Scripture Study 2023-04-20

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00:00:00 Read JST Genesis 18-19 looking for verse, and saw something.
00:00:55 JST Genesis 19:31 is the verse Ben told me about.
00:02:22 JST Genesis 18-19 is a prophecy of Yeshua’s last hours and history that happened after.
00:02:45 Crossouts are what JS removed and bolds are what JS restored.
00:03:19 Symbolic of mortality.
00:03:40 I don’t have all the details figured out.
00:03:58 At this time of day Yeshua was being judged.
00:04:35 The 3 men are the 3 appostles.
00:05:32 Are Yeshua’s teachings too hard.
00:06:43 Reminiscent of the last supper.
00:08:40 Women helped prepared the pre-Passover meal.
00:09:52 3 measures of meal deals with the 3 2000 periods.
00:10:03 The calf points to what is killed to drench the alter for the law of Moses just as Yeshua bleed from every pure.
00:12:18 The Spirit gave me the overall insight.
00:12:59 Milk represents the commandments and the calf is symbolic of Yeshua.
00:13:25 It’s okay to eat milk and meat together.
00:13:51 Under the covering of Yeshua.
00:14:56 In the tent is a Hebrew expression for studying Torah.
00:16:04 Yeshua shall see His seed when He is on the cross.
00:17:46 The church hears Yeshua while studying His words.
00:18:13 Jewish church was not seeking to teach the Gentiles.
00:19:33 Old might be pointing to the Law of Moses.
00:20:43 Renewal of Torah.
00:22:07 Yeshua does things when He says He will do them.
00:22:49 Game of Thrones is gnostic / occult.
00:23:26 Already talked about.
00:23:59 Worried about losing their blessings.
00:24:39 3 appostles went further with Yeshua. Abraham is symbolic of the Son here.
00:25:40 YHWH is stating Abraham is a prophet.
00:26:28 YHWH teaches His household. Priesthood is to call repentance.
00:27:47 Melchizedek priesthood called by YHWH’s own mouth because they are His mouth. Aaronic done by the hand because they are YHWH’s hands.
00:28:12 I sinned and made Yeshua’s sacrafice necessary.
00:30:01 The Son was sent to take care of our sins.
00:30:57 Blood of the righteous calls out. Sealing Power is bringing about curses that YHWH has already decreeded.
00:31:49 If we don’t call repentance it is on our heads. Yeshua needed to do the atonement so we could have the spirit.
00:33:37 These servants had and needed the Melchizedek priesthood because they will be commanding the elements.
00:34:32 The Son thinking about the Father’s plan.
00:34:50 Yeshua wanting to pass the bitter cup.
00:36:26 Yeshua is interceding on our behalf.
00:38:54 These two ideas are supportive of each other.
00:40:22 The Son talking to the Father.
00:40:58 JST Genesis 18:26-41. Type of the second coming.
00:43:23 There is a purpose of going 50 to 10, even if we don’t know it. All commandments are based upon the 10.
00:44:25 Location of Sodom and Gomorrah. Brimestone is still there.
00:46:14 Lot is having Passover.
00:47:08 Lot was in the door.
00:47:38 Custom to wash visitors feet.
00:48:59 Possibly pointing to the apostles.
00:49:49 Passover feast.
00:51:10 The world trying to go through the door.
00:51:34 Lot is symbolic for the Father here. The Father is protecting those who came into His house.
00:53:35 Sons of perdition say that to the Father.
00:54:34 Father condescended all things such that He can be our judge. The wicked want to do away with God.
00:56:00 We will take your nations and your churches.
00:56:25 Sodom and Gomorrah’s sins.
00:58:16 2 churches.
00:59:34 Leave my churches and servants alone.
01:00:25 We are to protect YHWH’s ways and name.
01:02:07 Pharisees were blind and did not reconize the Messiah.
01:03:44 Your people.
01:03:59 YHWH’s servants taking care of YHWH’s people.
01:04:11 Type of first and second coming.
01:05:05 Destruction of the Temple.
01:05:39 Destruction of Jerusalem.
01:06:50 Yeshua said hard things and people left Him. Yeshua was mocked during the atonement.
01:07:44 Morning and hastened points to Passover. Wife is covenant or old church, the daughters are the churches.
01:11:36 Taking others by the hand to help them.
01:12:35 Leave the old ways behind.
01:13:38 Yeshua made it so we could have mercy and my life can be saved. Unleaved is while they are traveling.
01:14:58 There are few who will find the way.
01:16:27 I can’t do anything till you leave.
01:17:49 Zoar is a symbol for baptism.
01:21:21 A remant will rise up before the second coming.
01:22:43 Type for the second coming.
01:24:43 Second Coming.
01:25:10 The old church would not let go of her sins.
01:26:01 Resurrection.
01:28:48 Abraham did not lie. Maybe resurrection.
01:31:26 We need to learn Torah after we are baptized.
01:34:12 JST states daughters sinned here. Jews reverted to pagan ways faster than the Gentiles did.
01:39:25 The daughters corrupted themselves which corrupting the teachings of the Father.
01:41:21 They did it to survive.
01:43:04 Childern is symbolic of followers.
01:43:39 These 2 false churches fight against the true church.
01:44:38 When you prevert the ways of YHWH you become a follower of Satan.
01:45:36 Genesis 18-19 are a prophecy of Yeshua’s last hours and history afterwards.
01:46:50 Looking at the blessing of Judah and Joseph in Genesis 49.
01:47:42 The blessings primarily deal with the last days.
01:48:45 Judah’s blessing.
01:50:54 Talking about Shiloh.
01:54:08 We gather unto the Messiah.
01:57:37 Over the wall points to the Book of Mormon.
01:59:16 Joseph’s descendants, including the American Indians, are hated.
02:01:26 Bows and arrows are symbolic of Torah.
02:02:15 Mighty and Strong One comes from Joseph.
02:04:15 Crowns goes with kings and queens. Jews use history to show prophecy.
02:05:24 Judah and Joseph, Ephraim, play a big part in the last days.
02:06:11 Both Joseph and Judah have their problems.
02:07:37 Abraham adopted a wild branch.
02:12:04 Both physical and spiritual applications.
02:12:33 Joseph saving the house from death.
02:14:15 Joseph is abundantly blessed.
02:15:44 The coming exodus that Joseph linage will do will be greater than Moses’.
02:16:46 Like the days of Noah. The Mighty and Strong One will bring a salvation that the whole world will see.
02:20:19 Adam prophicied all that will happen with his children.
02:21:23 Book of Genesis was a thus saith YHWH.
02:25:39 Moses and Yeshua were restorationist.
02:26:30 I wonder if the Teacher of righteousness teachings were preverted like Joseph Smith’s were.
02:27:09 These groups have a tendency to get reclusive.
02:29:25 Dead Sea scrolls contradict scriptures.
02:30:28 Brigham Young and Russel M Nelson are not prophets.
02:32:17 Metal gymnastics.
02:34:40 Pastorals counsel.
02:34:57 AS WRITTEN. Brass Plates will bring people to repentance.
02:37:36 Abide BoM and Torah.
02:38:38 Sanctification happens after you are forgiven.
02:39:01 Grace vs law discussion.
02:40:06 You can’t baptize pagan works.
02:41:02 D&C 84:57, restoration is bringing it back to how it was before.
02:42:18 Looking at the title page from the gold plates.
02:43:25 1st Laminites, 2nd Jew, 3rd Gentile.
02:44:39 BoM is prophecy.
02:45:28 YHWH said not to write everything.
02:45:51 The Fullness of the Gospel is that Yeshua came to fulfil the Law of Moses / Atonement.
02:47:05 Gentiles will not understand a Hebrew book. Gentiles replace the Messiah with the antiChrist.
02:48:57 BoM hid and great worth.
02:49:30 That the record and the people wont be destroyed.
02:50:37 YHWH is to help us understand.
02:52:10 Translated by a Gentile.
02:53:18 Understanding is from YHWH.
02:53:43 2 Witnesses.
02:54:33 Torah commands us to remember our history.
02:55:43 Restoration history has been modified.
02:56:14 Bible and BoM shows faults of followers.
02:56:47 Covenants is Torah that the fathers had.
02:58:34 Law through Moses not of.
02:59:13 Yeshua is the Eternal Father.
02:59:44 Condemn not the things of God.
03:00:12 BoM we have today is not perfect.
03:02:25 D&C 59:20-23, we don’t need to pray about keeping the law.
03:04:51 We don’t need to pray about wearing Tzitzit.
03:06:32 Rewarded according to righteous works.
03:06:54 People need to reinterpreting the scriptures.
03:07:11 JST makes things more clear.
03:07:18 Law of Moses and Torah are different.
03:07:21 Paul loves to call everything a law.
03:07:38 Paul fights against the oral law.
03:07:53 Scarf is different than dust of the feet.
03:09:18 Joseph Smith was not to restore everything.
03:09:48 People rely upon supposed statements of Joseph Smith to much.
03:10:04 Keep the commandments it doesn’t matter what others say.
03:10:59 BoM states Torah is still valid after Yeshua’s death are resurrection but people dont catch it because they don’t study Torah.
03:11:38 Jews and Christians are wrong in saying Torah and the Law of the Moses are the same.
03:12:07 Law of Moses and circumcision was a punishment.
03:14:06 Punishments can be temporary, laws are eternal.
03:14:31 Looking into statutory.
03:21:34 Law of Moses was temporary, trying to figure out a legal way of saying that.
03:23:41 Sugar is like sin.
03:25:49 The finger is symbolic of directing.



00:00:00 button
00:00:01 okay so today to start off with I want
00:00:07 to share something
00:00:09 that I saw while looking
00:00:13 for something that Ben told me about
00:00:15 yesterday during Fellowship
00:00:19 um I think it starts with 18. yeah it
00:00:21 starts with 18. so this is jst 18 and
00:00:25 19. so during Fellowship yesterday
00:00:29 um I was just talking about how I’m
00:00:32 getting
00:00:32 hopefully time with close to being done
00:00:35 with my what was it post that was
00:00:37 supposed to be done on Passover because
00:00:40 it has to do with the event that
00:00:42 happened during Passover
00:00:44 um but anyways uh and I found the verse
00:00:48 that Ben was talking about I’ll just
00:00:50 share that real quick
00:00:52 um
00:00:55 this one right here jst Genesis 1931 and
00:01:00 then when lot had entered into Zoho Zoar
00:01:04 is that how you say yeah do you know
00:01:06 what that means just out of curiosity
00:01:09 no no idea okay anyways uh Yahweh
00:01:15 reigned upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah for
00:01:18 the Angels called upon the name of
00:01:20 Yahweh for brimstone and fire from
00:01:22 Yahweh to come out of heaven so this is
00:01:25 just a verse saying it was these
00:01:28 three men actually
00:01:30 um and I show this here it is States
00:01:33 Angels who were holy men but anyways
00:01:37 um these three men
00:01:39 um
00:01:40 called
00:01:42 from heaven
00:01:44 for the fire Embrace Zone to come down
00:01:46 and they were told to do it or they
00:01:48 would be held accountable actually also
00:01:51 but yeah that’s in uh that’s also in
00:01:53 that chapter
00:01:55 but that’s a side track but anyways
00:01:58 while I was studying this
00:02:00 and looking for that birth
00:02:03 I had something
00:02:06 um well you think you know what zor
00:02:08 means
00:02:10 no no I was just saying I think it might
00:02:12 be in 17 but it probably isn’t 18. uh
00:02:16 okay well I I started with 18.
00:02:19 um so yeah yeah okay but anyway I’ll
00:02:22 give a little Prelude to what I see and
00:02:26 jst Genesis 18 and 19. and then we’ll
00:02:29 get into the details it is the last
00:02:31 hours a yeshua’s life
00:02:34 and what happened afterwards
00:02:38 Okay so
00:02:42 let’s get into it okay
00:02:45 um
00:02:45 you want to read verses
00:02:48 um some Josh while you’re here for a
00:02:50 little bit and we’ll take sure uh where
00:02:53 are we starting one number one yeah all
00:02:55 right
00:02:57 yeah
00:03:00 him Abraham in the plane
00:03:04 make sure
00:03:05 um don’t read the crossouts and read the
00:03:08 the bolds that were added just just
00:03:10 that’s what’s going on this is the GST
00:03:12 crossouts is what Joseph Smith got rid
00:03:14 of and the the Bulge okay thanks
00:03:19 okay and the Lord appeared unto Abraham
00:03:22 in the plains of mamra
00:03:25 Andy stat
00:03:27 in his tent Door In the Heat of the day
00:03:31 and he lifted up his life I think this
00:03:35 is just more
00:03:36 um signaling mortality right there
00:03:40 so I I don’t have all these little
00:03:42 details figured out and I’ll show the
00:03:45 overall but there are a few things I’m
00:03:47 not quite sure about yet but anyways I
00:03:49 do believe this is talking about
00:03:51 mortality okay the heat of the day
00:03:54 no the pants
00:03:58 yes yes okay Pandora In the Heat of the
00:04:00 day yeah
00:04:01 [Music]
00:04:02 and he had one thing on that point on
00:04:05 the heat of the day
00:04:06 yesterday was going through some heat at
00:04:10 this time so maybe that’s yes
00:04:14 um and he lifted up oh sorry I was just
00:04:17 saying that might be a little stretch
00:04:19 but
00:04:20 um yeah
00:04:21 it might be but it was I mean he was
00:04:25 going through a little Heat at the time
00:04:26 all right well and then when it actually
00:04:28 happened was between the evenings
00:04:30 um so I mean it’s a little past the heat
00:04:32 of the day but anyways that’s another
00:04:35 uh let’s see here uh and he lifted up
00:04:39 his eyes and looked and low three men
00:04:43 stood by him
00:04:44 and when he saw
00:04:46 he ran to meet them from his tent door
00:04:49 and bowed himself toward the ground and
00:04:52 said okay so wait right there so these
00:04:55 three men is a big deal
00:04:58 um and I think we’ll see more of this a
00:05:01 little later but
00:05:03 um Yeshua took three men with him
00:05:06 further into the garden
00:05:09 right
00:05:12 um 11 went
00:05:14 completely but then there was the three
00:05:17 that went further with him and then
00:05:19 Yeshua went even further right but
00:05:21 anyway right uh and I think it’ll come
00:05:24 more obvious why it’s bringing out three
00:05:27 later down okay
00:05:30 okay
00:05:32 my brethren if now I have found favor in
00:05:36 your sight
00:05:37 pass not away I pray you from thy
00:05:40 servant
00:05:41 so
00:05:42 um one that I could see this relating to
00:05:44 in the New Testament
00:05:47 is when Yeshua said are my teachings too
00:05:50 hard for you to also or Ah that’s not
00:05:53 gonna do that quote but anyways right
00:05:55 right
00:05:57 specifically to the apostles he said
00:06:00 that could you could you not wait with
00:06:02 me one hour
00:06:04 um
00:06:05 is that it no what I was thinking on but
00:06:09 oh are you talking about maybe John 7
00:06:12 or where when he taught something hard
00:06:14 and people left and then he asked the
00:06:16 apostles are you going to go away also
00:06:18 oh yeah yeah yeah
00:06:20 because this is more fun because that’s
00:06:22 more finding favor right the one where
00:06:26 they couldn’t stay up is when they were
00:06:28 um too tired and
00:06:30 we’re diligent that’s a little different
00:06:32 right yeah that’s different yeah but
00:06:35 anyways so I I would apply that to there
00:06:38 okay
00:06:40 um sorry these different apps do
00:06:42 different things
00:06:43 um okay Josh
00:06:44 so let a little water I pray you’d be
00:06:47 fetched and ah interesting wash your
00:06:50 feet and rest yourselves under the tree
00:06:54 and I will fetch a morsel of bread and
00:06:58 comfort ye your hearts and after that
00:07:01 you shall pass on for therefore are you
00:07:04 come to your servant
00:07:07 and they said so do as thou Hast said
00:07:10 okay so wait right there so
00:07:13 um
00:07:14 to me this sounds like the Last Supper
00:07:17 right
00:07:20 um water to wash the feet and they did
00:07:23 eat bread right
00:07:26 they dipped Bread and Wine
00:07:32 um is that wine
00:07:34 um I know they had wine also I don’t
00:07:35 know if that’s what they dip the bread
00:07:37 in too I think it’s interesting that it
00:07:39 says that’s why you came here
00:07:42 mm-hmm
00:07:44 um that’s why that’s why you came to
00:07:46 your servant yeah and then
00:07:48 right and who’s the servant Joshua I
00:07:51 mean
00:07:53 Abraham does kind of Abraham’s a type
00:07:57 in in the in the deeper meaning Abraham
00:08:01 as yeah yes
00:08:04 um and also here therefore become a
00:08:06 servant oh wait where’d it go
00:08:16 um and then they were gonna go go on
00:08:18 after right yep yep
00:08:21 there’s a lot of correlations and
00:08:23 they’re actually going on to the exact
00:08:24 same thing they’re because you’ll see
00:08:27 and I’ll bring it out more later they’re
00:08:28 going on to do a Passover event which is
00:08:32 what Yeshua did
00:08:33 right Passover
00:08:36 interesting so
00:08:38 so
00:08:40 let’s see uh and Abraham hastened into
00:08:44 the tent onto Sarah and said make ready
00:08:48 quickly three measures of fine meal need
00:08:51 and make cakes upon the hearth
00:08:54 so
00:08:56 um
00:08:56 there was
00:08:58 um women that prepared the last supper
00:09:00 if I remember correctly right
00:09:03 um
00:09:04 I think I’m not 100 sure on this so I
00:09:07 I’m not I’m this is a great example of
00:09:10 cast Over Stephen this is another free
00:09:13 yeah well the the interesting thing is
00:09:16 is that when the Angels stop at lot’s
00:09:19 house
00:09:21 he feeds them unleavened bread well yeah
00:09:23 and they can’t leave before morning too
00:09:25 so we’ll get to that in a minute
00:09:27 sorry sorry it’s fine
00:09:30 um getting ahead of it no I’m glad
00:09:34 you’re starting to see it yeah
00:09:36 um let’s see and um let’s see here we go
00:09:40 right here so they had and yep fine
00:09:43 measures three measures of Mill uh and
00:09:46 that I mean that’s prophetic I I don’t
00:09:49 know how to fit this into
00:09:52 um what I’m bringing out here but I mean
00:09:55 there’s multiple angles in these
00:09:56 histories right
00:09:58 um but so I anyways
00:10:01 um so I think we’re on uh this one six
00:10:03 yes and uh Abraham ran onto the herd
00:10:07 and fetched a calf tender and good and
00:10:12 gave it unto a young man and he hasted
00:10:15 to dress it
00:10:16 so at the Last Supper they had a lamb
00:10:19 okay here they have a cow now here’s how
00:10:22 I would say this relates to the overall
00:10:25 thing that I’m bringing out
00:10:29 so to prepare the altar that the law of
00:10:32 Moses was to go on
00:10:36 they had
00:10:38 to kill a calf
00:10:41 and entrenched the blood of the altar
00:10:44 from the calf yes
00:10:47 now on that point I do believe that
00:10:51 represents Yeshua
00:10:53 bleeding from every pore in the garden
00:10:56 preparing the altar because he is the
00:10:58 altar
00:10:59 yeah
00:11:01 so
00:11:02 I do believe that’s why the calf is here
00:11:04 instead of a Lab
00:11:10 when it goes along with the red pepper
00:11:12 yes yeah yeah
00:11:15 um
00:11:16 but it goes with the thing that I’m
00:11:19 bringing out here okay
00:11:21 that’s from the law okay
00:11:25 yes um
00:11:27 oh yeah all right it was a
00:11:30 a legion that did that
00:11:33 yeah
00:11:34 and that there’s a some interesting
00:11:37 things about that but we’re not going to
00:11:39 talk about that here other than it’s
00:11:41 interesting
00:11:43 um I’ll say this the one who did it
00:11:45 became unclean just like Yeshua
00:11:50 um took upon our sins and became unclean
00:11:54 yes these
00:11:57 sacrifices point to Yeshua time yep and
00:12:02 they would have to and they would have
00:12:04 to uh they would have to be purified but
00:12:07 with a Mikvah
00:12:09 all right
00:12:10 yeah
00:12:11 um okay but interesting okay so uh read
00:12:16 seven I just wanted to add something to
00:12:18 that Josh
00:12:20 um
00:12:21 no I’m I’m
00:12:23 it’s that’s very interesting okay I
00:12:26 never really I never really looked at at
00:12:29 it this way before I didn’t know this is
00:12:33 refreshing I’ll just tell you
00:12:35 um so I’ve done some of my preparing
00:12:37 okay because I just I do studies
00:12:39 but I do believe
00:12:41 the Holy Spirit gave this to me it came
00:12:44 in an instant it all connected
00:12:46 I mean there’s a few gaps in here and
00:12:49 we’ll talk about it as we go through but
00:12:52 all right
00:12:53 um so moving on came at once
00:12:56 oh okay
00:12:59 um and he took butter and milk and the
00:13:02 calf which he had dressed
00:13:04 and set them before them and he stood by
00:13:08 them under the tree and they did eat
00:13:11 okay so buttermilk
00:13:15 that’s representative of The
00:13:17 Commandments
00:13:20 there’s Yeshua
00:13:22 yeah the calf
00:13:25 um and they’re having that together in
00:13:27 fact just FYI this is an example how
00:13:31 it’s not eating milk and meat together
00:13:32 is a false tradition right there in
00:13:35 Genesis 18. they’re basically condemning
00:13:38 Abraham
00:13:39 yeah well anyways they have their
00:13:41 excuses but
00:13:43 um they’re not valid ones but they eat
00:13:47 meat and
00:13:49 cheese together here
00:13:51 um anyways and said it before that many
00:13:54 stood before them under the tree
00:13:59 oh wow they partook of The Commandments
00:14:03 while under the covering of the Messiah
00:14:07 yep
00:14:12 and they ate it and they partook just as
00:14:14 we
00:14:15 get and just like in Passover you have
00:14:18 you partake of the Lamb you take the you
00:14:22 have to take the entire lamb into you
00:14:24 yeah that’s what they’re doing with the
00:14:26 calf which represents Yeshua and his
00:14:30 Commandments yep but uh sorry I
00:14:35 the different apps do different things
00:14:37 yeah um that is very interesting
00:14:42 under the tree under the covering of the
00:14:44 Messiah
00:14:45 yeah when I saw that when I was looking
00:14:48 at that I was like oh cool yeah
00:14:56 and they said unto him where is Sarah
00:14:58 thy wife
00:15:00 and he said behold in the ten
00:15:03 okay I don’t really have anything we’ll
00:15:05 talk about this more in a little bit
00:15:06 yeah and one of them blessed Abraham and
00:15:09 he said I will certainly it just came to
00:15:12 me so in the tent
00:15:15 is a Hebrew expression and I actually
00:15:19 either I have this in a post or one that
00:15:22 I haven’t finished yet I never say that
00:15:24 um but in my head is a Hebrew expression
00:15:28 of studying just as
00:15:31 um
00:15:32 Jacob
00:15:34 he was in the tent studying with his
00:15:37 father that’s what he was doing in the
00:15:39 tent was studying the word he dwelt
00:15:40 intense a man who dwelt intense yes
00:15:43 Lehigh when Lehigh dwell in a tent he
00:15:47 was studying the brass pipes developing
00:15:50 his hand is studying the word of God and
00:15:52 what is the church
00:15:54 supposed to do we’re supposed to study
00:15:56 the word of God yes not the word of
00:16:00 Russell Marion Nelson anyways um
00:16:04 all right anyway and one of them blessed
00:16:07 Abraham
00:16:08 and he said I will certainly return on
00:16:10 today from my journey and lo according
00:16:13 to the time of life
00:16:15 Sarah thy wife shall have a son okay so
00:16:20 here
00:16:21 um is Moro is going to get at but like I
00:16:23 I did come up with something with verse
00:16:25 8 but
00:16:28 so mosiah 15.
00:16:31 he shall see his feed when he’s upon the
00:16:35 cross
00:16:37 here
00:16:38 Abraham and Isaac are I mean sorry
00:16:41 Abraham and Sarah are told you will have
00:16:46 a son
00:16:47 and the history that is crafted to
00:16:52 represent
00:16:53 that event of Yeshua on the cross
00:16:58 that’s when they get told they’re going
00:16:59 to have a son
00:17:02 and I always see it as it’s pointing you
00:17:04 that Yeshua shall see his seed
00:17:08 and I will certainly return unto thee
00:17:10 from my
00:17:12 yeah uh and that that has prophecy there
00:17:16 second coming right yeah so
00:17:20 um because he’s going to die and then
00:17:23 return is going to be the second coming
00:17:25 but yes and then I shall and then I will
00:17:28 see and then I shall see if I see and
00:17:30 see my seat yeah
00:17:34 um very nice
00:17:36 these it just a lot of this just clicked
00:17:39 and hopefully I’m making it more obvious
00:17:41 to you because I I didn’t see this
00:17:43 before
00:17:44 um anyways okay
00:17:46 um Zach do you want to read a little bit
00:17:49 okay
00:17:53 okay yeah
00:17:58 Sarah heard him in the tent in the tent
00:18:01 door
00:18:02 I I mean he heard the Messiah while
00:18:06 they’re studying right
00:18:09 it was one thing that we could get out
00:18:10 of that
00:18:12 um
00:18:13 11.
00:18:15 no Abraham and Sarah being old
00:18:19 and stricken an H
00:18:22 um therefore
00:18:23 had ceased to be with Sarah after the
00:18:25 manner of women
00:18:27 so this is just calling off how I
00:18:29 suppose she normally wouldn’t be able to
00:18:32 have a a child right she said at this
00:18:35 point
00:18:37 um I don’t know how old she was to be
00:18:40 honest
00:18:41 um apparently apparently she’d been
00:18:43 through
00:18:45 menopause because it says it ceased to
00:18:47 be with Sarah after the manner of wind
00:18:49 she was 90 years old according to the
00:18:51 scriptures yeah okay
00:18:54 um so the way the connection I see on
00:18:56 this is the Jewish church at this point
00:19:00 in history was not seeking to go
00:19:04 convert the Gentiles as they were
00:19:06 supposed to be doing
00:19:08 [Music]
00:19:09 they were always supposed to in fact
00:19:11 acts 10 is Yeshua telling Peter to let
00:19:15 go of that false tradition right and
00:19:17 yeah that gets into uh Daniel 9 and a
00:19:21 whole bunch of other stuff but that’s
00:19:22 what I see here this is getting showing
00:19:25 how the Jews
00:19:27 weren’t burning the Gentiles like they
00:19:29 were supposed to okay okay
00:19:33 12 Zach
00:19:35 their first serve laughed within herself
00:19:38 saying
00:19:39 after I have waxed old
00:19:42 shall I have pleasure
00:19:44 my Lord being all old also
00:19:48 um I I just I think that’s along the
00:19:51 same lines other than possibly the old
00:19:55 might be pointing to the law of Moses
00:19:58 um that one could be a little stretched
00:20:00 so I I’m
00:20:02 I’m not quite sure on this one other
00:20:04 than it could definitely go with along
00:20:06 with what I brought out an 11 right
00:20:09 well I mean and we are talking and we
00:20:12 are talking about things that waxhold
00:20:15 and again and are replaced
00:20:18 and that’s kind of why I I am thinking
00:20:21 law of Moses there because this event is
00:20:24 actually that it’s pointing to is what
00:20:26 ended the law of Moses right yep
00:20:30 um but at the same time I could see how
00:20:33 this one that one could be a little bit
00:20:35 of a stretch but I I
00:20:37 anyways I’m just trying to be open and
00:20:40 honest about it right right
00:20:43 you want to do 13 Zach
00:20:47 and the angel of the Lord
00:20:50 said unto Abraham
00:20:52 before I did Sarah’s laugh saying shall
00:20:54 I
00:20:55 have a surety Bear Child which um
00:20:58 which embled
00:21:01 is anything too hard for the Lord
00:21:04 um
00:21:05 so I I see this kind of pointing back to
00:21:09 multiple things that we already just
00:21:10 talked about there in addition
00:21:13 uh well what I see is it pointing to a
00:21:16 renewal
00:21:19 I couldn’t see that
00:21:21 um renewing of the law uh how hard how
00:21:24 hard how hard is it for me to renew my
00:21:26 puppy
00:21:27 I I can see that
00:21:30 uh because I’m too old to learn new
00:21:33 things
00:21:34 um I I think that’s a better connection
00:21:36 actually that you bring that out I think
00:21:38 that’s a better connection to
00:21:41 um how hard is it for me
00:21:44 and also I would say it kind of brings
00:21:47 out the churches lack of faith
00:21:50 and it also it also ties into the waxing
00:21:55 old
00:21:56 uh the the carnal elements of the
00:21:59 Covenant given to Moses that waxed old
00:22:02 and came to an end
00:22:04 yeah
00:22:05 yeah
00:22:07 okay 14.
00:22:11 at the time
00:22:12 appointed
00:22:15 so yahshua does things at a point at
00:22:18 times man
00:22:21 oh yeah he’s always about he’s always
00:22:25 about times and Seasons yes absolutely
00:22:27 which is
00:22:30 anybody anybody ready anybody for ready
00:22:33 for some spring and full-time fun
00:22:35 haha
00:22:37 um how about the dead of winter because
00:22:39 winter it is coming but that’s not but
00:22:42 that’s not that’s not that may be an
00:22:45 appointed time but it’s not a demanded
00:22:47 time yeah yeah
00:22:49 um okay go ahead Zach
00:22:54 sorry
00:22:55 uh yeah thank you got a soft culture
00:22:59 there reference Game of Thrones
00:23:01 yes I did I haven’t seen that one so
00:23:05 anyway yep yep it’s not it’s not it’s
00:23:08 not very good no it’s terrible it’s
00:23:11 absolutely horrible I used to love it I
00:23:14 used to love it but not anymore
00:23:16 I’m sure it’s Gnostic anyway yeah oh
00:23:19 it’s it’s just straight it’s occult evil
00:23:22 it’s straight it’s of course the Gnostic
00:23:24 it’s a cold yeah yeah yeah
00:23:26 anyways okay so behold
00:23:30 behold I would I will return unto you
00:23:33 from my journey which the Lord has sent
00:23:35 me
00:23:36 and according to the time of life that
00:23:38 may us know that Sarah shall have a son
00:23:41 so to me this kind of reiteration of
00:23:44 various things that we talked about
00:23:45 right Second Coming he’s going to return
00:23:48 and uh seeing his seed and I would also
00:23:51 say uh that been brought out renewing
00:23:54 your Covenant right
00:23:57 interesting
00:23:59 um 15.
00:24:01 and Saturday night saying I laughed not
00:24:05 but she was afraid and he said no but
00:24:07 they’ll just laugh now what I see here
00:24:10 is it’s like
00:24:12 the it’s the Sarah is like
00:24:16 she’s afraid she’s gonna lose the
00:24:18 blessing that the guy pronounced I
00:24:20 didn’t laugh I didn’t laugh
00:24:22 so he’s like he’s like but you did I I
00:24:26 didn’t doubt
00:24:28 we
00:24:30 I’ve gone through it myself but um it’s
00:24:34 hard for people to admit their mistakes
00:24:36 right but anyways
00:24:38 um
00:24:39 okay uh Zach you want to do 16.
00:24:43 and the angels rose up from dance look
00:24:47 towards the bottom
00:24:48 and Abraham what went with some to bring
00:24:52 them on the way okay so remember how I
00:24:55 said so there’s three Angels last men
00:24:59 and they went beyond after
00:25:04 having the dinner
00:25:05 the last supper right and they went away
00:25:09 together
00:25:11 yeah and on the beginning like on the
00:25:15 beginning of the leg of their Journey
00:25:16 Abraham who is the type of the Lord who
00:25:20 was the type of Yeshua uh goes right
00:25:26 um so you’ll see this more about Abraham
00:25:29 is the type of the sun right now and
00:25:32 Yahweh
00:25:33 is the father or the angel Yahweh which
00:25:36 is the same entity right but anyways
00:25:39 right
00:25:40 um uh Zach 17.
00:25:43 and the angel of the Lord said
00:25:47 shall I hide
00:25:49 from Abraham that thing which I
00:25:52 the Lord will do for him
00:25:54 seeing that Abraham shall surely become
00:25:57 a great mighty nation
00:25:59 in all the nations nations of the Earth
00:26:01 shall be lost in him so
00:26:04 um
00:26:05 this goes back to Amos well I guess
00:26:07 future Amos right just this historical
00:26:10 effect
00:26:12 um
00:26:12 you’re always saying Abraham’s a prophet
00:26:15 right here
00:26:16 right
00:26:18 yeah
00:26:20 and he’s also bringing out how people
00:26:23 are going to believe Abraham’s words
00:26:25 this is great
00:26:28 okay uh 18.
00:26:33 oh I know
00:26:35 for I know him
00:26:37 that he will command his children and
00:26:39 his household after him
00:26:41 and shall keep the way of the Lord
00:26:43 to do justice and judgment
00:26:46 that the Lord may be bringing upon
00:26:47 Abraham by which he has spoken of
00:26:50 when I was reading this when I was
00:26:52 reading this yesterday it really just
00:26:54 came home to me on this
00:26:57 the importance of teaching are of
00:26:59 commanding our children teaching our
00:27:01 children in our households
00:27:03 um uh and also
00:27:07 and also in what we’re bringing out here
00:27:12 what I see
00:27:13 is the Lord teaching
00:27:16 is household
00:27:19 to keep his ways to do justice and
00:27:21 judgment
00:27:24 um
00:27:25 and so I mean this one gets a lot of
00:27:30 um misunderstanding it’s judgment
00:27:34 right and so I mean this is like
00:27:38 um like Alma 13 brings out a Melchizedek
00:27:40 priest does
00:27:42 all repentance
00:27:45 that’s their soul Beauty and
00:27:47 responsibility right they’re the mouth
00:27:50 of Yahweh
00:27:51 that that’s why they are called by
00:27:53 yahweh’s mouth because they are the
00:27:56 mouth of Yahweh and the auronic is done
00:27:59 by the hand
00:28:01 because they are the hand of Yahweh his
00:28:04 hand stretched out even though he is
00:28:06 full of breath towards his children yeah
00:28:10 um anyways
00:28:12 um uh 19 Zach
00:28:16 and then
00:28:17 and the angel of the Lord send it to
00:28:20 Abraham the Lord the Lord said unto us
00:28:25 yeah because the Cry of Sodom is great
00:28:30 because their sin is very Grievous they
00:28:32 will destroy them
00:28:34 so
00:28:35 um
00:28:36 now this is talking the literal or the
00:28:41 surface level is definitely bottom of
00:28:43 Gamora but the event that they’re this
00:28:46 is leading up to is the atonement
00:28:49 and so we read that with that in mind
00:28:53 I’ve sinned and because of my sin I made
00:28:57 this necessary
00:29:01 my sin now I do understand
00:29:04 that the Jews and the Romans are the
00:29:06 ones who physically did it
00:29:08 but I am the one that made it necessary
00:29:11 spiritually
00:29:16 art it’s our it’s our sin
00:29:19 that made it
00:29:21 have to happen
00:29:23 right
00:29:25 um but
00:29:27 I I wouldn’t say my Sinners thought of a
00:29:29 Gomorrah but I have sinned and it
00:29:32 doesn’t matter how great or small it
00:29:35 will be forgiven if you come under his
00:29:37 covering right or you come under his
00:29:39 tree
00:29:42 um
00:29:43 and but if we don’t repent
00:29:46 we’ll get destroyed
00:29:48 yep we’ll go to
00:29:51 um
00:29:52 uh hell or you know we’re the sons of
00:29:56 perditions will get stoned for eternity
00:30:01 um that you want to do 20
00:30:04 and I will send you and he shall go down
00:30:08 now and see
00:30:09 the their iniquities are rewarded unto
00:30:12 them
00:30:13 so so this is the Lord sending the three
00:30:16 men and this is his message to them
00:30:19 right
00:30:20 um so there’s a couple things with this
00:30:22 though I I
00:30:25 this gets a little tricky because
00:30:27 Abraham’s included in this group is
00:30:29 being talked to right now yeah let’s
00:30:31 head on to Abraham
00:30:34 represents the sun here he’s a type of
00:30:37 the sun right and the sun was sent down
00:30:41 to take care of our iniquities
00:30:44 that we must be re and also that we may
00:30:47 be rewarded according to our works right
00:30:50 right
00:30:52 right yeah
00:30:55 so
00:30:56 um
00:30:57 Ben you want to read 21
00:30:59 oh sure and you shall have all things
00:31:02 done all together according to the
00:31:03 private which is come unto me
00:31:07 so yeah this goes back to like Kane
00:31:10 right his blood Cries From the dust
00:31:12 right and this is and this is also a
00:31:16 revealing of
00:31:18 what it is that the ceiling power does
00:31:22 that they do that they perform they see
00:31:25 they bring those judgments about that
00:31:28 have already been decreed in heaven
00:31:30 correct that is what the ceiling power
00:31:32 is it’s not something else that other
00:31:35 people claim you found somebody who can
00:31:38 read and rap real good
00:31:41 um I have a post on that
00:31:43 anyway
00:31:49 I’m gonna read 22.
00:31:50 and if you do it not it shall be upon
00:31:54 your heads
00:31:55 for I will destroy them and ye shall
00:31:58 know that I will do it for it shall be
00:32:00 before your eyes so this gets into
00:32:04 another
00:32:06 um thing if we don’t call
00:32:09 it’s Upon Our Heads
00:32:11 well and that also given the fact that
00:32:14 what we’re pulling out here
00:32:17 well this one
00:32:21 in relation to the atonement in relation
00:32:24 to the atonement if he hadn’t done it
00:32:28 would all of our sins are gone on his
00:32:31 head
00:32:34 um
00:32:35 or did he I know he took all of our sins
00:32:38 upon himself
00:32:41 um
00:32:42 I I would say
00:32:44 yes
00:32:45 he did take him so either way he gets it
00:32:48 couldn’t put upon him
00:32:50 right but one saves us and one just
00:32:54 condemns him one right right yeah and
00:32:58 him so yeah
00:33:00 um but in fact this on that point this
00:33:05 goes back how I said a little bit before
00:33:07 that in the New Testament Yeshua told
00:33:11 the apostles unless I leave you you
00:33:14 won’t have the Holy Spirit
00:33:17 that’s connected to that exactly if
00:33:21 Yeshua didn’t do what he did none of us
00:33:23 would have the Holy Spirit right
00:33:27 not even Abraham here or we could we
00:33:30 could not walk in the spirit of Yeshua
00:33:32 had not been faithful
00:33:34 correct
00:33:35 right
00:33:37 um
00:33:37 so 23
00:33:40 and the angels which were holy men were
00:33:43 sent forth after the order of God
00:33:45 were sent forth after the order of God
00:33:48 turned their faces from fence and went
00:33:50 towards Sodom so I there’s and we’ll see
00:33:54 more later on but there’s a reason why
00:33:56 they’re saying the order of God which is
00:33:58 the high priesthood Melchizedek and I
00:34:00 would say and more modern terms
00:34:03 because they were
00:34:05 um commanding the elements and you can’t
00:34:07 do that with the aaronic priesthood you
00:34:09 need the most hesitant priesthood to do
00:34:11 that
00:34:13 you can’t yeah and you definitely can’t
00:34:16 command the hosts of Heaven no not with
00:34:19 ironic you need them autism that’s what
00:34:21 they’re going to be doing later on
00:34:22 they’re recommending the host of heaven
00:34:24 and you need the Melchizedek which is
00:34:26 the order of Elam
00:34:28 yep
00:34:32 but Abraham stood yet before the Lord
00:34:34 remembering things the things which he
00:34:37 had which had been told
00:34:40 so this is the sun thinking back upon
00:34:44 the plan that the father told him
00:34:46 just like in the New Testament I do
00:34:49 nothing but what the father has showed
00:34:50 me to do yep and Abraham Drew near to
00:34:54 Sodom and said unto the Lord calling
00:34:56 upon his name saying will thou destroy
00:34:59 the righteous with the wicked
00:35:01 oh my goodness that makes so much more
00:35:04 sense
00:35:06 maybe Ben has some things that he can
00:35:09 add but I just want to say something
00:35:10 real quick this
00:35:12 place here
00:35:14 is how he wanted to pass the bitter cup
00:35:18 the son Abraham
00:35:21 is trying
00:35:23 to get it not to happen just like the
00:35:26 sun
00:35:27 when he was going through it he’s like
00:35:29 please let the bitter cup pass now
00:35:35 it goes through numbers like 50 down to
00:35:39 10.
00:35:40 I don’t know what they are all the
00:35:42 specific numbers I have a few thoughts
00:35:44 like 50 could be Pentecost which is when
00:35:48 the law is given
00:35:49 10 could be the Ten Commandments
00:35:52 30 is when he started his mortal
00:35:55 Ministry
00:35:57 no and then there’s five increments in
00:35:59 between all these the five could be
00:36:02 the five Commandments
00:36:06 that have to do worshiping Yahweh that
00:36:09 most people will not do which is the
00:36:12 five wise versions versus the five
00:36:15 fullest versions I might be stretching
00:36:18 that a little bit but it is my turn it’s
00:36:21 a really interesting it’s a really
00:36:22 interesting thought and anyway
00:36:24 regardless of whether you’re right
00:36:26 it sounds like something clicked for Ben
00:36:29 and so maybe Ben can give something no
00:36:31 for for me what clicks here is with
00:36:34 Abraham being a type for Christ
00:36:37 because in the Doctrine and Covenants it
00:36:40 talks about how Yeshua
00:36:45 stands before the father and pleads our
00:36:47 case
00:36:50 I can see that here yeah that makes
00:36:54 sense
00:36:55 and that’s what that’s what clicked for
00:36:58 me the other thing is because sometimes
00:37:01 pleading here
00:37:03 so yeah he’s completing for the people
00:37:05 he’s pleading for the people
00:37:09 um and the Lord
00:37:12 stand and the Lord and uh sorry
00:37:17 and Yeshua pleads with us together and
00:37:19 guess we’re pleased with us
00:37:25 well I I would say Yeshua pleads to
00:37:28 Elohim
00:37:30 um right it’s more how I would say it
00:37:32 but you know considering I believe in
00:37:33 modalism it doesn’t matter
00:37:37 well you know but the proper way is
00:37:40 Yeshua pleads to Elohim yeah pleads to
00:37:43 the elephant yeah because Elohim is also
00:37:45 a judge so um that that would be more
00:37:48 proper so yeah so Yeshua please guess
00:37:51 what pleads to Elohim for us
00:37:56 even every day sorry I’m sorry guys it’s
00:38:00 uh it’s getting pretty late here on the
00:38:02 East Coast I’m gonna have to dip out
00:38:04 um
00:38:05 but uh it has been very eye-opening
00:38:10 well hopefully I know eye-opening enough
00:38:13 that will Intrigue you to watch the rest
00:38:20 Josh
00:38:28 oh I I do like how your point that
00:38:31 you’re bringing out about he’s pleading
00:38:33 for the people here just like Yeshua did
00:38:35 so I I do think well just like he does
00:38:38 yeah he still does
00:38:41 Daley he pleads for us exactly wants to
00:38:45 say something
00:38:46 here we go can we take a quick break
00:38:49 yeah we can do breakfast resume
00:38:53 [Music]
00:38:54 so uh I I was just saying a little bit
00:38:58 while on the break that I I think that
00:39:01 Ben’s point and my point are supportive
00:39:03 of each other because if it wasn’t what
00:39:07 he did
00:39:09 um he couldn’t plead for us but at the
00:39:12 same time in the garden
00:39:14 he
00:39:15 did I think was starting to see the
00:39:19 enormity of what he had to go through
00:39:22 and was hoping there was another way
00:39:25 which is what I somewhat my initial
00:39:28 first read I see this was this
00:39:31 bargaining that’s going on here now
00:39:36 I’m not sure what the 50
00:39:39 count down by 5 to 10 is for sure I mean
00:39:43 I kind of took a stab at it and we
00:39:46 should just read the verses real quick
00:39:48 anyways but really the last verses on
00:39:50 this chapter is just basically going
00:39:52 back and forth and at 10.
00:39:55 um the Yahweh or the angel of course I
00:39:59 mean is this same entity at this point
00:40:01 the angels have gone on to Sodom yeah
00:40:05 the freaking men have gone on to Sodom
00:40:11 they may just be waiting while Ibraham
00:40:14 and the angel are speaking actually
00:40:18 um
00:40:19 it might be the case
00:40:22 but Abraham’s definite but this is a
00:40:24 conversation between Abraham and Yahweh
00:40:27 yeah personally which to me is uh the
00:40:31 sun talking to the father
00:40:34 which I think goes along with the types
00:40:38 that we’ve been bringing out as we’ve
00:40:39 been talking
00:40:41 um but we should just probably just real
00:40:42 quick read these uh last okay verses
00:40:45 I’ll start I’ll just go through it okay
00:40:49 yeah and let’s let’s not stop yeah okay
00:40:53 unless someone has something to really
00:40:55 add let’s not stop but I just yeah
00:40:58 yeah so her Adventure there may be 50
00:41:00 righteousness in the city will thou also
00:41:02 destroy and not spare the place for 50
00:41:04 righteous that may be therein
00:41:07 oh may that be far from thee to do after
00:41:09 this matter to slay the righteous for
00:41:11 the wicked and the righteous that and
00:41:13 that the righteous should be is the
00:41:14 wicked
00:41:16 oh God may that be far from thee for
00:41:19 shall not the judge of all the Earth do
00:41:21 right and the Lord said unto Abraham
00:41:24 if thou findest in Sodom 50 righteous
00:41:27 within the city then I will spare all
00:41:28 the place for their savings
00:41:31 [Music]
00:41:34 account of the Lord which is able to
00:41:37 destroy the city and lay all the people
00:41:38 in dust and Ashes
00:41:40 so uh just before I turn the the page
00:41:43 um or maybe while I’m turning it this
00:41:45 also is somewhat of a type of the second
00:41:48 coming that’s going on here
00:41:51 will the Lord will the Lord spare them
00:41:53 per Adventure there shall lack five of
00:41:56 the 50 righteous both thou destroy all
00:41:58 the city for the Latin all the all the
00:42:00 city
00:42:02 for their wickedness if I find their 40
00:42:04 and five righteous and he said I will
00:42:06 not destroy it I will not destroy it but
00:42:08 spare them and he said on and he spake
00:42:10 unto him again and said prayer Adventure
00:42:12 there shall be four he found there and
00:42:14 he said I will not destroy it for 40
00:42:16 sake and he said again unto the unto the
00:42:19 Lord unto Yahweh oh let not be angry and
00:42:24 I will speak for adventure there shall
00:42:26 be 30 found there and he said I will not
00:42:29 destroy I will not destroy them if I if
00:42:32 Thou shalt find 30 there
00:42:34 and he said behold now I have taken unto
00:42:37 me to speak unto your way if wilt thou
00:42:39 destroy them if per Adventure there
00:42:41 shall be twenty and if there shall if
00:42:45 prevented their shall 20 be found there
00:42:47 and he said I will not destroy them for
00:42:49 quick sake
00:42:51 and Abraham said
00:42:55 be angry and I will speak yet but this
00:42:58 once her Adventure 10 shall be found
00:43:01 there
00:43:02 until they said I will not destroy them
00:43:05 for tenses and he’ll be ceased speaking
00:43:08 with Abraham
00:43:12 so
00:43:13 um and here’s where this is where the
00:43:16 Lord realizes that the bitter cup must
00:43:18 come
00:43:18 yeah
00:43:20 um so I I will say
00:43:23 although I I don’t know the purpose for
00:43:27 going from 50 to 10 for sure right now
00:43:30 in fact I
00:43:32 I do believe it has a purpose just
00:43:34 because I don’t know it doesn’t mean
00:43:35 there isn’t one
00:43:37 um I I do find it interestingly stopped
00:43:39 at 10 though
00:43:40 now I know a lot of people will say that
00:43:43 it’s because there’s 10 members and lots
00:43:45 of family
00:43:47 um and that could be but I think it’s
00:43:48 more I would be more inclined to think
00:43:51 Ten Commandments because
00:43:53 ultimately in other words the atonement
00:43:57 for those who keep the Ten Commandments
00:44:00 and others will benefit from it but the
00:44:03 reason he did it are for those who were
00:44:05 fully Sanctified who keep the ten which
00:44:08 all others are based upon right
00:44:13 and as soon as
00:44:15 yep and as soon as he had left communion
00:44:17 with Gilbert Abraham went his way and it
00:44:20 came to pass Abraham returned onto his
00:44:23 tent
00:44:25 um
00:44:27 do we know where
00:44:29 or
00:44:31 yeah they’re in the
00:44:33 next to the Dead Sea
00:44:35 yeah they’re in the uh they’re they’re
00:44:37 in the Jordan River Valley yeah they
00:44:39 weren’t the uh west side if I remember
00:44:43 correctly
00:44:44 um and more on the North portion of the
00:44:48 Dead Sea also if I remember correctly
00:44:51 yeah
00:44:53 so it’s like
00:44:59 some people will take you tours there
00:45:02 and you can go see
00:45:04 the
00:45:05 um Brimstone still Brimstone is still
00:45:08 there and some of the building shapes
00:45:10 are still there
00:45:11 uh where
00:45:12 some you can walk through and some you
00:45:15 can’t touch even because if you touch it
00:45:17 it’ll fall because they’ve been burned
00:45:19 but the ashes is still there
00:45:22 yeah
00:45:24 I mean like which which modern country
00:45:27 is
00:45:28 was it in uh I don’t know that the
00:45:31 current country
00:45:32 modern day country
00:45:34 Jordan
00:45:36 no
00:45:39 okay
00:45:42 uh you can go search on YouTube and find
00:45:45 videos of people giving tours there
00:45:48 um that’d be pretty easy to do
00:45:51 um but I believe it’s I believe it’s in
00:45:53 Jordan
00:45:54 okay
00:45:55 um let’s continue with 19. if that’s
00:45:58 okay
00:45:58 yeah sure that’s fine because there’s
00:46:01 stuff in here too
00:46:02 um
00:46:05 willing to oh in fact maybe before Zach
00:46:07 reads
00:46:09 um so just to help make it a little more
00:46:11 obvious as we’re reading through a lot
00:46:14 is just about to have Passover
00:46:18 and you’ll see that by a couple things
00:46:20 one he’s eaten unleavened bread
00:46:23 and two
00:46:25 they don’t leave until the morning
00:46:29 that’s when they leave is in the morning
00:46:32 and also just in general uh from The
00:46:36 Book of Mormon and The Exodus right
00:46:38 there’s destructions that happen during
00:46:40 Passover
00:46:42 and after they leave in the morning
00:46:44 destruction happens okay
00:46:47 so just maybe that might help and
00:46:50 what happens after Yeshua had the last
00:46:53 supper and
00:46:55 had his event in the garden
00:46:59 does the law of Moses during Passover
00:47:04 right
00:47:05 here so
00:47:08 um do you want to read support Sac
00:47:10 starting with one
00:47:15 I came to pass that there came three
00:47:17 angels to Sodom
00:47:19 in the evening
00:47:21 I’m not a lot set in the door of the
00:47:24 door of his house in the city of Sodom
00:47:27 so he was in the door of his house in
00:47:30 the evening which is where he’s supposed
00:47:32 to be for Passover right in the house
00:47:38 two
00:47:39 and not seeing seeing the Angels rose up
00:47:43 to meet them
00:47:44 and he bowed himself with his face
00:47:46 toward the ground
00:47:48 I
00:47:50 see other than maybe this is pointing to
00:47:52 prayer I’m not really sure what that is
00:47:54 to be honest
00:47:58 [Music]
00:47:59 um
00:47:59 it sounds like no one has anything to
00:48:01 add so let’s go to three no and he said
00:48:04 behold now my Lord’s turned in I pray
00:48:07 you
00:48:07 into your servant’s house material at
00:48:11 night and wash your feet and you shall
00:48:13 rise up early and go on your ways
00:48:15 so to me this is just more of the custom
00:48:18 of the day and being again
00:48:23 um
00:48:25 I forget whose house but Yeshua in the
00:48:27 New Testament entered somebody’s house
00:48:28 and when
00:48:31 um
00:48:31 I think it was the adulterers one of the
00:48:33 adulterous woman’s came and washed his
00:48:35 feet with his her tears
00:48:38 of the house that he didn’t wash his
00:48:41 feet where she did it with her tears and
00:48:44 her hair all right so that’s a good
00:48:47 custom to being a good host I think is
00:48:50 what that’s more uh referring to
00:48:52 personally yes
00:48:54 yes that is a that is a reference to uh
00:48:57 the customary practice
00:48:59 so four
00:49:02 and they said Nate but we’ll
00:49:05 we will abide in the street all night
00:49:08 so that’s what happened with the
00:49:11 apostles
00:49:12 that night
00:49:14 right
00:49:16 or maybe I mean
00:49:19 the previous
00:49:21 no I I actually I don’t know what
00:49:24 happened where they were during Passover
00:49:26 but the night before Passover they were
00:49:28 in the streets and I I would wonder if
00:49:30 it’s referring to that
00:49:33 um but I this is kind of weird because
00:49:36 they should have known they were
00:49:37 supposed to be in a house so I think
00:49:39 it’s more pointing back to
00:49:42 what happened with the apostles after
00:49:45 the gardens but anyways
00:49:49 three five
00:49:51 and he pressed upon them greatly
00:49:54 they turned on in unto him
00:49:56 and entered into his house
00:50:00 and did break bake unleavened bread and
00:50:03 they didied
00:50:05 so they had a feast
00:50:06 now I would
00:50:08 it’s not in the text but I’m guessing it
00:50:10 had lamb
00:50:12 yep one thing it does stay is a lot of
00:50:14 bread
00:50:16 absolutely two Passover yeah
00:50:19 yeah well and the other thing about
00:50:22 abiding in the street all night
00:50:25 is in reference to the
00:50:28 word of the Lord to Abraham if I find
00:50:31 if I find 10 righteous in the city
00:50:35 oh so maybe they were looking for the
00:50:37 righteous
00:50:38 um maybe maybe they would have been I I
00:50:41 don’t know because they were actually
00:50:42 told to destroy it earlier that we went
00:50:44 over yeah so
00:50:46 yeah that’s what I mean I’m just trying
00:50:48 to figure out a way to make that
00:50:50 sound yeah it just
00:50:53 to me I think it’s more pointing back to
00:50:56 the previous one
00:50:59 um because they shouldn’t have been in
00:51:01 the street so I I I’ll be honest like
00:51:04 you I’m not quite sure what that is
00:51:08 um
00:51:10 um six
00:51:12 right before they laid down to rest
00:51:15 the men of the city have Sodom Compass
00:51:18 the house surround
00:51:20 even men that were both old old and
00:51:22 young young
00:51:24 even the people from every quarter so
00:51:26 here’s the world going to the door
00:51:29 trying to get people out right
00:51:34 um yep so here’s seven
00:51:39 to him where are the men that can in
00:51:44 foreign
00:51:53 now
00:51:54 um
00:51:55 this is going to sound like somewhat
00:51:57 weird especially if you know some of the
00:51:58 story later on but a lot is
00:52:03 um a type for the father
00:52:05 son right now or or God Elohim you know
00:52:09 modalism I I would put it more of the
00:52:11 father though in this case and I think
00:52:14 that’ll make more sense later
00:52:17 um and so here’s the father
00:52:19 protecting those who came into his house
00:52:24 yep
00:52:25 through through
00:52:26 the gate the door which is the Messiah
00:52:30 the sun right
00:52:32 yes
00:52:36 um okay so did we read seven or not I
00:52:38 forget we did so on eight
00:52:43 and lot went out if the door unto them
00:52:45 and shut the door behind him after him
00:52:49 and said I pray you Brethren do not do
00:52:52 not sewickably so here’s the father
00:52:55 going out and doing his business but
00:52:58 shut the door to keep those who are in
00:53:01 his house protected
00:53:03 right
00:53:06 um somewhat like Yeshua went to hell to
00:53:09 take care of a business that you needed
00:53:12 to do right and on top of that
00:53:16 um you could even say that the 2000
00:53:18 years
00:53:20 um he’s been taking care of business too
00:53:22 getting things ready right but anyways
00:53:24 that’s another subject and that might be
00:53:27 a little stretch for this right here but
00:53:28 somewhat just to kind of get the point
00:53:30 out right yeah yeah so nine
00:53:35 and they said unto him stand back and
00:53:38 they were angry with him
00:53:40 so the sons of perditions say that to
00:53:44 the father don’t they
00:53:48 right
00:53:50 no
00:53:51 there’s a lot well there’s a lot of
00:53:53 people want to say that there’s a lot of
00:53:55 people who say that about the father and
00:53:58 the son right right but gnashing
00:54:02 uh oh no I appreciate the phrase
00:54:05 uh gnashing and graining or
00:54:09 weeping and wailing and Nash that’s what
00:54:12 I’m looking for that’s that’s anger
00:54:13 right there right and they’re telling it
00:54:16 to get out of our way
00:54:18 you’re not in charge of me right
00:54:21 which actually remember DNC 76
00:54:25 um we don’t know about the order or the
00:54:28 pecking order and that have been stoned
00:54:31 right right anyways
00:54:34 um so 10
00:54:37 . and they said among themselves this
00:54:40 one man came in to sojourn Among Us
00:54:44 and he he will needs
00:54:47 now I’m making stuff to be a judge
00:54:50 now we we will deal worse with him than
00:54:54 with them yeah that reminds me of the
00:54:56 attitude of the people who made the
00:54:58 Tower of Babel right
00:55:00 um
00:55:01 I agree with that this is more pointing
00:55:04 to how lot is God in this type here
00:55:08 because he
00:55:11 condescended below all things he came
00:55:14 and gave himself flesh to be among us
00:55:18 to make himself a judge
00:55:21 was that he could be a righteous judge
00:55:24 yep and the and the rebellious
00:55:28 say that they will now do worse with God
00:55:33 and then then with his servants yeah so
00:55:38 this I think really proves out how in
00:55:41 this chapter lot is a type of
00:55:45 God this is where it’s kind of both the
00:55:48 father and the son right
00:55:51 um but with modalism that’s no issue
00:55:53 because it’s the same person or entity
00:55:56 Spirit
00:55:58 um so
00:56:00 um 11.
00:56:01 will you do that
00:56:03 um bin
00:56:05 wherefore they said unto the man we will
00:56:07 have the men and thy daughters also and
00:56:10 we will do with them as seemeth is good
00:56:13 so we will take your Nations and your
00:56:16 churches and do with them what we want
00:56:19 which is which is has what has happened
00:56:22 right
00:56:25 and now this now this was after the
00:56:28 wickedness of Sorrow
00:56:30 today
00:56:32 they did do like
00:56:36 molesting people right
00:56:38 yeah yeah they also so it’s called
00:56:43 sodomy for a reason yeah
00:56:46 um so Sodom and Gomorrah had
00:56:50 um they did not take care of the poor
00:56:53 and they had feroc sexual sense
00:56:57 they had both those problems and well
00:57:00 some people will bring out one in one
00:57:02 verse and some people bring out another
00:57:04 in another verse it’s poem well the the
00:57:07 issue with the issue with Sodom and and
00:57:10 the whole thing is is that the issues
00:57:12 with Sodom and Gomorrah were pretty much
00:57:16 it was like the rest of the Pagan World
00:57:20 multiplied by 100 .
00:57:25 um I I do think the account here is
00:57:27 focusing on the sexual one though
00:57:28 because the sexual sin goes back to the
00:57:31 Ten Commandments which is committing
00:57:34 adultery slash idolatry that’s why
00:57:38 they’re focusing on the
00:57:40 um sexual sense and this
00:57:42 here
00:57:44 in my opinion because it goes along with
00:57:46 rejecting God
00:57:48 yep
00:57:50 um but they didn’t they didn’t take care
00:57:52 of the poor also which is talked about
00:57:54 other places which is which is not
00:57:57 loving your pillow your man is yourself
00:57:58 your your fellow manners yourself which
00:58:02 is tantamount to rejecting God as well
00:58:04 correct which goes against the Ten
00:58:07 Commandments and especially the the last
00:58:10 five right which is all about loving
00:58:12 your neighbor
00:58:14 so
00:58:16 um okay 13.
00:58:18 and lot said behold now I have two
00:58:20 daughters which have not known man let
00:58:22 me I’d pray you plead with my brethren
00:58:24 that I may not bring them out onto you
00:58:26 and ye shall not do and ye shall not do
00:58:30 unto them as seemeth good in your eyes
00:58:32 so later I’ll bring this out more it’ll
00:58:35 become more obvious later but those are
00:58:37 the two churches as in the Jews and the
00:58:39 Gentiles okay
00:58:40 [Music]
00:58:42 um yeah because
00:58:43 go ahead
00:58:45 like
00:58:46 the
00:58:49 the north the
00:58:50 the original text
00:58:52 made it sound like he’s offering his
00:58:55 daughters to them oh the King James yeah
00:58:57 the King James the original the King
00:58:59 James yeah
00:59:01 King James the King James is a Fifth
00:59:04 Line translation
00:59:06 yeah it the King James has problems here
00:59:09 and it makes a lot look like he’s
00:59:11 offering his daughters to have sex with
00:59:13 them and that’s not what happened
00:59:15 um especially when you’re seeing the
00:59:16 type out lot here is the father he
00:59:19 wouldn’t do that right
00:59:21 yeah
00:59:22 um so anyways but yes that does fix that
00:59:25 problem but there you’ll still see the
00:59:28 other problem what the daughters do but
00:59:30 I’ll talk about that when we get there
00:59:32 okay
00:59:34 um 14.
00:59:36 for God will not justify his servant in
00:59:39 this thing wherefore let me plead with
00:59:40 my brethren this once only that on these
00:59:43 men ye do nothing that they may have
00:59:45 peace in my house for therefore they
00:59:47 came under the shadow of my roof
00:59:49 so
00:59:51 um
00:59:52 don’t do this to my churches and don’t
00:59:57 do this to my servants right
00:59:59 yep that’s what the father says
01:00:02 don’t you are to leave my church alone
01:00:06 like he said to Peter in the New
01:00:09 Testament right you are pricking against
01:00:12 the or you’re kicking against the pricks
01:00:15 and
01:00:16 um
01:00:17 Yeshua chewed out the Jews for rejecting
01:00:20 the prophets
01:00:21 which are the men but anyways
01:00:25 and they were angry with lot and came
01:00:27 near to break the door but the angels of
01:00:29 God which were holy men put forth their
01:00:31 hand and pulled blood into the house to
01:00:33 them and shut the door
01:00:36 so I I’m not quite sure what this points
01:00:40 to myself
01:00:41 um well but this points too
01:00:45 yeah
01:00:46 is
01:00:49 that those who hold and those who hold
01:00:51 the holy priesthood of God are just as
01:00:53 responsible for protecting the name of
01:00:55 God
01:00:56 as God is for protecting them yeah okay
01:00:59 I agree with that because and uh also
01:01:02 because it is
01:01:07 and they have the power
01:01:09 given the uh given given that God has
01:01:13 already declared that judgment they have
01:01:15 the power to shut the door to the
01:01:17 kingdom to those who will not who will
01:01:20 not obey which for example on that is
01:01:24 the bad
01:01:25 um letting people in at the baptism the
01:01:28 gate right
01:01:30 um so I agree with that and
01:01:33 um oh no I had something now I’m
01:01:36 forgetting what it was
01:01:37 um
01:01:39 but the oh we are to
01:01:44 abide
01:01:46 yahweh’s word which means protect it I
01:01:50 mean we could go look at I don’t want to
01:01:51 Sidetrack unless the definition of abide
01:01:54 but part of abiding is guarding the word
01:01:58 of God which is what you’re one of the
01:02:00 things that you brought out there right
01:02:03 so I agree yeah that is what’s going on
01:02:05 there
01:02:07 okay 16.
01:02:09 and they smote them in with blindness
01:02:12 both small and great that they could not
01:02:14 come at the door
01:02:16 so
01:02:18 um
01:02:20 that’s what happened
01:02:21 with the Sadducees and Pharisees they
01:02:23 got small with blindness
01:02:25 you know
01:02:27 right they they couldn’t really see
01:02:30 things for what they were and because of
01:02:33 that they couldn’t enter at the door
01:02:37 because they were blind yeah they were
01:02:40 blind guides
01:02:42 um which I think that’s actually from
01:02:43 the New Testament actually I’m not
01:02:45 anyways something close to that right
01:02:47 the mind reading the Blind and there and
01:02:50 those who teach against the law or teach
01:02:54 and teach additional or higher law
01:02:58 are similarly blind gods are similarly
01:03:02 blind guides there’s only one they have
01:03:04 been struck with Blindness by way by
01:03:07 your way because they would not you know
01:03:09 because they could not tolerate the
01:03:10 truth
01:03:11 yeah there’s no one and they were angry
01:03:14 and they were angry so that they worried
01:03:17 themselves to find the door and could
01:03:19 not find it yeah I see that going on
01:03:22 today I mean here it’s pointing back to
01:03:25 yeshua’s day but
01:03:28 um I see that even today right
01:03:32 I find the prophecies have multiple
01:03:34 fulfillments often yes yes yes they do
01:03:37 but Yeshua is the door he is the gate
01:03:40 the gate and the doors the same thing
01:03:42 right
01:03:44 so 18.
01:03:47 and these holy men said unto lot hast
01:03:49 thou any fear besides thy sons-in-law
01:03:52 and thy Sons Sons and thy daughters
01:03:56 yeah who’s your people right anyways yep
01:03:59 and they commanded lot saying whatsoever
01:04:01 thou Hastings
01:04:03 here are yahweh’s servants taking care
01:04:07 of yahweh’s people right yep
01:04:11 and they commanded lot saying whatsoever
01:04:14 thou Hast in the city Thou shalt bring
01:04:16 out of this place for ye we will destroy
01:04:19 this place and this is actually while
01:04:22 it’s a while while we are talking about
01:04:25 the first coming and the uh this is
01:04:27 actually a type of what will be before
01:04:30 the second coming as well God’s servants
01:04:33 will bring people out before God
01:04:36 destroys them right and even in my post
01:04:39 that I’m working on that I read this to
01:04:41 do the research for that one verse for
01:04:44 it does show how at least the part that
01:04:47 I’m focusing on happens at the first
01:04:48 coming and the second coming yes so but
01:04:52 we’re not going to Sidetrack him now we
01:04:54 can already do enough of that because
01:05:01 um I’ll take a turn reading I I’ve oh
01:05:03 wait no you you do 20 and I do 21. sorry
01:05:05 about that okay because the Cry of them
01:05:07 is waxing grapes and their Abominations
01:05:09 have come up before the face of the Lord
01:05:11 and the Lord hath sent us to destroy
01:05:13 them to destroy it
01:05:15 so to me
01:05:19 um considering what just happened and
01:05:21 what
01:05:22 gets destroyed 40 years later this is
01:05:24 the temple
01:05:26 yep
01:05:27 that’s what I see anyways
01:05:30 um you know that’s interesting of Jonah
01:05:34 all right
01:05:36 anyways that’s what I see there
01:05:39 um okay 21 and not went out and spoke
01:05:42 onto his sons-in-law which married his
01:05:45 daughters and said up get out of this
01:05:48 place for Yahweh will destroy this city
01:05:51 that also goes back to
01:05:55 um I would say Jerusalem destruction the
01:05:57 prophecy of Jonah
01:06:00 it also goes forward it also goes
01:06:02 forward to Salt Lake City
01:06:05 uh uh yeah I would agree with that I
01:06:08 think I would stick more to the
01:06:10 Jerusalem one but I can definitely see
01:06:12 that with Salt Lake City
01:06:13 um in fact I’ve come across things how
01:06:15 Salt Lake’s it’s prophesied by some that
01:06:18 it’s Salt Lake City is going to be one
01:06:19 of the wickedest cities in the world
01:06:21 um it already is it already is uh I
01:06:24 would actually to some degree agree with
01:06:26 that
01:06:27 um well I would I would go with more
01:06:30 than some degree
01:06:34 I’ve seen a lot of stuff yeah I I think
01:06:37 it’s Salt Lake City it’s more behind the
01:06:40 scenes but like Vegas it’s more out
01:06:42 front if that makes some sense there
01:06:44 yeah anyways that’s another discussion
01:06:47 um
01:06:48 but in general I agree with you
01:06:50 um 22. but he seemeth as one that mocked
01:06:55 onto his son-in-law so here’s
01:06:59 some people in his family that didn’t
01:07:02 believe what he said and this would also
01:07:04 point back to they were followers of the
01:07:08 Messiah
01:07:09 that when he said some hard things they
01:07:11 left him
01:07:12 nope right
01:07:14 well and also it comes it also comes
01:07:18 back when to uh the day the day that he
01:07:22 had the day that he worked the atonement
01:07:24 Passover day
01:07:26 they turned this into a point of mockery
01:07:29 for him on the cross his Prophecy of the
01:07:32 destruction of Jerusalem no and on the
01:07:35 temples and that that goes more with
01:07:37 what the main point of what’s going on
01:07:39 here so that that’s a very good one
01:07:41 there that you brought out
01:07:43 um
01:07:44 no thank you so 23 and when the morning
01:07:49 King the Angels asened lie so look
01:07:52 warning
01:07:54 yep they couldn’t leave before morning
01:07:58 just like we talked about when we went
01:07:59 over the Torah more specific uh Passover
01:08:04 verses or the more direct ones right you
01:08:06 can’t leave until mornings when are they
01:08:08 leaving in the morning the Angels
01:08:11 hastened lot
01:08:12 uh and hasten guess where that also goes
01:08:15 to
01:08:16 Passover yep supposed to be eating it
01:08:19 fast and ready to leave but does
01:08:24 um lot do in the morning he leaves right
01:08:27 um arise take thy wife and my two
01:08:30 daughters which are here
01:08:32 Alyssa well
01:08:35 the symbolism there is Rich you want to
01:08:39 bring it out
01:08:40 well
01:08:43 thy wife is the Covenant the two
01:08:47 daughters are the churches
01:08:51 so God is
01:08:53 and those who are in their cult and
01:08:58 they’re being they’re being
01:09:01 and they’re being taken being cute uh
01:09:04 consumed in the iniquity of the city
01:09:06 which actually that’s they do get that
01:09:10 but
01:09:11 um I would go a little different I think
01:09:12 the wife is the old church which okay
01:09:16 where the Covenant is
01:09:18 originally given and then extended or
01:09:21 renewed with right or this could also be
01:09:24 the fathers which is the original wife
01:09:27 right
01:09:30 um you know but I I wouldn’t go to the
01:09:32 fathers and I’ll explain why a little
01:09:34 later but I think it’s the old church
01:09:36 and then the two drivers are the two new
01:09:38 churches okay okay
01:09:41 um
01:09:42 uh 24.
01:09:45 uh anyways I’ll be consumed in the
01:09:47 iniquity of the city and the old church
01:09:49 you’ll see that the wife
01:09:52 turns back
01:09:54 because the old church did get consumed
01:09:57 right that’s why there was well it’s
01:09:59 kind of like kind of like um Abraham had
01:10:02 to leave
01:10:03 his old his family who had had the truth
01:10:07 and had apostatized they looked back
01:10:12 right he had to move on without them
01:10:14 sure sure
01:10:16 um but on this
01:10:18 um in the when Yeshua came
01:10:22 the majority of the church the old
01:10:24 church were the Sadducees and Pharisees
01:10:27 we were right the false traditions of
01:10:29 men
01:10:30 right that’s true and
01:10:33 even though the Messiah came they kept
01:10:36 looking at that and they died
01:10:38 right
01:10:40 right
01:10:41 um right right and the two daughters
01:10:43 though are the two new churches
01:10:46 you’re talking about the church in the
01:10:48 Old World Church
01:10:49 well I I would say the wife is the
01:10:52 church before the Messiah or up to the
01:10:55 Messiah
01:10:55 well but yeah I’m talking about in terms
01:10:58 of the two churches you’re talking about
01:11:00 Book of Mormon bible church no no I I
01:11:03 I’m I’m actually kind of keeping this
01:11:05 more just Bible and but the two
01:11:08 daughters I see are the the Jews
01:11:12 Jews are the Gentiles okay the Jews and
01:11:15 the Gentiles together
01:11:16 um and I I think we’ll show that in a
01:11:19 minute that the old Yeah well yeah and
01:11:21 they utter and they utterly depart from
01:11:24 uh the uh and the tradition and then
01:11:27 convinces the younger one also which
01:11:30 goes along with it because the Jews is
01:11:31 the older one but anyways we’ll get
01:11:33 there in a minute
01:11:36 um and while he lingered the Angels laid
01:11:40 upon his hand
01:11:41 upon the hand of his wife and upon the
01:11:45 hand of his two daughters Yahweh being
01:11:48 merciful unto them and they brought them
01:11:51 forth and set them down without the
01:11:54 cities
01:11:55 um
01:11:56 so you know
01:11:58 leave this wicked Place basically is
01:12:01 what I get out of that and these three
01:12:04 prophets who had the Melchizedek
01:12:06 priesthood were help taking them by the
01:12:09 hand which is probably my favorite
01:12:10 phrase from Joseph Smith take people by
01:12:13 the hand and lead them to God I mean
01:12:16 it’s not the exact it right but it’s
01:12:19 that basic idea right and here
01:12:22 are these three Messengers prophets with
01:12:25 the Melchizedek priesthood taking them
01:12:27 by the hand
01:12:28 and getting them to leave wickedness
01:12:31 behind them okay
01:12:32 [Music]
01:12:35 um okay on 25 and it came to pass when
01:12:38 they brought them forth abroad that they
01:12:42 said unto them
01:12:43 Escape for your lives you know
01:12:47 physically would because the destruction
01:12:50 of the City Jerusalem right and
01:12:54 spiritually because of the sin
01:12:56 look not behind me now Yeshua talks
01:12:59 about that in the New Testament right
01:13:01 you said at this hand of the plow and
01:13:04 look it back
01:13:05 now
01:13:06 uh neither stay you in all the playing
01:13:11 escape to the mountain which that it’s
01:13:15 also refers to the destruction of
01:13:17 Jerusalem
01:13:18 right because they were supposed to
01:13:20 escape to the mountains when that
01:13:21 happens right yeah and then spiritually
01:13:25 when you see the city corrupt go back to
01:13:28 Torah
01:13:29 awesome right so there’s multiple
01:13:31 meanings there lest you be consumed by
01:13:34 the sin right
01:13:37 um anyways
01:13:38 26 and lot said unto one of them oh not
01:13:43 so my Lord behold now
01:13:46 thy servant has found Grace in thy sight
01:13:49 and has magnified thy mercy
01:13:53 what did the son do while he was
01:13:57 um here which during
01:13:59 Passover
01:14:00 a magnified the mercy right which thou
01:14:06 has shown unto me in saving my life
01:14:09 it was because of what Yeshua did
01:14:13 during Passover
01:14:15 if it made it
01:14:17 so my life can be saved
01:14:23 but he did the law of Moses
01:14:26 during Passover I can be saved
01:14:31 I cannot escape to the mountains lest
01:14:34 some evil overtake me and I die and
01:14:37 you’ll also see
01:14:38 um I mean I I don’t maybe we’ll see as
01:14:41 we’re reading through this I don’t see
01:14:42 anything specifically for
01:14:44 um
01:14:45 first fruits but unleavened bread was
01:14:50 while they were traveling in a minute
01:14:52 we’re going to see lot
01:14:55 and his two daughters traveling right
01:14:58 behold there is another city go
01:15:01 somewhere else right
01:15:04 um
01:15:05 and this city and this is near to flee
01:15:09 unto and it is a little one
01:15:13 um so Yeshua is always near we are to
01:15:16 flee unto him
01:15:18 and there’s few who do that
01:15:21 right
01:15:23 because it’s a little city it’s few
01:15:25 that’s there oh let me escape hither
01:15:28 and may Yahweh not destroy it
01:15:31 and my soul shall live
01:15:38 um in fact in some ways that can point
01:15:40 to how Yahweh will
01:15:42 um
01:15:44 uh I forget the phrase in Matthew 24 or
01:15:47 something about stopping time or which I
01:15:50 don’t think it’s stopping time I think
01:15:51 it’s more that he’ll step in so that the
01:15:54 wicked won’t allow things to them to
01:15:57 completely destroy everything right
01:16:00 yeah so I think that some points to that
01:16:03 which will allow us to live right the
01:16:09 and the um
01:16:13 dedicated ones anyways right and and
01:16:16 some others but anyways
01:16:19 um but he does it primarily for the the
01:16:21 diligent ones right
01:16:24 uh it’s just the others get benefits of
01:16:27 it 28.
01:16:29 and the angel said unto him see I have
01:16:32 accepted
01:16:33 the concerning this thing also and I
01:16:36 will not overthrow this city for which
01:16:38 thou has spoken so the one that they’re
01:16:40 going to go to which I would say
01:16:43 represents uh heaven right but anyways
01:16:45 Hasty Escape thee for I cannot do
01:16:49 anything until thou
01:16:51 become
01:16:53 dither I’m
01:16:55 I can’t do anything until you leave
01:16:57 right they until you go to that until
01:17:00 you’re in that City yeah yeah
01:17:03 um I I’m not sure what to point that at
01:17:05 point to myself is in for prophecy and
01:17:09 and deeper meaning
01:17:12 um
01:17:13 but other than
01:17:14 I I mean in the sermon of the mouth
01:17:18 you’re not all the Judgment until you
01:17:21 have
01:17:21 of a particular commandment until you
01:17:25 have started keeping it yourself now and
01:17:27 here’s something that’s a stretch now
01:17:29 here’s an end times application
01:17:33 and it shall come to pass that any who
01:17:35 will not lift his sword against his
01:17:37 brother must needs please as I am
01:17:40 well I can it’s a possibility
01:17:44 that’s impossible and it’s impossible
01:17:46 yeah that’s a possible one
01:17:49 um okay so let’s go on the next 29.
01:17:53 and the name of the city was called zor
01:17:56 so
01:17:59 we could take a little time to go see
01:18:02 what zor means yeah let’s take a look on
01:18:05 a help with the imagery here because I I
01:18:07 would wonder if it’s something more like
01:18:09 Remnant or heaven or something along
01:18:13 those lines
01:18:15 um but that’s just going off the imagery
01:18:17 so but let’s let’s see
01:18:21 so this is Genesis 19.
01:18:25 22.
01:18:28 well so ours yeah so ours in the city
01:18:31 yeah but I think the name of the city is
01:18:34 going to have a purpose yeah
01:18:43 let’s see what that is
01:18:46 insignificance a city at the south east
01:18:51 end of the Dead Sea
01:18:55 um
01:18:57 so
01:19:01 I believe offerings were given and this
01:19:04 is going off a vague memory here the
01:19:07 southeast Corner in the temple
01:19:14 interesting is that correct or am I I
01:19:18 I we’d have to go double check we need
01:19:21 to look on that
01:19:23 yeah
01:19:24 um but uh the name of the city just
01:19:27 means
01:19:38 [Music]
01:19:38 um
01:19:44 south east corner of the Temple Mount
01:19:46 okay
01:19:53 uh um I’m not
01:19:57 is that where the
01:19:59 this is saying
01:20:01 not Southwest oh yeah I would tend to
01:20:04 think that’s Southwest not Southeast
01:20:07 let’s let’s
01:20:13 well here it stood in this Southern
01:20:15 Eastern Corner the
01:20:17 Baptist the baptismal fund praise and
01:20:20 sea
01:20:22 well and so I could see that related to
01:20:24 Heaven because you have to get baptized
01:20:26 before going to the highest degree right
01:20:29 so
01:20:31 um
01:20:32 I
01:20:34 must be getting a few things I anyways I
01:20:38 thought that was
01:20:39 I got a little mixed up but anyways I
01:20:41 think we answered enough that um
01:20:45 Southeast corner so this the city name
01:20:47 mins
01:20:48 I would see didn’t mean too much but
01:20:50 where it was located I think means stuff
01:20:52 because it’s pointing to baptism is what
01:20:54 I would do right now
01:20:56 um yep
01:20:57 so let’s go back
01:20:59 so I do think it was good that we looked
01:21:01 at that
01:21:02 absolutely what it showed me yeah it
01:21:05 says basically
01:21:07 the Lord
01:21:10 requires a people baptized yeah and I’m
01:21:14 I’m I’m not going to go over that right
01:21:16 now that’s a whole big side back anyways
01:21:21 um
01:21:21 so 30 and Yahweh did not destroy Sodom
01:21:26 until lot had entered
01:21:30 into them the baptism yeah until lot was
01:21:34 baptized which
01:21:37 um so
01:21:39 I don’t
01:21:41 believe that’s so I believe the second
01:21:44 coming has happened when it’s going to
01:21:46 happen period there’s nothing we can do
01:21:49 to make it happen sooner or later
01:21:51 because it is an appointed time it’s
01:21:53 going to happen
01:21:54 when it’s going to happen because that’s
01:21:56 when the father says it’s going to
01:21:57 happen but it is interesting that there
01:22:01 will be a Remnant rising up before that
01:22:04 and they will be baptized as in what
01:22:08 some of the imagery was so hard talked
01:22:11 about it we just kind of looked into
01:22:13 right
01:22:15 so
01:22:16 um
01:22:17 searching does help out us understand
01:22:19 the scriptures
01:22:22 yeah amazing the internet actually
01:22:25 turned out to be useful
01:22:27 um
01:22:27 the internet has its pros and cons right
01:22:30 yeah
01:22:33 grain of lots of life
01:22:43 Jack you want to read 31
01:22:46 yep
01:22:50 and then when lot had entered into zor
01:22:54 the Lord
01:22:56 reigned upon Sodom and upon Gamora
01:23:00 where the Angels call called upon the
01:23:01 name of the Lord
01:23:03 or Brimstone and fire from The Lord of
01:23:06 from the Lord Out of Heaven
01:23:08 so that was the verse that I was looking
01:23:11 for that Ben told me about so this
01:23:15 um I mean they didn’t
01:23:18 ah
01:23:21 Second Coming will happen after there’s
01:23:24 a Remnant Rises up
01:23:27 right that’s basically the I I’m not
01:23:31 sure how to tie this to
01:23:34 the main event that I’m bringing out
01:23:36 here but this does have a second coming
01:23:40 significance to it right absolutely um
01:23:42 well I guess on first coming
01:23:45 um there was a Remnant that did get
01:23:47 baptized and then left the city right
01:23:51 yep um because of the destruction so I
01:23:54 guess I I just think this one’s stronger
01:23:56 for the second coming than the first but
01:24:00 by far
01:24:02 especially even down through the
01:24:04 Servants of the Lord being those who
01:24:06 pull down
01:24:08 the decrees already written in heaven
01:24:11 right but
01:24:13 um along those lines on the destruction
01:24:15 of the city and the temple Yahweh will
01:24:19 use the wicked for his purposes and
01:24:21 that’s what happened in the first
01:24:23 in history after the first coming right
01:24:26 he did use the wicked room
01:24:28 for his righteous purposes yes but the
01:24:32 wicked are not going to be able to call
01:24:33 Mars
01:24:34 correct I agree with you on that one
01:24:37 um
01:24:40 Manpower and not those to happen
01:24:43 um so anyways uh 32.
01:24:50 overthrew those cities and all the plane
01:24:54 and all the inhabitants inhabitants some
01:24:56 of the Cities
01:24:57 and I would screw up on the ground
01:25:00 so I would say this points more to the
01:25:03 second coming as in
01:25:05 um pretty much the horror right that’s
01:25:08 what that’s saying everything
01:25:10 that God has happened the old it came to
01:25:13 pass when a lot fled the old church
01:25:15 looked back
01:25:17 yeah
01:25:19 and she became infill herself
01:25:22 this is this because the old church
01:25:26 did Sin and started entangling
01:25:29 themselves
01:25:30 into
01:25:32 Pagan rituals and now they’re all deeply
01:25:35 tied up in Kabbalah
01:25:37 yeah but it started with the old church
01:25:40 and they would they didn’t hold on to
01:25:43 the father or the son and or the son
01:25:46 when he came
01:25:48 instead of looking to him they looked
01:25:51 back to their old Pagan Babylon World
01:25:55 ways right and they died
01:26:01 um 34. will you read that Zach
01:26:05 and Abraham got up early in the morning
01:26:08 in the morning to the place
01:26:10 where he stood before the Lord
01:26:13 and he looked towards Sodom and Gomorrah
01:26:15 and toward all the land of the plane
01:26:17 and behold hello
01:26:20 the smoke of the country went up as a
01:26:22 smoke of furnace
01:26:26 um
01:26:30 I’m not real sure I could give a couple
01:26:32 guesses but this is
01:26:34 um one
01:26:35 Yahweh
01:26:37 or Yeshua wept for the city right
01:26:41 but
01:26:42 that was before he did
01:26:45 La Moses during Passover where this is
01:26:48 more after but this is not
01:26:52 analogies are not a perfect fit right
01:26:55 right
01:26:57 or this could also be
01:27:00 Resurrection possibly right because he
01:27:03 came back
01:27:05 in three days and three nights it was
01:27:08 another possible on that right
01:27:12 and he came and looked he was among them
01:27:15 and looked at them after all this
01:27:17 happened in fact right now
01:27:19 actually just talking about it through
01:27:21 with you guys I think it is more of the
01:27:23 Resurrection right now yeah
01:27:25 I think so
01:27:27 um
01:27:28 in fact because uh spent even down to
01:27:32 the fact that early they found
01:27:35 they found the empty tomb that they
01:27:38 found the empty tomb early in the
01:27:39 morning on the first day yeah and he and
01:27:43 so early in the morning is kind of
01:27:46 could mean multiple things here it could
01:27:48 be when the apostles found it or it
01:27:50 could be Dawn which is one of the night
01:27:53 watches of the night is when he actually
01:27:58 Resurrected
01:28:03 so in the mornings a little
01:28:07 a little vague but it could be and I I
01:28:10 would more because it’s Abraham here
01:28:12 which is the Sun
01:28:15 um I would say it’s more Dawn
01:28:18 because that’s when he resurrected just
01:28:20 thinking out loud right now with you
01:28:22 guys
01:28:24 um but anyways and he he came and saw
01:28:27 what happened how the people
01:28:30 how the Sadducees and the Pharisees and
01:28:32 their followers did not still didn’t
01:28:35 accept them right but anyways
01:28:38 um but that’ll change a little bit and
01:28:42 it did for a little bit but then they
01:28:43 went and rejected him again and we’ll go
01:28:45 over that in a bit uh you want to read
01:28:48 35 Zach
01:28:51 they came to pass the independent pass
01:28:54 when
01:28:55 God had destroyed the cities so the
01:28:57 plane
01:28:58 that God speaking to Abraham saying
01:29:01 I have remembered Lord
01:29:03 and sent him out of the midst of the
01:29:04 overthrow
01:29:06 that they rather may not be destroyed
01:29:11 when when I overthrew the city
01:29:15 and the witch thy brother lot dwelled so
01:29:20 um one thing to bring out is lot was in
01:29:23 our Terminal Modern terminology lot was
01:29:26 a nephew not a brother right and this is
01:29:30 just bringing out how
01:29:32 they didn’t have someone one of these
01:29:34 more technical terms or family
01:29:36 relationships that we do now and the
01:29:38 reason I’m saying that Abraham didn’t
01:29:40 lie when he said his wife was his sister
01:29:43 because here he’s calling
01:29:46 um well this is
01:29:48 um
01:29:49 Yahweh or uh Elohim speaking
01:29:53 saying your nephew
01:29:56 AKA brother did not get destroyed right
01:30:00 um and so this could also be
01:30:04 um
01:30:04 Elohim saying the sun was resurrected
01:30:07 possibly here well and I also see this
01:30:14 I also see in this the um
01:30:19 the Lord showing
01:30:22 I’ll I also seen in this
01:30:28 that some have believed
01:30:31 that some do believe yeah even at the at
01:30:35 the point at the point of Resurrection
01:30:37 right in fact initially
01:30:40 um the resurrection and the Miracles
01:30:42 that went along with that actually
01:30:44 converted a lot of Jews initially that’s
01:30:48 why Paul felt like he had to stamp them
01:30:50 out because
01:30:51 it was a big problem actually if it was
01:30:54 just a small problem it wouldn’t be like
01:30:56 whatever right it was a big problem
01:30:58 initially and maybe that’s more what’s
01:31:00 going on here is that big problem
01:31:01 initially that the juice actually
01:31:03 started converting
01:31:05 which is actually
01:31:08 um there was a lot of converts
01:31:12 during that last three and a half years
01:31:14 of the last seventh or of the 70th week
01:31:18 right
01:31:19 yeah um so anyways maybe that’s what
01:31:23 this is pointing to is that
01:31:26 and Abraham and Abraham exactly
01:31:33 and Abraham was yeah
01:31:36 and Ibraham was comforted a lot went up
01:31:40 out of sore sore
01:31:42 until it’s in the mountain
01:31:44 s
01:31:47 with them
01:31:49 refilled feared I can’t read referred as
01:31:53 well and so hard and he dwells in a cave
01:31:55 he and his two daughters
01:31:58 so I I’m
01:32:01 a little confused some of this
01:32:03 um I do understand some of the
01:32:05 seminalism that’s happening I’ll talk
01:32:06 about in a little bit
01:32:08 but
01:32:10 other than possibly leading up to
01:32:13 um the symbolisms coming up I’m not sure
01:32:15 why
01:32:16 Abraham I mean lot and his
01:32:20 um
01:32:22 daughters laughed other than the
01:32:25 symbolism I’ll talk about with in in a
01:32:27 moment well the the other thing is is if
01:32:31 we’re looking at it on a level of
01:32:33 spiritual on the spiritual
01:32:36 um sustenance level we’re not supposed
01:32:38 to stay at the same place necessarily
01:32:40 that we were at but we were baptized
01:32:43 we’re supposed to go up into the
01:32:45 mountains we’re supposed to receive the
01:32:46 law we’re supposed to they told him to
01:32:49 go to the mountains right well right at
01:32:52 the beginning when we first get baptized
01:32:56 we get Justified and then and then
01:32:59 accepting Torah the mountain is a
01:33:02 sanctification so I I can see
01:33:06 um
01:33:07 the the three baptisms right there to
01:33:09 some extent with you bringing that out
01:33:12 because they did go up the mountain they
01:33:14 got baptized now I don’t know what the
01:33:16 cave represents yes
01:33:18 oh
01:33:20 in this so
01:33:24 so cave has double meanings it can be
01:33:27 positive negative and I would say in
01:33:29 this case it’s negative
01:33:31 yeah and let’s just read 37 and that’ll
01:33:34 explain that out but I do think your
01:33:36 point about the mountain and you know
01:33:39 and staying and learning more in Torah
01:33:41 it definitely explains leaving or moving
01:33:44 beyond baptism and learning about Torah
01:33:47 right and you did teach it to his
01:33:50 daughters right
01:33:52 and they didn’t want to stay just at
01:33:54 baptism
01:33:55 right the cave
01:33:59 can be positive or negative
01:34:01 because prophets and the wicked go into
01:34:04 caves but I think as we look further
01:34:07 here it’s more negative and we’ll get
01:34:09 into that in just a minute so 37 seconds
01:34:12 and the firstborn
01:34:15 dealt wickedly and said into this
01:34:18 younger
01:34:19 our father has become old
01:34:22 and we have not a man on the earth to
01:34:24 come in unto us
01:34:26 to live with us after the manner of all
01:34:28 that live on the Earth
01:34:30 so
01:34:31 um
01:34:32 the jst definitely brings out how the
01:34:36 daughters Ascend in this action here
01:34:38 right
01:34:40 um yeah
01:34:42 so what what I see here is the older
01:34:47 sister
01:34:49 started sinning so the Jews who
01:34:54 converted after
01:34:56 uh the atonement was performed
01:34:59 they started going back into their old
01:35:02 ways before the Gentiles
01:35:05 started getting it yeah so so we’re
01:35:08 talking about the judaizers here
01:35:10 uh yeah I I don’t know if I’d actually
01:35:13 just it could be just I was thinking
01:35:15 just using general but it could be the
01:35:18 judaizers because the judaizers were
01:35:20 more the ones that were pushing the oral
01:35:22 law
01:35:22 in addition to circumcision which was
01:35:25 done away with at the moment right
01:35:29 um but in general they were pushing the
01:35:31 oral law more due toizers right so I
01:35:34 could definitely see that’s the
01:35:35 jujuizers with that statement
01:35:38 um and I do think the younger one is the
01:35:41 Gentiles still
01:35:43 um
01:35:44 and because
01:35:46 uh and yeah
01:35:49 and this is a maybe more gut feel for me
01:35:52 it’s just when the Gentiles first
01:35:53 started converting they had a real that
01:35:56 Zeal they really did have Zeal they they
01:35:58 liked their knowledge like in Acts 15
01:36:00 they were told to go to synagogue and
01:36:03 keep learning the Torah right but they
01:36:05 had zeal
01:36:07 they just like knowledge and then
01:36:09 because of their lack of knowledge
01:36:11 their older brother
01:36:13 the judaizers the Jews got them to do
01:36:18 some bad things right
01:36:20 well and they’re older brother and their
01:36:23 older brother they converted from
01:36:25 paganess too right right and and some of
01:36:27 them
01:36:29 the pagans were just as terrible an
01:36:32 influence on the Christian churches
01:36:34 judaizers I I agree I agree I I was more
01:36:38 trying to keep it within the Two Sisters
01:36:40 but yes right I agree
01:36:44 um but I agree the pagans had a negative
01:36:46 effect on the Gentiles also but the
01:36:48 pagans had a negative effect on the Jews
01:36:50 also
01:36:51 well yeah just yeah well the entire oral
01:36:55 law was born in Babylon
01:36:57 correct uh well there might have been
01:37:00 some before that but I think the
01:37:02 majority came from Babylon because part
01:37:04 of the reason they got thrown into
01:37:06 Babylon is because they weren’t keeping
01:37:07 the law
01:37:08 that’s true
01:37:12 during that time too which I think they
01:37:14 got some of their oral law while they
01:37:16 were among the Canaanites right right so
01:37:19 I I think it got more solidified in
01:37:22 Babylon but I think they had some of it
01:37:24 before well I think that with with each
01:37:26 reformer more of the oral law came in
01:37:29 too
01:37:30 uh Hezekiah
01:37:33 and uh Josiah both sought to build a
01:37:36 hedge around the law right and I I would
01:37:40 consider them the the Abraham’s I mean
01:37:43 Lot’s wife here the old church but I do
01:37:47 think the older sister
01:37:50 brought in some of those old ways faster
01:37:54 right
01:37:56 um because they’ve already made
01:37:57 justifications for it and so it was
01:38:00 easier for them to bring it back in for
01:38:01 the Gentiles
01:38:03 uh they did it also but I think that
01:38:07 they saw the Jews doing it so then they
01:38:08 started doing it too
01:38:11 but I they they didn’t have the
01:38:14 justification sport so I think it took
01:38:16 them longer to do it if that makes some
01:38:18 sense
01:38:19 um that’s kind of how I interpret
01:38:21 history and some of the things I see in
01:38:25 um the New Testament and just history in
01:38:27 general but that’s a gut feel
01:38:30 that I have for that right
01:38:34 um but anyways and I think it goes along
01:38:36 with how the older sister got the
01:38:38 younger sister
01:38:40 let’s start doing this okay
01:38:42 um
01:38:43 but our father has become old
01:38:46 and no man now this is funny here they
01:38:50 were just in a city and they would have
01:38:52 saw other men here right so
01:38:54 it it I I know there’s without the GST
01:38:57 there’s a tendency to that they’re
01:39:01 saying that there’s there’s no men right
01:39:04 we’re here it’s changed that our fathers
01:39:06 become old
01:39:09 and there’s no men around us not that
01:39:11 there’s no men everywhere and so right
01:39:15 it changes slightly on that right
01:39:18 nobody’s gonna no man’s gonna wanna come
01:39:20 and live in this game
01:39:25 um okay so 38 Zach
01:39:32 therefore come let us make our father
01:39:34 drink wine
01:39:35 and we will lie with him
01:39:37 so we move preserve seed of our father
01:39:40 okay so let’s read 39
01:39:43 um I just want to get a little more
01:39:45 context before I bring out my statement
01:39:47 here okay
01:39:48 and they did work it wickedly
01:39:50 and made their father drink wine that
01:39:52 night
01:39:53 and the first firstborn Within
01:39:56 and lay with her father
01:39:58 and he perceived not
01:40:01 and she lay with down nor when she Rose
01:40:03 man that is some seriously powerful wine
01:40:06 I’m telling you yeah but anyways I think
01:40:09 it’s more what happened here is that the
01:40:13 daughters corrected themselves while
01:40:16 corrupting the teachings of the father
01:40:19 mm-hmm which is what we see in
01:40:23 the Jews and the Gentiles they corrupted
01:40:27 themselves and in doing so they also
01:40:29 corrupted the teachings of the father
01:40:32 yep
01:40:34 yep because for the most part law is a
01:40:37 type of the father and or son God
01:40:40 figure in this chapter right
01:40:44 and the teachings come from the father
01:40:47 and they disrupted the teachings and
01:40:49 themselves because they they committed a
01:40:52 sexual sin
01:40:53 idolatry
01:40:55 which is talked about in the scriptures
01:40:57 as sexual sin with other gods
01:41:00 hmm
01:41:02 interesting yes
01:41:04 and so and that’s that happened
01:41:07 after
01:41:08 Yeshua
01:41:11 performed the law of Moses on Passover
01:41:15 right
01:41:17 yeah
01:41:19 okay so
01:41:21 um exactly read 40.
01:41:27 and it came to pass on the morrow
01:41:29 that the firstborn said until the
01:41:31 younger
01:41:32 yesterday night with my father
01:41:35 let us make make him drink wine this
01:41:38 night also
01:41:40 [Music]
01:41:44 Our Father
01:41:46 so
01:41:48 um
01:41:48 this is just going again after how the
01:41:51 firstborn I think is the Jews
01:41:54 um and then
01:41:55 later the Gentiles and they’re doing oh
01:41:58 my word and I you know what just this
01:42:00 really just seen for the Father which is
01:42:03 you know which is followers they did it
01:42:07 to survive
01:42:09 the pay the uh the the Jews compromised
01:42:15 their faith to survive yes the early
01:42:19 Christian uh Gentiles compromised with
01:42:23 the pagans to survive that’s a good
01:42:27 point yeah
01:42:28 I didn’t think about that but that
01:42:30 really goes on what’s being described
01:42:31 here because they thought they needed to
01:42:33 do it to survive I yeah that that’s a
01:42:35 real good point that you brought out
01:42:36 there Ben thank you
01:42:38 um yeah so I’m gonna read I think it’s
01:42:42 my turn to read I’m gonna do yeah sure
01:42:44 if you want to
01:42:47 and that’s been one I won’t argue with I
01:42:49 mean Matt do you want to for a little
01:42:51 bit
01:42:52 oh sure why not oh okay
01:42:55 foreign
01:43:04 41 you said yeah okay and they made
01:43:08 their father drink wine that night also
01:43:10 in the younger Rose and lay with him
01:43:14 and he achieve not when she lay down or
01:43:16 when she arose
01:43:18 once again
01:43:23 thus we’re both the daughters of lots
01:43:25 the child by their father and the first
01:43:28 child hold on they did have followers
01:43:31 children right that’s what children are
01:43:34 followers yes right okay so 43. and the
01:43:39 firstborn Barrison and called his name
01:43:42 Moab
01:43:44 the father of the moabites the same
01:43:47 which are unto this day so
01:43:51 um read 43 and then we’ll talk about
01:43:53 these two together I mean read 44 sorry
01:43:55 yeah and the younger she also bear a son
01:43:58 and called his name Ben Ami
01:44:01 the the father of the children which of
01:44:04 which are ammonites the same which are
01:44:07 unto this day so both
01:44:11 the Jews and the Gentiles who perverted
01:44:14 the gospel
01:44:16 right the health of these
01:44:19 the moabites and the ammonites fight
01:44:23 against Moses who has the true
01:44:27 the truth and here’s the other right and
01:44:31 here’s another thing here’s ones that
01:44:33 have the perverted they’re fighting
01:44:35 later on with those that have the truth
01:44:38 which is happening today but when you
01:44:40 pervert
01:44:42 the doctrines of God
01:44:44 what you’re left with is doctrines of
01:44:46 the devil
01:44:47 yeah and so they are both with child by
01:44:51 their father who is now the devil
01:44:55 because they have corrupted
01:44:57 his teaching they have corrupted the
01:45:00 teachings of Yahweh and so now their
01:45:02 father is the devil and they both have
01:45:04 and they have children of their father
01:45:07 correct I agree with you and I and I was
01:45:10 trying to bring that out how they’re
01:45:11 both the moabites and the ammonites
01:45:13 fought against Moses
01:45:16 during the accident or after the Exodus
01:45:18 you know why they’re taking over Cana
01:45:21 yeah they fought against them so those
01:45:24 who have the perverted
01:45:26 truth
01:45:27 fight over those who have the pure truth
01:45:32 and that completely goes with even
01:45:34 further in the history but anyways
01:45:36 that’s what I saw
01:45:38 um so I see Genesis 18 and 19 a prophecy
01:45:45 of yeshua’s last hours and things that
01:45:49 happened after
01:45:50 that is pretty darn cool
01:45:53 yeah
01:45:56 um I
01:45:57 I know you talked about how you wanted
01:45:59 to share something also yeah there’s
01:46:01 some things from the inspired version
01:46:02 that I wanted to get into okay so I
01:46:06 think that they’re significant for our
01:46:08 time
01:46:09 the consider so sure and I have it here
01:46:11 with the jst right okay it’s the same
01:46:15 thing I’m just trying to find the exact
01:46:17 chapter
01:46:19 the chapters and the verse numbers are
01:46:22 from the inspired version yeah I think
01:46:25 they’re the same but I guess yeah they
01:46:27 are double check they’ll be the same
01:46:28 mine is just like it doesn’t have any
01:46:31 other Corrections it’s just got sure it
01:46:34 just shows just inspired instead of
01:46:35 showing the
01:46:37 um King James instead of showing the
01:46:39 instead of showing the idiots
01:46:40 yeah right
01:46:41 [Laughter]
01:46:44 so um
01:46:47 I wanna I actually wanted to go into the
01:46:50 blessing of Judah and Joseph in 49. okay
01:46:57 you know um
01:47:00 uh Judah would be
01:47:04 I see Judah at verse eight but yeah
01:47:07 Judah verse 8
01:47:09 . I don’t know if there’s some before
01:47:10 there’s Simon five
01:47:13 that’s Simeon and Levi let’s start with
01:47:15 Judah
01:47:17 um
01:47:20 Judah Thou Art he whom since you’re
01:47:23 gonna do you’re going to bring stuff
01:47:25 just so that you’re not the only one
01:47:26 okay so go ahead and go ahead and read
01:47:29 yeah okay go ahead and read Judah the RT
01:47:33 whom thy Brethren shall praise thy hands
01:47:37 just a minute just a minute first first
01:47:39 one first one because that really sets
01:47:42 everything up okay first one first and
01:47:45 Jacob called his sons and said Gather
01:47:47 yourselves together that I may tell you
01:47:50 which what shall befall you in the last
01:47:53 days
01:47:54 so I I wonder all the timing of this
01:47:57 because I just know
01:47:58 like we’ve talked about with um second
01:48:01 Nephi one through three and
01:48:06 Alma
01:48:08 is it 37 through 42
01:48:13 um that happened to
01:48:15 Passover
01:48:16 time where you know that’s the tradition
01:48:18 of talking to your sons during that time
01:48:21 I wonder if this is the same time I I
01:48:24 don’t know I’m just throwing something
01:48:26 out
01:48:29 um but but but the main point that I’m
01:48:32 trying to bring out is this every
01:48:34 blessing here is about the last days
01:48:39 um it’s not about that this is what
01:48:42 shall we call you in the last days well
01:48:45 I think
01:48:47 part of it would be because Judah it
01:48:51 talks about you know having deceptor
01:48:53 until
01:48:54 um Shiloh comes yeah but that’s it but
01:48:57 that’s excellent deception shall not
01:49:00 ignore a law Giver this is the let’s get
01:49:04 there let’s get there okay all right
01:49:05 I’ll I’ll start at eight okay and just
01:49:07 tell me when to stop yeah Judah Thou Art
01:49:11 he whom thy brother and shall praise thy
01:49:14 hand shall be in the neck of thine
01:49:17 enemies
01:49:18 thy father’s children shall bow bow bow
01:49:21 down before thee okay
01:49:24 who does Jesus Christ come from
01:49:28 Judah
01:49:29 Judah
01:49:33 and his hand is on the neck of his
01:49:35 enemies is on the neck in Jesus Christ’s
01:49:37 sand is on the neck of Satan
01:49:40 that’s right my father’s children shall
01:49:42 bow down before thee
01:49:46 yeah that yeah you’re right yeah okay do
01:49:50 you want to read nine
01:49:54 Judah is lion I mean yeshua’s the lion
01:49:57 right anyways you is a lion’s whelp
01:50:02 which welp
01:50:04 that means uh it’s the uh it’s The
01:50:07 Offspring uh okay
01:50:10 from the prey my son Thou Art gone up he
01:50:14 stood down he couched as a lion and as
01:50:18 an old lion
01:50:20 who shall bruise him up Rouse him up
01:50:24 this is a reference to the law this is a
01:50:26 reference to the laws old and new the
01:50:29 lion is the king
01:50:31 the lion is the king Beast
01:50:33 sure and and who Rouse him up who shall
01:50:38 Rouse him up
01:50:40 uh I I wonder if that’s reference to the
01:50:42 followers who got the Messiah to to
01:50:47 the reason why he did it in the first
01:50:48 place right is for those who would fully
01:50:51 accept him and be sanctified
01:50:54 this okay so verse 10 uh deceptor shall
01:50:57 not depart from Judah nor or a law Giver
01:51:02 law Giver yeah that’s that’s definitely
01:51:06 yeah sure from between his feet
01:51:10 until Shiloh come and Shiloh is not
01:51:14 Yeshua in his first time
01:51:19 Shiloh
01:51:21 Shiloh is Yeshua in his second kind
01:51:25 so he did not bring he didn’t bring
01:51:28 peace in his first coming he said I came
01:51:30 not to bring peace to the sword
01:51:32 he brings peace and the second time okay
01:51:35 so can I Sidetrack us a little bit yeah
01:51:37 sure
01:51:39 um I just I want to go bye Bob
01:51:45 so it was Genesis 49.
01:51:53 um
01:51:54 well first was that sorry
01:51:59 I think it’s verse 10 12 10.
01:52:09 let’s try it all
01:52:15 he who’s it is a Messianic title
01:52:19 so I
01:52:24 and so so the reason I I say this is
01:52:27 first coming so just to talk this out
01:52:30 some is Judah was able to be
01:52:35 um a lawgiver and fully
01:52:38 execute the law
01:52:41 up until the time the Messiah was born
01:52:43 in fact right so I understand
01:52:48 um
01:52:49 but the point is and the talmud and
01:52:52 their writings have issues okay I
01:52:54 understand that but I do tend to believe
01:52:56 this one in their writings about the
01:52:59 time when Yeshua was born they laminate
01:53:03 that they couldn’t do that anymore
01:53:08 um
01:53:09 and that’s when he came
01:53:11 yeah
01:53:12 why but he is but my my point is is he
01:53:17 is and since he is the law giver and he
01:53:19 does come through the loins of Judah
01:53:22 is the law Giver even now I agree with
01:53:25 that but
01:53:26 um so more what I’m getting at
01:53:30 um the scepter did leave Judah
01:53:34 when Shiloh well
01:53:36 that yeah the tribe not
01:53:41 not right it left the tribe when the
01:53:44 messiah’s first coming happened
01:53:47 okay
01:53:48 but on to him onto the on to himself the
01:53:52 Gathering unto him shall the Gathering
01:53:54 of the people be the Jews were the
01:53:57 holders of Torah
01:54:00 Judah is the holder of Torah unto him
01:54:04 shall the Gathering of the people be so
01:54:06 here’s a question though
01:54:08 is it referring
01:54:11 this and unto him referring to Judah or
01:54:14 Shiloh
01:54:16 now that’s an interesting thought
01:54:19 um this is where I think achaism would
01:54:22 be helpful here my yeah you’re probably
01:54:24 right my first inclination would be
01:54:26 Shiloh
01:54:34 this is I’m just going to give some
01:54:37 thoughts here okay okay in the second
01:54:39 coming I think Joseph is going to have a
01:54:42 bigger
01:54:43 hand in the second coming I do think
01:54:45 well let’s let’s it’s going to have a
01:54:48 part in that
01:54:50 but I okay but let’s just keep reading
01:54:54 okay because judah’s blessing is not
01:54:57 over okay okay I’m sorry I was just
01:55:00 talking about the one that we’re on but
01:55:01 yeah well yeah I agree I agree but but
01:55:05 but the rest of it actually informs what
01:55:07 we have here okay all right all right
01:55:09 let’s do that finding his binding his
01:55:13 full onto the vine who is the true vine
01:55:16 Yeshua
01:55:18 and his asses cult onto the choice Vine
01:55:22 he washed his garments in wine
01:55:26 and his clothes in the blood of grapes
01:55:30 his eyes shall be
01:55:32 so this is where I would say it’s
01:55:34 pointing to shadow
01:55:36 yeah but comes from the Trident Judah
01:55:40 yeah but the point the the
01:55:42 his eyes shall be read with wine in his
01:55:44 teeth white with milk
01:55:46 so I think you’re right that might be
01:55:48 talking about Shiloh I think you’re I
01:55:50 think you’re right is teeth white with
01:55:52 milk uh and so this is the promise that
01:55:56 Shiloh comes through the line of Judah
01:55:58 in fact some people will when they do
01:56:00 pictures of the Messiah we’ll make his
01:56:02 eyes red and this is relatively where it
01:56:05 comes from and
01:56:07 um his teeth white with milk but the
01:56:09 whole idea of the eyes red with guys red
01:56:11 with wine is the the wine is the
01:56:15 atonement correct is a symbol for the
01:56:18 atonement and the the white with milk is
01:56:21 he’s he gives the law right and it comes
01:56:24 from the teeth and um
01:56:28 Gnostic movies and I point this out in
01:56:30 my Charlie Chocolate Factory and uh the
01:56:33 Grinch make a big deal that the Messiahs
01:56:36 or who’s representing the Messiah
01:56:40 his teeth are white and perfect
01:56:44 yeah
01:56:45 this to me that’s not the tribe of Judah
01:56:49 that is the Messiah yeah but yeah so but
01:56:53 the point is
01:56:55 that the law is the the law is the
01:56:58 instrument of the Gathering and the what
01:57:00 I saw here as I was reading today is the
01:57:01 law is the instrument of the Gathering
01:57:04 through Jesus I I agree with that yeah
01:57:06 to go along that’s
01:57:09 I I bring that out or we we talked about
01:57:12 that with Jacob five and the mighty
01:57:15 strong one he’s going to be teaching
01:57:16 things as from the beginning which is
01:57:19 Torah right
01:57:22 um yeah so that yeah I I thought that
01:57:24 was something significant now let’s go
01:57:26 to Joseph
01:57:28 um
01:57:28 okay so yeah
01:57:33 Dan
01:57:34 the next page
01:57:37 Joseph okay 22.
01:57:39 Joseph is a fruitful bow even a fruitful
01:57:42 Bow by a well whose branches run over
01:57:44 the wall there we have a big deal
01:57:47 um even to me
01:57:49 um that
01:57:50 um relates to
01:57:53 the new world
01:57:56 yes we’ll even see this in the occultic
01:58:00 James and the Giant Peach now when they
01:58:04 show it there
01:58:05 um the guy that’s representing Satan
01:58:07 you’re not looking over a wall
01:58:10 they’re looking through the wall that is
01:58:12 pointing to this
01:58:13 and they’re pointing and they’re looking
01:58:15 to America which is the new world which
01:58:18 is yeah the Book of Mormon who are
01:58:21 descendants of Joseph
01:58:26 indeed indeed on top of that so I’ll
01:58:30 just say a little more since we’re doing
01:58:32 this
01:58:34 Vanessa has two lands separated by a
01:58:39 water in Israel yes pointing to the old
01:58:43 world and the new world
01:58:45 and I I don’t want to get too much into
01:58:48 this but
01:58:49 the one that’s on the West Side that’s
01:58:53 Jacob’s Well
01:58:55 yeah where they get the water
01:58:58 that’s never makes it so you never
01:59:01 thirst again
01:59:04 if you’re pointing to the Book of Mormon
01:59:07 yep because it’s coming deep from
01:59:09 underneath but anyways I don’t want to
01:59:11 get too much there um but that’s pretty
01:59:13 good that that’s some pretty good stuff
01:59:16 The Archers The Archers have sorely
01:59:19 grieved and shot at him
01:59:22 but his bow
01:59:24 yeah well I mean and that’s and that’s
01:59:27 actually been that’s proven to be but
01:59:30 that’s also proven uh that’s also proven
01:59:33 out to be prophecy through reality
01:59:37 correct I agree with that sure there are
01:59:41 no there’s there there are very few
01:59:44 people in the in this in America that
01:59:47 are more hated than the natives
01:59:50 yeah
01:59:52 um the Native Americans are their
01:59:55 destruction
01:59:57 and so I don’t know the numbers but I’ve
01:59:59 come across the destruction that
02:00:01 happened to the Native Americans were
02:00:03 worse than what Hitler did to the Jews
02:00:06 yep and yeah hardly anybody and yet we
02:00:10 yeah we and we want to talk to the world
02:00:12 about human about human freaking rights
02:00:15 right when um
02:00:17 the Gentiles were worse to the Indians
02:00:20 than
02:00:21 anything else that I know well don’t get
02:00:24 me started on that but anyways
02:00:26 um
02:00:27 I get that pisses that pisses me the U.S
02:00:30 government was so bad at it
02:00:33 they killed
02:00:35 a million I don’t know the number but
02:00:37 they killed
02:00:39 tons of Buffalo
02:00:42 um herds just to make the Indians
02:00:45 dependent upon them and to get them to
02:00:47 sell their land and all these other
02:00:49 horrible things and
02:00:52 the caucuses just wasted there and
02:00:55 anyways it’s horrible the things that
02:00:57 the US government did did the
02:01:00 American Indians which I believe were
02:01:03 lehights
02:01:04 which were primarily Vanessa
02:01:08 which are of Joseph right which is what
02:01:11 we’re talking about and of course and of
02:01:13 course there’s also Ephraim 2 because
02:01:16 yes
02:01:17 um yeah but I and uh and also after
02:01:20 we’re done here I want to go back and
02:01:22 look at the blessings of Ephraim in
02:01:23 Manasseh okay and 47 and I think it’s in
02:01:26 48. yeah and it but is bow Abode and
02:01:30 strength in the arms but anyway sorry no
02:01:33 the blessings of Ephraim in manassar
02:01:35 before this uh okay
02:01:37 but his bow Abode and strength in the
02:01:39 arms of his hands were made Strong by
02:01:41 the hands of the Mighty God of Jacob
02:01:43 from thence from thence is the shepherd
02:01:45 the stone of Israel also look
02:01:49 and his bow abiding strength Bowen
02:01:52 arrows the symbolic of Torah and that’s
02:01:55 the word Joseph got his strength
02:01:58 and the arms of his hands were made
02:02:00 Strong by the hands of the Mighty God of
02:02:02 Jacob because he kept Torah that’s where
02:02:05 our strength comes from it’s keeping the
02:02:07 law right but here’s the real kicker
02:02:10 right there from sense is the shepherd
02:02:15 from Joseph is the end times Shepherd
02:02:19 uh mighty and strong one the stone of
02:02:22 Israel
02:02:24 even by the god of thy father who shall
02:02:26 help thee and by the almighty who shall
02:02:28 bless thee with blessings of Heaven
02:02:30 above blessings of the deep that lieth
02:02:32 under blessings of the breast and of the
02:02:34 womb blessings of thy father have
02:02:36 prevailed above the blessings of my
02:02:38 virginity I just want to say on 24 and
02:02:40 how this is
02:02:42 um
02:02:42 the the shepherd and which I would say
02:02:46 is the mining strong one the stone of
02:02:49 Israel you don’t even need the jst to
02:02:51 get that you get this from right here
02:02:53 right
02:02:54 this is King James only right here yes
02:02:57 you may not know how to read into this
02:03:00 without some of the more modern
02:03:03 Revelations but
02:03:06 once you know it you can see it right
02:03:08 there
02:03:09 yep even even by the god of thy father
02:03:12 who shall help thee and by the almighty
02:03:14 who shall bless thee with blessings of
02:03:16 Heaven above blessings of the deep that
02:03:17 lie under blessings of the breasts and
02:03:20 of the womb so I want to add a little
02:03:22 more to 24.
02:03:24 um yeah so the dreams of Joseph
02:03:27 right
02:03:28 um
02:03:29 they will bow down to him
02:03:32 or
02:03:34 and or his seed right and what they’ll
02:03:37 do
02:03:40 the other tribes
02:03:42 yep they’ll be very grateful for what
02:03:45 happens
02:03:46 through the lines of Joseph
02:03:48 exactly
02:03:50 and it will be in the uh and the and the
02:03:54 people and the and those of Ephraim will
02:03:57 be the ones who are the nursing who are
02:03:59 the kings and queens who are their
02:04:01 nursing fathers and their nursing
02:04:03 mothers or they’re providing fathers and
02:04:06 nursing mothers kind of thing
02:04:08 their fathers and mothers right yeah
02:04:11 um that makes sense okay sorry I didn’t
02:04:14 mean to interrupt you I think your
02:04:15 blessings of thy father have prevailed
02:04:17 above the blessings of my progenitors
02:04:19 under the utmost bound of the
02:04:20 Everlasting Hills they shall be up on
02:04:23 the head of Joseph and on the crown of
02:04:25 him that was separate from his brother
02:04:28 so Everlasting Hills I would read that
02:04:30 as Everlasting Torah
02:04:32 yep
02:04:34 um
02:04:36 the crowns you know that would go along
02:04:38 with um you know the kings and queens
02:04:41 right yep the head
02:04:44 as in leader
02:04:46 as in they’re the ones
02:04:49 um Ephraim
02:04:50 specifically
02:04:51 um a big deal about the
02:04:54 restoration uh just before the second
02:04:56 coming
02:04:59 um
02:05:00 and was separated from his brothers
02:05:03 yep
02:05:05 which I mean he’s talking about
02:05:07 there’s the historical portion here on
02:05:11 that but there’s also the future
02:05:14 prophecy portion of this which Jews all
02:05:17 of that use the history to bring out
02:05:19 prophecy and the whole point is given in
02:05:24 verse one all of this is Prophecies of
02:05:28 the last days
02:05:33 so Judah does play a big role in the
02:05:37 last days yes
02:05:39 um
02:05:39 uh I think that the two that play the
02:05:43 big roles are Ephraim and Judah
02:05:47 yeah um where I used to think by NASA
02:05:50 but now I think it’s manasa it stated
02:05:54 that manasa will be a great people but
02:05:56 I’ll tell you in the whole
02:05:59 and the whole thing of Jenna and the
02:06:02 whole thing in Genesis there is not I
02:06:04 don’t know of a single character who has
02:06:06 a who has a bigger developmental curve
02:06:08 than Judah
02:06:11 wow Joseph uh had his problems and so
02:06:15 does his but but yeah but he the
02:06:19 Joseph did at least have the desire to
02:06:21 be obedient
02:06:23 yeah but his speed so I I mean okay so
02:06:28 House of Israel and house of Judah who
02:06:31 got divorced
02:06:32 first that’s true so I Joseph has a
02:06:36 problem Joseph actually got divorced
02:06:38 first
02:06:39 so I I’m not saying that Judah has its
02:06:42 problems in his house right but I’m also
02:06:45 saying Joseph had his problems so you’ve
02:06:48 got a point
02:06:50 we’re
02:06:54 we both have had our because I’m Joseph
02:06:56 you’re Judah
02:07:03 so let’s go back to 48 and look at the
02:07:06 because that these blessings are just so
02:07:10 amazing and we especially when you
02:07:11 consider that first one
02:07:14 this is about the last days
02:07:16 sure
02:07:18 um okay
02:07:20 48 actually yeah there’s this whole
02:07:24 section here is amazing I know there’s a
02:07:27 bit added in 50
02:07:29 um but anyways I I don’t know 48 off
02:07:31 time I had so where do you want to go
02:07:33 that we’ll start uh
02:07:37 verse 5 and now of thy Tucson okay you
02:07:41 actually you want to read that sure and
02:07:43 now of thy two sons Ephraim and manessa
02:07:46 which were born unto thee in the land of
02:07:49 Egypt before I came unto thee in Egypt
02:07:53 behold they are mine and the Elohim of
02:07:57 my father shall bless them even as
02:08:00 Reuben and Simeon they shall be blessed
02:08:03 for they are mine this is where
02:08:06 um
02:08:07 Jacob is adopting them
02:08:11 um and I actually as I was looking at
02:08:13 this the Lord something was impressed in
02:08:17 my mind
02:08:18 a wild Branch grafted in
02:08:24 that’s I I can I can see that
02:08:28 because they they had their wild times
02:08:30 right
02:08:31 yeah
02:08:32 um
02:08:34 and uh and the fact doesn’t matter I’ll
02:08:36 have to think about that but I
02:08:38 definitely see that as a good
02:08:39 possibility
02:08:41 um because the way I I’ve I think
02:08:46 in general people
02:08:49 um see as Ephraim of NASA
02:08:53 um
02:08:54 replacing
02:08:56 uh two other tribes
02:08:58 yeah and I think it’s actually Reuben
02:09:00 and Simeon that a lot of times that
02:09:03 they’re seen as replacing well you’d
02:09:05 read Reuben’s blessing it’s not much of
02:09:07 a blessing
02:09:10 anyways let’s not sidetracked there yeah
02:09:14 um
02:09:15 all right
02:09:16 and anyways We’re not gonna go there but
02:09:19 yeah
02:09:20 but I I do say how you’re seeing how
02:09:22 they could be
02:09:24 their mother would their mother was a
02:09:27 pagan their mother was a pagan she’s a
02:09:29 daughter of a priest so on
02:09:33 possibly
02:09:34 um I I’ve seen some genealogy that makes
02:09:36 me think that she was actually of the
02:09:39 same line of Abraham actually
02:09:41 okay
02:09:42 so but at the same time she was in Egypt
02:09:46 so she probably had Pagan ways yeah she
02:09:50 was a daughter of a priest of one of
02:09:52 Egypt’s gods
02:09:54 um
02:09:56 that could be I I’d have to go look up
02:09:59 it again but I’ve seen some genealogies
02:10:01 that she actually may have come she was
02:10:04 the daughter and she was the daughter of
02:10:06 potifera the priest of on
02:10:09 that’s according to the Bible
02:10:12 we’d have to go look I think that line
02:10:15 can actually go back to the same line of
02:10:16 Abraham right but yeah but that doesn’t
02:10:18 mean that that doesn’t mean they can’t
02:10:20 be paid
02:10:21 well
02:10:22 um it’s just like when you um like I
02:10:24 just said she could have had the taken
02:10:27 ways there’s no yeah yeah
02:10:29 but the blood the bloodline’s the same
02:10:32 the bloodline might be the same but the
02:10:33 waves are still Pagan which would make
02:10:35 the mobile Branch
02:10:37 right I would agree with that
02:10:40 um so but that is an interesting thought
02:10:44 um so anyways
02:10:46 yeah oh yeah and definitely and
02:10:48 definitely also interesting is the idea
02:10:50 of the genealogy that they actually are
02:10:52 connected family what the family and
02:10:54 blood was that’s also very no just um on
02:10:57 that thought
02:11:00 that could be one of the the early ones
02:11:02 because we talked through Jacob five
02:11:04 some not a whole bunch right because
02:11:08 but that could have been one of the
02:11:10 early ones possibly right yeah exactly
02:11:13 maybe anyways let’s go back it could it
02:11:16 could be it could it could and the issue
02:11:19 okay yeah
02:11:23 six uh let’s see you and they shall be
02:11:26 therefore did we therefore they are
02:11:28 called it yeah
02:11:31 and I issue which still
02:11:34 the goodest after them shall be thine
02:11:37 and shall be called after the name of
02:11:41 their brethren in their inheritance in
02:11:43 the tribes therefore they were called
02:11:47 the tribes of Vanessa and Ethan
02:11:51 you already gone
02:11:53 yep
02:11:54 because that’s pretty that’s pretty
02:11:56 self-explanatory there yeah I I I don’t
02:11:59 see anything I don’t think it needs I
02:12:01 don’t think it needs a whole lot of
02:12:02 embellishment
02:12:04 uh and Jacob said unto Joseph when
02:12:07 Elohim of my fathers appeared unto me
02:12:10 and lose in the land of Canaan he swore
02:12:15 unto me that he would give unto me and
02:12:17 unto my seed to land for Everlasting
02:12:21 possession
02:12:24 so this has a physical temporal as the
02:12:28 actual land and spiritual as in heaven
02:12:30 right but anyway absolutely
02:12:33 eight
02:12:34 therefore my son he hath blessed me in
02:12:38 raising me up
02:12:39 to be a servant unto me in saving my
02:12:42 household from Death so this is where
02:12:44 he’s and here we here we have that whole
02:12:46 thing of Messiah
02:12:49 the the Joseph okay yeah which I have
02:12:53 been Joseph yeah
02:12:56 uh do you want me to read nine yep
02:12:59 in delivering my people thy Brethren
02:13:03 from famine which was sore in the land
02:13:06 which actually happened right because
02:13:09 there was the 400 years without
02:13:12 a
02:13:13 a full-fledged Prophet right
02:13:16 or I do think
02:13:18 the teacher of righteousness helped with
02:13:21 that but I
02:13:22 would not say he was both alleged
02:13:25 prophet and
02:13:27 although John was a prophet he didn’t
02:13:29 really
02:13:31 prophesy per se right well he didn’t he
02:13:34 didn’t talk about future events he he
02:13:37 just said repentant right way and he was
02:13:40 prepared because because the future
02:13:41 event he was he was right before the
02:13:45 future event there was no time for
02:13:47 anything but repentance sure sure but
02:13:50 I’m just kind of kind of bringing out a
02:13:52 little bit Yeah point but
02:13:55 um yeah oh I agree I can I can see where
02:13:57 you’re coming from
02:13:58 uh raising up in the servant under my
02:14:01 house from the dead I think I read that
02:14:03 and delivering the people from famine oh
02:14:05 I was bringing out the famine yeah
02:14:07 wherefore Elohim thy father shall bless
02:14:10 thee and the fruit of thy loins
02:14:12 um I mean that obviously happened
02:14:15 that they shall be blessed above thy
02:14:18 brother so the rest of the tribes right
02:14:20 yep above thy father’s house so this is
02:14:25 just kind of bringing out how
02:14:27 Joseph and his two sons
02:14:30 manasa and Ephraim have a
02:14:34 or a big deal right
02:14:36 I don’t know if you want to add
02:14:38 something else to that no that’s that’s
02:14:40 that’s basically what he’s saying I
02:14:43 think that the verse as explained in
02:14:46 these verses are explaining themselves
02:14:47 pretty well right and some of this goes
02:14:50 along with some of the uh dreams that
02:14:52 Joseph had previously that Jacob
02:14:55 actually chewed him out for right
02:14:56 because I think Jacob didn’t understand
02:14:58 it at the time
02:15:00 yep
02:15:03 um which I
02:15:05 sadly I’ve done that I did that to you
02:15:08 once sorry about that
02:15:10 um do you remember what I’m referring to
02:15:12 but oh I you know I get chewed out so
02:15:16 often I
02:15:17 a lot of times I just kind of forget
02:15:19 about it I
02:15:22 [Music]
02:15:24 I I have a tendency to see to uh I have
02:15:27 a tendency to
02:15:30 speak
02:15:32 too quickly sometimes I think uh I do
02:15:35 too sometimes so we both have that but
02:15:38 anyways
02:15:39 um
02:15:39 uh I think I just I just read nine right
02:15:42 so
02:15:44 for thou has prevailed and thy father’s
02:15:47 Health have bowed down on today ah look
02:15:50 there’s a
02:15:51 um your prophecy uh which will happen
02:15:54 again right anyway we’ll keep reading
02:15:57 it’s he’s let me bring it in even as it
02:16:00 was shown unto thee before that was sold
02:16:04 in Egypt by the hands of Liberty oh so
02:16:06 it’s referring back to the dream
02:16:08 wherefore thy brother shall bow down
02:16:10 unto thee from generation to generation
02:16:13 unto the fruit of thy loins forever
02:16:17 which because of what’s going to happen
02:16:20 which
02:16:24 Joseph’s loins Ephraim will be the head
02:16:27 of it yeah
02:16:29 um to the point
02:16:31 that they’ll be
02:16:33 talking about the the greater second
02:16:36 Exodus more than the first
02:16:38 yes
02:16:40 um so that completely goes along with
02:16:43 that right yep
02:16:46 for Thou shalt be a light unto my people
02:16:48 to deliver them in the days of their
02:16:50 captivity which is coming
02:16:54 from bondage
02:16:57 to bring Salvation unto them when they
02:17:00 are all together bowed down under sin uh
02:17:05 like on the days of Noah
02:17:07 right yep
02:17:08 uh and Book of Mormon
02:17:10 I think
02:17:12 35 mid 20s brings out
02:17:16 this Mighty and strong one
02:17:19 will
02:17:20 so let me preface this a little bit with
02:17:23 when Moses was at the water and he
02:17:27 separated it and so deep Waters
02:17:30 represents chaos as in the world and he
02:17:35 separated that chaos and took the
02:17:39 Believers
02:17:40 through it
02:17:42 but just before he said that behold the
02:17:47 salvation of
02:17:50 Elohim I don’t remember he said daughter
02:17:52 yelling but anyways the salvation of the
02:17:54 Lord he said okay so he said Yahweh
02:17:57 um but
02:18:00 um
02:18:01 it’s also stated that people will talk
02:18:04 about that event
02:18:05 now
02:18:07 when it’s talked about in 35
02:18:11 mid-20s I think off top my head
02:18:14 um when the mining is strong one does it
02:18:16 the whole world will see it now just
02:18:20 talk about it you’ll see it
02:18:24 um
02:18:25 that’s grounder bigger
02:18:28 right there I mean even those who are in
02:18:32 the Hebrew Roots type of movements and
02:18:35 believe in the second slash greater
02:18:37 Exodus
02:18:39 they they know it’s going to be bigger
02:18:41 than the first and they don’t have the
02:18:43 modern Revelation to kind of help out
02:18:45 with some of these points and so that
02:18:48 they they know it themselves
02:18:50 which you know Revelation kind of talks
02:18:52 about it
02:18:54 um which is also referring to the first
02:18:58 Exodus but anyways yeah it also Jose the
02:19:01 Hosea talks about it
02:19:03 um
02:19:04 people being brought in from the East
02:19:06 and the North and then
02:19:08 West and from all directions
02:19:12 but anyways
02:19:17 bring them from their bondage just like
02:19:18 happened in the first one to bring
02:19:20 Salvation unto them which happened in
02:19:21 the first Exodus when they are all
02:19:24 together bowed down under sin just like
02:19:27 now they’re not bound now they’re not
02:19:29 necessarily about bowed down under uh
02:19:33 the whip now they’re bowed down under
02:19:39 um but just all parallels what has
02:19:42 already happened and this prophecy about
02:19:45 the greater one shows that it’s there
02:19:46 are a lot of parallels
02:19:48 yeah of the second to the first
02:19:51 yeah and I just I just thought that it’s
02:19:55 amazing to look at especially when you
02:19:58 to look at the ins when you look at the
02:20:00 inspired version and you see
02:20:03 that these prophecies have been here
02:20:07 almost since the beginning well since
02:20:11 the beginning of the Covenant there’s
02:20:13 prophecies this time has been spoken of
02:20:16 since the beginning of the Covenant so I
02:20:19 I think this is scriptural I’m not sure
02:20:21 where it is but
02:20:23 um
02:20:25 there’s talk about Adam
02:20:29 prophesying about everything that’s
02:20:31 going to transpose among his children
02:20:33 before he died I think that’s that is
02:20:36 scriptural okay that’s good I don’t
02:20:38 remember where it’s at though he
02:20:40 prophesied concerning all his
02:20:42 Generations that may be in the doctorate
02:20:44 Covenants okay anyways
02:20:47 um and but so I think
02:20:52 that was written down and I think I
02:20:55 wonder if Moses or those who wrote Torah
02:21:00 at least Torah which Moses definitely
02:21:02 helped with if not all of it had access
02:21:05 to that
02:21:06 and that probably got lost through time
02:21:09 and that’s why
02:21:11 I think it was easier for them to
02:21:13 correlate the histories to that because
02:21:16 they had access to what Adam
02:21:19 okay
02:21:23 here’s an interesting thing if you go in
02:21:26 the inspired version uh or in your
02:21:29 Joseph Smith translation Moses chapter
02:21:31 one right at the very end in the
02:21:34 inspired version it’s like the forward
02:21:36 they call it the forward uh
02:21:49 [Music]
02:21:53 go down to the bottom
02:21:56 okay keep going
02:21:58 yeah
02:22:00 uh
02:22:02 okay go go back up one
02:22:06 okay I’m looking for something specific
02:22:10 um
02:22:18 oh
02:22:30 okay
02:22:33 and now my notice myself
02:22:36 concern is
02:22:38 [Music]
02:22:39 so I’ll pause just for a little bit okay
02:22:42 so yeah
02:22:45 Genesis we’re good
02:22:47 Genesis 1 chapter 1 verse one and it
02:22:51 came to pass that the Lord spake unto
02:22:53 Moses saying behold I reveal unto you
02:22:56 concerning this heaven and this Earth
02:22:58 write The Words which I shall speak
02:23:01 Genesis was a revelation ah
02:23:06 that’s cool I didn’t know that part
02:23:12 I am the beginning and the end the
02:23:13 almighty God by mine only begotten I
02:23:16 created these things
02:23:20 that’s cool
02:23:22 uh Revelation so
02:23:25 um which would
02:23:27 account or all the prophecy that I see
02:23:32 in it anyways because I see it yeah
02:23:34 this is all a revelation of prophecy
02:23:38 through Moses
02:23:40 so um my thought about them having
02:23:42 Adam’s
02:23:45 um Prophecies of what’s coming is
02:23:47 maybe they did or maybe they didn’t
02:23:49 right because Genesis is a prophecy for
02:23:52 or a better state is it the same way
02:23:56 right
02:23:57 yes
02:23:59 um so they wouldn’t need it if this is
02:24:01 the best sale right
02:24:03 yep it’s just in general people think is
02:24:07 Moses is the historian because of
02:24:09 Genesis but here these two opening
02:24:13 verses which were done by revelation
02:24:17 um tells us otherwise right
02:24:21 thank you isn’t that is it that is to me
02:24:25 that is that was one of the coolest
02:24:27 realizations that I had
02:24:29 concerning the Book of Genesis as I
02:24:32 started reading
02:24:34 as I started reading the inspired
02:24:36 version no sure sure
02:24:38 um you know Moses the book of Moses is a
02:24:42 whole lot more powerful when it’s
02:24:43 actually tied to the rest of them I’m
02:24:46 sure that makes sense
02:24:48 um because I think Moses book of Moses
02:24:51 is actually part of Genesis right which
02:24:53 yeah it’s the first chapter of the the
02:24:56 first chapter of the book of Moses is
02:24:59 this right here that’s called a
02:25:00 revelation given to Joseph this year
02:25:02 yeah okay
02:25:04 and then the first book of Moses starts
02:25:07 with chapter two uh okay ah that makes
02:25:09 sense
02:25:10 okay
02:25:13 um
02:25:14 well you just taught me something that’s
02:25:16 cool thank you
02:25:18 hey
02:25:19 no that’s cool
02:25:21 um but that would give
02:25:23 the best explanation of course actually
02:25:25 a scripture of why I see so much
02:25:28 prophecy rather than
02:25:30 it’s
02:25:31 being put into it because they knew what
02:25:33 Adam had or gave right it’s actually the
02:25:37 same Galway
02:25:39 Moses and what it really shows is that
02:25:42 Moses truly was just like Joseph Smith a
02:25:46 restorationist oh yeah I called Moses a
02:25:50 restorationist and I called Yeshua
02:25:52 restorationists yeah
02:25:55 or all three I’m pretty sure that I’m
02:25:58 pretty sure that Yeshua was pretty sure
02:26:00 it was role in that but on that level
02:26:02 yeah anyways
02:26:05 the best
02:26:07 I’m pretty yeah I’m pretty sure that
02:26:10 this one was pretty clear on his role
02:26:11 there
02:26:13 yes yes it was a restorationist
02:26:17 um
02:26:19 but I think John was to a point and so
02:26:23 was
02:26:24 the teacher of righteousness also but
02:26:26 because they’re all taking us back to
02:26:28 what God originally gave us right but
02:26:30 the main but the main problem that I
02:26:32 have with the teachings of the essenes
02:26:34 is number one
02:26:36 they violate God’s calendar
02:26:39 so here’s a question though
02:26:41 did that happen with the teacher of
02:26:43 righteousness or later
02:26:45 now that is a good question
02:26:47 um
02:26:48 I I would I I don’t no I speculate some
02:26:53 of their problems happened later but I
02:26:56 don’t know well it’s as they were trying
02:26:58 to differentiate themselves from the
02:27:00 Jews from the mainstream Jews right and
02:27:03 I think some of it though like I some I
02:27:05 think I pointed out uh yesterday
02:27:09 um some of these
02:27:11 groups have a tendency to get reclusive
02:27:14 when they shouldn’t and which I think
02:27:16 happened with the it scenes definitely
02:27:19 got reclusive and just like the
02:27:21 restoration they got reclusive also and
02:27:23 so do Hebrew rooters they get reclusive
02:27:25 awesome right yeah well it just doesn’t
02:27:29 make any sense you have the truth
02:27:32 uh
02:27:34 well I think that’s where some of the
02:27:36 maybe Pride craps and creeps in
02:27:39 and yes and that’s what causes it but
02:27:41 anyways I am a privilege we are a
02:27:44 privileged people yada yada yada blah
02:27:46 blah blah yeah and so I I can see how
02:27:51 happens yes yes
02:27:57 it’s a pattern I see
02:27:59 with these types of groups and I think
02:28:02 it’s
02:28:03 because some of the leaders get a little
02:28:06 proudful
02:28:07 about it so the teacher of righteousness
02:28:11 was he right at the beginning of the
02:28:13 essene movement
02:28:15 I didn’t think so but I’m not an expert
02:28:17 in that area
02:28:19 um I don’t know I tend to think so it’s
02:28:22 just things I’ve come across that kind
02:28:24 of make it sound like the teacher of
02:28:26 righteousness started that group
02:28:29 um
02:28:30 but
02:28:31 um
02:28:32 just like the restoration
02:28:34 it got perverted
02:28:36 I think the same thing happened with the
02:28:38 teacher of righteousness teachings also
02:28:41 um but
02:28:43 that’s a theory I have because I mean I
02:28:45 was there
02:28:46 right right it’s it’s hard to say it’s
02:28:50 hard to say when you’re looking back at
02:28:52 history who corrupted what right and I
02:28:55 and I’m not passionate enough to figure
02:28:57 this one out to go study the Dead Sea
02:29:00 Scrolls to do that but I I mean I do
02:29:04 have I do have them I do have though I
02:29:07 do have a copy uh compilation of Dead
02:29:09 Sea of the Dead Sea Scrolls at me at my
02:29:13 own house so uh okay well
02:29:16 um it’d be interesting to go through but
02:29:18 it’s not well what I found what I found
02:29:23 as I was going through was that there
02:29:25 was a lot of things and I was just like
02:29:27 yeah this is contradictory there’s a lot
02:29:30 of there’s a lot of things in there that
02:29:32 are that
02:29:35 yeah they they have their own um Aura
02:29:38 law that you’ve got that they wrote down
02:29:42 um
02:29:43 you know at times they they knew they
02:29:46 actually stated this is our thoughts on
02:29:48 it and this isn’t scripture so I I think
02:29:51 they were more honest about it than the
02:29:54 Sadducees and Pharisees
02:29:56 right
02:29:58 but but
02:29:59 they would but at the same time they
02:30:02 would throw people out for not obeying
02:30:04 or a law I agree but
02:30:08 um they didn’t claim it was actual law
02:30:11 they just so they had their problems
02:30:14 right yeah well I mean they’re human
02:30:16 they’re human right but as things I’ve
02:30:19 studied about the restoration
02:30:21 it kind of follows the same patterns
02:30:24 right because I I do believe it got
02:30:26 perverted what I mean what’s the worst
02:30:28 what’s the worst thing you can do right
02:30:30 now as a Mormon
02:30:32 uh uh well it depends on which branch
02:30:36 but like in the branch I grew up is to
02:30:38 say Brigham Young was corrupt and evil
02:30:41 well no it’s actually at this point in
02:30:45 the LDS church it’s to say that uh
02:30:48 Russell and Nelson is not inspired well
02:30:51 me saying Brigham Young wasn’t actually
02:30:53 says that Nelson isn’t though because
02:30:55 Nelson gets his yeah that was his
02:30:58 authority through Brigham Young well
02:30:59 there’s I mean there’s a lot of people
02:31:01 in the in our current LDS church who
02:31:04 will agree that Brigham Young was not
02:31:05 inspired but that but if you say
02:31:07 anything against Nelson they’re going to
02:31:10 report you to your leaders
02:31:11 how to me that doesn’t make sense
02:31:14 because
02:31:17 uh Nelson
02:31:20 claims his authority back down to
02:31:21 Brigham Young
02:31:22 but like but like it
02:31:25 it’s a tradition of men does it have to
02:31:27 make sense oh that’s true very good
02:31:30 point though
02:31:33 I would see some of it as their I have a
02:31:36 hard time saying this but they’re
02:31:37 they’re calling it ah they’re dissonance
02:31:40 dissonance where they’re trying to
02:31:43 cognitive dissonance yeah I think
02:31:45 they’re just trying to say well yeah
02:31:47 there were some problems in the past but
02:31:49 right now is okay and so they’re not
02:31:51 really completely looking at it would be
02:31:53 my thoughts on that because they don’t
02:31:55 want to
02:31:57 I told gymnastics yeah mental gymnastics
02:32:00 and I I think that’s a really bad term
02:32:03 I think that’s a really bad term the
02:32:06 baby with the bath water were but so
02:32:08 they’re applying Nelson to the baby
02:32:11 right instead of right but my other Book
02:32:14 of Mormon Joseph Smith and Yeshua as the
02:32:17 baby right but yeah I don’t think metal
02:32:19 gymnastics is the right word for it
02:32:21 because that metal gymnastics requires
02:32:25 actual work and effort and you should
02:32:29 see some of the justifications that
02:32:31 takes work that’s not what they did but
02:32:34 worked not really
02:32:36 it takes all it requires what it
02:32:39 requires is the extreme desire not to
02:32:41 work well mentally I would disagree I
02:32:45 think it actually takes some mental work
02:32:47 to come up with some good justifications
02:32:49 actually I’ve never seen a good one well
02:32:52 I
02:32:55 I’ve never seen a good justification
02:32:56 except for the justification of Jesus
02:32:58 Christ okay so I agree with you here
02:33:01 okay because if it’s contradicting the
02:33:04 law for us it’s obviously wrong okay
02:33:07 right for a group
02:33:10 who don’t believe in the law Torah yeah
02:33:15 I can understand how some of their in
02:33:19 their own mind not in ours but in their
02:33:22 mind they think they’ve come up with a
02:33:24 good solution
02:33:27 and that does take anymore
02:33:29 yeah yeah
02:33:31 I suppose so
02:33:34 but but for me it what it for me what it
02:33:38 keeps coming down to is
02:33:40 are you interested in finding truth or
02:33:42 are you interested in justifying what
02:33:44 you have
02:33:45 yeah well
02:33:47 um the LDS church is full of Sadducees
02:33:51 and Pharisees in my honest opinion but
02:33:55 justifications I cannot disagree with
02:33:59 you
02:34:00 okay they have their own oral law that
02:34:02 goes against the written in fact
02:34:05 and they contribute to it every six
02:34:08 months like clockwork uh
02:34:11 yeah I would even say more regularly
02:34:14 than that but those are big times
02:34:18 no those aren’t those aren’t oral laws
02:34:21 those are those are uh
02:34:24 those are
02:34:26 those are
02:34:28 oh come on what is what’s the word that
02:34:30 I’m looking for with the when the
02:34:32 apostles wrote an Epistle of
02:34:40 Oak those are pastorals
02:34:44 [Laughter]
02:34:47 the oral it has to First be spoken yeah
02:34:50 well now they’re pushing their prophetic
02:34:53 counsel
02:34:54 [Laughter]
02:34:57 anyway so
02:35:00 I mean just the Book of Mormon here but
02:35:04 the Book of Mormon right which Joseph
02:35:07 Smith thought we were to abide
02:35:09 right anyway therefore
02:35:13 I recommend you my son human that you be
02:35:17 diligent and fulfilling all my words so
02:35:20 this is a father talking to the son
02:35:24 AKA follower like leaders talking to a
02:35:28 follower be diligent in keeping
02:35:30 all my words
02:35:32 that you be diligent in keeping the
02:35:34 Commandments of Elohim as they are
02:35:38 written
02:35:41 foreign
02:35:44 well we wrote it down we wrote it down
02:35:46 in an email right does that count
02:35:48 [Laughter]
02:35:50 so this is more going to the scriptures
02:35:52 I know I’m joking but I mean this one
02:35:56 Alma 37 is a prophecy about the brass
02:36:00 plates coming back yeah you know I love
02:36:03 that and that’s gonna bring people to
02:36:05 repentance but anyways even without
02:36:07 talking about that part I mean we could
02:36:09 go talk about Word of Wisdom
02:36:11 what they’re saying is not according to
02:36:14 what is written exactly
02:36:19 on the word Commandments
02:36:21 T in front of the Indiana
02:36:23 oh oh good good eye there good catch
02:36:26 good catch yeah thank you
02:36:29 I think that caps myself that’s why the
02:36:33 spelling
02:36:36 I put effort in this sometimes I make
02:36:39 some mistakes
02:36:42 [Music]
02:36:44 but anyways
02:36:46 um and I do and I love and I love the
02:36:50 84-57 Dr Kevin’s 8457 as that
02:36:56 as written you know yeah that’s cool
02:37:01 look at that
02:37:02 [Music]
02:37:02 um
02:37:03 let’s go look at how one that I have
02:37:05 published I I have one and
02:37:08 a post I’m working on that actually
02:37:10 shows more so he’ll like that one more
02:37:16 oh
02:37:21 so I have multiple keyboard mappings and
02:37:24 it got changed but anyways
02:37:31 let’s look at the one that I have handy
02:37:34 right there that’s the one you’re
02:37:36 talking about right yep you want to read
02:37:38 it
02:37:39 and they shall remain under this
02:37:41 condemnation until they repent and
02:37:43 remember the new renewed
02:37:46 um
02:37:49 which I God have given them not only to
02:37:52 say but to do according to that which I
02:37:54 God have written God wrote the Ten
02:37:57 Commandments with his finger and I
02:37:59 actually made a post about this myself
02:38:03 just just to you know it’s like okay
02:38:07 guys
02:38:08 former Commandments even though letters
02:38:10 at the time say was talking about the
02:38:12 former Revelations former Revelations to
02:38:15 this Revelation include 42 and 59 which
02:38:18 are restored which are efforts by God to
02:38:21 restore the law to uh to people who are
02:38:23 far too Protestant for their own good
02:38:25 and uh
02:38:28 uh and so and they weren’t obeying those
02:38:32 yeah well the Protestant was a good
02:38:35 start but they have their problems
02:38:38 um is that it’s saved by saved by grace
02:38:42 only
02:38:44 um
02:38:45 sure but that’s forgetting
02:38:48 sanctification which yeah is and you
02:38:51 need both right yeah but yeah they they
02:38:53 focus on Grace too much now I’m not
02:38:58 denying but the focus on Grace means
02:39:01 rewarded according to our works right uh
02:39:05 now the focus but the focus on Grace
02:39:08 totally does the reason why they focus
02:39:10 on Grace is because it does away the law
02:39:13 Protestants hate the law so I I possibly
02:39:18 I wonder if partly it started though in
02:39:22 a bad reaction to the Catholics who
02:39:24 focus on Works which is what which
02:39:27 actually would correspond with what I
02:39:29 have observed with people who get out of
02:39:31 the LDS church who still retain a faith
02:39:34 in Christ that they um don’t that they
02:39:38 have a tendency to react against law
02:39:40 sure sure and because of the oral law of
02:39:44 the earliest church that they’re then
02:39:45 fighting against yahweh’s law
02:39:48 um which I think is what the partly how
02:39:50 the Protestants
02:39:52 focused on Grace too much is because the
02:39:55 a bad reaction or a
02:39:58 the wrong reaction to the Catholics
02:40:00 focusing on works right yes well not
02:40:04 only works but it not only works but
02:40:06 Pagan Works correct I agree with that
02:40:11 um because the Catholic Church is
02:40:15 it’s paganism
02:40:17 um
02:40:18 baptized as I’m quoting here right
02:40:21 because you can’t do that but anyways
02:40:22 it’s the Beast yeah exactly you cannot
02:40:25 you can’t it’s gound off the gray turned
02:40:29 into Gand off the white
02:40:35 I’m being adored but I mean that’s
02:40:37 that’s what I see right no
02:40:41 it’s the B system just
02:40:44 made look to look pretty now
02:40:47 mm-hmm
02:40:50 and everybody and a lot of people who
02:40:54 leave
02:40:55 a lot of people would leave Mormonism
02:40:57 but retain their faith in Christ go to
02:40:59 some Protestant branch
02:41:01 sure
02:41:02 um so here let’s just look at DNC 84 a
02:41:06 little bit and bring out I mean for one
02:41:08 new does
02:41:10 can re mean renewed and we can go there
02:41:13 but first a little bit uh repent or
02:41:16 remember
02:41:17 the New Covenant or renew Covenant The
02:41:19 Book of Mormon
02:41:21 now I’m going to say something
02:41:24 The Book of Mormon is part of a
02:41:26 restoration
02:41:29 meaning bringing it back to how it was
02:41:31 formerly
02:41:34 Commandments which is another reason not
02:41:37 just the definition of new but the
02:41:40 context of everything going even on in
02:41:42 this verse
02:41:43 implies renewed
02:41:46 because Book of Mormon is part of the
02:41:48 Restoration in fact we could go look at
02:41:50 the Book of Mormon title page from the
02:41:52 gold plates it’s about bringing them
02:41:54 back to this right here right former
02:41:59 Commandments Torah which
02:42:01 I put God but now I’d put Elohim but
02:42:04 anyways have given them not only to say
02:42:07 but to do according to that which I L M
02:42:11 wrote written
02:42:13 and God wrote the Ten Commandments and
02:42:15 all the Commandments are based upon the
02:42:17 ten
02:42:18 right so actually let’s Sidetrack a
02:42:21 little bit let’s go look at that
02:42:23 because I
02:42:26 I actually think
02:42:28 that
02:42:30 the title page from the gold plates
02:42:31 don’t
02:42:32 get enough credit
02:42:37 um
02:42:39 this one
02:42:41 yes uh see translated
02:42:43 by Joseph Smith stating
02:42:46 it’s on the gold plates
02:42:49 um right
02:42:50 yo uh you want to read
02:42:54 um Zach and we can uh we feel free to
02:42:57 stop and all free to stop you and same
02:42:59 thing all right just as my our normal
02:43:01 practice here right
02:43:05 The Book of Mormon an account written by
02:43:08 the hands of Mormon on plates taken from
02:43:10 the plates of Nephi
02:43:12 more for it it is an abridgement of the
02:43:15 record
02:43:16 of the people who need fire
02:43:18 and also the lamanites
02:43:20 written to the lamanites who are here I
02:43:23 just want to bring out
02:43:25 um there’s a priority of the Book of
02:43:28 Mormon who’s supposed to go to
02:43:29 verse laminites and this oops this is
02:43:32 all throughout the Book of Mormon you’ll
02:43:34 see this same priority
02:43:35 lamanites
02:43:38 sorry I didn’t read on
02:43:40 who are a remnant of the House of Israel
02:43:45 yep
02:43:46 also to Jew and Gentile
02:43:48 third priority Gentile second priority
02:43:51 Jews third priority Gentiles in fact the
02:43:53 Gentiles are so low that in either 12
02:43:59 um he tells Moroni don’t worry about the
02:44:01 Gentiles
02:44:03 all right anyways if they don’t have
02:44:05 charity what is that to you yeah
02:44:08 um
02:44:10 so I mean some are going to convert
02:44:12 right but I think the majority of us
02:44:14 that do pervert are do have the blood of
02:44:18 Israel in us but anyways
02:44:20 um
02:44:21 but like me I grew up a gentile but I do
02:44:24 believe I have a blood of you from in me
02:44:28 um okay so go ahead Zach
02:44:31 written written by way of commandment
02:44:34 God told them to do it
02:44:39 and also by the spirit of Prophecy and
02:44:42 of Revelation so prophecy Spirit of
02:44:45 Prophecy has a couple definitions one
02:44:49 of the Messiah right that’s one
02:44:52 definition of it and we get that from
02:44:54 Joseph Smith and the Book of Revelation
02:44:55 second one is future events and it has
02:45:00 that all over it and
02:45:04 one big one from me just to do a
02:45:06 Shameless plug King Brigham
02:45:12 anyways and Revelation as in at times
02:45:15 God told them what to put in right
02:45:17 that’s safe Yahweh right oh there’s that
02:45:22 in there and at times he told them what
02:45:24 to put in and what not to put in also
02:45:27 right
02:45:28 so I know there’s some people out there
02:45:31 that thinks the Book of Mormon holds
02:45:33 everything well the Book of Mormon
02:45:34 itself states that that’s not the case
02:45:36 because you always told
02:45:39 ronai and woman not to put some things
02:45:42 in
02:45:43 yeah and multi think the thing is though
02:45:46 that the doctrine covenants even in
02:45:48 legitimate sections does in some places
02:45:51 State The Book of Mormon
02:45:53 is the fullness of his gospel
02:45:56 so the gospel what is the gospel
02:46:00 yeah you’ve got a point yeah
02:46:03 the gospel is the good news
02:46:06 right the Messiah came and fulfilled the
02:46:10 atonement
02:46:11 Moses which I think that’s part of the
02:46:13 reason there’s a lot in there that helps
02:46:16 us know what the law of Moses actually
02:46:18 is
02:46:19 because that’s the good news
02:46:21 that he came and did the law of Moses
02:46:24 yeah
02:46:25 okay yeah
02:46:27 anyways
02:46:29 um so yeah the fullness of the Gospel is
02:46:31 not by
02:46:33 correct it’s not uh and it’s and it’s
02:46:36 not all his law either in fact for the
02:46:38 law it mostly points us back to Torah
02:46:41 right but yeah pretty much all right
02:46:44 thanks
02:46:45 so but my main point here there’s a
02:46:47 difference between the gospel the
02:46:49 priesthood
02:46:50 that the law Torah there’s just the
02:46:55 gospel is not everything it’s very
02:46:57 important okay and I’m not trying to put
02:46:59 it down but it’s not everything
02:47:01 right
02:47:03 um Okay so
02:47:05 right here Zach
02:47:07 written and sealed up and hit up hid up
02:47:10 into the Lord so
02:47:13 um sealed up there’s a couple things
02:47:15 that go along that obviously
02:47:17 um
02:47:17 so
02:47:21 this is going to be more symbolic here
02:47:24 because this is talking about the
02:47:25 portion that we actually got not the
02:47:27 sealed portion
02:47:29 um because Moroni did the silver portion
02:47:31 not Mormon right
02:47:34 Moroni did some of the unsealed but most
02:47:37 of the unsealed that we have today is
02:47:40 Mormon right and I don’t know what
02:47:44 percentage is Nephi right but anyways
02:47:46 it’s those three primarily
02:47:48 but the sealed up is people don’t
02:47:51 understand it
02:47:56 really most people who read it don’t
02:47:58 understand it
02:48:00 they’re trying to look at the Book of
02:48:01 Mormon with Gentile eyes and
02:48:03 understanding instead of Hebrew eyes and
02:48:06 understanding right
02:48:09 and they don’t see the prophecy in it
02:48:13 as in future events
02:48:16 right
02:48:17 and they don’t see the Messiah in it as
02:48:21 much as they should like almost 17 and
02:48:23 and in fact when they grow Ministry in
02:48:27 fact because they’re seeing it with
02:48:28 Gentile eyes when they see the Messiah
02:48:30 in that they’re seeing the Antichrist
02:48:33 the Lawless Messiah yeah I would agree
02:48:36 with that because they’re reading it
02:48:37 from Gentile eyes though
02:48:39 um which is why is the lowest priority
02:48:43 yep
02:48:45 um because
02:48:48 just
02:48:49 they they’ve got this Grace only mode in
02:48:53 them and which is not a god
02:48:57 um
02:48:59 and hit up onto Yahweh uh like hidden in
02:49:03 the earth it comes out deep and there’s
02:49:05 a lot to go with there and I mentioned a
02:49:07 little bit of one the whale
02:49:09 Everlasting Revelation thank you in the
02:49:12 Book of Mormon
02:49:14 uh I don’t remember where but the Book
02:49:16 of Mormon itself talks about how it will
02:49:18 be
02:49:19 of great worth forever and giving tons
02:49:23 of Revelation
02:49:25 um yeah it goes back to the well right
02:49:28 anyways
02:49:30 hey Zach you want to go here now
02:49:33 if they may not be destroyed
02:49:36 to come forth yeah
02:49:39 they here is going to be the people
02:49:44 or it could be the plates too actually I
02:49:47 could see it could be
02:49:49 it could be both yeah it could be both
02:49:52 um
02:49:54 anyways for if it’s the people it’s so
02:49:56 that way they’ll repent and come into
02:49:58 yahweh’s ways if it’s the place it’s so
02:50:01 that way we can have them today right
02:50:02 and so they literally won’t be destroyed
02:50:05 by the way man I spelled it down for
02:50:06 gold
02:50:07 hey yeah because that was a problem they
02:50:10 were good to find out
02:50:12 um
02:50:16 are American Indians talk about how they
02:50:19 have records
02:50:21 that they’re embarrassed to admit
02:50:22 because they don’t know where they’re at
02:50:27 anyways I’m not making that up but
02:50:30 that’s really important that’s fun it is
02:50:33 funny though
02:50:36 okay
02:50:37 there you go
02:50:39 enforced by the gift the power of God
02:50:41 unto them interpretation thereof
02:50:44 interpretation
02:50:46 as in not being sealed up anymore God is
02:50:49 to help us with the interpretation
02:50:52 well you know and that actually brings
02:50:55 me back to the whole idea
02:50:57 but the best way
02:50:59 um even with the Bible that we have it’s
02:51:02 already been it’s been through thousands
02:51:04 of translations and what have you
02:51:08 the best way to the best way to
02:51:10 interpret it is to allow it is to
02:51:13 through research through a great number
02:51:15 of uh through a number of translations
02:51:18 you preferably on Bible Hub you can
02:51:21 allow it to interpret itself
02:51:23 yeah the one thing that’s nice about
02:51:24 Bible Hub they have a whole bunch of
02:51:26 translations on the left and then lots
02:51:30 of links that you can look at the
02:51:31 Interlinear and go look at the meanings
02:51:34 of the words underneath and when you do
02:51:35 that you can see how that same word is
02:51:37 used in other verses and so it really
02:51:39 helps
02:51:40 the context
02:51:42 um and meetings and as you can see we
02:51:45 use it a lot here
02:51:48 I’ve come to really like that
02:51:51 um sorry anyways
02:51:52 [Music]
02:51:53 um
02:51:54 sealed by the hand of Moroni
02:51:58 um
02:52:00 which I
02:52:02 this is where it
02:52:04 ‘d be a little tricky on that part but
02:52:06 anyways and hidden up onto Yahweh to
02:52:10 come forth in due time
02:52:13 by way of the Gentile Jose Smith
02:52:16 he was a gentile
02:52:18 in fact later on we’ll get this it was
02:52:20 translated by a gentile when Joseph
02:52:22 Smith translated this he was a gentile
02:52:24 and by the time he later he I would say
02:52:28 he became a Hebrew later but not not
02:52:31 when he translated
02:52:33 yeah
02:52:34 there’s there’s information out and
02:52:37 about which states that there’s a
02:52:40 genealogies which indicate that his
02:52:42 mother was actually Sephardic Jew
02:52:45 oh I I think he actually had uh Israel
02:52:48 blood in him to be honest
02:52:51 um I I tend to think he was of Ephraim
02:52:55 actually
02:52:56 um but
02:52:58 he he he was in the Gentile mindset
02:53:01 though when he translated the book oh
02:53:03 well absolutely that’s why he didn’t
02:53:05 realize that’s why I threw out most of
02:53:07 his ministry I’m pretty sure he had no
02:53:09 idea that he was actually restoring the
02:53:10 old block
02:53:11 oh no I I don’t think he did
02:53:14 I no I I don’t think he did but anyways
02:53:18 uh the interpretation thereof
02:53:22 so how to understand this text by the
02:53:24 gift of Elohim which can bring us to in
02:53:28 Psalm I think it’s Psalms
02:53:30 my ways are not your ways and to know
02:53:34 his ways we need to get him from the end
02:53:38 that’s why it’s a gift of element right
02:53:41 yep
02:53:43 uh you want to take a turn reading there
02:53:46 Ben
02:53:48 sure an abridgement taken from the book
02:53:50 of ether also which is a record of
02:53:53 people Jared who were scattered at the
02:53:55 time the Lord confound the language of
02:53:57 the people when they were building a
02:53:59 tower to get to heaven okay so I think a
02:54:02 big Point here with this record
02:54:04 two witnesses
02:54:07 right
02:54:08 well that’s this is actually an
02:54:10 additional witness to the Revelation
02:54:12 that is um the Lord to Moses that we
02:54:15 have at Genesis
02:54:17 all right so this would kind of make it
02:54:19 a third but I mean just in itself it has
02:54:22 two Nations two witnesses of right what
02:54:25 is right and wrong right yeah
02:54:31 so
02:54:33 which is to show under the remnant of
02:54:35 the House of Israel what great things
02:54:37 the Lord has done for their fathers
02:54:40 um it’s actually a commandment in Torah
02:54:43 to remember our history
02:54:46 yep all right well I’m pretty good I’m
02:54:49 pretty good about that I’m pretty good
02:54:51 about history
02:54:52 uh history is not my strong point but
02:54:55 anyways
02:54:57 no yeah
02:55:00 my son Johnny is fascinated with history
02:55:03 so I end up having to it keeps me on my
02:55:06 toes
02:55:08 that’s good
02:55:11 um hopefully he just uh takes it with
02:55:13 the correct
02:55:16 um perspective
02:55:18 all right well I always tell him
02:55:21 whatever you’re watching or reading that
02:55:25 is that person’s perspective on what
02:55:27 happened
02:55:28 interpretation or yeah or slant
02:55:32 yeah
02:55:35 because that the facts of the matter are
02:55:37 unless you were there you don’t really
02:55:39 know right right because even as we know
02:55:43 um
02:55:43 for those who study Restoration History
02:55:46 it’s not not all that was put out is
02:55:49 correct
02:55:50 well all I uh what what I’ve said
02:55:53 recently is that uh well I think it’s a
02:55:55 total loss trying to find truth through
02:55:58 the history of the restoration
02:56:00 oh yeah it’s been modified
02:56:03 um it’s been modified within an inch of
02:56:05 its worthless life yeah where the Jews
02:56:09 they were better at it even when it made
02:56:11 them look bad they still did it
02:56:13 correctly
02:56:14 um well the reason why and it might have
02:56:18 been just did that though the reason why
02:56:21 The Faults Are exposed of the vaults of
02:56:24 the followers are exposed the faults of
02:56:26 the fathers are exposed is because it’s
02:56:29 a revelation from nowhere
02:56:32 uh yeah it’s by inspiration
02:56:34 um the Bible and Book of Mormon is a
02:56:38 mixture of Revelation and inspiration
02:56:40 though absolutely absolutely so some of
02:56:43 it’s Revelation some that’s an
02:56:45 inspiration but anyways
02:56:47 um
02:56:47 and that they may know concerning the
02:56:49 and that they may know the covenants of
02:56:51 the Lord that’s Torah that they may know
02:56:53 the Torah of Yahweh this is the Covenant
02:56:58 that they are not cast off forever
02:57:01 oh wait a minute
02:57:04 how do we you know when we’re talking
02:57:06 about forever how does that happen if
02:57:09 the law dies with Jesus
02:57:12 if the Covenant dies with Jesus how
02:57:16 because without the law there is no
02:57:17 Covenant well this right here goes back
02:57:20 to this is the main reason I want to go
02:57:21 here we were just reading through back
02:57:23 to DNC 8457 right
02:57:27 it’s the same covenants it didn’t say
02:57:28 and they
02:57:30 that they may know the Covenants
02:57:32 as from their fathers it didn’t say a
02:57:35 New Covenant here
02:57:37 and so look at which was shown onto the
02:57:40 remnant the house Israel that the great
02:57:42 things that
02:57:43 Yahweh had done for their fathers
02:57:46 and that they and that they may know the
02:57:48 covenants
02:57:49 that they are not cast off forever
02:57:52 those covenants came through the father
02:57:56 and also to the convincing
02:57:59 yeah it’s not a period right
02:58:03 in fact the semicolon
02:58:06 the semi I think the semicolon
02:58:10 I don’t I know the colon is an absolute
02:58:13 connector the semicolon is kind of a
02:58:18 uh
02:58:20 it kind of breaks it a little but it
02:58:22 smokes it more I I don’t know the
02:58:24 technical definition but it still
02:58:26 relates
02:58:27 and it’s still related yeah yeah but my
02:58:30 point here is the covenants of the
02:58:33 fathers
02:58:34 this day I may know it goes back to uh
02:58:37 Malachi 3 and other places right yep
02:58:40 right exactly nothing about and a
02:58:43 different the law for the law from Moses
02:58:46 with all of its judgments and statutes
02:58:49 the Earth through Moses yeah sorry the
02:58:53 law through Moses
02:58:55 um with the statues because statutes and
02:58:57 judgments has to do with Torah
02:58:59 performance and ordinances is the law of
02:59:01 Moses that was done away
02:59:03 um yeah anyways just for people who want
02:59:06 to be able to tell the difference when
02:59:07 they’re reading things yeah two key
02:59:10 points for both but anyways and also the
02:59:13 convincing of Jew and Gentile that Jesus
02:59:15 is the Christ the Eternal God Amen oh
02:59:19 wait that he’s
02:59:21 the eternal Elohim
02:59:24 father
02:59:27 because in the Book of Mormon in the
02:59:29 text it calls them the Eternal Father
02:59:31 this is where Elohim and father go
02:59:33 together
02:59:34 I mean Elohim god father is those are
02:59:38 the three that go together
02:59:41 eternal
02:59:42 father Elohim
02:59:44 manifesting himself onto All Nations and
02:59:46 now if there are false they are the
02:59:48 mistakes of men wherefore condemn not
02:59:50 the things of God that you maybe found
02:59:52 spotless at the Judgment sea of Christ
02:59:56 yeah
02:59:58 condemn not the things of God people
03:00:02 just because man got there just because
03:00:05 man got their hands on the Bible doesn’t
03:00:07 mean that it’s not the word of God
03:00:10 I’m sure it’s not perfect
03:00:12 um but I’ll also nothing’s perfect
03:00:14 nothing’s perfect I’m not even as we
03:00:16 have it now is not how Joseph Smith
03:00:19 completely translated it because
03:00:21 uh the printer guy made some mistakes
03:00:26 and at times he looked at the King James
03:00:28 Bible instead of the manuscript because
03:00:30 it was easier he was being
03:00:32 somewhat lazy but I can’t I don’t blame
03:00:35 him
03:00:35 I can’t go and put punctuation in the
03:00:39 text that doesn’t have it myself
03:00:41 like I could but it would be really hard
03:00:44 Punctuation is not my strong point okay
03:00:48 um well you have to be a super editor
03:00:50 you have to be a super Editor to just go
03:00:52 in yeah and so at times
03:00:55 he recognized what was that it was
03:00:58 quoting or pretty close to quoting and
03:01:02 so he went to the King James Bible so
03:01:04 that way it made it easier for him so I
03:01:08 and he may not have recognized some of
03:01:10 the minute differences right
03:01:12 he was just trying to do his job in a
03:01:14 timely manner I don’t fault him for it
03:01:17 right I might have done the same thing
03:01:19 in fact to some extent
03:01:22 um being a software engineer a lot of
03:01:25 people say well we just go to
03:01:27 um online and search and then we just
03:01:29 copy paste well
03:01:31 I
03:01:33 I do that to some extent even now that
03:01:36 I’ve been doing software engineer for 27
03:01:38 years but I don’t know everything and so
03:01:40 I will go find what other people say for
03:01:43 help now I don’t do a straight copy
03:01:45 paste I do modify which there to apply
03:01:49 it to my current code that I’m putting
03:01:51 in but who doesn’t go ask other people
03:01:55 for help when they’re struggling right
03:01:57 right
03:01:58 so here it’s just in my application
03:02:02 software engineer yeah I to some extent
03:02:04 I do copy and paste code I’ve done it
03:02:06 with my own code and I’ve done it with
03:02:08 other people and I’ve modified it
03:02:09 because I I mean
03:02:11 it so it’s to make our lives easier and
03:02:15 I think that’s what he did
03:02:17 so I don’t think he had a male intent he
03:02:19 was just trying to get his job done in a
03:02:21 timely manner
03:02:22 yeah well this is this has been really
03:02:25 cool there’s actually something there’s
03:02:27 actually something else that I think
03:02:29 is really important for us to put in a
03:02:32 video okay yeah and I know some people
03:02:36 will miss this because it’s pretty late
03:02:37 but pretty late in the importance
03:02:41 but where do you want to go
03:02:43 um Doctrine Covenant section 59
03:02:45 okay
03:02:51 verses 20 verses 21 through 23.
03:02:56 okay I’ll read it and then you can
03:02:58 expound
03:02:59 and then nothing does men offend Elohim
03:03:03 or against none is his wrath kindled
03:03:05 save those who confess not his hand in
03:03:09 all things
03:03:11 and not just some things all things you
03:03:14 have to confess his hand in all things
03:03:17 maybe with this I might add something at
03:03:19 the end if we have time but in obey not
03:03:22 his Commandments and Obey not his
03:03:25 Commandments okay now we’re going to
03:03:27 find out
03:03:32 the title page which is scripture
03:03:35 because it’s the gold plates that’s
03:03:38 right
03:03:39 so now we’re going to go into what
03:03:41 constitutes his Commandments verse 22.
03:03:45 okay behold this is according to the law
03:03:49 and the prophets that is the Tanakh Old
03:03:53 Testament I mean the law is Torah and
03:03:56 then the prophets
03:03:58 is the Old Testament New Testament DNC
03:04:01 Book of Mormon Pro great price it’s all
03:04:04 of that stuff right and now take a look
03:04:07 at that last take a look at that last
03:04:09 part okay wherefore travel me no more
03:04:12 concerning this matter yes you don’t
03:04:14 even need to ask we don’t need to even
03:04:17 need to ask if we’re to obey it if it’s
03:04:20 written down
03:04:21 in the scriptures in the scriptures this
03:04:24 is not written down oral law because
03:04:26 Orla is written down now but if it is if
03:04:29 it’s written in the scriptures the Bible
03:04:32 the Book of Mormon
03:04:35 um legitimate sections of the Doctrine
03:04:36 and Covenants
03:04:38 right we don’t even need to ask God if
03:04:40 we should be doing it
03:04:42 yeah I agree with that on this well
03:04:45 Jesus Christ agrees with you too by the
03:04:47 way
03:04:48 um here in verse 22.
03:04:51 yeah so one thing I will say I find it
03:04:54 funny so there are some people in
03:04:59 who are Hebrew rooters and and Book of
03:05:01 Mormon Believers like I am but they
03:05:03 believe in the oral law
03:05:05 and so they have told me that they’ve
03:05:09 prayed and God told them that they’re
03:05:11 supposed to put
03:05:12 um
03:05:13 a scarf over their head which is orala
03:05:15 it’s nowhere in tomorrow but they’ve
03:05:18 told me that God told them they need to
03:05:19 do that but when I ask him about tazit
03:05:22 so like oh God hasn’t told me to do that
03:05:25 and so I find it interesting
03:05:28 that they’re getting answers and I I
03:05:31 I’ll be honest I think the wrong answer
03:05:33 and something that’s regarding the aura
03:05:36 law but they won’t even trouble or ask
03:05:39 God about what’s actually in the written
03:05:42 law because I I have a study on this but
03:05:45 um all Israel are supposed to wear to
03:05:48 this not just the men yeah but the women
03:05:51 nothing well let’s go back to the
03:05:53 beginning here again and then nothing
03:05:55 does man offend God
03:05:57 or against none is this wrath Kindle
03:05:59 save those who confessed on his hand and
03:06:00 all things and Obey not his Commandments
03:06:05 if it’s written in the law it’s a
03:06:07 commandment direct from
03:06:09 Yahweh
03:06:11 right
03:06:13 um I like I was just going off out you
03:06:15 shouldn’t even have to ask you just do
03:06:17 it right and that’s because that’s what
03:06:18 this is saying here
03:06:20 and they think they need to ask but then
03:06:23 they don’t but they asked about
03:06:24 something it’s actually from oral law
03:06:26 well yeah I think they know that’s true
03:06:29 yes which isn’t sad
03:06:32 who do it the works of righteousness
03:06:34 shall receive his reward even peace in
03:06:36 this world and eternal life in the world
03:06:38 and that’s the kicker right there the
03:06:41 works of righteousness which is defined
03:06:44 by obeying which is to obey his
03:06:46 Commandments which is according to the
03:06:48 law and the prophets
03:06:54 and you guys need to people need people
03:06:57 need to start re people need to start
03:06:59 reinterpreting their New Testament and
03:07:01 Book of Mormon with the using the Old
03:07:03 Testament it’s the appropriate lens
03:07:05 correct and include in the DNC right and
03:07:09 the yes in fact when you’re reading the
03:07:11 New Testament go read it with the jst
03:07:13 because it makes some of these tricky
03:07:15 ones about the law more clear
03:07:18 um and have in mind that the law of
03:07:21 Moses and Torah are different and Paul
03:07:25 loves to call everything a law
03:07:28 laughs
03:07:31 there were yeah I think he invented some
03:07:33 laws laws of bondage yeah oh and there’s
03:07:38 also at times he fights against the oral
03:07:41 law also
03:07:42 um yes
03:07:43 all fights against the oral law
03:07:47 constantly
03:07:48 yes he does but a lot of people who
03:07:50 interpret that as fighting against
03:07:52 torque
03:07:53 exactly but when you mentioned the scarf
03:07:58 like is that the thing you put over your
03:08:01 head right yeah uh because they think
03:08:03 they the there’s a policy that the women
03:08:08 need to cover their heads all the time
03:08:09 and uh they partly get it from a bad
03:08:13 translation of the New Testament we we
03:08:15 could go over that some other time is it
03:08:17 like the
03:08:18 the covers and the dusty Rabbi type
03:08:21 thing
03:08:22 something like that I don’t know I’m
03:08:24 sorry say that one more time covered in
03:08:26 the dust of your Rabbi no that’s
03:08:28 something different because the dust of
03:08:30 the rabbi has to do with the sandals
03:08:33 not the head
03:08:35 um so that one’s a little different
03:08:38 um
03:08:39 but anyways those are two different
03:08:42 things and
03:08:43 they they get it from us
03:08:45 an application for it of a bad
03:08:48 translation of some stuff from Paul yeah
03:08:51 but I thought that that was something
03:08:53 that was important to get onto a
03:08:55 recording because actually I’ve had
03:08:57 people ask me well why didn’t God at
03:09:00 some point go to Joseph Smith and say
03:09:04 you know you’re supposed to be doing
03:09:06 these things and then I say look at
03:09:08 59-22
03:09:12 well and then and without that my
03:09:15 another good response is how uh Book of
03:09:18 Mormon States Joseph Smith is not going
03:09:19 to restore everything
03:09:21 right but my point is
03:09:24 the key was given in Doctrine and
03:09:26 Covenants
03:09:28 I’m just saying they’re complementary to
03:09:31 each other oh yeah they are they are the
03:09:34 one I I would have done they
03:09:35 complemented to each other they don’t
03:09:37 they support each other right yeah they
03:09:40 do actually yeah you’re right you’re
03:09:41 right so because in fact when I did my
03:09:44 commentary on that I read to you about
03:09:48 um Joseph Smith last dream I bring that
03:09:50 yeah right yeah I didn’t know this first
03:09:53 but I bring that out how
03:09:56 um they shouldn’t rely upon Joseph Smith
03:09:59 for everything which is what a lot of
03:10:01 people
03:10:02 uh who leave the LDS church want to do
03:10:04 because they’re like well did Joe Smith
03:10:06 teach it does it matter Joseph Smith
03:10:08 said not to rely upon him for everything
03:10:10 yeah in fact and right here in 5922
03:10:15 yeah that that tells you everything that
03:10:19 you need to know that you hold this is
03:10:22 according to the law and the prophets
03:10:25 so if according to the law if if uh
03:10:29 obeying the Commandments is according to
03:10:31 the law and the prophets
03:10:33 you guys need to revisit your third
03:10:36 Nephi understandings and
03:10:40 your new testament understanding
03:10:43 because you don’t have it right because
03:10:45 God in this last dispensation said that
03:10:48 the obeying the Commandments was
03:10:50 according to the law and the prophets
03:10:52 right well and then we have a recording
03:10:55 that shows how after 30 by 11
03:10:59 Torah is still valid according to what’s
03:11:02 being taught in the Book of Mormon right
03:11:04 after 38 by 11 which is after the death
03:11:06 and resurrection of the Messiah Torah is
03:11:10 still valid yep I think though most
03:11:13 people don’t catch it because they don’t
03:11:14 study Taurus so they don’t see when it’s
03:11:17 actually teaching Torah and a lot of it
03:11:20 is because and a lot of it is because
03:11:22 the reason they don’t study Torah is
03:11:25 because of this idea
03:11:28 given to them
03:11:29 by uh given to them by their Gentile
03:11:33 Christian understanding
03:11:35 a lot
03:11:38 right and I think a lot of that deals
03:11:40 with the fact that
03:11:42 Jews and Gentiles alike think Torah and
03:11:45 law and Moses are the same but they’re
03:11:47 different
03:11:48 they’re very they’re very different
03:11:50 things uh one is filled with eternal
03:11:53 principles
03:11:55 the other
03:11:56 was a law
03:11:58 a carnal law carved in flesh
03:12:01 right and I I agree with that and I
03:12:05 would I would say into this that it was
03:12:07 a punishment
03:12:09 given to point them to the real solution
03:12:14 yeah and just like circumcision
03:12:17 yeah
03:12:18 circumcision was also a punishment met
03:12:21 the point to the real solution which was
03:12:22 baptism
03:12:24 right I I anyways
03:12:27 um I I think that also deals with
03:12:30 um
03:12:32 uh
03:12:35 uh using that organ incorrectly also
03:12:38 [Laughter]
03:12:42 I do but I do believe like the law of
03:12:47 Moses right
03:12:49 yeah they broke the Covenant
03:12:51 but
03:12:53 in the punishment Yahweh gave them
03:12:56 it was actually teaching them correct
03:12:59 things but it still was a punishment
03:13:01 like I would say circumcision was
03:13:02 because it was done away because those
03:13:05 who say it’s not and believe in the Book
03:13:07 of Mormon you have a problem with uh
03:13:09 Roni 8 and those who believe in the DNC
03:13:12 oh I forget the DNC section let me see
03:13:17 um
03:13:17 but there’s the DNC section also
03:13:21 well Edgar actually and you have the jst
03:13:26 um also you’re also ignoring the jst jst
03:13:31 whereas circumstances jst Genesis 17
03:13:34 where it states in no place in that
03:13:37 whole chapter
03:13:38 that circumcision was a forever law
03:13:42 right it was a punishment
03:13:45 um and think in there or it kind of
03:13:48 brings out that it was a punishment
03:13:50 actually yeah um but and also uh you’re
03:13:54 misinterpreting uh things in the books
03:13:56 of Acts also but anyways that’s a whole
03:13:58 nother discussion a whole nother can of
03:14:01 worms
03:14:02 yeah
03:14:04 but I see circumcision as was a
03:14:06 temporary punishment punishments
03:14:10 can be temporary
03:14:12 where the law is not
03:14:16 in general but I do understand that
03:14:19 those punishments are to some degree
03:14:23 considered a law but there were
03:14:24 addendums
03:14:26 addendum rules right well it’s I call
03:14:29 them I I what I tend to call them as
03:14:31 statutory laws okay
03:14:34 because because those are actually law
03:14:38 and those are actually laws that have an
03:14:41 end built into them
03:14:43 uh so actually let’s go look at that
03:14:46 word then
03:14:47 I say I believe that’s the case but
03:14:50 that’s I may be wrong and I may need to
03:14:52 change the wording I use on them
03:14:55 that would be interesting though because
03:14:57 if
03:15:01 I I like the concept
03:15:04 um I’m not a lawyer so I don’t but that
03:15:07 would
03:15:09 well let’s see statutory
03:15:13 it’s statutory
03:15:16 that’s an it’s no it’s
03:15:18 yeah there we go
03:15:20 no it’s not statuary
03:15:22 that statuary
03:15:25 it’s stat s-t-a-t-u
03:15:30 t
03:15:31 o r y
03:15:36 statutory yeah
03:15:40 enacted by Statute depending on statute
03:15:42 for its Authority as a statuary
03:15:46 statutory provision or remedy so
03:15:50 because well then this is why this is
03:15:54 why I call them statutory because
03:15:55 there’s statutory provision
03:15:59 they were bro their punishment brought
03:16:01 on by the Lost statutory provision to
03:16:03 teach people more about the law yeah so
03:16:08 oops and that’s one of the reasons why
03:16:10 well that’s one of the reasons why I do
03:16:11 it but I may need to find a better word
03:16:14 for that
03:16:15 foreign
03:16:27 statute
03:16:29 yeah
03:16:49 remedy r-e-m
03:16:52 -e-d-e-y
03:16:56 that thing’s not my strong point
03:16:59 okay all right let’s go look at all
03:17:00 these
03:17:02 an act of Legends right I just uh
03:17:07 an act of the legislature of a state
03:17:09 that extends its binding Force to all
03:17:11 the citizens or subjects of that state
03:17:14 as distinguished from an act which
03:17:16 extends only to an individual or company
03:17:18 an act of the legislature command
03:17:21 commanding or prohibiting something
03:17:23 positive law statutes are distinguished
03:17:26 from common law let are distinguished
03:17:30 from common law
03:17:31 the latter owes its binding Force the
03:17:34 principles of Justice to Long use and
03:17:36 the consent of a Nation it was warmer to
03:17:38 almost wonder the letter
03:17:40 the common knowledge that’s the common
03:17:42 law which goes the statues goes with
03:17:46 binding Force to principles of Justice
03:17:49 yeah statutes are distinguished from
03:17:52 common law
03:17:53 they are different
03:17:55 um
03:17:56 so the latter owes its binding Force to
03:17:58 the principles of Justice the long years
03:18:01 and the consent of a Nation
03:18:03 the former statutes owe their binding
03:18:06 Force to a positive command or
03:18:08 Declaration of supreme power
03:18:14 right
03:18:16 applying to the acts of legislative body
03:18:18 consisting of Representatives monarchy
03:18:20 laws
03:18:22 well decrease their ordinances
03:18:26 because the law of Moses the
03:18:28 performances and ordinances yeah there’s
03:18:31 a connection there
03:18:33 a special Act of supreme power of a
03:18:36 private nature the act of a corporation
03:18:38 okay permanent rule or law statutes of a
03:18:42 universe
03:18:44 um okay well University learning and it
03:18:47 was part to get them
03:18:51 to learn more what they actually needed
03:18:53 to look for salvation right yeah yeah
03:18:55 that’s just making some connections okay
03:18:59 so provision
03:19:01 the act of providing or making previous
03:19:03 preparation things provided preparation
03:19:05 measures taken beforehand either for
03:19:07 security defense or attack for the
03:19:10 supply of ones you can make okay stores
03:19:12 provided stock as provision and victims
03:19:15 provision of materials
03:19:17 victuals food provender all men are
03:19:19 unstables for man and Beast as broad as
03:19:22 Provisions for the table or family
03:19:24 Provisions for Army previous stipulation
03:19:28 terms or agreements made or measures
03:19:31 taken for future accidents in the law no
03:19:33 provision was made to abolish the
03:19:35 harbors Customs the Irish
03:19:39 papal provision a previous nomination by
03:19:42 by the pope to a benefits before it
03:19:44 became vacant by which practice the
03:19:47 rightful Patron was deprived of his
03:19:48 presentation
03:19:50 thank you
03:19:52 but I think here the idea would be a
03:19:54 previous step it would be some kind of a
03:19:56 stipulation
03:19:58 yeah okay so let’s read now uh this one
03:20:03 that was cure remedy that one scares the
03:20:06 disease any medicine or application
03:20:08 which puts an end to disease and
03:20:11 restores health with or as a remedy for
03:20:14 the gout that which counteracts an evil
03:20:17 of any kind
03:20:20 because all of these were given to
03:20:21 counteract people
03:20:23 yes they were with four to or against
03:20:27 usually four civil government is the
03:20:29 remedy for the evils of natural of
03:20:32 natural Liberty what remedy can be
03:20:34 provided for extravagance and drugs the
03:20:37 man who shall invent an effectual remedy
03:20:39 for intemperance will Reserve everything
03:20:41 from this fellow man
03:20:43 that which gears uneasiness
03:20:45 our griefs have Swift Our remedies how
03:20:48 slow that which repairs loss or disaster
03:20:51 reparation
03:20:54 interesting
03:20:56 in the death of a man there is no remedy
03:20:59 and then there’s a verb
03:21:01 to cure to heal as to remedy a disease
03:21:04 to cure to remove as an evil to remedy
03:21:07 grief to remedy videos of War to prepare
03:21:10 to remove Mischief in a very general
03:21:12 sense so one thing I’m looking at these
03:21:15 other definitions I didn’t see anything
03:21:16 about it being temporary anywhere
03:21:19 um yeah
03:21:21 no I would agree or say that this is not
03:21:25 a legal dictionary here
03:21:28 um
03:21:30 but anyways
03:21:33 I
03:21:34 so I do agree with the idea that it was
03:21:37 temporary because obviously I I I’ve
03:21:40 taught that as right
03:21:42 um right I don’t know well and it’s
03:21:44 almost well it’s almost like when a
03:21:47 judge makes a judgment in a case
03:21:50 that case becomes a part of case law
03:21:56 right but at the same and but at the
03:21:59 same time that judgment has a set period
03:22:05 um the punishment has a set period
03:22:07 that’s right exactly this is where I I
03:22:10 like the word punishment because
03:22:12 punishments don’t have to be eternal
03:22:15 right um but there could be more of a
03:22:17 legal term for that also and maybe
03:22:19 that’s what you’re trying to go after
03:22:21 well that since yeah the because we’re
03:22:24 talking about the law
03:22:27 well and and so I’m trying to just call
03:22:30 it the law of Moses and so I do I think
03:22:33 your intention is to try to come up with
03:22:36 the way
03:22:37 that’s more legal to show that it’s
03:22:39 temporary right right that is I think
03:22:42 that
03:22:43 that is
03:22:44 Noble to do that and I think one time we
03:22:47 go I think I looked at the word law in
03:22:50 one of my posts I think the Eternal
03:22:53 round one I think uh
03:22:56 um
03:22:56 I don’t know if we want to keep reading
03:22:58 but
03:23:00 um there was one in here how like
03:23:02 uh could be added or temporary
03:23:05 by extension by a judge or something
03:23:08 like that
03:23:10 um
03:23:13 let’s see
03:23:41 I love that I love that Meme huh
03:23:45 I love that meme
03:23:47 [Laughter]
03:23:51 so interesting just to go off the mean
03:23:53 sugar is addictive in fact it’s more
03:23:55 addictive than cocaine and it also makes
03:23:58 it so you don’t really taste the real
03:24:00 flavors from the food
03:24:03 um or salt actually in contrast to that
03:24:06 and especially the scriptural wise so
03:24:08 actually brings out the natural flavor
03:24:11 sugar hides it
03:24:14 um and sugar goes more along with Satan
03:24:18 actually because it takes away the
03:24:22 flavor
03:24:24 um because you don’t really taste it and
03:24:26 then
03:24:27 um
03:24:28 actually the more you eat it the more
03:24:30 you actually crave sugar instead of the
03:24:34 real food
03:24:37 you’re not wrong
03:24:39 you crave more
03:24:42 um the sin
03:24:43 instead of what it’s being
03:24:46 output on or mixed with because what
03:24:50 does Satan do he twists he mixes
03:24:52 together
03:24:53 and that’s what people do with sugar and
03:24:55 it makes it so you desire the sugar more
03:24:57 than the real food I mean I I have kids
03:25:01 I’ve seen them try to take a spoon and
03:25:04 still sugar out of the container
03:25:06 multiple times because they want that
03:25:09 food anyway oh yeah I remember I
03:25:13 remember doing that a few times
03:25:16 I actually I never I don’t think I did
03:25:19 that to be honest but anyways I could be
03:25:23 remembering wrong because I don’t
03:25:25 remember my childhood oh actually but
03:25:27 anyways I have the I have the I have
03:25:30 this I have this terrible Affliction
03:25:33 that I don’t really
03:25:38 I remember almost every terrible thing
03:25:40 I’ve ever done
03:25:42 oh don’t dwell on it
03:25:44 um
03:25:47 so
03:25:49 if we’re done with this I had another
03:25:50 thought that went back to what you’re
03:25:53 showing
03:25:55 in 22 59-21 yeah
03:25:59 um
03:26:04 so very good
03:26:07 yeah go on
03:26:09 somewhere else though
03:26:11 um
03:26:14 I think it’s either
03:26:17 really
03:26:21 yeah okay so this is the brother of
03:26:26 Jared seeing yahweh’s finger Okay so
03:26:32 we do things with their hands
03:26:36 right our hands are symbolic of doing
03:26:39 something
03:26:40 yeah I think the symbolic of our works I
03:26:44 think finger
03:26:45 is symbolic of directing now
03:26:50 when you tell someone to do something
03:26:54 you will use your finger to point them
03:26:58 to what you want them to do right
03:27:03 yep
03:27:05 Yahweh
03:27:06 is the one directing everything or at
03:27:09 least the major points of it and making
03:27:11 sure what he wants done gets done he’s
03:27:13 directing it
03:27:15 and so the brother Jared saw how Yahweh
03:27:17 was directing everything
03:27:21 that’s how I read this right now
03:27:25 oh yeah I see it I can see that
03:27:28 symbolically I I mean I do symbolically
03:27:31 of course there’s the litter of course
03:27:32 there’s the literal the literal thing
03:27:34 that’s happening here but there’s also
03:27:37 symbolically he sees the direction the
03:27:39 direct and the direction of the Lord in
03:27:41 all things going back to that 50 and no
03:27:45 thing does man
03:27:47 say if he that acknowledges the handle
03:27:49 say that he doesn’t acknowledge the hand
03:27:51 of the Lord in all things right
03:27:54 um and I that that is a really cool
03:27:56 connection actually yeah
03:27:58 he does do a lot of things in his hand
03:28:02 his Works to some extent I mean he did
03:28:05 things okay I don’t doubt that but it’s
03:28:09 also being the leader which is directing
03:28:12 which I think is what the finger is yes
03:28:15 directing
03:28:17 and getting things to happen
03:28:20 yep anyways it’s just a little body
03:28:23 language there which I think is that’s
03:28:26 actually pretty good that’s actually a
03:28:27 pretty cool connection
03:28:29 um but when you’re directing people
03:28:32 go watch yourself and others when you
03:28:35 direct you don’t use your whole hand use
03:28:37 the finger
03:28:39 mm-hmm
03:28:40 I think there’s a reason for that that’s
03:28:44 just me reading into things yeah
03:28:47 well unless you’re giving Southern
03:28:49 directions now if you’re giving Southern
03:28:51 directions and you go down that way then
03:28:54 you go down that way for a feast and the
03:28:58 but don’t you still use one finger when
03:29:00 you’re because you’re pointing you’re
03:29:02 directing well you may point with one
03:29:04 finger but then you’ll also gesture with
03:29:06 the whole other hand uh okay but still
03:29:09 but the one heads with the finger though
03:29:11 right yeah so I don’t know I’m just
03:29:14 trying to yeah well we do we do funny
03:29:17 things in the show it’s okay
03:29:21 anyways yeah giving directions most
03:29:24 people will use one finger and point
03:29:26 with it right yeah yeah
03:29:30 um
03:29:31 because it’s it’s the finger I believe
03:29:34 has to do with directing
03:29:39 and that’s a good point right
03:29:49 Zach
03:29:53 somebody should shoot me at this point
03:30:01 oh this has been great okay all right so
03:30:04 I’m gonna pause