Some Red Flags regarding Brazil and Sealed Portion

The first and most obvious red flag in my opinion is where this group is located, Brazil. I believe in the Heartland theory aka what is known as Eastern United States. There is much on this subject out there. Rod Meldrum and Wayne May are big names in this area. This is one of my favorite videos on the subject Amberli Nelson — Jehovah’s Holy Days In the Heartland partly because I believe the Holidays in the Bible are still very important today. If you want a quick video on the subject here is one, Alma 22 Deciphered: Book of Mormon Map and Geography. Here is post I wrote regarding Book of Mormon Geography in the past, Mormon Stories – Dr Michael Coe – An Outsider’s View of Book of Mormon Archaeology .

In addition to where the Book of Mormon took place there is the fact that Joseph Smith was told to hid the Gold Plates, and he never went to Brazil. 2 Nephi 27:22 Wherefore, when thou hast read the words which I have commanded thee, and obtained the witnesses which I have promised unto thee, then shalt thou seal up the book again, and hide it up unto me, that I may preserve the words which thou hast not read, until I shall see fit in mine own wisdom to reveal all things unto the children of men.

Here is post I did regarding Scriptures about the sealed portion in Ether as it is related you may want to take a look.
[00:38:??] Greatest church (unsure but is he referencing the LDS church)
[00:39:50] We were told you will be our leader as long as you live (JS was never promised this, he was voted in as president by the people every time there was a vote on the matter.) D&C 20:65, D&C 102:6-5
[00:40:20] More pure priesthood because of his linage vs getting the priesthood by the voice of God as JS taught, Alma 9:21, 3 Nephi 11:21, 3 Nephi 11:22, D&C 84:42, JST Genesis 14:26-29, various quotes from JS
[01:06:20] can’t feel the hieroglyphics, BoM states multiple times how plates were engraved Jacob 4:1-3, Mormon 1:3
[00:13:??] incorrect interpretation of 2 Nephi 3:11 (for starters old BoM has foot notes of this being an Indian Prophet and JS preached that)
[00:17:30] they are to build the temple vs the scriptures say all the tribes are to build it.
[00:19:30] 68 lose pages (need to look into)
[00:21:40] The signs that God told Moses to show the Israelites was something Moses performed in front of them, not take our words for it.
[00:22:00] Jesus will read the rest of the sealed portion of the BoM to believers in the temple
[00:22:30] You are a second witness after hearing it from us, nothing about receiving a confirmation from God before going out and sharing and being a witness Testimony Witness 1828
[00:29:20] a session of witness correcting what they say and heard together. It is know in criminal cases when witnesses do this you don’t get the truth.
[00:29:57] incorrect description of a wheel instead a wheel according to the Polar Configuration which I believe The Ancient Skies and Symbolism Mormon Prophecy Polar Configuration Lectures Thunder Bolts Project
[00:31:15] bring together the branches of the restoration, I don’t know any time in history Christ took a corrupt church or churches to create a pure one, in addition the scriptures teach in 3 Nephi 16 especial verses 10 – 13. There are more concerning this subject.
[00:38:10] a man from the crowd: I believe this means we need to give everything to the cause compared to 1 Timothy 5:8 But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.
[00:39:45] no specifics in what commandments are not being followed or how to improve
[00:48:40] gold is only brought up after someone from the congregation brings up verses that describe the sword of Laban and speculation of how much that gold would cost today, but no establishment of it actually having gold.
[00:49:27] I did not understand what they were saying but I know what they were saying, during the day of Pentecost, people said they heard what Peter was saying in their own language
[00:55:40] baptism makes you a child of God, I see the scriptures teach it’s keeping the commandments of God that makes you a child of God, many are baptized that don’t keep the commandments of God
[00:59:50] preaching priesthood lines vs getting the priesthood for the voice of God, where did Alma the Elder get his priesthood?
[01:02:36] whole volume is about 4.5 inches thick (need to check on)
[01:03:33] leader bring up Christmas, I have issues with pagan holidays disguised as Christian holidays When was Jesus (Yeshua) really born
[01:11:11] leader is talking how Moroni showed the person where the plates are, BoM talks about the person finding the plates. Ether 1:4 and whoso findeth them, the same will have power that he may get the full account., Ether 15:33 … people of Limhi did find them
[01:12:32] the signs are the plates do they look authentic, shouldn’t the focus be on what the record actually says, and what the BoM says regarding it’s coming?
[01:15:07] quit your bickering, what I find funny about that is they opened it up for questions, and now the leaders are calling it bickering
[01:17:27] the characters are not engraved, I can’t feel them, BoM states multiple times about the plates being engraved Jacob 4:1-3, Mormon 1:3
[01:20:10] no specific answer when asked what specifically do we need to do to unite other than focus on what people agree on compared to call people to repentance Leviticus 19:17 Thou shalt not hate thy brother in thine heart: thou shalt in any wise rebuke thy neighbour, and not suffer sin upon him.
[01:31:37] when taking of the interpreters no mention of the breast plate that goes with them. When the guy was using them seeing things from the evil one. Inconsistencies in how the interpreters were broken. In addition that the stones are to be used read the plates. Ether 3:24
[01:35:11] the plates were brought through a portal, compared to 2 Nephi 27:22 that says Joseph is to hide them.


19 thoughts on “Some Red Flags regarding Brazil and Sealed Portion

  1. “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Dr. Carl Sagan.


    • I watched the video some and it seems fake to me.


      • the video however does make you think about the plates of Mauricio Berger version being a fake, because the rings on the version mentioned by the witnesses back in the days of Joseph Smith were always testified as three big D shaped rings and not tight short and close together like the rings on Mauricio Bergers version of his plates. for example the rings were always said to be in a a letter D shape according to the witnesses in this link at
        Most of the people on record as having seen the gold plates referred to the rings without commenting on their shape. One exception is an 1878 interview with John Whitmer, one of the Eight Witnesses of the Book of Mormon. In confirming the physical reality of seeing and hand-ling the gold plates, he stated that the plates were joined together “in three rings, each one in the shape of a D with the straight line towards the centre.”1

        This unusual detail was confirmed by his brother David Whitmer, who in 1877 at age 72 related that a heavenly messenger had granted his mother, Mary Musselman Whitmer, a view of the plates. In relating the incident, David mentioned to the reporter that his mother had observed how the plates were bound. His statement that “they were fastened with rings thus” was followed by a drawing of a D-shaped ring.2 David Whitmer, of course, had also seen the plates himself in 1829 as one of the Three Witnesses and would surely have corrected or otherwise commented on his mother’s description had it been different from his own experience. Thus casually and perhaps inadvertently, Mary and David Whitmer become second and third sources for clarifying the shape of the rings.

        Finally, there is a confirmatory account from 1831 in which William E. McLellin repeats what Hyrum Smith had told him: “The plates were . . . connected with rings in the shape of the letter D, which facilitated the opening and shutting of the book.”3

        For many people the natural assumption, in 1830 as much as today, would easily be that the rings were a circular O-shape, as suggested by the word ring itself. Indeed, many depictions of the gold plates over the years have shown them bound by circular rings. It is only from eyewitness testimony from a few of the small number of people privileged to see the plates that we know the rings were D-shaped. Why is that shape significant? Simply this: the D shape offers stability by allowing the leaves to stack vertically against the straight side of the rings. Although it occupies much the same space, a D-shaped ring also offers a full 50 percent more storage capacity than a circular ring (and 20 to 25 percent more storage capacity than a slanted semicircular shape). To the Book of Mormon prophets who labored to inscribe their records on metal plates, space was clearly an important consideration. D-shaped rings offered them the maximum number of plates that could be kept together.

        The same principle governs the loose-leaf binders used today. Their history is instructive. The first loose-leaf binder patent was not filed until 1854, with the first two-ring binders advertised for sale in 1899. Two improvements to the basic design followed. Within a few decades the use of three rings rather than two proved to be a more stable design and became standard. These early designs, however, used circular or oval-shaped rings. Only in the last few decades has the improved capacity of D-shaped rings been recognized and made available for loose-leaf binders.4

        Joseph Smith displayed plates that were securely bound by three rings (not two or four) constructed in what we now know is the most efficient shape.5 He could not have known either of these facts in 1829 from the materials in his environment or from people who may have had greater familiarity with libraries or materials storage. Nor could he have been informed by the finds of other ancient records, as none were then known to be bound by rings. Perhaps it is not coincidental that the only other ancient metal record bound by rings so far known also has D-shaped rings and dates to about 600 bc.6

        As with the simple, unadorned testimonies of those who witnessed the coming forth of the Book of Mormon, these new and quite unlikely incidental details give new meaning to the phrase “the ring of truth.”By Warren P. Aston
        in conclusion this video does help open the eyes of the truth that Mauricio Berger gold plates and 100% different than those of Joseph Smiths- in conclusion Mauricio Berger version is 100%

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          • Heh Steve, interesting reading. I would love to read more especially on the link called the ark of the covenant but it says i need a password to open the link. does that mean it has no information yet? or does it mean i need authorisation to read the ark of the covenant link?


            • Can you remind me where the link to the ark of the covenant is?


                • hi again Steve, on you menu on the left hand side there are 6 links down to the ark of the covenant link.
                  the six links are: gematria is first link, then lds holistic expo second link, then kabbalah the third link, then MISC fourth link, then truman g madsen fifth link, then sermon on the mount sixth link, then the ark of the covenant is the link that says i need a password to open. funny thing is all the links work except for that one.


                • I just figured it out, that is a link to my OneNote Religious notes. There was something in there I don’t want to share, I moved it, so you can see the rest.


                • I just remembered I’ve been told by some that you might not be able to get to all the topics on the web, but you can put that url into the desktop OneNote to get everything. If you not and you are interested I’ll see if I can do some type of export for you.


  2. in exhibit 5 Mauricio Bergers gold plates have different rings than in the model of what the 8 witnessess saw check out these two links to see the different design of rings
    and now compare to the model of how the rings should have been shaped they are completely different

    as you can see the rings of the replica version are large D shaped versions and the ones on Mauricio Berger version are completely different design close together and not in a shape of a letter D but rather as a squashed letter o


  3. Hi Steven, on september the 2nd you said, “I have links to things others have writen on the subject that bring out points like this.
    mauricio-berger-brazil-sealed-portion” so when i went to this link it took me to a menu with a list of topics and one topic is the ark of the covenant


  4. and then after you go to the link you referred to it goes to this comment, i presume this is your comment right? “For those who are interested here is a my OneNote where I keep a lot of notes and resources.” and so when you enter this second link onenote you will go to your resources


      • May be the description of the plates were not fully accurate as given by the witnesses of Joseph Smith Jr’s day.Since these men were removed from the church by Joseph Smith Jr himself. Men say things when they are not sure especially to discredit Joseph Smith Jr. or others. The only way to know for certain is to see and measure the plates, ask the right questions from Moroni and God himself. It’s a matter of faith, to know the difference between God and Satan. Most men are not knowledgeable in the working of metals or size and shape of things, but what is said matters. What the characters that were etched into the plates say in the important thing. People say engraved, when they really mean etched. Also, they may not have had the word etched. It is a modern word, that many are not familiar with dah.


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