitating the ways of those who rebelled against YHWH in it.

Sadly I know people because of what Denver Snuffer has said that FIRST does not mean “Before all others in place or progression” 1828 Webster’s Dictionary, FIRST and that THEN does not mean “Afterward; soon afterward or immediately” 1828 Webster’s Dictionary, THEN because he has taught that order of baptism of water and the baptism of fire and the Holy Spirit doesn’t matter. He twists Helaman (LDS 5) (RLDS 2:63-117) to “prove” this. But for one he is forgetting what the word DISSENTER means as I detail in Baptisms Order.

Getting back to the subject at hand, 3 Nephi (LDS 26:6-12) (RLDS 12:1-6) is showing us that the prophet Mormon was about to write GREATER things that Yeshua/Jesus taught the Lehites during His visit with them after His resurrection, but Mormon was told by YHWH/LORD only to write the LESSER PART and thus NOT EVERYTHING. Ether (LDS 13:13) (RLDS 6:14) is the prophet Moroni, Mormon’s son, learning the same lesson from YHWH/LORD while he was abridging after his father died.

Ether (LDS 13:13) (RLDS 6:14) And I was ABOUT TO WRITE MORE, but I am FORBIDDEN; but great and marvelous were the prophecies of Ether; but they esteemed him as naught, and cast him out; and he hid himself in the cavity of a rock by day, and by night he went forth viewing the things which should come upon the people.

Another interesting point to consider from 3 Nephi (LDS 26:6-12) (RLDS 12:1-6) and Ether (LDS 13:13) (RLDS 6:14) is that Mormon and Moroni wanted to teach GREATER/MORE truths to us, and had no inclination that they shouldn’t, but when they were just about to, YHWH voice told them not to. Showing that they did not want to hold back even though they knew not everyone would accept what they wanted to write. Which is nothing like I’ve seen go on today in so many places where people claim to have such great knowledge and insights from YHWH but then claim they can’t share them with people who don’t believe in their calling. Yeshua didn’t respond to people’s questions by saying your not ready for an answer, He answered it to fit what they were ready for. Also we can see that even though Laman and Lemuel hearts were hard, Nephi took the time to answer their questions as we can see in 1 Nephi (LDS 15:1-36) (RLDS 4:1-64).

1 Nephi (LDS 15:3-4,6-9,12-13,17,19-36) (RLDS 4:3-5,7-10,14-16,25-27,30-64)
3 … hard in their hearts …
4 … hardness of their hearts …
6 … I spake unto my brethren, desiring to know of them the cause of their disputations
7 And they said: Behold, we cannot understand the words …
8 And I said unto them: Have ye inquired of the Lord?
9 And they said unto me: We have not …
12 Behold, I say unto you …
13 And now, the thing which our father meaneth …
17 And this is what our father meaneth …
19 And it came to pass that I, Nephi, spake much unto them concerning these things …
20 And I did rehearse unto them the words of Isaiah …
21 And it came to pass that they did speak unto me again, saying …
22 And I said unto them …
23 And they said unto me …
24 And I said unto them …
25 Wherefore, I, Nephi, did exhort them to give heed unto the word of the Lord …
26 And they said unto me: What meaneth …
27 And I said unto them …
28 And I said unto them …
29 And I said unto them …
30 And I said unto them …
31 And they said unto me: Doth this thing mean …
32 And it came to pass that I said unto them that it was a representation …
33 Wherefore …
34 But behold, I say unto you …
35 And there is a place prepared …
36 Wherefore …

Perhaps Nephi knew that all of us are judged by what YHWH has caused to be written that we will be judged by it, and he wanted to help them avoid that by teaching them the truth, which sets us free (see John 8:32).

2 Nephi (LDS 29:11) (RLDS 12:65-66) For I command all men, both in the east and in the west, and in the north, and in the south, and in the islands of the sea, that THEY SHALL WRITE THE WORDS WHICH I SPEAK UNTO THEM; FOR OUT OF THE BOOKS WHICH SHALL BE WRITTEN I WILLL JUDGE THE WORLD, every man according to their works, according to that which is written.

3 Nephi (LDS 27:25-26) (RLDS 13:2-3)
25 For behold, out of the books which have been written, and WHICH SHALL BE WRITTEN, SHALL THIS PEOPLE BE JUDGED, for by them shall their works be known unto men. 26 And behold, all things are written by the Father; therefore OUT OF THE BOOKS WHICH SHALL BE WRITTEN SHALL THE WORLD BE JUDGED.

Revelation 20:12 And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the BOOKS WERE OPENED: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were JUDGED out of those things which were WRITTEN IN THE BOOKS, according to their works.

On top of that Nephi is telling us what he wrote and we have in the Book of Mormon is sacred. But these false teachers and false prophets use that as a reason not to share with those who don’t believe them. Out of curiosity, what percentage of the world which has access to the Book of Mormon do you think believes in it? Not very many, do you think Nephi should have not written the scared things that he did which we have?

1 Nephi (LDS 19:5-6) (RLDS 5:227-231)
5 And an account of my making these plates [small plates 1 Nephi – Omni] shall be given hereafter; and then, behold, I proceed according to that which I have spoken; and this I do that the MORE SACRED THINGS may be kept for the knowledge of my people. 6 Nevertheless, I do not write anything upon plates save it be that I think it be SACRED. And now, if I do err, even did they err of old; not that I would excuse myself because of other men, but because of the weakness which is in me, according to the flesh, I would excuse myself.

While these false teachers and false prophets don’t take the time to help others understand what they think it true when asked questions, they go in their private forums and write these things they claim is to sacred for the rest of us, where Nephi was told not to write them at all.

2 Nephi (LDS 4:25) (RLDS 3:40-41) And upon the wings of his Spirit hath my body been carried away upon exceedingly high mountains. And mine eyes have beheld great things, yea, even too great for man; THEREFORE I WAS BIDDEN THAT I SHOUL NOT WRITE THEM.

I find it interesting that these false teachers and false prophets who claim to be like YHWH don’t give liberally to others as YHWH gives to us.

2 Nephi (LDS 4:35) (RLDS 3:64-66) Yea, I KNOW THAT GOD WILL GIVE LIBERALLY TO HIM THAT ASKETH. Yea, my God will give me, if I ask not amiss; therefore I will lift up my voice unto thee; yea, I will cry unto thee, my God, the rock of my righteousness. Behold, my voice shall forever ascend up unto thee, my rock and mine everlasting God. Amen.

Compare that to what holy teachers and holy prophets did.

Mosiah (LDS 27:32,35) (RLDS 11:200-201,204-205)
32 And now it came to pass that Alma began from this time forward to teach the people, and those who were with Alma AT THE TIME THE ANGEL APPEARED UNTO THEM, traveling round about through all the land, PUBLISHING to ALL PEOPLE the things which THEY had HEARD AND SEEN, and preaching the word of God in much tribulation, being greatly persecuted by those who were unbelievers, being smitten by many of them.
35 And they traveled throughout all the land of Zarahemla, and among all the people who were under the reign of king Mosiah, zealously striving to repair all the injuries which they had done to the church, confessing all their sins, and PUBLISHING ALL THE THINGS WHICH THEY HAD SEEN, and explaining the prophecies and the scriptures to all who desired to hear them.

Helaman (LDS 5:48,50) (RLDS 2:113,115)
48 And now, when they heard this they cast up their eyes as if to behold from whence the voice came; and behold, they saw the HEAVENS OPEN; and ANGELS CAME DOWN out of heaven and ministered unto them.
50 And it came to pass that they did go forth, and did minister unto the people, DECLARING throughout all the regions round about ALL THE THINGS WHICH THEY HAD HEARD AND SEEN, insomuch that the more part of the LAMANITES were convinced of them, because of the greatness of the EVIDENCES which they had received.

3 Nephi (LDS 11:41) (RLDS 5:43) Therefore, go forth unto this people, and DECLARE THE WORDS WHICH I HAVE SPOKEN, UNTO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH.

3 Nephi (LDS 27:1) (RLDS 12:14) And it came to pass that as the disciples of Jesus were journeying and were PREACHING the THINGS which they had both HEARD AND SEEN, and were baptizing in the name of Jesus, it came to pass that the disciples were gathered together and were united in mighty prayer and fasting.

3 Nephi (LDS 27:23) (RLDS 13:1) WRITE the things which ye have SEEN AND HEARD, save it be those which are forbidden. [nothing about you should esteem different people differently about being liberal with YHWH’s words]

When I read Ether (LDS 5:1) (RLDS 2:1), and the whole chapter actually, I see Moroni writing to Joseph Smith a warning and a reminder.

Ether (LDS 5:1) (RLDS 2:1) And now I, Moroni, have written the words which were commanded me, according to my memory; and I have told you [Joseph Smith] the things which I have sealed up [sealed portion]; therefore touch them not [don’t translate them] in order that ye may translate [the rest of the Book of Mormon and other ancient documents]; for that thing is forbidden you [translating the sealed portion], except by and by it shall be wisdom in God.

Ether (LDS 5:1) (RLDS 2:1) is telling Joseph Smith not to translate the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon, which is another example of Joseph Smith not “restor[ing] all things” LDS supposed D&C 132:40. Verses Ether (LDS 5:2-3) (RLDS 2) really confirm that Moroni is speaking to Joseph Smith.

Ether (LDS 5:2-3) (RLDS 2)
2 And behold, ye [Joseph Smith] may be privileged that ye may show the plates unto those who shall assist to bring forth this work; 3 And unto three shall they be shown by the power of God; wherefore they shall know of a surety that these things are true.

Ether (LDS 5:1) (RLDS 2:1) reminds me of what was going on in 3 Nephi (LDS 26:6-12) (RLDS 12:1-6) and Ether (LDS 13:13) (RLDS 6:14) because of the wickedness of the people as stated in D&C (LDS 6:26) (RLDS 6) (1833 5) (1835 8) (1844 8).

D&C (LDS 6:26) (RLDS 6) (1833 5) (1835 8) (1844 8) Verily, verily, I say unto you, that there are records which contain much of my gospel, which have been kept back because of the wickedness of the people;

2 Nephi (LDS 29:11-13) (RLDS 12:65-72) talks of us getting more ancient records than just the sealed portion. We will be getting records from the east, the west, from the north, the south, from the islands of the sea, from the other tribes of the house of Israel and also from ALL NATIONS of the earth. These records have not been restored to us.

2 Nephi (LDS 29:11-13) (RLDS 12:65-72)
11 For I COMMAND ALL MEN, both in the EAST and in the WEST, and in the NORTH, and in the SOUTH, and in the ISLANDS OF THE SEA, that they shall WRITE THE WORDS WHICH I SPEAK UNTO THEM; for out of the books which shall be written I will judge the world, every man according to their works, according to that which is written. 12 For behold, I shall speak unto the JEWS and they shall WRITE it; and I shall also speak unto the NEPHITES and they shall WRITE it; and I shall also speak unto the OTHER TRIBES OF THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL, which I have led away, and they shall WRITE it; and I shall also speak unto ALL NATIONS OF THE EARTH and they shall WRITE it. 13 And it shall come to pass that the Jews shall have the words of the Nephites, and the Nephites shall have the words of the Jews; and the Nephites and the Jews shall have the WORDS of the LOST TRIBES OF ISRAEL; and the lost tribes of Israel shall have the WORDS of the NEPHITES and the JEWS.

Not to mention how the Brass Plates will be restored to the people in the future.

Alma (LDS 37:3-5,8,14,18) (RLDS 17:32-34,37,45,49)
3 And these PLATES OF BRASS, which contain these engravings, which have the records of the holy scriptures upon them, which have the genealogy of our forefathers, even from the beginning— 4 Behold, it has been prophesied by our fathers, that they [brass plates] should be kept and handed down from one generation to another, and be kept and preserved by the hand of the Lord UNTIL THEY SHOULD GO FORTH UNTO EVERY NATION, KINDRED, TONGUE, and PEOPPD, that they shall know of the mysteries contained thereon. 5 And now behold, if they [brass plates] are kept they must RETAIN their BRIGHTNESS [light/teachings]; yea, and they will RETAIN their BRIGHTNESS [light/teachings]; yea, and also shall all the plates which do contain that which is holy writ.
8 And now, it has hitherto been wisdom in God that these things [brass plates] should be PRESERVED; for behold, they have enlarged the memory of this people, yea, and CONVINCED MANY OF THE ERROR OF THEIR WAYS, and brought them to the knowledge of their God unto the salvation of their souls.
14 And now remember, my son, that God has entrusted you with these things [brass plates], which are sacred, which he has kept sacred, and also which he will KEEP and PRESERVE for a wise purpose in him, that he may show forth his power unto FUTURE GENERATIONS.
18 For he PROMISED unto them that he would PRESERVE these things [brass plates] for a wise purpose in him, that he might show forth his power unto FUTURE GENERATIONS.

And lets not forget that we will be also getting the words of John the Baptist in the future, see D&C (LDS 93:6,18) (RLDS 90) (1835 83) (1844 84). One Who Is Watching did a great write up on this in The Record of John the Baptist: Deconstructing the Denver Snuffer Revelation on St. John. (If anyone is interested I talk about reasons I believe Denver Snuffer is a false prophet and false teacher here.)

D&C (LDS 93:6,18) (RLDS 90) (1835 83) (1844 84)
6 And John saw and bore record of the fulness of my glory, and the fulness of John’s record is hereafter to be revealed.
18 And it shall come to pass, that if you are faithful you shall receive the fulness of the record of John.

In conclusion the fact that LDS supposed D&C 132:40 contradicts so many verses in the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants, I take this verse as another example and evidence that the LDS supposed D&C 132:40 is not from YHWH through Joseph Smith but a concoction of Brigham Young and his cohorts.

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