Mauricio Berger – Brazil Sealed Portion

(see also Christopher Nemelka)

Here are some links I have found useful while researching Mauirico Berger and his fraudulent sealed portion from the gold plates. The first two articles are ones I wrote myself.

Some Red Flags regarding Brazil and Sealed Portion

Mauricio Berger’s supposed Brazil Sealed Portion

Evidence That Mauricio Berger’s “Golden Plates” Were Fabricated

v2-4 (backup)
v1 (backup)

Brazil Faction New Name Paper (backup)

A Detailed Response to the Brazilian Testimonies (backup)

Bob Moore No Longer Believes Mauricio’s Sealed Book of Mormon is Divine (backup)

Response to the Brazilian Testimonies By the Quorum of Restoration Apostles (backup)

Final Mauricio Blog (backup)

Update on the Brazil Deception Part 4: Additional Information about the Brazil Gold Plates Movement

Book of Moses- Bob Moore (backup)

Testimony of Bob Moore (backup)

Letter to Branch re Restructuring (backup)

Final Nails in the Coffin: The Brazil Deception

The Sealed Portion – Follow Up

This last link is for a list of scriptures in the Book of Ether I put together for a friend regarding the sealed portion because she was reading the Mentinah Archives and things she was stating it taught about the Sealed Portion was in contradiction to what was being said in the Book of Mormon about it.

Scriptures about the sealed portion in Ether

Here are some interesting article on the Brazil faction.

Brazil Faction ’s End – Times Prophecies Prove to Be False (backup)

Here are links to buy or download the supposed Sealed Book of Mormon

Amazon Paper
Amazon Kindle
Form to request PDF (can be found on The Sealed Book of Mormon) (backup)
PDF Scan of Paper (backups: sealed1.pdf, sealed2.pdf, sealed3.pdf)

Articles from others on the Sealed Portion that will be of interest:

The Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon