Scripture Study 2023-04-19

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00:00:00 Talked about The Lost Doctrine logo again.
00:13:14 You become what you consume.
00:14:43 YHWH’s way is eternal.
00:16:25 Torah and Law of Moses are different.
00:22:41 Viel of the Temple ripping is about lose of authority.
00:28:41 Jacob 5 is prophecy.
00:31:25 We need to know context and overall picture to understand.
00:32:17 Looking at 3 Nephi (LDS 15:1-10) (RLDS 7:1-12).
00:36:24 Jacob 5 is primarily history.
00:37:39 Prophets want us to heed what they say.
00:40:34 Jacob 5 is all Zenos and a prophecy.
00:41:39 Looking at decay and the law of Moses.
00:43:31 The tame tree is Israel. Tame is keeping Torah.
00:45:20 Real details of taking care of an olive tree.
00:47:50 The perishing top is the leaders. Tender branches are the remnant.
00:51:46 The master is the Father, and the servant is the Son.
00:52:52 Wild tree is the Gentiles.
00:54:58 Imagery of what happens to the wicked at the Second Coming.
00:55:48 YHWH has dispersed a remnant multiple times.
00:57:28 Samaritans are mix of Gentiles and Israel.
01:00:00 School of the Prophets in the Tanak.
01:03:30 Yeshua in the NT stated that He does nothing but what His Father told Him to do.
01:04:49 Theory about what group this verse could be about.
01:07:39 The writings used to be considered part of the prophets.
01:09:46 Sidetracking to give context.
01:10:04 Lehites and Jaredites are at the end of Jacob 5.
01:10:28 It’s ultimately the fruit that matters.
01:11:23 The roots are the fathers.
01:13:31 There is no Hebrew word for “of” in Malachi 3. The passage states judgements and statutes which is Torah.
01:15:50 The covenant shall not perish.
01:16:51 The Eternal Round is Torah.
01:18:49 John Tyler prophecied falsely that polygamy would not stop.
01:19:49 42 is symbolic of oppression.
01:20:42 Locusts and crickets are kosher. I believe John ate lucusts and honey because he was pronouncing blessings and cursings.
01:22:28 Verse 12.
01:22:45 Preserving the fruits could mean saving their records.
01:24:31 Isaiah sections in the Book of Mormon.
01:28:02 The Father did the planning, and the Son executed the plan.
01:30:15 Maybe someone is inclined to figure out this specific event in the Tanak.
01:31:37 Tame fruit is righteousness. This group possibly not the Samaritans.
01:32:37 Karaite Jews have some good and some bad. They are the source of the first visible cescent of the moon patterned after Islam. Doing such will cause moonths to be 28 days and 31 days instead of 29 or 30 which is a problem on YHWH’s calendar.
01:35:44 Natural fruit is keeping Torah.
01:35:48 The Gentiles have taken hold of the covenant / Torah.
01:36:33 YHWH doesn’t hide the faults of His servants, where cults and Satan followers do hide their sins.
01:37:16 Joseph of Egypt is a type of Yeshua’s first coming aka Messiah ben Joseph.
01:40:41 Torah is for everyone as Zenos brings out. The Gentiles helped the Jews.
01:42:15 First borns are to be teachers to the rest of the children.
01:44:47 We are to be in the world not of the world.
01:46:00 This speaks out against reincarnation / multiple mortal probations.
01:47:07 Preserving fruit can point to Judgement day.
01:47:56 First resurrection started with Yeshua. I see how it is still happening. All resurrections are happening up to the end. Multiple resurrections types / glories.
01:52:18 When will the sons of perditions that have been born be resurrected?
01:53:30 Is the last battle in the end of the 7th millennium or in the 8th?
01:54:22 I believe the new heaven and new earth will come early in the 7th millennium.
01:55:27 Later the earth will be restored to before Adam partook of the fruit.
01:56:00 A lot of the second coming deals with a planet coming.
01:56:22 JST Genesis 19:31 states three men used their priesthood to call forth the fire and brimstones.
01:57:55 JST makes the Bible more clear, including the ones about Torah in the NT.
01:58:26 JST Genesis 17 shows that baptism was a thing before Moses, and the ideal time for the first time is 8 years old.
01:59:56 Sprinkling was done anciently by the pagans.
02:00:50 Torah and baptism are connected.
02:01:19 Teaching others helps us to be forgiven of our sins and is taught in Torah by the imagery of women being saved by bearing children.
02:08:32 Everyone needs to hear the gospel. All adults have the law / Torah in them.
02:10:11 If we don’t call repentance YHWH will hold other people’s sins upon our head.



00:00:00 don’t push my buns
00:00:03 okay go ahead Ben
00:00:04 okay
00:00:06 um a few weeks back we did an expose on
00:00:12 um
00:00:15 well on the Lost Doctrine logo but also
00:00:18 on on Art in general and how the uh how
00:00:23 the devil’s symbolism is Alive and Well
00:00:25 in it
00:00:28 um
00:00:29 and uh
00:00:31 now the the lost the Lost Doctrine logo
00:00:35 um
00:00:36 the Lost doctrine YouTube
00:00:41 uh the the owner of the Lost doctrine
00:00:43 YouTube page
00:00:44 uh Justin Griffin has gotten in touch
00:00:46 with me and talked to me about that
00:00:48 symbol and he has and he said to me that
00:00:52 basically what happened was that they
00:00:54 chose a font and that the resulting
00:00:58 image was them catching he showed me an
00:01:02 image of Jesus of Jesus with the Tree of
00:01:05 Life emblazoned on his robe and they
00:01:07 wanted to catch that but in a way that
00:01:10 was complementary to the um
00:01:13 thought in a way that was complementary
00:01:15 to the font that they’ve used in the um
00:01:17 that they used to put up and put and put
00:01:21 up the name in the videos the Lost
00:01:24 Doctrine and so
00:01:26 um
00:01:27 you know you know
00:01:29 just to point out what this really
00:01:32 points out to me is How Deeply
00:01:34 entrenched satanic imagery is in art but
00:01:37 that when we when we look at these
00:01:40 things and when we share these things
00:01:42 with people we are in no way implying
00:01:45 that the owners of said YouTube channel
00:01:49 are satanists or occultists
00:01:53 I wish to so I wish to um
00:01:58 I I if anything for the things and for
00:02:02 the things that we set for the things
00:02:04 that were said that may have been
00:02:05 construed that way I will offer an
00:02:07 apology because we do not know
00:02:10 we do not know what particularly whether
00:02:13 he is a Satanist whether he is a
00:02:17 Satanist or a cultist and we cannot
00:02:19 speak beyond what we know
00:02:22 therefore I wish to point out I wish to
00:02:26 make the statement that at this time due
00:02:30 to my enter and due to my interactions
00:02:32 with him I do not
00:02:36 I do not believe and but and based on
00:02:39 the fact that I’ve been in his home and
00:02:41 I’ve seen I’ve seen his house and I’ve
00:02:44 seen the way that they live and I know
00:02:46 and I do not believe that they are and I
00:02:49 do not believe that they are occultists
00:02:51 I do think I do think that they I do and
00:02:55 I do believe that the um
00:02:58 that the image that was used was used
00:03:02 and the the image and what was in it was
00:03:06 it was not their intention necessarily
00:03:08 to create that image but that is what
00:03:10 but I I will state that I I will stand
00:03:14 by what I saw in the image
00:03:17 um and uh you know and at this point but
00:03:21 uh but the uh
00:03:25 I I believe but I I do know I I I do not
00:03:31 at this I I am not at this time or I do
00:03:35 not imagine myself in the future
00:03:37 leveling and accusation of occultism at
00:03:40 uh Justin Griffith
00:03:42 so I I have not dealt with interacted
00:03:47 with Justin a lot myself
00:03:49 um but I do know from uh interviews that
00:03:53 he’s done he does push New Age which is
00:03:55 soft and cold
00:03:57 um right
00:03:58 well in that level he’s at I don’t know
00:04:02 um and I agree I don’t know
00:04:05 um if he intended to put all the imagery
00:04:08 in the picture or not but as we can see
00:04:10 here
00:04:11 now that he knows it’s there
00:04:14 he hasn’t taken it down
00:04:17 um and I’ll be honest
00:04:20 I have a hard time believing that all
00:04:24 that imagery is found in a font
00:04:28 um so he may have asked someone else to
00:04:31 make it and they put it in but
00:04:36 the amount of thought and consecration
00:04:39 uh concentration that it takes to put
00:04:43 make
00:04:45 uh hide things in plain sight
00:04:48 uh someone wouldn’t in this they were
00:04:51 part of the group they wouldn’t have
00:04:52 done that for free and that’s more
00:04:53 expensive okay because
00:04:57 to hide something in plain sight like
00:04:59 that takes talent and talent
00:05:04 unless they’re part of the group takes
00:05:06 money
00:05:07 to get them to do things
00:05:10 um
00:05:10 so I
00:05:13 I don’t know he may have not known
00:05:16 um himself but here it is he now that he
00:05:18 knows it’s there he hasn’t taken it down
00:05:21 um also another thing I find interesting
00:05:25 um
00:05:26 I don’t do anything with his Facebook
00:05:28 page oh there it is well earlier I
00:05:30 couldn’t get it so but when I click on
00:05:32 that link I do get it so maybe there was
00:05:34 a problem with Facebook search but
00:05:36 because earlier I couldn’t get it but
00:05:39 now I can so anyways
00:05:41 um but still it’s here still and I you
00:05:46 can’t unsee it there’s I mean just the
00:05:48 one that sticks out the most is the L
00:05:50 right it’s still there
00:05:52 um so and and also I will say this
00:05:58 um
00:06:02 I don’t want to sign up come out mean
00:06:04 but when I’ve talked to Justin about the
00:06:06 lunar Sabbath he’s like oh that’s not
00:06:08 true at all at all
00:06:10 but yeah when he’s talked to some other
00:06:14 people that have started believing it
00:06:19 um and they’ve talked to me about it
00:06:21 he’s told them oh it was true in the
00:06:23 past but not now
00:06:25 and so one thing I see with
00:06:29 liars deceivers is that they will
00:06:34 um say one thing to one person something
00:06:36 else to another because they try to get
00:06:39 a to use what they think they can get
00:06:41 away with with a particular individual
00:06:44 and use that where if it was out in
00:06:47 public
00:06:48 they can’t do as much because it can be
00:06:50 seen in fact
00:06:53 um also when Justin
00:06:56 someone talks about how he’s not against
00:06:59 Torah but then when it actually comes
00:07:01 down to specifics he actually is and he
00:07:04 won’t answer direct questions that I’ve
00:07:07 given them in his responses why don’t
00:07:10 you Stone people
00:07:12 and guess what stoning is still in the
00:07:16 law otherwise the second coming would be
00:07:18 illegal and everything that goes along
00:07:20 with that and
00:07:22 and the recording I did because of that
00:07:24 question I bring out
00:07:26 the church doesn’t do the stoning it’s
00:07:28 the government and God’s
00:07:32 system does have a state and a church
00:07:35 and the church doesn’t do that and
00:07:37 that’s why DMC 42 doesn’t bring that out
00:07:41 because it’s the church it’s talking to
00:07:43 not the state
00:07:44 still yeah for anything that I have said
00:07:49 that may have sounded like an accusation
00:07:55 I apologize
00:07:57 it is not my place to accuse
00:08:01 um
00:08:02 that is my it is my it it was it was my
00:08:06 right to tell what I see in the in the
00:08:10 imagery
00:08:12 um
00:08:13 and uh
00:08:16 you know and so but uh
00:08:19 if I accused I apologize
00:08:24 in me I I don’t know who did it
00:08:27 but I do know
00:08:28 to do that takes Talent
00:08:31 and that type of talent is not cheap
00:08:37 um and I I do think that someone who if
00:08:42 they paid someone to do it
00:08:44 they would have told them doing
00:08:46 something that extent was going to be
00:08:47 more expensive where if it was someone
00:08:49 in the group that has that talent and
00:08:50 did it I mean that’s a whole other story
00:08:52 right because
00:08:54 um it could be their passion or they
00:08:56 they wanted to do it if they’re part of
00:08:57 the group and maybe that person’s more
00:09:00 into it but if it was paid for
00:09:02 that costs money
00:09:04 and they would have known what was going
00:09:06 on but I’ll be honest I don’t know the
00:09:09 situation how it became the icon
00:09:12 and I can say I can say this
00:09:16 um
00:09:19 when I when I’ve been uh when I’ve been
00:09:22 doing screenwriting
00:09:24 uh
00:09:26 when I used to do screenwriting I would
00:09:28 sit in my room until basically it was
00:09:32 almost like I would sit quiet in my room
00:09:34 until basically a spirit would possess
00:09:36 me
00:09:38 and I would and then I would write and
00:09:40 it would flow and and the and the script
00:09:43 would flow together on the scripted flow
00:09:45 together
00:09:47 um
00:09:49 oftentimes what I do know
00:09:53 is that
00:09:54 um
00:09:56 yeah it’s uh a lot of it it’s it’s
00:09:59 called automatic writing yes and a lot
00:10:02 of that and a lot and um it’s basically
00:10:07 I Channel basically you’re basically
00:10:10 you’re channeling
00:10:12 um you’re you’re channeling energy from
00:10:15 your channeling energy from as new age
00:10:17 would say the unconscious
00:10:19 the um
00:10:21 the the uh
00:10:23 some people on the new age say they’re
00:10:26 channeling aliens but yeah I I
00:10:32 they’re channeling demons and so so the
00:10:35 whole thing is is that the point that
00:10:37 this really brings home to me is not
00:10:39 that is not who is a Satanist and who is
00:10:42 not but more that
00:10:44 the Arts are fully infiltrated
00:10:47 yes
00:10:49 um and I mean there’s lots of videos on
00:10:52 this but here’s a channel I like and
00:10:54 they recently I did one that just kind
00:10:56 of exposes
00:10:58 the film industry and how it’s automatic
00:11:01 writing as in hitting inspiration from
00:11:05 um demons
00:11:08 um yeah and so the and so the so the
00:11:11 whole thing is that uh the whole thing
00:11:14 is is that there are
00:11:16 uh
00:11:19 oftentimes
00:11:21 the level of talent
00:11:25 I mean oftentimes there’s just
00:11:29 there’s it’s very
00:11:32 sometimes the artist himself doesn’t
00:11:35 even have to know
00:11:37 what is actually going on
00:11:40 because it is channeled
00:11:43 yeah I I and so
00:11:46 and so the whole and so the whole thing
00:11:49 is that
00:11:51 um and depending on and depending on
00:11:54 what you’re depending on you know
00:11:57 depending on what your belief system is
00:12:00 you may you may believe that there are
00:12:04 many people who believe that that’s
00:12:06 there are many people who believe that
00:12:07 that’s A-Okay and that’s you know this
00:12:10 is straight out of uh which is straight
00:12:12 out of which is straight what they
00:12:15 registrate what they want you to believe
00:12:17 this is what we’ve been this is what’s
00:12:19 been stressed in modern in uh new age
00:12:22 it’s what’s been stressed and
00:12:25 um
00:12:26 you know it
00:12:29 to be able to tap in
00:12:32 to tap into the akashic The Collection
00:12:36 the collective Consciousness and be able
00:12:38 to pull uh pull out of that
00:12:41 a lot of people think that this a lot of
00:12:44 people believe this to be okay
00:12:46 so um and so maybe the artist did
00:12:49 something along those lines
00:12:51 um
00:12:52 and so maybe he didn’t know what he was
00:12:53 doing but
00:12:55 um he did know
00:12:58 the motor he was doing even if he didn’t
00:13:00 understand
00:13:02 um
00:13:03 all the ins and outs and who he’s
00:13:05 actually serving while doing it though
00:13:07 um so anyways but so here’s just a
00:13:11 little interesting thought I think goes
00:13:13 along with I thought I had while we were
00:13:15 doing Sacrament I think it applies to
00:13:17 this it didn’t so you know in in in and
00:13:21 while eating food there’s a saying you
00:13:23 you become what you eat right
00:13:27 so if you eat junk food your body
00:13:29 becomes junk well I think in the
00:13:31 spiritual world the same thing applies
00:13:33 and
00:13:35 um partaking of the sacrament that we
00:13:38 just did
00:13:39 we’re still doing all right
00:13:41 um
00:13:41 [Laughter]
00:13:43 the bread represents yeshua’s flesh and
00:13:47 his Commandments which is Torah
00:13:50 and the wine represents his
00:13:52 um atonement and the joy and if that’s
00:13:56 what you’re really consuming you will
00:13:58 become like him
00:14:00 but if you’re consuming something else
00:14:04 you’ll become like something else
00:14:07 um so if you’re spending your days
00:14:10 Reading New Age and the cold stuff guess
00:14:12 what you’ll become like the new age in a
00:14:15 cold if you spend your days
00:14:17 studying the scriptures I said study not
00:14:20 read on purpose if you in fact the
00:14:23 scriptures never tell you to read them
00:14:25 they only command you to study and
00:14:27 search them there’s a difference okay
00:14:30 but if you study and search the
00:14:32 scriptures
00:14:34 you’ll become like its author
00:14:37 and you’ll get this piece when you
00:14:40 strive to keep his place
00:14:42 his ancient and eternal ways effect
00:14:46 I have a little meme today’s world
00:14:48 doesn’t learn anything unless it’s from
00:14:50 a cute little three-second mean right so
00:14:53 I’m gonna
00:14:55 do a little meme
00:15:00 um but here’s a little statement from
00:15:02 Joseph Smith
00:15:03 every principal proceeding from Elohim
00:15:06 is eternal and any principle which is
00:15:09 not Eternal is of the devil
00:15:11 so
00:15:14 if you think something is only true now
00:15:18 and not forever
00:15:21 Joseph Smith says that’s not from God
00:15:24 or if something was only true back then
00:15:28 and is not true no
00:15:31 yep
00:15:32 but
00:15:34 that then then such would then such
00:15:37 would not be for God however
00:15:39 what I can testify to you is that Torah
00:15:43 was true when it came from the mouth of
00:15:45 God
00:15:46 the Torah continues to be true as it
00:15:49 comes from the mouth of God
00:15:52 and that um
00:15:56 and
00:15:58 you know it is it is a principle it is
00:16:01 the principle but it is a principle
00:16:03 where by Christ sanctifies us
00:16:07 um or whereby we say whereby we sanctify
00:16:10 ourselves I should say and it’s what we
00:16:13 do
00:16:14 in the sanctification process as we walk
00:16:17 in the footsteps of Jesus Christ yeah
00:16:20 and here’s the recording
00:16:23 where we went over tons a book of Mormon
00:16:25 verses after the death and resurrection
00:16:28 showing that Torah is still valid
00:16:31 yeah I know some people think I say law
00:16:34 Moses and Torah are the same I do not I
00:16:36 put it on mine
00:16:39 blog recently
00:16:41 um
00:16:43 and I have a recording so
00:16:46 um I know and I know that there are some
00:16:49 people who have said that I have said
00:16:50 that they are the same but that is a
00:16:53 misunderstanding of that is
00:16:55 misunderstanding due to my own proper
00:16:57 word improper word choice
00:17:00 so
00:17:02 they are not
00:17:04 yeah they’re not the same they are not
00:17:07 the same but here
00:17:09 on this page and I’ll share the
00:17:12 recording but the recording is linked
00:17:14 here
00:17:15 um my state tour in law of Moses are not
00:17:19 the same
00:17:20 so if you want to believe what someone
00:17:22 else says I mean that’s your own problem
00:17:24 especially since I have it written right
00:17:26 here
00:17:27 um and I give support for it
00:17:31 um
00:17:33 or
00:17:36 here we go
00:17:37 I don’t know that’s the other one
00:17:39 where’s
00:17:44 oh no
00:17:47 okay
00:17:52 I know I can’t find the statement I want
00:17:54 but anyways on here
00:17:56 it’s a long it’s a it’s a Long blog
00:18:00 uh it’s not a bog this is something I’m
00:18:03 kind of oh okay because there it is
00:18:07 [Music]
00:18:09 phrases for this one thing makes it
00:18:11 confusing if we keep tour today or not
00:18:14 is that the majority of the Jews and
00:18:16 Christians
00:18:17 because that the law of Moses and Tor
00:18:20 are two phrases for the same thing
00:18:22 that’s not the case
00:18:25 mosiah 13 was the first passage that
00:18:29 helped me see that the law of Moses and
00:18:31 Torah are actually two different things
00:18:33 right there
00:18:35 um so and I
00:18:38 show some of the verses here that gets
00:18:40 into that
00:18:41 where’s the quote from Joseph Smith that
00:18:43 says you’re not the same uh because you
00:18:46 talk about that yeah I think I
00:18:49 I know it’s in the recording
00:18:52 um okay
00:18:54 oh uh here it is here’s the the summary
00:18:57 quote
00:18:58 okay who says that so we frequently have
00:19:01 mentioned made of the offering of
00:19:04 Sacrifice by the Servants of the most
00:19:06 high in ancient days
00:19:09 of performances and ordinances which
00:19:12 ordinances will be continued when the
00:19:15 priesthood is restored ah yes prior to
00:19:18 law and Moses with all its authorities
00:19:22 so
00:19:23 and these are talking about blood
00:19:24 sacrifices
00:19:25 um and one day hopefully I’ll finish a
00:19:28 post that shows this whole thing but you
00:19:30 can see the you can go get the whole
00:19:31 context I give the reference well yeah I
00:19:33 mean
00:19:34 um Adam and Abel and all them they were
00:19:37 doing blood sacrifices before the law of
00:19:39 Moses yeah
00:19:41 um anyways and it is to be understood
00:19:43 that the law of Moses stated the
00:19:45 Performing services will
00:19:48 it is not to be understood yeah is not
00:19:50 sorry is not to be understood that the
00:19:52 law of Moses see look right here law of
00:19:54 Moses will be established again with its
00:19:57 rights varieties and ceremonies which
00:19:59 has never been spoken of by the prophets
00:20:02 but these things which existed prior to
00:20:05 Moses namely sacrifice will be continued
00:20:08 and then here’s the uh multiple
00:20:10 references to go find that and uh
00:20:12 exactly show verses for this I mean this
00:20:15 is a big thing with Daniel 9 uh Emma 34
00:20:18 is a big one
00:20:19 um 13 numbers 28 is a law of Moses
00:20:24 um
00:20:25 anyways and I did get a chance to I did
00:20:28 get a chance to sort out that confusion
00:20:31 with regards to the law of Moses and
00:20:34 um and uh Torah with uh with somebody
00:20:38 who had been confused about it uh she’s
00:20:42 still praying about it apparently she
00:20:44 hasn’t gotten back to me but sure that’s
00:20:46 understandable
00:20:47 um
00:20:48 it’s confusing so much confusing that
00:20:51 most like I stated Jews and Christians
00:20:54 think it’s the same thing
00:20:56 but
00:20:57 um if it is
00:20:59 those who are keeping Torah and so
00:21:02 um and believe Paul is actually who he
00:21:05 claims to be you have some problems to
00:21:08 figure out or some regulation or some
00:21:11 way to figure out because
00:21:13 uh nailed there’s Paul
00:21:17 Colossians 2 14.
00:21:20 so I put this in little chiasm I have
00:21:22 chiasms on the brain I have Bloody not
00:21:24 the handwriting a handwriting of
00:21:26 ordinances it doesn’t say you’ve
00:21:29 yeah uh you want to read it since you
00:21:31 started blotting out the handwriting
00:21:33 little note of daily performances
00:21:35 ordinances love Moses that was against
00:21:37 us given because of transgression which
00:21:40 was contrary said over against to us as
00:21:42 a punishment and it took it out and it
00:21:46 took it out of the way removed it by
00:21:48 nailing it to his
00:21:50 cross yeshua’s death which is when it
00:21:53 was stopped because it completely
00:21:56 pointed to that event as yeah the uh and
00:22:00 the and as much as people want to say
00:22:02 that the rending of the veil was a good
00:22:04 thing it’s not uh yeah that has to do
00:22:07 with losing Authority
00:22:09 um that’s another subject I mean we can
00:22:11 get into that if you want but I don’t
00:22:12 have that let’s yeah I’m actually much
00:22:14 more interested in getting into Jacob
00:22:16 five yeah but anyways on Alma 34
00:22:19 every wit which is a type to that great
00:22:22 amount of sacrifice
00:22:25 and when you know what’s going on here
00:22:27 it’s talking about
00:22:29 the law of Moses which includes more
00:22:32 than just a daily because there’s weekly
00:22:34 and monthly ones and there’s even high
00:22:36 holiday ones as I’ve talked about some
00:22:38 before but anyways
00:22:41 it’s there sorry go ahead
00:22:44 you have a you have a post that you’re
00:22:46 writing
00:22:49 not about the temple being read oh yes I
00:22:52 do I need to finish it Temple they’ll be
00:22:54 in rent yeah yeah uh I get into multiple
00:22:57 there’s so on the veil there’s a couple
00:23:00 examples to go off of before that
00:23:03 um there is
00:23:06 um stall
00:23:07 and when he goes to the medium which is
00:23:10 actually against Torah right
00:23:12 oh no I mean before he went to that uh
00:23:15 stall in the tent
00:23:18 right and solve
00:23:21 said he was going to sacrifice and Saul
00:23:24 and
00:23:26 Samuel no that’s not ah I’m good notice
00:23:30 him is it Samuel Samuel the prophet yeah
00:23:32 Samuel Poland you know um it’s better to
00:23:35 obedience is better than sacrifice right
00:23:37 yes and
00:23:40 Samuel left but when he was leaving
00:23:44 um
00:23:44 Saul
00:23:46 ripped his
00:23:48 a cloak I forget one of the garments I
00:23:51 forget was exactly which one and then uh
00:23:54 felt or Samuel turned back and says
00:23:57 you’ve lost your Authority I don’t
00:23:59 remember exactly the warnings but that’s
00:24:01 kind of a quick overview another one was
00:24:04 Saul is with
00:24:05 um David when Saul went to go take a
00:24:08 crap which is you know would be symbolic
00:24:11 of sinning because of crap anyways but
00:24:16 um
00:24:17 David
00:24:18 cut off a piece of His Garment
00:24:22 and then they went and talked about it
00:24:24 afterwards and that’s another sign that
00:24:26 Saul lost the authority from a ripping
00:24:29 of the Garment another one has to do
00:24:31 with how uh Joseph of Egypt is a type of
00:24:36 yeshua’s first coming and potiper’s wife
00:24:40 toward Joseph
00:24:42 garment
00:24:45 that’s another example in the scriptures
00:24:47 for that
00:24:50 and she because she was trying to get
00:24:54 Joseph to commit adultery right to sin
00:24:57 which is actually
00:25:00 um what Satan was trying to do with
00:25:01 Yeshua right
00:25:04 um
00:25:04 and then those his followers and lost
00:25:08 the authority over the temple because of
00:25:11 it right
00:25:12 um but that’s what
00:25:15 The Ripping of the veil actually shows
00:25:17 it’s not that temples are no more
00:25:19 because
00:25:21 um nor does it nor does it mean the
00:25:23 priesthood is not okay
00:25:25 um
00:25:26 or that everybody now has access to
00:25:30 is he
00:25:31 um let me share
00:25:34 let’s go look at that post a little bit
00:25:35 because I think it’s Zechariah 14.
00:25:40 um let’s click here
00:25:42 because you can I actually worked on
00:25:44 that one a little bit today because I
00:25:46 got some more
00:25:47 uh while I was working on my
00:25:50 delayed Passover post I was working but
00:25:53 I think is it Zechariah 14 or maybe no I
00:25:57 think it’s a different one
00:25:58 um but in here
00:26:02 I I think I can find it here the
00:26:05 quickest but maybe not because you can
00:26:06 see I have a lot of scriptures
00:26:08 I never quote scriptures
00:26:11 never
00:26:24 too far
00:26:26 because I have uh some links to a couple
00:26:28 posts that some other people did on it
00:26:30 oh here we go oh Ezekiel 43. so I
00:26:34 Zechariah 14 is the one about
00:26:36 Tabernacles in in the Millennium so I’m
00:26:39 sorry about that but Ezekiel 43 and 44
00:26:43 have to do about the millennial Temple
00:26:45 and it shows animal sacrifice when you
00:26:49 go read those chapters and that’s about
00:26:52 the millennial Temple
00:26:54 um no the Third Temple that’s being
00:26:57 proposed right now is not
00:27:00 the coming Temple It Anyways that’s a
00:27:03 whole other subject but
00:27:05 um there’s going to be animal sacrifices
00:27:08 go read about the real Third Temple in
00:27:11 Jerusalem in the scriptures not what’s
00:27:14 being done okay I mean even the the
00:27:17 altar that they have done is not
00:27:20 according to Torah okay I’ll just leave
00:27:22 it at that
00:27:23 um and then Book of Mormon teaches it
00:27:25 also and so does because it quotes
00:27:28 Malachi 3 which brings out this animal
00:27:31 sacrifice is going to happen so it’s
00:27:34 happening
00:27:35 um but not in the way that
00:27:38 a lot of people are
00:27:40 trying to make it look like it’s
00:27:41 happening right now but that’s a whole
00:27:43 other subject
00:27:45 um
00:27:45 [Music]
00:27:47 you broke up a little bit Zach can you
00:27:49 say that again
00:27:50 oh we should go over that sometime
00:27:53 sure sure I’m happy to
00:27:56 um I mean we could go over it now if you
00:27:57 want or we can go do the Jacob five like
00:27:59 you guys
00:28:01 um okay all right so take a vote
00:28:05 I actually since we’re gonna let me get
00:28:08 the Kindle up
00:28:09 that way we can just I like that
00:28:12 addition more and if we’re just going to
00:28:14 read it straight through instead of
00:28:15 searching
00:28:17 um
00:28:19 I I like it more
00:28:22 other than it’s harder to search yeah
00:28:26 I just like the format more
00:28:30 so
00:28:36 um
00:28:36 Jacob bye
00:28:42 I think it’s the longest chapter isn’t
00:28:44 it in the local Mormons it is yeah
00:28:48 in in the Book of Mormon
00:28:51 take it five yeah
00:28:53 pretty close but if it is on it’s pretty
00:28:56 close
00:28:58 um I don’t know one that’s longer
00:29:02 I said if it is and as I said if it
00:29:04 isn’t it’s close it’s one of the one of
00:29:08 the longest
00:29:11 okay okay so for a sheer number of for
00:29:15 sheer number of pages it is the longest
00:29:17 but for uh versus uh there’s a there’s
00:29:21 one in Genesis that gives it a run for
00:29:23 its money it’s 24. but yeah yeah but but
00:29:27 yeah and talking about in scripture in
00:29:29 terms of uh in terms of there’s one that
00:29:33 gives it a run for its money in terms of
00:29:34 first verse length or in terms of number
00:29:36 of verses that’s in Genesis chapter 24.
00:29:40 I’m sorry about content length and
00:29:43 numbers because the numbers that’s
00:29:45 telling us
00:29:47 all right
00:29:49 it has its place right but
00:29:52 um yeah it also has caused problems
00:29:58 yeah
00:29:59 it makes it can also make it easier for
00:30:01 people to take their contacts
00:30:03 um so one thing I do want to say before
00:30:06 we start reading
00:30:08 is that I I see Jacob five as a prophecy
00:30:14 even now I mean we I did or we did a
00:30:18 recording how I bring out how it is
00:30:20 talking about the mighty and strong one
00:30:21 and the end
00:30:22 and then it’s talking about all the
00:30:24 mighty strong ones I’m going to be
00:30:26 teaching Torah
00:30:28 um and that happens that has not
00:30:30 happened yet so there still is some
00:30:32 prophecy in it but when it was given to
00:30:35 Xena’s it was completely prophecy where
00:30:38 now some things have been fulfilled in
00:30:41 it right right or
00:30:45 I I need to think of a better word for
00:30:47 fulfill because that one has
00:30:49 baggage to it that has weight that has
00:30:54 weight that word has way too many
00:30:56 different meanings yeah it does and so
00:31:00 um it has happened it has occurred yeah
00:31:04 just like just like the word n has way
00:31:07 too many different features
00:31:09 I mean this is where you have to
00:31:12 all right so on that point sometimes
00:31:18 just the surrounding is not enough for
00:31:20 context okay
00:31:22 right even
00:31:25 on some stuff that does with the law of
00:31:27 Moses or even like that but you have to
00:31:31 have in some cases you need the overall
00:31:33 picture to understand and that’s where
00:31:36 knowing
00:31:38 other scriptures and more of the overall
00:31:40 plan helps you know more of what
00:31:43 actually is being stated and
00:31:46 um
00:31:47 and also chiasms help a lot too in my
00:31:51 opinion which is part of the reason I
00:31:55 I work on chiasms to bring them out
00:31:57 because I do believe it helps make the
00:31:59 context
00:32:00 um easier and so just on that point I’m
00:32:04 gonna share one so I go back tomorrow
00:32:06 Moses just a little bit
00:32:08 this
00:32:09 um
00:32:13 to show one that will show one that I
00:32:16 know
00:32:18 that
00:32:20 deals with what we were just talking
00:32:21 about okay
00:32:23 um
00:32:25 but
00:32:27 like so this is 3550 okay I know some
00:32:31 people have
00:32:33 some problems with them but
00:32:35 uh but the law which was given unto
00:32:38 Moses
00:32:39 have an end in me okay so let’s go look
00:32:43 at the other e
00:32:45 he perceived that there were some among
00:32:48 them who marveled and wondered what he
00:32:50 would concerning the law of Moses which
00:32:54 is a daily performances and ordinances
00:32:55 and he says
00:32:57 it’s ended it’s done
00:33:01 I mean we could go look at some of these
00:33:03 other ones yeah old things old things
00:33:06 have passed away
00:33:07 yeah uh and now on the on the old
00:33:12 I don’t know why yet okay but I do see a
00:33:16 pattern that the old things
00:33:18 points to law of Moses
00:33:20 versus the new or this is how I would
00:33:25 explain the new new does mean renewed
00:33:29 mm-hmm
00:33:31 uh and I can we could we’ve shown that
00:33:33 from the dictionary before I’m happy to
00:33:35 do things pertaining things pertaining
00:33:37 to a previous iteration of the Covenant
00:33:39 perhaps
00:33:42 um on the old I I don’t know well so
00:33:46 sometimes uh they’re just talking about
00:33:48 old garments and they
00:33:51 know the wineskins
00:33:54 um and so I wonder if it’s somewhat how
00:33:56 the old just is more of a connection on
00:34:00 how they can disappear
00:34:02 um and go away like old garments
00:34:06 another thing I’m not sure on that one
00:34:09 yet so that that’s a current theory I
00:34:11 need to do more another thing another
00:34:13 another idea
00:34:16 as old things is referring to carnal as
00:34:19 referring to Cardinal law
00:34:21 simply referring to because it’s our
00:34:23 blood it’s the fact that we’re carnal
00:34:25 and physical that allows us to grow old
00:34:29 that’s a thought
00:34:31 um because
00:34:33 so I don’t see old all by itself going
00:34:36 to carnal but the fact that us growing
00:34:39 old and and dying I I could possibly see
00:34:43 that because the law of Moses is the
00:34:45 carnal law right right as we’ve gone
00:34:47 over before
00:34:49 um
00:34:50 so that’s a possibility
00:34:52 um
00:34:54 anyways I don’t know if we want to spend
00:34:56 more time on this or go back but no
00:34:59 let’s go back to let’s go back but like
00:35:01 G Also let’s just do a little behold I
00:35:04 sent you the law is filled that was
00:35:06 given unto Moses
00:35:08 that specific part the law of Moses and
00:35:12 going to the other G behold I do not
00:35:14 destroy the prophets
00:35:16 the other things
00:35:18 that were given to the other prophets
00:35:20 for as many have not been fulfilled to
00:35:23 me because like Torah although he keeps
00:35:26 it
00:35:27 it’s not done away with Torah is still
00:35:30 valid
00:35:31 um and that’s a whole other discussion
00:35:33 but
00:35:34 um which if anybody wants to come online
00:35:37 I’m happy to do it again with them or I
00:35:39 can point you to a video if you want to
00:35:40 watch one I’m happy because it’s an
00:35:42 important subject
00:35:44 okay
00:35:46 um but anyways
00:35:48 um this is partly why I find chiasms
00:35:51 insightful because they help you see the
00:35:54 structure and their poetry poetry to
00:35:57 help connect the dots
00:35:59 cool
00:36:01 um look anyways okay
00:36:03 unless you want to say more on that
00:36:05 that’s probably good
00:36:08 I think we’re good okay
00:36:10 so let’s go back to Jacob with pie
00:36:15 no oh
00:36:20 here so
00:36:23 um
00:36:24 I I don’t have anything in particular I
00:36:26 want to say other than I do believe it’s
00:36:28 history now I
00:36:31 I
00:36:33 I’m not trying to invalidate how a lot
00:36:34 of people will say it’s an analogy or
00:36:37 another term that I’m trying to remember
00:36:42 an allegory where they can apply to
00:36:44 themselves
00:36:45 I don’t deny that but I do think it’s
00:36:48 primarily
00:36:50 prophecy and history okay
00:36:53 um
00:36:54 so on and
00:36:56 and if we have enough time I’ll probably
00:36:58 point out but there are Parts in here
00:37:00 that to me are pretty obvious that point
00:37:04 to the
00:37:05 lamanites the Nephites and the jaredites
00:37:08 and there’s things also in it that are I
00:37:11 think pretty obvious to me that’s
00:37:12 talking about the Israel in the old
00:37:15 world also
00:37:18 um and so I know this is a long chapter
00:37:20 so I don’t know if we’ll get that far
00:37:22 but we can just unless you want to start
00:37:23 somewhere other than the beginnings act
00:37:25 we just start at the beginning to start
00:37:26 reading
00:37:29 that’s totally kidding okay you want to
00:37:33 start us Zack
00:37:34 sure
00:37:38 all right I haven’t I haven’t heard so
00:37:40 sure
00:37:46 behold my brethren do you not remember
00:37:48 the words of the prophecy knows
00:37:55 House of Israel
00:37:57 and hear the words of me a prophet of
00:37:59 the Lord
00:38:00 for behold thus saith the Lord
00:38:03 oh like in thee o House of Israel look
00:38:05 into a tame olive tree
00:38:08 it’s a mental nursed and it’s Vineyard
00:38:10 and it grew and waxed old and began to
00:38:13 kick to Decay
00:38:15 actually I just want to point out
00:38:17 something in verse too okay
00:38:20 House of Israel and hear the words of me
00:38:24 the prophet of the Lord
00:38:26 he’s uh he’s actually asking them to
00:38:29 listen to him uh listen to him the
00:38:32 messenger
00:38:34 um and uh you know that that kind of
00:38:38 flies in the face of a lot of people who
00:38:40 say that true prophets only point to uh
00:38:43 only point to the Lord
00:38:46 um he’s trying to get them to listen to
00:38:49 the words of his promise right in fact
00:38:52 it’s pretty easy to discredit that
00:38:54 because Paul actually has a statement in
00:38:57 the New Testament he says
00:38:59 I can’t remember it was imitate or
00:39:01 follow me
00:39:03 but well I’m just going to say imitate
00:39:06 imitate me as I imitate the Messiah
00:39:10 right so it
00:39:15 you know he doesn’t want his followers
00:39:18 to stay that way
00:39:20 but until they get to the point
00:39:24 um where they can then be on their own
00:39:26 later
00:39:27 um it does start out that way
00:39:29 until they until they become skillful in
00:39:31 the milk
00:39:32 until they become skillful in the milk
00:39:34 and can start moving on to solid food in
00:39:38 fact the greatest Prophet said I should
00:39:41 become less and Yeshua shall become more
00:39:43 and I would say Paul would also say that
00:39:48 I mean
00:39:49 um
00:39:50 and I would apply it to here even though
00:39:52 he doesn’t say a true Prophet messenger
00:39:56 wants to teach people
00:39:58 I I I’ll be honest I like teaching
00:40:01 people
00:40:02 but at the same time
00:40:04 we don’t want
00:40:06 there I don’t want people to stay
00:40:08 completely dependent upon me I want them
00:40:10 to be able to learn
00:40:12 and be able to start doing it themselves
00:40:15 so
00:40:18 um but that’s just something that that’s
00:40:21 that’s just something that I saw in
00:40:23 verse yeah I agree true prophets do you
00:40:26 want people to listen to him because why
00:40:28 else would they be speaking and putting
00:40:29 effort into it right
00:40:31 um also I do want to say
00:40:33 um
00:40:34 this is Zenith so I believe Jacob is
00:40:37 pretty much I I can’t see anything
00:40:40 in this chapter or I would be inclined
00:40:43 to say that Jacob is
00:40:46 adding commentary to it
00:40:49 um but I mean I I don’t have the actual
00:40:51 words of zenith so I’m just kind of
00:40:52 going off an oppression I have
00:40:55 yeah um
00:40:56 but like in second Nephi three I there
00:41:00 are times where I can see where Lehigh
00:41:03 is stating things so I I do think if
00:41:06 Jacob was inserting things he would be
00:41:09 making it
00:41:11 obvious but I mean that’s personal
00:41:14 opinion so as in more trying to give
00:41:17 Credence to that this is a prophecy
00:41:21 from the prophet Zenus even before Book
00:41:24 of Mormon times okay
00:41:27 um
00:41:27 so but anyways which was on the
00:41:29 breastplate which is
00:41:31 very close to the Old Testament there’s
00:41:34 some differences but
00:41:36 anyway okay
00:41:39 so oh on on the Decay it’s just
00:41:42 interesting here look
00:41:45 kind of going off of our law of Moses
00:41:47 discussion here old and Decay right yeah
00:41:53 um now um what we were talking about
00:41:55 before yeah so I
00:41:59 this doesn’t have the the whole praise
00:42:02 the old things and new things but it
00:42:04 does have the old but here’s the thing
00:42:07 that kind of goes over still a little
00:42:09 bit along with it is that the old things
00:42:11 they go away they Decay and go away and
00:42:16 um
00:42:18 laws are Eternal punishments which the
00:42:21 law Moses was doesn’t have to be eternal
00:42:25 yeah just just like um
00:42:29 just just like when a judgment is
00:42:32 rendered it only lasts for the length of
00:42:35 the Judgment right well and then also
00:42:38 say we all have sinned and when we die
00:42:40 we all will be stoned
00:42:44 literally I I mean that’s where hell is
00:42:46 it’s in the middle of the Earth that’s
00:42:48 being stoned
00:42:50 um
00:42:51 but okay no so you’re saying that we’re
00:42:53 doing the right thing by putting by
00:42:54 putting the tombstone over ourselves
00:42:59 I’m trying to get to is it doesn’t have
00:43:01 to stay that way
00:43:03 we can go to the kingdom because of the
00:43:05 blood of the Messiah
00:43:07 and accepting him
00:43:10 and so we don’t have to stay stoned
00:43:14 right
00:43:15 but
00:43:17 because it’s a punishment and
00:43:18 punishments don’t have to be eternal
00:43:22 they might be it’s not right
00:43:26 but they don’t have to be so but anyways
00:43:30 um
00:43:31 you want to read through five because of
00:43:33 the nice uh marking there Josh
00:43:36 I mean I’m sorry Zach
00:43:41 you can’t
00:43:43 when it came to us that the master The
00:43:45 Vineyard went forth
00:43:46 you saw that his Olive Tree began to
00:43:48 Decay and be saith
00:43:50 ever prune it and dig about it and
00:43:52 nourish it
00:43:55 that perhaps they may shoot forth
00:43:58 young and tender branches and it
00:44:00 perished knob
00:44:02 we came to pass that he pruned it and
00:44:03 digged about it and nourished it
00:44:05 according to his word
00:44:06 okay so I think
00:44:08 um one thing I I think is obvious here
00:44:11 is that he’s liking the house of Israel
00:44:15 to this tame olive tree
00:44:18 mm-hmm
00:44:20 um and I’m going to say this now but I
00:44:22 think it’ll get more obvious later it’s
00:44:25 tame because it it’s keeping
00:44:28 Torah that’s what makes it yeah
00:44:31 um because later on you’ll see how the
00:44:34 Gentiles get placed into here and it’s a
00:44:37 wild one
00:44:38 because well they’re not the Gentile the
00:44:42 Gentiles hate Torah
00:44:44 generally speaking yes that is the case
00:44:46 that is the general
00:44:48 if you begin to love Torah you’d be
00:44:50 there’s something that’s happening well
00:44:52 then you get great you’re becoming one
00:44:54 of us yeah you’re crossing over yeah
00:44:57 which is what Hebrew means
00:45:04 more to go along with analogy here you
00:45:06 get drafted into the tame tree right
00:45:10 um but anyways same thing right just
00:45:12 different way of talking about it
00:45:15 it’s a different imagery
00:45:18 um so
00:45:20 uh also I will say I want
00:45:23 I remember and
00:45:25 when I was a home teacher
00:45:28 one
00:45:30 and someone I taught
00:45:32 they were actually into
00:45:36 um
00:45:38 I forget taking care of trees I forget
00:45:41 what that’s called
00:45:42 um
00:45:43 oh I know what you’re talking about yeah
00:45:45 but anyways
00:45:47 um the details in here of pruning it
00:45:52 and taking care of an olive tree is
00:45:54 actually
00:45:56 correct it completely goes with what
00:45:59 needs to be done
00:46:02 um and and I I mean
00:46:06 Joseph are you talking about
00:46:07 Horticulture uh that might be the word I
00:46:10 I don’t know I’d have to go look it up
00:46:11 that doesn’t ring the bell off my head
00:46:14 right now but that’s not my main point
00:46:16 there is specific word for trees right
00:46:19 right
00:46:21 yeah but anyways my main point is
00:46:23 there’s just so many details in this
00:46:25 that are actually completely correct
00:46:28 other than the Prophecy part in here
00:46:31 um either Joseph Smith was a genius and
00:46:34 had tons of information in his head all
00:46:36 the time
00:46:38 or he actually translated it like he
00:46:40 actually stated he did which is what I
00:46:42 actually believe it was an actual
00:46:43 translation
00:46:45 or you could go with the or you could go
00:46:47 with Aleister Crowley’s Theory and say
00:46:49 that he
00:46:50 was tapped into the uh and tapped into
00:46:52 the uh Akashi
00:46:55 uh well I well I I do believe Joseph
00:47:00 Smith I had help in the translation like
00:47:04 the gift and power of God right
00:47:07 um not quite the way that Aleister
00:47:09 Crowley is trying to exactly
00:47:14 um because he was definitely an
00:47:15 occultist right definitely uh well he
00:47:19 was yeah he was he was he was definitely
00:47:22 unconscious yes one of the most
00:47:25 famed to be the wickedest man in the
00:47:27 world yeah and sadly there is actually a
00:47:31 restoration
00:47:32 group slash church that actually looks
00:47:34 to him as a prophet sadly and they quote
00:47:38 him as scripture
00:47:40 um I wish I was kidding I’m not
00:47:43 um anyways they also like the Kabbalah
00:47:46 so they might call them out a little
00:47:48 more but anyways
00:47:50 um I’ll start reading verse six and it
00:47:53 came to pass that after many days it
00:47:55 began to put forth somewhat a young and
00:47:59 tender branches but behold the main top
00:48:02 thereof again to perish
00:48:06 um so the main top being the leaders
00:48:10 yeah the the leaders are starting to
00:48:13 have problems and then there came to be
00:48:15 little remnants the little
00:48:18 Sprouts little groups little groups of
00:48:21 righteous people
00:48:22 yeah and and
00:48:26 one group that I would say in fact I
00:48:29 think I was thinking about this some the
00:48:31 other day
00:48:32 um so
00:48:33 um
00:48:34 the dead Seas group The essenes
00:48:37 the teacher of righteousness I do I
00:48:40 don’t know if he’s this specific tender
00:48:42 branches right here um probably not this
00:48:44 one because the timing wise but he would
00:48:48 be one likened onto that and one thing I
00:48:51 was thinking about the other day that’s
00:48:52 interesting they were reclusive which I
00:48:56 think was wrong but
00:48:59 it was the restoration they were a
00:49:03 little bit reclusive also I think it got
00:49:06 worse as time went on
00:49:08 but
00:49:10 um I even see other like Hebrew Roots
00:49:13 groups get reclusive so it
00:49:18 well I I know that several of my I I
00:49:22 know that several of my friends who’ve
00:49:24 gone back
00:49:26 to who
00:49:29 who talk about who who voiced an
00:49:32 interest in the law they’ve gone very
00:49:34 reclusive they don’t even talk to any
00:49:36 they don’t even hardly talk to anybody
00:49:38 anymore
00:49:40 um
00:49:40 I I don’t understand why you would do
00:49:42 that so for one Yeshua has the you know
00:49:46 commandment to be in the world not of
00:49:50 the world and if you’re going away from
00:49:52 the world you can’t be in the world and
00:49:54 then on top of that
00:49:56 um in the scriptures when people convert
00:50:00 they don’t want to keep it to themselves
00:50:04 they want to go share
00:50:06 right
00:50:08 um and so I
00:50:10 in some ways I can understand the
00:50:12 reclusiveness because of how the world
00:50:14 treats you but at the same time
00:50:17 there’s
00:50:19 a tricky balance of actually still
00:50:20 wanting to share right so I’m not going
00:50:24 to say I know where that perfect balance
00:50:25 is because I’ve gone back and forth on
00:50:27 things myself I’m still figuring things
00:50:29 out but
00:50:31 I do understand
00:50:34 some of the desire to be reclusive
00:50:36 because of how the world treats you but
00:50:39 at the same time if you really convert
00:50:41 you want to share it also and so right
00:50:44 there’s just religion there’s a fire in
00:50:46 your heart
00:50:48 there’s a fire in your heart that you
00:50:49 want to share and there’s in the um
00:50:55 and for some and for some of us there’s
00:50:57 also the impelling
00:50:59 word of command from the Lord
00:51:01 yeah
00:51:03 yes
00:51:05 um so not everybody has to be a
00:51:07 missionary as some people will claim
00:51:11 um but at the same time even if you’re
00:51:15 not a proactive Machinery when you see
00:51:18 an opportunity you want to take it so
00:51:20 but anyways that was just a little
00:51:22 thought about how I I just see
00:51:25 a various
00:51:27 groups still show this tendency to want
00:51:32 to go reclusive so much
00:51:34 I
00:51:36 I can understand it but I don’t think
00:51:38 it’s the right thing
00:51:40 all right but anyways
00:51:43 um
00:51:44 means okay so we talked about that seven
00:51:46 and it came to pass it the master of the
00:51:49 vineyard sought so the master that’s
00:51:50 going to be the father okay
00:51:53 and he said unto his servant this is the
00:51:56 Sun
00:51:57 so this is
00:51:58 um so the Masters the Father the servant
00:52:00 is the son
00:52:02 um at least
00:52:03 um that’s how I understand this because
00:52:06 you’ll see the this master in the
00:52:08 servant is throughout the whole history
00:52:10 of this prophecy
00:52:13 right
00:52:14 when you analyze and so in order for
00:52:17 them to be the same entity they have to
00:52:19 be an eternal each of them has to be an
00:52:22 eternal attitude right which is the
00:52:24 father and the son
00:52:25 um
00:52:26 because this spans
00:52:30 um well the Nephites alone are a
00:52:32 thousand years right and it goes over
00:52:34 that history and it’s longer than that
00:52:37 um so I the only thing to me that makes
00:52:40 sense is the father and the son
00:52:42 and hopefully as we read through this we
00:52:45 can um see that or others can see that
00:52:48 more also
00:52:50 um but anyways
00:52:52 okay I agree with me that I should lose
00:52:55 this tree
00:52:56 wherefore go and pluck the branches from
00:52:59 a wild Olive Tree and bring them hither
00:53:03 unto me and we did pluck off the main
00:53:06 branches so
00:53:08 um wild all tree that’s going to be some
00:53:11 gentiles
00:53:12 you know
00:53:13 I think this one’s
00:53:16 um
00:53:16 there’s one leader down
00:53:18 no I’m I’m not prepared so I’m going
00:53:21 some with a big memory this
00:53:24 um happens again later
00:53:26 uh and the one that’s later on Warren
00:53:30 uh 50 60 70 first range I do believe is
00:53:35 um one that happened at 180. okay
00:53:39 so this one I don’t believe it’s that
00:53:41 one the one A.D I believe this is
00:53:43 something that’s happened before
00:53:45 you know even
00:53:48 um Ruth possibly right because it was a
00:53:51 gentile that got put in right
00:53:54 um now I don’t know if it’s that one
00:53:56 it’s just something I’m throwing out
00:53:57 there but
00:53:59 um there’s been multiple
00:54:02 grafting ends when you go look through
00:54:05 the history in the Tanakh it’s
00:54:08 the big time was after yeshua’s death
00:54:11 that the Gentiles got the gospel but
00:54:13 that was not the only time in fact
00:54:16 it was a mixed multitude that went to
00:54:18 Sinai and took the Covenant
00:54:20 yeah it was not just Israel there was
00:54:23 Egyptians and
00:54:25 many other countries there where some
00:54:28 people think it was just Israelites
00:54:30 that’s not the case so that could be
00:54:31 another time where there was some
00:54:33 grafting of the Wild Olive Tree into the
00:54:36 tree I I don’t know which one this woman
00:54:39 is talking off top my head and it’s
00:54:43 not one that I’ve tried to figure I have
00:54:45 not tried to figure this one out okay
00:54:47 but I do believe it is
00:54:50 some Gentiles which specific event of it
00:54:53 I don’t know on this one
00:54:56 um but anyways okay I bring them hither
00:54:58 unto me and that way we pluck off the
00:55:00 main branches
00:55:02 which are beginning to wither away
00:55:03 meaning that they’re
00:55:05 they’re dying right
00:55:08 um yeah because they’re not taking
00:55:10 substance from
00:55:13 [Music]
00:55:16 or even the roots as it’s talked about
00:55:18 uh later in the chapter
00:55:21 um so that might be a better one but
00:55:24 anyways
00:55:25 um and we will cast them into the fire
00:55:27 that they may be burned so you know so
00:55:30 this right here is definitely
00:55:33 um using imagery about
00:55:35 um
00:55:36 second coming and what happens at
00:55:38 judgment right yes for those who have
00:55:41 not repented and accepted Yeshua that
00:55:43 they’re going to be burned
00:55:45 yeah and that happens at the end also
00:55:48 uh you want to take a turn Matt
00:55:51 sure which verse again nine or eight
00:55:54 yeah eight to nine I’m just kind of
00:55:56 doing it by these little
00:55:58 um breaks that are in the actual okay
00:56:01 uh and behold say it’s the Lord of The
00:56:03 Vineyard I will take away many of these
00:56:05 young Nintendo branches and I will graph
00:56:07 the withersoever I will and it matter if
00:56:10 not that if it so be that the root of
00:56:13 this tree will perish I may preserve the
00:56:16 fruit thereof unto myself wherefore I
00:56:19 will take these young and tender
00:56:21 branches and I will graph them with
00:56:22 orsoever I will
00:56:24 so there’s been multiple times that
00:56:26 Yahweh has dispersed remnants out
00:56:30 yes um so in the restoration the one
00:56:33 that we think about the most is with
00:56:35 Lehigh but they’re not the old ones in
00:56:38 fact
00:56:39 um second Nephi 29 actually if we go
00:56:43 look at that it actually brings out how
00:56:45 there has more records coming right
00:56:47 which would
00:56:49 also kind of go along with this that
00:56:52 there’s these other
00:56:54 tender branches that he’s scattered
00:56:56 right and put other places
00:56:59 we don’t know who they are yet but
00:57:02 they’re there they are there
00:57:04 and just from my recollection this is
00:57:08 before Lehigh happened though I mean
00:57:10 that’s not just The Islander it’s not
00:57:12 the Islanders it’s not
00:57:16 um anyway
00:57:28 I am first time take down the branches
00:57:33 of the Wild Olive Tree and grasp them in
00:57:35 the stead thereof and these which I have
00:57:38 plucked off I will cast Into the Fire
00:57:41 and burn them that they may not cumber
00:57:43 the ground of my vision
00:57:45 so one that just came to mind I I
00:57:48 actually I don’t know if it relates to
00:57:50 this case or not
00:57:52 but there is the Samaritans right
00:57:58 um there is a Samaritans is a mix or
00:58:01 Graft in in this uh chapter’s
00:58:05 terminology of Gentiles now I don’t know
00:58:08 if it’s that’s these specific ones I
00:58:12 wouldn’t be surprised if they’re in this
00:58:13 chapter somewhere because I see them
00:58:16 very important in other prophecies
00:58:20 um and so I would be inclined to think
00:58:23 that they’re in here somewhere but I I
00:58:25 don’t know for sure I just know the
00:58:27 Samaritans actually pretty key on
00:58:29 multiple things in some prophecies
00:58:32 and some understandings thanks
00:58:35 um so I I don’t know if it’s this one
00:58:37 but I mean that’s where you know some
00:58:40 Jews were killed and taken off and and
00:58:43 moved even because even that deals with
00:58:46 um or some were taken away and taking
00:58:49 somewhere else
00:58:50 uh and some wild ones were put in at
00:58:53 that time right
00:58:57 yeah
00:58:59 um and interesting enough that’s when
00:59:02 they were kind of wicked right when the
00:59:04 tops were
00:59:05 um
00:59:06 uh going back Isaiah talks about it a
00:59:08 lot yeah that uh where do you how do you
00:59:12 word it up here
00:59:15 um
00:59:15 began to perish so I mean that happened
00:59:18 at that time so whether it’s this or not
00:59:21 I don’t know but I do believe Samaritans
00:59:23 would fit in somewhere in there Isaiah
00:59:26 and Jeremiah talked about the top
00:59:28 perishing a lot
00:59:29 okay
00:59:31 which
00:59:33 if we believe
00:59:36 um the brass plates
00:59:38 um I I would speculate that Zenith was
00:59:41 around before Jeremiah actually
00:59:44 [Music]
00:59:45 um I I don’t think there’s enough to say
00:59:48 one way or another though but
00:59:50 um I would be inclined that and Jeremiah
00:59:53 may have got some of this
00:59:54 imagery from CNS would be my theory on
00:59:58 that yeah
01:00:00 there’s there is reference to a get into
01:00:05 a group within the Jews called the Sons
01:00:07 of the children of the prophets
01:00:11 is that different than the school of the
01:00:13 prophets
01:00:14 that would it probably would have been
01:00:16 the same thing
01:00:18 maybe the same idea about a different
01:00:19 group
01:00:20 yeah
01:00:22 yeah okay
01:00:23 it’s a those those people were actually
01:00:26 the those were actually those who
01:00:30 um witnessed the prophetic mantle placed
01:00:33 on Elisha
01:00:35 oh that was the school of the province
01:00:38 it actually calls them children
01:00:40 well does it okay I think of them as a
01:00:43 school the prophets but yeah yeah I I
01:00:46 but the thing is in Hebrew in Hebrew
01:00:49 terminology children
01:00:54 yeah I mean that even that itself goes
01:00:57 against the idea that because here’s a
01:00:59 prophet that had a school learning from
01:01:02 specifically him that goes against the
01:01:04 idea that you shouldn’t follow up on it
01:01:05 and also Isaiah also had a school or
01:01:09 prophets that were following him
01:01:11 we’re learning from him too there was
01:01:14 one in Judah and one and it well Isaiah
01:01:17 may have actually Isaiah may have
01:01:19 actually taken over the medal from
01:01:21 Elijah
01:01:22 Elijah because I think Elisha is a
01:01:25 little before Isaiah’s time
01:01:28 um okay I don’t know that timing but
01:01:30 that’s true they are close to each other
01:01:33 um anyways
01:01:35 we can learn from prophets and we’re
01:01:37 actually supposed to it’s just we
01:01:39 shouldn’t stay there that’s the problem
01:01:43 if we just stay there it’s just like we
01:01:45 should the the interesting thing about a
01:01:47 lot of the people from the school the
01:01:48 prophets among the Hebrews we can see
01:01:50 their words
01:01:51 in the scriptures where they prophesied
01:01:53 themselves
01:01:55 so it sounds like they graduated so to
01:01:58 speak right
01:02:01 not exactly but just calling off the
01:02:03 terminology of school to profits right
01:02:05 which is uh Which is far better than the
01:02:07 school the prophets did in the
01:02:09 restoration I’m just gonna I’m just
01:02:10 saying to say
01:02:12 you know
01:02:13 um
01:02:14 yeah well as the Lord said or Yahweh
01:02:18 said in the DNC there were deceivers
01:02:20 right and I think some of the deceivers
01:02:22 were there that held some back but
01:02:24 anyway yeah
01:02:28 um Joseph Smith didn’t call the twelve
01:02:30 right it was the three Witnesses so I’ll
01:02:33 just leave
01:02:35 um
01:02:36 it just
01:02:38 if you try to rely on one man to do
01:02:41 everything I mean Joseph spoke out
01:02:43 against that that’s not how it should be
01:02:45 done it’s a church right no it’s one man
01:02:50 um right in fact if it is just one man
01:02:55 um where’s the body of the Messiah if
01:02:57 it’s just one man there is nobody
01:03:02 but anyways all right
01:03:04 um you know they’ve got is all you’ve
01:03:06 got is a talking head
01:03:08 um
01:03:09 kind of like me on this Zoom call myself
01:03:16 except for Zach he’s a listening head
01:03:19 Zack’s a listening
01:03:21 things out at times though he’s got good
01:03:24 ideas but he does 10 more to listen than
01:03:26 talk but that’s fine yeah
01:03:30 speaking of Zach you want to start with
01:03:33 10 through 13 Zach sure
01:03:37 okay and the Cancer pass that the
01:03:39 servant of the Lord
01:03:41 of the vineyard
01:03:44 Stone recording
01:03:45 to the word of the lord of the vineyard
01:03:47 and granted in the branches of the old
01:03:49 wild of Olive Tree yeah okay I want to
01:03:52 pause right there so in the New
01:03:54 Testament Yahweh or Yeshua who is Yahweh
01:03:58 but
01:04:00 um he always talks about how he did
01:04:01 nothing but what his father told him to
01:04:04 do
01:04:05 mm-hmm that’s what just happened right
01:04:07 there right just as giving support that
01:04:11 I believe the servant is Yahweh
01:04:15 or Yeshua the sun because I mean the
01:04:18 sun’s probably a better terminology for
01:04:20 it but yeah the servant is the sun
01:04:22 Yeshua
01:04:24 um it’s just I think element Elohim is
01:04:26 more the father in general usage and
01:04:29 Yahweh is more of the Sun but anyways
01:04:32 that’s another subject so Paul in this
01:04:35 terminology here it’s probably better to
01:04:36 use the servant as the son
01:04:39 um which I think is kind of shown out
01:04:41 here because he’s doing what
01:04:44 the master father told him to do just
01:04:46 like Yeshua states in the New Testament
01:04:49 so this if we’re if we’re looking at an
01:04:52 earlier time than one
01:04:55 and then or then um
01:04:59 the uh than the uh post-resurrection
01:05:03 Ministry
01:05:04 and this I would believe this is almost
01:05:06 four I do believe this is pre
01:05:09 um and since it is
01:05:12 right
01:05:13 that would almost have to be
01:05:17 um
01:05:18 Samaritans
01:05:21 uh oh and this they’re not the only time
01:05:24 that happened because like Ruth is
01:05:26 another time right yeah but that’s
01:05:29 that’s like an individual well
01:05:32 I mean I can see what you’re saying but
01:05:34 it feels like that’s a little individual
01:05:36 to be like a broad kind of and they
01:05:40 brought in all these wild branches and
01:05:43 Trisha I I can see that or it’s a branch
01:05:48 could be more a tribe right in fact
01:05:50 that’s actually branch is a Hebrew idiom
01:05:52 for tribe actually
01:05:54 [Laughter]
01:05:58 um I I can see where you’re going with
01:05:59 that
01:06:01 um
01:06:03 the only other one I can think of top my
01:06:06 head is the Samaritans but I I’m sure
01:06:10 there’s others I just can’t think of any
01:06:12 others off top my head right now because
01:06:13 like I said well I’ll be reading I’ll be
01:06:16 reading about I’ll be reading about it
01:06:17 for a little bit here I’ll be reading
01:06:19 now that for a little bit here in the uh
01:06:22 inspired version to see if I come up
01:06:24 with something see if I can see if I can
01:06:26 come up with something but I do agree
01:06:28 right here is pre-mortal
01:06:31 um
01:06:32 ministry here so yeah that’s it’s I
01:06:36 don’t even say here it’s pre behind
01:06:38 Lehigh time right here personally
01:06:42 that would make sense because
01:06:44 because the Samaritan because the
01:06:47 Samaritans were brought in pre-lehive
01:06:51 they’re brought into the land of Israel
01:06:53 to settle the land of Israel they were
01:06:56 plagued by wolves and they had to uh
01:06:59 they they got a they’re like okay we’ve
01:07:02 angered the God of this land so they got
01:07:04 themselves a levite to teach them the
01:07:06 law
01:07:07 but their law is their law their law of
01:07:11 course was that they were taught was
01:07:14 according to the Corruptions of the
01:07:15 Israel of Israel
01:07:18 for sure
01:07:20 um
01:07:21 but and also even Samaritans today they
01:07:23 they only hold two
01:07:25 the first five books
01:07:28 um right
01:07:29 would sometimes call Torah and sometimes
01:07:31 a pentate talk right but
01:07:34 um they live they leave out the prophets
01:07:36 portion yeah
01:07:38 um
01:07:39 so just a little tidbit here even the
01:07:43 writings used to be
01:07:46 um considered the prophets
01:07:49 right
01:07:50 it wasn’t until later that they’ve been
01:07:53 at the third distinction in fact even
01:07:56 after Yeshua because in the sermon on
01:07:58 the mountain he doesn’t say
01:08:00 Torah prophets and writings he says the
01:08:03 law Torah and Prophets it was two
01:08:07 back when whenever in scriptures you see
01:08:10 those that word
01:08:13 those two words combined the law and the
01:08:15 prophets he’s talking about the plural
01:08:17 yeah
01:08:19 yeah
01:08:20 and that is exactly what he means and
01:08:24 that’s exactly what he means in Doctrine
01:08:25 covenants 59
01:08:27 for Section 59 verse 22 when he said in
01:08:31 verse 21 he says now don’t bug me any
01:08:33 more about all this because it’s already
01:08:35 written in the law and the prophets well
01:08:37 uh I would say in in the DNC it would
01:08:41 also include the Book of Mormon and the
01:08:43 New Testament and some of the DNC
01:08:46 because some of the decision was given
01:08:47 at the time because those are prophets
01:08:49 right
01:08:51 well in Doctrine and Covenants 59 verse
01:08:54 22 he references specifically
01:08:56 all this is done all this is to be done
01:08:59 according to the law
01:09:02 all right
01:09:03 um
01:09:04 but I’m just saying I think it’s more
01:09:06 than than just the Tanakh in that
01:09:10 um right right right right
01:09:13 I get you I get you
01:09:16 um because yeah Book of Mormons Prophet
01:09:18 I don’t know about you but I consider uh
01:09:20 Joseph Smith a prophet yeah I think he’s
01:09:23 yeah I believe he’s a prophet no he is a
01:09:25 prophet
01:09:30 I mean I I base a lot of things on that
01:09:34 like specifically The Book of Mormon and
01:09:36 being a prophet and I don’t believe he
01:09:38 was a fallen one either but that’s
01:09:40 another subject
01:09:41 um but anyways
01:09:42 um we’re sidetracking a little bit but I
01:09:43 think it’s good Side Tracks right
01:09:46 I think well I mean I think it actually
01:09:48 helps I think it actually kind of helps
01:09:50 to we’re side tracking because we’re
01:09:53 trying to
01:09:54 because we’re looking inside tracking is
01:09:56 to help people see possibilities and
01:09:59 more context that goes along with
01:10:04 I haven’t
01:10:06 gone through and tried to figure out
01:10:08 what this point at this point at this
01:10:10 point could be where I have later on in
01:10:13 dealing with the lehights and the
01:10:15 jaredites because that one and and the
01:10:18 Gentiles
01:10:19 um my side tracking is more about
01:10:21 defining the tame tree sure the tank
01:10:25 tree is Israel
01:10:28 um because tame brings forth the tame
01:10:32 and good fruit
01:10:33 or the wild brings wild fruit but I mean
01:10:37 later on the tame and the wild trees
01:10:41 interchangeably give
01:10:43 [Music]
01:10:43 um
01:10:44 wild or tame fruit it’s
01:10:48 it’s ultimately the fruit that matters
01:10:50 but at the same time it’s easier to get
01:10:54 came through when you’re around paying
01:10:57 people right
01:10:58 [Laughter]
01:11:02 you for good and bad you imitate more
01:11:05 who you’re around because the T if
01:11:07 nothing else because it’s easier
01:11:09 right
01:11:11 it doesn’t have to be that way but that
01:11:13 generally is how it is
01:11:17 anyways so you want to read 11
01:11:21 uh me okay
01:11:23 and the Lord of The Vineyard caused it
01:11:25 should be gigged about pruned nourished
01:11:27 saying unto his servants agree with me
01:11:30 that I should lose this tree and
01:11:32 wherefore that perhaps I might preserve
01:11:34 the roots thereof that they perish not
01:11:36 that I might preserve them unto myself I
01:11:39 have done this thing okay I want to say
01:11:41 one thing here
01:11:43 um I do believe the roots
01:11:46 deals with Abraham Isaac and Jacob it’s
01:11:49 the fathers
01:11:51 fathers of the Covenant yeah which those
01:11:54 are the three of the fathers of the
01:11:55 Covenant
01:11:56 yep
01:11:57 um specifically Abraham because of the
01:11:59 promise that he got
01:12:02 um and
01:12:04 I mean that’s what Genesis pretty much
01:12:06 all is right
01:12:07 there’s those three a lot of it right
01:12:12 so and the reason it would grieve the
01:12:15 reason it would grieve the Lord of The
01:12:16 Vineyard to lose that tree is because
01:12:18 then his word is not
01:12:20 right
01:12:21 um and then to go with the roots being
01:12:23 the fathers
01:12:25 in the book title page from the gold
01:12:28 plates of the Book of Mormon it states
01:12:30 to get them to remember the promises or
01:12:33 the Covenants
01:12:35 of the fathers
01:12:38 yes and here he is pruning up
01:12:42 The Roots
01:12:43 meaning trying to get
01:12:45 what’s there to be to start working and
01:12:49 doing their job again right which is
01:12:51 those covenants that those fathers
01:12:53 received
01:12:57 um so anyways that’s another one
01:12:58 hopefully that gives some also why I
01:13:01 believe the roots are Abraham Isaac and
01:13:04 Jacob the fathers and I would even
01:13:07 include Joseph in there because Joseph
01:13:08 is some pretty important promises to him
01:13:12 and that’s actually and that’s actually
01:13:14 makes sense but this idea of turning the
01:13:16 hearts of the fathers to children and
01:13:18 hearts of the children to their fathers
01:13:20 um because look here they’re taking care
01:13:22 of the roots here right and especially
01:13:25 in connecting and especially connecting
01:13:27 that with the observance of Torah
01:13:30 yep
01:13:31 the remembrance of uh while that’s a
01:13:36 lousy Tran well that’s a translation
01:13:38 error they call it the law of Moses
01:13:40 remember the law of Moses wow which I
01:13:43 get I’ve I’ve looked at that one there
01:13:45 is no Hebrew word for of there
01:13:50 okay you could just through Moses is
01:13:54 what I would put that is a translator
01:13:56 bias and we could Sidetrack on that one
01:13:58 but um no that’s actually a really
01:14:00 interesting thing yeah so the law
01:14:02 through most for remember the law
01:14:03 through Moses and that is the uh
01:14:08 that is the that is that would be the
01:14:11 Turning of the hearts of fathers to
01:14:12 Children hearts of the children the
01:14:13 fathers that the Lord might preserve the
01:14:16 roots
01:14:17 right so the one thing that I would say
01:14:19 it helps give it context to support that
01:14:23 it’s Torah and we’d have to look at the
01:14:25 verse so I’m going off a big memory but
01:14:26 it’s it also along those
01:14:29 verses it brings out the judgments and
01:14:31 statutes that’s yes
01:14:35 and ordinances which is not there that’s
01:14:39 the law of Moses
01:14:41 right so in addition to saying uh
01:14:44 translator bias I’m also bringing out
01:14:46 the context to show why I believe it’s
01:14:49 Torah and the better word there is
01:14:51 through
01:14:53 yeah I i i i i and that actually makes a
01:14:57 lot of Torah
01:14:58 yeah
01:14:59 that actually makes a lot of sense
01:15:01 that’s good I’m not too crazy though no
01:15:04 you’re it but
01:15:07 it wouldn’t go that far but still okay
01:15:13 the more
01:15:15 you understand true the more crazy you
01:15:18 look to the world but I know who is who
01:15:20 are living a lot so coming from you I’ll
01:15:24 take it as a compliment
01:15:27 from other people you should have
01:15:29 probably met as a disrespect but for me
01:15:32 I’ll take it as a compliment oh well if
01:15:35 you better take it as a compliment
01:15:37 because I’m crazy as a loon
01:15:39 and here you are listening to me so you
01:15:42 must be okay
01:15:45 right and you’re agreeing with me so
01:15:47 anyways
01:15:50 foreign
01:16:03 they’re not supposed to perish and
01:16:05 that’s what the Book of Mormon is trying
01:16:07 to get us to remember right meaning not
01:16:09 perish
01:16:10 and preserve and if the and if the
01:16:13 judgments and statutes of of Torah
01:16:15 Parish
01:16:17 then God is uh then God is a changing
01:16:19 God and has not the power to save us
01:16:23 yeah we can get that from lectures on
01:16:25 faith uh we can also get that from just
01:16:28 reading the book of Mormon after 35
01:16:30 anyways lots of stuff right
01:16:32 right not to mention that his he never
01:16:36 turns the left or the right in his ways
01:16:39 his path is straight and narrow oh I got
01:16:42 uh I uh
01:16:45 he didn’t do a U-turn right yep that’s
01:16:48 not straight i i i i smacked some I
01:16:51 smack somebody up and somebody else
01:16:53 upside the head with the Eternal round
01:16:55 post
01:16:55 oh yeah well yeah hopefully he accepted
01:16:59 it he accepted that he might be an error
01:17:03 well
01:17:04 I’m glad I
01:17:07 I I’ve had a lot of arguments over that
01:17:10 one
01:17:12 actually which actually kind of
01:17:14 surprised me that anyways but well I
01:17:17 mean they if you really really really
01:17:20 want the Eternal round to be
01:17:23 the Eternal realm of creation after
01:17:25 creation after creation
01:17:29 you’re going to argue for that sure but
01:17:32 that’s what they that’s that’s actually
01:17:33 the primary arguments that I get from
01:17:35 people but
01:17:38 um the only thing I can get
01:17:40 for that are quotes from Brigham Young
01:17:45 nothing from scriptures
01:17:53 after creation well
01:17:56 um I I don’t I didn’t save these but
01:17:59 they I did get some quotes that kind of
01:18:02 either said that or imply it that were
01:18:04 from Brigham Young or John Taylor or
01:18:06 something
01:18:07 um or maybe both I don’t remember
01:18:09 exactly yeah well but I don’t put much
01:18:13 faith on yeah I don’t put much faith on
01:18:16 the word of a murderer are you nor do I
01:18:20 um I mean I I don’t even need to call
01:18:22 them that to not have faith in them in
01:18:24 their words I can just see how they’re
01:18:26 contradicting scriptures on so many
01:18:28 everything else but yes I do believe
01:18:31 that they
01:18:33 uh either helped plan and or
01:18:36 killed children Smith depending if
01:18:38 you’re talking about Brigham Young Who
01:18:39 helped planet or John Taylor who did it
01:18:42 um yeah I said that
01:18:44 um so anyways
01:18:46 um I don’t find them a good source for
01:18:49 Revelation about if you do think John
01:18:51 Taylor is a true prophet he prophesied
01:18:54 that um
01:18:56 the church would never stop doing
01:18:58 polygamy so
01:19:00 um
01:19:01 the LDS Church
01:19:03 did stop so if you think John Taylor is
01:19:07 a prophet either you’re in the wrong
01:19:09 church or he’s not a prophet so I would
01:19:12 suggest I would suggest that you really
01:19:14 check out a Fundy branch
01:19:17 um
01:19:17 yeah I anyways
01:19:20 um not to mention but I know this is
01:19:25 uh personally five three seven the Lord
01:19:29 God will provide a way to do what he
01:19:31 commands
01:19:33 and that’s not by changing it
01:19:36 it’s by giving you a way to keep it but
01:19:38 anyways we’re still checking a lot
01:19:41 that’s not too helpful on the main
01:19:42 subject right now
01:19:44 it’s always
01:19:47 say that again Zach
01:19:49 I saw it as centipede on my chair
01:19:53 that’s right
01:19:55 so remember centipedes are not Kosher so
01:19:58 you can’t eat
01:20:00 um
01:20:01 [Laughter]
01:20:04 [Music]
01:20:06 a giant peach and how he had 42 legs
01:20:10 which is symbolic of Oppression and
01:20:12 that’s what the occult does is they’re
01:20:14 key to everything is oppression
01:20:16 that’s why 42 is the key to everything
01:20:18 because it’s the oppressed
01:20:20 I mean you’ll see that in the scriptures
01:20:22 in these coming days right that they
01:20:24 seek to wear out the Saints and they
01:20:26 will do that by oppression that’s how
01:20:29 they’re gonna seek to wear out the same
01:20:31 question so
01:20:33 so oppression by centipede yeah
01:20:37 [Laughter]
01:20:42 no I I along those lines
01:20:45 I I have wondered about eating
01:20:49 some locusts less crickets with honey
01:20:51 but anyways that’s another seven because
01:20:53 those are Kosher
01:20:55 um but yeah
01:20:58 um okay I’ll just say on that since Zach
01:21:00 sidetracked his song I I do believe the
01:21:03 reason why John the Baptist ate those is
01:21:06 because he was declaring the cursings
01:21:08 and the blessings of Torah and that
01:21:12 would make sense
01:21:14 it’s I mean
01:21:16 I don’t know
01:21:19 the Lord the Lord declares them kosher
01:21:23 right it declares them clean
01:21:26 Locus happens because of a curse
01:21:30 right right
01:21:31 and honey
01:21:35 so perhaps no they no they occur because
01:21:39 of they occur because of Percy oh that’s
01:21:42 true well in Mass right
01:21:45 um they happen in Mass because of the
01:21:47 cursing like in Utah
01:21:51 um oh wait wait wait what by Kingsburg
01:21:54 impulse
01:21:55 um
01:21:57 the I I I’m just living around you know
01:22:01 that’s that’s not a curse but when they
01:22:03 happen in mass and they’re eating all
01:22:05 your props you should probably do you’re
01:22:08 starving that’s a curse
01:22:11 the Mormon Cricket suppose the curse
01:22:15 um well I was accursed
01:22:16 so anyways
01:22:19 um
01:22:23 yeah well that was that was a nice
01:22:26 little side track let’s walk all the way
01:22:28 back to Jacob chapter five uh so I think
01:22:32 we’re on verse 12.
01:22:34 wherefore go thy way watch the tree and
01:22:37 nourish it according to my words okay
01:22:39 let’s move on to 13. uh
01:22:45 do you want to read the 13 then yeah oh
01:22:48 who
01:22:49 me yeah okay I I just I I just
01:22:53 separating with these
01:22:55 yeah and these will I place and these
01:22:58 will I place in the near most parts of
01:23:00 my Vineyard whether so ever I will if
01:23:02 matter is not unto me
01:23:04 unto thee
01:23:07 there we go
01:23:08 and I do it that I may preserve unto
01:23:11 myself the natural branches of the tree
01:23:13 you know so that I may lay a fruit
01:23:14 thereof against the season unto myself
01:23:16 or agree with me that I should lose this
01:23:19 tree and the fruit thereof no I said
01:23:21 this a little bit earlier but I’m going
01:23:23 to say it again second Nephi 29 and
01:23:26 the multiple
01:23:28 records that we
01:23:30 that will be coming in the future I see
01:23:32 all right that connected to this
01:23:37 um now the question is
01:23:39 the question is will they just come
01:23:43 forward I I think it says there’s
01:23:46 reference to the people bringing their
01:23:48 own records
01:23:51 um
01:23:51 there’s also a reference to uh some
01:23:54 records being brought forward by the one
01:23:56 uh by the one Mighty and strong
01:24:00 yeah so I mean we could Sidetrack on
01:24:03 second knife at 29 and see what it says
01:24:04 I don’t remember it
01:24:06 in detail enough to know if it says
01:24:08 they’ll bring it themselves I have I’ve
01:24:11 heard people talk about that I don’t
01:24:13 know if the actual scriptures I think
01:24:15 it’s in Isaiah it’s in Isaiah uh where
01:24:18 it talks about them
01:24:21 in the early part of Isaiah the part
01:24:23 that is also in second Nephi
01:24:26 would be the second one and second eight
01:24:28 by 27 possibly or different ones
01:24:31 the it’s part of the block and part of
01:24:34 the block section
01:24:37 I don’t know what you mean by block
01:24:38 section
01:24:40 where you have a whole block text of
01:24:42 Isaiah
01:24:44 no interruptions no there’s a couple
01:24:47 places on that here’s one is well I’m
01:24:49 talking like I’m talking about more than
01:24:52 one or two chapters yeah
01:24:55 isn’t that in personify and second E5 no
01:24:58 first Nephi is only one or two chapters
01:25:01 yeah okay it’s second second Nephi is
01:25:05 second knee by uh I think it is second
01:25:08 fight the second Nephi I think it is
01:25:12 12.
01:25:14 through
01:25:17 12 through 24 or 25
01:25:21 is all Isaiah uh the second eight by
01:25:24 twenty five is not Isaiah that’s some
01:25:26 comments well I I think it would like I
01:25:28 said it’s either through 24 or 20.
01:25:31 we’ll see what
01:25:33 uh do you want to Sidetrack and try to
01:25:36 find that or I because I think that’s a
01:25:39 mute point but uh Isaiah 14 is uh second
01:25:44 Nephi 24.
01:25:46 uh 25 is Nephi
01:25:50 okay yeah okay then it’s 24 is the end
01:25:54 of it then 12 through 24 I believe
01:25:57 okay so
01:25:59 11 is Jacob
01:26:03 and
01:26:06 well is Isaiah 2. so you’re right it’s
01:26:09 12. so that would make sense on the
01:26:11 Block you’re right that’s a bigger
01:26:12 section than a person to buy
01:26:16 um yeah
01:26:17 and then I think 26 might
01:26:20 that one’s still commentary I don’t
01:26:22 remember saying I know 27
01:26:25 no 26 is
01:26:27 not Isaiah but 27
01:26:30 is at least partly Isaiah right because
01:26:33 it’s a little bit different than Isaiah
01:26:36 29 so
01:26:37 um that could be
01:26:39 Nephi bringing in some commentary or a
01:26:42 different version of 29. I I don’t know
01:26:45 for sure or it could yeah I think it’s
01:26:48 probably Isaiah it’s probably Nephi
01:26:51 reading with some additional commentary
01:26:52 uh that’s what I I tend to believe it’s
01:26:56 just by adding some commentary to it
01:26:59 um
01:27:00 I think but I I don’t know for sure but
01:27:03 anyways that’s a side track and it’s
01:27:06 probably not yeah but like I said but
01:27:07 like like I said 12 through 12 through
01:27:10 24 somewhere in there there’s a
01:27:12 reference to the
01:27:14 tribes the tribes will come from the
01:27:16 tribes will come from the north their
01:27:18 prophets will lead them and stuff like
01:27:20 that okay all right well all right
01:27:24 okay no bring their records and offer
01:27:26 them up
01:27:27 okay
01:27:29 um
01:27:31 and maybe I’m also and I I need to re I
01:27:36 need to reread it myself I don’t even
01:27:38 remember that so I you
01:27:42 can’t you can’t have it all right that’s
01:27:44 why we help each other
01:27:47 um
01:27:47 so uh let’s see did we read 13 I don’t
01:27:51 think so or maybe we did no I think we
01:27:54 read
01:27:55 um
01:27:56 yeah I think we did
01:27:59 um
01:28:00 so I think that’s good on that exactly
01:28:02 you want to read the 14 section
01:28:09 we can’t pass that in order to be near
01:28:12 when it went his way
01:28:14 and hit the natural branches of the
01:28:16 table all over the tree
01:28:18 and then in the nethermost parts
01:28:22 of the vineyard seven one summon another
01:28:26 according to as well and pleasure so one
01:28:28 thing I’ll say right here where
01:28:31 um in modalism okay which is what I I
01:28:35 believe that the one who generally
01:28:40 um
01:28:41 did the plan
01:28:43 is you know I’m trying to be more quiet
01:28:46 yeah I’m trying to be more quiet
01:28:49 um it’s a father who came up with the
01:28:52 plan and the son went and
01:28:55 did the plan right in general
01:28:59 speaking of these things that I mean I
01:29:03 already talked about how this Yeshua the
01:29:06 sun did the things that the father told
01:29:09 him to do so and I see in this verse
01:29:12 here it’s the father that’s carrying
01:29:16 this out or the one that has the plan
01:29:18 right
01:29:19 that the servant the son is then doing
01:29:26 so I I don’t know if anybody else wants
01:29:28 to say anything on that verse right
01:29:29 there I could I can show it yourself
01:29:32 no I could yeah the father makes the
01:29:35 plan
01:29:36 this and the sun carries it up yeah
01:29:40 that’s that’s the
01:29:43 that is what is done with the
01:29:45 associations and mortalism for the
01:29:47 father and the son right
01:29:50 so and the back it even goes along with
01:29:53 the um Hebrew idiom for some sun is a
01:29:57 follower nice nope
01:30:00 so everyone goes along with that
01:30:02 and father is an idiom per leader and
01:30:06 the leader is the one who makes the plan
01:30:09 right so but anyways
01:30:13 um
01:30:15 Zach you want to read 15.
01:30:22 you tend to pass that a long time passed
01:30:24 away
01:30:25 on the lord of the lord of the pen here
01:30:28 sayeth unto his servant
01:30:30 come let us go down into the vineyard
01:30:33 though we may labor in the vineyard
01:30:36 so
01:30:37 um
01:30:38 if someone was inclined to try to figure
01:30:40 out every
01:30:42 instance of here from the Tanakh I think
01:30:46 this right here is a big marker a long
01:30:48 distance of time right
01:30:52 um
01:30:53 that could help kind of
01:30:56 correlation of what these different
01:30:58 actual points are I I haven’t done it
01:31:01 for these early ones I’ve I’ve done it
01:31:03 for some later that I cared or more
01:31:05 passionate about worrying about
01:31:07 so anyways
01:31:09 uh I think 16 is going to be part of
01:31:11 that section or at least the first two
01:31:14 lines since lines of how you know
01:31:18 skousen calls it
01:31:21 will you read those two cents lines Zach
01:31:26 thank you the best of the lord of the
01:31:28 vineyard and also the servant went down
01:31:30 into the vineyard to Lakewood
01:31:33 okay uh so I’ll take this one
01:31:37 and it came to pass that the servant
01:31:39 saith unto his master behold look
01:31:42 here behold the tree and it came to pass
01:31:45 that Yahweh of the vineyard or I guess
01:31:48 here I should be actually just be Lord
01:31:51 um of The Vineyards loved and behold the
01:31:53 tree was the wild all of these branches
01:31:57 had been grafted and it sprang before it
01:32:01 began to bear fruit
01:32:03 and he beheld that it was good and the
01:32:07 food thereof was like unto the natural
01:32:10 flute
01:32:11 which I think this is also a key thing
01:32:13 here because
01:32:14 um
01:32:15 whoever these Gentiles that were grafted
01:32:17 in were actually doing what doing
01:32:20 righteous things
01:32:21 right
01:32:23 so it can’t really be the Samaritans
01:32:25 because they weren’t really in a state
01:32:27 of righteousness in with Torah per se
01:32:31 I don’t know their history enough to
01:32:33 stay on that I just at least at least
01:32:37 the kerites don’t believe they were
01:32:40 well
01:32:42 there are some things from the carrots I
01:32:44 like and there’s some things I don’t
01:32:47 um and and one that I need to do a post
01:32:49 on they’re actually the source for the
01:32:51 first visible present okay rights the
01:32:54 first
01:33:01 and they did it mimicking the Muslims
01:33:04 who actually
01:33:06 let the first kerite not die because he
01:33:10 was going to die otherwise
01:33:12 um
01:33:13 he was kind of giving back for his life
01:33:16 right but anyway uh well that’s a lousy
01:33:19 reason that’s a lazy to compromise the
01:33:22 one
01:33:24 um well apparently this guy didn’t think
01:33:25 so because it actually states he changed
01:33:28 it from calculated to first visible
01:33:30 Crescent like the Muslims did actually
01:33:33 history and
01:33:35 Jewish writings so I’m not making this
01:33:37 up this is from Jewish writings
01:33:40 um but that’s anyways
01:33:43 um
01:33:46 Pirates have good and bad
01:33:48 um I think though overall they’re better
01:33:50 than the Orthodox but they still have
01:33:52 their problems
01:33:54 no and there are lots there are lots of
01:33:57 parides who don’t uh and don’t observe
01:33:59 lunar Sabbath
01:34:00 uh none of them do as far as
01:34:04 if they do it’s uh
01:34:07 a Fleek
01:34:09 um yeah the most famous One the helium
01:34:13 right Gordon he has a a recent recording
01:34:17 where he talks about how the carrots
01:34:19 historically
01:34:21 had
01:34:23 um a month that was 31 days and a month
01:34:27 that was 28 days because of the first
01:34:30 visible Crescent which to me knowing the
01:34:32 math behind it it makes sense because it
01:34:35 will screw up your months
01:34:36 and if you believe in the lunar Sabbath
01:34:40 there’s a problem with that which is
01:34:43 another reason why I don’t believe first
01:34:45 visible present is the new moon because
01:34:47 it causes those problems
01:34:50 right
01:34:51 because it takes longer to see it but
01:34:54 anyways that’s another subject
01:34:57 um but even he the hemia has had that
01:35:00 happen himself not not just found it
01:35:03 happening in history but he’s seen it
01:35:06 happen himself keeping it with the first
01:35:09 visible present himself
01:35:11 he said months too long and Too Short
01:35:15 and that that doesn’t really happen and
01:35:18 that
01:35:18 there’s a problem with that for the
01:35:20 lunar Sabbath right but anyways
01:35:24 uh that’s another subject
01:35:27 um
01:35:27 another small
01:35:30 huh
01:35:31 another squirrel
01:35:33 yeah
01:35:35 um
01:35:40 Lord of The Vineyard oh wait we just
01:35:43 finished 17.
01:35:44 so natural fruit that’s actually keeping
01:35:47 Torah
01:35:48 18. and he’s stayeth unto the servant so
01:35:52 this would be the master right the
01:35:54 master sang unto the servant behold the
01:35:57 branches of the wild tree have gotten
01:36:00 hold of the moisture of the root thereof
01:36:03 so this is where
01:36:05 I believe is another evidence that it’s
01:36:07 talking where the roots is Abraham Isaac
01:36:10 and Jacob and possibly Joseph right
01:36:14 because they’re
01:36:15 they’re getting nourishment from that
01:36:19 Covenant that they had right there
01:36:21 they’ve taken hold of the moisture of
01:36:24 the root
01:36:26 um and that root thereof has brought
01:36:28 forth much strength
01:36:31 itself
01:36:33 um
01:36:33 Torah doesn’t hide
01:36:36 the father’s
01:36:38 Abraham Isaac Jacobs and even Joseph’s
01:36:42 um
01:36:43 sins or personality problems that they
01:36:46 have right well I mean it illustrates
01:36:48 you it illustrates Abraham’s
01:36:51 the Abraham’s Faith growth
01:36:53 the growth of the spirit now here’s an
01:36:56 interesting thing cults
01:36:59 will hide the history that makes them
01:37:01 look bad here is Yahweh in his
01:37:04 scriptures showing
01:37:08 when people he called
01:37:11 sinned and made mistakes right because
01:37:14 there is a difference between the two
01:37:16 um now Joseph at the beginning of his
01:37:18 life was narrative yeah yes he was
01:37:21 yes he was
01:37:24 um now it the way it’s presented
01:37:28 in in Torah it’s it makes it look like
01:37:32 he’s sinless with it though he wasn’t
01:37:35 but the reason I believe the way that
01:37:38 they present it the way they do and
01:37:40 don’t call them out on it is because
01:37:43 yeshua’s
01:37:44 first coming is pattern off of Joseph
01:37:49 right that is the Messiah Ben Joseph
01:37:52 this is the first coming
01:37:56 Joseph of Egypt is a type for the first
01:37:58 coming on so many levels but because
01:38:02 he’s a typo it doesn’t look doesn’t that
01:38:04 name does that word Ben or even mean
01:38:07 like son of or follower
01:38:10 so that so are you looking at it more as
01:38:14 Joseph being a type and therefore he
01:38:16 follows the type
01:38:18 uh I wasn’t in this case but I I just
01:38:21 wonder what I’m trying to get out
01:38:23 um
01:38:25 the more studied
01:38:27 restorationists know that there’s two
01:38:29 missiles per se right
01:38:32 then David and there’s or Judah and
01:38:35 there’s a messiah Ben Joseph
01:38:38 some people in the Restoration in fact a
01:38:40 lot of people will claim that the
01:38:42 Messiah been
01:38:43 Joseph is it Joseph Smith it’s not it’s
01:38:46 a type of the first coming that’s more
01:38:48 what I was trying to get at
01:38:56 I wasn’t I wasn’t saying that well I’m
01:38:59 not saying you now at one point at one
01:39:01 point at one point I made it
01:39:03 a lot of people in the restoration do
01:39:06 say that and I was trying to
01:39:09 um show why that’s not the case without
01:39:11 saying it but since you started doing
01:39:14 more I started to do by myself
01:39:17 [Laughter]
01:39:19 but yes Joseph of Egypt was very
01:39:22 prideful at first
01:39:24 um and he caused part of his own
01:39:27 problems there
01:39:30 his father didn’t help with it either
01:39:33 right because he did show
01:39:35 um
01:39:37 showed clear favoritism yes so
01:39:41 it’s it’s really interesting it’s really
01:39:44 interesting that when you look at the
01:39:46 section and Torah that seems to have
01:39:48 Commandments governing it it’s basically
01:39:50 talking about
01:39:52 don’t do what Jacob did
01:39:56 yeah
01:39:57 yeah
01:39:58 stupid Jacob made some mistakes well
01:40:01 actually he made multiple mistakes but
01:40:03 yeah
01:40:06 I do believe he was forgiven and
01:40:10 slogan with God if not now it will be
01:40:13 right I don’t know if he was some of the
01:40:16 first that were resurrected during well
01:40:18 he he was one he was one who had to be
01:40:21 humbled by suffering
01:40:23 yeah well we all do
01:40:26 um
01:40:28 well there’s some who choose to be
01:40:30 humble I think and they still suffer
01:40:32 anyway but they they would choose to be
01:40:34 humble anyway that’s true that’s true
01:40:37 okay right away
01:40:39 um
01:40:41 did I finish 18 or did I stop in the
01:40:44 middle of summer
01:40:46 [Music]
01:40:48 let’s start at the beginning behold
01:40:55 the branches of the wild tree have taken
01:40:58 hold of the moisture of the root thereof
01:41:01 that the root thereof has brought forth
01:41:04 much strength
01:41:05 which um you know that can go along with
01:41:08 some of the imagery with Isaac and
01:41:12 um Esau and Jacob right
01:41:16 the strength the arm right yep anyways
01:41:21 um
01:41:22 and because of the most strength of the
01:41:24 root thereof the wild branches have
01:41:27 brought forth came fruit meaning they
01:41:30 that they
01:41:32 had Torah written on their innards
01:41:34 including their heart right right if we
01:41:38 had not grafted in these branches the
01:41:40 tree thereof would have perished
01:41:44 now so here’s some people out there that
01:41:47 claim
01:41:49 Torah is only for
01:41:52 the literal descendants
01:41:53 if you believe the Book of Mormon and
01:41:56 when I’m and what we’re bringing out
01:41:57 from zenas here that’s not the case
01:42:00 right yeah here it even States if it
01:42:03 wasn’t for these gentiles
01:42:06 the tree would have had problems
01:42:08 the tree needed the Gentiles all right
01:42:11 yeah or wild branches
01:42:14 uh
01:42:15 the tree therefore would have perished
01:42:18 and now behold I say lay up much fruit
01:42:21 which which the tree thereof have
01:42:24 brought fruit and the fruit thereof I
01:42:27 shall lay up against this even unto mine
01:42:30 on himself okay so one thing I want to
01:42:32 add
01:42:34 when
01:42:36 um
01:42:37 Yahweh told Israel he is Rael is his
01:42:41 firstborn
01:42:43 he’s telling Israel that Israel is his
01:42:46 teacher to go out and teach the world
01:42:49 now I have two sons
01:42:54 um which they both want me okay but I
01:42:57 also see a pattern that my youngest son
01:43:01 imitates his older brother more than me
01:43:06 because
01:43:07 he’s learning from the oldest which is
01:43:11 why Israel is called the first
01:43:15 born Sons yeah where Israel is supposed
01:43:19 to be the teacher to the world
01:43:22 to learn which is what which is which is
01:43:26 why you need to look to the Old
01:43:27 Testament to understand the new
01:43:30 yes
01:43:31 yeah
01:43:33 um
01:43:34 and we’ll get to that later if
01:43:37 um we probably aren’t going to finish
01:43:38 them because here we’re only on Verse 18
01:43:40 and it’s like in the 70s
01:43:44 um
01:43:45 but I I think even what we’ve done is
01:43:47 still pretty good I’m happy to keep
01:43:49 going some more if you guys want to but
01:43:51 I’m just also looking at the time it’s 2
01:43:53 30 permit but I’m happy to go okay well
01:43:55 if it’s too if it’s getting I can only
01:43:58 go to about 30 more minutes I have a
01:44:01 hard stop I have to stop at so okay um I
01:44:04 I can keep going for a little bit
01:44:06 um I I would like to take a few minutes
01:44:08 at the end to share something unrelated
01:44:10 to this though if that’s okay okay all
01:44:12 right that’s fine we’ll keep going for a
01:44:14 while
01:44:14 okay let’s let’s just do 19 and 20. and
01:44:19 call and call this
01:44:21 because yeah and called it and call this
01:44:24 complete for tonight well we can do more
01:44:27 another time
01:44:28 um of course of course
01:44:31 because these things generally with us
01:44:32 we take so long because all the
01:44:34 expounding hopefully people will find it
01:44:36 helpful though that’s that’s great right
01:44:41 um all right all righty you want me to
01:44:44 read 19 and 20. sure sure go ahead
01:44:47 and it came to pass that the Lord of The
01:44:49 Vineyard saith unto the servant come let
01:44:52 us go to the near the most parts of the
01:44:53 vineyard and behold if the natural
01:44:55 branches of the tree hath not brought
01:44:57 forth much fruit also that I may lay up
01:45:00 the fruit thereof against the season
01:45:02 unto my own self so I I just want to say
01:45:05 here
01:45:07 um
01:45:07 so
01:45:10 he took these
01:45:12 branches now I actually I don’t remember
01:45:15 in this case but at least in the case
01:45:17 further down which I’ve studied more on
01:45:20 they were grafted into a wild tree I
01:45:24 don’t remember in this case
01:45:26 um
01:45:27 but
01:45:30 some people say we need to to leave the
01:45:32 world why
01:45:34 at least in the later versus did Yahweh
01:45:37 take
01:45:39 and take these natural branches and
01:45:41 graft it into a wild tree if we’re
01:45:44 supposed to go be recluse and stay on
01:45:46 our own
01:45:48 and here’s here’s another here’s another
01:45:51 thought
01:45:55 lay up the fruit thereof again against
01:45:58 the season on tomato also this is
01:46:00 actually something that speaks openly
01:46:01 against
01:46:03 if the fruit
01:46:06 or the resurrection or the fruit or the
01:46:08 souls saved Souls of men
01:46:11 if they’re all coming back and forth and
01:46:14 going back and forth multiple mortal
01:46:16 probations how is he laying the fruit of
01:46:19 how is he laying the fruit up against
01:46:20 him laying up the fruit unto himself
01:46:23 against the season
01:46:25 that’s a good point I wouldn’t have
01:46:27 thought about that because
01:46:28 um a lot in crowds that are talking
01:46:31 about that but that’s a that’s a good
01:46:33 point against multiple mortal probations
01:46:35 which is just another phrase for
01:46:37 reincarnation
01:46:39 um again it’s putting lipstick on the
01:46:41 pig of reincarnation yes it is that’s a
01:46:45 good way of putting it uh you put it
01:46:49 I’m yeah I’m sure the pig looks
01:46:52 beautiful but uh I’m pretty sure it
01:46:54 doesn’t appreciate it uh
01:47:00 girls or guys with nose rings it makes
01:47:03 me think he thinks but anyways
01:47:07 and it came to pass that they went forth
01:47:10 whether the master of the vineyard had
01:47:12 hit the natural branches of the tree
01:47:13 instead of the certain buildings and
01:47:15 they’d be held the first then it brought
01:47:18 forth much fruit and beheld that it was
01:47:20 good beheld also that it was good and he
01:47:22 saith unto the servant take the fruit
01:47:24 thereof and lay it up against the season
01:47:25 and I may preserve it a unto my own self
01:47:28 for behold saith he this long time have
01:47:31 I nourished it and it has brought forth
01:47:33 much fruit
01:47:34 so I do believe this preserving unto
01:47:37 himself it’s having it wait until
01:47:39 Judgment Day
01:47:41 yeah
01:47:43 um you know because he’s pervert
01:47:45 preserving it onto his on against the
01:47:48 season
01:47:51 I would say Judgment Day
01:47:56 and there is another school of thought
01:48:00 that the
01:48:01 resurrections actually begin at the
01:48:05 coming of Christ
01:48:11 yeah so I
01:48:14 this is one thing that I haven’t quite
01:48:16 figured out because obviously when
01:48:18 Yeshua resurrected he was starch and so
01:48:22 well and there were others also
01:48:26 but just to finish up what I was
01:48:28 thinking the season could also be just
01:48:32 that the season could also be
01:48:34 that Judgment at the second coming
01:48:38 sure sure so it could be a different
01:48:42 like I think you’re saying
01:48:45 different seasons but yeah different
01:48:48 seasons for different different seasons
01:48:50 for different folks I I can see that
01:48:52 um assuming this season is the Judgment
01:48:54 time
01:48:56 um because
01:48:57 there there was
01:48:59 um
01:49:01 was it 5 000 that people saw resurrected
01:49:04 or something to that effect I don’t
01:49:06 remember from the New Testament exactly
01:49:07 but right this is one thing I I don’t
01:49:11 have figured out I I wonder if there
01:49:14 were other resurrections after that
01:49:16 throughout
01:49:18 history just not on mass because like
01:49:21 right Moroni I do believe he was
01:49:24 resurrected and it didn’t happen at
01:49:27 yeshua’s Resurrection right no couldn’t
01:49:31 ask and if you take Alma right because
01:49:34 he wasn’t Eliza
01:49:39 just to stay the obvious but if we take
01:49:42 Alma 40 into account uh the Lord I died
01:49:47 so for him to come back to Joseph Smith
01:49:50 he had to be resurrected because
01:49:52 otherwise he was in Paradise
01:49:56 not having a care in the world right
01:49:59 um so anyways so I I
01:50:03 think the first resurrection is probably
01:50:06 the longest regular Direction because it
01:50:08 started with Yeshua and you know I I
01:50:11 would say 30 A.D I think there’s good
01:50:13 evidence for that
01:50:15 uh and it ends just and it ends just
01:50:19 before he comes back when all of those
01:50:21 who are his the first fruits are caught
01:50:23 up to me
01:50:24 and I
01:50:26 well I would say if it even continues
01:50:28 until the Earth ends in its current
01:50:32 state
01:50:34 um that filled its measure
01:50:36 okay there’s going to be people born
01:50:39 after the start of the Millennium that
01:50:42 are gonna go to the Celestial Kingdom
01:50:44 and they are going to be part of the
01:50:46 first resurrection
01:50:47 is that true enough true I I see the
01:50:50 first resurrection in all resurrections
01:50:52 going up to the end it’s just
01:50:54 the first second third have different
01:50:57 starting points all right yeah yeah I
01:51:00 can see it probably all end at the same
01:51:02 time or relatively close to each other
01:51:05 right right
01:51:07 um but anyways that’s uh
01:51:10 well I mean that’s the doctrine and
01:51:13 Covenant section 88 does reveal that
01:51:16 there is
01:51:18 um that there are multiple starts of
01:51:20 Resurrection
01:51:21 uh okay
01:51:23 uh yeah Trump it’s sounding with trumpet
01:51:26 sounding first fruits
01:51:30 um
01:51:30 that actually began at the time of
01:51:32 Christ
01:51:33 yeah
01:51:36 um
01:51:37 and so you have and then from there you
01:51:40 have the second trumpet sounds and
01:51:42 that’s when the
01:51:44 um that’s when the prisoners are
01:51:45 Resurrected
01:51:47 the terrestrial
01:51:49 right
01:51:51 and then later
01:51:53 and then there’s a third trumpet that
01:51:55 sounds and then are resurrected uh the
01:51:59 celestial right so you know the
01:52:03 scriptures don’t State this that I’m
01:52:04 aware of I wonder if there’s a fourth
01:52:08 there is a fourth trumpet that sounds
01:52:10 and that and what is announced at that
01:52:12 point is
01:52:14 well these guys are just vessels of the
01:52:17 ratica
01:52:18 those who remain so but my point is
01:52:22 those who have been born on Earth but
01:52:26 are sons of perditions right I still get
01:52:29 a physical Resurrection
01:52:31 yeah
01:52:32 Resurrected
01:52:34 I would guess I would guess it would be
01:52:37 a support Trump
01:52:38 yeah right at the end I think yeah
01:52:42 um because they’re right before the
01:52:43 right before the final right before the
01:52:45 final battle between
01:52:47 God and Satan uh well I think it would
01:52:50 be after that but anyways
01:52:52 well I mean because uh you know I mean
01:52:56 because
01:52:56 Satan’s gonna have his armies
01:52:59 that’s the point that’s my point oh yeah
01:53:02 but I think those are mortal
01:53:04 armies no not not resurrected but okay I
01:53:10 mean yeah actually it’s just I you know
01:53:13 you could be right
01:53:15 you could be right I could be wrong on
01:53:17 this one but I tend to think they’re
01:53:18 mortal armies
01:53:21 um
01:53:22 yeah and the demons who didn’t get a
01:53:25 physical body who are possibly
01:53:28 possessing some of them and you know
01:53:30 whispering in their ears
01:53:33 um but this is one thing I like
01:53:38 I’m not quite sure on is that at the end
01:53:40 of the seventh Millennium or is that
01:53:41 during the eighth Millennium and this is
01:53:44 one thing it’s the the uh the eighth the
01:53:48 eighth millennium foreign
01:53:54 that’s an interesting thought I’ll have
01:53:56 to look into it because I could see how
01:53:59 that could be the end of the seventh
01:54:01 yeah or in the eighth and I I
01:54:06 mean I don’t have a good answer for that
01:54:08 myself I I can just see it could be one
01:54:11 or the other but
01:54:13 yeah the eighth is the beginning and the
01:54:16 eighth is the new Heaven and new earth
01:54:22 I don’t know because I wonder if the new
01:54:25 Heaven and new earth is actually going
01:54:26 to come at the beginning
01:54:29 of the seventh personally
01:54:33 um
01:54:35 on that lines I
01:54:38 Wonder with the sun being blocked by
01:54:41 planet
01:54:43 that’s happening at the beginning of the
01:54:46 seventh could be the start of the
01:54:48 returning of the Polar configuration
01:54:51 which is the new Heaven and the new
01:54:53 Earth or better put renewed heaven and
01:54:57 renewed right
01:54:59 um well yeah the beginning I could
01:55:01 definitely see the beginning of the
01:55:02 renewal being for that seven for the
01:55:05 seven thousand years because it’s been
01:55:08 it’s receiving it’s it’s being restored
01:55:10 and it is restored to its eugenic Glory
01:55:13 yeah
01:55:15 um
01:55:16 um and the environment change that will
01:55:18 happen will make
01:55:19 um things easier in my opinion but
01:55:21 that’s right another subject
01:55:24 um yeah it’ll be the Earth will be
01:55:26 restored to its identity Glory at that
01:55:27 point but there’s another restoration
01:55:30 that happens after that seven thousand
01:55:32 years where it becomes where it is
01:55:40 as in before Adam partook of the fruit
01:55:43 but I think the one that happens first
01:55:47 is after he part of the fruit
01:55:49 right
01:55:52 but that’s a personal opinion
01:55:54 um but I do think I have some support
01:55:57 for it but anyways
01:56:00 um but I just see a lot of things that’s
01:56:03 going to happen at the second coming
01:56:06 is
01:56:08 that I’m almost done with I’m working my
01:56:10 post on this and I’m getting close to
01:56:12 done that
01:56:13 will be caused by a planet actually
01:56:17 which would make sense that’s bringing
01:56:19 back the polar configuration but well I
01:56:22 know that uh Mars drags rocks with it
01:56:26 yeah yeah it does which would be you
01:56:29 know fire and brimstone right yeah yeah
01:56:32 well the thing is is that those three
01:56:35 men
01:56:37 called
01:56:39 Mars
01:56:42 basically
01:56:43 well he called a planet I tend to think
01:56:46 it is Mars
01:56:48 um they call it they called a planet
01:56:50 that was dragging
01:56:52 the fire and brimstone with it the host
01:56:55 of Heaven stoned Sodom and Gomorrah uh
01:56:58 and I agree with that
01:57:01 um and it was but it was but that
01:57:03 judgment was executed by a high uh by a
01:57:07 man after by men after the holy order of
01:57:09 God yes and uh because priesthood
01:57:13 oh and by the way it states that they
01:57:16 were ordained by the mouth of God
01:57:26 translation
01:57:29 that whole chapter is freaking amazing
01:57:33 um I’m gonna have to go look at the
01:57:35 jst slash inspired on that one
01:57:38 um because I haven’t looked at that one
01:57:40 but I and I’ll probably have to add that
01:57:42 to my priesthood Resource page because
01:57:44 that’s I probably don’t have that one
01:57:46 there
01:57:47 um well that is
01:57:49 a maze the whole thing that I’m finding
01:57:53 here is that
01:57:55 everything
01:57:58 in the Bible is a lot clearer inspired
01:58:02 version
01:58:03 when I come across it I would definitely
01:58:06 I completely agree with you
01:58:09 um including ones in the New Testament
01:58:11 about Torah that’s
01:58:14 um
01:58:16 it’s it’s definitely a lot more obvious
01:58:18 I haven’t quite made it well and the
01:58:21 fact and the fact that
01:58:23 and the fact that
01:58:26 baptism was a thing before Moses is
01:58:30 clear made clear in the whole thing
01:58:33 regarding circum the institution of
01:58:36 circumcision
01:58:37 in chapter 17. yeah yeah
01:58:40 um
01:58:41 well we can we have a little bit more
01:58:44 time we can show that
01:58:58 is
01:58:59 um
01:59:01 my people have gone astray for my
01:59:03 precepts and not get my ordinances which
01:59:05 I kept gave on to their fathers and they
01:59:08 have not they have not observed mine
01:59:10 anointing and the burial or baptism
01:59:11 wherewith I commanded them but have
01:59:13 turned from the commandment and taken
01:59:15 unto themselves the washing of children
01:59:16 and the blood of sprinkling
01:59:19 okay and then we go down and I will
01:59:21 establish something to 11 and I will
01:59:24 establish a covenant of circumcision
01:59:25 with me and it shall be my Covenant
01:59:27 between me and thee and I see after thee
01:59:29 and their Generations that thou mayest
01:59:31 know forever that children are not
01:59:33 accountable before me until eight years
01:59:35 old and thou shalt observe to keep all
01:59:37 my covenants wherein I covenanted with
01:59:40 thy fathers and thou shalt keep the
01:59:41 Commandments which I have given thee
01:59:43 with mine own mouth and I will be a god
01:59:46 unto thee and thy seed after thee
01:59:49 now there’s quite a bit here that makes
01:59:51 sense a lot more understanding including
01:59:56 sprinkling
01:59:58 uh to me this makes it look like it’s
02:00:01 um you know from the Gentiles even more
02:00:03 though even just knowing the Catholic
02:00:05 history of it it was definitely Pagan
02:00:07 yeah yeah that’s the basically what he’s
02:00:11 saying is they’ve turned from my
02:00:12 ordinances my covenants your father he’s
02:00:15 talking about Abraham’s father yeah
02:00:18 and they’ve turned from the commandment
02:00:19 and they’ve taken on the Pagan practices
02:00:22 basically right which is it’s happened
02:00:24 again is all I’m saying is the same
02:00:26 pattern
02:00:30 um
02:00:31 because both of these the modern one and
02:00:34 this one goes back to Babylon
02:00:37 yep
02:00:38 so so I I just find that section right
02:00:42 there in chapter 17 just amazing in
02:00:45 terms of its in terms of the fact that
02:00:48 oh by the way
02:00:50 Torah and baptism are connected
02:00:53 it connects Torah and baptism completely
02:00:57 the dumbass know forever that children
02:01:00 are not accountable before me until
02:01:01 they’re eight years old and thou shalt
02:01:03 observe to keep all my covenants wherein
02:01:05 I covenanted with thy fathers and I
02:01:07 shall keep the Commandments which I have
02:01:09 given thee with my own mouth and I will
02:01:11 be a god unto thee and thy seed after
02:01:17 yeah
02:01:19 um so before it gets too late
02:01:22 um I I do want to share something if
02:01:24 you’re done with this
02:01:26 I’m okay so you okay
02:01:31 I think I have it yeah I I have some
02:01:36 notes here on this
02:01:38 um
02:01:41 missionary this
02:01:56 um there’s another one oh I have them
02:01:57 both here okay so here’s two verses from
02:02:01 the New Testament that talks about when
02:02:04 you
02:02:06 do missionary work it actually helps you
02:02:10 being forgiven of your sins okay so
02:02:13 James 5 20 consider this whoever turns a
02:02:17 sinner from the air of his ways will
02:02:20 save his soul from death and cover over
02:02:23 a multitude of sins now I understand
02:02:26 there’s controversies who this could be
02:02:29 speaking about of who the heir of his
02:02:32 way is referring to will save his soul
02:02:35 so his way is talking about the sinner
02:02:37 but that his soul
02:02:41 um I know there’s controversies about
02:02:43 this
02:02:44 um but when you go look at old
02:02:46 commentaries it’s the missionaries soul
02:02:50 um another one that teaches this is
02:02:52 first Timothy 4 16. pay close attention
02:02:55 to your life and to your teachings
02:03:00 Preserve in these things or by so doing
02:03:04 you will save both yourself and those
02:03:06 who hear you and so hopefully smokes
02:03:10 that one’s clear that one’s clear okay I
02:03:12 know
02:03:14 this one’s not so clear but when you
02:03:16 look at old commentaries and even this
02:03:18 verse right here it’s clear
02:03:21 in fact I think even dnc4 and I
02:03:25 let’s just go there real quick
02:03:29 uh brings us out some it’s been a while
02:03:31 since I’ve read it but I used to have it
02:03:33 memorized
02:03:35 so did I
02:03:37 I wonder I wonder why that is
02:03:39 because I served a mission for the
02:03:42 brighamite church
02:03:45 it shows us some also in my opinion it’s
02:03:48 not so blatant like the first Timothy
02:03:51 one was right
02:03:53 and for low heated protest in his Circle
02:03:56 might the same layup in store that he
02:04:00 perisheth not so that’s thrusting your
02:04:02 sickle is missionary work right
02:04:05 up and sword that he perishes not let’s
02:04:07 teach him the same thing
02:04:10 and it’s also talking about laying up in
02:04:13 store against the season yeah anyways
02:04:16 going off of uh xenos but anyways but
02:04:19 yeah going back off of the Jacob five
02:04:21 yeah yeah
02:04:23 um but when I’m bringing out here
02:04:25 missionary work helps save your soul
02:04:28 now guess what
02:04:30 I found it in Torah
02:04:33 oh awesome
02:04:35 so early we can I don’t know where it is
02:04:38 off top my head but I know the general
02:04:40 teaching we can go find it but uh after
02:04:44 eve since she’s told childbearing
02:04:48 will save you
02:04:51 it really doesn’t
02:04:53 Eve
02:04:55 is a symbol for the church
02:04:58 and burying children
02:05:00 is converting people
02:05:04 that is pretty good that’s pretty cool
02:05:08 because I don’t think anyone who really
02:05:11 takes the gospel seriously would
02:05:13 actually literally believe that a woman
02:05:16 is saved only by bearing children no you
02:05:20 have to be a comfort
02:05:21 this that’s
02:05:22 well no you’d have to be if you’d have
02:05:25 to be a Fundy you’d have to give undie
02:05:27 okay so I owe him I’ve come across a few
02:05:31 that actually believe that in their
02:05:32 fundies
02:05:35 but I’ll be honest though I don’t
02:05:39 I’m not sure how serious they take some
02:05:40 things but anyways um I know I’ll
02:05:43 probably get some slack for that but I’m
02:05:44 just being honest here yeah yeah yeah
02:05:47 because
02:05:49 in the New Testament Jesus didn’t tell
02:05:52 the women go have children
02:05:55 and you’ll be saved
02:05:57 I don’t know any new testament verse
02:05:59 that states that
02:06:00 I don’t see but I didn’t say it I mean
02:06:02 Leo told this woman right that would be
02:06:05 a prime example go have children
02:06:07 oh you shouldn’t say that
02:06:11 go have sex with all with all kinds of
02:06:13 men and have lots of babies
02:06:18 oh wait a minute she’s adulterous and
02:06:20 Barrett oh no but he said don’t go sin
02:06:24 any more showing he said she is supposed
02:06:28 to keep the Commandments right yes
02:06:32 um
02:06:34 that’s just me being a jerk yeah I know
02:06:37 well we’re
02:06:39 I was I was being a little jerky about
02:06:41 the money myself but I was trying to
02:06:43 avoid it a little bit but you brought it
02:06:45 up but
02:06:48 the imagery of the woman being saved in
02:06:52 childbirth is what’s being taught in
02:06:55 those three verses
02:06:59 and
02:07:00 you can somewhat see it
02:07:03 in um
02:07:05 we’re on I ate if I remember correctly
02:07:07 cool but I I didn’t prepare so
02:07:10 um anyway well I mean on a certain level
02:07:14 raising your children
02:07:16 teaching them the gospel teaching them
02:07:19 to walk in the law will also save your
02:07:22 soul helping them to become at work
02:07:24 right but it’s not
02:07:27 in Genesis it’s not in the it’s not in
02:07:30 the birth or the
02:07:32 because that’s actually more in
02:07:34 missionary mode than birthing yes
02:07:38 um
02:07:39 but in in Genesis we could go look it up
02:07:42 but it talks about birthing right or
02:07:45 buried which is bursting right
02:07:48 right but
02:07:51 oh
02:07:53 still so
02:07:57 here’s it is in Moroni eight
02:07:59 and their little children need little
02:08:01 repentance neither baptism now this is
02:08:03 little children not children or adults
02:08:06 behold baptism is unto repentance to
02:08:10 fulfilling
02:08:11 the Commandments unto the remission of
02:08:13 sins so so one thing that one of those
02:08:16 crazy definitions of fulfilling is
02:08:19 teaching
02:08:20 yes or doing
02:08:22 teaching or doing
02:08:24 uh yeah
02:08:26 now the interesting thing one of the
02:08:28 interesting
02:08:30 things are not necessarily interesting
02:08:32 interesting being a euphemism
02:08:35 that I’ve heard this last week is the
02:08:38 idea that
02:08:40 there are people who maybe shouldn’t
02:08:42 hear about the gospel they’d be better
02:08:45 off not hearing it and rejecting and
02:08:47 thus rejecting it no
02:08:50 you know but the facts of the matter are
02:08:53 there is no person
02:08:56 of age
02:08:58 who is without law right because all
02:09:01 adults have the law
02:09:03 it’s in you it’s in you
02:09:07 um now I could agree with that with the
02:09:10 Mysteries and the deeper things but as
02:09:13 one thing that Alma 12 brings out there
02:09:16 are some things
02:09:18 which is the general gospel that we have
02:09:20 in the scriptures
02:09:21 is to go to everybody
02:09:24 period And when it’s something that
02:09:27 um you actually
02:09:29 need more God won’t let you speak it
02:09:32 right
02:09:34 yeah I mean there there have been there
02:09:37 have been a lot of instances where I’ve
02:09:40 had more that I wanted to say that God’s
02:09:41 like don’t say it
02:09:43 don’t say that
02:09:45 this person this person this person is
02:09:48 still fighting and this this person’s
02:09:50 still fighting against the Leisure
02:09:51 portion they don’t they don’t get this
02:09:53 and you’re not supposed to tell it
02:09:55 anyway that’s my it’s mine to reveal to
02:09:57 whom I will
02:09:59 yeah so there’s just what’s in the
02:10:02 scriptures
02:10:04 yeah I’ll be honest in general you don’t
02:10:07 have to ask it no
02:10:10 um
02:10:11 some people will say well if they’re not
02:10:13 ready
02:10:15 don’t and I I have experience about that
02:10:18 I’ll be honest because when I read in
02:10:20 here
02:10:21 and I see what the prophets do they
02:10:23 don’t do that they just like John the
02:10:26 Baptist the greatest Prophet according
02:10:28 to Yeshua what did he do
02:10:30 that’s pot repentance and you know what
02:10:34 he wasn’t shy about it either
02:10:37 well and that’s and that’s what I say
02:10:39 you know if maybe they’re better off not
02:10:42 hearing about it but that’s not our call
02:10:44 to make our call is to preach repentance
02:10:48 they’re actually worse off if you don’t
02:10:51 and so are you right and so yeah
02:10:53 absolutely absolutely on the you part
02:10:56 let me show some scriptures on that
02:10:58 there’s a lot that I have something well
02:11:00 the Watcher on the tower
02:11:02 yeah
02:11:03 um
02:11:05 Ezekiel three
02:11:07 well yeah
02:11:08 Ezekiel has it’s 33.
02:11:12 um
02:11:13 but let’s see
02:11:15 nonetheless if they warned the wicked of
02:11:18 his way to turn from it he does not turn
02:11:21 from ways he shall die in his iniquity
02:11:23 but Thou shalt delivered thy Soul verse
02:11:26 8 when I say unto when I say on when I
02:11:29 say unto the wicked oh Wicked Man thou
02:11:31 shall surely die if thou does not speak
02:11:32 to warn the wicked from his way the
02:11:34 wicked Mansion is Iniquity but his blood
02:11:37 will light require it in your hand and I
02:11:39 actually I actually cited that when I
02:11:42 was talking to somebody about that yeah
02:11:44 where you
02:11:46 you’re supposed to say it and and well
02:11:50 and that’s the other thing that I said
02:11:52 is it’s not our call to make whether
02:11:54 they’d be better off without it our call
02:11:55 is to preach repentance right well and
02:11:59 you know while there’s life while they
02:12:01 still have life There’s Hope
02:12:03 rejection today could become acceptance
02:12:06 tomorrow oh yeah I’ve had multiple
02:12:08 people tell me when they first came
02:12:10 across me they hated me and then later
02:12:12 they said I was glad that you kept doing
02:12:14 what you did Stephen so
02:12:17 um you just sometimes it takes a while
02:12:19 um I mean I did it where I’m at
02:12:21 overnight it’s taking me a while and a
02:12:25 lot of thinking and pondering and
02:12:26 praying and repenting right but anyways
02:12:29 and in the meantime you just have to
02:12:31 develop a tough skin
02:12:33 yes
02:12:34 yeah and uh the and
02:12:38 because people are going to laugh
02:12:39 they’re going to mock they’re going to
02:12:41 say you don’t they’re gonna people are
02:12:44 gonna say you don’t believe in the gifts
02:12:45 of spirit when you start preaching the
02:12:47 scriptures it’s amazing
02:12:49 oh I haven’t had someone tell that one
02:12:51 to me so that one’s new or that I that
02:12:53 your mind is darkened because you
02:12:55 haven’t accepted this extra scriptural
02:12:56 doctor
02:12:58 well yeah so
02:13:00 first of all I I want to say that it
02:13:04 could actually be worse if you don’t
02:13:06 call them to repentance because you
02:13:09 might be the one that would change them
02:13:10 or be part of it get them to start
02:13:13 thinking that they do need to change
02:13:15 yeah so you not calling repentance will
02:13:18 actually be worse than if you don’t now
02:13:21 if you called repentance and they just
02:13:22 ignore you
02:13:24 what harm did it to to them actually no
02:13:27 other than maybe they don’t like you now
02:13:29 but that doesn’t harm them
02:13:32 um so not being and not being like
02:13:35 not being liked doesn’t harm me either
02:13:37 yeah you’re doing them and yourself a
02:13:40 disfavor for not calling repentance like
02:13:42 right there which actually comes from
02:13:44 the law but anyways we’re not just go on
02:13:47 the other thing
02:13:48 um
02:13:49 I know I forgot what the other thing was
02:13:52 remind me what you said
02:13:55 um the
02:14:00 the the
02:14:01 um I’m sowing my age now
02:14:04 is it the uh you know
02:14:08 it’s not our call to make the Judgment
02:14:12 call as to whether they sh whether they
02:14:14 should or should not hear it our job is
02:14:16 to preach repentance
02:14:18 and
02:14:19 to keep Faith because
02:14:23 acceptance because rejection today can
02:14:26 be acceptance tomorrow right
02:14:29 um
02:14:30 anyways I guess it wasn’t there was
02:14:32 something else but I can’t remember that
02:14:34 yeah I can’t remember either but anyways
02:14:35 I was gonna
02:14:43 maybe it’s late because I can’t remember
02:14:45 so like I said like I said I’m sure it
02:14:49 was going to be ground yeah anyway so
02:14:51 I’m gonna pause because it is getting
02:14:53 late so it’s it’s I’m almost to my
02:14:57 stopping point so um I gotta I’m gonna
02:14:59 pause
02:15:02 so
02:15:03 um we ought to at least close with a
02:15:05 prayer it’s still recording oh did I hit
02:15:08 the wrong button again
02:15:09 I think you did okay