Christopher Nemelka

(See also Mauricio Berger – Brazil Sealed Portion)

Chris Nemelka Admitted He Wrote, Not TRANSLATED, Sealed Portion (backup)

Christopher Nemelka’s Purpose for Writing the Sealed Portion

Sealed-Not! – Christopher Nemelka: “It is NOT the Sealed Portion.”

True Believer: A fabled portion of The Book of Mormon made a one-time believer of Christine Marie. The author says he only gave her what she was looking for.

Sealed Fate: A burning in Ida Smith’s bosom leads her to Christopher Nemelka’s new spiritual order

Christopher Nemelka – The Reincarnated Hyrum Smith?
Please keep in mind that the Book of Mormon teaches against reincarnation as I bring out in Letter regarding reincarnation.

Episode 82: Different Modern-Day Fundamentalist Groups
Please note that Joseph Smith only fought against polygamy as expounded here.

Christopher Nemelka states he does not believe in the Book of Mormon in his Reality Quest.

Police report on how Christopher Nemelka threatened to kill his wife and two children: Appendix-C.


Christopher Nemelka’s Anonymous

Humanity Party cult leader Chris Nemelka to introduce Donald Trump at Roanoke rally, promises ‘big truth’

Christopher Nemelka to introduce “important message”

Human Reality: Christopher Nemelka reveals the true secret behind his teachings

Nemelka v. Corporation of the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. et al


Contradictions in Christopher Nemelka’s “Book of Lehi”

A FairMormon Analysis of: ‘Book of Lehi’

Problems with Christopher Nemelka’s “The Sealed Portion”

Sealed-Not! – Christopher Nemelka: “It is NOT the Sealed Portion.”

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