Above is a picture of me on my mission, the sickle from D&C (LDS 4) (RLDS 4) (1833 3) (1835 31) (1844 31) which I still have, the long paper is a copy of a Book of Mormon passage from The Book of Mormon text reformatted according to parallelistic patterns no doubt of Ammon who sought to serve the people and teach them of YHWH ancient ways.

Shared with permission from Annotated Book of Momron from BeaconLight Books

Posts with Chiasmus I have found:

Abraham 3:22-23
Isaiah 61:10
Proverbs 14:34
Alma (LDS 13:1-5) (RLDS 9:60-68)
Abraham 3:22-23 Chiasmus

Matthew 11:28-30
YHWH’s ways are Easy

Alma (LDS 10:11) (RLDS 8:16-17)
A For behold, HE HATH BLESSED mine HOUSE,
–C and my WOMEN,
—D and my CHILDREN,
—-E and my FATHER
—D and my KINSFOLK;
–C yea, even ALL my KINDRED
A and the BLESSING of the Lord HATH rested upon US, according to the words which HE spake.
Amulek’s Women

1 Nephi (LDS 8:3-12) (RLDS 2:42-53)
Tree of Life Follow Him Chiasmus

Alma (LDS 41:10-12) (RLDS 19:73-76)
Tree of Life Follow Him Chiasmus

2 Nephi (LDS 3:1-25) (RLDS 2:1-50)
A Afflictions and Blessing go together
B Land is part of the covenant
C Joseph’s [Lehi’s son] seed shall not be destroyed
D Joseph of Egypt is our father who was given covenants of YHWH and prophesied of them
E YHWH promised/covenanted with Joseph that a righteous/faith branch will be broken off [and planted somewhere else] and the Messiah will read the words of their ancestors to them in the latter days
F He will translate words from ancient prophets from the dust
G He will bring Joseph’s seed to the knowledge of the covenants of the fathers by writing
H He shall do what YHWH commands, and he shall write [not read] the translation and a spokesman shall declare it
I He shall be great like unto Moses
J As Moses delivered the Israelites so also shall YHWH preserve Joseph’s seed forever
K By the power of YHWH he will convince Joseph’s seed of YHWH’s words unto salvation
L Bible and Book of Mormon together will confound false doctrines
M Out of weakness he shall be made strong when YHWH’s work shall begin among all His people
Mighty One Chiasmus

New Jerusalem and New Heaven and Earth Chiasmus
A 1 Record concerning destruction
-B 2 Rejected the words of Ether
–C1 3 Out of heaven
–C2 4 Christ and New Jerusalem
–C3 5 House of Israel and that Old Jerusalem will be destroyed and built up again
–C4 6 New Jerusalem will be built on the land of the Lehites
—D 7 Seed of Joseph out of land of Old Jerusalem
—D 8 Seed of Joseph build a Holy City
–C1 9 New heaven and a new earth
–C2 10 Blood of the Lamb and New Jerusalem
–C3 11 Inhabitants of Old Jerusalem will be scattered and gathered
–C4 12 First will be last and the last shall be first
-B 13 Forbidden to write prophecies of Ether
A 14 Record viewing destructions
New Jerusalem and New Heaven and Earth Chiasmus

A – King who will bring judgement when He comes.
B – Teaching the commandments of God is equated to Fulfilling the commandments of God.
C – Judging and punishing someone for breaking God’s commandments is righteous judgement and will cause peace to be in the land.
D – Expounding the troubles that come from a wicked king and stating we should have judges instead.
E – Do you business by the voice of the people and every man should do his part.
Mosiah (LDS 29:11-47) (RLDS 13:14-68) Chiasmus

Moroni (LDS 8:23-28) (RLDS 8:27-33) Chiasmus

Alma (LDS 13) (RLDS 10) Chiasmus

Mosiah 1:1-9 Chiasmus

Alma (LDS 15:3-15) (RLDS 10:89-106) in Health


The Book of Mormon text reformatted according to parallelistic patterns

Preserved in Translation: Hebrew and Other Ancient Literary Forms in the Book of Mormon

Chiasmus in the New Testament


Poetic Parallelisms in the Book of Mormon (backup)

Lots of great Biblical and Book of Mormon examples of chiasms.
The Witness, FRAA, May 198

Visual Scriptures by D Lynn Johnson

1 Nephi Chiasmus (RLDS verses) from The Zarahemla Record, Issues 17 18, Summer and Fall 1982 (additional issues can be found here)

Genesis 1:1-2:25 with a center/focus of YHWH blesses and sanctifies.

Genesis 6:9-9:19 centers on God remembers Noah in Genesis 8:1
The right conclusion from the wrong interpretation

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